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RICHiJOND. VA* 83219 


4Sth Year 

Virginia Beach, Virginia, Thursday, December 3, 1970 

City Among Eleven 


Construction Begins 

Even as another citizen's action group, this 
time Citizens against Poilutipn, joined in 
a community battle against billboard 
placement along major highways in Vir- 
ginia Beach, the Cardinal Sfgn Company 
began erection of two sign skeletons on 

Katie Brown Drive and Morris Avenue 
both adjacent to the Virginia Beach-Nor- 
folk Expressway. The two signs represent 
one-h a I f of t h e applications approved by 
City Council before it placed a moratorium 
on signboards. 

eens^Buh ToEsciipTSonm^ 

The dty of Virginia Beach is 
among 11 Tidewater political 
Jurisdictions thatwillt^parUcl- 
pattng in what is billed as one 
of the first and most compre- 
hensive health planning surveys 
of its type in the country. 

The survey and the infor- 
mation it will produce are both 
part of aNeic^rhood Environ- 
mental Evaluation and Decision 
System (NEEDS^, which isbelng 
conducted by the Tidewater Re- 
gional Health Planning Council, 


"The NEEDS survey will pro- 
vide us with the opportunity to 
relate the environmental 
stresses of each of the areas 
to actual physical or health 
conditions that they cause for 
residents," said Raymond 0. 
Perry, NEEDS project 

Perry said that all the 
surveys in the world can be 
done, but relating them to the 
people is a different factor. 
"NEEDS is the means for de- 
veloping tlut relationship." 

There will be more environ- 
mental information derived 
ttom this survey than any other 

grounds, and environmental 

From that information, after 
it is compiled, another survey 
will be conducted, this one more 
limited in scope but more de- 
tailed in terms of questions. 

Perry said phase one of the 
survey will begin within two 
weeks and probably be com- 
pleted by mid or late February. 
The results will be available 
some time in June or July, 

Phase two, which is expected 
to cost about $145,000, has not 
yet been funded. Perry said he 
expects it will take about a 
year to compile the needed 
information after it's begun. 

The first phase costs about 
$21,100 and is funded through 
the Southeastern Virginia 
Planning District Commission, 
the health planning council and 
with matching federal fimds. 

He said the PubUd Health 
Service will provide computor 
time to the NEEDS survey to 
decipher the information, which 
will be made available to city 
planning departments and health 

The survey is the first of 

of ite kind, he said. 

Perry said that selected Its kind tn^the^»untry,^errr 

Lt«< Henry Capps, Virginia 
BMxi polioe Juvenile Division 
C.O.i tMs week indicated the 
rMort dty is witnessing an 
in»«m in ^ mimber (A young 
pM^Ut vte are fleeipg from 
itirir- Wmea in an apparent 
ittooipito escape everyday re- 


QKt " rmariif re- 

Mve increased the work 

Mb DIvisioQ a great 


To subBtsBtiate this point 
Cvpfii pointed to the men of 

the Juvenile Divisim investi- 
gatii% 593 npoHa-ci runa- 
way juveniles through Oct. 31 
of this year asi^jpompared to 
633 run a way tieports filed 
with the Division during 1969. 
While discussing the various 
factors assodated with run a 
ways Cms dted one slgai- 
^4^liyf|i!t which mml\» eon- 
st^nd as tt»iagiiidslitti»W< mM 
flie majority ttf juvedks wIk> 
become runaways usually come 
"from the mid(Be to tq)per mid- 
dle class family, who appartatly 
already ha^ everytUng ai 

Jaycees Back 

'I ' 

Proposed Site 

71k Virginia Beach Jaycees 
are ttie second large organiza- 
ttoo to ipivk out, or rather 
to put in «ritli«, their suwort 
of ttw prcvoMd First Landing 
Sdiool site in Stashore State 
I^k* List we^ the Virginia 
BMch Coimdl of Parent Tea- 
chsr Assodatlons sent a letter 
to Gov.. UawoodHoIton support- 
ing te school aitainistratio9's 
stand Ml the site. 

Tlie Jaycees, after meeting 
with lAenriwrs of the opposi- 
tLoOf tbok with school offldals, 
vcMi tint Jaycee Pres. Rdsert 
L. Warren should write Sdiool 
Sopt. eX foidsell pledging 
tiielr orglidiEation's support. 

"Tli«rf was considerable 
stndljr irlth Iwth sides," said 

T|Mr« are, however, ttiree 
otMM^ttoM included in Uie let- 
ter ^di follows: 

"At oar menriber^p meet- 
ing w Nov. 24, 1970 the Vir- 
ginia Beadi Jaycees asked ttiat 
I ^oovfy to you our position 
on tte proposed elemeitfary 
s^ooi site in north Vir|^a 

"We oontfUler it essential ttat 
W9 dsrlfjr our positira la flUs 
matter since ttw nai^ of our 
orfvimion has previously 
b««i oMd li)»ffreetly as op- 
posing a scbQol on tlie above 
itte.W« hate, tlierefore, stu- 
pid ttils Dittsr for some tln» 
Hmugh a qpeeUl oomn^ttee 
«Udi reported its flndii^ to 

our membership. 

"After thorou^i investigation 
of Oils ms^ter, the Jaycees 
support the construction of an 
an elementary school on IS 
acres oi Seashore State Park 
leased from the State of Vir- 
ginia, siibjed to the following 

1. That ttioroui^ investigation 
reveals teat no alternate site 
within economic feasibility and 
within the same general area 
can be secured by the dty. 

2. That the city provide for 
disposal of sewage by an ac- 
ceptable method other than by 
dumfdng effluent from secon- 
dary treatment into the swamp. 

3. ThtA adequate steps, as 
prescribed by competentau- 

(See Jaycees, pg. 3} 

Lt. Capps said runaway 
Juveniles in Virginia Beach are 
in tte age group of 13 through 
17 years, with young girls com- 
prising the largest percentage 
of youths who flee from their 
homes and guidance of their 
parei^. These runaways ' also 
represent a mixture of eco- 
Qoinle and ^al hActorouHi?. 

of his dlvisi(m iiUo problems 
connect with rtfiiaways in- 
dicate such action on the part 
of juveniles usually stems fTpm 
problems Mthin their ihomes, 
i.e. not being able to get al<xig 
witti other members of their 
family, feeling that their par- 
ents are "too hard on ttiem", 
and rasentment towards pa- 
rental guidance. 

Once a juvenile becomes a 
run a way, according to Ci^jps, 
the youth is assisted in Ms fli^t 
through the use of commuii^s 
frequented by other runaways, 
where they are able to har- 
l)ored for periods of time rang- 
ing from one night to a week. 

Such communes have been 
found to operate under the gul- 
(tence and sunwrt of the "hard 
core hlRW element" and/or 
those connected with a "revo- 
lutionary element" which leans 
towards an anti-establishment 

Caws said he feels juveniles 
are assisted in fleeing home 
by "moving through under- 
ground netw(»:k8 of communes" 
which exist in a number of 
different dties throu^out se- 
veral states, ^Ktere numy times 
they are exposed to the revo- 
lutionary theory. He indicated 
evidence has shown "some of 
ttiese places in certain areas 

are badced by prominent pro- 
fessional peqple." 

Past eiqwrlences Indicate 
that irtdte a runaway remains 
away from his home a number 
of them turn to thievery and 
Inirglary in order to obtain 
money to subsist on. 

Drues also play a role in 
the life of a runaway ..M* 

has hfo^ eiiipMd to driii» Prior 
to ttaving totte. Those who qate 
assodated with drugs, accortl- 
Ing to past InvestigatlMis, also 
tend to seek out persons deal-^ 
ing with drugs to seek their 

Police records indicate that 
the largest percentage of run- 
aways return to Qielr homes of 
their own free will, with tbe 
remainder bdng apprehended 
throui^ a close cooperation of 
law enforcement agendes 
throughout the United States. 
Canps indicated that runaways 
from Virginia Bttdi have been 
located as far nortti as Maine, 
as far south as Florida and as 
far west as California. 

The majority of runaways 
which are located by police 
are returned to the custody 
of tteir parents. However, ttere 
is a segment of these juveniles 
which require, for their own 
w6il being, disposition through 
court procedures. In a number 
of these Inddente these young 
people require their being 
pUiced on supervised probation 
for varying lengths of time in 
order that they may receive 
treatment or guidance from out- 
side their homes to assist tttem 
to overcome problems whidi in- 
itially led them to flee their 

neighborhoods in each of the. 
areas will be visited by enume- 
rators, who will gather iitfor- 
matlon on the exterior condition 
of housing, the surrounding 
areas, streete, availability to 
shopping areas, public 
transportatloR, pa^ and play- 



The State Corporation Com- 
mission has approved a rate 
Increase for the First Colony 
Telephone Company, though the 
incr^e is not as large as the 
hike sou|^ by ttte firm. 

First Colony has exchanges 
in the dty of Virginia Beach 
which serve tiie Princess Anne 
(427) and Pungo (426) area. 
Rates approved for the base 
rate area are $9.75 for resi- 
dence one party, $8.75 for resi- 
dence two purty, $19.75 for 
busines private lines and- 
$18.00 for bu&lness two party. 

Residence subscribers out- 
side the base rate area will 
pay a flat rateaf$14.00,$11.75, 
or 9.50 for one, two, or four 
party service respectively, 
while business subscribers will 
be billed $24.25, $21.50 or 
$19.00 for their one, two, or 
four par^ line. \ 

An additional $1.00 wiU ap- 
ply for touch-tone telephone. 

These new rates will be ef- 
fective on December 16, 1970. 

The increase charges will 
bring in an additional $224,000 
annually from the companies' 
eleven exchanges 

said, and will be a major pro 
ject for the environment Con- 
trol Administration since it 
covers a region rather than a 
specific dty. 

The information gathered ^jy 
the NEEDS survey will greatly 
improve dty's chancesln 
gaining grant funds from the 
government since it will be able 
to back up ttie twUcations with 
solid informatl<m. 

"The potential is grea^ 4q 
terms of ecomnomic factors," 
he said, "for munidpditles in 
getting money to get these things 

But the key is the information 
that can be provided to dties 
so tlwy can correct any real 
problems or determine the en- 
vironmentel facets of an area. 

Perry said that after the in- 
formation is feed into the com- 
putor, all that needs to be done 
is ask a question on specific 
conditloie and the data will 
pour out. 

The survey will allow 
offldals to determine areas 
where children might be 
seceptibte to lead poisoning 
from peeling paint, vrtiere &mi- 
lles are overcrowded, where 
diere is a need to reduce sub- 
standard housing, or what the 
unit costs and how much the 
tenant can afford to pay. 

"The possibilities are limit- 
less," Perry said. 

First phase areas in Vir- 
ginia Beach to be surveyed 
are: North End, Great Neck, 
Cape Story, Bay Front, Inde- 
pendence, Little Neck, Lake 
Smith, Bayside, West Baj^ide, 
Thalia, Carolanne, Providence 
Road North, Providence Road 
South, Indian River, Kemps- 
ville. Princess AnnePlaza, 
Oceana, Beach Borough, Sea- 

tack, Seaboard, Courthouse, 
Pungo, Sandbridge, Back Bay 
and Blackwater. 

He said that within these 
areas, enumerators will take 
random samples, but cei'taln 
areas would be concentrated 
upon. "Seatack, of course, you 
know that's going to be on 
there because of the conditions 
that exist there," Perry said. 

After the first phase is com- 
pleted and funds are made a- 
vailable for the second phase. 
Perry said the group would go 
into an average of three nei^- 
borhoods per political juris- 
diction to complete the detailed 

Perry said the program was 
under ta k en by The health 
planning coundl because a 
number of cities and towns 
couldn't affwd to do the survey 
themselves but needed the in- 
formation for project work. 

Those cities participating in 
the survey are Norfolk, Porte- 
mouth, Vir^nia Beach, Chesa- 
peake, Suffolk, Franklin, and 
Nansemond, Isle of Wright, 
Northampton and Southampton, 
and Accomack counties. 

Perry said Virginia Beadi 
woukl be listed as the fourth 
dty to be surveyed. 

The first meeting of par- 
ticipante will be held Monday 
at the Norfolk Health Depart- 
ment, where enumeratora will 
receive a week's instruction. 

then sent into the field. 

Personnel from the dty and 
couirty health departmente will 
act as supervisors for the fleW 



Owners of homes surveyed 
by the City's Health Depart- 
ment In a portton (rf the Vir- 
ginia Beach Borough am ex- 
pect to receive letters telling 
them of mldmum housing code 
violations some time next week. 
Housing Supervisor John W. 
(^ rafton said Wednesday. 

Crafton said the survey of 
housing from 15th Street north 
to the borough line, requested 
by City Coundl last August, 
has shown that the majority 
of housing defecte are In roofe 
and housing foundations. 

Some of the housing surveyed 
showed that there were no en- 
closed founds t toil s^ mBSflg 
ttiem potei^ rat l^sutorages, 
he said. In addition, tte bouses 
should all have a pr(^ective 
coating of paint, sealing it com- 

He said that if a strudore 
OSee City pg. 9)' 

Virglda Wesleyan College 
has recdved full accrediti^on 
from the Southern Assodi^on 
of Colleges and Schools. The 
action came Wednesday sA the 
annual meeting of the regional 
accreditating agency in Atlanta. 

This is the final step in the 
college a c c r e d i 1 1 n g process 
which Involves self study pro- 
cedures, a tborouf^ review of 
the college's develc^nient by 
two visiting committees of ed- 
ucators, and visite byoQier As- 
sedation offldals. A college 
must have at least one grad- 
uating class befnre it is eli- 
gible for accreditation. Virginia 
Wesleyan had its first Com- 
mencement in June 1970 and, 
fiius, received fUli accreditation 
at the earliest possible time. 

A SiHrthem'Assodation cui- 
didate comndttee visited the 
campus in the sprii^ of 1969 
and Wesleyan^ was designated 
as "a recognlKed camttdate for 
accreditation" at Uie annual 
meeting of the Souttem As- 
sociation of Colleges and 
Schools in December 1969. An 
evaluation committe of ei^f 
educators visited the campus 
in May 1970 and made a com- 

jflete review of all aspeds of 
the College's developmr^. 

Vlrtf di Wesleyan has f^vm 
from 75 ftdltlme studente and 
IS faculty and admidstr^ttve 
officers in September 1966 to 
626 fUlltime students and 40 
fUUtlme teculty and adminis- 
trative affi»rs in Septenter 
1970. Hie first academic Ul- 
lage was opened for tte Ifar^ 
dass in Septenlwr 1966. Stim 
that Ume the value of the ifii- 
sical idant has powo to more 
than $5,000,000 witt the td- 
ditloo of a $1,700,000 awavds 
winning library in 1969, a |1, 
000,000 Sdence Center and tte 
first two dormltorira of a te- 
OMtd village in 1970. 

In announdng the accredi- 
tation to £uulty vbA studMts, 
Virginia Weslejnn College Pre* 
sident Lambuth M. Clarke srid: 
"The f^ that Virginia Wa- 
leyan College has adileved fW 
accredltiMoa t^ the Soutbeni 
Association at Colleges UiA 
Schools four y^rs foUowii^ite 
opening in 1966 is impTM^vc 
evidence of the dram^e pro- 
gress of tids institirtioD. AU 
(tf us in the Virglda Wesli^an 
commudty tadce justlfUble 
inlde in this achlevemed." 

Another Generation - and Still TheifXJome 


Clttsillad..» 10-11 


'•**t*99» • •••••••tee** 

•■•••••• V 

1^ ii^rttlnment... 2-3^ 






"Thei^ in theenvtronmental 
forces in and abo^ Virginia 
Beach and viddty ttere is 
ttat neces«u7 for the readi- 
ifig (d mai^ peo^es in many 
climes, aw?" 

So spoke Edgar Cayce, a 
little-known pbotogrqiher witt 
an abiding Interest in psyt^e 
phenomem while in an uito- 
hniwttc trance In Daytcm, (Mo 
in August of 1925. Hiat state- 
ment began a mlgrati(m to Vir- 
ginia Beach, and It tasn't 

When Cayce bui arrlv^ he 
spoke apilB iddle in a tiaace, 
ttls tlnw in more precise 

"Near to the sea, Mar to 
flte sand, near to maiqr coo- 
dltf«a ttat mipplf tte i^etler 
Inroes tor tte easier ac^ati- 
Uttty of forms to pheaomeBlae 
tff i^erialiEe, into tte w«y 
and mttner as may be man 
accepttffle to tte stwiei^ to 
Q» phibwyfear, to tte ^to* 
glaa, jto av of the oitt, sdiism 

or ism, that might desire to 
study phenomena firom tte sd- 
entific angle, or for any of the 
phases of phenomena." 

That statement is fike^se 
true, for tte Assodation of 
Reasearch and Enlightenment 
has heU fortt tere since 1931, 
drawing to the conferences and 
library studente, physidaia, 
prdlssloiials, and thc«e who 
are slmpty lost or confiiMd 
tftMUt their Uves, ttose ittoare 
lodtii^ for tte ansmr. 

One of tte nttjor drawing 
cards at the ARE is the vast 
library, ooitainlng reference 
materials dealing witt psycUc 
pbenoiMna and the ei^rety ot 
CqrM's readi^ dealing witt 
I^i^nl alla»^ he diagnosed 
uid Jis |r«^d^ for the fu- 
^an oT muBn( all ac(»mp- 
^tedla te»eefl te could nd 

'^eeklag is the key word," 
Mid Jam«B AUyn Baraff, itto 
has htm the ARE for tfMot 
2 and (»»<^U yoffs. "Pec^e 
come liera Mddi^ aosmn of 
how to deal Witt the work!," 

be said. 

Baraff said the people come 
to the ARE and Cayce's read- 
ings searching for some kind 
of hey' as to irtto to deal witt 
the environment, the culture 
and dher facete of living they 
find difficult. 

"A great many are drawn 
to tte m^erials," he said, 
"because they feel codact witt 
tte materials mli^ su^dy tte 
answers to tteir questions." 

"UndcNflJtedly, many come 
tere wte teve been seeking in 
oOMr waini," 26-year-old Bar- 
aff saUU Tirngfif meditetion, in- 
vohremed in Eastern religlMa, 
yoga and maiqr other concepte 
precede involvemeot witt 
Cayce, te aid. 

"But tb^ uie or sense, as 
I did, ai islegr^cMi of tte 
Eastern and Wetrtera material 
la Cayce and Us reaitti«B," 

Ttere art otter pi^, Banff 
nid, but ttere U a syatldsi- 
dng lador ttatlarii^ tog^ter 
tte far (wt^ ttd mkm it pne- 
ttcal. "Tte CijFce rettfiufi are 

"In this place— here—Virginia Beach- 
as has been oft given— may the phenomena, 
the work, the distribution, the ministration 
to others, be better exemplified than in 
many another place." Edgar Cayce— 
March 3, 1931 in Virginia Beach. 

University of Ikfississippi, said 
ttat one pdd is dear: "Within 
tte last few y^trs people have 
realized that mankind has to 
look a Uttte hi^er" than re- 
ligious teUef.for an answer. 

"People are looking for a 
different approach," he said, 
"ttot ttey can apply to ttelr 
religions, and are looking be- 
y(md tte dogma of the churchs, 
applyii« whiU ttey find here in 
iddltim to tteir religions." 

Baraff said te has found the 
Bible to te full of reference 
to tte siv«rM||^ffal.,P|pple see 
"gbMts" odraclw occur, (*- 
Jecte nwve, mA voices are 
bMrd, te Mdd, and pec^Ie te- 
lieve ttese to te religious lap- 

%iritaal ttln^ teve a re- 
latl(8ii^ vritt psychic pheno- 

really a set d tools." 

The fad is that tte ARE 
and Cayce readings seem to te 
an area where people can come 
together, as little else draws 
ttem togetter, Baraff said. 

There are ^ut 12,000 to 
15,0(K) members of tte ARE, 
ttroughout tte world. ^Mut 
12,000 visitors teve conM to 
tte ArI: center on 67th Street 
so far this year. 

"You can't separate tte curi- 
ous from tte serious," said 
Dr. Charles Tfomas Cayce, 
Edgar Cayce's grmdron. "We 
d(m't Imow what htoiaiB, bd 
ttey come in uA rat. Some 
stey and go, from tte curimis 
to tte serioi«. But we can't 

Dr. Cayce, wte tekte aPhJD. 
in ddld psy<^dogy ^ora tte 

roena, and now people are team- 
ing abod ttet relationship and 
re-idegratlng ttemselves witt 
tte church in ttet resped, Bar- 
aff said. 

Ttere te no real departtre 
from religion or tte church, 
te said, it's just ttet tte In- 
slghte are gr«iterttrou^ look- 
ing d it in a different way. 

In thte area, tte "looking 
and seeking" at tte Cayce U- 
brary and d tte ARE teve 
made it a Mecca to th(»e la- 
ter^ted in tte psydilc pheno- 

Tte serious and ttose wte 
d first are tte nd-tfo^erious 
travel to browse ttffoui^ tte 
reading, all SMrcMag for a 
dmpte ai»wer, later to become 
dee^y involved in otter ^ases 
Iftte Cayce mgratic 

Ue Ittodes, a 2S-y«ur-old 
CalUMAtfaa wte arrtfatf •t'tte 
fouidkMi Mondiy, Ih ateeady 
teguB ttet stardu lito^iMrtadtt 
hypnosis, Ittodtt Is toddag 
tteott^^ tte readily fw miMre 
eqdidt Information as to tew 
Ed^ Cwf^ placed Mmsett 

in auto-hypootic trances. 

Rhodes nld te fird teard 
of Cayce in readng tte ^iprci 
for Bridey Murphy. Lata! te 
saw a oopf of Cayce's mo^ 
widely-read bode, Tte Stei^plag 
Prqptet in a pc^ eniiiige 
at Ft. Hood, Texas whUi te 
was in tte Aro^ and b^a 
his study in Cayoe. 

ThU te tte first time te 
has been to tte ARE. 'n Is 
tte most, iaportaat sIqil*' 
te said, of tte vldte te's aaift- 
ing on Us Utdiikiag tr^ a- 
er(»s watArj, 

"I want to asetefvitflofwtnd 
aad prograsied tena tta n«y 
sttrt." Ttetettdedyomgrnn 
said te is nd parti ealfrly 
plnsed wAtt so«w d tte n«i- 
ings, sMtugteiiM^dtt^wwe 
mora MalM. 

"Bd I aoB^ know wtel Vm 
yMi^^&tfUi aouM 
my ow nkd, I'd 
ittoiM Mid. Bd te MM Hi 
sMTf* la mm» Wttk te 4e- 
v^Dps mm Msagl iMI Wm 

Virginia Wesleyan 
Fully Avcrejiited -"^ 

0M Gaatr^w pg. 9) 

Virginia Beodt Sun 

Thursday, December 3, 1970 

But if 8 fun, fun, fun 

^Greasepaint' defies description 

"Tte Seir of tt» (^ruM- 
ptfaL to &Drtl Qflte Cnniil" 
fi^fiolt to dwertos Iff & 

Is naM^ a Ut of finfi tttf 
ii ^UoieiHaA. 

Nfivtof (irtto eo-oMltd It vitti 
Lw^ BrtoMt), it l0 off- 
toll bi ooM^pl tnd rt(|**^ 
•OMtitat Aitt la QMHTte, to- 
■tfl^ 4MI#lflil lixl a sUgbt 
^Idar o( li» MBottoiM. 

Tfea VidirMod Theafare't 
kndBig of ma oomplax ii«ce 
of imk la ttCDBUcot. 

Ttort Is littli Idol. la ted, 
at aadteaee la aavarqfiiUtaare 
viMriter tto piajr ataada aa It 
ia, or if it ia aya^Kdle. If 
accepted oQUr aaaaaaieal^ it 
i$ itoOaaa M aavad from Ibm- 
<Boetitf Iqr ita memorabla 
aorie— "Wbo Can I Tore To", 
"Tin Jbfear ia 1ft", etc- 
uA tntpttoeal dii»:eogra|ii>7 
aod Bta«lBC If aoeepted as 
qpiMlic^ (bn it baa aioat Wf 
tMizprtwloB tho aadiaBce 
carta to att. 

Sir'a diaradtriatioa, for 
tastaaee, oould be Establiah- 
meat, GovtnuDtot, Polittca, 
myttlBc or aiqroDt ttit ai9- 
pMUOf cootrola tfit Uvea of 
otttra. Codgr ia tbt poor oU 

Is Sunday 

' Tilt f(<akSk SynqiiDBr Or- 

bdUday eoecert, "Cbrirtmaa 
ya ^ t m iT fffi ft i>t-" flB Smdajf 4it 
3 it.iB. in tte Ctater Tbeatre. 
RaaatU SbUftrirtll- coaduct 
aad Ctettta Hobba, 11-year- 
oU vioUiD prodH0 from New- 
ptfft Nt«a nAUtofM^twedao- 
Wat. Alao featortd «iU be 
LCOR. llMBaa W. A^toodc, 
VJSJX,, ConmiBfiBg Officer of 
Ito ArflMd Foreea Sebod of 
Moaie at UtOt C^Mk, vbo iviU 
eoadoet "tto llattWbpInvtoled 
Mwic," by Don GiUis, with 
WTAR radio piliMatttr Paul 

nr^aft gay iHio ploda along^ 
Mm tbt btat te caa, t^m 
ridicttifd, drided aad ataM^- 
on f(»r his i^actre cfftflB.,11ie 
Kid ia tte bai«tr-0B iltomat 
with tbe vi^Mr, tanatiag Mr. 
Avertfe Ma^i^ pleaa^l to walk 
in tbe abadoi^of Mr. Sir, aad 
amaaed to find that a oriaia 
IMTovea him yrt to be a per- 
son of atrtagBu 

In tbe Iffiaer cbaraetera, Tbe 
Girl apparency reprtteataaex, 
Tkt Ntgro social diaafe, The 
Bully foTtt. At taaat,^ could 
reprtaent tbeae ttdnp. Tbey 
art aU iavohad in tbe game 
totwt«B Sir and Codcy. And 
that game uoqteatioaaUy Is 


Td)y Stephens has done some 
outstandim work on this side 
of Hampton Roacte byt in this 
one be mlly shines. His por- 
tri^ <a Sir reflects not only 
tlM talent of the actor but also 
tte excellent directim of Ron 
Held. Even his musical numbers 
art above critidsm. It is a 
fine, fine job. 

The same is true, maybe even 
more so, of Bill Golffred as 
Cocky. This must be one of 
the stage's most chaHeni^ng 
musical roles, not necessarily 
in vocal work (even though that 
is demanding enough) but in 
stamina. The antics of Cod^ 

Gem Show Opens Sun. 

Mendfters of various Tide- 
water area gtm aad mineral 
dtibs wiU present a dtqflay 
of lapidary arts md tartb sd- 
tnots at the VUlagt Gallery. 

TUa exhibit WiU indude 
gema, minerals, fosdls. Je- 
welry and special Indian arti- 
tiets by L. D. Waldarf of the 
Skincoak Living Muaeum. 

The aim (tf tbe gem and mi- 
atral cliAa is to foster know- 
ledfe and i«pred^on of ttie 
tartti's adenc^ and Oie la- 
pidary arts and to encourage 

fellowship in the love of nature. 

This exhibit will open with 
an Invitational preview Saturday 
at 7:30 p.m. with a narrated 
movie "A Rodcbound and His, 
Hd^" and will be open to 
ttie public Sunday through Jan- 
uary 4. 

The gallery is open daily from 
11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Satur- 
day and Sunday from noon to 
6 p.m. It is lo<»ted on Pro- 
vidence Road at the intersec- 
tion with Indian River Road 
in Uie College Parkltformation 

boun^ GoCfrtd about the stage 
like a robber ball, testing his 
footwork as well as his lung 
power. And he always conws 
ttiroui^ for a truly commend- 
idsle performance. 

The ttlrd^ronc role, Tbe 
Kid, is deUgbtfully done by 
Sandra Wade MoClung who also 
Jdned forces with Betty Smith 
for the ebore(^aphy in ttiis. 
She handled both Jobs amazingly 

Samuel Carver Davenport ap- 
pears Jost once durtnr:&riday, 
as The Negro, but he banters 
some interesting]^ comical 
lines with Sir and Codcy and 
proves to have perhaps the best 
voice in the ratire cast, 

Diane Abrahms and John 
Wood are not as effective as 
The Girl and The Bully but 
the chorus of urchins prove 
what can be accomplished witti 
talented youngstere. Th4 girls 
are on stage nearly tbe ratire 
time, yet never stray from Uieir 
diaraderizations nor falter in 
their quick-moving dance 

All of this, backed by the 
sets and lights by John Hagan, 
provide Wedgewood with a most 
enjoyable produdicm. It wiU 
offer a fiin-type evening (except 
for the food} for theatre-goers 
during Uie holiday season. A 
note should be made, however, 

Tidata tor !tattlatniaa Ka- 
IddoMc^ia" art pileed at|4.00 
aad 13.(10 £or adalli and half • 
priet for diUrM. Ttey aiay 
to parfltoaed at tta Symplicnr 
Oflto, 700 Board of TmK 
BtlMtag or at ito Caattr Tte- 
atrt box ofBet, wbidi opraa 
at aoofi OD ttt day of ttie coa- 

Even hard-working civic chorus members have to take a break and 
that's just what (left to right) Ann Plowman, Carol Thompson and 
Joyce Coulsting are doing. 




'^/ ^> 




that tte theatre wiU J)e tek 
twice during tbe rai of 
"Greaaepaint"— December 21- 
28 and January 1-13. It will 
play through January 31. 

——Ruby Jean Pidllips 


Eilherg In 

There will be something for 
evtrycwe, firombat^ to graoc^ 
during the holidays at the Late 
Wri^t Diner Hieatre. 

Tte adult fare will be Bar- 
bara Eilterg in tte Broadway 
musical '*I Do, I, Do" whidi 
opens Friday and will run to 

The show is l)ased on the 
famous play "Four P(»ter" by 
Jan deHartog with mottem 
music, such as "My Cup Run- 
neth Over," by Harvey Sdimidt 
and Tom Jones. Tlie same two 
men wrote tte music for "Ite 

■ A special Jwliday stew for 
tte kiddies, "Santo's Speda- 
des", win te presented by tte 
Lake Wright Children's 

I t will be presented each 
Saturday and Sunday at 2:W 

Butttt dinner wlU te served 
at 7 p.m. followed by "I Do, 
I Do" at 8:30p.m.Reservatioos 
may te made by calling 464- 

'MADAM' CONTINUE^— The long-running Broadway musical 
comedy ''Call Me Madam'' continues to play to enthusiastic 
audiences at the Cavalier Dinner Playhouse. Starring in the play, 
based on the life of Perle Mesta-**The Hostess With the Mostest", 
are Theresa Worrall, Josh Bar ry and Luanne Nelson. The show 
will continue through the holidays. 

Director Walter Noona rehearses with soloist John Deilis. 

Publishad waekly by tht 
Beach Publidiing Corpora- 
tion, 3108 Pacific Avenue, 
Virginia Beadi, VIrginio, 
23451. Second class postage 
paid at Virginia Beach, Vir- 
ginia. Annual subscription 
rate by mail telephone 
703-428-2401 and carrier 
$5.20; single copy IOC. Ad- 
vertising rates upon request. 
Member of the Virginia 
I Press Assoclrtlon. 

Christmas Concert Planned 

llie Virginia Beach Civic 
Cterus win present a spedal 
Christmas Concert at 3 p.m. 
Sunday, Dec. 13 at Princess 
Anne Hig^ SchooL 

The Chorus, direded by 
Walter Noona, wlU sing "O 
Magnum M^terium" l>y Vic- 
toria, "Silent Nlgbt" arranged 
by lifolcolm Sargent, "Lost in 
the NiKht" a Finnish folk song. 

"Winds Thro' tte OUve Trees" 
bF Eugene Englert, "Strangers 
in tte Stred" by Mercer and 
Chase, "Bel Bambino" an 
Italian carol, "Come Follow 
tte Star" a calypso carol, 
"Gloria" by Lattem, "Sing We 
Now of Chri^mas"t:^Simeone, 
"Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye 
Gates" from tte "Messiah" 

by Handel, and tte "Halleloia 
Chorus" from the "Measiah." 
In atUition tte group \^11 sing 
an original compositioa \fs 

Tidi»ts are on MOt ttom 
memters or at tte Chamter 
<A Commerce olDce Ua fl.SO 
for adnlts, |1 for millttty and^ 
75 cents for atudtata. 



'Christmas CaroV at Ft Eustis 

29tb li A^LAVnc 


Features 2-4-6-8- 1U 



^2-«^-BlN m .THE MENaE BREAK 

iillll eraiAN ICNDIff SjNa» SiTeaoe.^^ 

An all-new musical version 
of Dictens' classic "Christmas 
Carol" will teve its Tidewater 
premiere at Ft. Eustis' Stu^o 

Featurii^ a cast of 50 mili- 
tary and dviliui performers, 
"Christmas Carol" wlUte prf- 

sented at 8 p.m. I^. 10-13 
and 17-20. ^cial mitfinees 
will te teld at 2:30 p.m. Dec. 
13 and Dec. ZQ, 

Admiasioo is free but rwer- 
vations at 878-2!»3 are nec^- 


^<t iHfllBE 



FeaturM 2-4:34 . 7.-08.9:42 





■■■■■■■■■MP ^^b 


hem tfity doM lo Scfoogt? 

ALBERT FINNEY'S award - qoaUty 
perfornunce la be^lM 

OarlaCia pliBL. A. TImea 

<• • CI 

ACnmimQmtm f9fm9 
AmiarmQ mmatnaum i 

rnVWliliGnr MCtnOQlOr MM^^^ 

Feature Daily 
1;1S 3;15 S;iS 7il8 9ilS 

PrtaoMa lOddlt Ttne Evny Satoday ^IB AM (My 


Thursckiy, Dtctmbor 3, 


Utaff Sergcaat Ronald H. 
Ces»UBA, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Rudolph H. Copaland of Vlr- 
gjnlf B«adi, iuB raeeived tte 
U. S. Air Force Commudcao 
ttois Service (AFCS) "save 
certificate" and silver l^wl 

Serpea^ Copeland, an air 
teaflle <»Qtroller assigned A 
tyadall AFB, Fla., wu dted 

^ lor tto qt^ck and acciu'iAe re- 

8poi»e to aalnflilihtemerfeBqr. 
He fas credited with saving 
two U.S. Navy T-28 crew mem- 
bers Arom idbandoidDf flieir air- 
craft and with recovery of the 
idane which is valued at 

The "save" Is credited when 
ao AFCS controUw directs the 
safe landing of an aircraft in- 
volved In an emergency situ- 
ation which otherwise could be 
expected to result in loss or 
damage to the aircraft. All 
"saves" are validated by a 
special review board of the 
AFCS which provides global 
communications and air traffic 
control for the USAF. 

Sergeant Copeland was on 
doty as arrlvi^ controller at 
Tyndall wiMn he was alerted 
to the T-28 crew's low-fuel 
•mergsDCly. The aircraft was 45 
nllM DorllMiftof Tyndall and ' 

..^.: conMiM IcM titan 12 minutes 
of fuel. The lyndall controllers 

were handling IS odter aircraft 

when the ^ert was received. 

^ The sergeant assumed con- 

trol of the emergency flrcraft 

and directed the pilot to a 
safe stralf^-ln landing on a 
seldom-usGd runway. 

Sergeant Copeland Is a 1961 

graduate at Princess Anne High 

School. His wife, Catherine, is 

- the daughter of Mr. and Mn, 

—■ ^rmtr J. Hemler, S. Cassady 
Ave.,. Virginia Beach. 


Little lady judges livestock 

*OUR TOWN' PLAYERS—Cathy Perkins (left) and Debbie Ald«r* 
man are caught in a terse scene during rehearsals of Thornton 
"Wilder's **Our Town" which will be p resented at KelUm |«gj 
School Friday and Saturday at8 p.m. The pljiyls undirthedlrJtttSa 
of Miss Rhett Pridgen and will be presented by the Kellam Drama 
Club and the school's chapter of the International Thespians. 

New Chamber 
Slate Nominated 


Airman George W. Chapman 

Jr., son of Mrs. Julia R. 

Chapman of 1113 KempsvlUe 

Road, Virginia Beach, Va., has 

graduated at Sheppard AFB, 

Tex., from the U.S. Air Force 

4> aircraft mechuSlt jMipie* 

f :Tfie airman, HBSNte "trilned 

I tP repair current Air Force 

Im lighters, Is being assigned 

i to Shaw AFB, S.C., fbr duty 

with a imlt of the TacUcal 

Air Command. 

Airman Chapman Is a 1969 
graduate of Princess Anne High 
School. ____ 

Ten Virginia Beach civic sukI 
business leaders have been no- 
minated by a special com mlttee, 
appointed by James P. Sadler, 
Chamber of Commerce presi- 
dent, as Chamber directors for 
three year terms starting Jan- 
uary 1, 1971. 

They are Jdm B. Baines, 
Southern Materials Company; 
WilUam Campbell, Windjam- 
mer Motel; W. Clark Fleming, 
Bayville Farms; Rldiard H. 
KUne, RK Chevrolet; Art Ules, 
United Virginia Banlt-Seaboard; 
Fred J.^Najpol it ano, JeriyCor- 
poratlon; Walter Royal, Thomp- 
son-Royal Dodge; Michael C. 
Savvldes, Black Angus Restau- 
rant; Earl V. Slattum, Virginia 
National Bank; and George Sul-' 
livan. Professional Develop- 
ment Co. 

The nominees' names will 
be submitted to the Chamber 
membership and, if elected, the 
ten new directors will join the 
twenty remaining directors In 
establishing policy for tte 

Board members whose terms 
expire December 31, 1971, are 
Edward P. Brogan, JosejA de 
Creny, Robert H. DeFord, Jr., 
James H. Downing, Dr. Ira 
Hancock, Mrs. George Leary, 
John B. Smith, R.H. Spessar^ 

and John S. Waller. 

Board members whose terms 
expire December 31, 1972, are 
J.W. Bufflngton, Roy L. De 
Hart, Charles H. Forbes, Jr., 
Arthur S. GuiUe, James W. 
Hairston, Robert P. Johnson, 
R.B. Pulley, Dr. Samuel N. 
Rlggs, Robert M. Stanton and 
Ben J. WilUs, Jr. 


Marine Pfc. Gregory D. eas- 
ier, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hu- 
bert K. easier of 956 jSunny- 
slde Drive, was promoted to Ms 
present ranlLwhllelservlng at 
Marine Coips Base, Camp Le- 
jeune, N.C. ' 

Navy Airman Ronald N. Wlt- 
kowski, husband of the former 
Miss Thelma J. Loekamy of 
Delawsffe Ave., has returned 
to Mayport, Fla., from a Medi- 
terranean deployment aboard 
the aircraft carrier USS Sara- 

Navy AirmJML>Jk|)prentice. 
Billy K. Mldgett, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Maxton M. Midgett 
of 3860 UtUe Neck Point, has 
completed Aviation Structural 
Mechanic Safety Equipment 
Course, Naval Air Technical 
Training Center, Memphis. 

Jayceei p 


thority ondunestablittfioi^be 
taken to mtnimlie ftttvi vto*- 
sion of the seccmdaty duMttne. 

"If these ste^ tfre taken, 
it is our opinion that the eco- 
logy of the norOiVlrtliflaBeadi 
Area jrUl not be Qadtdy jeo- 
pudlzed and th^ because the 
St«||te has no plans for fnture 
use or develoiRiMiflt d this area 
as usable parkland that the 
prerogadves of tte retldests 
of the State of VlrgiaU will 
not be violated. 

"If the Jqwees can be of 
ftirtber assistance l&4lfts mat- 
ter, plaa8« dd not Jitsftatc to 
call on 01." 

The council at Clvte C^gln- 
ltttt«i8 iflpolotid^ i^^^Ntii 
committee tostudrthaMttoi, 
and their report &tin^'(iie 
site. However, a md&ofttoint 
dielr ofdclal staatp nf a^bval 
on the site was tabled by the 

One of the main points of 
discussion on Qie site his been 
that It Is a part of SMU^re 
State Park wUch shoold be 
preserved for public use. Row- 
ever, It is cxA^jg^J^:^ 
cast oL.i 

and by Shore Otlve. lis lo- 
cation was known to few resi- 
dents outside the area tdrtH the 
school was proposed. Itftuse 
by the p^lic has beenBttlfed 
not onlyjby lack of bioitodge 
about it but also by liKittiroaB 
"No Parking," "No tri^ijpiS- 
sing" and "PHM^Ptimtf 
signs posted by area residents. 


The Job of the aiw^M^ Is 
to comfort the a2Itt«tMI>aBd 
afflict the eomfbrtaUau^: ?. 
Dunne (Mr. Doolej) 


When Diann Turner went to 
V.PJ. last June for the state 
4H Uvestock Judging Contest, 
pet^le probably wondered 
"What's a nice girl like you 
ddng in a place like this?" 

The answer was simple; she 
was winning. 

Diami is a Junior at Floyd 
E, Kellam High School and the 
dau^iter of Mr. and Mrs. R.H. 
Turner of Pungo Station. 

Blonde and bashful, 16-year- 
old Diann looks far from being 
the state's top livestock Judge. 
She placed first in individual 

Tto Virginia Beach teams, i 
which Diann is a part, placed 
first in the team competitira 
over teams from 16 districts 
across the state. Also on the 
Beach 4eam was Mike Ives, a 
1970 graduate of Kellam, who 
placed fourth in individual com- 

"You judge .4 classes of 
cattle, sheep and hogs," said 
Diann. The animals must be 
placed according to a set of 
standards provided by the of- 
ficial Judge. Points are awarded 
according to how close a con- 
testant comes to the official 
Judge's placement. "(Pigs) are 

Roles To 
Be Picke d 

The Virginia Beach Little 
Theatre wlU hold try-outs Mon- 
day night for the Arthur Lau- 
rents comedy "Invitation To 
A March" at 7:30 p.m. at the 
Bay Harbour Club. 

The play will be directed by 
Bill Britten and will open Jan- 
uary 22. 

The cast ca lls f<ff toree wo- 
men and one nian about 40 years 
of age; two men and one wo- 
man in their 20's and a 10- 
year-old child, boy or girU 

"March" was presented on 
Broadway about 10 yeurs'ago 
with Celeste Holmes in the 
starring role. Also in the cast 
were Jane Fonda and James 

College Sets 


Virginia Wesleyan College 
wiU present the Virginia Beach 
Civic Orchestra and Beach Con- 
cert Singers in a Christmas 
concert on December 12. 

The concert, under the di- 
rection of Alberto Aserdon, 
wiU be held in the Virginia 
Wesleyan Science Center Audi- 
torium at 8:15 p.m. 

The public Is invited. There 
wiU be no charge for admission. 

tile hardest," Diann feels. They 
tend to move aroum! quite a 
bit and "One pig looks pretty 
much like another." 

Remarbibly, the contest was 
Diann's first big one. Glenn 
Updike, the V.P.I. extension 
officer in this area, called her 
shortly before the contest and 
asked Diann to fill a vacancy 
on the four-man team. TUs 
team was the first from Vir- 
ginia Beach to win t)w state 

One Important mult cf 
Diann's victory Is that she, a- 
long with the next 3 highest 
Individual scorers, went to Chi- 
cago last week to meetstudents 
from 25 states In national com- 
petition. The dher 2 members 
of the state team, besides Utm 
and Mike, are Sue Rucker of 
Facquler County and Jim Kendlg 
of Augusta County. 

When asked how she felt dMut 
competing on a national level, 
Diann said, "Well, I'm not too 

worried tim bbiw, M irtira 
yon gat to Hit cont ai t— »»»** 

Her fanily wtt 9iAt« exelM 
dMvt her sueesM. "I ttiA 
Mothtr has told lost atoot 
everyone in Vlrgliii." Om 
herself is rather modast. "tt 
was a lucky day," fiia odd, 
"becMse I'm not thtf lood. 
Mike is really food." 

"1 have ahnon matad to 
raise cattle," she lald, M ii» 
is stlU d«alii« what dM wUl 
make her career. 

Christmas ond_^ 


Three Virginia Beach POW 
wives are featured in the Dec. 
15 issue d LOOK magazine 
which appeared on newstands 
Tuesday. The article deals with 
the effect their husbands' im- 
prisonment has on Christmas 

The three local wives are 
Mrs. Jane Tschudy, Mrs. 
Louise Mulligan and Mrs. Pa- 
tricia Fellowes. They were 
among six interviewed for the 

Mrs. Tschudy, wife of Navy 
Lt. Cdr. William Tschudy who 
was captured July 18, 1965, and 
Mrs. Mulligan, wife of Navy 
Capt. James Mulligan, shot 
down on March 20, 1966, have 
t)oth received letters from their 
husl»nds. However, it wasn't 
until Just recently that the North 
Vietnamese admitted that Navy 
Cdr. John Fellowes was a pri- 
soner. AlUiough he was shot 
down on Aug. 27, 1966, his wife 
has received no direct word 

from him. 

Michael Tschudy was only se- 
ven months old when his fiither 
was captured. Says Mrs. 
Tschudy of Christmas, "I don't 
bring^Hl into Cbristraas. I 
don't feel Michael should have 
to know all tills, though I've told 
Mm about Bill, t don't want 

him to have to think of his 
daddy as something pitiful. To 
Michael, Bill is just a picture." 

Mrs. Mulligan has raised six 
boys along. Two are now In 
college. "I'm sure he's as fhis- 
trated as I am, to try to write 
on seven lines (all they are 
permitted) after not seeing each 
other for five years, but 1 can 
tell he's not lost touch with 
reality. Some men have been 
tiiere four years before being 
aUowed to write. Can you ima- 
gine not being able to hold a 
pen for four years? I don't feel 
lucky I'm getting letters any- 
more. It's been too long." 

"Christmas is hard, trat my 
children are young and we have 
a big tree," says Mrs. Fel- 
lowes, who has four children. 
Although she has received no 
letters from her husliand, she 
has written him and only one 
letter has been sent back. "1 
spend my time taking care of 
children. 1 know it's Important 
to my husband." 

According to the article, 
nearly 1,600 servicemen have 
been lost in action. Of these, 
457 have been confirmed as 
prisoners of war. North Viet- 
nam acknowledges holding 335. 
Allowed to receive one letter 
(the Geneva Convention speci- 
fies two letters and four cards 

a roontti) a mootb and noe- 
cassional six-poand ptdHi|a, 
the North ViataaoMM tUf ywr 
arc allowing tra-poimd ptc- 

In tte article one unldagtt- 
fied wife sums op ber fedtac 
ttius: "I wish I could Just cancel 
Christmas. I haven't wanted a 
Christmas tree since he's been 

Lt. Tucker 


Marine First Ueitfeuut Join 
A. Tucker Jr.,. son of idtm A. 
Tucker of 24Ui St., waf de- 
signated a Helicopter Airenft 
Commander with Mariae Heeff 
Hellccqiter Squadron 463 in 

Reporting to the aq ua dron 
in May 1970, he hu ftilfUled 
tile requiremente at ^eondMt 
flight hours and leandng the 
procedures vital f«r aafefy of 
crew members during coidbit 

Hit 1« a 1W1 iradMia at 
Virginia Beach High Sdiool and 
a 1968 graduate of CoUeie at 
William It Mary.WlllUiasliarf. 


Astrologer Roy Williams 

will teoch you 

Classes Now Forming ^ 

Pictured during rehearsal are (left to right) Rita Cregar, Stacey 
Walker, Lance Appleton, Mary Courtney and April Lawson. 

Coward's *Spirit' AtFCHS 

First Colonial High School 
will present the Noel Coward 
classic "BUtiie Spirit" Decem- 
ber 11-12 at 8 p.ri. in the 


Drunk drivers bring families together. 

In ho^iui rooms iUid ut tunerub. " 

Betause that's where the drunk drivers victims wind up. 

Drunk drivers arc involved in at least 25.000 deaths and iJOO.OOO 

crashes every year. 

And what can you do? 

Reme^Ofw^runk driver, the aBuiwe drinker, the proUe^w 4rinkcr 

may be sick and need your help. 

tie first thing you can do is get him off the toad. For his sake and yours. 

Do something! Write the National Safety Council, Dcpt. A, 425 North 

MWi^ Am^Oucago, Illinois, 60611. And your voice will be h^id. 

Scream Bloody Murder. ^^^ 

school auditorium. 

The play is a tiurilllng farce 
about a man whose dead wife 
is 'conjured' up during a se- 
ance wbA stays on to inuirt the 
man and his new wife. To com- 


Monthly Payment Conventional Type 




ilO-'iSth St. 

Viririnia Beach Va. 


Phont* I2s-H:i.n 


Let us welcome you! 



pUcate tilings a hit more, tte 
man Is the (»ly mortil ite 
can see or hear Ids decttsad 

Tickets at $1.2S fbr adnlte 

and 75 cents tx stodaofai art 
Ml sale at ttie sdiool. 

The play, which wlU ba prw 
sented by tiie Drama Daiiart- 
ment. Is nader tiie dlrediiiet 
of Mrs. Martiia Dosicr. 

The cast Includes Lanoii^ 
pleton, ^cy Walker, RttaC^ra- 
gar, C^ Momre, Uura Etf ^, 
Mary Courtney wbA ^mtU Lmp- 

Mrs. Lou LoweoUal la aa- 
sisting Mrs. Doder in jradne* 

Studeitf committee dttiraaii 
inchida Let MtQfleU and tmik 
Ferguson, pribUdtr; AinlBO 
Foos. setai ifay AaneC^tB- 
lish, maka-m^ B«lh AduM mA 
Rl(A W^ propa; Lniri Iw- 
banks, ho««; aid TWB Co^tt, 
Bob AoduaoB aid Sttm tV»- 
ranee, tttfl^ 


s«Mikw antiMptte r^f tor 






FmWithad 1925 



Published weekly by the Bewh Publidiiiif Corporatioii 

hkiA R. Griffui 

Ruby Jmu PkilKiM 
Mrs. (Mfi Edwards 


SeeA: College Funds 

A VIrginio B0ach dmitist tatt 
Himk^ spoke the semirrMnts of 
mdny^ioeol 4)ffictcilt and resl- 
doMt whan ho Mid that "Virgina not gotting itt fair 
share of appropriations from 
the^ \^ginia Community College 

Dr. J. Henry McCoy Jr., 
vice chairman of Tidewater 
Cwnmunlty College's Board of 
Trustees, speaks withauthority 
and first-hand knowledge Hithis 
complaint and It Is hoped ^Is- 
Iciors from this dreo will not 
turn deaf ears. 

The quarrel, of course, is 
not restri^ed to the State's 
college system. The General 
Assembly is more to blome In 
their short-slghM actlon-- 
they appropriated fIfMli for 
opw^lon ofooollegethen foiled 
to appropriate funds fbr its 

The city has set oside a kite, 
ds required by the System, for 
construction of this resorteom- 
munity's much-needed opmnrui-; 
nity college. The city, in foet, 
has gone about as far as It 
can go in brliiglng this long- 
pill^ tio)li^m6rbi«lgi 

Fpr this reason Dr. ti^imM 
predial tfift'lNb^lldifvi'iit 

aaqjistoi !■.,'.» 

Comp Pendleton be used as 
temporary quarters fbr a school 
does not seem feasible. 

To begin with, if the pro- 
perty is disposed of as re- 
commended by the Governor's 
Management Group, Camp 

Pendleton could possibly go to 
the highest bidder. It might 
be ttie City of Virginia Beach, 
It might not. And even if the 
city were to acqiAre this highly 
desirable acreage, it isn't likely 
that a portion would be sit 
aside fdr a college vtfien d 
site has already bMn donated 
for that purpose. 

In order to get a college, 
the city had to provide an 
approprlote and acceptoble site. 
This it has done. It would seem 
that the responsibility now rests 
with the System officials in 
Rldwiond. And with the State 

Rdther than seek the Camp 
Pendleton property for tempo- 
rary quarters, the city would 
do well to step up its efforts 
to bring the community college 
situation to the attention of the 
General Assembly at next 
d>a Ana r yfls « pee i a 1 session. 
^#rt0nly the sltuotion^ has 
' long enough. 


\ to 10} m«l} 

Don't wait too long 

The city has a number of 
potentially serious traffic ha- 
zards in school aonesvwhich 
dMerve attention. 

Linkhorn Park School on 
Laskln Road has been a ha- 
zard since Its construction* but 
the lock of consideration by 
motorists to the school zone 
speeds appears to be a growing 

Anyone trovelling that route 
In the nwrnlngi and oftemodns 
will see violators speeding, 
literally speeding* through the 
wdll marked aones without so 
much as chedc^ their speed. 

This lack of consideration, 
this almost defiant ottltude. 
Jeopardizes other motorists 
who have slowed down, the ar- 
riving and departing children 
and, perhaps especlolly, the 
pcftrol who faces this onslaught 
of traffic 

First Colonial High School 

f rwio &K9. New York, Dals- 
corte Prtis, lf70. |7.K 
; TU« Ddvtl, ittch spiBf (te 
Itvoilf -fift yvu% steee Oe «iil 
:<tf ttit Seeool World Wir, eoi- 
.tora trowd At Utm of fl» 
itttree Jcmlidie ckUdm. Fln^ 
;9iere Sm Grelcfe^ t Ipr^ 
i «^af»r «te Is eooviaMd ttil 
; low Mrt bi «M« to ttti flas 
llier Mgld Boftir kii revMM 
;td Wr.^iMll^VIIMii^slB- 
Mom OM, tens VKtm^ bo|w 
!for suedes li ttt fkttt^.TiMB, 
itte yMiifi^. if t id^mm 
jts^i^a 01^ toS»H^ftw 
tiPill wmmmmm^ima 
istefMtar 4 «Nii»l«iagnr- 

«f Mr Sfw. mm 

does not have a speeding pro- 
blem. On the contrary. Traffic 
along First OMonial Roodearly 
mornings and afternoons 
doesn't move at all. 

Cars attempting to enter the 
school parking lot, and those 
wishing merely to travel the 
2-lane road, are backed up 
daily beyond Virginia Beach 
General Hospital. 

Sports events and other after 
school hours activities generate 
an even worse problem. 

The heavy traffic on First 
Colonial Road, coupled with the 
congestion at the high school, 
generates a highly dangerous 

There may be other schools 
in the city experiencing similar 
problems but these two are 
obviously danger spots and 
steps should be taken to relieve 
the potentiality of tragedy. 


sloaal intofils. Each hu lis 
own ptwp of Mondi, lovm, 
idvoSf kiriMds, sod aomis- 
tuoM IS bo iBoves tovird 
dM Yirlow fosto olUs Hte. 
Tb^ diforst bras bdte tton 
to an iiarls of Ibt vorU and 
Mo mfoas sttnatfoas. It Is 
oidjr ^Iw jmn at nIsvBdor- 
Hf llMt tbt Aadaebw 



10 the 

Park A dvocates Speak 

a ftUBity, PIi*Ify, alBiost too 
lata, the flffoo are rewited. 
ms U the tjna of took that 
oaev ttogn it is almost iaqws- 
siUe to pot dova. Eadi of Qie 
'flbaradns bteocMs arealpw- 

a part of fte Jbrdaebt's msIA, 
J«t seooib of the afliln of 
tti world wn ia^idid so tiat 
fti n&ttt Ibom that Am Jor« 
dMha's world is dso Ms ofva. 

To the Editor: 

III' 1903, nqr fidber aoautred 
pn^titfy at te "soiitti rad" 
of Virfbiia Beadi wliera bi mo 
be movod b4o a hooae oo tbn 
ocean front of ftie tben existiiig 
TlUan, His kve nsM poean 
and w'aiiiaiiii^tg awif, 

kg miimii became a dty, 
neweoniMS reptaeed vltb niip 
teriallsm trbat mbire liad seen 
fit to bestow opoo tUs lovely 
area. Tbose people wbo lAOui 
toj U?e amoor trees and sand 
dooes were tberefore forced to 
more nortbward, nd, in so do- 
ing, formed ifrtiat ve call 

Sadly tbe "oooey nad" can- 
not be reasooed irtOi as ttiey 
ontrp section upon section of 
Ibe peivle's Seashore State 
Htk ateas. Tberefore, to tbe 
HudAig proposal tbit a sebool 
be buitt in tbe Seasbore State 
Park, tbere arose a omsdent- 
ioos cry firom tbose vbo sutfer 
from file very idea of sucb 
saerilefe. To cry out Is not 
snoogb. Tbey banded togetter 
for sbrength and for actioo. 
Tbey called bwmselves ttie 
Nortti Sbore Civic League of 
Virginia Beacb, and tbey Joined 
forces with ttie Cltfiens Com- 
mittee for Seashore State Put, 
composed of men and women 
of Tidewater. TUs was forto- 
aate, for we have a right to 
oar Stale Parts— not for Just 
a hm fovond penons bat for 
all tbe people of oar State. 
Tbe residents of North Vir- 
gida Beacb wbo are onwilUng 
for tbdr oniqae State Paricto 
be flattened and mined are not 
selfish, greedy people. On tbe 
contrary, tbey are dvic mended 
to tbe extmt of toing assod- 
ated with gro«vs sadi as tbe 
board of tbe Virgiida Beach 
Hospital, the CooservatioB 
Committee of Ibe Garden CMb 
of Virgiida, tbt Norfolk Aca- 
demy facnlty, tbe Fordp Po- 
licy Committee of tbe Norfolk- 
Virglda Beacb Leagoe of Wo- 
mea VoCws, ttie Cape Henry 
mid CMb, tbe Virgiida Society 
of Ormibotogy, tbe BeanUflca- 
ti<» CMnmittee of Virginia 
Beadi, tbe Board of DIrcetors 
of tbe Virglda Beach UtHe 
Tbeitfer, tbe Sodety §m tbe 
Prevention of Cnielty to Ad- 
mals of both Norfolk and Vir- 
ginia Beae^ tt» Princess Aom 
Coonty BMorical Sodety, tbe 
Princess Aane Gardm Chb, 
and many olber wvudsattoas 
oriiks caliber. 
WUb assistance now from 

straetion of an elementary 
sdwol w a SeMboreState Paxfe 
site mMrsqnestionible— i.e., 
a school at Oris location woold 
be preferable totbeoontinnanoe 
of tbe vandalism and eocroacb- 

A oertain anooBt of vanda^ 
ttsm occurs in all natbm^'and 
state parks, bd, as tt^iil 
know, legislators have not con- 
sidered this a vaUd reason for 
diqposbig of a park. Ibe re- 
gr^ttdDle reality in tbe case of 
Seasbon State Park Is flat a 
part of it may be leased by 
State offldals wilboat legisla- 
tive actioo. 

Virginia has adreary record 
of loddiv alter Seasbore State 
Park, and it Is hoped that coo- 
dittons will in^ative. For Biany 
years peopte i nte r e sted In IMS 
adqae natoral area |iave bem 
CMicemed aboot tbe vandalism 
and ttKroadimrat oo It. More 
caretakers and patroIUngwoald 
give better protectloa to a re- 
^oo that wdl deserves it. An 
enttfifbtened Slate statate would 
prMsrve Ols paifc, aloi« irttb 
other State park^ by giving 
sole wXtuxitf in duqposltiooto 
the General Assembly. 

To tbe Editor: 

I donotHvetoVirgldaBeadL 
and so am not oooeemed item 
bow maqy of ito people Ikvor, 
and bow many<ivoss,flMtellBg 
of land fnmi Seasbore Slrit 
Park to OM for a Virgfada 
Beach School. Birt I do liv* 
bi l^rghda, and I amvery maeb 
concerned over ttie news Ibat 
Virglda Beachls eootsmplaltef 
gralMng a portioo of a State 
park, because It is not wilflag 
to p^ (or land, as olber dtlat 

N«folk, or any otter tUj. 
needing land for a School, mast 
biy (ofteiftbrougbcoodnaaallaB 
procetee) land within ite on 
bidden. Virglda Beach, wUdi 
advertises Iteelf as tbe WorU's 
Largest Besort City, to onwU- 
bog to do tUM, sad waste to 
grab apiece oflirglda's price- 
less andlrrepiaeedHeSeasiart 
Park, becanse it wool cost 

of Virgtala, Indndlag Ibose of 
OMlr own peopte wbo want On 
Park preserved. And State 
officials, whether elected or 
appdntei^ certainly have tbe 
dssr dofy toadaddsterflisfr- 
fwpbkped^ n^ffilheritaaefor 
IJHtl^k^iit VU^glda, snd nd 
to desfripy It, or give It awqr 
ptecemedl-. ' 
W. Gerald Akers 
Norfolk, Va. 



To tbe Editor: 

As alnenter d tte VlrgUda 
Beach Little Theatre, and as a 
cast meteber d tte reenUy 
completed VBLT prododtoo d 
"1 Never Sng For 1^ Patter", 
I wish to pdblicty tbad: your 
entire orgadaalion for Ibesiv- 
port you gave as in our bittlal 
eadMVw of tbe 1970-71 

Whatei^r sttooesses 
have eajofod wore Ah, bilarfi 
part, to Ibe covnage your news* 
paper profrided as. 

If the same sqpport eoold be 
counted on item a nu^wily d 
Ibe^ty oadak andtebeepers 
Assoddlao menben, our 
tteaire eodd be wtU oo Us 
way to providhig a service for 
the oommodty. 

In a Hme wttra all wt bemr 
and read abod te tbt buk d 
whotesome adivittesforasad- 
^dto and yodb d our d^. It 
ioemi Iiioooodvtbte ttat lhoo#> 
wbo comsitlM tbe most do Ibe 
lettt to beb> s^port aorpnl- 
sdioo thflt for over twsnty-five 
yoars las tried to provide en- 
tertdmnsd as wen as abaste 
for edutalliii '♦deilaltiinedlii 
tte pl^v presented, educ a Jlo o 
te ttesdsdlondpl^wMdi 
od only eotaMn bd whieb 
may ernse a pmoa to 
ndersland tbmnettes i 

Ws, tte^le aeafrtj^ 


G R A S S 

ly W.A.Uwil, M|.D 

Tbe peopto wbo havw m wMtofl. to 
laWy vUl iiilMtte tbe bsrfb d Ibe ^JtowMirii 
to Hd». tkm of yoo itto have beea bksMdwUhnotoMal 
pr<MitaBidtf< pay dose atfdilim. _^ ^^^ ^_^ 

*'Tdlay, la ais f»s and grtaLndloa* dedicated tolidiee 
for alL It te ay eondd«dl4pbidittdoalyttevary w^aM^ 
or ttr very ponr can afford tbe Mgheod dittos fa onr 
leci] system." 

Does Od seem too strong? U mm If yw bm nd been 
ta tte ddebes d ooe d our «*Lh^ B«agtai*% or ai iome 
refer to ttem-Sbisters, IVbefi It coiMS Is MPtftfaift cited 
from Ms mon ey, win, loss or drit, I taki m tarf^df to tte 

Hariiiff bedi la and od of hospitals for some ttma I inow 
Ibe high cost d medl^ fredmeot tai ttte dif md i^. I admire 
the way a hs<IM witt ifood iccoaittiig depaitpmt m ddi 
you over and abovw your bmoranee coverage. Ibey are masters 

d Ibis. 

Havii« bought and add property through real estateoperators 
I mwt adnlt ttis flock has more thu a few Ufle tridta, 
to mdce a ded In your pode^nok. 

My aperisnon with many segmeds of oar eeonomy that 
seems to spedaliae in Mgh floaaee, sneh as TV ispdr op- 
eratora, landscape arcWteds and evtn good old barbars^libo 
have turned Uto bdr styllste Is sucb Old I can iMed to ttair 
expertise in sdradOag moMey. 

None d thnte can boU a candle to a food dtomey. Should 
you And yoorself te a podtioo where yoo and haiWB tte sendees 
d an attorney, and may the Good Lord piMsct yoo ih>m lodi 
an unforbmate dtoattoo, my advice to yoo te to throw yoorsdf 
00 tbe mercy d tbe courts and plead gdtty.It^lsttabad 
adoHon and br bir ttt cboapest. Honed. 

Tbe very waalOv can afford tbe vary flmit d tegal laled. 
Tbey dnrge tt» east off and tteGoveromentwinda qp paylag tbe 
tab. U you dodit the qpattty dtegd tataot the wealttgr caabiqr 
Jud tani^ with a rich peraon, or oonpaqr, lathe ooorte. 

Tbey will detey, chaofi eotfts, ^ewl dd run through 
your money bd<»« you can eoud tt. Yoo ml^ wbd 19 bMky 
and through some, fluke wfai sodk a. ape M yoo wtBJtjH^ 
dd and broke thd yoor victory wiUba bdww tedeed. 

The very poor have it mate whsnft comos to legal prddems. 
Tbey recdve free tegU ooiaisel. Tb^ bass no many dUlmt 
fovemmnit programs tryteg to servo tten and proted tbem 
and tbdr rigbb that ttef compete fir the o w w r tudl y . For 
goodness sdrn, ddtH pick oo a poor pmnn if yoa are foMf to 
gd tenrohed te a lefd iMlter. 

Of coarse, if ton have a case ttd baa a tot d| 
vabie, good or bad it mabes no dUfertnoe, yoneaai 
rtcdve the services d tbe Civil Uberty flodu If tbey 
any liberal pddidty mileage od d you tbey will Juai 
be your ebuqpioii to tte Utter eid. Of courae lfltte 


I win aay Ids abod tbe legd prdesdon today, as loog 
as yoo have monor, tbtf don^ caro If yoa are tamoeed or giOty. 
Of coarse If you are te^popt it might ba^ yoo wItt tte #w 
iwi ooi neeeosan^. t^--*^^-..-:^' . -■ i=_™„ 

Tbe word podtloo In tbe world, when It eomeatobid 
amtiera, to to ' Iw * inocett and brohe. If yoa find yoonpelf 
te ttd dtalalioo, my adrice te dIU to ptood gdlly. 

Mod peofle seem to feel ttd bdng innbcMt te dl tte pro- 
tedtoo yoo need tod^. Ibd Jud tent so. Ld's say soma Ug 
eonvaay or s.fMltby indvidud or gr(Nq> abosM yoo ta spjqie 

' ••- Tbtfb hvd i ' i1 te>%lli!<ai| wr««;1^«rfl bpilditei^dioiig 
The flrd attytbdeoi^)omliatotlM|t)mivitti^ 

coon mn proeeci your sen. ni|nrr ^ ^ 

WrongI It doesnt work thd way. Oa your iist vtelt to,SB 
attorney yod cut np%d Ms opudng romark to be. *vmn 
omdi en jnra afford? Legal coste ire oiviMrive youtaiir. 
Too mm be better off to birfd tbe itela adter adlyt 
write It off to sqwiMce." t 

U ttd aboeha you ri^ od d your UeaddeoMudliviior 
rl^, yoo wUl be lucky. Belteve me, td» tte dtonMld 
Ms nord. Whan be telte yoo tegd eoste are M^tvoalMr 
ttetawoed,beterigbU f^ 

MoiltlBe nyrigMB are itaNd lam tamteg ibe otter disk 
and pleadteg gd^ | 

City's Probkni 

City Conodl need nd be coo- 
oemed over tte resUMte* re- 
aelloo, to the mnaber d booses 
bdlt te retattoo to prodston 
d sdMwto to serve tte bomaa. 
Ibe nsldeott bavo vary UtOs 
Idered te tte matter. 

At toad ttd's wtaf the Sdi 
Survey d tic weeks ago te- 

The 4|Deslloo vw "Oioald 
City Couodl impooa sirtder 
finindal reapondMltty an land 
devetopers tepffovidtegsebods 
te ptened reddedlaleommim- 
Ittes?" The purpose bdng thd 
developers laeplnilMliig homes, 
dtraeting yooog femilies, bd 
sre nqdred only to aUoeato 
a schod dto wUch tbe dty 
tten mud boy d raw land 

weak. Perhi^ It was beeus 
d Ibe ThadtHlvteg biAdayi. 
Perhaps tt w« Jud lade d 

Tbose dto dUi fe^ottL how- 
over, agreed wbdttosrUdly 
Should be dooe. 
In ttd r mmmadi 

"Tes— pridr to time d ap- 
"A waU-pianned eoMmmity 
Mfty proddon far 

, . roersaaiMl 

aroas and n win fl m t t Jad'dpan 
spoca*. Tbe ooatroldtadnbr 
these ttenn and tedode ««• 

telsrMtodlnhdiNs.'^ '? 

Th«a roadoirs aqireited 
ttoasilvei ' vM soms tmry 
' Ottecsdtiy 

It wti nd ft vary , ,,,,. 
soDjiet, i pp a r a fiy , od w|ue 
wo aro ootteidNeddBddds 
this wodE** Sm Sarvqr iill 
eiD atteottoi to anodiar glt- 
ndton wMcb mi^ or m^ jnt, 
ba widdy tanwn. 

The City d Vfarglaia BoMfc 
proseatlribM three Jador Mib 
scboote to servo Ite most etp- 
iisted arsos — ftoivsvlBe^ 
Prbmass Anne Ptaaa, and w- 
ddl— phm tte dd Vlrgfia 
Boidi Htfi Scbod wMdi bM 
beoo eoovertad to a Jndor IH^ 
bnt servos only tte Bsacb Bof - 

Lpabavon to one oCtte < 
hac^tesl poprintod bom 
Tat, lbs sebod pton to be* 
aaneed by tti -^ - 


for m sren dtttathabora^K 
to SHb a sdKdaseded? 

tts enbrdy, becaase aH d U 
botoags to eadi one of ua. 


Cos reaaoo gIveobysMbead- _^ 

vooMea for the proposed eon-. ^ r^^ ^ 

gidn-nd to Virgteia Beodl or 
to 117 dter dty. iflOrgida 
Beodi caUa ttself a dty, it 
sboold be wflBag to feeeivto 
tt^ raspwIMIMss^ m^jU^, 

wHKtbr1dad~of~suppsd yoo 
have airoadinttow 
our meange idU nd 
to fell en tti dMf ears d ttose 
te iwspeaoOite poditoni wUMa 

our eonnnaalty. 
fof 3. 9am, it, 
Vfrglate Beach. 

State. Tbe importance d Sen- 
dMre State Park m a aiQBe 
iddemeas area a^laoed tea 
large Mi pewiagflietropoBi 
commudty win iaerease Ire- 
-"^—^ te tte near ftttno 
pofnlaHoo n^l^ In- 



iba ittohfroB^ tottnid 



•nUlMo lbs. md QBd blEod 

BiNOHe Troup .MM 

QUESTION: Should the School 
ioard revlee tee iireeem plane 
to Include o Junior t^ fdhx^ 
In Lyimhoven B^tNigh? 

Tibr ismMnti mi dinti IdMrt vitM la 

, Jii Q iw □ 

Ci^ Mi fiflralttflMmi N 



Thur^kiy, Dac«mb«r 3, 1970 

Virginia Beach Sun 


Aeal Estate Investment 
Firm Offering Shares 

New Beach venture Fits 
the student to the school 

Cipttei Ttotiires, Inc. t retl 
Mtilt invMrtmiiit eori^nnytiQii 
formed prioolpilfy I9 pi^it- 
etni . wdA (tonttits resUftDg 
flirotttfboiit VlzfinUi, todi^ an- 
nouieed t new $1,000,000 pfeUc 
Uum of oommoo stodc, lelttng 

"ChIUM V«iitur«8 wiU 
oontfiDiie ioteftroo^y oriented 
towgrd flw InvestBMnt interests 
of demttste and liqrslclins Mite 
qwratloins expind and furtter 
dlversliy," said President 
Thomas F. Mains, Jr., "Iwt 
Xif foing iwbllc, any bona fide 
wS^mA of Virginia will be able 
' telSvest In tbe Aock of Cafitai 
V«Btares, Incorporated." 

Jack T. Cosbg^, a member of 
tbe firm's Advisory Board vbo 
Is president of Lyncbborg 
Federal Savings and Loan As- 
sociation, said ftands from tbe 
• new ofterlng will be used to 
aoqiMre land mA other tecome- 
prodadng properttos InVlr* 


"Namerous promislfig im- 
portunities exist around the 
Stete for real estate In- 
vestment", said Costqr. He 
aiMed that <tarlng the past year 
or' so Caidtal Ventures, Incor- 
porated had become a general 
pairtner in three such enter- 
prises, one Inlustrlal and two 

Ilbre than a <k)cen Old Do- 
nMoa physicians and dentiste, 
as well as real e8We,flnanclal 
and legal eiqperte, serve oa the 
Cqital Ventures, Incorporated 
Advisory Board. They are, in 
addition to Goaby: Leroy Smith, 
M.D.,'Ridimond; E.E. Rorrer, 
D.DJ5., Harrisonburg; Robert 
R; Eason, HD., Buena VteU; 
Richard H. Fisher, M.D., 
Roanoke; Jcia Paul Jones, M,D., 
Rl<dimohd; J<^ E. Gehman, 
M.D., Brookneal ; Ro^ser N. 
Hlllsman, Rldimond; Robert P, 
McEntee. M.D., Richmond; 

Douglas P. Rucker,M.D., Rich- 
mood; Marceltais A. Jotaison, 
M.D., Roanoke; Charles S. 
FraUn, t).D.S., Richmond; Ber- 
nard Jones, D.D.S., Richmond; 
WilUam M. Sheppe, Jr., M.D., 
Charlottevllle; Wtmam P. Ter- 
ry, M.D., Farmv^. James 
P. McEntee, M.D., mdimond;, 
and Marvin F. Cole, Atty., Rich- 

The prospectus, which des- 
cribes the Rldimond - Based 
company and the offer of 1(K),000 
shares of the $1.00 par value 
common stock, has been reg- 
tetered with tbel Commonwealth 
of Virginia. The minimum pur- 
diase permitted te 300 shares, 
and ^1 proceeds from this sale 
will be heU in escrow until at 
least 75,000 shares are sold. 


"People shop around for 
nearly everything they buy ex- 
cept education, so we do the 
shopping for them." 

Thftt's the way Gordon Bas- 
kin explains his newly formed 
organization SUCCESS. 

The title of the business 
pretty well describes its' intent 
"School, University, College, 
or Career Education Search 
System. Put all the capital let- 
ters together and they spell... 
you guessed it....SUCCESS. 

BasUn and his associates 
have computerized pertinent in- 
formation on nearly 3,000 
schools of higher learning in 
the country. Through this ex- 
tensive research they have ta- 

ken all of the guesswork out 
of college applications. 

"People pay ,top tuition for 
an education ii a larger school 
when they could get the same 
thing for one-third the cost 
at a smaller college," he said. 
"The problem is, they don't 
know about the smaller 

This computerised service 
also eliminates the possibility 
of a student allying at a school 
to which be is %»lther finan- 
dally, emotionally or mentally 
suited: \ 

"Through a very simple ap- 
plication form we can tell ex- 
actly vwhich schools will offer 

a student what he wante and 
whether or not he is suited 
to those particular schools," 
Baskin said. 

SUCCESS then contecte the 
schools as part of the service 
and pute them in toudi with 
the student. From that pdnt 
on it is between the student 
and the schools. 

For the nominal amount SUC- 
CESS charges, a parent can save 
many dollars in both tuition 
fees and in non-refundable ap- 
plication fees. 

"It will cost a parent about 
$20 for each school to which 
the student applies," Baskin 
explained. "If he applies to se- 

Trust offers shares HaS NeW 


The pfiWtc ofteriBg of 

1,375.000 unite of Tri -South 
Morqafe Investors, a real 
ti^Mt investoMnt trust ctm- 
sistiDf of 1^75,000 shares of 
bensfldal interest withwarr- 
ante to purdnsc 687,500 shares 
of bsneftdal interest te an- 
oouoesd today by Eastman Dil- 
lon, M<» Securities ft Co. 
VoA Wheat b Co., Inc. as Joint 
annsiers of tbe underwritting 

=3==:|rdi9. Each unit priced at $20 

"~~~T»n(rt«te (rf oor^hare of bene- 
ficial interest and a four-year 

]_-^ warraitf to purdnse on-half ad- 
ditional share at $20 per share. 

___ Net proceeds from the financ- 
ing win be used in first morig- 
age construction and devel(9)- 
ment loans on income produdng 
ptojpeTUw located in theSoi^- 
eastem United States. 

Tri-South Mortage Investors 
was establidied imder the spoa- 

^^des otFirsf &]ite|chahS 

Hi^Natlooal Bank, Rldimond, Va., 

~ "fit* First National Bank of At- 

lu/tM, Ga.. and North Carolina 




The extensioo of window ser- 
vice hours during ttie Christmas 
leaioQ has been outlined by 
Yir^da Beach Postmaster, J. 
T. CrosswUte, Jr. 

Saturday, December 5, all 
sttticms and the main office 
will be open from 9 a.m. un- 
ttl 2 p.p). Seapines, London 
Bridge, Witdi Duck, Lynnhaven 
and Bayslde stations wiU re- 
main q;ien until 7:30 p.m. on 
Friday, December 11. AU ste- 
tt(«s viU be open from 1 p,m. 
through 5 p.m. All st^cas will 
be qwn on Sitorday, December 
19, from 8:30 a.m. through 5 

Crosswhlte explained that the 
exteodMl hours have beensdie-< 
di4ed as a ccmvenience to the 
busy postal customer. 

an National 
Realtor Bd. 

Robert M. Wainwright, Sr., 
pratldent of Wainwright Real- 
ty Co., Realtors, of Virginia 
Beach, has been appointed a 
dlrtetor to tbe National As- 
soeiafion of Real Estate Boards 
fta' a 3-year term. / 

The MtioDal board is he«l- 
quartered in Chicago. 

Wainwrigbt is twice past pre- 
iidei^ of the Viri^ida Bttdi 
Bolarl of Raaltors and past 
state presideQt of ttie Virginia 
Asso^ttlon of Realtors. 

N^onal dank, Charlotte, N.C. 
Tri-South Mortgage Assod- 
ates, e<pBlly owned by the spon- 
sors, will ad as investment 
adviser to the Trust which in- 
tends to qualify as a real estate 
investment trust under the In- 
ternal Revenue Code. 



Howard Jemigan, a Virginia 
Beach resident, was elected 
President of the Tidewater 
Better Business Bureau, Inc. 
at a special meeting of the 

. . 4ii)i?ii^r:Vipe pb^jU^I^ 

gneral manuer <if w!^R 
idio, succe^ Heyward T. 
Denyes, andher Beach resi- 
dent, senior vice president of 

Other /oflloers eleded were 
1st vice president: Mervin S. 
Thomas, J.C. Penny Co.; 2nd 
vice presided: Maurice Unger, 
TlM Ri% Shop; and secretuy- 
Treasurer: H. L. Dougherty, 
Jr., Atlantic Permanent Savings 
and Loan Association. 

Sixteen new (ttrectors were 
eleded at the Bureau's annual 
membership meeting wMch 
■preceded the meeting of the 
Board. Newly eleded officers 
and diredors will take office 
on January Id. . 

The Virginia Department of 
Highways now has 19 rest areas 
completed, includiog seven witii 
iflfornttttoo 'Centers staffed by 
tbe Departmed of ConervatlMi 
and Economic Development, 
^lother 44 rest areas are to 

First & Merchante National 
Bade has S4)pdnted Brand & 
Edmonds Asisoddes of Rich- 
moml as its advertising agency, 
effecttve January 18, 1971. 

First & Merchante is ranked 
79th by deposit dze among U.S. 
banks according to figures re- 
leased in Augud by THE AM- 
AN^ANKER. Totalassete 
at the enl of the third quarter 
are reported at $864 million. 
There are 66 F&M banking 
offices in 21 Virgida dtles. 
- Brand & Edmonds, with of- 
fices in Richmond and Salem, 
Virgida, projed 1971 bilUngs 
and ci^dtallzed fees in excess 
of six million dollars. Recent 
growth includes the tourism and 

mM city.#yirg^ai^%dj. 

effecave in Jipiaiy ,19?l.v. 

The agency was also reap- 
pointed to promote Bank Ameri- 
card for the Vir^da banks 
issdng the credit card. Cre- 
ative materials for Bank A- 
mericard were extended into 
twenty-three states during 

VHA Elects 
Earl Willii 

Earl Willis, admidstrak 
Virgida Beach GenerarHos- 
pitel, has been elected secre- 
tary-treasurecLjitr^ Virgida 
Hospital Assodation. 

The 150-member orgadsa- 
tton is made up of hospital 
administrators from all over 
the state. 

Willis is also on the Board 
of Dtredors, served for ^ee 
yeaTs^ chairman of several 
committees, he is chdrman d 
the nominating committee and 
file long-range plandng com- 

Yts, ^re it a Santa Claus- 
Yourt - and hf't wishing for lots 
of go - togethors lilce those. 


Lot us holp you Cpoordinato Your Soioctions. 
For Tho Man Hard To Ploose 


Gift Certificate 


lifartsiwa e o u s od liy 
OTioi|n0 OMnponiid Wl 

>uhd W contabis two 
modlQines vvfdely wad by 
doctors In filiating vlrus- 
samisA warte. A fmv «>lor- 
wn Oropo Of wompraiMi w, 
uiod as dtra^od. ^ms' 
acrt'^ away iMarta in f ^at 
itaya. Noi»^^fio lKffnif|0, 
n^ patoi. AaniMfibwJ wana 
«« CMNid ^jvlr uaoi r »- 
inmod by tartH^tliHi Cwn- 



10 AM - 9 PM Monday Thru Saturday 

2100 Atlantic Ave. 
[Tininia Beach 

Phone 428-1051 

WO/THeY^E NOT space age^hatr^ylesvTheyVe som e w a y -out 
Christmas decorations l\/lrs.Obie Butler and Mrs, Jane Gibbs used 
to decorate this window of the Artisan Salon of Beauty and also the 
Decor House, Ltd. window next door on Laskin Road near Hilltop, 
The heads were sprayed gold and red then decorated with **wlgs^- 
of metal curls. Both windows are lighted at night. 

li AwiBtrded 

Sears Adds to Fund 


William J. Johndon, son of 
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Johnston 
Jr. of 533 Ben Hogan Drive, 
Virgida Beach, Va., has been 
accepted for a scholarship as 
a student of the Naval Reserve 
Officer Traidng Corps Udt 
at Villanova Udverslty. 

The Navy scholarship ^11 pay 
his tdtion, booiis and fees for 
four years. Upon graduation he 
will be commissioned an dficer 
in the NaVy or Marine Corps. 

Nov a freshmen at Villanova, 
he is a graduate d Kempsville 
Hi{^ School, Virgida Beach. 

AiiiPbo grantfirointheSears 
Roebuck Compaiqr Foandafibn 
has brought Virgida Wesleyan 
College to within$250,OO0dthe 
school's $1,091,000 Phase m 
capital funds campdfin. 

Th^ check was presented to 
President Lambuth M. Clarke 
Monday by Marvin G.Hollen- 
beck. Tidewater distrtd mana- 
ger of Sears. The fUnds will 
go toward the cost of two new 
dormitories now in the final 
stages of construction at 
Wesleyan. One d the two men's 
residence halls was occupied 
Itsi week and the other is 
scheduled for occupancy d the 
end of this month. 

Construction and furdsUng 
of the two dormitory udts is 
expected to cost ^proximately 
$800,000. The two units will 
house 115 male students. 

In addition to the two 

.f^tdeaee halls < thetlHWtOOO' 
Phase fit'' develc|)meut progiwn 
includes the con^e^ d 
furdshings for tte newLlhrary 
and the completion d land pay- 
ments for the 300 acre campus. 
A Phase in Advisory Committee 
composed d trudees andnoo 
trustees is now seeking ftmds to 
complete this finandal effort. 
In announdng the grad from 
Sears Rodmck Company Foim- 
datlon forthecodlndngsuppmrt 
given to Virgida Wesleyan Col- 
lege. This company has par- 
tidpated in dl phases d file 
College's phydcal develop- 

veral thd moosy is lost, rt- 
gardless d wlwfber or nd Ua 
diild is accepted." 

It is surprisiog how unin- 
formed ttw pd)lie is on |d- 
ttng an educatioa, Baskin Mid. 

Students witti lower fradaa 
ttiink they don't have a efaaaoa 
to get into coUege. 

Those who prefer teehdeal^ 
and occupatt(»d traidng skip 
college because they don't re* 
alise such trddng is avdl- 

Veterans don't understand Uw 
opportudttes ttiey have through 
their VA benefits. 

It is Jud such lack d in- 
formattcm that annually de- 
prives thousand^ d young peo- 
ple of a hi^r education. They 
do not realise the number of 
techinical or occupattonal 
schools, colleges and imlver- 
sifies and commudty and Ju- 
dor colleges sdted to thenu 

The commudty and Judor 
colleges are espedally "nds- 
understood", Baskin sdd. 

"These schools are usually 
less expensive than a 4-year 
school," he sdd, "and are one 
of the most overlooked bargdns 
in education." 

They are also "stepping 
stones" to 4-year schools dnce 
students are allowed tocom- 
plete their first, usually ttieir 
most difficdt, two^ years in die 
commudty college and may 
transfer to a fdl college for 
the last two years. 

The student who turns to 
SUCCESS for help can eqied 
a 3-way service in finding the 
right school. 

First, based on the idorma- 
tton on his application form, 
the student will receive a com- 
prid-od d aehools 
d te dm. This WiU 
mn^ thtagr as-eest 
(ev^n file hidden costs), when 
and^how to aimr, schod po- 
lidesN^ .resmdions, off- 
camp^^^ng^ts aadoUier 

Second, he will receive a 
cohy d a hookld, "Your Key 
To Sudeess", written by Bm- 
Un, wich will give the dudeot 
ttps on how to apply for ad- 
mlsdoB «q} whd to exped athm 
he. foff, to, the ^ahpol M'm 
chdce. It evaa provlfles ianr- 
matidi Mif the types of fiwawHal 
dd avdlahle to students. 

Tdrd, SUCCESS will send a 
letter to every adiool on the 
shided's prid-od giving ttiem 
his name and address andra- 
<iaesting ttid additioaal iddr- 
matton be sed him abod the 

"Whd it bdls down to ia 
fids," Baskin ssid. "we match 
tbe student to tbe sdMwl. 
There's no poid hi him trying 
to sipieese himself idoasdiool 
that doean't fit." 


oee-lNaic hddb« eoaptay 
whoaa oafy aiftiMtty if fao* 
pla'a B«k d ^nt0MU BsM^ 
reetatly dadared a 18( ipMr 
share dtvUsadiivahlatoilock- 
hohtoa d raentd m Oscart b i r 
10, 1970. AeooidlBg to I. fmk 
llglboa, ChalnBaa dihiBeii^ 
flie dIvideDd raps e a a als a Mi 
iperesia over hat yair'8» «d 
;^cks WiU ha oMdM to tta 
stoddioMeni 00 Dae, tStt. 

J. BartoaRarrisoii,fr.,triaf 
sorer of Paopla's CorponliMi 
and prsaldant dPaopla'B Bak 
d VirghiaBead^ alierapQvtod 
a nd proflt d$1.01 per slwa 
d tbe end d 10 noaOH of 
operations in 1970 for Paaple'a 
Bank. This oomparaa iltt HM 
eardngs for a Uhe period 9t 
S9( per share. 

People's Bank of Vhrfbte 
Beach opened Aa. 2, 1909, dd 
is betteved to have sd ailiia . 
banking record by sboidai • 
net proflt and dedariaf a dl* 
videod d the end d Hi flnl 
year hi buahieaB. Paopla'sCflr* 
poratioQ wu formad hi Pshn* 
ary d 1970 to permit avpaaddi 
d tbe Bank's sarrieeifaioaBflh 
fields as eqdpnait lasahn; 
managemed c oii SB W I n i;hwmt* 
med advisory aarvieai^fai- 
stdlmed leadh« on abroadsr 
geographical basis, sad dhir 
finance and aerriea-rehMlae* 

People's Corporatioal 
Board d Dhredon iadadaai 
J. Frank Malboa, dMlnaani 
Rhae w. Adana, prsiMsiii 
Thomu C. Broylsi, aaeraUm 
and J. Burton Harrison, tr^ 

The dfloers dFaopte'sBHk 
d Virgida Beach aia: J. fmt 
Malbon, ehairman; 3, Bmkm 
Harrtoon, Jr., preddsiM K. 
James Cfdieii, Jr., fTdf pld* 
ded; U Wirt Walhsr, 
tant vice prtfdanti turn 
Storey, m, loan dflaar. 
manager d the badt's I 
viUe office; Jo^ C. Churl, if* 

■Jatant Umm flflifltT MtH WIW* 

at the bank's MMdty dOait 
and Kafiilean R. Twin^ aaera- 


E. AUan Cahmhooia. dba> 
Imr d penonaal iMr m ^. 
d Vlrfhia Bead^ hif ha« 
HVohiad to the Paiianial 
CoBUBlUaa d (he Vlr^iia Mn- 
ddpal LeapM* 

The odnntttaa, teeocdtai to 
VML Eieedtva SMntofy 1^ 
roU I. BanM^ eodhMowlr 

pariwid. irtth an aya toMtt 









4 WAYS! 

1. wm the low cost of oil 
fuel and the effidency of the 

Sualify engineered BORG- 
fARNER Furnace, you will 
probaUy reelize considerable 
savings In the first year of 

Rred Fumece, using today's 
improved heding oils, pro- 
duces swh dean heat your 
home becomes worth more 
and you aeve in cleanii^; 
and redecoreting dllt. 

S. All MMhWARNER Olinred Fumecee ere fully eutometic, d» 
INering a completely regulded flow of hert throughout your homa 

4. The BORQ-WARNER Oll-Flred F«"»<»,L» <*«»'8'*1 *5'J!*2b 
treMbl»#e e maiiitenan ^^_;^_;,^^«y eddibon of YORK whol» 
'Muee Mr OoiidRtodng. 

our complde line of BORQ-WARNER pilF|fed Fumee^ 
e a moM lud ri^ for your home. Call today. Free e«- 

• i 



4}rVa. BeoUi BKrd. 

princataAiMW Station. 



Facts-Straight facts-in 
context, and uncontkminated 
by opinion, are Tom Jarvis' 
stock in trade. As Manager of 

.^ ^™™ Customer Relations, he can tell 

you how winter electric rates will lessen the impact of 
the summer differential, and why. Other facts at his 
finger tips: 

1 Vepco's rate increase, effective July 1, 1970, 
was its first increase in 16 years, and second in 
48 years. (He may add, that since 1964 Vepco 
reduced its rates several times, for a cumulative 
savings to its customers of $73 million.) 

2 The cost of producing electricity has 
skyrocketed, like everything else. The coal we 
use in our generating plants for example, has 
increased in cost more than 38 percent since t}» 
first of the year. It is a major factor in the 
$13,500,000 increase in Vepco's fuel bill this year. 

3 Because Vepco has asked for only two rate 
increases in 48 years, Vepco's average rates are 
below the national avenge, and still lower 
than they were 16 years aga 

Our f h^ rate increase in 16 years has raised 
a lot of questions. We want to answer them. There are 
Hets^ people atVepco like Tom Jarvis whoiiave t^ 
straight facte. They can answer a question or cteff up 
misinformation. Just write Tom in Richmond, or call 
your local Vepco office. 

is people.. .l^inag p^lte 


Virginia Baoch Sun 

Thursday, Ommtnlmr l» 1970 

POW Ljetter Suggested 

At the requestor a number of readers of the Virginia Beach Sun, 
the following letter is printed as a guide for those who wish to 
help our prisoners of war and^those ml&sing In action. The letter 
was drafted by the U.S. liaval Academy Alumni Association. 

r.T.lf^?^ ^'t" y®""* "**"«' *^**« ^^ s*"^ the Concern for 
POW, Inc., P.O. Box 9117, San Diego, Calif. 92109. 

Capt, Payne 

Sgt. Robbins 

Officers Attend Seminar 

' Ctpt. C. IL Payne and Sgt. 
R. L. RoMflos or tiM Vlrgtnia 
Bead WHa Departmert 
iNtft la WaslilnitoQ, D.C., this 
VMk iMurtlelpafiag in a se- 
nittr 00 Ite oBe tf com- 
ptrtera in law MifctfeemeBt. 
TiK seiiOoar, Ibe first of 
its IdnL is sponsored Iq; tiie 
loteroatloDal Assodatitm of 
CMclB of Polloe. Expenses of 
local offioers seleded for 

with Arson 

A IS-year-okl Juvenile is fa- 
dng proeeedtngs in Virg:inia 
Beadi Juvenile and DonMstic 
Relations Court on prsoo 

Fire Investigators W.H. 
Cartvri^rt and J.E. RuHBey 
said Vbn , Juvenile is ^uieed 
in corae(^OB vitt a fire last 
We<teesdqr iMo^ destr<^ a 
oae itory, tbree ro<Mn frame 
dw^lBg In mt 4400 block of 

The dveUiag was occupied by 
EdBMod X>B«;lio««ver,he«as 
not at boine at tte tiaw of tlie 

V<dni|««re flrom tbe Clttsa- 
peake Beftch aod lihnris Comer 
fire depa iUiiea tB w ci e tnvoh^ 
la at akurm for approximately 

U. S. Air Force Sergeut 
Stepten H. Stidte, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. H. C. Stnbbs Jr., 
4632 Copperfleld Road, has ar- 
rived tar Ally at Shaw AFB, 

Sergnmt Stiiaibs, a43uelq>e- 
dalist In a imlt of ttieTae- 
tteal Air Command, {n^ously 
sen^ at Bien HoaAB/ Viet- 

partldpatiai in the seminar 
are covered by grants under 
the new Federal Omnibus 
Crime C<mtroI Ad. 

Ciyjt. Payne is Inspections 
Aide to PoUoe CUef Col. W. 
W. Davis, while Sgt. Robbins 
is Commmdcations Super' 

The seminar is not designed 
as a technical course In com- 
puter programming. R^her 
it is to familiarize key law 
enforcement (^cers with the 
many applicationsof elec- 
tronic data p r ces si n g; in- 
duding all phases of man- 
power allocation, minbr of- 
fense accounting and serious 
crime reporting. 

Two Shot 
In Fight 

Police dfldals say theyhavie 
diarged Clinton Erktnt of S. 
Birdnedc Road with attempted 
murder as the result of an 
altercation last Saturday after- 
no(m during which two n»n 
were shot. 

Investif^ors indicated Er- 
Unt, 45, became involved in 
an argument with B6M>y Wat- 
son and Jesse Heath, both of 
whom resibe on S. Birdneck 

Eridnt, according to police, 
suddenly pulled a 22-caliber 
pistol from his belt and began 
firing at the two men. 

According the police, Watson, 
29, was shot once through the 
nose and twice in the left arm 
and Heath, 24, was shot once in 
ttie right shouUer. 

Investigators said Erkint then 
fled on foot, discarding the pis- 
! to\ dnrinf his fli^t. He was' 

gnrehtoded a short dlstidide 
dm the scene by offltei^iU 
Lowell of ttie 2nd Police Pre- 
dnt, • 


The Honorable Ton Due Thang 
Democratic Republic of Vietnam 
Hanoi, North Vietnam 

As an American I would like to express my deep concern over 
your treatment of Prisoners of War, 

Being a nation in the world community, you are obligated out 
of humanitarian considerations to afford those whom you hold the 
minimum standards of existence. Your ratification of the 1949 
Geneva Conventions relative to the treatment of Prisoners of War 
requires you to: 

(1) permit neutral inspections of all prison camps; 
(2)-. publish a complete list of all mesb^that you hold; ^ 

(3) release the sick and wounded; and 

(4) allow a free flow of mail between the Prisoners of War 
and their families . 

My fellow Americans share this grave concern over the 
desperate plight of the Prisoners t>f War, those Missing in 
Action, and their families. 

The car ol William T. Smith, Ur., was ripped In half when it 
stammed'into a VEPCO pole Thanksgiving night. ^ 


Cor Soughf for Clues 
In Murder of Widow 


Police have requested ^llc 
assistance In loe^ng the mis- 
sing car of Mrs. Leona As- 
dersw In the search for tte 
peni^, or persons, responsi- 
ble for her nairder. 

Offldals said tte body of tte 
50-year-old widow was foond 
about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday lo tte 
Utcten of ter Avaka Sills 
home in ttie 900 blodc of Beryl 

Officer W. T. WhttttCM re- 
portly dis<wveredterbb^iilmi 
<te weitf to tile home to im«8- 
tigate a r^nrt of a neighbor 
^0 eqiressed concern over 

noi teving seen Mrs. Ander- 
son for several d^fs. 

Aotbraitlss iadlcited ste was 
WMurUig street clottiiiq; wten 
she was disoovtred lilngontte 
kitdten floor of ter teme. 

A oMdical examiners report 
lodio^ die had received iqu1-< 
tiple stab wirands In tte ivper 
por^ of ter body as well as 
a tSffw on tte bead firom a' 
Vhmt instrument and Oat hu: 
daittpiCdirred 3 to 4 days 
pslor^lb tte discovery of ter 

Det. J.M. Corran, ooDdnetiDg 
an ImwsttgatioB of ttie case 
with Del. Sgt. E.F. Buzqr, said 
Oie woman's anto was believed 
taken flrom tte scene Iqrttese 
rtqponsttfle for ter death aod, 
therefore, could provide val- 
uable informatioii leading to tte 
anpretendoo of tte assailant. 

Corran described tte ear as 
a 1969 Chevrolet "Chevelle" 
two-door harttop^wiih a tan 
to^ wbA brown bt^m, bearing 
Virginia lic«n8« A 5t2-55S. Hie 
auto WIS also described as bebig 
in avery good, dtu cnditloii. 

Due to tte laqtortanee of tte 
car in tteir torestigatfam police 
teve retiuestedaayonebdieving 
they may teve kicated die car 
to take all precidioas to pre- 
serve It In Ite condition in idddi 
it in» fooDd aid to report flie 
discovery of tte ear to Sgt. 
Biiny or Det. Curran by noti- 
fying tte Virglda Beach De- 
tective Division, phone 

"When tte press Is firee and 
every onn able to read, all is 
TliofflM JcfEersen. 

_-A.47'^iMr-old Juv^le wis 
arrested Tuesday nlgttoodiar- 
ges of possessloo of teroln and 
possessloD of LBD with iDtmt 
to dishlbute tte drug. 

Poliee Jovedle Dtrisloa Det. 
L.A. Ives in mddogflie arTMt 
indicated tte Juvenile was taktt 
into custody at a resldraee la 
the 300 block of 25th Street 
after tte alleged dtscovery of 
(ludUles of teroln and £SD. 

Court proceedings In tte ease 

Between 1969 and 1980, tile 
dvilian work force of tte state 
will Increase bster than tte 
population, reports tteViri^nta 
Employment Ccnnmlsslon. Ite 
dvilian work force will in- 
crease by an estimated 24.1 
peif cent convared to a po|m- 
latlon growth of 22.4 per cent. 

Toll Climbs During Holiday 

niree persons were fidally 
injured in seperate sln^ ve- 
hide ^cddeoto in Virginia 
Beadi dvinc tte Itenksglring 
Day telldiy wtrtend railing 
tt« resort ditfe trattc fida- 
Uty tou for tte year to 32. 

Pottos offielals said WHUam 

wh» Us aido slammed into a 
V^PCO pole on Independence 
Bhd. near flie idersedlon df 
White Acres Rotd. 

A passentir In Smith's car 
identified as Sandra L. Reed, 
29, of Sdio Court, wu bos- 
pitattxed with head and Inter- 
nal InJoriM and ateartons. 

InvMtipdors sdd^ Smith's 

Lt. E. L. Knowles remains 
confined to Ldg^ MenKnlal 
Hospital In Norftdk, follo«lac 
a teart attack as of last Fri- 
day. Hospital officials Wednes- 
day listed U. Knowles' con- 
dltton as beli« satisfodory, 
tewever infieale ttet his vi- 
sitors are bdag restricted to 
close relatives. 

Douglas E. Atkins, liio re- 
oratfy partidpated in tte re- 
sort c^y's milltary-dviUan 
trandfi<m intigram, be^ <My 
with tte Virglda Beach Police 
Department on Dec. IstOtfiow 
Afldv is working od of tte 
2nd Police Pnetod iridle a- 
waitii« entrance to tte Tide- 

Beoch Publishing Corporation 

Publishers of Virginia Beach Sun 

Complete Line of Commercial and 
Personal Printing: Business Cards, 
Letterheads, Envelopes, Bulletins, 
Booklets, Circulars and Brochures. 

the best tasting 


Is made with 



AftJ^ Mi, ■Ufa *: »„^ 

3iOT rKim aVMM 




I By Les Leh^ emmmfis/mmemm 

wder Police Academy d Old 
Ddoddon Udverslty. 

Officer UvM T. Reynolds, 
and Ms wile Pitilda, teeame 
tte prood parMits d Itelr first 
child, a 9 poond 5 oom soo^ 
at four ndanlas past middlht 
Thinksclvial d|^. Yoong Ja- 
son Lee Reynolds, and notter 
and faOier are reported doing 

OOiflie Cl«rk Lynne P. Dur-. 
d«i was prondedtoIX^pddier 
as of Tuesdiy, Dec. 1st. Ste 
to assipsd to tte C<»iniind- 
eatlons Division In Pottce Head- 
quarters at tte Prin^ss Anne 

CourttouM C<ffiqd«x« 

Oar first tvjBort dgood hkk 
durii^ tte current dear liud- 
Ing season dHnes to ose firon 
pdlce 8^ N. C. Mime, d- 
tacted to tte 2nd PoUce Pre- 
dnet. S|U MffM reports te 
"downed" a dx pdd bock, 
wUch "dressed od*' d mmn- 
Ifltttely m ponds, on tte open- 
ing d^r of tte season in tte 
regloo arowd 10B*n^ Va. 

WUle trawmi* about tte 
restot dty tids pastwedryours 
trdy noticed two "signs of 
tte ttoMS** wddi remind as 
ol tte rapid ^pproadi of anottur 
telk^ seuon^ A twig of 
mlstMoe ted been iMtened 
tmr. tte docnrw^r teaittag Into 
one c^ dfice ak^ wItt an 
attadMd nd» wttek re«l "Enter 
at yonr own ride". Tte otter 
Item wbldi eanglrt oar ejpe con- 
tained tte rendoder ttet "A 
penonita» kte one fOT tte road 
lias a pdUsman tar a tiamr*; 

dtr was ripped in lialf by tte 
Irapad wten it crested tide- 
ways into tte pole. Bott oe- 
eivai^ oftteour werettrown 
from tte TeUctelntteaedded. 

Sndtt became tte SWitnlBc 
Idallty d tte year In Virginia 

A 20-year-old Navy man, i- 
dedified as Micteel D. Miller 
attaebed to tte Norfolk Naval 
Operating .Bmi, teeame tte 
31d traffic fdattty dtte year 
Friday dibt. 

Officials sdd Miller was kU- 
led wten Us ado left tte road- 
way and dddded ddeways Into 
(te concrete fdmdattoo of an 
overbMd diredloaal dgn on 
SbcMre Drive near tte idersec- 
tion <d Diamond Springs Road. 

A passrager In Miller's car, 
Identffied as 2S-year-old Pd- 
rids Desmond, of Nwfolk, was 
bospitaUied wItt bead injuries 
following (te aeddent. 

Investigators said Wdlace H. 

Sought in 

PoUoe ooatfnue to seareb for 
tte assailad reqxMidble tor tte 
diooting d Vernon R. Jadcsw 
Mite Monday aftamoon during 
tte borgtaridng of ds borne 
in tte 1S900 block of Lynnteven 

Officials iiude Jadcson as 
saylq; te bad jud retorMd 
from a dMppiag trip wten te 
saw a man rtnnlng from Us 

Wten Jadonn ente'ed m 
teme, icctming to investiga- 
tors, to gd a 22-caliter rifle 
to pursm tte fiedng mu, te 
^covered a second man con- 
cealed in Us i^i^r's im- 
ocoqiied bedroom. 

JadESon tten reportedly lead 
tte suspected bursar d gun- 
pdd odslde m teme. WUle 
dteiqittag to summon tte dd 
ot a nd^bmr Ja^oo becanw 
.momenturHy distracted and was 
did in tte legs by tte mis- 
peded burgiu- wte fled on lad. 

(ffldals old JadEstn reed- 
ved eamgraey treatnMd dUs . 
gunsbd wounds d Vir^da 
Beach General Hospital ami was 
r ^red to a privde phyddan 
lor Airtter 'attedfam. 

Eastepu 21, d North MveOr 
Creek Road, was fhtally injured 
SatufdiQrttgU wten Us car^ 
careened offfiie roadway astert 
distance l»>m Us teme. 

His car apparedly skidded 
into a ditch and struck a pine 
tree in tte aedded near tte 
Intersection of Charity Nedc 
Roa4 - 1 * . ^ 

Baiftop's death was tte Slal ' 
traffic fitaUty recorded inVir-/^ 
giUs Beach thus far ids year. 

Sgt. Moore 
Is Listed 

U. S. Air Force Tedidcd 
Sergead Boyd Moore Jr., son 
d Boyd Moore Sr. of 1062_ 
Falrlawn Ave., wlU te Included 
In tte 1970 editton of "Od-' 
studng Young Men d Amer- 
ica," aocOTdIng to a rtouit 
annomeamed 1^ (te Odstand- 
ing Americans Foundatton. 

Tte national pdill c atl on Is 
composed dUograpUas of 
young imn tetwiM tte atas 
d 21 ttd 35 wto teve made 
sigdflcad conMbdions to 
thdr professloas, commodHes 
and dvic wgadwtlons. 

Elks Memorial 
Serviee Sunday 

Virglda Beadi Elks Lodge 
No. 268 wiU hdd its annul 
memorial service d tte Eflts 
Home, 3255 Virglda Baadi 
Boulevard, SuBUjr d 4 p.m. 

Tte sardees lUch vn opas 
to ttepd}li(^hoo(»rttedeeaased 
EUe ot tte todfi, Twwi^four 
deceand menaters wlfi to ho- 
nored &mftqr. 

Armounoe the pemmal (rflheir office 

1100 Fist CoiofnIAosI 

Lao Beddi Gorris, 21, 3853 

Chsrlas teyan Utddl«ld,70, 
Creeds Sittm, 

Mn. IMinaQp^Allei^ W, 
2928 S. Kings Ro^ 

Dadtf E^pr Creekfflore„48, 
115 S^boaid Road. 

Mra. Pdrida W. Spenee,^ 

Justtn Oven Daiiar, inttd, 

Mrs. HUda Ireiii ftrewy e^ 
1M8 Virgtala ^Uii Blvd. "^ 

teanne Lfnof, btfan^ 3405 

sSb S^ ' Ji 

Mk ^% J 


^^^^^^^^^^■wV' a^^^^^^^K^lv 1^ *'^^M ^^^^ 

V i^v JH- ^^^^^^^^^^^22Jmf 71*^1 

iiiiiitiiriiiiiiniinnmngiiimiitiwmimiMMy^ yi yiBiiw iiMWWigwrCTinr^ 

ill liHii.iJ.JwliJl 



TliHirtday, Dtc«fnb«r 3, 1970 

onder tbe derriere, and ffy oat 
In pleats or released ftdlness. 

The word "ooBBtnidlon"isa 
no-no vltti most Mnerican de- 
signers. Even test durts are 
banlslied by many. Suits are 
witboot canvas interfadi^ ttie 
nev evening dotties never.&nrd 

Tlieie's a Mg teUo to gay sktlL RvBta art Mlt to, ^- 

aad vtvftt eokr for Sprteg. So- Itr it aiiiHlia* is «iiM pi* 

nter winter colors art cast plap or plnpolat psOMlM. 

off for tbe brlgW, cHUdisldy Vide sastes art wrappatf dose, 

IMit rang stratgK ftoi t>a ^ -styia. Tlwre areioj fliiing 

piaitMw- , " dMibi, Ini trid7 'iw^^^ 

E nbroideries are rich and 

Clothes in New York walk BMltt-eokircd, dltar* peasant 

the tightrope between intricata or ptlaHal in tteM. One hove 

handmade detaUttdftissyofver- calls OmIt Chlntte-tasplrcd 

trimming with ooBsnmmatt handwork calsiilalentorflidery. 

Designers sttck to 




a very new, very yoong mean- 
ing io tbe clothes for tbe 70's. 
If a fibric is not actually UgjA 
as air (some silks are 16 de- 
nier, almost as wei^le^ as 
a stoddag), they are then apt 
to be knitted for utter (lexi- 
Ulity. Sheer cotton knits are 
Uned and handled Uke silk. 
Polyester is no longer an ugly 
word; it has fmhioo meaning 
via elegant new treatownts. 
Wools are usually blended for 
Ughtness; Uiere are also many 
porous wools and parchment 
weights and textures. 

The silhouettes create one 
of two figures: tall, languid 
and tooihpldE tUn, or girlishly 
rounded beneath a flroth of full 
bishiv or butterfly sleeves and 
fail skirt with a wide sash and 
moulded bodice set Ugh. 

The short Jad»t or sleeve- 
less coat over a dress, Oie 
trench coat and flie side- 

From right now on, the printed dress is 
fashionable, right, and newsy, S h a nn on 

Rodgers of Jerry Silverman gives it enor- 
mous dash in this giant cross-stitch print 
in taupe and navy on white- si il(-lii(e poly- 
ester with a wide girdle and band of navy. 

Scouts plafr 


Sedor Girl Scout Tro(v 600 
is pliratog a trip to tbe moun- 
tains aaxtaummer on horsebadc 
and to flMmoa the veitfure they 
tf« hiflag a basaar and rum- 
mage sale CD SMurday, Dec 5. 

The nla will be in frrat of 
the First Praflbytarian Cbordi 
oa 8601 Street and Padflc Ave- 
nue aad win include Itema from 
thalnsldaa of many attics and 
larafM, Christmas gifts and 
daeontlaea, handcrafts and i- 
taBsofflvarydascription. * 

Frsa eoffaa will be aarvsd, 
aad oQnr nfredunents may be 
pardMaad. Ilie h^ei^ niU 
be fran 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Ya% come 

An (^en house featuring 
Christmas ideas (and redpes 
for goodies) will be held in 
Vepco's Electric Livii« 
Center, 525 First Col<Hdal 
Road, today, Thnrsctay, Dec 
3 from 10 a.m. to 4 

The pii>lic Is invited, and 
punch and cookies wiU be 

Designed by Arnold Scaasi for his Scaasi 
Boutique Collection Spring-Summer 1971— 
a white organza blouse with ruffled collar 
and cuffs piped in red worn with a violet 
and white dotted fa ice leather wrap sicirt. 
Dotted boots and a great silk fringed shawl 
complete the '* with it" separates look. 

Sprite daytime span is three 
inches below Oe knee to below 
the calf, wifli a seatterinc of 
^mt miflt-dresses here and 
ttiere) wad outline? looao^ file 
more fribric yaidagt increases, 
the more the body seems to 
show. The' lithe, stoidnr ftgnre 
resaltiag firom the constut at- 
tention it gets n ow a d a ya is 
omdpres^it uniter ttie ^aky, 
supersoR silbouettes that ^m 
tbe twso, carve in sedMtively 

Mrs H. N. Jordan and Mrs. Philip Morris discuss the btst height 
for the wreath on the Middleton's front door. 

H4oltclcrf House i^+His^A/eekei 

of Ok 


4i Saeofii ma- 
™, . .^..t B. E. Mdfla- 
In itt ta Ifeireartiaei Car- 
te &it^ aaaMl aatatl 

periMBHl CltfMtiWS ^oMra- 
ttoaa nd^rraagements by 
meiriMrs of tbe prdea ^st. 
Tbe aitrass ia MU WakaBaU 
Drive la 

Hem irtD be noon to S p^m. 
en aatarday. Dm. 5 and 12^ 

fa kitat aakady and 

m^^^m^ wmmm, to S pA eanaea.A78oeiK mm 

mitm ^^^^^-* I ^^^^^ !■ tf^w ^ktL and tema 

■Mia ^BB.agBBWiaBB' ^^^^■^" ^ ^^^^i^ i*i^> 

^_w *BI p to tbe Bearing 
impAw^ ChU&wi^s Cente' of 
VirgMa BaadiaBd lor ttmito- 
posid Biw entranea iilaB In 
T b tif oagh g ootf at ladapandanea 

TbCTe wm alao be Oriafe- 
mm basaar and dM«mttig 1- 

bitftoned coat dress take go- 
witti-all precedence in moat 
coUectiois over the suit OM 
season. Sudi suits as fiiere are 
are dressmakerisb, witt very 
fluid or slashed skirts, soft 
silk blouses. They are usually 
in interesting patterned fhbrics. 

The pant salt is in its de- 
dine as a hi^ fashion item, 
but most collections treat pants 
as a classic, fiaictioBal, and 
opUonal part of a three-way 

Knickers and shorts are Ug 
news for spring, combined with 
body sweaters, cardigans, 
tailored Jadwts. 

The shoulder remains na- 
tural, tbe bosom gently moul- 
ded, the armhole Ugh, the 
waistline variable, but there is 
no dodM that the fUU skirt is 
in, always bilging tbe Upline. 

pInUngs. Evaryttdng flontSp 
wafis or fhlls wifii ttie idea of 
dinging. Halptosaggingflgnres 
win enne from Hie new body 
stoddags, made in varying 
wei^its for different ivoblems. 

FasUon moved toward ttede- 
mocratie process it is today 
when tbe Gibson gtri sUrtwalst 
and sUrt— tbe first pretty 
feminlBe uniform since peasant 
costume — q^arked the Ameri- 
can garment intestry. That was 
around 190O. 

Seventy years or so later, 
AiBMrican reaify-to-wear is the 
^wdant source of world fa- 
sUon, wbA the diirtwalst and 
skirt one of many American- 
bon trends in world fasUon. 

T|ie mysterious "tbey" no 
longer dectile fisUcn, but no- 
thii« moves wlthoatleaderdiip. 
Tbe new forces New Tm* de- 
stpers feel prtvemng IhsUon 
dwifHi are our aatioeal pas- 
sion for heaUb, travel sd self- 
discovery, ov coacern witti 
d^ ttx Md pure wnt», die 
oonmrvidlon of wild life, nd 
our iateaaa iitorest in delving 
i^ olhnr edtares. 

It's a neat trick to bring aU 
tbese psycbological drives to- 
getber la sOf-eipreaaive yet 
Bon-giaui^(y aad aon-dat- 
tered elotlaa, bat tbe Spring 
1971 coUedfoas do it 

is Ob 

Soft, Soft, fluid. This chemise dress of 
multi size dots in pure silk. Designed by 

I andoleOfWaa- 
t»a eala aoi lavl atltddag, 
sqaare-danee dreases in 
aa^agged ooMoa trtlh off- 
Aoridsr nadtfaaa aid Ug raC- 
Oed ^roBB, Elsatftnvtr 

^ ' taae- 


A blue denlm belted sW^walst ^t iwrn 

over matching s*"***" l»*";f-J*^ Sl^ tS 
white stitching has a shirttall h«»n- jnf 
Rayon crepe de cWne shirt Is In red, white, 
and blue with a matching scarf. From Anne 
Klein for Spring 1971. 

OIor-New York lets the Spring breezes 
b I o w i n t h e collection's ntwtst look— - 
gaucho pants and a cape, both In navy and 
white worsted, teamed with a long navy 
tucked crepe overblouse. 




Let's talk turkey 

on July 4th 

When fin dog merely aaiffod at tbe turkey 1 had careft< ^ at 
off tbe bonaa for bar, I knew it wns time to ttrow the careana 

Really. eHber Tbaaksgivlag or Christmas sbodd ^^^^ 
to May or JM. WoAfo't turtsay ti*ee a year ba bettwjaa 
I Bbi tarb a y ba t ta modartfiaaw h fttet 
daring ttaraat of tbiyaar. 

for sure the 

twice ina 



However, it's an nceepied fod Ibd no « knwsii 
to of Christ's Urtb.Tbil*e. 15 dale waa net bf , ^ . 
mlMlm later. ItalaotappaMlBateddetdftpafHifoattfala 
bald forwrly at that Ha* of yaar. For Biaf matter Ibe tree 
data for tbe first Thankaglvlag Is dao aftnown. 

Have you heard file ramor tbH Gaarfa WaaUagatoltetti^ 


irs great to have tbree-day waekaada. Bii I wwdsr^ 
isan awre lawortaal to remamfcar ^it tta hsMiia aw for 
la tbe lint ainea Ban wbatter er aot wafdaneaBtaveiE. 

know thil ttittftAMiABMnial 
|ifta| Ml aada na Mnr'Attr'a 


I bat ad 


Dayrcmra a waaB) heWia^r, « mm nW i iW i it hy^ 
B«kl« Soda ladllafo b laaM aa 0a tt wa nail MBtaM 

at (be 
d»^a»bdM a|i a a Bi i B. 

IbiTa W dua at pBtha aai^ 
■•■gif , AfieoNbK Id Iba imm^ aaeb at aa ^lattan 
eiSiM « faoto at foai tetag fta InMqr MM«> n^ 
■iBoat five fSBBiH ar 





mm^^ m^^^f^^ mmmm 


Vlrglnlo leach Sun 

Thwmh^ JN^^tr 3, 1970 

Mrs. Barron 

The Virginia-Beach-Princess AnneiJunior Woman's Club had their 
annual Crafts Contest judging Tuesday night at Galilee Episcopal 
Churchandblueribbon winners were, left to right, Mrs; Jane Scott, 
(2) Paintings and Crewel; Mrs. Kathy Katsias, Christmas Decora- 
tions; Mrs. Carol Kehl, C e r a m i c s-Overglaze; and Mrs. Leslie 
Munden, Collage. 

IQM Jime ElUott Turiwr be- 
otine ttie telde oC Vince Barron, 
Jr. iB t ceremony at noon, 
Nov. 28 In tt» First Baptist 
ClHirdi of ColtmUa, S.C. Tte 
Rev. Vance BarroQ, tidier of tiie 
tarMsfroom^ olBdi^. 

Hm toide, tbe<luii^r dtllr. 
and Mrs. Harry UsmbO) 
Tra-oer of Cobiadgia, iforraerly 
tnq^ misle jtf King's GraiA 
Etenoitery SdKKd bere. 

He l^fUegroom Is fbe son of 
Rev. and Mrs. Vance Barron 

tlie toktey given In marriafe 
by ber fifiier, wore ber 
mo&er's wedfli^dreaictfivory 
nor^se^ over taffete 
trUnmed vltii CliantiUy lace. 
Her Mrloom laee cap, nude 
by ter maternu^ grei^-greit- 
j^aBdaotber, irasattadiedtoaa 
IHoBlon v«il bordered tvltb 
GbanttUy lace. 

Iflss Mary liKomb Tuner 
of Cbarlotte, H.c: was ber 
irisler*8 maid oHuoor. Brides- 
maids nfttrelfissMaHelCraven 
EUidttof Ralelii,1t.C., lOii 
Cbictoiti Row«tt HiuBiitan of 
Galai, Va., Mias Margaret 
Joimson of Cbarlotte. N.C., aU 

cousins of tbe bride, aaA Miss 
Margaret Susan Barron, of 
Cbapel Hill, sister of tbebride- 

James David Barron of 
Cbapel HIU was bis brother's 
best man. Groomsmen were 
James Owen Watts, Ul of At- 
lanta, Ga., brotber-in-law of 
tbe bride; Tbomas WlUiam 
ElUott, 01 of I^eigb, NX., 
cousin of tbe bride; Peter Ble- 
vins Barron of Cbapel Hill, 
brottier of tbe toidegroom, 
WUUam p. Aycock of Greens- 
boro; Lt. Cbarles Donald 
WorOy of Virginia Beach, Lt. 
Riebard Brysonof JacksonviUe, 
II.C4 Ricbard Stockton Tr«n- 
batb of WasUogton, D.C.; and 
David Memory of Cbapel Hill. 

Following tbe ceremony a 
reception was g^ven I7 tte 
b^e's parents at tbe Fort 
^idtson Officers' Cltib. 

After a wedding trip to 
WilUamsburg, Va., ttie coiqde 
will Uve in Chapel HIU. 

Witb newspapers, Oielre la 
SMMtliBes disom^r; witbout 
tbemi Ihere is dtnqni ^very. 
-Benjamin Constant 

30 candles 

Tbe Women's CltA> of Chesa- 
peake Beach, Inc. will cele- 
brate its 30th umiversary with 
a luncheim at tbe Ocean Heartti 
Restaurant on Tuesday, Dec. 8. 

There wiU be a social hour 
at 11 a.m. with a buffet lunch- 
eon served at noon. 

Past presidents of the did) 
^U be honored. Invited guests 
will Include the presidents firom 
the other Virginia Beach Wo- 
man's Clubs. 

A demonstration of Christ- 
mas decorations will !» gl^n 
by Wornom's Arts & Crafte 
Store. Mrs. James C. Pace 
will present several Christmas 
musical selections. 

Lake Smith Terrace 

Lake Smitti Terrace Garden 
Club met on Nov. 24 for a 
program on holiday greens gi- 
ven by Mrs. G. H. Hamilton. 
Hostesses for the nieetlqgwdref 
Mrs. J. J. Williams, Mrs. Del- 
mer E. Allen, and Mrs. Donald 

Mrs. Mort Dangenkolb, 
charter ihember of NWC A Dam 
Neck #207, waid recently elected 
Southeast Regional President at 
the National Navy Wives Clidbs 
of America convention at Pen- 
sacola, Fla. The Blue and Gold 
Award was won this year by 
NWCA Dam Neck #207 for tbe 
third year in succession. 

Tbe club members have been 
volunteering time to wrap gifts 
for servicemen at Qie NavyEz- 
d»nge at Dam Neck, and holding 

Mrs. Boiling 
to install 

Mis. a. Stuart Boiling, Jr., 
Democratic National Com- 
mitieeiroman of Virginia, will 
install the new officers of the 
Woman's Democratic Club of 
Virginia Beach at their Dec. 4 
lunaeon meeting at tbe Copper 
Kettle beginning at 11:30 a.m. 


ristmas pjTogram will 
be (^ by Mrs. I^eineth R. 
Caiwi^, and me^rs are 
asked to bring a gift for 

their monthly bake sales, which 
proceeds are fbr charity. 

Tbe club has given a large 
potted pUmt to the new chapel 
at Dam Nedu 

Tips for 

Keep Your Christmas Tree 
Fresh longer and telp io pre- 
vent needle loss \3y keeidng ttie 
trunk in a solution of tbe fol- 
lowing: combine one-fourth cup^ 
of horticultural iron (available 
at h Hi -a wa rrjtgrei^iair^ton 
of hot water, two cups li|^ 
corn syrup, and four teaspoons 
chlorine bleach. Mix all t(^t- 
her and ptit tbe base of Oie tree 
in it after you have cut the 
trunk one or two indies from 
the bottom. Stand the tree in 
tbe solotlon as soon as you 
get it. and it will stay fresh 
much Icmger. 

Browning of Pine Trees Out- 
d^Tft* Pines 4nd, 

' '■' ■^■neanv 


^ »«<> » » . *>> ^, ••♦•>>> » ' 

Mr. ii Mrs, James Edward 
Brickhouse, Jr., Son. 

Mr, & yirs. Ralph Thomas 
Edwards, Daug^er. 

lir. & Mrs. Ronald Lee 
Hubbard, Son. 

Mr. & Mrs, William Durral 
Hu^es, Son. 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Brooks 
Nash, Daugjiter, 

Mr. & Mrs. Dot Allen Stau^r, 

Mr. ii Mrs. Ford WilUam 
Baker, Son. 

Mr,' Si Mrs, John Calvin 
Benenhaver, Daughter 

Mr. & Mrs. Rlclord Benjamin 
Cason, Daughter. 

Mr. & Mrs. Joel Dean Kersey, 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Samuel 
Ross, Daughter. 

burned ^ tbe salt spray car- 
ried by strong winds during 
November. Nothing can be done 
for an alreatty burned plant, but 
to help prevent fUrttier injury 
ttds winter or next, wash smal- 
ler idurubs thoroughly daily du- 
ring windy weather to wash 
tbe salt off plants. 

Pruning Shrubs For Christ- 
mas Use-SUg^t pruning of hol- 
lies and other evergreens, now, 
will help to ke^ them in itape 
and tbe clippings can be used 
for holiday decorations indoors. 

Christmas Gift House Plants 
- If you receive a potted ppln- 
settia, amarylUs, cyclamen, or 
other iMuse plants forChrist- 
nu0, keep it in as cool a place 
in your home as possible. This 
will help to make ttie idant last 
longer. Keep the soil slightly 
moist but avoid overwatering. 

Native Plants For Decora- 
tions-Many native plants canbe 
used attractively in Christmas 
decorations. Native hollies, 
mistletoe, pines, and bayber- 
ries are triKiitional. Avoid us- 
ing the wild dub mosses, com- 
monly known as ground pine or 
running cedar. These are be- 
coming scarce f romover-.^ 

Turner-Barron wedding Cbib lights _^ aains fame 

WJ»EIlMtTiin»te. ooudK at tlie bride: ^ Mu O/l — H *^UiU I NetK. ^W/ yUina lUIIIC 

Rrandied ham is menu 

Everyone loms taurkey! Y^ 
comes a we^ when it's tarl»y- 
turkey everyiAne. 1%at*swbett 
youll p(Hmee on tUs e^qpttdt 
redpe f(Mr Bundled Balkfedli^ 
Fragrant as it is in ttie Mtai^ 
you still won't be prepared fixr 
ttie lusdous flavor, cowt^ 
of Taylor (imported) Brandy, 


1 whole ham 

whole doves 

1 cup T^lor Brandy^ divided 

1 cup light brown sugar 

Codc-before-eatlng bam: Un- 
wr^; place on rad( in shallow 
r(»8ting paii, iU side up. Three 
voters of afi hour before tem 
is dMM, remove from oven, 
trim ok atqr rind; score fat 
in s^s or diamrods; stud 
each square with whole clove. 
Pour off excess f^ from roast- 
ing pan. Baste bam surface witti 
1^ 041 l^randy. Bake 1/2 hour, 
basting once at end of 15 min- 
utes wltti pan Juices. Meumiidle 
blend 1/4 cup brandy^tti brown 
sugar. Remove bam firoin oven; 
baste witti lemainlng 1/4 cup 
brandy; spread witti brown 
sugar mixture. Retmm to oven; 
bake 15 minutes longer or un- 
fll glazed. 

Fully cooked, ready-to-serve 
bam (already skinned}: Score 
fat, bake and glace as above. 

Large canned ham: Same as Deep Dish Candy Apple Pie is a sweet an- 
fully cooked, swer to dessert problems. 

Cake eaters, arise! Four in- 
gredients make a Dream Cake 
when whirred in tbe electric 
mixer 4 mimites. 

In time for holiday bUss, 
d^neral Foods gives a light 
touch to cakes made witti a 
handy mix. Use any 2-layer 
size (yeltow, white or devil's 
food cake mix) witti 4 eggs, 
1 envelope Dream Whip WUpped 
Topping Mix, 1 ciQ) water. Se- 
cret ingrediant is ttie tqppla& 
p r d u c i n g extra volume, ten- 

All sorts of variations, like 
cupcakes, loaf cake. Dnfhistod, 
the delldde white or yellow cake 
is Just rigbt with wine, pindi 
or Champagne at a gala. 

Wondering wbitf to serve in- 
stead of Plum Pudding? Here's 
a sweet answer. 

Deep Dish Candy Apple Pie 

1 1/4 cups sugar 

1 tep. dniamon 

1/4 tsp. nutmeg 

1/4 tep, ground doves 

1/2 cup water 

1/2 CIQ) Lake Country Red 

dinner wine 

1 tep, leOMMi Juice 

8 cups ttdnly sliced apples 

\i^pvMt, wHRBedimn amnes/ — 

Pecan Crumb Tt^nf^ 

Combine sugar, spices, water 
and wine in large saucepan. 
%r over low beat unttl sugar 
dissolves; boil 10 minutes. Sttr 
in temon Juice. Add apple slices; 
sinimer unttl apples are tender. 
Lift qiples witti slotted spoon 
firom syrup to deep 9-incb pie 
pan. Bdl syrup 10 minutes 
tonger. Pour syrup slowly 

into pte pan, lifting apples witti 
fork to tot synq) run under- 
neath. If apples were very Joiqr 
ttiere nu9 be syrup left over, 
as pie pan should not be filled' 
to brim. If so, save syrup for 
use in beveragM. ^ead Pe- 
can Crumb Topidng evenly over 
surface. Bake 9t 425 for 10 
to 12 minutes or until golden 
brown. . ^ 


1/2 cup firmly padced brown 


1/4 cop butterw nargurliir 

1/3 cup flour '> 

1/4 tsp. dnnamon 

1/4 cup chopped pecans 

Blend first 4ingredlenteinttl 
butter is size of peas. Sttr in 

Towels mdl^ *fun' jpfiBsents 


con spend a lot for a 
look, or a little. 

The aoplilsticatedjy tethloned pants suit 

Ifi d«Me knit by tiy ANN $160.00 

ttw acetate fun knit wltti ttrlnM and 
raffles $32.00. 

tf ^w's one of a kind, she's one of ours. 

Chorf^ ft wttfi Master CharflO- 
BanlcAnMrlcard or Central Charge-A- 

Military Circle: Monday- Saturday.. 
10 a^n. to 10 3t» Virginia BoMh 
•oifleveN: Mondoy-Frl^..10 a.m. to 
t p.iii.1 Salurd^..10 a.n». to 6 p.m. 

When you're not 

like yourself, 

LydlaPlfikhani understands 

All of e sudden you might 
feel you're changing-not a 
good feeling. You're tired, 
edgy, out of sorts and that's 
not you. Lydia Pinkham 

A long time ego, when 
ladies couldn't be as frank as 
we can today, Lydia Pinkham 
recognized the problem and 
set atMut finding a remedy. 
She knew it was not natural 
for women to have to suffer 
with what was obviously a 
natural process. 
. So the turned to nature 
for « rwne^. She d e v e lop e d 
8 marvelous compound of 
medicinal roots ((nd herbs 
that turned the trick for the 
wcomefl she knew. Because it 
is a natural answer to your 
natural problems, it can turn 
the trick for you, too. 

Try Lydia Pinkham's root 
and herb remedy to help you 
feel better, more Hke yourself. 

Lydia E. PitAhmm 

kwAkk h Tiblrt mi UmM Fani 


lya, IhM. ilfla4 

be sure to call 



Inexpensive toys wifli loads of 
appeal can be made in minutes 
ftom cotorAd cotton terry 
towels and wash doths. 

Fun and easy to make, Hie 
toys are formed by rolling and 
stitching the towels and waidi 
doths. Trims canbemadefk-om 
scr^s in the sewing basket, 
suKeste the National Cotton 

For starters, try Perry Pen- 
guin— complete ^tti perky ex- 
pressly and formal attire. He's 
fashioned from two white baUi 
towels and ttree black fingertip 
guest towels. Scraps of cotton 
velvet, corduroy, or felt can 
be used for Us feet, eyes, 
bill, and'necktie. 

Sailor • minded ymmgsters 
will welcome the S,S. Wash 
Cloth to their fleet of toys. 
It's a Jaunty ship made from 
blue and i^te wash dotiis, 
trimmed witti curtain rii^, 
ribbon, and small flags. 

Another towel toy with boy 
aiqpeal is a big red locomotive 
complete witti cab, cylinders, 
and cowcatdier. It's madefirom 
a ham towel and elgtt wuh 
cloths. An empty spool serves 
as ttie smokestadc, and card- 
board is shiyied into a cow- 

Fot detailed instructions, 
send ten ceots toCannon Home- 
making Service, P. 0. Drawer 
107, KannapoUs, N.C. 28061. 


Give lamburgen a touch of 
elegance. Serve them lUop 
toasted brttered EagUdi mitf- 
fiu and crown ttiem.wltb a 
flav(vfbl garnish of nilMd 
sliced mushrooms for^jBemor- 


PENGUIN PAL— Little girls (and coeds, 
too) will take to Perry, the terry penguin. 
He's made from two cotton bath towels and 
three wash cloths. Cannon Homemaking 
Service points out that the towels are not 
cut and canbe unrolled for later use in the 


Moths cannot harm cottcm. 

The Most Famous Basket 
In the Worlds 

To &puk up oookad ^tmik 
oomUne scoteed slicad BN^h> 
rooms with bacon cmnddes. 
Toss witti hot qjtnach Jwt be- 
fore serving. 




Use our NEW DRIVE IN WINDOW 30 1/2 St. 
•nter from Pacific or Arctic Ave. 



iKiaMf«rBMi# ' 

Court comedian Paul Plowden 

Mirth- Makers In Benefit 

'*tt's not wbetber 70a win or 
loM, Iwt Iww you {day ti» 


Tbit't i retl broinide in 
fporii, tnd no cbamplon siAh 
cerllMS to it, tetit of all Mar- 
qoM HayoM and Us FatwIoaB 
llafieiaiif . But wimiinK or los- 
iBf, On ttrronfi wbo come to 

dwer and lau^i know tiiat 
Haynes anl bis men always 
give it their best effort. Tbat/ 
effort does not iwve its enl 
in putting fcirSts on tbe score-j[, 
IxMurd, though. Tbe prime ob- 
jective is entertainment, and 
over tbe years fans by tbe 
milliM) bave been tbroug^yen- 


Ft. Story's Green Beach will 
be Ibt irttt of a S-day evalui^oo 
ofitrition conducted by Uie 
Arn^ 00 tbe off-shore dis- 
diu^ of a coirtainership be- 
0aidng Wednesday. The post 
is a subordinate command of 
the Army TransportatioQ Cen- 
ter at Ft. Eustis, Va. 

Hm date is tentative, how- 
ever, pendUi arrival of ihe 

Itthods will be tested to 
detemioe bow ooirtainen, used 
in lbs sUpmsnt of fireigbt, can 
best be unloaded at undevelcHwd 
arMS by using equipment pre- 
seotinK in ttie Army inventory. 

Slnee tte ^iNnenA of cargo 
in coolslners hss revoluti<ma- 
ttied transoceanic shipments, 
the Army wuls Hie answers 
to problems Involved in tbe use 
of coBlsiners in areas whidi 
are not spedflcslly dMigned 
for iBloading a containership. 

The personnel Involved in the 
operation bvw been undergoing 
traloIeK dedgned to make ttiem 
awart of some of tbe prc^lems 
the operation will present. Heli- 
coffm pilots have been under- 
gdng training in heavy-lift met- 
hods of containers at ttie heli- 
port «t Felker Army Airfield. 
Eierdses have been conducted 
.^ Cuap Wallace where heavy 
lift cranes were used to load 
and unload landing craft. Fire 
flf^i^ tralnii« and crash res- 
'cue operaticms are b^ng con- 


Cterles Dwight Mitchum of 
Virgiito Beach has been ac- 
cepted as a ptedge by the Pi 
Kappt Alpha National Fra- 
teridty at Auburn University in 

Mltdium is anxmg the 551 
men who pledged fraternities 
at the university tU8fSU,wMdi 
represents an increase <tf 13.1 
per oent over last fall, ac- 
oordiog to AssUrtaiH Dean of 
Student Atdirs E. Garth Jen- 

Hm federal share of Ugbwty 
eoutnictioQ costo, including 
tbe 90 per cenA^share of Uie 
cost (A bidMnt Oe laterstite 
s^m. Is iffovided ttrou^ 
the fflghway Trust Fund. In- 
come fi^m road-use taxes, su* 
as tlie f our cents a gallw M- 
eral fisdine tax, flnaneestbe 
trtsf ludi 


The Containership Torwluf- 
der, a seU-sustaining vessel 
equipped With cargo cells and 
two ganfry cranes to unload 
containers, wiU be arriving 
from England, upon comidetioo 
of her present voyage. The^p 
Is a Merchant Marine vessel 
contracted by the Navy. 

The containers which will be 
used' are tmifieMrm, sealed^and 
reusable. Sidy of ttiem fdus^ 
70 semitrailer chassis bave ar- 
rived at Ft. Eustis. A 36-man 
evaluation staff headed by Col. 
John W. Patchin, director of the 
Office of Doctrine Devel<vment, 
Literature and Plans at Uie Ar- 
my Transportation SctKwl plus 
about 200 support personnel will 
take part in ttie operati(». Maiqr 
military transportation com- 
manders are expected to be 
present to observe the exercise. 

The actual beginning of the 
testing binges on tbe arrival 
of tbe containship. In tiie event 
conditions at Green Beach are 
not favorable, tbe alternate site 
will be Utile Creek Amphibious 


Shoot Days 

Virginia Beach Moose Lodge 
#1998 will hold a Turkey Shoot 
at Back Bay Marina Dec. 5, 6, 
12, 13, 19, and 20, oii N. Muddy 
Creek Road. 

Saturday hours are 10 until 
sunset; Sunday hours are Noon 
uirtil sunset. 

Bring your own shotguns or 
use the ones at the Turkey 
Shoot. Twelve, 16, 20, and 410 
gauge shells «lll be available. 

UlfMlir'i iMMrii rtip tt. 

Virginia Beach Sun 


Squires vs. Condors SM 


Local fans will have an op- 
portuidty to enjoy ttie Fabulous 
^agidans' special brud of en- 
, tertalnment Monday when they 
appear in a benefit game at 
Lake Tajdor Hi(^ School. They 
will be pitted against Chesa- 
peake College's Cougars. Tlc- 
kete for the 8 p.m. game are 
on sale at Sears Stores. Proflta 
from tbe game will go toward 
a new library for Chesqieake 
College, a two-year co^uca- 
tional college. 

Marques put his team to- 
gether In 19S3, and siMefben 
they have idayed la all 90 states 
and on three continents. Their 
message is the simple one of 
fun, fun in a world ttiat knows 
little of that commodity. Sure, 
the Magicians have lost once 
in a great while, like maybe 
20 times tai 6,000 games, but 
then what are tbe rules of this 
Magidan-brand basketbaU? 

Haynes smiles when asked. 
"I haven't read a rule book 
in over 20 years," bf confides. 
During tfe game flia teadi makes 
its Own rules. If #aew routine 
geta a big hand, we add it to 
our act." 

Basketball's- busiest ndrfli- 
makers, tbe Magidans enter- 
tain crowds in prindpal dtiM 
coast - to- coast, playing 200 
games each seascm. 

Mims Is 
Top Stock 

Charlie Mms, running out 
of Thompson-Royal Dodge, was 
top stock wiimer Sunday at tte 
Vir^nia Beach Dragway. 

MlQis, a tc^arearacer.^oc- 
ked 13.68 e.t. at 103 miles an 

Jtobert Versailles, oat of At- 
lantic Maddne and Action Auto 
Supply, was street eliminator 
winner with 12.01 e.t. at 124 
miles an hour. 

Steve Pelkey was show room 
wimer with 14.15 e.t. The mil- 
eage was not available. 

Races are held at Virginia 
Beach Dragway at Creeds every 
Sunday. The gates open at U 
a.m. and the trials start around 
noon. The races start at 3 p.m; 

The hi»aewird-bwmd Vir- 
ginia Sqofns, tfler two gann 
in tbe west Ois week, go bird- 
hunti^ S^orday i^i^ at the 
Rid«K»d Arena it 8 p.m. 

The Squires, iriio leffem 
breatttess a w«A ago Satur- 
day, winning a tbrtlUng US- 
Ill vidory over Utah on Ray 
Scott's sideline Jumper at tbe 
bmier, bast the persistant 
Pittsburgh Condon in Ridi- 
mond. It will be the second 
of three Squires' regular sea- 
son tome ^mes ptayed in tbe 

The Squires and ttie Coo- 
don have already met four 
times dds'iwason^ so they're 
certainly not stTwatns. Tbe 
Squires have taimed tbe trldc 
three times but the last time 
oai, tte Virginians really 
socked-it-to ttie birds. 151- 
113 at Pittsburgh. 

Those 151 pdnts were tbe 
most pdnta scored by coadi 
Al Biasdii's cagers so far this 
season and ttie 38-pdiA winning 
margin was also their best to 

Super-rookie, Charlie Scott 
pmired in 41 big points in ttiat 
one and he got good siqpport 
from George Carter with 31 
and 12 rSboiaidB and ex-Condor 
No. 1 draft pidc, Mike Maloy 
came off tbe bendi to baunf^tf 
coach Jack McMabon to score 
15 pdnta and pull off 10 im- 
portant reboiBids. 

The Squires' other wins over 
Pittaburgh were 113-110 at 
Hampton and 133-116 in ttw 
season's UdU|ter at Norfolk 
bade on Oet(ier 17. 

The Condors' Imw win came 
00 October 27 in ttie Smoley 

City, * 114-110 win wUch saw 
tbe s timxn n Squires rally b|ck 
behind Ifike Barrettaftortrallp 
ing by as naay as 18 pdnta. 

Vmdlg Nlgkt Smkk9 

at Old Dominion Unlverrity gym 
Sunday alt 7 p.m., when the 
Squires make tibeir fiul 9^ 
pearance in Norfolk In 1970. 

Hie SijplrM. with a busy, 
buy week fuing them wMdi 
includes four games in as many 
nl|^, WiU host the dangerous 
Memptda Pros in ttieir first 
Snntay appearance bii ttK Tide- 
water area tMs campaip. 

The first ''FAMILY NIGHT" 
Iffomoticm of ttie season wwks 
this way. Dad boys any Ad 1- 
priced ttcket ($5.50 or 14.50) 
and mom and ttie diildren can 
get in for only one dollar eadu 
Ticketa for ttds qwdal fandly 
deal WiU be on sale ONLY 
at ttie Squires' office at 130 
College Place or at the ODU 
gym the dgbt of ttie game. 

Fottowing Sunday's battle 
with ttw Pros, flie Squires wlU 
have Monday off but ttiat wiU 
be tbe only rest they wiU enjoy 
for tbe next four days. They 
WiU bravel to New York to meet 
flie Neto in Hempstead, L.I., 
Tuesday dgbt; ttien take 00 Den- 
ver in ttie opener of the ABA's 
Super Twinbill at Madison 
Square Garden on Wednesday 
night; Thursday, it's bade to 
Hampton to battte Rick Bany 
and ttie N^ agHn, and Fri- 
day, they Jimip to Dallas to meet 
ttie Texas Chaparrals. 

Ray Scott 

Beach Students AreOnT^am 

Two Virgida Beach studeds Sopbomnre Bob Rice is a 

are listed in the University distance runner and Freshman 

of Richmond's track roster for Norman WiUiams spedaUaes 

ttie 1970-71 season. in Jumps and dashes. 

buy it! 





Mutual Federal has money to lend 
on good existing homes in desirable 



(Codinned fr<Hn page 1) 

showed ttvee mBjord^ecta,tte 
bouse wodd be siA^Jed to w 
Ulterior survey. Tbe bdhUngs 
Craftoo said be ta ider«rted 
in are flme irtd^ show ex- 
treme delapl d dt o n or nei^ed 
by ttie owners. 

' "As we've done ttw survey, 
we've found podcete of bousing 
of ttds type 00 tbe maps," 
Crafton said. "In some of those 
areas, we'U go ahead uid sur- 
vey ttie enttre Uodu" 

Bd Crafton would «)t re- 
veal ttie dies of ttie pocketo 
be described. 

"Perc«itage-wise, it's nd 
ttiat bad from ttie exterior pdd 
of view," be add. Several of 

survey ta gdng on, and tave 
alr^Sdy begun work on the d- 
rudures or have torn them 
down, brsdd. -.m: ■• - 

Crafton add ttie survey came 
abod after ttie City Manager's 


"I gaen Tn reaflirmlnt mA 
JusttfyUv nrbeUef lathe wak" 
he add. "Tha fldiff ttnl I 
couldn't shake ta Out Iba g^ 

deal rMKttnp he gnw to pao- 
de are soaocorateandeorred. 
The inqdiedtoos here are ftn- 

"If his pbydcal redttocs are 
so amunte, then iMMt diod 
ttie rMt d ttie reidbiti Ibd 
deal witti man and mnklod?" 
Rhodes sdd be ttdoks tte read- 
ings, if ttiey jare valid, can 
offer a sd of gddeUnae to 
maddnd, "deaUng with reason, 
ttie source d reason, md tte 
true meadngs." 

But it's diU hard to accept, 
he sdd. "Tbe concept ta stag- 

For years, Rhodes sdd be 
cdled himself a reaUd whm 
it came to deaUng with Ufe. 
"As far as ay oulturd. con- 
cept of realism, ttds is nd 

it. Bd if ttlsMpn^ttm 
What i0ttHtodsMs?/'b»adB<. 

'«Att P« MA« fir is jeaee 
d ata^** WMm add. 

IM^ te sama tttt« l^MIe 

Cliaa to tattle Air. 

An IHren-oU ataded dte 
Frtoads World CeOi^ Uiliav 
York City. Maa Cllne came 
to the iSi to searci d fiaik- 
lofs dealiagwUbhetteandflMb 

Just Go 

oflice and ttie Chamber dCom- 0--^^«g /^«»a#iy 
merce received compldnts DOJCQftttJtrVffTi 

ooncerdng retal housing in tbe 
Beach Borougji. 

The survey is part of an over- 
all effort to resolve the pro- 
blem before next summer's 
season, he sdd. 

"What we're trying to do is 
salvage what's good," he sdd, 
"and provide more rooms." 

This is not the first survey 
d this nature Crafton and ttie 
Hedtti Department have car- 
ried out. He sdd that the de- 
partmed to ccMistuitly looking 
into other areas for spot bligh- 
ttng of houdng, but ttiat ttds 
to the fird major investtgatton 
of houdng. 

He sdd there are other areas 
in ttie dty he wodd Uke to in- 
vesttgate, among ttwm Aragona 
Village. "It's one d ttie older 
areas in the dty and we find 
some spd blight in ttierenow," 
iM sdd. 

The idormatton from ttie in- 
terior and exterior surveys 
should be in to ttie departmed 
wittdn ttie next two months, 
Crafton said, indicating thd 
%t survey and^ie-resulta idll 
probably be forwarded to coun- 
dl somettme in Mardu 


Now Li 


Alfred Y. Bdler Jr., s<m 
d Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Y. 
Butler^ 445 Turf Drive, has been 
promded to flrd liedenad in 
ttie U.S. Air Force. 

Uedoumt Bdler is a mdn- 
tenance control dtloerasdgned 
to a udt of the Air Force 
Commudcattons Service. 

It sounds like a caU to break- 
fast when muster is held d 
Assault Craft Udt Two aboard 
ttie Uttle Creek Amphibious 

Two newly arrived men an- 
swer loud and clear when 
BACON and GRITZ are caUed. 

Seaman ^redioe CarroU 
E. Bacon, 18, Athens, Teno. 
and Dends W. Grita,2l,Huds- 
vilte, Ala. reported to ttie Udt 
in October. Both deptoyed to 
ttie Mediterranean witti an am- 
pUblous ready group wIddiwlU 
operate as part of tbe Sixtti 
Fleet for ttw next six monttv. 

Bacon and Grita heU> mui 
"Mike" boata (Landing Craft 
Mechadzed) thd tr ana port 
troops, heavy vedcles andsiqi- 
pUes during ampbibious exer- 

The^^wO" mei^ 'WUn IB MUF 
camp in Orlando, Fla. They 
say they doo't recdve too modi 
kidding abod ttieir names bd 
ttiey occadmdly are raxsed 
wten they are togettier. 

Taking a bit d ttw OteSodh 
to Eur<9e, they Jud midit add 
cafe or eqiresso. Anymie have 

Mddeimice for Virgida's 
50,000-mlte highway system 
cod 963 miUton last year. Siir- 
tadkg or sortaoe treatrndds 
were ippUwl to 5,000 idles d 
roadway. MorettiaB900brid|es 
were repaired or strengttiened, 
and 14,690 milea d center and 
edge Unas were paUted. 

Sbe sdd Ae wodd tw h«re 
for aadbtt two moatts, tadag 
been in flia dty dwd a modb- 
aod-ft-islt ttus tar, uotU die 

Upon its eofMeHoo, Mas 
Cttne Hdd die would miHn to 
New Yqrfc uA ttm move to 
andber ooollnant, part d tbe 
a c ade mc irtigmn yttt% 
Frinds Wor)d CoUege. Tbe 
work She oonipletos d ttie Alffi 
win recdve icaidsiBtcjQredllL 

Miis CUni, wtese home Is 
Garden City, Kansas, said sbe 
bid been dlsencbanted wltti tbe 
liypocrito sbe found in tbe 
cborch sbe attended in Gar- 
den City, and tett it several 
years ago. 

Moving toEastem rettgions— 
medltattoo and ttie oHier as- 
peds— she reaUaed ttiat ttiere 
was more to her beUeta, and 
has returned to ttie Western 
or Christian religions after a 
aydbeds of her beUeta, much 
Uke ttie one Boraff described. 

Much of ttdt synttmds was 
ttirouili works sodi ss Cagroe's. 

Mtas CUne, Uke Rhodes and 
many ofbera vbo come to tbe 
ARE, are aU tryUi toeirtSbUab 
a working knowledge of wbd 
ttie ARE is and^ien use ttid 
knowledge to stde tbeir needs. 

Rhodes to searehlai tor "or 
own mind" wUte lOss Cttaa 
to looking for a my to epi 
ttie destructioo dttie land ibd 
man has to Uve on, and ndttw 
one seems sure how. Bd ttiey 
have hope in ttie Cayoe read- 

Thd hope to wbd draws tte 
student, ttie theologeo^ ttia 
ptailoappher and ttie cdtists ts 

__^nB SBB^^^^^^Ba - ". -..;. ~ n ^ 

"CaU aocb as ttiose of )ogA 
intered, those d nediam tai- 
terest, ttme bi ttw wioos 
spheres and watts of ttfe," 
Edgar Cayoe add bil«Slr 

Bd a rendiiv givwi to Jam- 
ary d 1932 may anm iv why 
ttw pecvte come to ttie Cayee 
foundatioo and ttie ARE: ".... 
Mao baa oone to ttid plaM 
to bto devetopned where ttiwe 
mud be tte redming, toront 
d torpdl t$d bas arisen fOMi 
social mui, radd dUEfo- 
ee<»s, and eeononde relattoos; 
mud CMoe a better ohder- 
staodtng d man's nlatioodip 
witti one andher...." 

And sttU fiwy come. 

• • 



Buy U.S. Savings Bond»& Freedom Suures 


- JJ1» lP(«tp»PJlll.Jll!.|lB 






L^l mnmn 

*L^|al Notfoit 

In fte Ctorfc'g offiet ol Ite Bm^ VlriUa, m Ifeiidi^, 

Ciretfl Cdort of ttt Citr of Dtevaiiir 14, If^i it MO 

VlnlMaBMeiVQttflMtttd^ P.1I. it ilfaiibMltelidlowlni 

ol NofwnMr. 1970. dmiwHtf nitaii hm ptrmtts, 

Flaatiff» XEiDSiWJ^ K^wca 

anlMf 1. AppUcMoB of tte City 

G<orf» Fr«ltri«kO'Siilttf». <tf VlrgUt SMeh 1^ ft elMift 

"^ ' ' «f lOifaf fk«« BMldMO* IXf 

idM DMriet t(H-D 1) toRni- 
<tewit SfbnrbftB DUtriet 
4 (&-8 ^ on Mrtite pr^^nrty 
loortw} on tte Ifofttfttt ow* 
ntr of btftn BiiNft- Rotil ml 
CMttrvUlt Tortplltt t^f^Hm^ 
nmOi t diataiet at m fket 
•lone tte North ildo of InillaD 
River Rotd, runnliw I distikoe* 
of SSO foot alooi Om Wtst«ai 
of CMttthrtlte TtoqAib Ex|m- 
d«d, rvmiiiiK t distoAct of ^ 
foot il(«gi^Rw(^iiptc>opi^ 
lint ttid tlMttiit if dlMi^Nii il- 
670 felt nort or ton iloit itii 
WMtm propertf Bae. (Avfiba 

2. AnidiettloD of Roy Lee 
lieDiniel and Ifible loec lie 
Daniel for a drinie of loidDt 
from Rciidenee SdMirtMn DU- 
triet 4 (R-5 4) to General Com- 
roereial Distriet 1 (C-G 1) and 
a IMe P«mdt for £-2 Ru! 
Rental and Sendee on eeitaifi 
property beflimins at a potilkt , 
600 feet more or lest Soiib of 
Intttt River Road, rtmninc a 
diitlnee of 200 ftoet «loti| tte 
&urt idde of fftmpsville Roid, 
runidDC a dittenoe of iTtJfl 
fleet along tte Norttiem prop- 
erty line, naudng a dlitme* 
of 169.32 feet ak»K tte Eattehi 
property line and mnidnK a 
distance of 501.24 feet alcng 
tte SivtherD {ffoperty lite. 
GBonn«y*s Corner Area). 

3. Appllcatioii of United Trai- 
Itrialet, Inc. by Jay M. Ball 
in a ctenfe of toaAat from 
Umitod Comiiierciti DUtriet 
1 (C-L 1) to General Industrial 
Distriet 3 (If^ 3) on certain 
prt^rty beiinDing at a point 
120 Ml E»t of So«itli Mtma^ 
Hlgfavay and 668 ftet Horthal 
Providence RoiiiLraaftii^a<li'> 
Hite of l^JJSlieril^ (lie 
NfKrtfiern pn^fBrty line, riaadnc 
a dtetance of 258 fed Aore or 
less atooi tte Easleh^ property 
line, ruoiif a distiue m 128 
fed more <x less aldSf fl» 
Seoltem property &w^ raffldnt 
ft distance of 24S feet Ittdre or 
less along tte Vistiftt property 

4. AppUedlon of thalis Gar- 
dm Asseeistes to anwM tte 
«^rtinkUie Permit haltm 
tn^al. intts to 680 rent^: «dti 
fiondsling of S^ apuMteats 
<nd M townhoaies(40«lditiQ0ll 
units), of vliicii 266 units eor- 
rentfy bdng developed on eer- 
tthi property locded oft tbe 
Srath aide of Bonney Road and 
tte East and Wtet aldeof Boggi 
Avenne. runnldg a (ftstatee of 
960 feet more or kcs ^i^ tte 
Norttem property Ute df iMdeh 
720 feet more or lees is ttK 
Soutli dde of Bonney R(Md, run- 
ning a distance of 1620 feet 
more or leas amng tte Eaitem 
property line, nmblsg s <fis- 
tanee of 1240 feet more or 
less al(NBgttieSoutternpr<qperty 
Une (Norttem pn^rty line of 
Vtrglaia Beadi - Norfolk Ex- 
prmlray),.and runniBg a (Hs- 
tance of 1910 fleet more or less 
along ttie Western pr(q)erty line. 
(Hh^ Garden and TomAcnse 
ApartmralB Area). KEMPS- 

5. AppUcatioB of G.J. Gul- 
toanson by Owra B. Pidcett, 
Attorney, kxt a ctengeof sootng 
from Residence MmHMn DU- 
triet 3 CR-8 3) aiMi limited 
Commercial Distriet 2 (C-L 2) 
to Multiple Family Residence 
(R-M) and a Ufte Permit to 
eondmct a sevage pon^iing 
stati(m and a Itoe Permit to 
eonstrt^ 272 apartmed units 
OB certain property looted en 
tte Nortli side (tf Providence 
Ro«I and tte West side of Wood- 
dodc Elementary S^ool, run- 
sine a distaitte of 848feetaloi^E 
tte Nortii side of Providence 
Road, rmmiag a distance of 
1180 feet along tte West side 
of WoodstoekElementary 
Sciiool, raming a (ttstance of 
sa feet along tte Norttem 
pr<9erty line, and nmdng a 
distance of UlS feet along (te 
We^m property Ute; semge 
pampiag statloo to te located 
30 feet Nortb of Providence 
Road akmg tte Western bom- 
dary Use of Woodstock Ele- 
mentary Sdmol. (Woodstoek 
Elementary School Area). 

6. AppUestioB of tte City of 
VlrglrfaBeifeii^ Ptdloe Division, 
lor a uae Permit to eipasd 
sxMtiV p^oe tndalng facili- 
ties oo eerUin property located 
2400^feet more or less West 
ofSe^Mard RoadattteWesInn 
termlsns cf Leroy INNlvt rai- 
di« adMnce of »32 fleet mive 
,flr iMS aUuigltefiwdteimjPWB' 
Itfty ttw, rusilttg adManee of 
^W feet mart or less atesilte 
Western pn^nrty Waif, ruaolig 
a diste^ m& fleet mere ^ 
less afiet ttt N<»tt«a pTsp- 
tfty ttne md rmAs^ a#daBoe 
of IIM fleet mm^ Uis along 

(HtttiR or pO&UCAtlOII 

rim SNMt of tils satt U 
for tte Mrid pUUift t> ob- 
Ulft a diyaroe a t^Uedo BWM- 
SMsil froB 4tetsaM MiadaBt, 
i9on Ite groaads of oNertifla 
md ab an doame rt. 

And an aflMarit baring been 
made and filed ttet tte de- 
feadat U not a resident of 
ttia Stale of Vlrgiida, tte last 
-kaevn^ed oflUe addresstelngt 
9 PfyaMwHi Avsnae West, Gro- 
ton,CoDnedieot 08340. 

It is onfered tbat te do ap- 
pear tere idttU 10 Md^ 
after due pii)Bcation tereof, 
and do «bat mayte neeessary 
to protect bU interest U ttU 

A copy-Teste:" 

Coftman ud Coffinan, Attys. 
Virginia Beaeb, VirginU 23462 

Pidstie nottoe U tereby given 
ttet on November 18, 1970, tte 
Federal Craimunlcations Com- 
ffiisstoB dedpuM for bear- 
ing tte appUeations d Pi^ne 
of Virginia, Inc., VirglaUSea- 
dnrf KraadoMting Corpora- 
tion iad Shi BroftikiasttngCor- 
poidion tax Cdodraetton Pnr- 
miU flmr a new Fll broadcast 
statioa at VtrgUla Bwicb, VIr- 
^nU, to operate on Cbmmel 
235 (94.9 MH^. Tte betfii« 
U sdie«Med to conun«»e at 
tte offiem of Federal Commu- 
aintiMm Commission, Waab- 
UgtMi, D.C, 2(^54 on January 
26, 1971, on tte following 
issatii_. __ , ___ 

' :: 1. to determine liii^r 
ftyne of VirgUU bas avail- 
ai^ tte additional $24,250 re- 
quired U« constraeiiesand 
flrst-yi«r operallon of Its pro- 
posed station vdtbod reliance 
(m revenam tottos demo astr a te 
iU finaadal qodUlntiona. 

t. To determlteitt^MrVir- 
glida Searime bu svalldite 
tte addlttonal $31,076 required 
fl»r coodrueto mrilflivt-year 
Meratton of its nre|osed sta-*- 
tton vittoat.relianeii on re- 

. ya^aea to ttus deaMn^rde its- 
fMft'i a* ^paWfyfitlw^i' 

3. To detarmUe tte •ttotta 
amde l>y I^^ne d Virgida to 
ascertain tte eommudty SMds 
and interesU d tte aria to 
te aerved and tte memis by 
wUdi tte M»»H**«* proposes 
to flMet ttoM needs nd In- 

4. To detenmne tte eflorte 
made l^ VirginU Seadiore to 
ascertaU tte etmimudty needs 
and ifltereste d tte arm to 
te served and\tte m^ns Iqr 
vrbi^ tte applicant proposes 
to med tbose needs and In- 

5. To ddern^ine tte efforto 
made by Sea Broadcasting to 
aseertain tte eommudty needs 
and interesto of tte area to 
te served and tte meana by 
vMdk tte aRriicant proposes 
to mMl ttose needs and Ivh 

6. To determine vdiidi d tte 
l^oposaU vodd, on a com- 
parative basU, test serve tte 
piMc laUrast. 

7. To detorntfne U tte Udit 
d tte eridrace adduced pur- 
saut to tte foreffoi^ tssoe, 
vMci^ If aiqr, d tte appli- 
eatfons larQmstrwtiMftrmit 

A eofgr ci tte appUeati<», 
and raided materid, d Vir- 
ginia Saasb c ff e Broadeartiag 
Carporatton wn on fife d tte 
First CdonUl Bank, 3500 V|r- 
giiAi Baaeb Boulevard, VirginU 
Beaob, VirginU 234U. 



Tte r^nUr meetiag d tte 
CooieU d tte City d VirginU 
Beach viHte teld U tte Coaa- 
cil Chandien of tte Aftdri- 
strdlon BuUdfav, City Hall, 


property bdag IrreguUr U 
i^ype. OMbtfdpd Garage and 
SidUttdi fi^NttsMd Ai«a). 

7. An^odidi d nyipen 
Roads amMUn jMdrtd by 
EdwU RiUafl^ Allo^^Hqp, fiir 
a ttee Ptnttt to eoadtiid a 
sewerage traataiMt j^mt m 
certaU property leeaied 6930 
fleet sM^e or fess Sad d Oce- 
ana Bedavard» ruadag a dU- 
tanoe d 3500 fled dore or last 
doi« ite Seitt side of (MdOam 
Neek Road, randnr a dMiaoe 
d 2600 fled mere or fesi ilMg 
(te Ead«ra property BneCWas* 
tern pnp^ttf line d VX Gov- 
eromeo^ Dam lfedc)|.tdbiiAig a 
dUtaase d ttto fel| dure «r 
Jess dotagiteSodtefhprepiffy 
line and rmaiai a fstaiiee of 
900 h^ mm kt liibdoim tte 
Wbdera pcopirty tite« #Hn 
Nad^ NiNiIlN9e m^mts^ 

8. /|ididrtionrfE.L.Cree^ 
ni, for a diaage d adilaglnAi 
Agricutturd DIdrid (A-R) aad 
Uttited Comiterettl mdilet 
2 (C-L 2) to Oeteral Uiaimd 
Distriet 3 (114 3) m i^M 
Permit to coastmd a^<diit 
trdter pttPk oiidandlfNVirty 
begudiv d a MM 1.060 fed 
more or lesl IWI d dntfi 
BodevaM on tte Sottfi sMe d 
Harpers Road. 

Parcel 1: Cten|l d ldli« 
froth A-ft m e«L i to U4 $i 

Bodevard ,aDd rdSdhg t «•* 
Uaee d 2080 AM ifiorer a» Mm 
along tteJSdttefhpropei^ftfe , 
d wbidr290 feet U tte loott 
dde Of Harpers Road, rmidng 
a dstiyDM of 3390 fed miMre or 
less doog tte Wedem prop- 
erty line, rufidat a ddanoe 
d 4330 fSd more or lesa doBg 
tte Sodban propane lite m 
nmdng a dUtmce m 2978 lad 
more or lesa doe(fili EadlHk 
property liae. Sdd pfoAdly 
oontdn 124.48 acrat lllas or 

Pttcel ^. Use PfHdt to«t« 
drud a 27S-uiit mBOkjMa 

B^iMiatdiiwiii lijid 

more or immi^MWUSk 
Bodevifd dM mtmtW^ 
tenoe d 1410 ftit iMjdjif Ip 


u tte Sodh dde dteife i 
Road, rmmUg a tfstiiiee d 
1900 fled more or less ddig 
tte WetUra property ttte, nmxi 
ning a diddite d 1?3S fed 
iK>re or leasdoagtteSodtem 
property ' Une nd rundag a 
dUiaaer d 1385 fled ttoia or 
ma iioat fife &iitenfNiiiiy 
Bsk sim iddtd^ aaraUs 
44.77 adtaa ioftoflais^Ote- 
ana NavdRousUg Area). PRIN- 

9. Applicdicgi d Bbdk De* 
velopmed Corp. for a dilage 
d aodng fh»m AfrisaUard 
DUtrid CA-R) tolli«tptellB»* 
Uy . Reddddi fiumd CK*I^ 
and a Uae Peridt to oonstrud 
395 towaiioimes «d 323 apart- 
menu, to UUnt 7 i» ad ia, on 
certaU pit^iefty loaalad im ni 
Soutt Side d'Blrp^ Road, 
begiiBinc d a pdid 1650 feet 
WMt d OceanSBoderard, run- 
ning a disttece at 2295 feet 
d<»g tte Eadera property Ute, 
rundng a dlstttce of 1300 fleet 
more or less along tte Souttern 
property line, runniiv a dU- 
tanee d 1850 te^ more or Ims 
dong tte Wedem property ttne 
and running a dt^uioe d 1800 
ttet dongtte Norttem property 
line d which 600 feet U tte 
Soutt side of Harpers Road. 
(Oceana Naval Housing Am). 

lOi ApptteatiOB d CharUs 
S. Caruaha and olgl dHaiA 
by Owea 6. Plehett, Attoftey, 
for a Use Permit to eoOstrud 
11 apartraed udU on eert^ 
property tocated on<tte North- 
west omier d Baltic Avraue 
and 24tt Street, rubdmr a ds- 
tance d 100 fled aloiit ttaWest 
side d Balfic Aveane; ruofling 
a ddanee d 125 fed d<mg tte 
Norttern property line, rnddng 
a distanee d 100 feet dong 
tte Western property line and 
ranning a dUtance of 125 fe^ 
dong Qie Nori» side d,24tt 

11. AppUcdion of EbUe En» 
terprises. Inc. by Thomas C. 
Broyles, Attorney, for a Use 
Permit to coodniet a llO-unit 
motel on certidn iffoperty lo- 
cated on tte East dde d At- 
lantic Avenne between Third 
Street and Fourtt Strtd, fim- 
ning a dUtaaoe d 30D fled 
along flte East dde dl^adle 
Avenue, ruttii« a dilttiof d 
ISO feet dong tte Ssatll side d 
Fourtt stred, ridattl « it- 
toaee d 300 feet skAf tte 
Eastern propnty lite ted nm- 
alng a d^ance d 150 fled along 
file North dde dTlird Street. 

12. AppUeattoo of HunddeOil 
and Riddflg c^nymyby Jjmte 
M. Pldordl, Attoroey, flm* a 
Me Pvmit to eonstaroct a ps- 
irilne s^i^ stitton on SHtaIn 
prcqterty lottted at tte SoStt- 
e«d onnatdParisAvMMead 
tte VirginU Beach-NorfdkEs- 

Edt (2ld Stred), 
a idttii d m fed 

*l.^l Netleit 

almg tte fctdl side d te Vir- 
gida Bei^ -NeNoUcExpress- 
wi^ ^uatrn aiHit^mm 

ft ««Mte d i74.1t fed dei« 

dag a AMtea «l 191.0 fed 

1^^ te- taMMdNpidP^lMMi 

flasTddi^W '^^ 


13. AddlteMidttaiian^ 
ififli fet a iteMb d sdMt 

oidriToEk 19 mSmA 
tHtmd (1M6 m^tMm m- 


im turn Miiildifdd 

m fidiait oTAidUAfite* 
rdmtti i dMMI d mm 
daat te Sodl dde d Itth 
stftet, tdugte td^ni* <i i40 
feet dMg te tfliani ffspfty 

ttte, fteMi ft lumm d too 

140 fedaldtttawiateftim^ 
Wfty BtervtMOfil fiEAQl 


14. A^ed«iidfttlit1la> 
tol ApartiteiMif te*Jlf Mhiay 
A. PMUtfi, AdiMMf Jhr Ate 
Parmit to tidpllltlO dMi to 

te mmfmitmmtsm 

sTtearty fei^hil A teiliii 

AMI (tmskiimmifmmm 

AVMMe, f^Sdlfi aMBU d 
94 fleet 
d Hft 


MIlJMfMQ wfe. ■Bnte 

tej£ MferBjft!ttf t | tefe.vm* 


1$» AndedUa d JiMft H. 
Wittotaed tot a UteP srittt 
tst adogtei!iidiit4HMs9R9<» 
artj^ « tH jMft dda 
d wUtcasi 1 

d t Ida fmimwm «i 
tali iiaftt d idiMMdRML 
tmm t duMMi d lio lid 

deitte teddlii 

20. .^idiaitfm d Grayson 
If. Whttdmrst, Jr. aad Man- 
sarda Aputtieds by Jdn E. 
Sirine and AModdaa for a 
dmnp d saHUv from Red- 
detef SdwrtMHi Odrid 1 (R*S 

triot tlk4i 2) to Mtttt^ 
Family Re aides ce QNArid 
(R-M) and a Uae Perttt to 
eoadriid 4 24 t^M tawt add 
Ola certain inpttty tedhtdflf 
it a poiA ItMfBd fficM^ or 
leas Nortt d WiU ^ .WUp 
t^ve and 3^ fled EaddFlrd 
Colotfd , Road, mndag a dU- 
tteee d 1221^ fed aki«te 
Westera property lua, lu&dBt 
a dUlaaae d U«4k fleet alo« 
tbf Nortben >rapar^ Ute and 
rubdhi a dUtdiee d 899 flid 
along te Etftara prc^ttr Im 
lad tuadagadUteae dllll.01 
fed aUbg te ftaaten prap> 
arty lite. (GeMtd ItoHMId d 
Vtrfida tmAJi^ 1.1NN- 


21. Aipttadua d Jsfees £. 
Uadsey tor a4bdiia d aedi« 
from RteMenaa iteiMa 0U« 
trict 3 (R-S 3) ttGeaardCsia* 
merdd DUMd 2 (C-6 2) on 
eertdn propalty letdad en te 
Noftt d4e d-ftnHsvA Rodi 
tefimiut d fi Jdd t#l lid 
tere or MM WdteMHte 
lt«M,raBMiiet«im dm 
feat akii'te leodm prop- 
el% Ute ONM^I^ U te 

nteifit 4 dte iiiia d 614 j 
fltet ddag te Wmarapioiiam 
ftte, rQnlflttdWtetedtt4. 
22 fad doagteNartefbiM^ 
erty lite ttd rwBiag adslaaea 
d 465.3 feet atobl te fiadem 
property line. Slid property U 
irragular ia shape. (Ifettle F. 
WUllafte ll^idary IdKwi A- 

22i A]|ttaitto& d NurteiBp^ 
ton Assodates % Jbte£,firite 
dd AssDCidat for a dtegi d 
tedag from tediteM t)(«M 
Oidrid i (R-D 9 tlitt alldeL 
Toarid aad liidaartt (T^ 
Sitetemd to MiMa fiitty 
ftdMeiHa ttlttfd ^m nftt 

Ola nmtip mmtm n 


Jr. did Mrtilid CM Pam 
flor s 6id||f d Mdai irott 
Ruril Raddetee fildnd i (R-R 
1) ami Reddetee duburtaaDis*> 
trid 1 (R'S l[ to Planned uut 
D steteji te dJjro D) « eartda 

J^a liM^W^ m^ ^Mm0%t9HH^^i ^p*e ■ tI^ — tP^^^^^ 

dew d Ndtt ONdN^K WK 
tegtteUf d ft |dd m fid 
more or late mk d Stere 
Drive, nodfet itetete d 
2695 fed mote dlMaidtte 
Road, riiaiifi i dilHte d 

NstHMn jHPMK^ Me^rlK 
W. Cox mgh SoboQ rubning 
a distanee of IIM feet mere or 
law akmt te tedacs|ffuaait)! 
tee (Widdtairidlidil 
Biar) aad nmm ttfittete d 

3700 flMite^^jdd<«yte 
Santera pfop^^.ttfe. Hidi 

are avaitaUl ta te Offite d 
te O^aitmad dClty PUndng. 
(John B. tk$ Elementary 
Seltool - Ftadc W. Cot Rtdi 
School area). LTNNHAVEN BO- 

17. ^pplieafioa d Lyanhaven 
Building Siipfy CorporaQobfer 
a Uae Permit to eoaitnd 78 
apartmed iiita oa airtaia pro- 
perty beglBBUg d a pdd 130 
feet more or leteSeattofWolf- 
snare Road, rtttellt a dtdabee 
of I77. ^edd 6a| te Wed 
akfe dRagaii^lK^ili fdBttg 
ft dsti&te dWftd dent 
tte Sodtem pri^HV Kte,'fbn* 
ning a distanee d ^fidtakAK 
te Westerajcdfbrty Ute aad 
ndttlnt a MM d n? fled 
aiCHig me nornins fnpeny 
ttne. (ItefMey Af ftr^fesnts 
Area). L^UKftAVCfttOR- 

18. AppUcafifSi of Altd) M. 
Butler and Robert G. hkoore 
for a change d loniitt from 
Limited Commerdd rastriet 
3 (C-L 3) to Ifelfipla Talhily 
ReHdeftce DUtrid (R-M) aid 
a Use Peroit to eoddfad 36 
apartttent idtts da Ckrtdapro^ 
party located on te Ettt side 
of Birdnedt Road, teftfifl&g d 
a point 33.19 (eetSodhdChln- 
(nttpth Lane, fdldbt ftdiiiaaee 
d 131.7 fled i^te4tetddl 

di^iadi d If4.lfed lUtt m 
nsraHra pipiiVJte, nBtel 

a dUMMs ammmum 

te Eiifera jNpbfly Ite fld 
nbflla|^MMr^^ Hd 



19. AKflieattob of ^rah Sad« 
ter Sdied d Dtec* for a Use 
Permit to operate I dandat 
school (m cert^ pr^r^to- 
G«tod onteEisttfSedffird- 
aeek Road aad n^atk d Old 
tlrgaU Baaah i«i^ baddMg 
d apdd2Mfedir«ttid(m 
virgida BeaA Rati aad IH 
feet more or Ma £M dltfd- 
B*<^ Road. (Woodland ArM)' 

3».76 flid dd d te idar- 
tedkb d NoMttatssBode*- 
ihrd adi SbAlte^ Mdag a 
dIMaace of dtOJIfadategte 
Nortt dde d diell Read, nm- 
i^ a dUtanea d 283.98 fbet 
etong teWeslsmprdparty ttn^ 
nmdag a dddite o^B^ 
flbd afeAfteliorttM^pnperty 
ttae'dd runntag a dstaaea d 
411.58 fed dost te Eastern 
propet«r itte. (LatenMw Park 
IftlC <» OCftitttt, IfWh 
23. AppUcdlob of te City 
d Virgiflla fiaach, Departmuit 
of PUanIng; to esUMIsh a* 
Hiitoria aad CattoNi Co8Mr< 
vition DUtrid (M-C) sappU* 
meaf to te sddiar daaard 
Commerdd fiUlild S (!C<G 1), 
Motttad Cettteirdd DUtrid 
3 (C-L 3), UmttadCommereUl 
DUtriet 2 (C-L 2), Raddenoe 
Stdwrban DUtrid 3 (R4 3), 
ted Realdenee SiAurbmi Dis- 
trict 4 (R-S 4) on eertdn prop- 
erty looted North and S(m^ 
d Princess /UmeRoad,boQixfed 
on te Weat and ruimUig a dU- 
tance of 1100 ftet along te 
Eastern Brandi of teEliabatt 
River, running a distttne d 
1500 feet tasr9 or lesa dong 
te Nortemprc^ 
Mne a dUtance of 1350 feet 
more or lees aloat te &Htan 
property One or wbieh UOOfeet 
amre or leaa U te Wad dde 
d Bonney Road, raftdbg adu- 
taace d 1250 feet more or 
less along te Sodtem prop- 
erty Une wfaidi beglte 200 fleet 
more or less Wed d Kemps* 
vllte Road cdrtfiat ia i Wes- 
teriy direetlon to file filatera 
Branch d te Ettaabett River. 
Hie foUowUg pn^ierty and im- 
mediate groimds areUdudMln 
te H-C DUtrid: 1. AtfoaHunt 
Roose; 2. Pleasant fidl; 3. 
Cohrthotee and JaU; ISUfbox. 
Ite surtirandlag jn^ertiea are 
Udodltf U a mtetctie Tran- 
dtiond ZoM aa in-ovided for 
in Section 880.2.2 d te Or- 
dinance estabUshing te HU- 
toric and CdtordCcaaervatioo 
DUtriote. Plata witt nare de- 
tdiai iddfiifNb att iMdittie 
Ifi te OlSte d te DapBtmest 
d City MMsii (KMIMUa 
Csraer Mt0, IKttWVILLE 
fidmrd J. Wabaaa 
City Cleft 


The Virdda Beaeb Pliami« 
CoflunlasiM wUl bdd a Pabtte 
Mftflag Ob Itesdqr, Deeeffiter 
8, 1970, at 1:00 P.M. U te 
CouncU Chamten d te Ad- 
liiliililiaUaflldlilliii riliiiiii 
Aana CliieeaL VUilata 
Baaei, in<«^fte«Mat 
iWiMcatiflaa wlB mpev on te 

1. Apptteatiaa d te City 
d VifjUte Saaeb to 

te Priadte ASMeoOdrtiide, 
tte Master Zdlag OrdMttee 
d te City dnrdditaidi 
and te Cote d III City d 
Virginia Ittefr ffMHi to 
dgna, Wl 

Nortt _ _^_ _ 

Itoad, nMBid ft'^MHIa d 
434 fed dH^jft^^dte 

dutaaok d liljliif ddji te 

ftw and^ 



m^ or mi 





d 2068 fed' 

me wesnrB pnpviy na^raa* 

dng a didaaat d OtT feat 

more or leai ddiiir ~ 

Vtofrnttf Bted^ '"'" 

more or Mifel 

d North 

fended, lad 

d 1270 fed 

me KaaiMBj 








€n fed ^^ _ ^^ _^ 

Drive. Bdd fttad Iddt to 

fled u WMtti ^llflMR VhhHI 

Area). LTNltlirrtlliil^ 


5. Ajip&aaSdi «l SdpVlat 
Pdd,'te. far i dMii d 

' adtt|'%<iai 'teMiflirfilik 

DUtrid t0^$mm»mm 

and ToarUr l!Mf 


2 (R-O 2) Uttl 

Toorid aiB ~ 

to constnd Iwl 



tdn property fdHTiite 

Northeaat aoraar d Page 

Avenue aad Jdh Jp^ rm>> 

me nona aRmsFPaHjiiaaBe. 

Strtet, rMitei..A<.d|Hteb.< d 
443 feet drilr Wiiftdde 
of Ctesapeate Ikf, mdag a 
distanee d 991 flat doaf te 
Eastom preparty llai. (J^* 
tevan Storea Area). LtNN- 

6. Appttaatisa d Leite M. 
GinlMrt by onaa B. ~ 
Attoraey, fiff fti 
from Redtete WlftiflMUUt 
1 (R-D 1) toteliidlMte. 

tain property UiHd aa-.te 

Soutt side d 



fleet HHrear. 


Ittse d " 

Eanara $Hfmff. 

190 fid IMII 


rundna a 


font and loettdlXi^ Co. 
m^ d tDr MMdi V da^ 
tete d 582 feddMi ar tea 
doag te Wad arB|W|a rirttte 
ted rrwidlt a dMpte- d -^ 
fed along teldiamirM 
Une. (Do^^gM^ tf 

7. AppuqttcH Of te gid»' 
peate ted Pdoteb vH^tete 
Company d Virgida Id ft Ote 
Perndttooondraitaf ^ 
bdidiag fler JL 


339 fed 


Road, firimc 'r flBte'tf 


d HI fed Mdif te 

Sodtem prflpMty1lte.(MiBdr 
torea ^wQ. LfNNIiAVEN 

8. AipHedtdB d DU PBU 


*Li0al NottCM 

N(»rtt dde d Shore IMte b»- 
tween Bayberry Stred and 
Witefored Street ruMlag a 
cutanea d 230 flMt atoeg te 
North ate of fltert t)rtva raa- 
flUg a dUtaaea d UOfeddong 

ftraet, raddaft i Mate d 
00 fed ddiii mt dft i i a r 
party &M tmtmik^w^ 
taited l»fei8jidyte JNd 

fida dWdfeldiidlllilMwite 
Story bfte Ite^MiMry 


9. AppMiMoa d Gpatil A4 

aad imm D. fidrtdt m a 
dteii d diM|_tefe Red* 
teaei $mami teMd 3 (ft- 
s 3) to G«aed CdMaaNfefl 
DUtrid 3 fC^^'MtOfe 
Paridi to tmdfBtt ft filae> 
ttteltep^ HtfdieafMltta 

*L«9al NoticM 

stet tetter it 

SBB mOL SRsa^ cm^mm* 

tftttee d 114 fedddfte fiatt 

iMe d midfliditlfdi. MBit 


, Hdara iNjdH^'wM tegte 
aMg a ddiiiwd^ CTIIidjiMfjl t 
Al Novft dte^aT'Wm «HM^ 


iadted II te 

fed men d W fiiilO W itt 
Mdt Radai dd ^^ rHn mdva 
ar tea MaHh dlMpiliMMli 
tete C^dMAM}. Ltmi* 

11. *|f f^fi itt # of Wflttua 
R. Perry flor a UM Parflilt 
mr a caarcnoaoaiiaHiwwiaiii 
tegaaUg M ft Idd 181 tet 
tele ar Usi lurtt d flK 

ft ddaate d mMdilaarte 
ted dte d telii^1|pii» itti* 




ttiu iOI tdftJItJlNi ia 
lidi &, Mwm flNfgid 

pte d nifntvm fm. 

(Oteaaa QardMi Afaa). LfNN- 
12. AppBadtob d M. Daa 
DaUs for a Ute Parflitt to 
operate a parKtai lot on eer- 
feia property loedad aa te 
Nothwed odorter siitat^f^ 
dad' Paatte Avaaae, rtelbit a 
dUtance of 189 fltet il oag te 
^MM Site d Pidfta Avaaaa, 
rtedng a dUlteii d 314 lad 
itoag be Nartt jtef d ted 
StNe^ fMatiB<adMilllbal 01 
leet aioagms wesianifr^^rar 

2S4 fed dMi oTmraifft 

property Una. VIRGINIA 

U. Ai^cdMi d Wiaiter 
BoUand Cooipiiy fe|> aebtefe 
af aei^ ttett'tedliate So* 
bariMa SUttM 4 <lt4 4) to 
liampia FaadiyRadteBa DU- 
triet (R-M) aad ftwb Hdfida 
Family Reaidaace DIdrid (it- 
M) to UmitedCommereid DU- 
triet 3 (C-L3)«tf trdbUffiitod 
CemmercUl DUtrid 1 (C»L 1) 
to Mdtipte Fadi^ Redteaee 
Dirtriet (R-IO oa eertaia jpro- 
perty toeded on te NortI dde 
d HolUiM Road, tedldiiC at 
a point 4600 flat te^ or tea 

fek^^kA -* ♦■! J iifc'fc^ld Bill ^k^^^k^^h^hJ 

Easi Of isaepmaMwaaoBRiWQ 
and located Sad laH West of 
soatt Ptea tutt iddted. 
Phreal 1: aiitedtedic 

d8a d ltiBtemBfte|telH 
d a poid 4|0I tel Mrs or 
teaEaitd! aia|Mtete ids» 
itvftrd, rtteui i ■dMiBi d 
960 fed aiaaitelMdii 
d Sotlaad Rs«» riddara dtt* 
tete dilMfeaCdtegteWte* 
tara prupany bu^ raaanf a 

Nt^tem {lapei'ty ttited ran* 
mag a dUlanea d 825 fast 
atoag te Eaa fe rapra p ir^ ttaa. 
Pared 2: CMI|edfQdid 
from R-M to C-L 3: Oa eer^ 
feU prfper^ tetei j ^la 
Nsrtt dii d BdHit teid 
tednnii« at a pdd 1800 fed 
dote or tea fiaddtttepaa* 
denee Bodevar^ nttl^adlM 
teee of 910 fled SMTe or late 


atobf Ite EailirB icmtety tee 
(Wed dde d PliMlH Sdtt 

PUte TrdlBtt aBlli^^dite* 

ir tea ddt te turtt dii 


■— ■ - « 

Itdft C- 

tlin pn^ierty lonctod on te 

Ettt dde of Proposed South 

Plate Trdr EdtetedbadaM r 
d a potti 1770 featfedw ar 

dOiaiitfMtei ^ 
;-L 1 m ftmt oa air- tZi 

Wd 4 (R4 4) to 
Divtex DUtrid I 

or tea dtegte AMaMed 
Propeaad Sodh Platefridlte- 
nming a dstwwie d 

te Norttem property Une, rtn- 
idag a dstanoe d 610 fed along 
te Eastern property Una ted 
naaiiv a dUtaate d 1220 flid 
mora or tea alongteSodhara 
property Une. Plds Witt nor^ 
Mdfed Ufermition are avdl- 
alU u te Offiee d te De- 
adtted d City Plaaaiag, 
(fiadior Odti Wed Area), 

14. Appliaation d Level 
Gran Corpoittton for a Ute 
fMidt to eeadrod a sewage 
fliftai stdMh on eertalnpro- 
parly teatad oa te Eadside 
d LavdGftea Bodevard (pro- 
patedO baiteteg da pdd 325 
fed tett d te Virdaia Elec- 
ite dd Power Co. Rigbt d 
Way. idd praperty bdng 50 
Hd'trt^ tet tester <Level 
orNa Arsi^. kempsville 


15. ^Iritedoa d Emanon 
CodpMy, te^teaUteParmU 
to eon^wd a gasolife s^idy 
dWoBon eertdn poverty lo- 
«dad on te NSfttdte d Pro- 
vteaee Read begUdng da 
MMt int fled more «■ less 
wlat sfRaaiptellto Road, run- 
di« a dartaaee d 200flidalong 
te tertt ate d Proridoice 
teHly raatet a dattece d 
20^ flat doag te Wederopro- 
ftety tee (^tepoaad edenaion 
d Lord DunaiMHre Drive) run- 
dag a dUlaate d 200 tet dong 
te Norttem property Une and 
raodag a ddaaee d 200 feet 
doag teEadam property ttne. 
(Fairfield AreaX KEMPSVILLE 

16. Application d E. V. 
WtlBama Coaqamy, Inc. for a 
Ute Permit to deepen an ex- 
istlBg bivrow plf on eertdn 
property loedad on tte Soi^ 
ste d Indtt River Road and 
Wed d Kemparilte Road known 
as te Ferrdl Farm tegindng 
d a pdd lOtO ftet more or 
fete Wed d KempsriUe Road 
aad TM fSet mora br less Soutt 
d ladte Rtv«r Road, running 
I datanoe d 2900 fed more 
or feu alo^t te Eaatern pro- 
pIM ttne, rate ng a diatance 

flMTa or leaa along teWestem 
pr#arty flte aad ranaingadU- 
tdte d 900 fad mora or toss 
aldt teNdftern property 
ttne. Said property oontdna 104. 
2M aerea. (Boimey'a Comer- 


1?, AppUeation d H. George 
^^mt f^r . a Jae Permit 
to eoas^ad agisdte supply 
stdlon on entaU property to- 
eded oa te Noih^st corner 
d Stem Dtin and Greenwell 
Road ruadag adstance of 192 
flad doag te WMtera prcyerty 
IW d wttdi 170 fed U te 
Eatt ste d Greenwell Road, 
rdM« a dUtaace d 199 feet 
tiaat te Norttem iM'operty 
Une, running a dUtance d 165 
fSd aloag te Eaatern pr(qwrty 
Bte and ranning a diatance d 
14? feet along te Nortt ate 
d dwro Drive. (Bayville Park 

II. Appttcatton d Newtown 
Road Corpuatf on md te Boron 
Oil Coiqiany for a change d 
tedng fr<Mn Limited Commer- 
etel DUtrid 3 (C-L 3) to Gen- 
erd Comawrcid DUtrid 1(C- 
G 1) snd a Use Permit to em- 
strad a Gaaottne Siqidy Station 
oa earUU propuly located on 
te Norttwed corner d New- 
town Road and Late Edward 
IMve, fnwting 175 fed dong 
te West ate of Newtown Road, 
roadng a distaue of 175 fed 
ak^ te Nortern property 
Uae, rundng a distance of 175 
ftet dong te Western prqperty 
ttte aad naatfag a distanee d 
m fled doag te North side 
d Late Edward Drive. (Late 
Edward Wed Area). BAYSIDE 

19. Appileafloa d Late Ed- 
wam NMitt, lac, for a Use 
Permit to coadrad a guottne 
siQidy atation oa eertdn pro- 
pMty located oa te Sooth- 
ead comet dBater Road and 
Hampadra Uae (proposed) 
nmdng a didaaee d 1% feet 
along te East ste d Bater 
Road, ruanUg a ddanee d 200 
fed along te South dde of 
Haa^tein Laae (pnvosed), 
raaalBg a dUtaaee d 175 fled 
doag te Eastem property ttne 
and randi« a dUtuee of 200 
fled aloag teSootempn^wty 
Ite. (Ldmifwird Area). BAY- 

sfDE Bcntonai. 

Wit ARdtette d F. Wayne 
Mdtetey, Jr., te a Ute Per- 
filt to eondrad apteUnaaap- 
dy stslUm on certain property 
fetetod on te loattvarteorter 
d tem Oriva aad£^ (^ay- 
sid ftrlte irteteg a dstaice 
d HI ibd teag te Soott 
d Stere Mve, rundng 
ft ddaaae d 200 tod alai« te 
Wad stedEartCHnyaonRM^ 

itegJa Soattwi properly 
ttte, dd roBBiic a dMrnea d 
201 fed doag te Weatonpre- 
$ mf tea . (Otete Park Area)^ 

21. ApiMedte d DariaCor- 
ott KRV«rttea Co., ^ Oaaa 
B. Plete^ Attoraay.teJL 

'rhuri^yi Pt<;ilffiier 3, 1970 

.Virginlci Beqch Sun 


* Legal Notices 

ciiangf ol SHdng from Resi- 
dence SUburlNii District 4 (R- 
S 4) to Molit^e Family Resi- 
dence Distrii^ OR-M) am a Use 
Permit to o^nstru^ 160 apart- 
ment tudte m certain property 
located <m tte South side of 
Vir^oiA ^ft^ Boulevard be- 
ginniog «t a point 925 feet 
0U)re or less East of Fair 
Meadows Roid, naming a dis- 
392 feet al(HigtlieNortlierniu:o- 
perly Um of uriUdi 160 feet is 
the Soolli side ol Virginia Beadi 
Boulevard, ruoningadistanceof 
2277 feet al<»g die Eastern pro- 
perty line, rwniiig a distaoce 
of 25!f f set aloi% ttie Souttiem 
property line and ruiming a 
distance of 1692 feet altmg ttie 
Western property line located 
at the Eastern extremity of 
Elam Avenue, Coliss Avenue 
and l4irry Avenue. (Fair Mea- 
doiffi Estates - Boulevard Ma- 
nor Areas). BAYSDE BOR- 


22. Application of the City 
of Virginia Beadi, Department 
of Flaming, toestiAUsh an His- 
toric and Cultural Conservation 
[^strict (H-C) supplement to the 
existing General Commercial 
District 3 (C-G3), Umited 
Commercial IXstrict 3 (C-L3), 
Limited Commercial District 2 
(C-L 2), Residence Suburtum 
District 3 (R-S 3), and Resi- 
dence SidMirlnn District 4 (R- 
S 4) on certain property located 
North and South of Princess 
Amie Road, twunded on the West 
and naming a distance of 1100 
feet more or less along the 
Eastern Branch of the Eliza- 
betti River, running a distance 
of 1500 feet more or less along 
the NbrOiem property line, run- 
ning a distance of 1350 feet 
' more or less along the Eastern 
property line of whidi 1100 
feet more or less Is the West 
side of Bonney Road, running 
a distance of 1250 feet more. 
^^ or less along the SoutheMiltt'o^ 
p^rty line which begins 200feet 
i^roore or less West of Kemps- 
-i^Ue Road extending in a Wes- 
tern-direction to the Eastern 
Brana ef the Elizabeth River. 
The following property and im- 
mediate grounds are included in 
the H-C District: 1. Aaron Hunt 
House; 2. Pleasant Hall; 3. 
Courthouse and Jail; 4.Saltbox. 
The surrounding properties are 
included in an Historic Transi- 
tional Zone as provided for in 
Section 680.2.2 of the Ordi- 
nanoe establishing the Historic 
and Cultural Conservation Dis- 
tcidts. Plats with morectetailed 
information are available intiie 
Office of the Department of 
City Planning. (Kempsville 
Corner Area). KEMPSVILLE 
I All interested persons are 
invited to attend. 
Charles C. Carrington 
Director of Plannii^ 



In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 17th day 
of November, 1970. 

AUee Allen Wilson, Plaintiff, 

WUUe J. Wilson, Defendant. 


The object of tUs rait is 
for the said plalntifr to ob- 
tain a divorce a vinculo ma- 
trimoaii from ttia said defien- 
<buM, upon 0» gjnmta of Two 
Year Rule. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that due diU- 
genoe has been uMd by oc in 
behalf of tbi plaintifr to as- 
certain in irtd^com^ or cor- 
pontiMi tte dtfendurt is, wiHi- 
out effect, tbi lut known po^ 
office addi«6S bdop 416 N. 
Payton Street, Alexandria, Vir- 

It Is (ffdered thai be do apfiear 
tere witUn 10 (tan) dais after 
doe fNUioKte hMfeof , «id do 
irtat ntif banacenary tofro- 
tact Ui inl»aat in Oris suit. 
,A OOfff'Tt^K 

Margitfet W. Br^, D^C. 
JeMph A. Andan, Jr., Atiy. 



^t In tte auk's Oittes of the 

C^m CmeAMm cm of 

V^0jU B«^ on till 18th 

Battia toiiitChattney, 


* Legal Notices . 


The object of this suit is for 
Jhe said plaintiff to obtain a 
mvorce A Vinculo MatroraonIi 
from the said defendant, upon 
the grounds of two year sep- 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defen:!^ 
dant is not a resident of the 
State of Virginia, the last known 
post office address being: 357 
East North Street, New Castle, 

It is ordered that he do ap- 
pear here within 10 (ten) days 
after due publication hereof, and 
do what may be necessary to 
protect his Interest in this suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Brugh, D.C, 
Lee Kelberg, Atty. 
807 Plaza One Bldg. 
Norfolk, Virginia 23510 



In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 20th day 
of November, 1970. 

Pauline Joan Lamberty, 
Plaintif f, 

Cieo Paul Lamberty, Defen- 


The object of this suit is for 
said plaintiff to obtain a di- 
vorce A Mensa Et Thoro from 
the said defendant, upon the 
grounds of desertion. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that due dili- 
gence has been used by or in 
behalf of the pUinUff to as- 
certain in whidi county or cor- 
poration the defeMant is, with- 
out effect, the last known post 
office address being: 206-12th 
Street, Apt. D, Virginia Beach, 

It is ordered that he do ap- 
pear here within 10 (ten) days 
after due pubUcation hereof, 
and do what may be necessary 
to protect his interest in this 

A^py-Testtff ^'- 1^^'-^^^" ,, 
Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
Nathaniel J. C<^n, Atty. 
Brydges, Broyles & McKenry 
1369 LasUn Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 


* Legal Notices 

A copy Teste: 


Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 

Robert H. Anderson, Jr., Atty. 

Goldblatt, Upskin^ Anderson & 


804 One Main Plaza East 

Norfolk, Virginia 23510 • 



In the Matter of Estate of 
Orma B. Baker, deceased. 

It appearing to the Court that 
a report of the accounts (rfVir- 
ginia National Bank, Executor 
of the Estate of Orma B.Baker, 
deceased, and of the debts and 
demands against her estate have 
been filed in the Clerk's Office 
of this Court, and that more 
than six months have elapsed 
since the qualification, on mo- 
tion of the Executor, it is 
ORDERED that the creditors of, 
and all oUier interested in, the 
estate do show cause, if any 
they can, on the 16th day of 
December, 1970, before this 
Court at its courtroom, against 
the payment and delivery of the 
Estate of Orma B. Baker,jte- 
ceased, to die distributees with- 
our reguirine refunding bonds. 

It is Airther ORDERED that 
this Show Cause Order be piib- 
listed once a week for two 
successive weeks in the Vir- 
ginia Beach Sun, a newspaper 
having general circulation in the 
City of Virginia Beach, Virginia. 
A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Brugh, D^C, 
PUttpG. Denman, E 
Willcox, Savage, Lawrence, 
Dickson, & Spindle 
3115 Pacific Avenue, P.O. Box 

Virginia Beach, Vir^nia 23451 

* Legal Notices 

First Colonial Bank, 3500 Vir- 
ginia Beach Blvd., Va. Beach, 
Va. will sell at Public Auction 
on December 15, 1970, at their 
office - one 1969 Pontiac Grand 
Prix 2 Door Hardtop (Repos- 
12-3- I'P 


In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 23rd 
day of November, 1970. 

Bonnie Maude Miles Johnson, 

Demmer Nelsbn Johnson, De- 


The (*ject of this suit is for 
the said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce Amensa et Thoro from 
the said defendant, upon the 
grounds of Desertion, 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed tiiat due dili- 
gence has been used by or in 
behalf of the plaintiff to as- 
certain in which county or cor- 
poration the defendant is, with- 
out effect, the last known post 
office address being: Sparta, 

It is ordered that he do ap- 
pear here within 10 (ten) days 
after due publication hereof, 
and do what may be necessary 
to protect his interest in this 

A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
Harold J. Gbodman, Atty. 
1120 Sparrow Road 
Chesapeake, Virginia 23325 




1964 Cadillac 4 dr. hdtp.,Sedan 
de.ville, 68.000 miles, like 
new, loaded, one owner. 340- 
3223 and make offer over 

Corvette- 1966, Convertible Ex- 
cellant Condition, 425 hp. 4 
speed, low mileage, price re- 
^u«d.$249f^ 460^0597. 

Jaguar-7 months old, 4 plus 
2 coupe, new car condition, 
air conditioned, stero tape, AM- 
FM radio, other extras, $4,975. 

Rambler 1963, Classic 660, 4 
dr. Excellent condition, one 
owner. $495 Bargain, 340-3451. 

VaUant - 1966 2 dr., standard, 
new tires $750 - 464-5767. 

1967 Very Friendly Crysler, 
Crown Imperial, light blue, 
black Vinyl hard top, white lea- 
ther and black satin interior. 
A-1 condition and exceptionally 
clean. $3,000i'price firm. 425- 

90 BuineSs OppOrtuiiHICfl 

M ^«;iid Notieet 

If you have it and don't want 
it. call: 

Used Furniture 1800Monticello 

622 -2102 

M MobOe Hemes 
For Sale or Rest 

New Moon - 1969, 12' x 60', 
carpeted and fUrdshed, A-1 
condition, $300 and take over 
payments. 497-6133. 



In the Clerk's Office of ttie 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 17th day 
of November, 1970. 

WilUam Riddick, Plaintiff, 

Willie Mae Trputman Rid- 
dick, Defendant. 


The (^Ject of this suit Is for 
the said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce a vinculo matrimonii 
from the said defendant, up(» 
the grounds <rf 2 Year Rule. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed thatthe defendant 
is not a resident of the State 
of Virginia, the last known post 
office address being: 340 13tb 
Avenue, Newark, New Jersey. 

It is ordered that she do 
appear here within 10 (ten) 
days after (hie publicaticm here- 
of , and (to what may be neces- 
sary to protect her interest in 
this suit 
A cqpy Teste: 

Mafgaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
Joseph A. Jordan, Jr., Atty. 
1228 Virgiida Beach Blvd. 
Norfolk. Virginia 23504 



In file Clerk's Office of ttie 
Ci]^cuit CoMrt of the City of 
-Mrgiida Beft?h,4» the' 25t^ day 
ig| Noi^mbec^ WO. , , v 

June Crank Whitaker, Plain- 

Robert Campbell Whitaker, 


The object of ttds suit is for 
tiie said plaintiff to obtain a 
MONH from ttie said defendant, 
upon the grounds of desertion 
by ttie defendant for a period of 
more than one year prior to the 
commencement of the action. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed tttat ttie defen- 
dant is not a resident of the 
State of Virginia, ttie hustt known 
post ofiice address being: Sans 
Souci Apartments, 804 E Cone 
Boulevard, Greensboro, North 

It is ordered ttiat he do ap- 
pear here wittiin 10 (ten) days 
after due piiilicatton hereof, 
and do ^iliat may be necessary 
to protect his interest in this 

A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Brugh, D^ C. 
Jack B. St(d»s, Atty. 
Suite 1020 Plaza One 

Norfolk, Virginia 23510 


In ttw Clerk's Office of ttw 

Circuit Court of ttie City of 

Virginia Beach, on ttie 17tti 

day of NovenAier, 1970. 
Carole J. Anttiony, Plaintiff, 


Steven M. Anthony,. Defen- 


The object of this suit is for 
ttie said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce a vinculo n^rimoflii 
from tte safai defendant, upon 
^ gnHmdi of having lived se- 
parate and apart wittiout any 
criirt^tatfffP and wittiout iirter- 
nvttoa fw more ttum two years, 

And an affidavU having been 
made and filed ttat the de- 
tendant is not a raiMaot of ttie 
mti» of Virflofa, ttKtai^iaiown 
poft offiot Midress beinr 444 
1^ Street Apartment 12A, 
New Yak, New Yortu 

It is ocdtred ttnt he <h} ap- 

In ttie Clerk's Office of ttie 

Circuit Court of ttie City of 

Virginia Beadi, on ttie 24th day 

of November, 1970. 
Gregory H. Hoiddns, Plain- 


Darlene Ann H(^ns, Defen- 


The object of ttiis suit is for 
the said defewUnt (o (4)tain a 
divorce a vinculo matrimonii 
from ttie said def^idant ixpm 
tte grounto of ad^tery. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed ttiat due (ttU- 
gence has been used tqr ot in 
behalf of ttie {Oainttft to as- 
certain in wUd| ecmnty at (»>r- 
porattra ttie defentont is, witti- 
out effed, tte last loMwn post 
dfiee address beii«: Apartment 
#6, 100 CokMlal Road, Rich- 
m<Nid, VUri^nto. 

It is (ffdned ttiat she do ^h 
pear here wittin 10 (tan) days 
after ^w pMWcaflon hereof, 
and do vdat nuy be necessary 
to pn^ed her inler^ in Ms 

A C(WT^*K 

pMr hm wUirin 10 (teo)d^pi Margaret W. Brmh, D.C. 
after Am pd^cittoD henof, RdMrt M. bffowt, ^ly. 


and d» iMt nay he DMesnry 
to prolwt hte tat«rift in fliis 


^ Board of TMle Bldg. 
Norfolk, Vir^aU 





Deteiidantsi t ".-" " ,—■»«-—»..-. 
The (^Ject (tf ttiis siiit is for 
the said plaintifi to obtain an 
adjudicaticm that she has ttie 
right, under the wiU of C.W. 
Hartioye, deceased, to dispose 
of ttie real estate devised ttwre- 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed ttiat ttie foUowlng 
defendants, if they be Uving, 
are not residents of the State 
of Virginia and ttiat diUgence 
has been used by and on belalf 
of tte said pUintifl to ascertain 
in what couiiAy or corpoiitioB.. 
ttiey are, witiuut effect, and ttiat 
ttie last known post office ad- 
dresses respectively of the said 
defendants aeidnst whom publi- 
cation is asked are as follows: 
Mary Virginia Dunton Jus- 
tice, Belle Haven, Virginia. 

Alice Dunton Baladd, Route 

#2, Box 222, Salem, Virginia. 

Bertie Dunt<m Flemming,409 

Deep Creek Boulevard, Ports- 

moutt, Virginia. 

Nellie Dunton Davis, Parks- 
ley, Virginia. 

Edgar Taylor, Suffolk, Vir- 
ginia. . 

Theodore Taylor, Suffolk, 

Arttur Taylor, Suffolk Vir- 

Elizabett Taylor Austin, RFD 
#1, Suffolk, Virginia. 

Stanley A. Taylor, RFD, 
Prince George County, Peters- 
burg, Vir^nia. 

And ttie UU (rf complaint stating 
that ttiere are or may be per- 
sons interested in the subject 
to be disposed of, whose names 
are unknown, and making ttiem 
parties defendant by ttie gen- 
eral description of "parties 
miknown", iai affidavit having 
been made and filed that they 
are mkncmn, such unknown par- 
ties being the widow and heirs, 
devisees and successors in title 
<rf C.W. HarUove, deceased, of 
Princess Anne Cojonty, Virginia, 
who diM May 16, 1947, and if 
a^r of tile foregdng named 
defendants be dead, the widow, 
hdrs and devisees and succes- 
sors in title of ttiem. 

It is ORDERED ttttt ttie said 
aforenamed defendants, if ttiey 
be Uving, and ttie said persons 
Bttde d^sMiants bsr ttie general 
description of "parties im- 
iBown" do«|ieariiittinten(10) 
diqrs after due pri^e^oo of ttits 
<n^r ud do what is necessary 
to proti<^ ttbr interest 

A C0^*TMltt 


J. Cnrfls Fnit, D.C. 

Grovtr C. Wrif|*,,Jr., Atty. 

Wl» PMdfie Antm 



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Grow with Realtors. Stohl Re- 
alty Corp. 

TO MONEY $400. to S600. per 
month. Man or Woman for dig- 
nified profitable part-time 
dealership. Billion $ Tube Re- 
placement Market. 

New DISCOUNT merchandising 
policy of selling world famous 
SYLVANIA radio, T.V. color, 
stero and communication tubes, 
thru our latest type do-it-your- 
self tube testers. Designed for 
the multi-mi lliondo-it-your- 
self, and color T.V. market. 
Dealers needed now to service 
a route of retail accounts dis- 
counting Sylvania tubes in con- 
venient high volumne locations 
selected and secured by com- 
pany. Hundreds of millions 
T.V. sets, radios, record play- 
ers, amplification and commu- 
nication equipment need and use 
several hundred million ttdse 
replacements each year, and it 
is rising in $ volpane. DIS- 
COUNT the magic market me- 
dium—We have it. -— — 

No experience required, merely 
replace stock and collect money 
weekly, and reorder tubes sold. 
Requirements; car, 4 to 6 spare 
hours per week, cash invest- 
ment of $2290. up to $3790. 
secured by inventory, accounts 
and services. We furnish equip- 
ment. Should also have desire 
-to^ start wittan^ 30 4ays, ex^ 
pand later, be ambitious and 
dependable. Excellent opportu- 
idty and income for dealer se- 
lected, plus protected territory 
limitiMons. If you meet ttie re- « 
quirements as stat^, are ser- 
ious, ready willing and able 
to own and qiierate your own 
business, then write to us 
Today, include working hours, 
typtij o£ >woi'k, and'otelBidione^" 
-Nroidwr tw' untvtrsat Kfec- ' 
trdnicaf'8350 Olilre' Blvd^ U. 
City, Mo 63132. Further in- 
fornaation will be sent, followed 
by perscHial interview in your 

Have opening for lady to sell 
Electrolux products in the Vir- 
ginia Beach area. Excellent op- 
portunity to earn $150 per week* 
in commissions and bonuses. 
Interviews held at our office 
between 9 a.m. and noon, any- 
lay this week. Ask for manager. 
Electrolux Sales and Services, 
5312 B Virginia Beach Blvd; 

Women 18 and m wear and ten 
Sarah Coventry Jewelry inyour 
spare time, no investmeirt^ no 
delivery. Car and ihone needed. 
Dial 340-4054. 

Full Time Custodian - Court 
s«iare office. \1rgiia|NattMal 
Bank, Princess Anne Court 
House, Virginia Beach. Inside 
and outside maintainance, (rffice 
and premises. $289 per month 
Contact Mr. WaMo P. Borne- 
mann. Assistant Vice • Presi- 
dent and Manager. 427-2S00 
for appointment. 

■■ TRAIN TO Bf A ■■ 


iMrn to opei«te BulMofcrt.< 
DfH>i'*t* Cnnet. Scfaptrs. 
loadeis Irenrhe<» etc.. U 
our modern facility A hi|h' 
•aid cjKcr ii OMn to ambi- 
lious men iwMOaKi ■••■•. lu 

UfliMTtOl NM«| 

CmlractiM Mwtta 
Hpt »BN.WJ 

Mwfalk, Vs. 2nu 
miMC: (703) 583^5772 
•mwwe raa witaMi 


Boirton Terrier pifs-rtoto tM 
wormed, refls(»u«d.3494n'^. 

A.K.C. RegMered. 588-6398. 

Poodle - 6 monttK, Uaek «M- 
atore registered, irtll sell for 
$50 or will tmde for a Oqy 

Miidature Schnvuers PiqpleB- 
ears cro^ied, permaneirtriiols, 
.wormed, males and females, 
wiH hoM for Christmas, 464- 

Pure Blade Gerdlu Shepherd-' 
8 weeks old, weaned, ^qhi-~ 
dants of Holland von Starten- 

Toy Poodle Pups-7 males, AKC 
registered, 6 weeks old, 426- 
7587 . 

Poodle Grooming and Aceess- 
oriM, Charalane Poodle House 
5689 Va. Beach Blvd.^l|^rfolk, 
7:30 am • 6 pn Tues(tey ttiru 
Saturday. 420-4790. 

vlM. Beagle and Poodle - 425- 

IM ReeBS Fer SeM 

FURNISHED single room. Pri- 
vate bath. Private eirtrance. 
Maid service. References. ttS- 

Heated rooms. Maid mrvtce. 
Day, week or month. 206 20tti 

Marshall's Hotel 66ttiandOeean 

One room effidMcy $12S 

. nuudbly 132^ 

rooms $190 rooottdy 148 «Ni^, 
includes ultfUttes, T. V. and 
maid service. 428-6841. 




ANTIQUES-New shipment lusf 
arrived in time for Christmas 
giving. Newel Post Gallery, 
7454 Tidewater Drive, Norfd||, 
Off Express 64. OPEN HOUSf, 
Sunday, December 6, 1-5PM. 


Oriental Ru^-Two 4x7 Rose 
colored with floral borders, 
matching design. 499-3481. 

Rosenthal dishes, used once, 
beautiful, Pariser SrliM ing de- 

340-6070. ^__ 

Rummage Sale— womens 
clothes, size 5-14, also mens 
and childrens, househokl items. 
Thursday, Friday 10-9 pm. 
Saturday 10-5 pm. Shadowlawn 
Area. 816 Goldsboro Ave. 428- 

■VACUUM-: CLEANER8*iiagvegg..*^J^i $^ ^WJBJ i^m'J 
' -Sale^'a* i'«ervl€e»»PM«iptef-- * ^twi^enTivnvrk''' ""^ 
ficttdb iepalrs. Pl«f'«P'*n4 Ss^te «U^'1«i. 
deliver: 'Phone 428-4222, Fuel Saft^Jl SS £JSS^ 
Feeda«uB«UdIngSupplies.lnc ^^cfmS.'n ' 

Home & Apt. Usttnci Needed 

for Sale or Rent 

MenOier of VirginUBeadilial- 

tiple Listing Service. 500 

Salesmen will heUi sell yonr 


Coop«r RMlty 

tun Pttlfie Ave. 
Ph 428-1330 

Guest house, custom fiimlsted, 
waterfroirt estate, twobaleoaies 
werloddng waiter. 340-9491. 


Labrador puppies - 16 wedcs, 
AKC registered, wormed, aU 
shotis, males $125, females 
$100, or best (tffer. 627-8696 
or 499-1833. 

Uiasa apso pups-AKC regis- 
tered, rare goMs. Also, re- 
gistered Yorkshire terrier. 

paint interior and exterior. 464- 

Special fall cleanup and close 
up. 25% discouitf for all work 
done in the next 60 days. Chim- 
ney Sweeping and fire place 
repair. Dampers installed or 
fixed. Furnace cleaning. Atlant- 
ic Builders & Maintenance. Call 

Use SUN Classified Ad^, 

to Work For You 


Compose your own classified od 


la MM «M»i) 
Minimum Charge 1.00 Under Four Lines 

Coirtractors & Home Builders- 
Let us help you with ttiat new 
home -additions -or repairs 
We can furnish materials from 
basement to attic and aid ymi 
in financing. 
PboM: KeUam & Eatoi^ bic 



Circle (» 
12345 TFK 


TUTORING- Certified Teadier, 
Tutoring after s<*ool in ete- 
meotary subjects. 464-2681. 

musk: LESSONS 
Iteory, Rap»tdre 
James It Franots Morrissoft 
Accessible from Expressway. 
Ta. Bat Bird, First (kktiai 
or iMkin Rt J* 428-058?. 

S% discount If run 4 woeks 

Secretary - Compose uA ^ 
own oorracpooteiie*. 421-9571. 

Ml It 

VIrilili iM* ,fs. tt4SI 



Virginia BetKh Sun 

Thursday, December 3, 1970 

Williams explains the course in employ 
ment to Seatacl( residents. 

Out For 

A i<AiA |MX)gram by the Ws- 
trlbutlve Education Service oi 
Virginia Beadi and the Vir- 
ginia Employment Commissi(Hi 
was launched this week to help 
area residents prepare for em- 

About 10 Seatack residents 
were on hand Monday at the 
Seatack Community Center to 
register for the 10-hour, 4- 
day course entitled "Pre-Em- 
ployment Training". 

The training course is de- 
signed to help the prosepective 
employee evaluate himself and 
to expect )»1)en he goes for a 
job interview. 

According to Terry Williams, 
DE Coordinator at Cox Hif^ 
School, special attention is fo- 
cussed on the prospective em- 
ployee's extra curricular ac- 
tivities and hobbies. 

Also aiding in the registra- 
tion was Robert Stahlin, DE 
Coordinator at Kellam Hi^ 

Wear White at Night P^a-k A rea 

Now Closed 

"To grasp why it is safer 
to wearvhito at id|^ we must 
tiuHt^m tm vision is of 
vittl in^sor^mtie to drivers," 
ttld Fraat W. C«t mrector, 
IIAew^r ArtonuMle Assn. 

H» tad fittt pointed out Uiat 
November is the month wfai(^ 
tas the highest motor-vehicle 
aeetdent tolls. "Darkness tells 
earlier, but nmny children are 
still out id^^. Both drivers 
and pedestrians must adjust to 
the changing coxUtions. In this 
situation, ttie pedestrian's at- 
titiKle is crudal in determining 
bis safety." Then €<« stressed 
ttie importance of vislcm. "If 
the pedestrian wants to help 
drivers, he will do everyfldBg 
he can to make Mnaself visible 
to them. Hie best way for flie 
nighttime pedestrian to 4o this 
Is to earry a Ught jot wear 

WMte is easily seen at night 
because it reflects lig^ from 
the headligMs back to the eyes 
of the driver and because it 
contrasts against the blackness 

The T.A.A. urges all local 
citlaens to be aware of the 
importance of bdng seen, to 
wear white awl/or special re- 
flective materids at nig^t, to 
buy white (Hitdoor clothing for 
their children, and to nudce 
sure that they wear It. 

Steven RiMte, age 1^ a third 
grad^ at M. TliomM Aquims 
School in ai^inw, MiaigaQ 
dei^gned a poster iUiistrattng 
the "Wear White Alter D|rk*' 
coneept. It is being Astribtrted 
to lotmt sdM)^ thr<Mi^ thp 
safety education irogram <rf Tte 

Local Man 

The appointment of two new 
members to tte Chrysler Ma* 
rineDealers Advisory Council 
has been announced by Donald 
A. illlton, general manager of 
Chrysler Corporation's Marine 
and Industrial Products Oper- 

The six-member councilre- 
presents all Chrysler outboard 
and boat dealers in the U.S., 
and provides Chrj^er Marine 
management witffrecommenda- 
tions regardii^ dealer fraa- 
diisii^, product develc^ment, 
marketing, merchandising and 

The new members of the 
council are Charles H. Knierim, 
of Mutual Boat Sales in Hiah- 
leah, Fla., and Walter Royal, 
of Thompson-Royal Marine, 
3443 Virginia Beach Blvd. 

Tte iotural area in Seashore 
State Park is {urgently dtosed 
ttie Virginia mvisiMi (tf Parte 
amounced. It «in reopen Janu- 
ary S. 

The area, comprising most 
of the park south of U.S. 60, 
includes a nature center and 
walking trails. The sectiai is 
iMted for a wide mixture of 
semi-tro(dcal and temperate 
sone plants, with baUcypress 
b-ees and Spanish moss amcmg 
the prominent features. This 
umsial variety is due to the 
low-lying terrain where lagoons 
are protected ITom ocean winds 
by hi^ sand dunes and thick 
vegetation, which results in 
higjier temperi^res than the 
adjaceat ragion. 

Campgrounds north of U.S. 
60 wilrrennin(9ea,withh^ted 
restrooms and showers for 
cold-weatber campers. How- 
ever, the 64th Street exteielon' * 
leading to the Narrows Marina 
will be closed for ttie six-week 
period, the Division, of Parks 

The natural area's temporary 
closing is an effort to prevent 
destruction of the delicate ba- 
lance of life during the ap- 
proaching holiday season, the 
Divisi(» explained. 

Thbyear give F&M^ Anri-Mhitioii Bonds. ^ ^ 
And make pdliition a glwst of Chrislniaiit post 


The staggering figure on air and water pollution 
in this countay could scare the dickens out of you. 

It's time to act. And what better time than 

ThB year you can give F&M's new Anti- 
Pollution Bonds. They help fight pollution because 
all the money you invest in them iS^>es into a special 
loan pool for anti-pollution projects. ' 

(And to make the pool erow faster, F&M 
match^ every deposit on a aollar-for-dollar basis.) 

Not only that, when you give our Anti-Pollution 
Bonds for Christmas, you re also giving someone 
a whopping, guaranteed 5^% return on the amount 
of investment. 

And we made our Anti-Pollution Bonds 
affordable as a Christmas present. You can stuff 
one in a stocking for as Uttle as $25. (They also 
come in amoimts of $50, $100 and up.) 

Give F&M's Anti-PoUutIra Bend* thia 
Christmas. You'll be giving a Chrirtmaa present 
for a Chrffitmaa future. 


Custodian Julian Perry makes a last min- 
ute check of supplies being readied for use 
in freezing weather creating a hazard at 
entrance ways to Virginia Beach Post 
Office Buildings. 

P.O. Ready for Winter 

Postmaster J.T. Crosswhite 
has appealed to customers (tf the 
Virginia Beach postal district 
to assist the Postal Service and 
the letter carriers by clearing 
and salting or sanding the stair- 
wa]« and pathway to mail re- 
ceptecles as soon as possible 
after a storm or freeze^ 

The Postmaster issued the 
aiveal in consideration of the 

time of the year when snowfalls 
and freezing rain conditions al- 
ways are impending. Each year 
numerous letter carriers are 
disabled by slips and fills while 
making deliveries. Cooperation 
in reducing this hazard will be 
greatly appredated by letter 
carriers, milkman, friends and 

Teacher Gets Fellowship 




Miss Rosalind Bryan Pitt- 
man, a teaser of sdence at 
Kellam High School, has re- 
cently been notifled by the Vir- 
ginia State Delartment of Edu- 
cation that ^ has been awanted 
one of Uie interntional Teadi- 
ing FellowsMps sponsored by 


Due $$$ 

Haider holidays may await 
137 Virginia workers, including 
ttiree from Virginia Beach, who 
will get some unexpected help 
' with their Christmas shoppii« 
if their names vpear oo a list 
Just released by tte Wage and 
Hour Division's Regional Office 

The list gives the names and 
last knownaddressesof wor- 
kers due back wages from Vir- 
ginia employers. Checks or let- 
ters sent to them have been 
returned by the Post Ofhce. 
Business firms and the Labor 
Department's Wage and Hour 
office have l)een unable to lo- 
cate them. 

Amounts due each worker 
range from $5.24 to 1507.76. 
The total is $8,210.68. To claim 
bade wages, the worter must 
identify himself I7 mailing 
A LETTER) his Sodal Security 
number and his present address 
to the Waft ttld Hour Division, 
U.S. Deptfteient of Labor, Room 
769, U.S. Courthottte BuikUng, 
801 Broadway, Nashville, Ten- 
nessee 37203, according to Pat 
Me loan, Regional Diredor. 
This letter should be written 

The Department (A Labor 
would also welcome any infor- 
mation from former neiilibors 
as to the whereabouts of the 
workers. The three from Vir- 
ginia Beach, an) their iMt 
known addresses, are Marvin 
Barton^ 300 Joan Terrace; 
Charles Rudd, 2301 N. Wolf- 
snare ^.; and Garner Wag- 
staff, 1306 Garner Dr. 

Helps Shrink 
Swelling Of 

caoMd by fai lJ a m wattoii 

Docton hav« found a meiika- 
ti<Hi tfyrt in nuuqr eiiss dvee 
praoqrt, Iniqxuaiy vim nam 
pain aoAd Imrriqt Ml in kMM»- 
rhofakl tianiMThai it actnaUy 
Mpe ^ridt mralUnf of tbrae 
tiiraee eavMd Iv mtami^ia. 

No pi«wd|M(» h naedad fm 
Pnparation R Ointinvnt or 

the Government of Vidoria, 

Miss Plttman wiU teach at 
Canterbury Girls' High School 
in the dty of Melbourne. 

lUss Pittman is a natlv« of 
Wilaaa, N.C, She r«ceived a 
bachelor of arts degree from 
Randoli^ Macon Women's Coj^ 
lege and a master of arts de- 
gree in teaching from the Ihd- 
versity of North Carolina at 
Chapel Hill. She Joined tbeVir- 
ginia Beach School System in 

Cadet On 

Cadet Joel W. Mi^er, son 
of Mr. and Mrs. Ceorfe F. 
Miller, 404 Tlconderoga Rpad, 
is i^ending the Univerat^ of 
Vir^nia, under a four-year U.SL 
Air. Fwce Reserve (MDeara 
Trailing Corps sdiolarahip. 

Cadet MiUer is provided fliU 
tuition, laboratory cxpMies, 
inddental fees, an allowioct 
for textbodtoanda^O-a-monUi 
subsistence allowance. Each 
spring, 500 male high schod 
seniors who have been accepted 
tqr a college ho^i^ AFROTC 
are named redplents of four- 
year scholarships. 

Selection is based on an ap- 
plicant's college entrance adio- 
lastic aptitucte teat aeoraa. Air 
Force Officer Qualifjrllff Teat 
ratings, Uf^ sdiool at^da^ic 
and extracurricular activity re- 
cords and results (rf Hw Air 
Force inedical examination for 
flying penMsmel. 

Cadet Miller is otroltod aa a 
fireahman in academic ooursaa 
leading toward a badwlor's de- 
gree la aeroqiaea eaiioMrlng, 
la additloD, IM partldpttea ia 
the AFKnC-apooaored mili- 
tary titii^ which Includat 
fli^ inatrudion and will hava 
the OHMvtunity to nrn Ma prl- 
v^ pilot mrtiflcate. 

Upon gradiatton and eompla- 
ttoa of the four-ynr prognua, 
Iw will be commii^oned la Air 
Force sec(md lieutenaiA. 

The cadet is a 1970 grada- 
ate d Princess Anna HliU 

"To the pnu aloae, ehsck- 
erad as it is with ahoaes, ti» 
world ia indebted for all tia 
triuBQiha iMdi teve b^ d>- 
tdned by mK« iBl httMolty 
over error and ofpreaioB." - 
JamM IbMttaoo, 

Holes Better 




1^1. ] No. 12 

December 3, 1979 



Million Dollar Lab 


Above . 

With the Thanksgiving holidays over Christmas Is 
now upon us. The stores and shops are decorated 
and Santa is taking orders. Visiting Santa at Pem- 
brdce Mall was CINDY MYERS 6, daughter of MR. 
and MRS. C. R. MYERS of Pembroke. - ° 

Above Left 

BOB SAUL md ALAN FORBES work on an organic 
diemlstry distillation project in the Chemistry lab 
of Virginia Wesleyan College's new million dollar 
science Building. More pictures on pages 2 and 3. 


With the young people home for the holiday and the 

sun shining the beach was a little more populated 

than usual for (bis time of year. 

The surfers were out in numbers as were the 


page 13 



Pn^ Z INSIGHT ThuntdBly, Dec 3. 1970 

Tbe new Scienee BulUttng at Vir^oia Weslejrui College e^ant om mUltoD 
doUara. Tli^ building is completely wired for closed circuit telei^on and besides 
ttie usual liyboratories for classes there are small Ubs coonedii« with ia8truct(H>s 

QiPMt bi nMob itadeate ctt reedft tafli^taal ioMraetUiis or do iaikptutaA 
rttseardi. Tbe new ftdttfy inc(»p(a«tes nasf other modem ImoratiooB not fbund 
^ larger u^venities. 

DANNY WHITE, assistant professor of math; RON SELL, assistant director of pubUc relations and de- 
velopment and DOCTCffi HARVEY SIMSOHN, assistant professor of chemistry and physics study olam 
for the yet to be complex advanced dhemistry laboratory. ^^ 

Student SALLY 8ANF0RD receives assistance from Doctor VERl^ 
KEEPER, assistant proftessor oftiolocy. 



ater's Ori 


piJbiished each MMnesi% by the Beach f^^ 

PiiAshers (rf The VirRinia.Beach Stf) 
Gordon B. MKclioN, MMiagor 

3106 Pacific Avemie, \rif|jni8 Beach. ^ 23451 
The World's LavstBesortCify 




151 E. Uttle Creek BA, 
Wu^ Corner Norfolk 


INSIGHT Thur^dayrDec. 3, 1970 Page 3 

IfflKE SCHIIIlfEL and BILL KLYVER stodjr as painters coaUam DOCIt^ SOBCMH ^um» tta iroeedBn tor setttag qp a Wbeatstooe Mdge, for niMsurioK dstanees, to 
vorkintiMlitckgrouDl ALAN FORBES, MIKE SCBIliliEL and BILL KLYKER. 


Pc^e 4 INSIGHT Thurtday, D«c 3, 1970 

Weekend Affords 


Saturday was a good fall day for leaf burning and In many areas it wasn't raly 
die morning overcast that otscured tbe sun but a beavy pall of smote from burning 

TOMMY POTTER 14, and his brother JAMES 12, brought their canoe down to ttw lake in 
King's Grairt on a special bicycle trailer and went fishing. 



AtlMtlc A Slit Street 


Bu»ine$9men Lunektmt fiwm 95^ Mp 

luu^ Ute torses at (teeam Air Statioi's 

SpeekU IHmmr fnm hSO up 

For yow JNaiaff EatertaiiuMBt- 
Ure Offgu If «iic bjr Uny Utam 

TlMmHhiy, FiMiqr, tetmtojr and tkuda^ Ereniagi 

mtmnr TfjB 

INSIGHT Thursday, Dtc. 3, 1970 Pago 5 

Saturday is always a day for a man to get Jobs done that he doesn't have time 
tor during the week. St. Aldan's Episcopal Church Is planning an addition 

to the Christian Education building, One of the first steps is to clear the land 
so vestrymen TON BEAMAN fells some trees and cuts them into lengths that—"" 

VINCE GEPP drives a wedge to split the logs into cordwood. 


Initial Cleanout Service 
$7. this wetk only 

with an engine in tlie front, 


and the middle. 

The Audi lOOLS 



The car with the engine in the front is called the Audi. 

It stops differently, turns differently, moves differently, evert 
uses ga^ differently than just about every other car in the world. 
(Sixty-one years of German engineering experience has taught us 
a few things.) ^ 

The car with the engine in the rear is the Porsche 911. 

A true classic in sports cars. And a classic in engineering. In 
fact, over the past twenty-orte years Porsches have proven to be so 
well engineered, so precise, that they've won more than one thou- 
sand major races. 

And the car without an engine in the front or the back is the 
Porsche 914. 

We put the engine in the middle so the 914 would hold the 
road better, comer surer, and brake smoother than almost any 
other car. 

At the auto show we'll be glad to show what our cars look 
like in real life. We're very proud of them. 

And we'll show you something we're even more proud of 

''""fcV&orL. PORSCHE I AUDr 

a division of Volkswagen of America, Inc. 





Pqge 6 INSIGHT Thurscfciy, Ogc. % ifJQ 

Atlantic Mental Hygiene Center Receives Check 

The Women's Auxiliary, Tidewater Assoclatton of Home Builders presented a check 
for $250.00 to further the work, of the Atlantic Mental Hygiene Center. MRS. CLARA 
GUY, chairman jAilanthropic committee of the auxiliary, and, MRS. JODY SPADEA. 

first vlw president, made the presentation to DOCTOR JAMES D. UAGVE u BURNS 
W.' SPORE, administrator, and MRS. EUZABETH P. KMSON, cUef psydatric sodal 
worker, looked on. » r-/ 

•••••• wx:>»x«^:c<;:^^ 

Polly's Beauty Habit 


(to Y van Experience) 



You never know when you'll need H.I 

Today's overpowering hospital and medical bills could 
clamp a bear hug on your savings . . . unless you 
have H.E.LP. if s the new plan of Health Expense 
Ijoss Protection that iceeps you safe from the squeeze 
of BIG medical expenses. Better check your medical 

^»n«'tt»now. W your protection Is out of date 


-- You'll be thankful you did. 

KettaeM -CaXcu. 


-on any make wig or halrpiece- 

in our 

New Wig Service Center 

For a new attractive you- without the wigged^look 
call Nancy-Frances or Polly at 420-2727 





Monday & Tuesday 


Complete Beauty Service 

II .'^ « « 


3111 PAOnC AVE. 




Near Military Circle 
930 BriarhiJI Road 420-27271 


INSIGHT Thursdoy, Dm. 3, 1970 Pogt 7 

Make Good Neighbors 


Robert Fro$t 


Wlten your mtgUbor bas a U^^ fence It's miglify lisky IxicklDg 
oitf into trtffic «n AtUuoilc Avenue. Tbese two yvMOg Navy offieers 
dk»t worry ttioue^ because they can see around tte OM^er witti 
tto belp qI a large mirror mounted on a pole. U. $TEVE GARLAND 
and U. DAVE LUNDAHL stand beside their driveway. 

DAVE demonstrates how he can observe api»>oaeUnK traffic before pulUng oirt^iC the driveway.^ 

/N smt 



Winterized $14 

stored $3.45. 

cau 340.d262 


wm nBST ANNirmtsAMY 

FsBtaitic itwfirfdc Mviagi in timt to c«npl«te 
yma mmtinke 1m tlw HolMftjr mmm. 




ffllSS QSR^ie 

has o new time • • • 



and a new station . . 



Page 9 INSIGHT Thurtdo^ Dec. 3, 1970 


Fifth Annual ThanksgivingX^ampout 

Tbe vest parUng lot at Seasliore Siate Park looked almost as if summer bad returned 
last weekend as forty-eig^t families gathered from all over die state for ttie flfOi 
annual Thanksgiving Campoirt of the Naticwal Camping and Hikers Associi^ioo. 

There were can^rs of all daet, thapat (oA vtrlaty in attenJence ai the 144 foot 
dining tabte was bdi« set qp. Hm luffiBt b^t doi« ^ns aootter 56 fMt Jong. 

BRUCE POWELL ROGERSON d Hampton and JOHN DYE of WUttamabarg pr^are their 1%aiilBiiiTing 
dtflDers at the buffet taUe. 

MRS. PAT BLAKE <tf Vloioa, Va., State DUwetor of the 
astodatioo. wore the tradltiooal i^eas of Uk Jamastows 
Mttlers to her Thaiia^vtof. 

. ^ ■fv.mi-ppp.p- 


INSIGHT Thursday, Dec 3, 1970 Pidg« 9 

Draws Families From Across Va. 

Forty*^^ ft nl lies from 
tturoui^bditf VtrgliiU gittiered at 
SeiAort &aA» nyfjjclast VMlend 
for tte fliA aniHiii Thanksgiving 
CampcMt it tta N^ooal Campers 
and Hiipera Ai8odatl<». The host 
did) for fl» eiwi^, n^ch is held 
every y«ar it "S^tshore", is 
The VinMA BeadbSandfliddlers. 
The SaadfiddlMrs was ttie first 
chivter of M.CHA to be char-* 
tered in the state. 
Stulian Stite Park was chosen 
as Q>e site- for ttie anntttl out- 
door Thi^EHivfaic oel^ition, 
not only he^ie it is Oe hoim 
psrk of Ills SodfUdlers but, be- 
cause of it's proximity to Cape 
Henry where the Jamestown set- 
tters first landed. 

Some of these peqple see ea^ other only onceayearso 
it's fUn to get togetiier and renew old friendships and aoquain- 
taaoes. MBS. NITA BROWN, (foreground) State Communications 
DLrector for die association, smiles for the camera. 

TOBY ROGERSON of Portsmouth, his grandaughter JEAN POWELL 
ROGERSON of Hampton and JOHNNY JOHNSON of Chesapeak prepare 
for the door prize drawing for a 45 pound turkey. The turkey was won 
by MR. & IIRS. JOHN DYE of WiUiamsburg. 

GEORGE HAMMEL of Chesapeake served coffee nd temonaite to the dinars. 


P40t.lO immnr Thursday. Dm. d, WQ 


Winter Wonderland 

Peiiit>irol» Hill'f iitferior decorattons Include tUs repUea^of Stote's hoitie. When tliese dcturet w»re 
tikei^ ^thii^idte, more adulls flan drildren were eojo!^iiK flte dM 


YkMt eMldren look on m MRS. SANTA twikMi 8»)(d^oldtlftomitoUcClirMnwETO 

SO lie 




«• c»1 iiRBrt it 
AIlM CAN dots 







P. 0. iM III 

INSIGHT Thursday, Dec. 3, 1970 Page 11 

Young Entrepreneurs 


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every week 



Everyone needs extra money for Christmas Ixiying and 
these two pretty young ladies are no exceptions. Sisters 
PATTY 12, and PEGGY WALKER 11, picked cattails 

- f ■ % 



Xi w^ 


' '^ ''"- ' • - ' i^^^T 


.SA..—. . .. \..L '• ... 

and are selling them at Oceana. If you're in the mar- 
ket for cattails PATTY and PEGGY have set upon 
Virginia Beach Boulevard near the Toll Road. 

rf t ',- t^ i,rij^ 


The nil WW twina ililffilajr - after it finally broke dirou^ the overcast. 
^RLEY KIRK and DAVE STOUT relaxed for a few minutes on the beach. 


48M0lfrHaUAIIANTEE «^^ ^^ 
AUeliM ^21.95 


1948-F P i iw oi id Sprinte Rd. 
Phone 464-3516 


PAPER iys 

Thoroughgood Estates 
Boyslde Pines 
Lymhaven Colony 


» Lorkspur .«^ 

Avalon Hills 
CALL MRS. HILL49!^.0017 


Rog«12 INSIGHT Thursday, De^ 3. 1970 

Lawn Decorations 

Many tome owners in Virginia Beadi have (Iteeorated 
their lawns, not only with shniAery but, witb liaa- 
ginatlon. Here are a few such lawn (tecorations ttiat 
the IN SIGHT piiotograpber found In Larkspur. 


Twa old wagon wheels guard the drive to the DONALD H. SPICER home at 4704 
Driver Court. 

Service Mgr. 


•Free Lubrication 

Tune up Special— 

^ ^ Plus Parts 

Install Plugs, Points, 
Condenser. Complete 
Engine Cteck Up & Road 
Tested $14,95 

General Motors 
Permanent Anti-Freeie $2.75 gal. 


21st. ft Pacific Ave. Phone 428-2132 


First Colonial- - 

High School News 

INSIGHT thursclqy, Dec. 3, 1970 Page 1^ 

Am. Editor 
Sports Editoi: 
Lay Out. 

M. Courtrwy 
K. Duckott 
J. Hooks 
J. ChsHfisy 
B. Barber 

J. Hooks 
S. Walker 
d. Jooning 

Sponsor: Barbara KlrlqMtrick 

Brawn or Brain 

The National Honor Society 
sponsored Iqr Mr. Don Harvey 
and Mr. Bruoe Platts, consists 
of 27 sedors. Failure to maln- 
tain a B average mdaos pro- 
battoo. Anyooe making lower tttan 
C Is ircppeA from tbe club. 
Stacey Walker commented, "I 
better drop some subjeds!" 

Tbelr ofdoers are: Nancy 
Kaba— President, John Jennings 
•>rVice-Predde&t, Rente Craft— 
Steretary, am Kevin Dee— Trea- 

Club goals for the year include 
M)riii( for stutents needing 
helpu Help sessions are held od 
Mondays and Wednesdays in room 
605 after bott shifts. Ttey alsp 
hope to purchase more bendies 
for those lazy afternoon buUsls- 
siMis in the courtyard. 

Hopefd Jmdors, keep those 
grades up! 

The Steel Pier is where slot of the fteaks and surfers made the scene over flie holiday. 


SUSAN SWIMSOf of First Cokdal md STEVE FINN of ODU have Oie xi^A idea of what to do over ttie 
Thanksgiving Holidays. 

Everyman: Reviewed 

' A father-son woodshop class 
is being held TiKsdayM^ts from 
7 until 10 for interested wood- 
shop students and their fathers. 
This program, sponsored by Mr. 
Maynard West, began Nov. 4th 
and will end in January. The 
purpose is to provide a place 
for fathers and sons to work 
togetter if they do not have 
ttieir own woodshop. The costs 
are $4.00 fee and the cost of 
the materials used. Projects now 
being i made are room dividers, 
tables, gun cabinets, and book 

An adult woodshop class, a 
combination of Woods 1, n, and 
ni, will begin either at the end 
of January or beginning of Fe- 
bruary. If you are interested, 
see Mr. West. ^ 


liSst week First Colonial News 
erroneously listed Pat Prumley 
as a manager of Firs^Colooial 

Mrs. Betty Roger's English 
class presented a morality play 
to tte F.C. student body. Its 
ttieme centered around tbe invit- 
able death of every man. The play 
(Hwned witti a simile of God 
cdling tbe death of Everyman. 
The dark tdue li^rting suggested 
the holiness and fruth of His 
presence. Death, white-faced, 
clothed in black, summons 
Everynna to his death. Ewry- 
man proceeds to find compeni(»s 
to go with him to bis death. 
He i^roaches Fellowship, radi- 
ati]% blue as warmth, to accom- 
pany him. When turned down be 
beck(ms Knowledp, who lii^rs 
awhile. His Inman friends, il- 
lumined by green ligt^ as 
earth, betray him. His Five 
Sen^s, Beaitfy,u)dl^engthd»iy 

him their companionship. Left 
only to go with him is Good 
Deeds, idio will make his ^orney 
with him. As the play ends it 
becomes darker and darker as 
the doom of every man stalks 
Um down, teft only with his food 

Much time was put into the 
costumes vdiich depicted each 
duuracter's re^esentati(« fit- 
tingly. Proper lighting yielded a 
sipificant effect. lines were 
temporarily fwgotten, but is ex- 
pected of frustrated actors in 
a performance as this. No cre- 
dit can be given to the inat- 
tentive audience. 

Cast is as follows: Steve Bram- 
mer, lUke Branidi, Katharine 
Culp, JudiUi I^pger, Denise El- 
Hot, Roma EmaBuels(»i, Vaterie 
Gary, Pamela Hwteon, Jam^ 

Humnter, Ifidiael Karpie, Me- 
lanie Keegan, Stei^n Mac- 
Dooald, Kathleen Mahan, Mltai 
Matter, Marc MoCorkie, Lynn 
Medlin, Patricia Price, Richard 
Riner, Kenneth Sancber, Michael 
Self, JVnet Small, Savonda 
Spence, Joe Stoait, Ronald Sto- 
ver, Margaret Suggs, Jay Van 
Kleek, Unda Walher, Scott Wal- 
lace, Frank Wawvrtyniak, James 
Winston, Leslie Karvala, Mafc 

Hie framewOTk of tte play is 
composed oi the director-Mar- 
garet Suggs; sete and ligttfing- 
Jiffl Hummer; Prompters- Pam 
Hudson; c(»tunws-Homa Eman- 
oelson; and make-up— Patti 
Price. Throughoi^ the six weeks 
bi hard work Mrs. Itoger's only 
role was to l^w itten(ten(%. 

Medium to Visit 
First Colonial 

What lurkes in your future? 
Is it love, success, problems, 
or maybe diange? The week of 
December 7th throu^ December 
lltb can be your diance to step 
into the Mure, to see the un- 
seen, and to know the unknown. 

A Medium is coming to First 
Colonial to qpen toe doors of 
tomorrow for those who dare to 
venture into the occult. She will 
not reveal her birth-given name, 
but will {Hreside unter the as- 

sumed title "Madame ArciUi". 
She is a professional who works 
in a professional way: by ap^ 
pointment only. 

If you are weak, take leave. 
But if you think yourself men- 
tally capable ctf comprehending 
what fate has in store for yot^ 
make your aj^intmeiU with Mrs. 
Louise Lowentlol in room $0i, 
and pay your quarter. Prepve 

Page 14 INSIGHT Thurs^o^ J)«c 3| 1970 

OCEANA AWARDS-HAS Oceafa executive officer , CAPTAIN H.F. GERNERT (far left), recently iresentod 
six Oceana nwn with Good Conduct Medals. Tliey are: (1 to r) CUef Aviation Electrician's Mate R.E. 
CLARK, Chief Aviation Machinist's Mate S.J. SOLOMC^, Chief Boilernian J.N. FORD, Avlatioo MaeUnts^s 
Mate First Class, H.K. SMifH, nAviation Maddaist% Mate Seeond Class M.B. FOUE, aad Atf Controlmln 
'^ First Class J.J. SOUTHARD. Official U.S. Navy Kioto. 

officer, CAPTAIN JOHN E. FORD presents the Navy Commendation 
for meritorious service as staff avionics officer while attached to 
Commander Fleet Air Whidbey, Whidbey Island, Wash., from March 
8, 1968 to July 23, 1970. MR. RICHARDS presently resides in Vir- 
ginia Beach with his wife, SHARON, and four children. He is employed 
with the Stanwiclc Corporation as a systems engineer. Official U.S. 
Navy Photo 

GASPENNY ^(center) of 1388 Ladeslde Road, and MR. iuid MRS. 
MICHAEL HAYES, 817 First Ccdonial Road, Virginia Beach are 
each holding bluefish tbey caught from Hatteras Island Flshii^ 
Pier at Rodanthe. The trio caugirt a total of 19 ol tbe tig dbow^r* 
during one night d fishing last we^nd. GASPENNY also caugtit 
a 32 pound striped bass. (Photo by Aycoclc Brown) 




MOW 4$ TMff riMff TO §Ut 


Girl Seoot Brovnte Troop 246 from Biyilde, SbeltoD Park Seteol, visited the VlriUa Badi S P C A 
list VMlk SA!a>T Al^lfi iod JEMraFER WAIX foiBd tlinse tiro ewUtey i^ 




INSIGHT ThurtdOfy, D«c 3, 1970 Ptt0t IS 



V ■ • 




As An Introduction to our new 

Weekly4>i€toriat, ¥oii May 

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— ^if glitifl Bwih Blvd^ & Great Neck Road 

Invites Iliu^^^T^ 



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S&H Green Stamp Book 
with $2.00 worth of Bonus Stamps. 








VA. aiai9 

I " 


f _ 

1 nrfiiiliiiftSMi 

tJM Hf umm 


45th Year 

Virginia Beach, Virginia, Thursday, December 10, 1970 

1.1. 1 hum 128-2 nn 

10 cents 

Sign Decision 
Deferred For 


An ordinance that woold li- 
onit the sin and placement 
flf D^RxMTds along major high- 
^inm In Virginia Beach sche- 
(jkiled for its first public hea- 
ring Tuesday has been deter red 
fbr 60 days, then to l>e followed 
\ by a special public hearing. 

In. explaining ttie deferral, 
Planning Commission Chair- 
maii Benjamin W. Wroten said 
the Commission didn't have suf • 
^ ^ciant time to study the pro- 
pose ordinance, having been 
givei) the ordiance Tuesday 

Wf oteH sdd the commission 
has ^received "quite a bit of 
correspondence" on the sip 
prdinance and that it needed to 
sfR-^ougb the suggestions be- 
fbre it felt it could {»roperly 
hearttie matter. 

On a motion by Homer Cun- 
niniJiam, the commission voted 
unanimously to continue Ok 

Wroten said the ordinance 
xas^ of great Importance to the 
peofle of Virginia Beadi, and 
that time was needed tedly to 
be )(ure of the proper action 
to lake, V<^er which there 
tidl|be a special public tearing 
to liaar from intere^ parties. 

Ilnse interested parties 
were- ali^y present at ttie 
ttgWy attended meeting and 
ras^ from members of the 
Conmittee for Visual Pollution 

AHB HWiHlf ■ 'HUi^lWnl'- 

'm«iB iiaye been iteferred 

tiaiee City Cotmcil instituted a 

OMfi^utn on the aiyUc^ions 


Etot Diither of the parties 
were dispteased wiUi the gran- 
ting (tf flie deferral 

Robert M. Stanton, diairman 
of ttie pollution control com- 

mittee, said the dfcfferal was 
necessary because too few peo- 
ple knew of the spf'Ciflc pro- 
visions of the ordinance. 

"We found that the werwhel- 
ming majority of citizens favor 
strong regulation of signs," but 
Stanton said "they were unfa- 
miliar with the specific pro- 

But the ordinance may be 
in for alterations. 

Accompanying the proposed 
ortfinance is a five page lis- 
ting of changes. Most of the 
changes have been proposed by 
the signboard industry, accor- 
ding to the notations . 

Major revisions proposed in 
Uie ordinance would be increa- 
sing the height of the signs 
from 15 to 20 feet, decreasing 
the spacing between signs from 
1000 to 500 1 feet, extension of 
time required for non-confor- 
ming signs to be taken down or 

The six applications deffered 
again as a result of the com- 
mission's action^^ are those l^ 
Atlantic Displays, Inc., Turner 
Advertising Cq., John H. and 
Katheryn H. Mote, and Stan- 
dford & Inge. 

All of the applicatiofs are 
adjacent or very near to the 
.Virginia Beach-Norfolk Expre- 
ssway. Two an>lications have 
already been approved and the 
sipi steletons erected along 
the expressway near theWitch- 

dw6 of the major contentions 
of those oppcsing signboards 
altogether is that the signs 
shouM not be placed along the 
expressway or any major road- 
way in the ciiy because they 
present traffic hazards and 
would destroy the scenic bea- 
uty of the land adjacent to the 

Port for City 

Is Under 


TwowometncxJrtsblfreach oth^durlM Harijor 0ay cere- 

mony Sanday at liidewater Veterftfis Meii|orial Gardens. Hjgt)- 
light of the impressive ceremony was the Ufiveiling and dedication 
of the memorial to ail veterans and laying of the wreath in honor 
of deceased was sponsored by the Tidewater Veterans 
Memorial Gardens Council. 

World Government Conflict Answer 

A crisis in Chile in Hie next 
four or five years is predicted 
by George BUss, a member of 
the Friends Committee on 
National Legislation, the 
Qualcer lobbyiig group 
in Washington, D.C. 

Bliss who was visiting the 
Friends Meeting House in Vir- 
ginia Beach this week, traced 
the path of military conflicts 
since World War H, while point- 
ing out how u^rofitable peace 
is to the American economy. 
"No one person is 
re8ponsible--it's not a 
conspiracy," said Bliss. "In- 
(histry today realizes a great 
deal of iffosperity is due to 
definsc contracts, linredict 
nam wiU be a crisis in Chile 
in die next four or five years- 
at some time mbea it's very 
important for the passage of a 
miliary budget, it (ttie crisis) 
irtU conveniently betrotted 


Blin said that after other 
wars prtor to World War II 
the United ^atos weirt back to 
a peacetime economy. "Since 
1945 we have nd once gone 
hack to a p^cetime economy. 
It has made us the most af- 
fluent 4Bd powerful country in 

After World War U, Bliss 
s^, ttiere was a cold war. 
l^lin was a good figure to fear. 
The IMtsd States had to keep 
qi a alMB7 ^i^e be<»ase 
''Russia «^0t have tte atomic 
toobi Blgtt Just be planning 
to tike o^w! Then came Korea. 






V iMBlfittli II iImH 


i«««a«««a**« ••••••••••• 




Editorials 4 




Next peace followed mth aslig^t 
recession. The U-2 scare re- 
stored the economy soon 
followed by the Berlin blockade 
which kept militarism high. 

'^Then things began to ease 
off on the Russians, and we 
began to look to Southeast Asia, 
then Cuba and the Dominican 

"The Vietnam thing has been 
going for the last eight years," 
said Bliss. "As Nixon began 
pulling troops out it looked 
like we were going to be able 
to cut down. Then thie mid-East 
tolng broke loose and two new 
carriers got through 

Bliss, formerly a teachet in 
a Quaker school, pointed out 
that Quakers have been lobbying 
ever since the Society of 
Friends was formed 300 years 
ago. He defines a lobbying group 
as "a pressure group to bring 
as much pressure on legislative 
groups as possible to help Con- 
gress in their awesome task 
of writing legislation for this 
country." • 

Specifically, the Quakers be- 
lieve in bringing "truth 
to power, not in tlte sense of 
lecturing but sharing our con- 
cerns." George Bernard Shaw 
wrote a play, 'The King awl 
George Fox," pdnting out the 
easy relationship b^ween file 
king of England and Fox, the 
founder of the Society of 

Amther famous lobtMest was 
William Penn who also gc^ along 
with the powers in Ei^^and. 
Another Quaker was Mary 
Fisher who traveled to Turkey 
to complain to toe sultan about 
toe treatmei^ (rf women and 
Christians in his couitry. 

Sotte more ^^aters spoke 
witti Hitler's leaters about the 
tteitoK^ at Je#B in World 
Wtf n, resultii« in toe release 
of 31,000 Jews. 

to 4943^ toe QwdMM becuM 
concenwl lAtti toe InerMMd 
idUtartsm in the United matM 
ad stsk to^ fln^ kAbfii% 
groqi) to Wa^ngtoi lAn m- 
ivenol ndlitory teaisliv ms 
pi^oscd. Tlity m» ilin, and 
still are, tt» aeij rq^ered 

religious lobbying group in 
Washington. They have 400 full 
time in the education 

"Every Congressman is 
somebody's "boy' on mili- 
tarism. Somebody comes to 
them and points out how many 
people will be l^d off, out of 
work-the losS to the com- 
munity-if they vote against 
such and such a bill. 

"The Job we have ahead of 
us is to convince Congress 
that a peacetime economy in 
the long run is economically 
better than wartime— that's all 
we want. 

"Gradually people 'will see 
toe importance of doing things 
another way. It will restore 
toe concept of America being 
a peace-loving country. We've 
never been willing to withdraw 
and see if there's anotter way. 
No one dares to see if there 

is another way in even ajsnudl 

Bliss Believes that the an- 
swer to world conflicte is to 
have a world government under 
law wito an effective police 
force. Although he thinks the 
United Nations presently is "In- 
effective," Bliss said toe 
potenttal is toere. 

He pototed out that in 1965 
less than $50 billion was spent 
for the military and now it is 
$80 billion. He said It was never 
a billion until World War I 
and that whole war totaled $11 

"We're never going to be 
able to do anything in toe do- 
mestic sector until we get some 
of the military money." Thisi 
led to another thing which the 
Society of Friends is 
advocating-a guaranteed annual 
wage for everyone. 

Bliss pointed out that the 
minimum wage law is not being 
enforced. As he explained it, 
a garbage collector would earn 
toe same thing as an engineer 
under toe guaranteed wage. 
"There would be no differential 
because he's a garbage 

He said that Norbet Welner, 
a Mlchican Instltote of Tech- 
nology professor, predlcto that 
by 1980 a third of; the work 
force can do the work for all. 
"Two thirds of us would be 

"Nobody wants to change his 
way of life," said Bliss. 
"Everybody wants something 
better than he had as a diild. 
Everybody wanto more for toeir 
children than they had. It keeps 
splraling up. It's got to stop 

"God forbid Communism." 

A Viririnia Brach innkffper 
has pt'tititined the city to join 
tl\fr^ -Virginia Ports Authority 
in hfipt's of buildins up a cruise 
tradf throiish the r»'Sort city. 

In a letter to City Manager 
Roger Scott, Princess Anne Inn 
owner - manager Scott Sterling 
says the city is entitled to 
join the VPA because of its 
deep water harbor at Little 

The VPA is the state agency 
responsible for the development 
of Virginia's ports. It is pre- 
sently involved in attempts to 
unify all of the area's port 
authorities — Norfolk, Ports- 
mouth, Newport News—into one 
operation. Unification of the 
state's ports was one of Gov- 
ernor Holton's strong campaign 

The Norfolk Port and Indus- 
trial Authority is presently the 
only area port group abstaining 
from unification. That group is, 
in fact, stepping up its efforts 
to solicity cruise trade for Nor- 
folk, although the VPA is not, 
nor has it ever been, involved 
in cruise business. 

Sterling points out in his 
letter to Scott that four years 
ago William P. Kellam, who 
was toen state senator, offered 
leg^Iation for $100,000 for ad- 
vertising money for the Virginia 
State Ports Authority 
(toe organization that preceded 
toe VPA) to attract tourism to 
Virginia's porto." 

"However, this legislation 
did not meet with the Norfolk 
legislators' Ideas at that time,'* 
he sab). a v « 

"''MliKtlilim'^ ideas was an 
excellent one toen and is still 
a good idea," Sterling writes. 
"However, Virginia Beach will 
be le£| out unless our legislators 
join with Norfolk legislators, 
making the cruise tourist ships 
available to both ports. Little 
Creek and Norfolk." 

He pointo out that this will 
never come about unless toe 
city makes a formal request 
to Join the other state ports. 

file property in question Is 
toe parcel of land the Vlr- 
pnla Beach Industrial De- 
velopment Autoority purchased 
from toe Pennsylvania Railroad 
for industrial sites at Little 

Ernest T. Bauer, acUng ex- 
ecutive director of the VPA, 
said he thought^he city would 
probably be better off to de- 
velop water-related Industry at 
toe site. 

"There are not that many 
people here who support the 
cruise business," he said. 

James DeBellis, the city's 
director of economic develop- 
ment, somewhat agreed wlto 
Bauer, altooug^ he said he 
thought ^erling's idea "is 
great. ..I Just question the 
economics of It at this ttme." 

He said he thought the pro- 
perty had potential for indus- 
trial development, "but some- 
thing clean, like g^^ih, or a 

similar tyi* industry. "' 

UeBcllls said, howevi-r, that 
the city is setHtmsly coiisidi-riiit;' 
the idea ami that thi> only re- 
luctancf now it that ••tm» Utile 
is kno«-n about it." 

Assistant City Maiuger 
Gforp' Hanlnrry said h' could 
not siH'ak for the city niana^'er, 
wht) is out of town this week, 
but confirmed tliat he is c«)n- 
ductiud a study on the \nrssi- 
bility of a p(>rt for Virginia 

••We are involved in the city 
budget right now," ho said, 
•but we hope to have a re- 
commendation on this for city 
council shortly after the biKlget 
is completed." _. 

DeBellis said that Ixtth the 
Department of Economic De- 
velopment and the city's In- 
dustrial Development Authority 
have the possibility under study. 

Sterling, however, believes 
that time is of the utmost and 
that if the city does not move 
soon it M^llI miss the qjportunlty 
of getting state funds for port 
development at Little Creek. 

"I have been led to believe 
that legislatloni&toJae bniught 
up in January that could affect 

our well being," he said. "It 
would my to be reJKly." 

When questioned abotrt his 
idea, Sterling explained that 
he thought Norfolk would soo^ 
obtain state hmds to Dring 
cruise trade into to^t dty., 

'I can't see #y itorfolk 
should have all the business," 
he said. -After ail, it's tax- 
payers money and it sluwld tpt 
be channeliHl into just iHie city?' 

"I do hope it meets «ith 
the pleasure of city council to 
see that a Virginia Beach Port 
Authority is formed as sixm as 
possible and aggressive in- 
dividuals be appointed to the 
autoority," he said. 

AH of the state's port cities 
have muniri|)al port aiMioritles. 
Even the river port cities of 
ChesaiHake, Alexandria, and 
Richmond have ^ifKiiided 
groups, either withiii the city 
government or the local 
chamber of commerce. 

Only the cities of Norfolk, 
Portsmouth and Newport News 
have port authorities financially 
supported by the city. The _ 
others arecltlzeusKrouB6.aich^ 
as Sterling proposes. 

Thumbs Dawn on 
Historical Sites 

A proposal by the City of 
Virginia Beach to create a His- 
torical and Ct#aa^ C«warni ^ 
lion StBtT«ritr««!{enpB«ill« 
Cwner ar-eiNvas rejeded Tues- 
day br ttie Planting Conrnpi^ 

i The district, ndiich would 
have encompassed the Aroh 
Hunt House, Pleasant Hall, the 
old Courthouse and Jail and 
toe Saltbox, had been referred 
back to the Planning commis- 
sion by City Council Oct. 12. 
Council was told that the i»-o- 
pertles where not In any con- 
dition to be restored or pre- 

CommlSiAoner JolW H. Mote 
said that toe structures should 
be removed because toey were 
eyesores and in an extreme 
state of disrepair. "We 
shouldn't have to sit back and 
look at these things" In that 
condition, he said. 

Mote said that several civic 
and historical organizatioas 
have said they would restore 
and maintain toe structures but 
have never followed through 
with their promises. 

The appUcatlon, the last on 
toe commission's agenda, was 
denied In a unanimous vote with 
no opposition from the audience. 

At toe Oct. 12 meeting of 
council, lawyer Glenn McClanan 
said the properties were not 
rehabilitative and that es- 
tablishment of the district would 
affect surrounding prc^ertl^i, 
since the district also estab- 

Il;5hes a Miffer. zmm> for de- 
vel(4)ment li adjaceiU land. 

feet, ilVU |l|bi ctiatfRiMea 4wto 
back to the RevotutiaMiY ^V 
era, fit^n the door^owt was 
the center ot activity in tte 
okl Princess Anne County. All 
of the statures are csm^- 
dered to be of historical value, 
but have deteriorated seriotsly 
in toe past IS years. 

The commissionalso de- 
ferred for 60 da^ an apidica- 
fion by the E.V. WilUams Co. 
to deepen, an existim barrow 
pit known as toe Ferrell iNr- 
row Pit, located in the Bon- 
Iniy 's Corner area. 

Appearing for the Tallwood 
Civic League, Ira Hanna said 
toe deepeiUng of the pit would 
represent a healto hazard and 
mean toat the water table io 
toe area would drc^ consider- 
ably. He produced a letter from 
a stole geol(^st saying toat 
the drop would resutt in a "de- 
finite danger to the area." 

Earl H. Russell, representi^ 
toe United Civic Lkpe oi 
Ken^sville, said he has Haimd 
from resldento to tlie area toit 
the water quality hse gmedowa 
over toe past three years sin^ 
toe barrow pit was bepm. 

Russell said the water had 
a specific odM* and color Mt 
did not exist prior to the plt't 

In concurrii^ wito toe state> 
mente, PlaBOing Dire dor 
(Contimwd on page 101 

llllllllllllllllllllllll iHliiiiliiliiliiHiiiilillillllillliillMlllliniHIIIIimilllllllllllHIIIIIIIinillllllllllfflHUHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII^ 

You could be psychic and not know it 


Psychic power is something 
everyone has, a Virginia Beach 
woman says, and until it's un- 
derstood and the mysterious 
wraps taken off, toe public ^111 
(»ntlnue to view psychic phe- 
nomena as something to fear. 

'It's no big mysterious 
thing," says Mrs. Kay Garment, 
"but it's been kept that way 
for too long a time." Stm says 
toe prcA>lem dates back to the 
days when the world's courto 
each had a wizard or psychic, 
and because they wanted to 
stoy where toey were, toey 
s^ a secret of their powers. 

One of several psychics in 
Virginia Beach, Mrs. Garment 
said ttoit "my great desire Is 
to t«ch everj^wdy" how to 
develop and deal wlto p^ctoc 

&^ saul several treated 
pwip mraki lite to ^UbUsh 
a fonndatLon (ta^i^ wito 
psy^e phenomenaand(ttl- 
dren, that will t^e youi^ ddl- 
dfrea, 0itei to terms ol per- 
Mptl(n, and telp them to «- 

derstand and deal Mtlth psychic 

The group is composed of 
medical men, educators, minis- 
ters and others «ito psychic 
powers, all Interested in fur- 
thering the concept of psychic 
power awl how it fite into re- 
ligious, social and mystic con- 
ceit, Mrs. Garment said. 

The location forsuchafouiKi- 
atlon wouldn't necessarily be 
in this city, she said, because 
toe site is unimportant. 'This 
is not the place in the world 
where psychic phenomena goes 

Mrs. Garment sees the ne- 
cessity of Improved psychic 
mderstandlng as mie (tf great 
importance, for "If we don't 
we'U destroy toe wrld." 

But she doesn't like to «ee 
psytMe oaderstuMttng become 
a crut A Q^ pe(^e om to a- 
vM umlerstowU^ ttwnneli^. 

"P»)ple who use psy^es 
as a cr^di are mm^** Un. 
Garment said, "They retl^r 
4oon m>^f whit trt^ totra mA 
mem 00 are iloo^iBg ell wd 

using psychics and phenomena 
as an excuse. 

A California native, Mrs. 
Garment said Virginia Beach 
is going to eiKl up lite her 
home state unless tl» lesson 
of universal understanding Is 

"A lot of tte kids don't want 
to see, and that's when we get 
into daingerous territory," Mrs. 
Garment said. "We are at a 
crisis such as Pompeii or Rome 
or Atlantis, uxl we've got to 
overcome It," 

The way,shesald,lstorou^ 
uttUzation of the God «ithln each 
person, and understanding. 

OttKrwlse, we're going to 

If we uoderstaiKl ourselves, 
toen we'll be able to under- 
stand eadi otoer, and from that 
pot^ be i^le to b^er solve 
oor worM's problems, Mrs. 
Garment said. 

Bitf the understanding and toe 
means to achieve It can't Xx 
toretd m anjwne, she added. 
"I dcm't believe yous^wuld pusb 

(Conttnued oo page 10) 

"People who use psychics as crtttohtt are wroBi. 


Vlrglntta Btadi Sun 

Thursday, P«ow»^r%2S 

Colonial High School tbespians go Into a 
seance for a scene in Noel Coward's 
^^Blithe Spirit" which will be presented 
Frl^y^nd Saturday at 8 p.m. Pictured are man. 
Maura Eirley as Mrs. Brad man; Lance 

• I Do, I Do' Filled 

Appleton as Charles Condom ine; Mary 
Courtney as Madam Arcati; April Lawton 
as Edith the maldi Stacey Wallcer as Ruth 
Condominei and Gary Moore as Dr. Brad- 

Blame of 

With Life and Love is Topic 

A tvo-dttnettr ^l0 ridqr. 
Lack of iBotkNiil nriflty tj 
tt» ietcmi ewdt tead to on- 
totttmNt tendiw. A liiylliit 


Julfiltit neb ft ibiU ni^aet 
« tS |«tn oC iBanlaf» In- 
tmillM tte risk. AbA Mtttnc 
It lA to Mittc,inll, oMooiljr 
ooaB M <UMMroaf* 
But ttli Is •mcOf viMt till 
Uto Wriilit Waa Ttealn 
k» in tti Imjr of ItB enrrrat 
fndBelloD of "I Do, I Do" 
•ml tt if m/mH M disas- 

C% Oan an a liw alow 
apoli. tliat^ liMviUUa ia aqr 
jiay, aapNUdly oBoinvoMac 
ibBi-ttni nantasr. hd tte 
llv^ piMavill ofl<i^1te akiw 
%Mi iad Maaea into deUght- 
fid aflfortatttDMMit* ' 

nia ia prtBiarity doe to tlie 
axoaUnt parformaMM of Bar- 
ten EUsarf and HUr Jiiaaa. 

Tbajr mn tean toadartake 
Am iMurti,»..toitian lAo ia 
TUrmlir'a na«tr to Carol 
Bornett and Tlambo ia aimra 
oAen tik tte dir«etw*a dudr 
tkaa oe atafe. Tke roiaa of 
ApM nA Miffiarl Jriaanif fimin 
tban tte fttl rufa of emo- 
Warn, (Stttak and oaaadir, as 
«dl aa ttfalir^ciioraofn^ and 

tkam into haroMagr. Jonea baa 
Totana and raaga, boaavar, 
and axeapt for ooeaatoaal off- 
beat timiiig, awrvivaa Ida ainc- 
iB( dBbnt. Tte "Mf Cup Rtai- 
Bi(M)vaf» «ad "I Wiak Ti^ 
Woald Marry Soon" mmiban 
an partieolarly |ood and Mn. 
Etlbarg la axeallant la "Wbat 
la A Woman." 

"I Do, I Do" ia a mnadal 
nnaba of Juida Hartofa ''Tbe 
Foorpoater" and aa aodi to- 
eaaaa tbe ottn plot around 
tki narria^ bad, fhiai ttia diy 
Mldiaal carriea Ma bride over 
the thraahokl nntil thadajrace 

IGra. EUEbarf mAaairajrvlfli 
tte foed boBors and in aome 
naniwra ia forced to carry bar 
*^poBaa" irko eartidaly baa 
a Ian aoeooqdldMd voloa. Moat 

it to nn,^]btty «ko amoottaa 

Chorum To 
Sing Sunday 

Tbe Virginia Baacb Civic 
Cboroa trtll praant ita anmial 
Cbriatmaa eoneart Sunday at 
3 pjn. at Prinean Aane Aigb 

"Soaga of Cbri8tnn"«iUbe 
nder tke diraetion of Walter 

Ticketa an on sale from 
choras membara or ai Ike 
ChanAwr of Cinnmaree Ofllee 
on 25 tti Street and Padllc 
Aveone^ Ttdtata an $1.50 for 
atatia, $1 military and 75 cents 

Navy Airmn Appnntice Jon 
A. Vollmaa, of 2422 1/2 Baltic 
AniMw baa reported for di^ 
at Oceana Naval Air Statioa." 


Featares: 2-4-6-8-10 

TkcTennetscc Hills ran red wirfivloleiicc 
Ac day the sheriff walked away rromttcjawl 



oaaenar nmoMr amu 

» JMBU • 

pMMM kvXVM nANOMCMa-iMM/siONM caoi 

QPI^ggB^ ^ 





foroas Qiem to leave ttieir borne 
and be carries bar from tbe 
badroom. \ 

bt between tbe two scenes 
tka aafianoe duidcles throui^ 
eniai angen and fean trith 
Agnaa iHien ahe discoven Mi- 
c^iid's love for anotber wo- 
mn; andaympatUseairtttiflMin 
at tbair andden realiaation tbat 
tbair diUdrai an growing 19. 

Hm final aoene ia uni^ly 
bandied wben tbe talairted couple 
aat up make-qt taidaa at eittier 
Mid of ttM foorpoatar nd 
tbrough wigs ud cosmetics age 
tbamaalvea befon tbe an- 
(ttenee'a very eyes. TUs is a 
very toagUng scene and one 
tbat tn^.sbbwalbl dramatic 
qulity* of Ifrs. Eifliert and 

Mncb of tbe plot of the play 
dependa <» ttie vast arny of 
propartiea flie two performers 
must use. Margaret Lunsford 
bu done a fine Job on ttiis, 
as bn Betty Trout witti tbe 
oostuam, fnm (be very preg- 
nnt smock to Uie very cbic 

Tbe mmic, under tbe direc- 
tion of Austin Lambert, and 
dioreogrqiby by Ines Howard 
alao make a considerabla con- 

Tbe ifaul song states "Mar- 
riage is a very good tbii«, 
tbwigb it's far firom easy, still 
it's fUled tbis boose with life 
and love." 

"I Do, 1 Do" is filled with 
life and tove and everytlring 
Oat makes them tMtti worth- 
vMle. It's a fine diow. 

— Rubj^ean PbiUips 

Recent nseardi sugiesis 
thitf a child's tenqierment is 
somewhat set artien be arrives 
and pannbi may notbetoblame 
lor every laloet of Us behavior 

lesaloials will eiq^on Ibis pos- 
.sibtttty at ttie general meeting 
of Pannts Without Itartnnrs, 
Tidewater Chapter, at tbe At- 
lantic Permanent SavU^ and 
Lorn Bidlding, 944 Indepen- 
dence Blvd. at 8 p.m. Sunday. 

Tbe Tqdc will be "Cu Par- 
enta tie Blamed for Every- 

Tbe panel will consist of Rev. 
J. D. Sin^tary: Bill Nlcbols, 
tea^rj Mn^ JoanneSlmmona, 
, PubUe fle4th^aun»jMn.BUUe 
Kelty, social workei^; idihMn. 
Mary i^gado, tbe ch^ter's 
director of programs, acting 
as panel Moderator. 
-Pannts Without Partnera, 
Inc. is an intematimial organ- 
isation comprisad of widowed, 
divorced and separated pani^. 

Ball Is 

"Fin« Flame" wiU be tka 
theme of ttw Virglida Baaeb 
Ba:^ Soctotya aaoood annqal 
Ballat BaU to be beU Friday 
at the HUton Washing Cbd> 

tnn , 

Tbe tteme dnolM the com- 
Mned effbrit of tke Vlrgtaia 
Beadi Ballet Compaay and tte 
Verigida Beach Utile tbaalra 
in devel<«lng enltnn in ttie 
resort oommntty^ Iba w- 
etety'a support of tte Utile 
Theatre's privosed tbeatn 
buihiing will be annoaioad tX 
ttie ball. 

A qiedal damoaatritiQB bal- 
let will be pcanaled during 
ttie avMii% Iqr Ttntl Gfyrdner 

Among ttioBc attending will 
be Gme Otfamett, On^ir of 
botti ttie Horfi»lk Civte BtfUet 
and ttie VirgUda Baack Btflat 
Company; Parry Branson, prin- 
cipal of ttie Academy of ttie 
Norfolk Ballat; and Mn. 
Tterara Martinei^ n bistrac- 
tor in ^pttdsb danoe idio wn 
fwmarly witti ttie CdNm Na- 
ttonal Ballat and ttia Alida 
AUmao Ballet. 

Ganral dttirnm Is Ibrs. 
Charlaa Garaar, preaidnt of 
ttM sociaty; and Mn. E. C. 
I^aiday, mcntery, is in charge 
of dow prina. Ifra. Robert 
Hadcatt and Mrs. Gaonv Gar- 
bari( will handle deooratiou and 
Mn. FrankUn Roan ia pid>- 
Ucity chairman. - 

Gallery Wil) 

The Chesapeake Art Gnlkl 
will present a Uve Christmas 
tree to ttie Village Gallery at 
College Park Satwday at7p.m. 

Ilia tree ia to ba dadtcated 
aa a living aynibol of peace. 

Preaidanta ftom all kical art 
aasocUition and ttw Toung Ar- 
ttsts of College Paric are in- 
vited ttspecial guesto. 

Christmas Film 

'm Vltisiidi BeaA Frinda 
(^ .the Ubnry will pr e s e nt a 
iqiecial ddhlm's film "Johnny 
Apptosead and How ttie AalBttla 
Dlaoovered Christmn" Dec- 
enber 19 at 10 ajn. at ft^side 

IHe Ubnry is tocatad at 936 
Indtpendence Boulavard. Re- 
freshments will be served. 

Albert Asercion conducts the Virginia Beach Civic Orchestra during 
rehearsals. — ^ 

Orchestra Presents Two 
ConceHs This Week-End 

Tte Virgiaia BeadiavicOr- 
ebestn and Baacb Conowt Sin- 
gen wiUpresnttwoChristmn 
concerto this veekrnd. 

Ilisy wlU appear it Pem- 
brote MaU Friday 9 p.m. and 
Saturday at Vlrgtida Wnleyn 
CoUaga at 8:18 pjn. 

Tte program will consist of 
daasi^ saml-classieal, diow 
tunn nd Christmn malafitt. 

ladodad WiU te aneb Mua* 
ten n "Wish Ujpn A Star", 


"Water MuatcSdta", "Marry 
Christmn'^ "Christmas 
Fugae", '^ai^CbnialaCm- 
ing To Town", makdln frrai 
ttie "Meaaiah" and many 

Ite grow of 80 Is spon- 
sored by ttie Virgliia Beacb 
Departmaat of Pvcta ahd Ra- 

Condnetor is Navy CUaf Al- 
berto Anrdra and aaalstant 
ia <ll#44n<y Barrtngh]n,botti 
of ttie Uttle Creek School of 

George Garter, 16 yean of 
age, willte ttw concert master 
and wlolsto wiU be Rita Ro- 
mnnCatto)^ Mny earracoCBo- 
prano) and Frank Farrigno (te^ 
nor). Narrator irill te Ckarln 

Ite group will tape patUorn 
of tkelr concert program for 
WAVY-TV next waak for airing 
aomettme diffiog ttieCbriMmn 

Tte VirgInU BaackavieOr- 
diestn and Slagen meat aaek 
Monday at 8 p.ffl. at Plan 
JunlffiT HIgb SdiooL Intamled 
person are inritad to JoMi. 

A young violinist prepares forthe concerts. 

Actors and would-be actors make theatre try-outs fun 

By Rutti i^iermn 

Try-outs for ttie Virginia 
Bead! Uttle Tbeatn'a produc- 
tton of "Invitation to a March" 
were teld M(mday nit^ at ttie 
Bay Harbor Clii». 

Tte play, scheduled to <ven 
at ttie dUb on January 22, 
called for a cast of chancters 

consisting of Irar womn, fSoMi 
men and one dpd. Over forty 
people came, muqr biqilng to 
flU ttiese parte, ottien aimply 
on band to tear ttie readtngs. 
Hhoae prennt ware non-pro- 
feodonal actors, and ttiey made 
up a cron-sectton of sIbm 
and tfvm ttiat ranged in age 
from about ^0. jm and q>. 

Publialia^ waalcly Cy tlja 
Baoch Publl^ing Corpora- 
tion, 3108 Pacific Avanua. 
Virginio Baoch. Virglnlo. 
23451. Sacond cloaa poatoga 
paid at Virginia Baoch. Vir- 
glr^ Annual aubacrlpcion 
rcrta by moll talapihone 
703-428-2401 ondcorriar 
$5.20; singia copy 10^. Ad- 
vartiaing rotnuponra(|uaat. 
Manrikar of tha Virginio 
Prna Association. 


Oils Everything 
Pifv«irts Rust 

Itere seems to te no genr- 
atton gi4«. AlldmredacMnmn 
intereat— theater, andacom- 
mon ailinent— atage levar. 

Soma, lite Tenn Worrall, 
Foy Stew, P^gie MacArttnir, 
and Anne Peningt^ wwestan 
of Uttla Tbeatn prodncttonk of 
ttie pasti ottien wen most 
welcome newcomen. 
• Each peraon interested wn' 
given a dnnca to read for any 
role te wanted, whlla tte rest 
sat In a npii-circla arbund flie 
nme dance floor ttiat served 
most successfully n a stai^ 
for VBLT's last produett(m, 
"1 Never $uig For Ify Fa- 
ttier", and will do ao again 
for ttiia sopfaisttcated cmaady 
written by Arttnir Lnnnte. 

Tte acttw of ttie piay takn 
place in a aummer resort ttiat 
could very well te toeated right 
ten in Virginia Beadu 

Dlre^r Bill Britto^ after 
teiefly deaeribing ttie cbanc- 
ten, nked ite yoimgert mem- 
ten presMt to read lint. Tte 
rde bad required a boy or girl 
around tan ynra <Mt bat ainee 
none of tt». longer sezidiowed 

iq^ dw girls wen left to com- 
pete with eadi ottier. 

"Tte cboice ten wn par- 
ttcularly dlfflcult to mate," 

After two hoturs of readings, 
ttMre wn a atertinterminion. 
^pense hardly bad ttme to rise 
to its usual pttdi wten Vetem 
Director Brithn^ in consulta- 
ttoo witti Producer Jen Wnb- 
buni, announced tte cast. 

Gwen Dobto, who pUqred ttie 
same part eight years ago, 
won the coveted role of Camilla, 
ttie eniterant Beach nsident. 
Fnsh from his part of tte 
Fattier in VBLT's last play, 
Hote MacArthur will play ttw 
wealttiy and attradive Tueter 
Grt^n. Betty fiaihblin n his 
chic wife, Deedae, nd Felice 
Giltert u ttie ftowerey widow, 
Uly, will round ootttie *'okler" 
memters of ttie cast. 

Tte young tovers will te 
played bjr Stephaide RoUnette 
and Joe Peek. Tte rote of ttie 
child was given toCrystalNoel. 

Oalj one part wn not ent, 
ttmt of CamiUa'a son, a young 
mn around twai^ y^rs oUL 

However, BUI Brittoo seemed 
cnfldent ttu^ on wouMte found 
before ttie first rahearaal^ 

VBLT ia currently In tte 
midst of a busy snson. Ra- 
hnnala ve abreadjr under way 
for prcducttra of "Deatti of a 
Sateamn" whidi will open 
aomeirtiat later and te pre- 
mnked inittally Ibr ttia dty 

Tte next tiy-oute will tate 
place in 'Fateuary, d^ to te 
annoimeed lalar, wbn ttie Ut- 
tte Tteatre will cast for "Our 
Town", also for ttie sdiools. 

Botti "Deatti of aSalnmn" 
and "(^ Town" are aaidor 
Ugb school Eni^h assign- 
ments. Thne classic pteyswill 
te performed at ttie Ui^ sdiools 
tefore ttiey an presenlod n 
dinner-theatre at ttie Bay 
Harbor Clid}. 

"AU ttion wte did not gat 
parts in "InvltationtoaMaroh" 
an urged to come to tte Fa- 
teuary try<Hds for "Our Town", 
stfd Jim English, praaCdent of 
VBLT. rThis fflay requires a 
kurge ca^ aodriiouklbave parte 
for roost^erybody." 

•i* » *!.• » f 


UJhcit llw cMiMS 
hoMttfMNj dcNi* loSdoog*? 

ALBERT FINNEY'S award - qiMlity 
parf<HrMaioe ia bea^lM 

Chartes Chaplin L. A. Times 

• i^eleicl 

A NOionri Otranl RdlMt f 

1:19 3:15 5:15 7:15 9:15 

Prinean WdJIaT lme EveiyJiliiQlffiLidijIMjaBly 

Plays Set 
By School 

Frere Jaccpm School vdll 
preseitf ite ammal Cbrlrtmn 
program Mood^ at Mneen 
Ann. Xigh School at 7 

Tte Jmter Kindergartn will 
present "Wted bC^riatmaa?". 
Tte ^Btor UnlBitftn will 
pment "Tte UMeat Angel" 
and tte padn will iremi^ 
"Chrlatmaa Around Tte 

Adntosloo te fna and ttie 

Director Britton discusses plans with selected members of the cast 
John Tucker, Gwen Oobbs, Stephanie Robinette, Crystal Noel and 
felloe Gilbert. 

Thursday, December 10, 1970 

Virginia Beach Sun 


d'H Honors Local Youth 

COMPLETES COURSE...Arthur R. Huffman, right, of Virginia 
Beach receives his certificate of training from instructor, S.O. 
Booth, after completing an intensive three-weel( training program 
at American Oil Company's Dealer Development Center in BaltK 
more, Maryland. He operates the branded service station at U.S. 
168 Hevy. He lives at 901 Marque Ct. 

CUfford Bungard, 17, of Vir- 
ginia B«ach, was iionored |t the 
national 4-H Club Congress in 
Chicago .last week for his out- 
standing achievemei^ in the 
4-H Petroleum Power Pro- 

Cliff, selected as the 
Petroleum Power Program 
winner in Virginia, was the 
guest at the Congress of the 
American Oil Foundation, donor 
of awards in the program in 
47 states. 

Young Bungard and 41 other 
winners in the Petroleum Power 
Program were guests Sunday 
night at an informal get-ac- 
quainted dinner at the Chicago 
Museum of Science and In- 
dustry, where they were greeted 
by Karen Stenwall of Phoenix, 
Ariz., America's Juhior Miss 
for 1970, and by J. E. Hamilton, 
general manager of consumer 
marketing for the American Oil 
Company, representing the" 
American Oil Foundation. 

He was formally presented 
as the Virginia state winner 
at an awards banquet Tuesday 
night in the Crystal Ballroom 
(rf the famous Sheraton Black- 
stone Hotel. 

Cliff is the son of Mr. and 
Mrs. C. H. Bungard of Crabtree 
Lane. He has been in 4-H Club 
work for eight years and has 
four years of work in the small 
engine phase of the Petroleum . 
Power Program. In 1%8, he 
received the H. W, Ozlin Award 
as the outstanding seniois4-H 
boy. \ 

Commenting on his 4-H ex- 
periences, Cliff says: "I feel 
that 4-H has taught, {pe the 
true meaning of Thoreau's ad- 
vice: ir is noinaibugh to be 
busy; so are the ants. The 
question is: What are we busy 
about?' People in 4-H h%e 
taught me the value of having 
good friends. It's a great feeling 
to know that whenever I need 
help in anything they are ready 
to lend a hand." 



Course IS Peddler 


Shopping In 

irginia Beach 
Is A Pleasure 

-and here is wlqil "^^ 


In response to popular de- 
mand, Tidewater Community 
3oUege, Frederick Campus, 
will repeat a ptiblic service 
course sequence in Radio and 
Televising Servicing beginning 
in the Winter Quarter whidi 
starts January 6, 1971. 

The course, which has been 
offered on a continuing basis 
since last January, is entitled 
"Radio and TV Servidng I- 
IV." Intended for people in- 
terested in the field either for 
employment purposes or for 
jimply "do it yourself" pur- 
poses, the course sequence 
Irew capacity enrollment this 
past year. 

Although no previous techni- 
cal knowledge is required, the 
student should be prepared to 
learn the symbolism and tech- 
^niqaes—Fequried for efieetive 






^n 0; ibston, Jr., 6f 'Vfr- 
glnia Beach has been named 
assistant plant manager of Ford 
Motor Company's Norfolk As- 
sembly Plant, Plant Manager 
Donald W. Merrick anonseed. 
He succeeds T. Lewis John- 
son who wiU bold the position 
of executive assistant to the 
plant manager until his planned 
retirement in the latter part 
of 1971. 

Boston first joined Ford Mo- 
tor Company as a project en- 
gineer for Ford aircraft enginw-^ 
in February, 1951. In April, 
1961, he became quality con- 
trol manager of the company's 
Canton (Ohio) Forge Plant and 
subsequently held managerial 
positions in the Transmission 
and Chassis Division headquar- 
ters in Livonia, Mich. Follow- 
ing an assignment as produc- 
tion manager of the Livonia 
Transmission Plant, he was 
transferred to the Automotive 
Assembly Division in No- 
vember, 1969, and promoted to 
assistant plant manager. 

A native of Canton, Ohio, 
Boston holds a bachelor's de- 
gree in mechanical engineering 
from Illinois Institute of Tech- 
nology and a master's degree 
from Case Institute of Techno- 
, logy. He also took graduate 
training in finance at Kent State 


, You'll find a 
friend where you 
see this sign. 

Virginia Beach businessmen adhere tor 

The Ten Commandments of 

Good Business 

A CUSTOMER is the most important person in any business. 

A CUSTOMER is not dependent on us~we are dependent 
on him. 

A CUSTOMER is not an interruption of our work—he is 
the purpose of it, 

A CUSTOMER does us a fwroVUM^o hftt£aIi9<;^mflKf jRot 
doing him a favor by serving him. --' - - ^ ^i! *."- i- 

A CUSTOMER is part of our business— not an outsider. 

A (Customer is not a cold statistic— he is a'fleish^and-blood 
human being with feelings and emotions like our own. 

A CUSTOMER is not someone to argue or match wits with. 

A CUSTOMER is a person who brings us his wants— it is 
our job to fill those wants. 

A CUSTOMER is deserving of the most curteous and atten- 
tive treatment we can give him. 

A CUSTOMER is the life-blood of this and every other 

—Courtesy of Aubrey James, Be-Lo Store, 30th St. 


Miller To Speak 

Attorney General Andrew P. 
Miller win speak on "Consumer 
Protection" before a quarterly 
meeting of the Broad Bay Civic 
League Friday at the Fort Story 
Officers Club. 

The social hour will be from 
6:45 to 8 p.m. followed by a 
buffet dinner. 

Hie league is made up of 
residents of Bay Island, Broad 

Bay Colony and Broad Bay 
Point. However, residents of 
Great Neck Point and Forest 
Cove are invited to attend the 

In addition to hearing Miller, 
the group wiU also discuss the 
Green Hill Farm Development 
and the number of townhouses 

Teaching the course will be 
Lee Craft, a General Electric 
employee. Craft taught theear- 
ler offering and brings to the 
doUege a wide range of ex- 
perience in the ii^o and tele- 
vision servicing field. 

According to Paul S. Hurd, 
Chairman of Sciences and Tech- 
juologies at Tidewater, the 
course will be offered on Mon- 
i^HANr" find . Wednesday evenings 
i iTMa % until 10 p.m. Tuition 
is $15.00 for Virginia reisi- 
dents. plus a $5.00 application 
fee (unless such a fee has 
been paid for previous enroll- 

Building Totals 

Although more building per- 
mits have been issued through 
November of this year than 
last, the total value is more 
than $3 million behind 1969. 

According to a report from 
John E. Gibbs, superintendent 
of inspections, there were 3011 
building permits issued through 
November of this year with 269 
for the month. In 1969 there 
were 3005 through November. 
Total values for 1970 is 
$83,681,629 as cofnpared to 
$67,153,371 for 1969. 

Beauty shops and grocers 
have been alerted by the Tide- 
water Better Business Bureau 
to be on the look-out for a 
ladies hosiery salesman who 
identifies himself as Jose Cur- 
rier, with offices in New York 
and Los Angeles. 

"We have received a bulletin 
from the Council of Better Busi- 
ness Bureaus," warned Charles 
A. Martak, Bureau Manager, 
"alerting us of this salesman." 

The Council of BpBs reports 
that Currier apparently divides 
his time between the East and 
West Coast selling "run-proof" 
stockings to beauty parlors and 
grocery stores. The most re- 
cent complaint was received by 
the San Jose BBB from a gro- 
cery store 4}«ner who said he 
^aid Currier $216 for a dis- 
play rack and supply of ladies 
hosiery. No delivery was made. 
Boxes containing the sample 
stockings bore the name "Lon- 
don Aluminum" and they were 
guaranteed against runs for two 

Last year complaints from 
beauty parlors in California 
and Rhode Island involved " Alu- 
minum Perlon" hose that ac- 
toiUy WW Irregular sea^ntess 
microniesh nylcte. Though the 
"Aluminum Perlon" hosiery 
was guaranteed not to run for 
two years, it ran just like 


Warts are caused by 

viruses. Removed by 

amazing Compound WI 

CompoCind W* contains two 
medicines widely used by 
doctors in ifdating virus- 
caused warts. A few color^^ 
less drops of Compound W, 
used as directed, can dis- 
solve away warts in just 
days. No burning, 
no pain. Remember: warts 
are caused by viruses— re- 
moved by fast-acting Com- , 
pound W. 



Five Virginia Beach men have 
been selected- as Outstanding 
Young Men in America in an- 
nual competitions. The men, 
sponsored by the Virginia Beach 
Jaycees, were named t>y the 
Outstaixling Young Men of A- 
merica Foundation. 

Chosen for 1970 were Robert 

-fc-Warren, H. Jack Jennings 

Jr.', Phillip M. Wade, Arthur 

C. Esenberg and O.M. Sawyer 

Jr., all of whom are Jaycees. 

The awards are sponsored 
by the Outstanding Americans 
Foundation and are now in their 
seventh year of presentation. 
Each man will be listed in an 
annual awards volume published 
by leading men's civic and ser- 
vice organizations. 


— ^- Esenbersr^ 

Burglars Hit 

Police continue their search 
for suspects in connection with 
the bflrglarizing of two depart- 
ment stores- duri n g the ^Jtiglt 
of Sunday, Dec. 6. 

Officials report the Rose's 
Department Stoi'e in the 1000 
block of Independence Blvd., 
was broken into resulting in 
the theft of an assortment of 
rifles and shotguns and am- 
munitioi^ representing a com- 
. bined. value of $2,000 to $3,000. 

The second break-in was re- 
ported at the Rose's Department 
Store, in the 300 block of Las- 
klo Road, whe|,e an estimated 
$50 was 4aken from an office 
safe which was ripped open. 



To Meet Tues. 

jV if ire n s Against Pollution 
(Cap) meets Tuesday Dec. 15 
at the Norfolk Main PubUc U- 
brary. Anyone interested in a 
better environment is welcome 
to attend. 

This month's speaker will be 
Bill Mark of the Environmental 
Engineering Section of Atlantic 
Naval Facilities Engineering 

tiARH=ASTR04:Oa^ - 

A^troloyer Roy Wllicims_ 

wilt UK3f h yoo 

Clo.ssos Now f ort'iin.] 

H ■ ' f-Midc c all 4 ^S - V4 3 3 ^ 

Y«t, there is a Santa Clqus- 

Yours - and he's wishing for lots ,^- 

of go - togethers liice these. 


t M r < « « * T( 

For more information 



Let us help you Coordinate Your Selections. 
For The Mm Hard To Please 

f/ Gift Certificate 


10 AM - 9 PM Monday Thru Saturday 

Phone 428*1051 

'^hshkn Ntftff tfflittrs for Mtn of til A§9s' 

2100 Atlantic Ave. 
Virginia Beach 





4 WAYS! 

1. With the low cost of oil 
ftiel and the efficiency of the 

Juality engineered BORG- 
fARNER Furnace, you will 
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savings in the first year of 

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Princess Aimm Station . 


Beach Publishing Corporation 

Publishers of Virginia Beach Sun 

Complete Line of Commercial and 
Personal Printing- Business CaVds, 
Letterheads, Envelopes, Bulletins, 
Booklets, Circulars and Brochures. 

3101 HMk kmm 
VktM laecli 









Tkiundi^ Dv^mber 10. 1970 

FiiblislMd week^ hy iht Beaeb Publishing Corporation 

John R. Grifffai 
Ruby J«Hi Phi^is 

Mrs. (Mga Edwanb 

Ocean Full of Sewage 
Is Hardly Beneficial 

Th«r6 ts a pollution crtsit 
throughout this country cmd sci- 
entist and private citrzen alike 
are screaming everydoy thot 
^ep« must be taken now to cor- 
rect this problem before it's 
too iote. Cans of prepared sea- 
food have been found contami- 
noted, indicating that even our 
oceans are polluted becouse of 
the negligence, perhaps stupi- 
dly, of human beings. 

With the warnings thot ore 
coming at us right and left. 
It isineonceivabiethGfttheHam- 
pton Roods Sanitation District 
Commission would proceed with 
its plans to build a large se- 
wage treatment plant at Dam 
Neck with an outfoll in the At- 
lantic Ocean. 

Of course, how in the world 
did such (TPrmscff get past 
ttie ^tanniiig^^wwnieeten? 
Pionviing Director Charles Car- 
rington objected to the appli- 
cation l9Ut his pleas fell on deqf 

A public hearing on this ap- 
plication will be held Monday 
before City Council. The Inn- 
Jlf^pers of Virginia Beach have 
already declared their opposi- 
tion on the grouiids that it will 

destroy the tourist triade on 
the oceanfront. But it would 
appear that the affects of this 
plant would go well bsyondthe 
preservation of the city's valued 

tourist trade. 

t The pl«it supposedly will not 
poliirte the ocean water, HRSD 
officials cialm,idespite the fact 
^lot the effluent will be dumped 
three thousand to fbur thou- 
saral foot off shore. There have 
been industrialists who for 

years have cialrr^ that dum- 
ping Industrial waste Into rivers 
and streams would couse no 
problems. Today those rivers 
ond streams ore unfit for any 
form of iifo. Larger bodies of 
woter have suffered the same 

We are literaliypoliuting 
ourselves off the face of the 
earth. It's no wonder today's 
young people are fighting the 
ecological battle. It is their 
world of tomorrow that we are 
destroying today. 

The Idea of raw sawage in 
the Atlantic Ocean is enough 
to drive the tourists away, the 
Innkeepers say. How true. It 
is also enough to make anyone 
question the for-sightedness of 
this city's officials. 

Planning Director Carrington 
is to be commended HorWs 
stand that this should be a 
three-stage rather than a se- 
condary treatment plant. And 
the Innkeepers are to be com- 
mended foi" taking a public stand 
against the construction of this 
plant. Such watchdogs appar- 
erltly are badly, needed. 

City CouBcU will \mm the 
flnol say-so Monday. The Citi- 
zens of this city should ser- 
iously consider this proposal, 
not from the standpoint of its 
effect on the tourist trad but 
from its effect on future gen- 
erations. Should the HRSD be 
allowed to dump this effluent 
in the ocean? Those who feel 
such a plan Is detrimental 
should stand Monday beside the 
innkeepers. Now is the time to 
take action. Not after the plant 
is built. 


River t)redging Supported 

POW Letter Suggested 

At the request of a number of readers of the Virginia Beach Sun, 
the f II w I n fl letter is printed as a guide for those who wish to 
help our prisoners of war and those mIsSIng In action. The letter 
was drafted by the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association. 

Please sign your name, date and send the letter to: Concern for 
POW, Inc., P.O. Box 9117, San Diego, Calif. 92109. 



The Honorable Ton Due Thang 
Democratic Republic of Vietnam 
Hanoi, North Vietnam 

As an American I would like to express my deep concern over 
your treatment of Prisoners of War. 

Being a nation in the world community, you are obligated out 
of humanitarian considerations to afford those whom you hold the 
minimum standards of existence. Your ratification of the 1949 
Geneva Conventions relative to the treatment of Prisoners of War 
requires you U>' ^ 

(1) permit neutral inspections of all prison camps; 

(2) publish a complete list of all men that you hold; 

(3) release the sick and wotoded; and 

{A) aUow a free flow oijnalLbetween the Blsoners of War _ 
and their families. 

My fellow Americans share this grave concern over the 
desperate plight of the Prisoners of War, those Missing in 
Action, and their families. 


To the Editor: 

Recently, when tbe U^. Army 
Corps of Engineers toroed down 
tlie request of me City of Vir- 
glniii Beadi for a permit to 
proceed iritti long needed dredg- 
ing operations in tbe Eastern 
Bran^ ti (be Lgmdunea Ri- 
ver, It broiigbt to Ugbt exis- 
tence of ardialc laws, tarean- 
cxatie state oomndsslons and 
dtlsen ioeqatties. 

It is reeopilied tecanse of 
recent dianges of law ttiit tiie 
Corps of Engineers cannot act 
In^ntent of tbe varicraB state 
C(Hnml8Slons. However, tbe op- 
posltltm to the sdbjed dredging 
liy tbe Marine Resources Com- 
mlssUHi, wMch is considered 
tbe jpriinf oinwsltfon, cannot be 

mumi^ tx^ttA, n Is dif- 

fleatt lo unterstand and even 
more diifleult to accept tbe pre- 
mise ttiat a small band of oys- 
termen can stall tbe ecological, 
economic and recreational an- 
sideratlons of ttie remainder 
of a progressive community 
su^ as Virginia Beadi. 

In tbe November 12, 1970 
letter from tbe Department of 
Conservatltm andEconomicDe- 
velopment, tbe State of Vir- 
ginia Agency cbarged witb tbe 
respoQsibiUty of owrdinatli^ 
posittoitt <rf state agenires iiltb 
tbe Corps of Engineers, it was 
obvious as stated above tbat 
tbe primary opposition to ti» 
dredging was tbat: proposed by 
ttie Marine Resources C(mimis- 
sioiu Tbelr concern, as mlgbt 
be eipected, wasabureaucratic 
concern for tbelr domain, 
namely sbellilsb. In ttdr o^ 
position to Uie dredging, con- 
cern was expressed for tbe im- 
mediate loss of sbellflsb in tbe 
70 acres of oyster beds wbldi 
would comprise part, of tbe 
dredged cluumel. Apparently 
little tboug^t was given tl^ 
tbe loss of tbe sbellflsb from 
tbese 70 acres could be largely 
dleviated by allowing time for 
tbe leasees to move tbe oys- 
ters from file proposed diaimel 
and eltber harvest them or 
relocate them for future bar- 

Tbe Department of Health 
stated in ttieir letter of a^ 
position, that no consideration 
was given by the City of Vir- 
glida Beach to either tbe ^rt 
term or long term environmen- 
tal effect on oysters. It would 
m)ear ttiat this so called short- 
comii^ in tbe dty's request 
for a hedging permit was mm- 
marily and arbitrarily handled, 
even though ^re was amide 
time and oi^rtunity to ask for 
additional information <» vld^ 
they could properly equate 
file dty's requ^t. It is dif- 
ficult for instance to under- 
st^ why both ttie Department 
of Health and tbe Marine Re- 
source Commission were tm- 
able to discern ttat tbe dredg- 
ing tt» channel cwld but im- 
prove water drcul^oo wiUi 
J, resttlteitf improranwit in 
' liter quality, decreased pol- 
Mk« ttd decr^sed ^paiion 
of badnmters. Itoeover, ttie 
recMib <A water quality in tbe 
Western BnadicOf ttie Lymi- 
bavra and Loi^ Creek I^cttng 
li^ BitMd ^, before and 
after tbe respective dre<%ing 
of tbose^^umels coidd provMe 
evMMce wU^ rtodd prompt 
bodi afendts to MVport tbe 
dred^^ of tbeEastemRras^ 

It Is submlttad tiat (be* pro- 

to the 

posed dredging In the k«g run 
would edmnce tbe oysters In 
both quality and quality. At 
tbe same time an improved en- 
vironmental conditio win en- 
sue to tbose persons living 
on tbe Eastera Branch of tbe 
Lynnbaven and last, but cer- 
tainly v^ le^, the ec(^ 
growtb of a ^^reater yif 
Beach tiU favorably TC 
George L. Ayers .. 


Cboopeian Waterways Com- 

School Ii Plftiuied 

To the Editor: 

Your redders may be inter- 
ested to learn tbat there are 
plans to establish another Junior 
Ugb sdtool fadlity to serve tbe 
stodei^ in ttie Lynnhaven bor- 
ou|^ Inddentally, Virginia 
Beach Junior Hi|^ Sdiool pre- 
sently serves a portioQ of ttbe 
students living in tbe Lynnhaven 

J. Warren Uttteton 
Director of School Planning 
Virgtda Beach City Sdiool 

Questions Issue I \!Z 

ooundl found out that we are 

big! _=^„_„ 

Sbnislaus J. Pinkos 
Virgida Bead) 

LolUpop» for Toil 

To tbe Editor: 

Recently while, my dwigttter 
was faldiHS me to a movie in 
Norfolk, we stopjped to pay toll 
on ttw Norf^-Virginia Beach 
Eqn-essway. As we left Qie toll 
booth my 4 year old grandson, 
Vinoie Kent, squawked tbat tbe 
man had not given him a lolli- 
pop. He is used to getting am 
at tbe Drive in window of a 

Maybe isuance of a tolUpqp 
in exchange for toU wodd in- 
crease use of toll rouls. 
AdoUe H. Wulff 

To tbe Editor: 

This is an open letter to all 
file people of Lynnhaven Bor- 
01^. This letter does not Stop 
witti giving this Borough a Ju- 
dor High School, a sdiool that 
is well over due, it goes be- 
yond tbat. I can start with our 
streets and roads whidi I be- 
lieve are the poorest in our 

We have one of tbe safest 
Beaches in the Borough, ideal 
for famittcs, yet this beacbk the 
least patroled and tbe dirtiest. 

For a Borough that is the 
most pqwlated, it seems to 
be the low mui on tbe totem 

Tbe silent majority of this 
Borough should wake up and 
let the City Fathers know that 
Lynnhaven Borou^ is ttie most 
popubUed Borough and that we 
are part of the City d Virgida 

Yes, a Judor Hig^ Sduwl is 
past due by about 3 years and 
we codd stand andher hl^ 
scbod too. 

Why doesnt tbe dty make 
use d Qw property intbeCape- 
St(Mry-by-tbe-Sca area tbat ns 
given to UM ctcy abod 3 ynurs 
ago? It is filled property bd 
by this time it is well com- 
paded. There's nKn% than 
enou^ land there to put aUg 
school on it, and have room 
left over for anodicr s^ooL 

1 do nd have wsf cdldren 
In sclMx>l. All my ^Mrm are 
full grown but fM &m nd 
dcq) me tm spMU^ v$ for 
te sdiooU And ito ev e rybody 's 
tatf in L^i^ven Bctini^ to 
standi and be couied. 

True, we do nd have a large 
dwppjag oMt^, iMt ve do have 
tbe people. Ifs tunc tbe dty 

by adrley Cbisholm. Boston, 
Houghton MiffUn, 1970. $4.95. 

A 1968 congressional cam- 
paign slogan provides the title 
for Shirley Chisholm's story, 
from her childhood in Barbados 
to tbe realities d the present 
political scene. 

Hie first blade woman to be- 
come a member of the U.S. 
Congress, Mrs. CUsholm had 
two handicaps to overcome, and 
d the two being a woman pre- 
sented more prd>lems. She 
writes of botii sexism and ra- 
cism, with stroi^E feeling, since 
both waste needed human re- 
sources, bd wlthodUttern^s. 

Tbe book is autot^ographlcal 
for roi^^ly its fird half, then 
ccmcentrates almost exclu- 
sively on the political arena, 
from ward politics in Brooklp 
to national politics in Washing- 

All al«^ tbe teacber-turned- 
politician was a maveridc, in- 
setting political party regulars 
Witt ter probing questl(»s and 
her inwillingmss to play tbe 
political game, qualitlM iMch 
caused bertoqwstiiHisideiwn- 
tually have cltti^ ter first 
corHpresslonal comndKee as- 
sipmed. These samevaHties 
mdw it pMsible for ^rley 
Chi^olm to care for pec^le's 
proMems and to follow ber oon- 
tdenet vrtien die iMte* her 
irate, rather tbra mddag It a 
pMra in ttie pcditical tnOng 
game. Her view of sn^ po- 
Htlcii gaiiMi pnvidM vtf mbte 
ifl^gbt for both potttf dans and 
ttdr ooortltaMli* 

MIdMteM. Leber 


' THE 


ly W. A. Uavil, PkO. 

Now tt»t ttie elections are over, I wiUi^ !f."^15^S? 
predldions. Don't tttnk for a minute m it is v^^ tbat I 
wouU wart unfil after flie eledions to mtfse my pwdjdjoiii. I 
have alwys Ame fltfs. You w«iUlbe«i^wdbow ms mm m 
percentege d accuracy. 

I predid ttiat ttie dedsioos rf tbe vo^ '*Hi5S?^£5! 
trends In amatoer d areas dflieoowt!T.TOa» wiu Be fluni«K 
from each otNr and it will be poedMe to relate tbem aU to a 
situation of complde codudon. »^ ^^ 

1 predid ttiat it will be much harder tor defeated candMites 
to raise enoup money to pay off ttidr eanvtlp dttte ttaa it 
^111 for the champion vde grubbers. Post «l«^<>|^pn«^ 
tor successful' randlddes are sure UN, Wbe can turn down Ibe 
tend d the &vor disp^Mir? 

I predid ttiat ttie defeated oHlce holders will fftll all over 
eadi dher in the mad scramble for appdded ^cbs and Jud 
abod any Job that will keep the wolf away tnm Qie dodr taitil 
Oie next electton comes aloi«. ■ ... . ^^^ ., 

1 predid ttiat ne«ly eleded candidates wiU find fliey have 
more new friends and relatives ttian ttiey b«l votes. At least 95 
perced of the vdera will claim to be a part d ttie 51 percent 
who actually voted for them. 

1 predid that the swxessfd back slm»re will recdve d 
least a down soUittons, all differed, fw each problem they 
wiU face once ttiey are in office. Vdera have long been known 
to share their great knowledge wltti ttieir eleded offidab. 
IJiotdon't know what our "Flock" wodd do wltbod all ttds 
ft>ee and nduable advice. As for the Ii^ flellows and te few 
fortunate ladies, irtio came od witti tbe most vdes, 1 have a 
feelii^ they don't really appreciate ttUs vder service. 

I i^etttct tl»t the first modb afier electian wiU be sped by 
canttdates thanking eadi and every person sUgbtly suspeded d 
ddng even a tiny little bit to help win. It is &r better to even 
ttumk your hard core oppositton ttan to overlook one Idttild 
worker. Who knows, next election It might be necessary to 
pd the show on the road again and every ador or pollMdan 
knoira you can't do a thing wittwd tbe suppcniing players. 

I predict ttiat all creditors wiU gd their bills in to all 
candidates within one hour and ttiirty ndndes after tte votes — 
have been coimted. Tbe lucky people who are owed money by 
ttie winners will mdl tbdr UUs. Those who are duck i4tti ttie 
losera will hand deUver. their bills while wearing theddest 
clothes they have and with ttie svMest look tbey can muder. 

I predict that dl fiuU dlls will be paid in dm Ume. By Oils I _ 
mean that they will gd paid when and if possiUe-ttid Is ttw 
ttme-and this delay will be due to lack d flinds-tbat Ik ttie due 

] predict ttid Jud about all the wives of ttie successfd 
iddes will be od shopping for new cldbM wittiln one wedc 
Hie electioD: After biding all new cldbes for ttie campdgn, 
_^lbey wcm't be able to find a ttiing to wear. 
■^ t iiredid ttat ttie wives of ttie lodng candidates Wiffliebwy^* 
idterlng ttie campaign cldbes they have so everyone will ttdnk 
ttiey wed od and bought a new wardrobe. 

I predid that tbe wives d candi<bites nd ddng dttier d tbe — 
above will be holding c(»sultattons witti tbelr attorney trying 
to dedde if a divorce would be pr(^td>Ie. 

1 predid ttiat ttie smile oii the winner's face will slowly ', 
fiule as ttw fijal bills come in and it dawns on them thdtbey 
are expeded to do a little work.' 

I predid tbat ttie smile on tbe ^ce d ttie losers wiU have 
compldely gone away be tbe ttme ttiey sober up and bear ttwir 
tovely wives say, for the elebenty eldiedb time, bow ttiey .- 
tried to talk ttiem out of makiqi fifnA od at ttMipselves ipd^ 
nmniiv for public office ita ttie firsf plSM. " ' ^ 

1 predid thd ttie winners will start ttieir ned campaign 
wittiin ttie next sidy <biys. I sometimes tMiA tbe ftm mud be in 
rundng for <^ce rattier ttan bdng in office. Otherwise, why 
would so many people keep rundng over and over? 

1 predid ttiat the losers will start rundng. Nd necessarily 
for andher dfice, bd Jud rundng. 

1 iffedid that after the next election vdes arein,lwiU 
come out with my fearless predicttons and they will be tbe 
same as these. 

Early Questions 
Still Big Issue 


As so often h^ipens ttiese 
days, a large portion d ttie 
respcmse was to a question 
asked earlier. This is ttie way 
it has been gdng for a mimber 
d weeks. SeUaia is tbe cur- 
red questton tbe one Od brii^ 
ttie week's response. 

Last week's questton — 
"Should ttie School Board re- 
vise its presed plans to in- 
clude a Judor hi^ school In 
Lynnhaven Borough?"— 
broi^ less than edhusiastlc 
response bd experience shows 
us tbd the readers may an- 
swer thd one in tbe following 

One third of those wbo did 
answer were against it...two 
thirds were for a Judor hlg|i 
school in Lynnhaven. 

A letter to ttie editor on ttils 
page from a school official, 
however, explains ttuit sudi a 
school is indeed planned. He 
alM eiq;Adw ttut tbe present 
Virginia Beach Jud<ur High 
School serves a portion dlfnn- 
baven Borough. 

We regret tbd we w^ un- 
aware d ^se pUns.Tteqnes- 
tton which drew condderable 
ii^rest was one ttid was as- 
ked lad modb: "Do jmu tbiiik 

Camp Pendldon sbodd be con- 
sidered as a site tor tbe pro- 
posed Nortt Virgida Beach 

The response came from at 
far away as from Mawstas. 
Tbere ilrere also a ttinter from 
Norfolk. Only a few from Vir- 
gida Beach. Bd aU were «i- 
ttiusiasttcally in favor d Camp 
PendldMi as ttie dte. 

The questions oooeernfng 
schools usually crede oootld- 
erable Idered. Bd we will 
switdi to mottier sdijed— in- 
dudry and tourism— this week 
to see what readlon cones 

Innkeeper Scott Sterlli« Just 
may crate a teiqwd in a 
teajid irith Us Minnttoo to 
Ctty Manager Roger Scott tbat 
ttie dty JiuDp on ttie port^ and 
crdM baadiragoD. 

At teast. Ms Idea liB't bdng 
taken liglitly by dty officials. 
It is very miub under rtudy 
and may come brfore dty coon- 
dl in tte fwm of a reooim* 
moiitatlon from tie dty nioia- 
ger or ttie Dlvldoo of Eoono- 
mlc Developm^ la tbe near 

Now Is ttie time fbr ttw dtt- 
xens to spuik qp ODtUsisne.„ 
bafort dadaloos ara made/ 

QUESTION: Should the city 
establish a Virginia Beach Port 
Ailttiorlty to develop a port- at 
Little Creek? 

Yair ctMBHH m4 ilfisi iMirt vmM N 
•ppf aiiilii Mm. 

Cto M fttm itiVMmi m^ 

Tliiirickiy* December 10, 1970 

Virginia Beach Sun 

^ocoweed* Is 
Drug Hazard 

Jimson - 'weed, a poisonous 
pluit ccmtalning toxic agents, 
achieved prominence on the 
Virginia Beach drug scene this 
past weekend when a number 
of drug users required medical 
attention as the result of eating 
the substance. 

Det. W.W. Taylor, of the 
police Narcotics Sqiiad, said he 
l)ecame aware of the presence 
of jimson's association'withthe 
drug culture in the resort city 
last Sunday night when eight 
persons, juveniles and adults, 
became seriously ill after con- 
suming the weed. 

A family was ieft wltfiout any belongings when fire destroyed this 
Burton Station dwetllng last Monday morning., 

Drive Helps Burned 

Out Family of 10 

Meo oi the Davis Cornier 
VohinteerFlre Department are 
collecttng food and clothing to 
assist a family of ten wiu lost 
a|l tiieir personal belongings 
men fire destroyed the^* Bur- 
ton Station borne this week. 

AlttMUch several members 

of the family were home when 
the fire l)egan everyone mana- 
ged to escape injury. 

Ctdldren in the family in- 
clude four boVs aged 5 months, 
10, 14, and 18; and four girls 
aged 18 months, 12, 16, and 20. 

Donations may be left at the 


Davis Corner Fire Station at 
316 Davis Street. 

Volunteers from the Davis 
Corner and Chesapeake Beach 
fire departments were on the 
scene of the flr^ for more than 
two hours. 

Officials said flames broke 
out in the rear of the house 
quickly engulfing the dwelling. 
Smoke and flames from the fire 
were vilsible to firemen from 
a distance of nearly a mile as 
they sped to the alarm. 

AlQiough hii^ winds ham- 
pered firemen In fighting the 
blaze they did mange to con- 
tain the flames from spreading 
to two other nearby homes inthe 
6000 block Pearl Street alarm. 

A Bxrt L e o ^siwet, Jr^ is 


Burglary Suspect. 


Police ic!i^tiiHi# tb^ir seu'cK 
tor tte man suspected of shoot- 
lag Vernon R. Jackson at his 
Lyimbaven Colony borne on No- 
vember 30. 

Jackscm was reportedly shot 
in ttie legs by a man he sur- 
prised inside his home b the 
2900 btock of Lynnbaven Road 
IrtiBD he returned from a shop- 
ping trip. The assailant fled 
on foot after wounding Jack- 

The suspect is described by 
police as a wl^te male, pns- 
flbly of Puerto Rican, Italian 
or Greek descent; 20 to 25 
ytars of ate; 5 feet 9 inches 
ttH; wei^ng 130 to 150 pounds; 
sUm WM; bavli« a thin face 
iMtb sharp facial features and 
a dark, olive type complexion; 
wttb dark balr which Is combied 
strii^t back and worn in side- 
burns to ttie ear lobe. 

The suspect is also believed 
armed with a .38-caliber pis- 
tol. ' 

Anyone believing they may 
have Information regarding tt»e 
identity or whereabouts of ti»e 
misp^rf^ Is requested to con- 
tact OK Virginia Beach poUce 
Detective Division, phone 427- 

soothing antiseptic relief for 



sdieduled to enter Virginia 
Beach Municipal Court on Jan- 
uary 11 charged with the mur- 
der of Mrs, Leona Anderson. 

The body of ttje 51-year-old 
widow was found in her Avalon 
Hills home in the late afternoon 
of Tuesday, December 1^ \ty 
officer W.T. Whltraore inves- 
tigating a nelt^r's report of 
not having seen Mrs. Anderson 
^ks m mt i^ f H \ ^i ' ' ' ^ '."* 

' street waid arrested last 
Thursday afteiaoon by Virginia 
Beach Detective Division C.O. 
Capt. R.C. Davis and Det. J.W. 
Brazier, Jr., in J.B. Hunter's 
Department Store at the Mili- 
tary Circle Shopping Mall. Da- 
vis and Brazier apprehended 
Street while he was completing 
an Information card for a con- 

Det. Si^. E.F. Buzzy andDet. 
J.M. Curran, jointly investiga- 
ting Mrs. Anderson's death. 
Indicated warrants had been 
issued for Street Thursday 
morning In oomectlon witii the 
slaying. An alert had been Is- 
sued Wednesday for the public 
to assist in locating Mrs. An- 
derson's auto which was be- 
lieved to have been taken from 
her home at the time of her 

Curran said the car was lo- 
cated about noon Thursday in 
the Industrial Park area of Nor- 
folk where it apparently had 
been abandoned. 

Sgt. Buzzy said his Division 
received an saonymous phone 
tip that Street was in the Mili- 
tary Circle Mall, and that de- 
tectives from Virginia Beach 
and Norfolk converged on the 
shopping center about 4:30 p.m. 

Street, 21, whose address Is 
listed as the 9500 block of 18th 
Bay Street in Norfolk, was ar- 
raigned last Friday before Mu- 
nicipi Court Judge PiB. White 
on a charge of murdering Mrs. 
Anderson. Judge White appoin- 
ted Attorney Peter Holland, lU, 
to defend Street, and set bond 
at $25,000. 

The accused reportedly had 

, Eating trie weed, either in a 
powderish-dust form produced 
from grinding up the leaves of 
the plant or small seeds which 
are found in pods on^the plant, 
produced such symtoms as di- 
eted pupils, nausea, a burning 
sensation of the skin, extreme 
thirst and headaches. 

Taylor pointed out one of 
those who required medical at- 
tention experienced convul- 
sions, severe vomiting, and re- 
peated periods of tuiconscious- 

According to Taylor the ma- 
terial was brought from Norfolk 
onto the Virginia Beach drug 
market and was being "pushed" 
under the pretext of being a 
nonpoisonous, illegal, hallucin- 
ogenic drug known as peyote. 
Taylor added several suspected 
"pushers" of jimson are pre- 
sently under surveillance. 

Taylor said the weed caabe 
recognized from other nar- 
cotics or drugs because the 
leaves have a very stiff, sta- 
rched appearance while the 
seeds are very small, and look 
like flat, dried up kidney beans. 

Dr. Ramen A. Morano, tox- 
icologlst in the State Medidal 
Examiner's C^ce, described 
the Jlmson-weed as being hi- 
l^y poisonous with all parts 
of file plant being tojdc^ Moa. 
rano pointed out tte tthos i 
sons who indulge in the use of 
^mson could experience sym- 
ptomatic reactions for as long 
as 48 hours, and that use of 
ttie material in large enough do 
sages could be fatal. 

Morano also pointed out that 
use of jimson produces hall- 
ucinations in a manner simi- 
liar to those from the use of 

peyote and/or LSD. However, 
he added, the jimson hallucina- 
tions will differ in that they 
are experienced in black and 
white as opposed to being In 
color when experienced throu^ 
the use peyote and/or LSD. 
Morano also cited severe 
cases of the use of jimson 
which have resulted in blind- 

Lt. Henry Capps, police Ju- 
venile DlvlsionC.O., expressed 
his feelings over the appearance 
of jimson, which has been re- 
ferred to as 'iocoweed",onthe 
-resort-dty scene by saying 
"it's of major concern to us 
because young people appear 
to be most susceptible to this 

In discussing the dangers 
connected with the use of jim- 
soh Capps illustrated the po- 
tency of the substance by saying 
'we had one case of a usually 
very calm and docile individual 
who went completely berserk 
umer the influence of this 

Ironically there is no law at 
the present time which covers 
the jlmson-weed, and the sub- 
stance'does have qualities which 
make It beneficial for certain 
medical purposes. 

Det. Taylor made what per- 
haps is the most significant 
statement which might serve ' 
as a warning to those who might 
consider experimenting with 
jimson when he said "the jus- 
tice in the matter perhaps Is 
In the use of jimson, if it doesn't 
kill you it will make you very, 
very^ very sick." 


been released from a prison 
work camp at HaynesviUe, Va., 
<m November 24 where he bad 
been serving a sentence after 
being convicted of a statutory 
burglary charge in Norfolk. 
^ Buzzy and Curran indicated 
their investigation shows Mrs. 
Anderson was slain last Friday 
nig^t, four days before the dis- 
covery of her twdy In ttie kitdien 
\of her home In the 900 block 
of Beryl Avenue, shortly after 
leaving a friends house si about 
8 p.m. in Portsmouth. 

Investigators said that rob- 
bery was possibly the 'motive 
in Oie slaying, and that ttie 
person responsible for the mur- 
der was aHMtrently permitted to 
enter the home after Mrs. An- 
derson returned since ^ was 
reportedly acqtiaiirted wiQihim. 

An autopsy report fi'om the 
State Medical Examiner stated 
that Mrs. Anderson died as the 
result of (Aultiple stab wounds 
over the upper portion of berbo- 
' dy, and that she had been se- 
verely beaten abqut the ,bead 
wltti a blunt instrument. 


Officials have launched an 
investigation into circum- 
stances surrounding the death 
of a Navy enlisted man whose 
bodv was found last Friday 
in ttie water off the Utile Creek 
, Naval Amphibioie Base. 

He has been identified afi 
GM 1. Clarence E. Johnson, 
40, d Bucksport, Me., who 
Just recently reported to Little 
Creek for duty with the USS 
York County. 

The body was discovered 
when it washed ashore near 
Pier 35 of the Naval Base. 

Au&orities say their Inves- 
tigatiw thus does not indicate 
any foul play being involved in 
Jdmson's death, and that his 
body i^ipeared to have been 
in the water a week prior to 
its discovery. 

Today's tip for safer winter 
driving from Chief of Police 
Col. W.W. Davis: "Whenever 
there's any question about it, 
drivers should get the 'feel' 
of the road to see whether 
it is slippery or not. You can 
do this by accelerating carefully 
to see if the wheels spin; or 
brake gently to see if they skid. 
Then drive accordingly." 

KettatR •Cm4>h 

II *• 1 1 




AH.IIM *21.95 


1948-F Wmtoni Spring Rd 
Plioii« 464-3516 



^^ ^u iltti carrying fh« vifrtght of "lump-sum" 
l i imi u nw pcymtB H? Th«i if« Hm* to ligjiton *• 
load wWi BiKiBrt-Rae, tlw bw-w^ monmly pay- 
ment plan that l«h you comoUAH* oH of your 
pramiumt ondipay the eaiy woy-wHh one monthly 


Police are still seeking the driver of an auto which struck this 
bicycle early Sunday morningasyoungStanley Chapman was making 
his newspaper route deliveries. 

Help Asked in Finding Driver 

Police are requesting assis- 
tance in locating the driver of 
a vehicle which seriously in- 
jured a newspaper delivery boy 
early Sunday morning. 

Authorities say 17 -year -old 
Stanley R. Chapman of the 1100 
block dif Kempsville Road was 

struck by a hit*and-run driver 
near the intersection of Kemps- 
ville Road and Indian River 
Road while riding his bicycle. 
Investigators said Chapman's 
bike was struck from the rear 
and dragged nearly 300 feet. 
The impact of the collision ap- 

2 to Stand Trial in Feb. 

Fayette Tillman, Jr. and Ro- 
bert Lee Woody of Norfolk are 
scheduled to enter Circuit Court 
in February charged with the 
murder of Samuel W. Jones. 

Tillman, 39, of the 1800 block 
of Caswell Avenue, is sche- 

duled for trial on Feb. 10, 
while Feb. 24 has been set 
as date of trial for Woody, 
32, of the 100 block of West 
26th Street. 

The body of Jones, 52, was 

found chained to his \v1fe';sbody 

floating in Chesapeake 'Bay on 

Sept. 8. A medi(^ examiner's 

report indicated the couple had 

both been strangled to death. 

The Jones' were last seen 

alive on Sept. 4 \t1ien according 

to nei^ibors they left their 

home in the 5700 block of Has- 

TThgs Arch with two men thought 

~W~W prospecUve buyers of 

their 28-foot sailing trimaran. 

During Municipal Court pro- 
ceedings in the case, Tillman 
and Woody were Identified as 
two men who crawled onto the 
' Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel 
sMii early Sept. 5 several hours 
t^re the discovery of wredc- 
age (^ the Jones' trimaran on 

parently threw Chapman over 
the hood of the vehicle into 
the windshield. Hospttal of- 
ficials said he was recdving 
intensive medical care Init 
listed hlf condition as being 

Officials said an earlier 
theory that a late moctel blue 
Chevrolet was involved in tbe 
accident was in error, and Uiat 
anyone who may have informa- 
tion relating to the accident 
should contact the Virginia 
Beach police Traffic tXvtstmi, 
phone 427-4608. 

Police have also requested 
the cooperation of operators d 
garages, auto dealer repair 
shops, and/or other tMi^ness 
firms such as glass compaitfes 
or Junk yards where windsUeUs 
are obtainable. Such firms are 
being requested to contact po- 
Uce in the event that anywe 
^as replaced ^«4fldsWeM ^ 
^heir trfaee^f buatnesi since 
last Sunday morning. 

Officer C. E. Gmltter said 
his Investigation of the inci- 
dent Indicates tbat itiiile the ac- 
cident occurred about 5:30 a.m. 
it was not until 6:20 a.m. ttiat 
young Chapman was able to 
summon aid from Gotten Me- 
Clenny of Kempsville IUmIMc- 
Clenoy was awaken when Cbap- 

^ mkl)^tev^ the pcAntwhere^^T:— jL-r-"" 

-^ mW«Swled oirfr«*2^fwaln|^^^"«^«*«e^^^*^ «^ 

' ^osiftatfges lttvie.-,b«^ file* «itted »he youth to »• home 

as yet In connection with the 

death of Mrs. Jones. 

Without a free press there 
can be no free society, 
justice Felix Frankfurter. 

and notified police. 

The windshield of tbe vebide 
involved, according to emitter, 
was beavily damaged itfaa 
large ftagments dT vidndsUeM 
glass were recovered al tte 
acxidei^ scene. 


Father Francis V. Bambrick tlakes a test 
ride on a stationary bicycle presented to 
him by men of the Beach Borough fire de- 
partment to assist him in staying 'Hrim 
and slim". Father Bambrick's first *Vide 
to nowhere" is witnessed here by (Ifeft to 
right)firemen Wilson K. Hunter, David P. 
Hicks, and James W. Carter. 



The Fabulous 1971 



SmaR Cor Price! 


BKivno nuvnom IN nmfom 

Small Cor Terms! 

AND 5' 



refinance it! 





Mutual Federat has money to lend to 
make mortgage payments ea'sier on 
your bi 



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W^»»W###MMWlJMTOl«»lJiliMMlllillM infW1 

I 1111111111111,11 

This was just oa€ ^)f the mafli? X4vr i s t^ a s arrangemems at the 
annual Linkhorn Park Garde'n Club.Christmas tea last week, held 
this year at the home of Judge and Mrs. George Vakos, The ar- 
rangement earned a blue ribbon for Mrs, Hazel Bell. 


By Carolyn McAUen 

Next time buy 

a frozen one 


EwT try to broil a tirthday cake? And I don't mean tiie 
Unl of idng tt^ you put under Hie broiler for a fe« ntfn- 
utes. I nean the trtiole cake. 

1 was ask«l to take a Urtiiday cake for a surprise party 
iiAlcii I did not even attend. I agreed. However, that same 
d^ t iNrown^ some rolls in the oven wA was somewhat $ur- 
prtoed to di&rover ttiat they were very brown on top and still 
«Mte 00 flie bottom. 

Mow casting no reflections upon my husband's oven cleaning 
aUiUm, hotever, be had cteaifed the oven for the first time 
Oris Jy^ tlmi, mA tb^ cwen's) the day before while 1 was 
oat ^si^aas shopping. I chected the oven, and everything 
lias ph^B^ lo right. 

So te text (toy we almost had baked sweet potatoes to go 
irtth 08$. la&, Birt when I took them out ttiey were barely 
issfli and |ut » harl! as when 1 put them in. 

It wtf shortly after this that my husband discovered that 
the bottom h^ grid was not warming op— jtst the tq) me. 
And Id a fov note miiM^s we found tnit ttat the top^^grid 
will tit in the bdtom, but the bottom one won't fit in ttie top. 

Ai^w, g^pDg bade to tte cake, an^ier calamity struck 
Aoi% before t wa going to make it. I was informed ttat 
tte hoeoree cooMh't Mi iiocoliUe. Naturally I was plandng 
to f!z a Aocolito etiw. It was replaced by banana. 

Mtfur^ Uie glrlt wairfed to help, Tlank goodness tuXxOy 
eN^^Waed Mer abort findlag egg shells in their {riece. The 
atTCft*^ttr-old dropped on uliole egg in— and 1 do mean 

nt iwit MjOT dedsloo wm mM to do sdMut a pan. None 
oC Ae mi^fibmt ted a shett eal» pen. S^iwbody sngge^ed 
Wai • eoefcto sheet and txteadi^ the sides tqwardwith 
akaptauB foil. B worfced-ontU ^ter the eake was baked 
tntt iSmb{(M to peel off the fdU It (U(ta't. 



Thursday, December 10, 1970 

Party expert practices at home 

Barbara Mahoney, a ptofes- 
sional jiarty ciHisultai^ for Wis** 
F(xids, shc»uld know what sh^'s 
talking about. S\w has four boys 
ranfpng from 1^ to 18 yi>urs 
old aiid she sa« tte-y like to 
have parties? 

Although her home is (Hi Long 
Islami, Kirs. Mahoney travels 
from Massachusetts to Florida 
in her j«)b. 

••I di«'t do It every day of 
my life, however. This is my 
first trip ko Virginia Beachi" 

As a party consultant, she 
speaks to school home econo- 
mics classes, elub grobits, at 
store promotions and through 
the various media. 

"I enjoy working with kids,' 
Mrs. Mabnney said. 'It's im- 
portant for young "people to 
entertoin, be hos{ritible, have 
fUn. It's importairt for parents 
to understand this.'.' 

She believes there is a na- 
tural conviviality among chil- 
dren. And cbiMren's parties 
need not be expensive. 

"They lll^sBacks.Theydon't; 
like complicated foods. The 
more taa ttiey can baye plan- 
ning tiK party, the more fun 
It is." 

Fpr her boys she has laid 
down some basic ground rules. 
Namely, they have to clean up 
and fliey have to break up the 
party on time. 

"I like to experimettf with 
fDo^,V said Mrs. Mahoney. As 
an wample sl» described a 
six-foot lOBg hero sandwich she 
made with coM cuts and tonied 
wiOi i'wbat else?) pototo <MpB, 
Hie giaitf lo^ she tad bated 
^lecially for "about $3." 

Mrs. Mahoney 

This ang^l, made from an Imported doll, 
drew a number of admiring comments from 
visitors atthe Linkhorn Park Garden Club 

Teens, she said, do not lite 
their parties to be too orgaO''^ 

However, she has one word 
of warning. 'Any parent who 
leaves a party before Uch are 
18 is a fool. ' 

Children should be allowed 
to eiiptess their own ideas, 
she believes. She had brought 
al<»ig ,a .Mtaple, but idtnictl^, 
red cotton Christmastsd)le cloth 
which her IZ-year-oM de- 
corated around the edges with 
red and silver tinsel. . 

Sbe said th^ East Hampton, 

where she lives, is a "party 
mad town in summer." Some 
of the best are the simplest, 
she commented. "In ttie yard- 
people sit around and bilk or 
dance on^tbe lawn." 

aie, persraially, prefers to 
entertoin at small dimtfer par- 
ties for six or eight rather - 
than have a larger fproup— 
"c#versation rather than 

"The point <A a party is to 
get logether and have a re»- 
laxed good time. Christmas is 
a marvelous time to have per- 

New officers of the Woman's Democratic Club of Virginia' Beach 
are^ left to right, M rs. Hughes, Mrs. Ross, Mrs, Traub, Mrs. Falson, 
Mrs. Boiling, Mrs. Simieie, Mrs. Keene and Mrs. James. 

Mrs. Simieie takes club reins 

Nmi mim te deeUoi on whttter to tarn <« the broiler 
Ml M ^ ovM hMt 9 to tte iffoper traq^nUore, art off 
m teoiltr tad hope tte teoverafaffe wook! be mintained 
ov iMter to tnha the brdltr grid oat and put it in Oe bottom 
wA %m tt WMld do Oe whole Job l^ ttseU. Well, finally 
I «Mftd OB tte Itfter eourse Mtet fwis afraid Qm ate 
inont ttki tti nm, I decided it imM be bette half 
« lop ttM OB tatt». Redty it mm't too bid »- 
mt to tte spoil on top flat Mak. But th^ tairned ont to be 
te bdtoa ^the ate i«n tt w»i tad i^way. 

:, Pai ^ I dtdn^ fit to flie party. 

Mrs. Stuart Boiling, Demo- 
c ratio National Committee- 
woman from Virginia, said Fri- 
day that the Democratic party 
'has been through a difficult 

Mrs. Boiling, who installed 
mw officers of the Woman's 
Democratic Club of Virginia 

Open house 
this weekend 

Area residents «1U have tiie 
chance this weekend to find out 
tow an expert on Christmas 
decorations decorates her o«-n 

Marian Crosby Garden Club 
and Holy Trinity Women's Club 
are co-sponsoring 'A Tradi- 
ti(md£hristmas Home'* ^lu:- 
day and Sunday, Dec. 2 and 13 
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. 
Malcolm H, Todd, Jr., 507 
Chesc^ian Trail inChesc^ian 
Colony. Mrs. Todd (^nspeate 
on how to n»te Chriirtnas de- 
(»r^(Nis and arrangemei^. 

* Hours of the (^n hc^be are 
1 to 9 p.m. b(^h ^y%. Hi^ 
heels are vnA permitted. 
Tidcets, f«- a dollar dentton, 
4m be av^lable at the door. 

Beach at the CoK>er Kettle, 
said, "Every Democratic vote 
counts. We must be united." 
She added that the party needs 
to conduct an educational pro- 
gram of publicity and be active 
at other times than just during 

Mrs. Edward A. Simieie was 
presented the president's gavel 
by Mrs. C. E. Upton, Jr., out- 
gdng president. Other officers 
are Mrs. Charles Faison, first 
vice president; Mrs. Charles 
Traub, III, second vice pre- 
sident; Mrs. Gilbert Keene, 
third vice presideirt;Mrs.^y* 
dm Ross, recording secretary; 

Mrs. Clifford Hughes, corre- 
sponding secretary, and Mrs. 
Arthur James, treasurer. 

Mrs. Kenneth Carbau^ r^Ki 
'The Uttlest Angel" to tte 

AlantM TrmU 

The Alanton Traib Garden 
Club will meet at the Adam 
Thoroughgood bouse on Tan- 
day, Dec. 15, at 10 a.m. 

A tour of tte 17th century 
house win feature traditional 
decorations of tte season. Ccrf- 
fee will be served 

The birthday celebration was climaxed with a special cake. Left 
to right are H. M. Rieley, Mrs. H. W. Fu Ifor d and Mrs. M.Q. 
Roper, all past presidents, and the current president, Mrs. W. B. 

Club marks 30th birthday 

Holiday greetings 

Dependents of Naval Air 
^lUioo Oceana men depto;^ 
aboard fite tJ9S JSh F. Ken- 
mdy an] the USS Indepen- 
dence will have tte oppor- 
tunity to give a special Chrlst- 
mak gift to tteir loved ones 
who will be deputed durii^ 
Uie holidays. 

Qd Sunday, Dec 13, at 11 
a.m. im tteJ.FJCdep«itento 
and at 2 p.ffi. for flie Inde- 
pendence depentorts, totevi- 
tfon topM iriU be nade at 

the Dam Neck Guided Missile 
Sdiool television £adlity. Tte 
greettt^ and m«^Hii» oi 
love will be flown to tte men 
in time for Christms <toy. 

If your huAstnd or fitter 
is a memterof an Oceami 
based «|wdr<» and is de- 
^0^ ab(»rd tte J.F.K. or 
IndependoK^ co^d your 
wivw eld> ii»pr«MMtiv»1ttd 
tet 19 tt aiiptAntment to A- 
tend tte nwet^ wmAmu 

Ite secoi^ oUest woman's 
clid) in Virginia Beach— ttet's 
tte Woman's CliA> of Cbesa- 
peate Beach, Inc.— celebrated 
m\T 30tt birthday at a gala 
Christmas-birthday party 
Tuesday at tte Ocean Hearth. 

in 30 years tte cli^.has 
estttdisted quite a re<»M of 
commiaity projects. Amcng 

* $15,000 to tte Bayside U-' 
Inxf to furnish tte r^eraiee 

• $1500 to tte Day Care 
Ceker at Holy Tridty Ctmrdi. 

• Cwrtrtbirtions to CUNAC, 
ef^pOMMrt itted in cancer tcnt- 
ment, itf tte M^eal College 

'^'teJoflM UfeDepaitmurt 
tetf fponsorad tte MmAi Fnl- 
ford Gold Circle fu* senior 
Ciflam tot 17 years. 

* Contribol^ to <^ntion 

Reindeer,, Tidewater Rehabili- 
tation Center AUantic Mental 
Hygiene Cttidc, dottes and 
textbo(ri[s for Operation Huid- 
clasp, gifts to two ^ate Men- 
tal Hosi»tals. 

Tteir present and;Ati(») is to 
pl8(» a reading nmdtfne for 
use t^ corrective renAng t»- 
ctem in aiding slow roders. 
One was placed in ^elt(n Park 
Sduwl last year Iqr tte ddb, 
and ttey plan to idaee a se- 
cond ma^m in aa^r ele- 
menbu7 s^ool in tteBayside 

Tte cl^ also sp(»K»«d tte 
Bi^ide Junior Cltib widdi was 
organised in 19S§. 

Hie maUng (A Christnue de- 
eoratiotts was denaatrntod it 
tte lun(A«» Iqr Mrs. Mcdlle 
Taylor vi W^nm's Axte and 
Cralto S^ in ao^ood Stop- 
|in| Ceiter. 

Cnettt rt tte ineetInK im- 

clu(kd Mra. L. J. Bare, [O^- 
sideitf Hi tte Ba^Me JimitHrs; 
Mrs. E. W. Learnard, president 
(A Cape Henry Womw's Clrt); 
Mrs, Mauri<» 0. Casey, Jr., 
presideirt d KempsviUe Wo- 
man's Club, and Mrs. John 
F. Carroll, first vice presi- 
dent (tf 0^ l^k Wonnn's 
Clifl). I 

Coffee set 
for officer 

Tte Baw ffwtlfwy wrves 
Cldb wlU have open feowe ttd 
aninl(ffroale^eehon«r&f tte ^ 
new Soirtheast R^Hliootf l>rasi- f 
^t, Mrs. }ksd l>i|^iriEoB}. 

It idll te Md «n Ttoa. 
d^, Dec. 17, ^ 10 a,m. on 
Oie weond flo» ofttespetHid 
•ervieM btfdli«at Dan N«dc 
Non^ win te pnvMed. 

Ml wX^^ wivw an ii- 
iMid to rtt^ii. 

Thursday, December 10, 1970 


Virginra Beach Sun 

Apple Q day loses out Appliances 


to changes in eating gift-giving 

**Great Expectations" 'fruit Cake is a 
quicker v e r s i o n of an old time favor fte. 

There's no waiting 
for this fruit cake 

During tbe Victorian era 
oooidiig was a leisurely art 
requiring the ttme and attention 
oi pracHeally all nieml)ers of 
a bousehoM. 

Tbe creation of a holiday spe- 
cialty such as this ^'Great Ex- 
pectations" Fruit Cake would 
take ^ays to prepare and a 
month or so to mellow. Jn- 
Didcens^day, Truit cake was 
called "great cake". It was 
more like a pudding than a 
cake since it was mostly fruits 
and mits with Just enou^ batter 
to hold it together. 

Our updated version has a 
delicate talance of nuts, fruit 
and cake batter— more suitable 
to ttie Ughter style of current 
taste. The, batter Js^^fe 

rM, With a dash at coJmi^ 
added color and subtlety. 
Cdtee, of course, is also most 
important as the beverage com- 
panion to ttiis rich cake. 


2-1/4 cups sifted cake flour 

1 tsp. baking powder 

1/4 tsp. salt 

1/2 t«p. ground nutmeg 

1/2 tq>. ground cinnamon 

3/4 cop butter 

1-1/4 cups sifted confectiMiers' 


4 eggs 

1/2 cup extra-strength coffee 

1/2 cup white raisins 

1 cup seedless raisins 

1 ciq> currants 

1/2 cup choired mixed candied 


1 cup finely slivered almonds 
1/4 cup finely chopped almonds 

2 tblsp. light corn syrup 
2 tblsp. water 

Brandy or fruit Juice 

SUt flour with baking pow- 
der, salt and slices. Cream but- 
ter, gradually add sugar, and 
cream until light and fluffy. 
Add eggs, one at a time, beat- 
ing well after each addition. 
Then add flour mixture alter- 
itttely with o^ee, begimdng and 
en^ witti flour and beating 
after each additlM until smooth 
(batter wiU look somewhat 
cunDed). Fold in fruit and 
slivered almonds. 

Spread in well-greased 9- 
inch tdw pan. Bake In moderate 
ofvra (350 F) SO minutes; then 
sprinftte dk^vied aloMnds over 
top of eate wbA bOx 30 to 35 
minutes longer. 

Slnaner syrup and^mter to- 
gether for 1 minute; bruriiover 
top of cake to hoki almonds 
In pl«» and to give a i^oss. 
Cod cak» 15 minntoi in pin; 
fiien turn o^ m nek to fl- 
ni^ oooUng. When eoU, wnp 
eake in eheesedotb that has 
been sotked in bzindy ox fruit 
Juice, tben wrap in foil, and 
■tore in refri^ritor at iMSt 
ovenitg^ t>efore serving. 


Note: Cake will slice best 
when it is chilled, but it tastes 
best at room temperature. Cake 
will keep in refrigerator for 
about one week. 


(Editor's note: This is one 
d a series on home horticul- 
ture by W. P. Judkins, exten- 
sion horticulturist at Virginia 

Food is an interesting sub- 
ject for most of us. In fact, 
in our affluent society, eating 
is such a pleasant part of life 
that we are inclined to consume 
too much. 

Actually, as our life has be- 
come moK sedentary, «1th less 
piiystcar work, we have reduced 
our yearly consumption of food 
from 1600 pounds in 1910 to 
dx)ut 1,400 at present. 

, Each foflRl has its oi^-n pattern 
of consumption. We now eat 
about 130 pounds of fruit each 
year, as we did 60 years ago. 
However, we eat only 20 pounds 
of apples as compared to 66 
pounds in 1910. 

This is of real concern to us 
in Virginia where apples are 
one of our most important hor- 
ticultural crops.We should pro- 
mote more of this s^ple-a-day 
health business because they do 
help keep the doctor away. 

The drop in ai^le consump- 
tion has been replaced almost 
pound for pound by citrus. One 
interesting fact is that almbst 
half of the citrus we eat is 
now in the form of frozen con- 
centrate Juice. We like tlie easy 
and convenient life. 

The consumption of home 
grown vegetables has dropped 
from 126 to 50 pounds per year. 
This would suggest a decline 
in gardening as a hobby, but 
instead probably reflects tbe 
concentration of people in ci- 
ties, ^ere outdoor gardening is 
4if!toultor in^MSsible. -^,^ — — . 

The total consumpti(Ni of ve- 
getables has remained constant 
at about 200 pounds per year. 
However, we now eat miy half 
as many pounds of white and 
sweet potatoes, and twice the 
quantity of leafy and succulent 

Almost one-third of all vege- 
tables we use are processed. 

The tdgh quality and economy 
of commercially processed ve- 
getables is the result of se- 
veral factors. They are canned 
or frozen at their peak of qual- 
ity soon after harvest, wljereas 
the fresh product may not reach 
the consumer for several days 
or weeks. Also, low quality 
specimeAs and trim waste are 
eliniinated during the proces- 
sing operation. 

Thus, a more concentrated 
product is shipped to the a)n- 
sumer at a saving of handling 
and transportation costs. 

In terms of nutrient value 
there is no l)enefit to be se- 
cured from the so-called or- 
ganically grown vegetables or 
fruit. The composition of the 
edible product is not influenced 
by the kind of fertilizer the 
plant receives. The plant ab- 
sorbs basic nutrient elements 
in ionic form, which are the 
same whether they come from 
an organic or inorganic source. 

Th4 strawberry is another 
Virgnia crop which has dropped 
in consumption. In 1910, every 
person ate about two quarts 
per year. Today, we consume 
only one quart. This is a good 
crq) for the home garden. You 
shoukl plant some next spring 
and harvest your own delicious 
te rrie s i "' ■ 

New development in personal- 
care electric appliances could 
simplify the question of what 
to give John or Jill for Christ- 
mas. More and more such it(-ms 
are appearing in stores and are 
winning popularity with men and 
women, and boys and girls. 

"Personal-care electric 
products are continuing to grow- 
in both variety and sales vol- 
umes. They appeal to the 
grooming conscious teen- 
agers,'" disclosed J ani ce 
Woodard, Virginia Tech exten- 
sion specialist in home manage- 
ment with the Colleee of Honie 

Manufacturers are offering 
such persnnal-care appliances 
as hair styler-dryers or comb- 
hair dryers. At least one com- 
pany is making separate units 
for men and women. Others 
offer one unit for both men and 

Also available in many 
models are hair -setters and 
hair -dryers, some of which 
provide moisture in mist form. 
All seem to have won teenager 

A professional hair-dryer, 
available soon, will feature 
settings for natural and syn- 
thetic wigs. And its jumbo sized 
hood will -accomodate the 
largest available rollers while 
providing two built-in storage 
compartments for rollers, pins 
and cosmetics. 

Another " personal-care'" 
aK>liance is a hand -held 
electric steamer. Designed to 
remove wrinkles from gar- 
ments, draperies, and other 
fabrics, the flashli^t- sized 
steamer spews steam to where 
-4t— is- <«*dAd» «r=^ 

Mr. & Mrs. George Ellis 
Parker, Son. 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell' Wilson 
Chaplain, Jr., Son. 

Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Leon 
Hyman, Son. 

Mr. & Mrs. Fraidc Fulvius 
D'Angelo, Son. 

Mr. & Mrs. Leroy GoUatts- 

(^Ckr^on. :'>'-. 

Uu k tUrs. DarOfiElroy St.. 
Germaine, Son. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Frede- 
rick FuUerton, Son. 

Mr. & Mrs. James Walter 
Cox, Son. 

Mr. & Mrs. David Terrence 
Reynolds, Son. 

Mr. & Mrs. WilUam Frede- 
rick Wood, Son. 

Mr. 4i Mrs. Charlie Edward 
Patillo, Daughter. 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Wayne 
Weddle, Daughter. 

Mr. & Mrs. David Richard 
Ford, Daughter. 

Mf. & Mrs. Wallace Donlevy 
Carson, Jr., Daughter. 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Denning 
Johnson, Daughter. 

Mr. Si Mrs. Henry Thomas 
Coxe, Jr., Daughter. 

Mr . 4 Mrs. Gary Olen Butler, 

Lynnhorvn <'ohny 

Lynnhaven Colony Garden 
Club had a Christmas party at 
ttie home of Mrs. Thelma 
Rolston. Co-hostess was Mrs. 
Marguerite Pitts. 

Beautlficatton of the Colony 
eitfrances was plamed. Food 
items and money were donated 
by the members for a needy 

FOR GIFTS WITH A BOUTIQUE FLAVOR— Pick the most colorful 
cottons in sight and stitch up apair of reputable reptiles with 
winning personalities. Cotton calico prints, sewn together in bright 
patchwork fashion, make Jake the Snake a welcome visitor to the 
couch or bed. He's stuffed with cotton batting and even has a zippered 
pocket that can be used as a secret hiding place for money, diary 
keys, or other top-secret items. His whimsical turtle compartlon— 
done up in two shades of ribless cotton corduroy— is designed for 
door-stop duty. Both were created by the Talon Department of 
Design. For free instructions, send a self- 
addressed stamped envelope to the 
National Cotton Council, Dept. PR, Box 
12285, Memphis, Tenn. 38112. 



I : lb. box St 00 
1 Al hm il4) 

lb boi t\»S 

.* lb box J5 "5 
$ Kit box i950 


... 1 my pt^Mibr raortnitm in • variety 
of tim . . . cTCMnt. fruits, nutit auMndi, 
noygiis, toffcricotch, ii«t crtrachct anil 
dirwjr ccmcn . . . iippti in finm dult md 


207 - 25th Str«et 
Phone 428-6363 


34th & Atlantic 
Phon« 428-6467 



h(»t^s (»n help you 
over the anxietv of get- 
ting acquainted in new 
surroundii^ and make 
you feel at "Home 
Sweet Home," again. 

She will bring gifts and 
vital information from 
your neighborhood busi- 
neffi and dvic leaders. 
Call. 6gT-S685 

TlW Mote 

ftffiMM tmtm 

When you're not 

like yourself, 

LydiaPinkham understands 

All of a sudden you might 
feel you're chftnging-not a 
good feeling. You're tired, 
edgy, out of sorts and that's 
not you. Lydia Pinkham 
understands. ' 

A long time ago. when 
ladies couldn't be as frank as 
we can today, Lydia Pinkham 
recognized the problem and 
set about finding a remedy. 
She knew it was not natural 
for women to have to suffer 
with what was obviously a 
natural procen. 

So she turned to nature 
for a remedy. She davaloft^ 
a marvelous compound of 
medicinal roots and herbs 
that turned the trick for the 
women she knew. Because it 
is a natural answer to your 
natural problems, it can turn 
the trick for you. too. 

Try Lydia Pinkham's root 
and hert> remedy to help you 
feel better, more like youf»»lf . 


lym, BaM-iMM 


SPECIAL PROJECT — These members of the Junior King's 
Daughters met last week at Debbie Monroe's ho m e In Alanton to 
make Christmas decorations for the Atlantic Mental Hygiene Clinic. 
They are (left to right) Beth Darden, Debbie Monroe, Lynn Davison, 
Kim Goggin, Cathy Brittingham, Betsie Cowan and Kathle Cobbs. 

Recreation needs 

The Virginia Beach Parks 
and Recreation DepartmeNtJs 
interested in oblai^g 
instructors in the foUl^ing 
areas of activity: Balln, Tap, 
C o ppe ^ Ena meHii^, Qf^ mf 
G u i t a r , C ain jpt ng TeiSlip^ 
(Tent and Trailer), Hairstyllng, 
Hook Rugs, Interior Decorating, 
Judo, Modern Dancing, Music, 
Photography, Punch Rugs, 
Trimnastics, Trim by Dance, 
and Yoga. Tho^ iitferested are 
requested to contact the de- 
partment (497-4884) as soon 
as possible. 

Mr. and Mrs. George B, Harper, Jr. of 
Chesopeian Trail are shown on the deck of 
the North German Lloyd Line's **M.V. 
Europa" just before sailing from New York 
bound for a vacation cruise to the West 

Zniio ip ecd i soouiMg fwirf to cs» 
tcrnaUy canied iicUap of laaiia, 

pq jwii fl wi iiwect M if i . DcMMtiacs 
nerve endings. KMsmWoMflrsiir* 
face tmni, aids heattii. "IMtA" 
dcta wHh Zcmo^ liquid flriNnbncat 
Quick nUt^ or yo«r noMy teekl 

Drunk drivers bring families tc^ether. 

in huspitul rooms and ut iuneruls. ^ 

Because that's where the drunk drivers victims wimi up. 

Drunk drivers are involved in at least 25,000 deaths aad tt)0,000 

t rashes every year. 

JUuL^vkrt i.mA.yoa^do? 

Remember, the drunk driver, the al}uave drinker, the prc^lem drinker 
may be sick and n^d your help. 

The first thing you can do is get him off \h£ road. For hU sake awi yours. 

Do something. Write tbe N^onal Safety Ommal, D^ A, 425 North 
Michigan Ave., Chicago, UluuHs, 00611. And your vdee w31 be heud. 

Si rean^ Bloody Murder. 4^ A^ 

H«i mhtii iiiilir«irtrf l^a» |itliHli t 




Virginia PMch Sun 

Walk-A-Mile's PEPPER, a, purebred Miniature Schnauzer, owned 
by Peggy and Hank Pezzella of Virginia Beach recently placed first 
atthe Durham Kennel Club show, Durham, Norvth Carolina. At center 
is Mrs. Betty J. Munden, professional handler of Virginia Beach. 
ShownatleftisJudgeFrankF. Davis. Girl at right is not identlmd. 

8 Teams to Compete 
in Holiday Tourney 

Ends At 

The Virginia Besch Dragway 
at Cree<jls iield its final race 
for the season Sunday after- 
noon. Races will resuAe in 

Top stock winner Sunday «'as 
Ken Roberson, driving a Ford 
and running out of Earl Powell's 
Auto Parts. He clodced 13.29 
e.t. at 109 in.p.h. 

Street eliminator winner was 
Leroy Savage, running out of 
Capital Auto Parts in Mary- 
land, driving a Dodge. His time 
was 11.35 at 130 m.p.h.. 

Randy Ruzica, driving a 
Dodge out of Tfebmpson-Royal 
Dodge, was showroom wtm>er 
with 13.49 e.t, 104 m.p.h. 

Charlie Mims, last weelc's 
top stocic winner running out 
of Thompson-Royal, could not 
compete in the last race be- 
caiise of an oil Irak. 

Scouts Fill 
Food Baskets 

Girl Scouts from Junior 
Troop 126, Brownie Troop 510, 
Brownie Troop 160 and Brownie 
Troq? 173 with the help d the 
S.C.A. at W. T. Cooke School 
presented Mrs. Anqa Brinkley, 
welflire chairman, with eigl^ 
baskets of food for needy 

Thursday, Dw»mbor 10, I97D 

Larry Peverall (left), past commodore of the Bay Harbour Club, 
and Dr. Robert Bosley, commodore of the new yacht club, relax 
prior to the meeting. 

Dr, Bosley Heads Yacht Club 

Dr. Robert Bosley has been 
elected commondore of ^ new- 
ly organized Virginia Beach 
Yacht Club. 

Tte group consists primarily 
of tiK yachting division lum- 
bers of the former Bay Har- 
harbour Club. Membership is 
now open, however, to any in- 
terested boatman in the city. 

The first election odt officers 

and change-of-watch was held 
Saturday at a semiformal af- 
fidr at the Capes Beach & Ca- 
bana Club. I 

Larry Peverall, past com- 
modore of the Bay Harbour 
Club, presided over the elec- 

Other new officers include 
John McClintodt, vice cotti- 
OMdore; Herb Moll, rear com- 

modore; and Jack Grimsley, 

The members also elected 
three members-at-large for 
two-year terms: John James 
and Past Commodores Arthur 
Conrad and Billy McCoy. 

Dr. Bosley appointed Bob 
Horrocks as fleet captain and 
PUl Uhler as sail captain. 

First round pairings for the 
seventh amwal PhibLant 
Christmas Holiday basketball 
toumment were announced this 
week for the Dec. 17-19 event 
to be held at RockweU Hall 
on the Little Creek Naval Am- 
Iihibious Base. 

The tonraey, an ei^t-team 
afiUr wifii six collegiate teams' 
and two tooal Navy (pdntets 
entered, will have games at 
8, 5, 7, Sffld 9 p,m. each of 
theJh^ di^ysV 

Armstrong. State will play 
Cha^nan College in the tiHirney 
opitet Dec. 17, foUowed by 
StibLvrt and Wheatoo College 
at 5, PUbLant and EUzabeth 
City State at 7, and Mansfield 
Stsrfe ami Cortland State in ttw 

(Armstrong State), as far west 
as Orange, Calif. (Ch^>man), 
and as far north as Cortland, 
N.Y. (Cortland State). Wheaton 
is fromWheaton,Ill., and Mans- 
field State from Mansfield^ 

EUzabeth City, N.C., State 
University, a top local small 
college and Central Intercol- 
legiate Athletic Association 
(aAA) power, is one of the 
teamsr to wateb. The ViUngs 
won "the 1968 Christmas Holiday 
toiiriiey and finished second to 
Cheyney last year. 

The public is invited to the 
tournament and admission is 
free. Visitors may enter the 
Amjdiib Base throughGateFour 
from Shore Drive. 

UiS£' last year, when ^- BTBOlcfCLS t 

aey State, one of the country's'*-' * ^ »♦*•'* \Mf%r •^ 

top smaU college teams.pUyed j y^ ^ r\ 

the favorite's role all the way/ fi mJ£C», Icf 

to the tourney ttOe, there is"* ^ ,, \* „ , 
no wv to pi<* a fftvorite this - - " - — "- 

TrodigaV Returns 


PUbLant's Gators, still try- 
ing to win their own tourna- 
mentifor the first time, and 

The Fellowship Prayer 
Breakfast Club will hold its 
tiiird monthly meeting Decem- 
ber 18 at 8 a.m. at the Masonic 
Temple on Potter's Road, ad- 

A containerized military cargo is loaded onto a truck after being 
brought ashore from a Merchant Marine ship anchored off Fort 

Container Operation Big Step 

SdbLant's Sea Raiders sbouM Jacent to the ^.M.E. Church. 
live the collegians plenty to Dooatton for the meal is n 
worry about. Both have exper- but there are no dues. Nor are 
leDcwl squads. there any speakers for the mee- 

The college teams, all of tings, although social and eco- 
'iHil<A have earned recognitlOT nomic probtems of the area 

in ttietar own areas, hail from 
as far soitfh as Savanioh, Ga., 



UN AS 411^ 



Now fCBO** ratw ihc Cm. CMT war 
«aii FMneot*. livtiJ rMnoM »• 
lit««i fua ioMawiy. verin btio* die 
Ala iiM M diMOh* conM,Mnr ia iut 
2qi.G« fonoM—Matt drac (MMm. 

are brought before the group 
for discussion. 

The integrated club, orga- 
nized by the Rev. H.L. Camper, 
includes ministers, political 
leaders, housewives, people 
from all walks of life. About 
50 persons attended the last 

For further Information, con- 
tact Mr. Camper at 428-8217. 

Representatives of major 
U.S. miUtary o)mmaiids and 
the Department of Defense 
gathered at Fort Story Wednes- 
day, to witness a demonstration 
of military contalnership op- 
erations; referred to by a 
number of officials as a re- 
volutionary step in future move- 
ments of military cargoes and 

Paul H. 911ey, Deputy As- 
sistant Secretary for World 
Maintenance at the Dept. of 
DeL, headed a group of 30-35 
top Army and Navy command 
representatives who witnessed 

file day-long demonstratton at 
Fort Story's "Green Beadu" 

Wednesday mark»l the con- 
clusion of a five-day project 
at Fort Story, which was diMMd 
"Operational Evaluatton of Off- 
shore Discharge of Container- 
ships" involving the unloading 
of containerized cargo team 
ships in areas which are not 
specifically designed for un- 
loading a contalnership. 

During the operation the Mer- 
diant Marine vessel "Con- 
talnership Forwarder", which 
was contracted by Qie U. S. 

the best tasting 


is made with 



Flea Market Nets $4,000 

Over $4,000 was raised for 
library books at Virginia Wes- 
leyan College by the Women of 
^esleyan's second annual Flea 
Market held in October. 

According to a report sub- 
mitted this week, Mrs. H. W. 
Rogers, treasurer of Women of 
Wesleyan, Indicated tiat $4, 
141.00 was received through 
rental of spaces, from park- 
ing and various ottier contri- 
butions. The Women of Wes- 
leyan had 18 special interest 
booths from whidi funds were 
also received. 

AH)roxlmately 10,000 people 
attended the Flea Marlret. Over 
200 merchants rented spaces 

at a cost of $10 for each double 

All the funds raised throu^ 
the Flea Market wlU go to 
(Nirchase books for the Henry 
Clay Hoflieimer, U Library on 
the Wesleyan Campus. 

The president of the Women 
of Weslfeyan is Mrs. Robert 
Friend Boyd. Mrs. J. B. Denny, 
Jr., served as chairman for ttie 
Flea Market with Mrs. J, W. 
Mason, Jr. serving as co-chair- 
man. „,^. 

The Virginia Emplt^ment 
Commission estimates ttiat 36, 
900 more teachers will be in 
demand in Virginia during the 

Navy for the (^ration, re- 
mained anchored ottshore for 
t use in movement ai cargo con- 
tainers to and from the beach. 

The operation involved air- 
lifting the cargo containers by 
helicoper to shore, as well 
as transporting the containers 
to shore by LARC's, where 
they are loaded onto trucks 
by a'ane for movement to thdr 
final distination. 

Authorittes have indicated 
that Department of Defense 
and industry studies indicate 
the r^iid growth in the use of 
containerization in trans- 
oceanlc movement will be a 
conttnuing trend and thaf con- 
tainerships will <i(»nprise a 
sipificant part of the future 
U. S. Merchant Fleet. 

While all Indications pointed 
to the five day operation at 
Fort Story as being M^ly 
successful, officials say a con- 
siderable lei^ of time will 
be Involved in arriving at a ftill 
evaluation of the program. 

Super Rick Barry, irtjo once 
said he didn't wuit his young 
son to grow up saying "yAll" 
in Virginia, returns to the Old 
Dominion Estate tonight when 
his New York Nets clash with 
me Virginia Squires at Hampton 
Roads Coliseum. Tipoff ttme 
is 8 p.m. 

It will be "BANNER NIGHT" 
as well and the Squires are 
asking all fans to paint or make 
signs and banners to hang In 
the Coliseum that night, "wel- 
coming" Rick ba^ to ol' Vir- 
^y. It should by quite a 
sight foi" sore eyej... 
especially Mr. Barry's! 

Barry, (he All -Everything 
who starred in the NBA with 
San Francisco Uien Jumped to 
the ABA two years ago, was a 
member of the Washington Caps 
(now Squires) last seasm and 
ended up scoring 27.7 points a 
game laist year to finish as fiie 
league's second-best scorer 
b^nd Spencer Hayvood of Den- 

When Ci^js' owner Earl Fore- 
man moved his franchise to 
Virginia this past summer, 
Barry balked and said he 
wouUn't play there. So, Fore- 
man sent Barry, his razor- 
styled hairdo and the iKlilte 
wristbands off to New York for 
a No. 1 draft choice. 

Barry has been injured much 
of ttiis season and is Just now 
getting back into playing shape. 
He was expected to play this 
week in Wednesday's second 
game of ttie big ABA double- 
header at Madison Sqtare Ciar- 

The Squires and the Nets 
of coach Lou Carnesecca have 
met tvdce this season, with 
each club winning a game. Back 
on Oct. 18, In the second game 
' of the season, tte Squires played 
great defense and knocked the 
Nets, 103-88, In Hempstead, 
L. l.CharUe"TheGreat" Scott, 
who has now Jumped his 
season's average to over 27 
a game, tossed in 29 points 
and had 12 rebounds. OlUe Tay- 
lor topped the Nets with 17 

In the rematch on November 
I also at Hempstead, the Nets 

turned the tables on the Vir- 
ginians, winning 121-109, behind 
Billy 4yfelcM«uu's 23^ntsand 
12 assists. Scott again led coach 
Al Bianchi's squad with 24. 
points and 11 rebounds. 

Plenty of good tidtets for 
fids big battle <rf ttie year re- 
main on sale at the Squires 
downtown Nbrfolk office, the 
Hampton Roaite Coliseum, any 
Sears Tidewater store, and Hub 
store, Peoples Banks In Vir- 
ginia Beach and the Young Men's 
sttqps on ttte Petunsuta. 

Marlins In 
Two Games 

The "Blue MarUns" of Vir- 
ginia Wesleyan College wiU tra- 
vel to North Carolina for two 
Dixie Intercollegiate Attiletic 
Conference basketball games 
ttils week. 

Virginia Wesleyan wlU face 
the University of North Caro- 
lina at Greensboro Friday at 
8 p.m., 

The "Marlins" wiH goa- 
gainst the "Hornets" of 
Greensboro College the follow- 
ing night. The ganoe will be 
held at 8 p.m. in ttte James 
G. Hanes Gymnasium. 

Virginia Wesleyan was de- 
feated 82-6?^ by George Mason 
College, in Fairfax, In their 
second game of the season last 

Wesleyan's overall record is 
now 0-2; D.I.A.C. record Is 

Women To Elect 

The Virginia Beach Republi- 
can Women's Club wlU meet 
December 16, at, 10:30 a.m. 
at Oceana Offlcer's^lub. The 
group will elect it$, slate of 
officers for the coming year. 
A buffet luncheon will follow. 


In the Clerk's Offiei of fiie 
Circuit Court of fiie Clfy of 
Vlr^nU BeaeL on the 3rd day 
ol Deetmber, W^ 

Michael Mle Snodgrass, 
agtdist ^ 

Tomoko Fujita Snodgrass, 
Defeniuit. ' 


The object (tf Otis s4t Isto 
obtain a divorce a vinculo 
matrimcMdi from the said de- 
fendant tqxn tte gr<wnd8 of two 
years separation. 

And an affidavit baylnE been 
made and file(kihtf^%e de- 
fendairt is a n(Ui-resideni(^fi)e 
State of Virgiiiia, tlielast)tdbar~ 
post oflie« address betng; soeo 
Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Ne- 

It is ordered that she do 
appear here within ten (10}dayi 
after due publication hereof, 
and do what may be necessary 
to inrotect her interest in this 

A copy-Teste: 

J. Curtis Vvm^ D.C. 
llurplqr, Bennett A'Corry 
301.25th Street 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 

' I2-10-4T 


In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the Citj' of 
Virginia Beach, on the 17th day 
of November, 1970. 

Alice Allen Wilson, Plaintiff, 

WilUe J. Wilson, Defendant. 


The object of this suit is 
for ttie said plaintiff to ob- 
tain a divorce a vinculo ma- 
trimonii from the said defen- 
dant, upon ttie grounds of Two 
Year Rule. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that due dili- 
gence has been used by or in 
behalf of the plainttff to as- 
certain in which county or cor- 
poration ttie defendant is, witti- 
out effect, the last known post 
office address being: 416 N. 
PaytoaStreet, Alexandria, Vir- 

It is ordered ttat he do vpeevt 
here wittiin 10 (ten) days after 
due piA)licatton hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to pro- 
tect his interest in this suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
Josei^ A. Jordan, Jr., Atty^ 
1228 Virginia Beach Blvd. 
NorfoU^ Viargtaiia 23504 ' . 

In the Clerk's Office of ttie 

Circuit Court of the City of 

Virginia Beach, on (he 24th day 

of November, 1970. 
Gregory H. Hoiddns, Plain- 


Darlene Ann Hopkins, Defen- 


The object of this suit is for 
ttie said defendant 40 obtain a 
divorce a vinculo matrinKMiU 
from the said defendant upon 
ttie grounds of adultery. 

And an affidavit having been 
made uid filed that due dili- 
lience has been used by or in 
behalf ci the plaintiff to as- 
certain in which county or cor- 
poration ttie defendant is, with- 
out effect, the last known post 
office address being: Apartmeitf 
#6, 100 Colonial Road, Rich- 
mond, Virginia. 

It is ordered that she do tq;)- 
pear here within 10 (ten) days 
after due publication hereof, 
and do what may be necessary 
to protect her interest In ttiis 

A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
Robert M. Harcourt, Atty. 
402 Board of Trade Bldg. 
Norfolk, Virginia 


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io yen. 

M »mt 




Thursdoy, December 10, 1970 

Virginia Beach Surt 

•Legal Notices 


ta the Maiter of Estate of 
OrnkB. B^ka, deeeased. 

It antaarine to ttie Court ttiat 
ft report at tte accounts of Vir- 
0idM HattCMa,Bank, Executor 
ai te Est^ of OrmaB. Baker, 
decnfed, and of tlw MAb and 
dedindB apinrt lier estate lave 
been filed in tbe Clerk's Office 
of tUs Court, and that more 
ttan six m(»ittas have elapsed 
sidce the qualification, on mo- 
fioB of ^ Executor, it is 
ORDERED that tbe creditors of, 
md all ottier Interested in, the 
estate do show cause, if uxf 
they can, on tbe 16th day of 
December, 1970, before this 
Court at its courtroom, against 
Vb0 iiayment and delivery of tbe 
E^ate of Orma B. Baker, de- 
ceased, to tbe distributees vith- 
our requiring refunding bonds. 

It is fbrtber ORDERED that 
tills Sbow Cause Order be pii)- 
llsbed once a week for two 
successive weeks in the Vir- 
giida Beach Sun, a newspaper 
having feneral circulation in file 
City ofVirglnia Beach, Virginia. 
A o^-Teste: 

Margaret W. Bn^ D.C. 
niilipG. Denman, Esq. 
WiUcox, Savage, Lawrence, 
Dickson, & Spiiille 
311S Pacific Avenue, P.O. Box 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451 


In the Clerk's Office of tbe 
Circuit Court of fiie City of 
Virginia Beach, on ttie 23rd 
day ot November, 1970. 
^,^, Bonnie Maude Miles Johnson, 

Demmer Nelson Johnson, De- 

Jbe object at tficsattils^ot 
tli nitf plaii^ff to obtain a 
divorce Amensa et Hioro from 
the said defendant, upon tbe 
grounds of Desertion. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and fited tiiat due dili- 
gence has been wed by or in 
behalf of ttie plaintiff to as- 
certain in which county or cor- 
poration ttie defendant is, witti- 
out effect, tbe last known post 
office address being: Sparta, 

It is ordered that he do ^;>- 
pear here witiiin 10 (ten) days 
after due pid)llcation hereof, 
and do what may be necessary 
to protect his interest in this 

A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
Harold J. Goodman, Atty. 
1120 Sparrow Road 
Chesapeake, Virginia 23325 


In ttw Clerk's Office of tiie 
Circuit Court of tbe City of 
Virginia Beacb, on ttie 25th day 
of Novend)er, 1970. 

June Crank Wbltaker, Plain- 
R6bert Campbell Whitaker, 



Tbe object of ttds suit is for 
ttie said pUdntiff to obtain a 
MOND frdm ttie said defendant, 
upoDi the groiffl^ oi itesertton 
by ttie defendairt for a period of 
more ttian one year prior to the 
commencement of the action. 

And va affidavit having been 
made and filed that ttir defen- 
dant is not a resident of ttie 
State of Virginia, ttie last tax^wn 
post office address being: Sans 
Soud Apartments, 804 E Cone 
B(wlevtfd, Greensboro, Nortti 

It is oirdered ttiat be do ap- 
pear here wittiin 10 (ten) days 
aOer due pii»tteiaon hereof, 
and do what may be necessary 
to prote<^ his intent in ttiis 

A eony-Teste: 

Margaret W. Brugb, D. C. 
JftdE B. Stcdces, Mif. 


iorWk, Virginia 235l0^^_^_^^ 

In ttie Clerk's Oflr«*flf tt» 
Circuit Court of ttn City of 
Virgiite BMch, on ttie Mtti 
dayofNoveoAer, 1970. 

Bettie LoolM Cbestney, 

Edwifd Uroy Cbistaiy, De- 

•Legal Notices 

Tbe object of ttds suit is for 
ttie said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce A Vinculo Matromonii 
from tbe said d^endant, upon 
the groumls of two year sep- 

■^ And an affidavit having been 
mide and filed that the defen- 
dant is not a resident of tbe 
State of Virginia, ttie last known 
post office address being: 357 
East Nortb Street, New Castle, 

It is ordered ttuA he do m>- 
pear here within 10 (ten) days 
after due publication hereof, uid 
do v^t may be necessary to 
I^otect his interest in ttiissuit. 
A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Brugb, D.C. 
Lee Kelberg, Atty. 
807 Plaza One Bldg. 
Norfolk, Virginia 23510 



In tbe Clerk's Office of tbe 
Circuit Court of ttie City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 17tb 
day of Noverob^, 1970. 

Carole J. Anthony, Plaintiff, 

Steven M. Anthony, Defen- 


Tbe object of ttiis suit is for 
ttie said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce a vinculo matrimonii 
from the said defendant, upon 
the grounds of having lived se- 
parate and apart without any 
oob^tation and wittiout inter- 
,^ruptton for mor&tiiantwfryears, 
to-wit: June 18, 1968. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that tbe de- 
fendant is not a resident of tbe 
State (A Virginia, ttie last known 
post office address being: 444 
84tb Street, Apartment 12A, 
New York,''New York. 

It is ordered that he do ap- 
pear here within 10 (ten) days 
after due publication hereof, 
and do vdiat ro^ be necessiary 
to protect his interest In tbis 


In ttie Clerk's Office of ttie 
Circuit Court of tbe City of 
Virginia Beach, oa ttie 20th day 
of November, 1970. 

Pauline Joan Lamberty, 

Cleo Paul Lamberty, Defen- 


The object of this suit is for 
said plainllff to obtain a di- 
vorce A Meisa Et llioro from 
ttie said defendant, upon tbe 
grounds of desertion. 

And an affidavit having been 
nude and filed that due dili- 
gence has been used by or In 
behalf of the plaintiff to as- 
certain in iMdi county or cor- 
poration ttie defendant is, with- 
out effect, ttie last known post 
office address being: 206-12th 
Street, Apt. D, Virginia Beacb, 

It is ordered ttiat he do ap- 
pear here wittiin 10 (ten) days 
after due pidilicatton hereof, 
and do what may be necessary 
to protect his interest in this 

A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Brugb, D.C. 
Nathaniel J. Cohen, Atty. 
Brydges, Broyles & McKenry 
1369 Laskin Road 
Virginia Beacb, Virginia 



In the Clerk's Office of ttie 
Circuit Court of ttie City of 
Virginia Bead^ (hi ttie 17tti cby 
of November, 1970. 

William Riddick, Plaintiff, 

Willie Mae Troutman Rid- 
dick. Defendant. 


Tbe ob^cf of tills suit is tM 
ttie said plaintiff to d^ain a 
divorce a vinculo mitfrinuMiii 
fh>m tbe said d^endai^, upon 
ttie grooBfta of 2 Year Rule. 

jaa an aflkbvit living bera 
made and filed that ttie def endaitf 
is not a r»i(fei^ ai the ^te 
of Vir^nia, ttie test knom post 
offiM address being: 340 13tti 
AveuM, Newark, New Je»ey. 

It is (»dered tint she do 
.i^ipear here wittda 10 (toO 
(ta^ aflar (hie pdffia^ion here- 
of, and (to irtiat aay be neces- 
jbot ti p(^>^ ber Uerait in 
ttiis iott. 

MarfaretW. Anigb,D.C. 
Joa^ A, J<x'^u, Jr., A^. 
1211 Virgiola Beacb Blvd. 


•Legal Notices 

A copy Teste: 


Margaret W. Brug^, D.C. 

Robert H. Anderson, Jr., Atty. 

Goldblatt, UpsUn, Anderson ti 


804 One Main Plaaa East 

Norfolk, Virginia 23510 



DECEMBER, 1970. 
a mimicipal corporation. Com- 
plainant, - 

RUTH A. AIKEN, et als., Res- 

In Chancery No. 14334-A 
The (rtaject of ttie above-styled 
suit is to sell, free and clear 
of all liens and encumbrances, 
for the satisfaction of tbe liens 
thereon, that certain lot, tract 
or parcel of land situated in 
ttie City of Virginia Beach, 
Virginia, and bounded and des- 
cribed as follows: 

ALL tiiat certain lot, piece 
or parcel of land, situated in 
Lynnbaven Borou^, City of 
Virginia Beach, State of Vir- 
ginia, known, numbered and de- 
signated on ttiat certain plat 
entittled, "Map of Cape Hen- 
ry, Princess Anne County, Vir- 
ginia", dated January 6, 1900, 
which plat is duly of record 
in ttie Clerk's Office of ttie 
Circuit Court of ttie City of 
Virginia Beach, Viri^nla, in 
Map Book 1, at page 8b, as 
Lai 6, Block 8, Section E; re- 
ference to which said plat is 
hereby made for a more par- 
ticular description d tbe said 

And it ai^arii^ from tbe 
averments of the Bill of Com- 
plaint filed herein and by Af- 
fidavit duly filed: 

First: That ttie following re- 
spcuqdents are non-rodents of 

post office addreisies are as fol- 

Rutii A. Aiken, Park Plaza 
Apartments, Pittsburgti, Penn- 

Alice Granbery Parker 
Walter and Maurice Walter, 275 
Victoria Place, Lawrence, New 

SECOND: That diligence has 
been used by and rni behalf 
of the complainant to ascer- 
tain in what OHinty or cor- 
poration the following respon- 
dents are, without effect, and 
ttielr last known post office 
addresses are unknown. 

Mary L. Gwynne, widow, Ad- 
- dress unknown. 

Matttiew K. Gwynne, m. Ad- 
dress unknown.^ 

Olivia Gwynne, Address un- 

THIRD: That certain of tbe 
respondents in tills suit may 
have been nuirried and if so 
the names of th^ir respective 
consorts are uidmown and ttieir 
last known post <^ce addresses 
are unknown. That some (tfttiem 
may have died leaving heirs, 
devisees or personal represen- 
tatives. If so, ttie names of said 
Iieirs,devi8eesand personal re- 
presed^ves are unknown and 
their last known post office 
addresses are unknown. Tlot 
there are or might be persons 
ottier than those named in the 
bill of complaint interested in 
the real estate to tie disposed 
of in tUs suit whose names 
and last known post office ad- 
dresses are unknown. 

It is. therefore, ORDERED 
ttiat ttie above named persons, 
if Uving, and if dead, ttieir 
heirs, devisees and personal 
reprewntativM, uxi if married, 
thdr respective ciHisorts, and 
all persoiffi other than those 
berin naibed, irtio are or mlgbt 
be interested In ttie real estate 
to be disposed of in ttds ndt, 
wboae names are vdoiown, 
do appear wittin ten (10) days 
after due publication (d tUs 
Mttee and <k> whi^ is neoes- 
nry to proted ttieir Interests. 

It IS furtter ORDERED ttet 
tbe foregoing portion (d this 
order be pidilisbed «<% a week 
for four succesi^ weeks in 
ttie "VirglnU Beach Sun", a 
newspaper publisbeil in tbe City 
of Virgiida- Beach, Virginia. 

PhyUs N. Styrsn, D.C. 

W. Lei^ AumU, attorney for 

tbe CoBjd^nart. 

Aasel, Brtter ft Cuwla, Attys. 

4336 Virgiida Bea^ Blvd., 



•Legal Notlce# 

The Virginia Beach Bureau 
of Police have in their pos- 
session 55 boys and girls bi- 
cycles, that will be subject to 
auction sale if not claimed be- 
fore December 18, 1970. Per- 
soie who can give proof of 
ownership may report to police 
headquearters at Princess Anne 
Courthouse between the hours 
of 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.. 
Monday through Friday to make 
such claims. Auction will take* 
place Friday, December 18, 
1970, starting at twelve o'clock 
nodn in the area behind police 
headquarters at tiie courthouse. 
All articles not claimed will 
be sold at public auction by 
the departments of Public 

Reeves E. Johnson 
Consumer Protection Officer 


Pursuant to Section 311 (a) 
(2) of tbe Communications Act 
of 1934, as amended, and Section 
1.594 (d) of the Federal Com- 
munications Commission's 
Rules and Regulations, Public 
Notice is hereby given that 
the applications of Payne of 
Virginia, Inc., Virginia Sea- 
shore Broadcasting Corpora- 
tion and Sea Broadcasting Cor- 
poration have been designated 
for consolidated comparative 
hearing before the Commission. 
Each of the applications re- 
quests a construction permit 
to build and operate a new 
FM broadcast station in Vir^ 
ginia Beacb. Virginia on 94.9 
Mc, diannel number 235 with 50 
kw of power (horizontal and 
vertical). The hearing is sche- 
duled to be held at ttie Federal 
Communications Commission, 
1919 M Street, N.W., Washing- 
ton, D.C. 20554 on January 
26th, 1971, to consider the 
following issues: 

1. To determine whether 
;V|ayne of VirgiBia has availil^ 
Hne^addtttonal 5^,350 requlred- 

fef .cq^tructton and first-year 
opefwon of its proposed i^ation 
without reliance on revenues to 
thus demonstrate its financial 

2. To determine whether Vir- 
ginia Seashore has available the 
additional $31,076 required for 
construction and first-year op- 
eration of its proposed station 
without reliance on revenues to 
thus demonstrate its financial- 

3. To determine the efforts 
made by Payne of Virginia to 
ascertain the community needs 
and interests of ttK area to 
be served and tbe means by 
which the applicant proposes to 
meet those needs and interests. 

4. To determine the efforts 
made by Virginia Seashore to 
ascertain the community needs 
and interests of the area to be 
served and tbe means by which 
the ai^Ucant proposes to meet 
those needs anid interests. 

5. To determine tbe efforts 
made by Sea Broadcasting to 
ascertain the community needs 
and interests of tbe area to be 
served and the means by which 
the anilicant proposes to meet 
those needs and interests. , 

6. To determine which of the 
prop(»als would, on a com- 
parative basis, liest serve the 
pubUc interest. 

7. To deterndne in, the light 
of the evidence adduced pur- 
suant to the foregoing issue, 
whidi, if any, of ttie amplications 
for construction permit should 
be granted. 

A copy of the application of 
Sea Broadcasting Corporation 
along with amendments and 
related material is on file for 
pidillc inspection during normal 
twsln^s hours at the offices 
<rf Sea Broadcasting Corpora- 
tion, 3108 Pacific Avenue, Vir- 
ginia Beach, Virginia 23451. 
Reeves E. Johnson 
Consumer Protection Officer 

Public notice is hereby given 
tiiat on November 18, 1970, Uie 
Federal Communications Com- 
missdon desip»ted for hear- 
ing tte aifdications of Payne 
of Virginia, Inc., Virginia Sea- 
slMre Broi^teasting Corpora- 
tion and Sea BrtMdeasttngt^or- 
pondlM tat Construction Per- 
mits for a new FM broadcast 
station at Vin^oia Beach, Vir- 
giida, to (verate mi Cbannel 
235 (94.9 MH^. The tearing 
is f^eduled to rommence at 
tbe <M^ of Fe(teral Commu- 
tf^MS Cpmnd^on, Wwb- 
i!^[toa, D.C. 20554 on January 
^, 1971, M tt* following 


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7045^^ . 

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Electrolux products in the Vir- 
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portunity to earn $150 per week 
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Interviews held at our office 
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Electrolux Sales and Services, 
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done in the next 60 days. Chim- 
ney Sweeping and fire place 
repair. Danqiers installed or 
fixed. Furnace cleaning. Atlant- 
ic Builders & Maintenance. Call 

* Legal Notices 

1. To determine whether 
Payne of Virginia has avail- 
able the additional $24,350 re- 
quired for construction and 
first-year operation of its pro- 
posed station without reliance 
on revenues to thus demonstrate 
its financial qualifications. 

2. To determine whether Vir- 
ginia Seashore has available 
the additional $31,076 required 
for construction aiid first-year 
operation of its proposed sta- 
tion without reliance on re- 
venues to thus demonstrate its 
financial qualifications. 

3. To determine the efforts 
made by PajTie of Virginia to 
ascertain the community needs 
and interests Of the area to 
be served and the means by 
which the aK)licant proposes 
to meet those needs and in- 

4. To determine the efforts 
made by Virginia Seashore to 
ascertain the community needs 
and interests of ttie area to 
be served and the means by 
which the applicant proposes 
to meet those needs and in- 

5. To determine the efforts 
made by Sea Broadcasting to 
ascertain the community needs 
and interests gi the area to 
be served and tte means by 
which the applicant proposes 
to meet th<»e needs and In- 

6. To determine which ai ttie 
proposals wouM, on a com- 
parative basis, best serve the 
public interest. 

7. To determine In tbe UgW 
of ttie evideiKe adduced^)wr- 
suant to tiie foregoing issue, 
which, if any, of ttie appli- 
cations fiMrCoiuslrucUon Permit 
shoubibe grairted. 

A copy of ttK appUcatton, 
aul related material, of Vlr- 
glito SraslKire Broadeasti^ 
Corpo^m are m file at ttie 
First CokMHal Budc, 3500 Vir- 
ginia B^B(wkvtfd, Virgil^ 
Beacb, VirginU234». 


Sarah Coventry Jewelry in your 
spare time, no Investment, no 
delivery. Car and phone needed. 
Dial 340-4054. 

41 Help Wanted— Male 

Full Time Custodian - Court 
square office, Virginia National 
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House, Virginia Beach. Inside 
and outside roaintainance, office 
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Rosenthal dishes, used once, 
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waterfront estate, two balcoides 
overlooking water. 340-3451. 

House for Rent - 306 27ttiSfa'eet. 
Furnished or unfUmisbed. 
Winter or year tamd. 460-0637. 

128 Real Ekatc Wanted 

Property to seU or rat, 
cUenls-waittng. CaU S4M740. 

Home Si Apt. Listings Needed 

for Sale or Rent 

Member of Virginia Beach Mid- 

tiple listing Service. 500 

Salesmen will help sell yonr 


Cooper iiealty 

2807 Pacific km. 
Ph 428-1330 

Use SUN Classified Ads, 

to Work For You 


Compose your own clossified od 


Minimum Charge 1.00 Under. Four Lines 

^ . . . . ■ - _ ■ I . 




Circle One 
I f>45 TFK 





$1.00 %iM 

$1.25 $l.SO 

$1.50 $1.80 

I itat> 

5% discount If run 4 weekt 



f IMMA HMI $m 

P.O. lMlS7« 




Virginia Beach Sun 

Thursday, December 10, IJ?70 

Psychic (Mrtlouedfromjag^l) 

It on peoplt* tt liS ooa» to 
ttMm or tktff will nmk ilM 

Stw said a protolea that pre- 
seals Itself k hewing people 
to owterstand pefnHa pbeno- 
nMHm is tbe lai^^age, "I try 
to use simple tsraisttat every- 
one can vaOmniXBA, Ite only 
r««soo peoplt ivin*t Ittm is 
because tbey dtn't t)eUeve or 
ftuf doD^ wai^ to Usteo", she 

"ff tticy're open ndnied, tiien 
iSsmf nAUtBHtersUadyOtterwise, 
foaim't even iff," Mrs. Car- 
m^ said. 

Bat anther problem tint the 
^idcDt <tf peyi^es aoti pc^chic 
phenomena oonfiront is Oat of 
eredflbUtty. When can tte casial 
observer tell if a prxtfessed 
psydiic is really psychic? 

"Hie sad thing is that you 
cant really tell," said Mrs. 
CarniNit. "The best thing to 

"Tlien I know I'm right and 
Hey believe," said the red- 
haired Navy wife. 

AnoOier B»ans of <Jtetermin- 
ii^ oredildlity is the amount 
flit interpretation giv«i by the 
psytddc "the greatest danger 
im psyi^ work is translation," 
said Mrs. Garment. "You have 
to be very careful. 

"The responsibility is to re- 
vive and tri^tsmit accurately 
the impressions I get." 

Assumption of facts and in- 
terpretetion was a problem 
Mrs. Garment said she had to 
overcome in the beginning. 

"I had to learn not to assume 
and HoA nothing is to insig- 
nificant. What might mean 
something to me or absolutely 
Do^iinc at all might have a 
great meaning and l>earing on 
another person." 

But once a person is put on 
the right road and headed in 

d^iS dieck with friends who've the proper direction, Mrs. Gar- 
been to a psychic and see how ment said she . likes to cut 

mai^ of flw predictions have 
ooiBe true." 

Slie said if the numbers are 
not very high, ttien it's doubt- 
ftB if Qie peo|de have very strong 
psydiic powers. 

"What midces me the hardest 
is «ten people come back later 
and tell me that die predictions 
I made, Qie ones they said were 
absolutely impossible, have 
come true. 

them off. '1 don't like people 
who constantly come back here. 

"What I want to do is teach 
mem how to understand and 
harness their powers them- 
selves," slK said. 

Her goal in the field of psychic 
pbenomena is to involve her- 
self in research. "I'm greatly 
interested in progressing on the 
educational and research as- 
pe(^, where the people can be 

Ghief Navy Boatswain's Mate 
WilUam Edwin Ulrish, 45, 3516 
Alc(^ Roadp 

Suzanna Ferret ", iaug^er 
at Eddie M. and Mrs. Martha 
Stephens Ferret". 

James Jordan Harris Jr., 
66, 209 59th Street. 

Wilson Astor Vogler, 52, 5412 
Hatteras Road. 

Mrs. Claire Asbell Gilmore, 
71, 217 66th Street. 

Mrs. Pearl Townsend Jans- 
ten, 85, 4841 Princess Anne 

jOwen K. Ganady, 81, 4716 
Fairway Avenue. 

Railrttad Man l)ien 

Glifford Deane Lane of 365 
Garrison Place, died Tuesday 
at the age of 76. Lane was a 
native of Nashville, Tennessee^, 

helped," she said. 

But that help ciu (Mdy come 
with time and the education, 
and until that point is reached, 
the crystal ball, the shrouded 
room, and the mysterious tones 
of Oie unenli^tened psychic will 
continue to strike fear when 
Oie word "psychic" is men- 

«1io 1^ lived in Virginia Beach 
for toe piffit seven years. 

He wast a retired railroad 
worker and a member of the 
. Brotherhood (tf Railroad Train- 
men. * 

He was the husband <rf the late 
Mrs. Ida Mae Gaines Lane. Sur- 
viving are a dau^ter, Mrs. 
Amelia L. S{tfotta of Virginia 
Beach and three sons who live 
in Nashville, Tennessee, 

Former Teacher 
Dies In Alaska 

Callahan Michael Spessard 
Jr. 46, formerly of Virginia 
Beach, died of a heart attack 
in Kodiak, Alaska, where he 
had been teaching school for 
the past four years. 

Prior to moving to Alaska 
he taught in Virginia Beach 
pid}lic schools. He was the hus- 
band of Mrs. Carolyn Moore 
Spessard and the father of three 
children, sons Michael Moore 
and Callahan Atlee Spessard 
and daughter Susan Browder 
Spessard, all of Kodiak. His 
sister, Mrs, 0. L. Goode, re- 
sides in Virginia Beach. 

Lions Head 
Joy Fund 

Members of the Bayside 
Lions Club are conducting Qteir 
annual drive to assist uider iri- 
vile^ families in having a 
Merry Christmas in their 

Tire Lions Club project in- 
cludes the distrilM^on of as- 
sorted items of food to these 
families to assure their en- 
joying a holiday dinner, as well 
as various toys to assist toese 
families in assuring their child- 
ren's enjoyment of receiving 
Christmas gifts. 

Those who wish to assist in 
making the project a success 
are invited to do so tlurou^ 
a monetary donation. Such do- 
nations should l}e made in tte 
form of a check made payable 
to "The Bayside Joy Fund" 
and mailed to P.O. Box 5009, 
Virginia Beach,* Va., 23455. 

Coeds Return 

Virginia students from Cen- 
tenary College for Women who 
will begen their Christmas va- 
cation Saturday, Dec. 19, and 
return to the campus Jan. 10 
will include Mary Dickson, dau- 
ghter of Mr. and Mrs. William 
Dickson Jr. of Cornwall Luie, 
and Susan WeiMg,. daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Weinig 
of Windward Shore Drive. 

This year give F&M^ Anti-Pollution Bonds. \? 
And make pollution a ghost of Christmci^ past 


The staggering figures on air and water pollution 
in this country could scare the dickens out of you. 

It's time to act. And what better time than 

This year you can give F&M's new Anti- 
Pollution Bonds. They help fight pollution because 
all the money you invest in them goes into a special 
loan pool for anti-pollution projects. 

(And to make the pool erow faster, F&M 
matches every deposit on a dollar-for-dollar basis.! 

Not only that, when you give our AntT-PoTIutioh 
Bonds for Christmas, you're also giving someone 
a whopping, guaranteed b%% return on the amount 
of investment. 

And we made our Anti-Pollution Bonds 
affordable as a Christmas prraent. You can stuff 
one in a stocking for as little as $25. (They also 
come in amoimts of $50, $100 and up.) 

Give F&M's Anti-Pollution Bonds this 
Christnoas. You'll be giving a Christmas pr^ent 
for a Christmas future. 


Santa is coming to Little Creelt Dec. 19. 

POW/MIA Offspring 
Special Forty Guests 

The Little Creek Naval Am- 
phibious Base has extended an 
invitation to children 12-years 
of age and under, whose &ther 
is a POW/MIA regardless of 
their father's branch of ser- 
vice, to attend the Base's Dg- 
pendents Christmas Party. 

An invitation has also been 
extended to children 12 and 
under whose father is a Navy 
man stationed in Vietnam. 

The Christmas Party will be 
held at 2:30 p.m, December 
19 in ttie Amphitdous Base The- 
ater, Bldg. 3504. Admission will 

be by ticket only with each 
diild requiring one tidcet. 

Famines desiring to accept 
this invitation should procure 
their tickets directly from the 
Butte's Special Service onUca, 
Bldg. .3147 prior to 4;30 p.m. 

tday, DecrHr— ' — =^ 

The Christnus program will 
feature lour cartoons, a spe- 
dal puppet show, and Hie ^p- 
peann^e of Sairta Claus. 

Parents ot^'vn^^i^baol tp 
dtildren mt^y take pictures of 
flteir children with Santa Claus 
following the show. 

BillbO€LTd$ (c6nttn"«» 'foro VVffi 1) 

Charles C. Carrington said he 
had received letters from tbe 
Health Department asking tbe 
aiqdication's deferral until sur- 
veys can \» made of the con- 
ditions and the area. 

He added that the Depart- 
ment of Community Services 
has also requested a deferral 
to accomplish the same pur- 

In other matters, the com- 

* Deferred for 60 days a 
use permit awlicationby Edwin 
G. Harris to construct 24 mo- 
tel effeciency units on the 
Northeast corner (rf 37th Street 
and Pacific Avenue. 

* Deferred for 30 days an 
application for a diange inton- 
ing by Brenneman Farms on 
the East side of Princess Anne 
Road across .from Providence 
Road. The commission said it 
would like to see what plans 
Uie Terry Corporation is pre- 
senting for its development of 
a large tract of prc^rty that 
bounds the farm on ttireesides. 

* Approved change of zoning 
and use permit applications by 
Angelo M. Alexander for con- 
struction of 96 "swinger" a- 
partments on the East side of 
Birdneck Road north of Old 
Virginia Beach Boulevard. 

* Deferred for 60 days 
change of zoning and use per- 
mit, applications by the OCH 
Corporation to construct 320 
apartments on the West side of 
Little Neck Road and on the 
soutti side of the prop(ffied ex- 
tensicHi of Edinburgh Drive. 

* Approved a diange of zon- 
ing application by Shipview 
Point, Inc. to construct 16 ad- 
ditional motel units on the 
Northeast corner of I^ Ave- 
nue and Jade Street. 

* Approved a use permit ap- 
plication by the Chesapeake and 
Pc^omac Telei^ne Conqianyio 
construct a teleph(^ equipment 

Helen U, Berry 

ArmounMs the (^>«)ing 




Specializing in Early 
Anftsrlan Accssioriss 

5774-D PrInMti Anne Rd. 
in eerry Bl^ 

Virginia Booch Va. 23462 

Opwi 10 A.M-5 P.M. 

tKtllding on the North sideM 
^wre Drive between Bayberry 
and Wakeforest Streets. 

* Approved a use permit 
application by Jerald R. Vau- 
g^ and George F. Davis to 
(^rate a teemige dance hall 
in the London Bridge Shopfing 

* Deferred for 30 days an 
application by the Windsor Hol- 
land Company for a change <A 
zotdiig for three parcels of 
profwrty on the North side of 
Holland Road 4600 feet East 
(tf Independence Boulevard. 

* Denied an applicatioo by 
the Davis Corner Properties 
Company for change of zon- 
ing and a use permit to cmi- 
stuct 160 apartment units <m 
the South side of Virginia Beach 
Boulevard 925 feet east of fair 
Meadows Road. 

* Approved a use permit 
application by F. W^oe Mc- 
Leskey Jr. to construct a gaso- 
line station on the scwthwest 
corner dL Shore Drive and East 
Grayson Drive. 

* Approved one use permit 
application by Lake Edward 
Nwth to construct a gasoline 
station on the Southeast comer 
of Baker Road and Hampshi^ 
Lane and deferred for 30 days 
another use permit application 
and a change of zoning ^jpli- 
cation by the Newtown Road 
Corporation to construct a 
gasoline st^on on the North- 
west corner of Newtown Road 
and Lake Edward Drive gt (be 
entrance of Lake Edward WMt. 

* Approved a use permit ap- 
plication by the EmuK« Com-i 
pany Inc. toeonstmctagasoliiie 
station on the North side of 
Providence Road 1250 feetwoirt 
of Kenqpsville Road. 

* Approved a use permit 
application by H. George 
Sdiwdtser to coostruet agW)> 
line station on flie Nor^irt 
corner of £%ore Drive and 
Greenwell Road. 

* Approved diange of xoidng 
uid use permit a pi J ic gti oa s by 
Geroge A. yod lififfitfiD. Gv- 
rett to c<Histr«^ a condjlai- 
tion car wash aad psoUns sta- 
tion on the HcffOobrt oomar 
of Birdneck Rotd and 2^ 

Center Plants 
Open House 

An opetk hMM A tlie Adott 
Leamiiv Cutter oe Dec M 
from 7-9 p.m. «1U be opn 
to ttie piiilie. 

Tbe Center is loesltd Jl tte 
Cwrttr tor EflNtiTC Umnitfu 
»3 WiteMack Road, tt is ofim 
to •duM 17 tod (Alar. 


Vol. 1 No. 13 

Dec. 10, 1970 







Cape Henry Woman's Club President; VSBS. E.W. 
LEARNARD, and MRS. JOHN G. EASLER check the 
decorations on an old £asbi(«ed Christmas tree. The 
tree was decorated with gingerbread men, popcorn 
and cranberry ropes and candy canes. More pictures 
of "Christmas In TTie Country" on pages 2 and 3 . 

Above Left 

SHARON PAYNE pours in ttle ginger ale to complete 
punch preparation for the party which Girl Scouts of 
Troop 113 gave for their mothers. More pictures on 
pages Hand 12. 

ROGER SMITH holds up a nice string of fish which he 
and GRADY WILSON, both of Blackwflter, had caught 
in ttie Blackwater River Saturday aftomooi irtien ttie 
IN SIGHT i^tograpber happened along. 

page 13 

PagtZ INSIgHT ThUfrtH!, Pic. 10, 19TO 


in the Country 

The Cape Henry Womtti's Clvb lield ttidr seventn annual 
"Christmas In The Country" last week. Ladles of tte 
club dressed In oh) fashioned dress and decon^ed tte 
USN RET. at 1476 Five Hill Trail, formerly Seabreeze 
Farm, home of the HILL sistlirs. ParUng was a problem 
tf tte home was open all day long to droves of visitors, 
each maUnc a donation to the clubs scholarship ftand. 
Fro^ ttls annual evert the Cape Henry Woman's Cli* 
sponsor one nursing and two teadiing scholarships. 

Seme of the kdlerwho idedJsbastesseunLgidilts posed fsr tte INgCTT fholoi^acter In m vfiiMa 
^S>^%i^S^^^SEtwiLMm.mB^^TRmM FBHBECK. CHARLES mUBEffii: 

IB ft» taitneit was Mm. Santa's Utdm aod aCoontrySlarc. 
detteaey from Mrs. Stall's Utetea. 


puMshed each VMnesday by tt« Be^ 

piriNslws of The Viairaa Beach Sun 

Qordon B. MKchMI, Mwtogtr 

3106 IMic AwKie. Vivm SmcIi. Vi. 23451 

The WerfrsLariBt Resort Cify 


Tliotwi0li0OOd EitotM 

BQfSNM r Not* 

Lyinhavwi Colofiy 


kmOm Hills 
CALL Mill HILL49M0f 7 

Ya» BSJivfl 

• fill^;)- 



In tlw kitcteB ««re MRS. WILUAM HOEKE, MRS. BERNICE FREEMAN, eook^ 

A Frendi attld, KATHY GROCEMAN, in the upstairs bathroom 
^wed a Frendi shower firom vliidi the water comes, not only 
from an overtiead sbomrhead hut, from pipes which encircle 
tbebody. ' 

The scene from the garden of Seabreeze Farm looks out over the Lynnhaven 
River toward Lesner Bridge at Shore Drive. 





^^HtY Kl PS I 

Santa Has Left A Big Supply of 

Bikes, Trikes, Mini Bikes, Go Carts, 

Parts and Accessories at 



:'^ * m-- ^^'' 


BtmfTXW $189.95 
Sftve M ftdditimiAl $f.50 with eoapon 


W« will lay sway 
your bU(« till 

AH WkM an soM 



1350 KempsTUle Road 




SAVE 5% 


Pay 4 mHjHT Thurt^, Dae 10, 1970 


Game Warden Headquarters Serves Large Area 

Tbe Cmnmniwealfit of Virginia, Uvision of Game tuid Inland Fisterles, Game warden Head- 
quarters at Back Bay, like its name, covers a large area. Known as Area 27 it compriises 
Eastern Virginia from Iteryland to North Carolina including me five dties of Hampttm Roads 
and tbt counties (tf Nansemood, Isle of Wight, SbuthamiAon, Sussex, Surry and Accomac and 
tbe entire Eastern Shore. 

Otter than MR. DOQER, fben were no game wardens around, (hey were all o(4 on fiatrols 
or investigations. Besides the various boats and cars which tLey use tbe game wardens 
also have a plane eqidpped with floats at tbdr disposal. So poachers beware. 

Dlspatcter Oscar M. Doder tends 0ie eoramuidcations centor at Game Warden 
Headqittrters at Back Bay. 

\bu never know when you'll need HJU^. 

Hospital and madical costs ara at an all tinia Mgh 
. . . and sUII fBing up. You eouM ba swaHowad up 
financially . . . wilass you {nva HXL^ If s Hia naw 
plan of HtaWi Ei^sa Loss Pralaetion that safa- 
guards you against mammoth midical Mto. Don't 
ttha chancas wRh your prasant banafits. IRiay may 
ba too old for todiiy^s haavy costs. 

If your protaction is out of data 


You'll bathanidui you did. 

Iv^lXaaK -cdXcH 

WhUe tte IN SIGHT photographer visttid wtth MR. DOZIER, WILUAM 
GRIMSTEAO of Bade Bay, uto had been oat gill net flsUng, oum in by boat 
to ise tte telqteae. 101. GBniSTEAO had irtruck a sii)merged (^^et wUdi 
tore a hole ^ file bolton <i Us boat. He calted for te^p to pt his boat oat of 
tte water and make repidrs. 


INSIGHT Thurtday,OfC 10, !»W ?««•« 

and Multi-Purpose 

Law Enforcement 

Emergrency Service 

Good Coffee. 

WILUAM GRIMStEAD ran Ills boat fir enou^ up tbe boat ramp to keep it from sinking 
until tie^ arrived. 

DAVID MEGGS ci Norfolk came into the public dock and boat ramp. 

MEGCS had been dude tanting from a blind m Back Bay and saU! he ladnt even 
taken his pm (^ safety all m<Mming. MR. DOZIER nid ^it ttiera had be«i a 
flock (rf Canada Geew stMtfh of tte teadquarters buiUii^ ttis morning ttiat made 
ttw arM lod[ as if It had snowed. 


The only Picture paper 
covering Virginia Heach 

Wimerlzed $14 

stored $3.-15. 

cau 340-.8262 


NonroLK. vmwNM assw 


December It, 197^ 

Mr. Gordon B. Hitchcll 
Manager, In-Sight 
3108 Pacific Avenue 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Dear Hr. Hitchell: 


We were very pleased wItK the picture feature In the current 
issue of IN-SIGHT. Host of the students and faculty members, partic- 
ularly those in Virginia Beach have mentioned this to us. 

Your Interest in Virginia Wesleyan College is greatly appre- 
ciated. At your request, *tt are adding your name to our General "A" 
mailing list (Mhich includes, of course, the Virginia Beach Sun). It 
may b« that you will note some picture feature possibility from some 
of these news releases. • 

Please call on us if we may be of assistance at anytima. 

Since rely. 



Jatoas'%. Bet^doll | 
iUaJstdit to th« Prasidcnt- 
Dlraoto^of Development 


li ^ p- .- S i Ta fft^--- 

Pogt 4 IWSKIHT Tt»W%«y, E^:. 10, 19TO -- 

Girl Stouts Fight Polhfm- 

ax ttoaps at Girl Sooots, iaelading Juntor troops ind Brofmies, '^tamed 
to" Saturday to belp eletn up roadsides and wuaot lots in Virginia 
Beadi. Tbis group ^eaoii^: up a vacant lot mi Mediterranean Avenue 
are numbers of Junior llro^ 126 from Ok liiddwm am. 

"Tbesr also serve iriw oriy stand and irait. 'TtessyonfliaisarciBitfoiaMirdiinee 
to serve— oqoUes antbot ciiocolate tbat is. TUs is tHa rrftresbmeat oomnlitie of bost 
Tioop 126, Patrol 1. Left to rigtt tb^ aretLAMTA WILSON, leadar, GLOiOA BROWN, 

jSome of tbe 32 girls vbo voriced m tbe deanup sbown vritti some d tbe trasb 
I drive, ottiers were still out colteding trasb, are oollMted. 




208 20tli Street 428-8246 

Hair Styling ^V 


of WIGS-FAUjS to ehoote from Y 



Tbto groiq) of Jimiors are Troop 173 also firom tbe Unkborn 






fTsiftwi ffftwii CUk iw iif 
•ImJUmI J^Mn«M 

Lift Oun M wic bf Lwiy Ifaan 

Tianiif , Mdi^t flMvtfiQP Mi vniiy Bfarfagi 



INSIGHT Thorsdoy^DM. 1C^ 1970 Page 7 

Virginia Beach KIwanis are con- 
duct ing tlieir 15th Annual Peanut 
Sale. Ail proceeds from the sale go 
to help crippie children with ninety 
ptrcent of the monies remaining I n 
Virginia Beach. Help the Kiwanis 
make a crippled child happy at 



K?^4 ^ 











IHSiCHT wiwMit H wto 



M|i wmii (Ml vMi'Mr Dh- 

-1 — kd^M^m ^^^k^at 

■My Ji^WwIWPIB »^^«iw^"*« 



T/7 After Chrisfmas . 
Shop Now, 
Every fhing* m our 
Stores Reduced! 

3 GftotSlofM bnmming wHh wond8fiul« KMNnQ gini^- 
qR by famous quoKty makerv-and oM for diKMry 
MkK)tt Oifhlinoii Conw in, hcNig o wimri on youF 
moil dMirad koiM gift ond wv* 10% to 30K*I Kg 
MbcHem of Uvino Hoom, Dm, Dining Rdoir and Itd- 

fOOn SunOI' OCCMNNIOI rwCM, AcCtMOflil, MOOW i g 

and Mort. Evtry itylo is rtprtnnltd. You'll Met our 
courtoous, doptndobit sorviot, tool 

^*»*A* ' 



8 INSIGHT ThurtdBy, Dec m, 1970 

The Lively Family is Actually » " 

LEE ftnd CHI cm LIVELY tre t my 1w7 ecpple. Ttey have Imd busy since 
tMUr meetliv Btany yMrt tfo^ Jfitp tiottt !««]rf oq W^A ratto la mdioioi^ 
The LI?ELT'S bave tm :m», DAVIO IS and PETEH IS, and make tlielr home 
In Thalia. After coniBg to Tidewater LB& and CHI CHI ilorked in radio and 
televldon for several years. They botti still do free-lance vtrice jover oommerdals 
tor radio and TV. They have one running now on WTAR for Petq^ baiak of 

LEE, shown here with secntary CORDELIA HORTON, is in the insurance bwlness 
in Portsnloudi. 

The UVELY family, PETER, CHI CHI, DAVID and tEE, posed for this 
picture before a drawing which LEE did of the boys when they were much 


SooMl man on **Tbe Deiic Set", PEIER LIVELY, gets some expert heU> ttom Us telher. 

In ids "free time" LEE is active in many oflier mm$» Here rtiown with WALTER 
WXMk he practices a Mto with tlw VlrginU Beach Civic Chorus of vhieh he is 
a member of the board ol dlrectcurs. Be is also active in the UtUe Theatres of 
both VirgiaU Beach and VoMkmA a member of the board of directors of the 
Virglala BMch groi^i. 

The CMeChstm idU preant aChristmas concert at Princess Ahne High School 
on Deoenter 19th at 3.<I0 PM. 


INSIGHT thurtdBlyrDee, 10, 1970 

ii«n»»ii iiwijimi'i. """"'"' ' !SI^B^ 


cm cm is presei^y dlrectiiig "TIk Desk Set" for the Norfolk little Theatre and will Iw assistsmt to 
ttie director of "Death of A Salesman" y/tiLdk will be in rehersal in January by the Virginia Beach little 

Two ~years ago CHI CHI lost a leg to cancer. It hasn't seemed 
to slow her down mudi as she still takes good care of her home 
and fomily. Besides all of her other activities she is Secretary 
of the Virginia Beach unit of the American Cancer Society. Here 
she is shown discussing Cancer Society business with MRS. IRENE 
LONG, Area Represenatative. ^ v 

DAVID, wko piays tte office boy in 
fron Ms nolter, tiie director. 

"Tlitf Dok Set" t^ ootdidi« witti Us Unas 

Tha^UVELrS letre Italia Trinity Presbytarian Ctaprch where they 
art both active and I£E is an Elder. LEE and CHI cm are charter 
members of the church which hekl If s first meeting in ttelr Uvlag room 
el^r«i years ago. 


.jit-uaimmL.. .j i i,iijl»j » ^-hwh 


PagttO INSIGHT Thurwliy. D«c. W, lOTO 

Advent Wreath 

A duertising Pays 


MRS. MARGARET CARR, Altar Guild Directress, is siwwD with 
ttM Advent Wrettb wUdi she onde from a wagon idwel for St. 
Fnnds Episcopal Cbur^ on Rosemoitf Road. 


There has been t revi^ <A the ancieirt costom of the MnwA 
Wr«ath, vbleh is protiahly of German oHgin. Made In the form of 
a circle the wreath speaks of etemlty-it has no beginoinK and no 
end. This is to remind us Uiat God is eternal. The wreath is made 
of evergreeu, sjradMlic ol everlasttng life. The pande ribbon is 
for penitent, remindinf us that mk way to prepare for the oominc 
of Christ is to show Him we are sorry for our sins. Four candles 
are placed armmd the wrei^ for the four Sundays in Adveirt— 
A whits candle can be placed in the center for the Christ candle. 
Mai9 of our parirti families have begun using ttis service in their 

Oar fwrpose Is to think more seriously <A the qilritual signi- 
ficance of Chrisbnss and prq;iart ourselras to remember tte 
anaivwsary of tte teirtor's btrttL 

The drcle repnsciis etemity"God wm, and Is aadEvtrrimU be. 

Evergreens are fte syntel of immortal Ufo. 

Candlss represMt the light which csme into the woridwith 

The purple rlhboo and three purpls camlles-the color for peai- 


The ross caofls, H^ted on the tUrd Sunday (which Is eallsd 
» kifM Smday) xtnlnds us of lie SEC(»fD contng of Christ, 
as rtfemd to in On Collect fbr (hil SMd^F. 

The witiih msy be suspended from the eeiltac or placed oa t 
tfehle. The dliii« room is a food plaet for It There is scindle 
for a«sh viek, and each algHt, stirtlaf with the Satnidagr nlgtt 
btfore the first ISunday of Advent, t caedlt is UtfML Oaring the 
«nt wMk, one caidle Is Ut sMh M0^ dnriag the aeit wetk, 
there are two caadles lighted, ^e. Alter the candle U Ut, the 
flurity Joins topttar la praywr. TUs may be doM around the dbmv 
t^ie IB flm eveidiv; and the eaiidlas eittmiidshed after the meal. 
Caadles can be r^laeed as necessary doriar the AdveakSieasoa. 
ft is proper to ose the Advent Wreath throaghTwslfthlQill 

Rev. Claytea E. Crioari 

Rsdor St Fraaels EfisoQiial Chnreh 

DeKcate Patty Shells 
Assorted Horsd'deouvres 
A^rted CoM Canipies 
Wing Ding Drumettes 
Barnejf Egg Rolb 
$Sid»lLM(tail Meatballs 

Franks ia Blanket 

Variety of small party Pizzas and 

Pizza ftolls 
Full Assortment of Crackers and 

Potato Chips 


€rab Fingers 
King Crab Legs 
King Crab Meat 
Fresh Backfin Crabmeat 
Fresh Special Crabmeat 
Peeled tDeveined Shrimp 

(asst. silts) 
Jumbo Cooked Shrimp 
Frozen Jumbo Shrimp 
Variety^ Fresh Ftsh 
Fresh OystefsA Clams 


Cooked SoNthfMM Ham 
Cooked Turkey Breast 

Boned ft IbHed Turkey 

Frozen Daqueri Mix 
Frozen Whiskey Sour Mix 
Mrs. 'T'Bhiody Mary Mix 


Shar^ or Bhie Cheese Spreads 


Sweet Mixed Fancy Pickles 
CedMMI Olives 
Tornato Pieces 
Hot Cherry Peppers 
Fancy Relishes 


Assorted Frozen Pastries 
Cream Puf^ and Eclairs 


Plastic Glasses for Parties 
FanorPMMits of All Kinds 
Delicious Party RoNs 


FuH Mne of Convenience Foods 
ftea(^ to Heat and Serve 

// Items Available In Assorted Sizes 

gala twliday party foods too numerous to mention 


4AAJ m ^-j jfc ^ hj Spe«alty Foods Division 

12/4 IIBIIIflMl MfWIt H. on Nintiini|>K« BhnL ftrklgeTiiilMl M 
tm^-w UHMHUiM «!">"«* "^ ut 8o«» Y aMi 18 Y fotntMtkm 

nm IM^M OpM IM^ 'n I ni iRi &M^ Una N^^^ 



Scouts Learn To Cook 

^**'- ^ 












CAROLYN DAVIS doesn't seem to te teo^ittusUsttc abeutttfr^itfslejr she is dtoppbig to trim tbe 
iricfies nude \j WANE DAVIS^iM HART HAWKPtS;- = . .-,...-^ ' ,. ,- ,. . -; 

INSIGHT ThunMoy* D«c 10, 1970 P«wan 

Junior Girl Scouts from Troop 113, sponsored by King's 
Grant Presbyterian Churcb, earned tbeir codkix^ badges as 
a group by completing a series of four tbree-hour cooking 
lessuB taufl^ by MRS. BETTY JO CURRAN, borne economist 
at Vepco. 

"Graduation" included preparing refreshments -for a tea 
party given fbr their mottiers on tbe last day. The girls not 
only learned to prepare desserts but to cock whole meals while 
learning meal planning and basic nutrttition requirements. 

Photos By 

^4 < 












'# M 

HandUng tbe punch bowl with care are liZTARVER and SHAREN 
PAYNE, under tbe vatdiful eye of one of tbe Vepco staff. 


tbe hostesses did not teve to help in the preparations, tbey did let the chore of deaiing up 

.„. 6. Here HM WERNU tenfes paash to MRS. J. B. WALSH as liZ TAHVER helps herself. 

Waiting their turns are KATHY WALSH and SHABpN PAYNE. 


"Tidewater's Orii 




Pftdffe Are. At 25tli St. 




ISl E. UttU Creek R4. 
Wu^ Comer Norfolk 




of National Camping and Miking 
A8$ociation annual eampout 
which ran last week in IN SIGHT 
were taken 


Service Mgr. 

•Free Lubrication 

•Tune up Speciol-- 

Plus Parts 

Install Plugs, Points, 
Condenser. Complete 
Engine Check Up & Road 
Tested' $14.95 

■ General Motors 
Parmanwit Anti-Frooze $2.75 



21 St. & Pacific Ave. Phone 428-2132 

g5^j! Tiia»s±g taay 

POMlZIWIOHT ThuradiVt Dtc. 10, 1970 

No Fishing 

No fisUng from bridge, no water over ttie &»m, 
DO inter in the lake. This Is Stumpj^ LAe, owned 
by the City of Norfolk but lying wholly in Virginia 
Beach. Just a few years ago it was a large lake 
but now only the stumps, for whidi it was named, 
remaij^i along with fee(te and marsh grass. 


WVAB mm 1550 


of the Year 

^«-t-%;tf s£Si %i<^^0i^L 

Vlrglida BmA Clovlar, tin 
National Seeralirtoi Assod- 
ittoii, Interaittoiii^ bai selected 
tt't 1971 Seerwiiry d Tte Tear. 
1IR8. FHAMCffiflU (PRANiaEJ 
FRAmOE to leCTftary to MR. 
Biy« of Bojfd, Otvto A Payne, 
Attomeyi U Uw, wttli olBoefl 
in tte Vlrgliita National BanI 
BUg., Norfolk, Va. FBANXIE 
was ctefen tnm uaoBg ^itm 
eawHrtates, wHo were ncoiaated 
tqr tte mendwnttp and com- 
peted via poioti soured for 
edncatton, expertence, nd NSA 
activities. Tte final Judging was 
tekl at tte chapter's annual 
Christmas meetiiv tekl Tues- 
day night, Dec. 1, at tte White 
Heron Motel in Virginia Beadi 
FRANKIE will teU Ite ttUe 
of Virginia Beach Chapter SOTY 
tx ttie year 1971, and will com- 
pete (» a state-wide ba^ for 
Virginia Division SOTY at The 
National Secr^aries Associ- 
ation's annual meting in May. 
MRS. YOUNG, besides being a 
very active mei^r of NSA md 
a t^-level secretary, is- active 
in ma^ c^ter vnys; ste ud ter 
husband, JOE, raise poodles; i^ 
is a ctelr menter of OU Do- 
nation Eplsecqjftl Ctercb, tte IX- 
rector of Moslc for Oie Bayside 
Battel i@. International Order 
of Jote I^q^iv, aomemter 
<d tte Bayside Chaptor #81, Or- 
der of Easteni Star, as well 
as temeraater sad wite. Sb» 
makes mny ai ter own cloUies 
a&d kn^ to Mok, especially ex- 
<Me mm recipes of Oriabd fla- 

■a^-—— ,^. --- - - iiJtfci 

first Colonial 

Higli School News 


INSIGHT Thurs<kiy,D0C 10, 1970 Pogt \% 


First Colonial Hig^ School Pa- 
triots wlU ttp off tbeir 1970-71 
baslcett>all schedule at home on 
Friday, December 4th, against 
crosstown rival Kellam. The Pa- 
triot "cage" team under the di- 
rection of Coach P^ Ricks, will 
play 9 home games and 9 away 
games this season. The fore- 
casters say the mighty blue and 
gold, along with Maury, Booker 
T. Washington, and Princess 
Anne will beT (nw of Oie top 
contenders in the always toug^ 
Eastern District. Though lacking 
great height, ttie Patriots, with 
heads-up defense, the brilliant 
outside shooting (rf Tom Couch, 
aod a quick fast break, should 
prove to be toufl^ to handle this 
s««oe. Probable starters irtll 
bt Tom Couch, Chuck Zauslg, 

Jopier and— 

Hike- Bruiidi. CoaiA Ridts is 
expecting a lot from (he Patriots, 
wto have Uxdced sharp in their 
scrimmage games. 


Home Dec.4 Kellam Frl. 
Home Dec.5 Norfolk Sat. 

H(HM Dec. 8 Cox Tvas, 
km$ Dec. 11 Kemps- Fri. 

Aiii^ Dec 12 Norfolk Sat. 

Avajr Dec. 15 Bayside Tues. 
Away Dec. 18 Princess Fri. 

Ame ' 
Home Dec. 22 Norfolk Tues. 
1 Christian 

> *Away Jan. 5 Graiiby Tues. 

> *Ai»air Jan. 8 Cox Frl. 
i *Home Jan. 12 Booker T. Tues. 

— — WarttogtOT 

*Away Jfen. IS Uke Fri. 
^ taj^ 

? *H<Mne Jan. 19 Norview Tues. 
I *Home Jan. 29 Prliwess Fri. 

*NorfoIkF^. 2 lliury Ttes. 


*H(«ie FA. 5 Kemps* Fri. 
i ville 

< *Hoine Feb. 9 Bayside Tues. 

*Away Feb. 12 Kellam Fri. 
^ J.V. Gaaws it 6:15 p^m. 

Varsity games at 8K10 p.m. 

'*' denotes oooference game 


The annual Junior-Senior Pow- 
der Pufl football game, sure 
"powdered some putts" Thurs- 
day ni^t. Devastating Darlene 
Koch 1 led the Siazling Seniors 
into a vivacious victory over the 
jazzing Juniors. ButKjUUngKa^ 
Baier , stimulated a slifliiw: strue- 
0e al(ag wittiherbubblingbuddy. 
Soaring Susan Perry. 

Happy lialf-Time Inrouiht about 
frollidng festivities wifli realis- 
tic results, from the diarming 
cheerleaders of b(^ the Juniors 
and Seniors. 

Lonnica Cross-your Heart, es- 
corted by magnUlcent Marty 

Murphy^ won flM> iS^^Wng k\\\m. 

of Miss Powder >uff , 1970. (what 
a dioice!) 

The precise predsion of the 
dribbling drill team and boomii^ 
band only added to die merry- 
makii^ matters. The vigorois 
voice of Shoveling Shackleford 
related amXy the impetoiding, im- 
possibles of inqnrtance. 

The fumbling finale finished in 
the fantastic figures of 38-8. 
What a Way to Win!!! 

Spirit To Invade 

The Drama Clob is pradidng 
for ttie first of two iffoductioas 
uoder the direction of Mrs. 
Martlia Dosier. Noel Coward's 
BUTBE SPIRIT is a three-ad 
Curee. An anOior, writing a book 
ooootninK the occult, invites 
Madame Arcatt to pnform a 
aeanee to obtain Jargon. Neittier 
Mr. Coodomine, his second wife, 
Dor Uieir guests. Dr. and Mrs. 
Bradman, exped any "tangible, 
result!". However a very In- 
teresting situattMi arised iHien 
Mr. Condomlne's first wife, El- 
vira, materialiaes,~vi8ible only 

CaslwLare: Edith, Aprileona 

Lawson; RnUi Coodomloe, Stacy 
Walker; Charles Condomlne, 
Lance Apidetoo; Dr. Bradman, 
Gary Moore; Mrs. Bradman, 
Laura Early; Madune Arcati, 
Mary Courtney; and Elvira, Rita 

Aiding in production are:iKage 
manacet, Joe Kdodaieg; and Set 
de^gner, Atsuko Isblkawa. 
Make-up, Mary Anne CrumbUsh; 
Piddldty, Lee Mayfleld; Props, 
Beth Adams and Rick Webb; Ugb- 
tingu John Flonmce; in diarge 
of ^ Bouse is Laura Eubanks. 

Performances are for Decem- 
ber llth aiKll2th. 

k%%. Editor 
Sporti Editor 

k4. Courtney 
K. Dudcett 
J. Hooks 
J. Clwlkiey 
B. Barber 

J. Hopics 
^. Walker 
J. Jeoning 
K; Dudcett 

Sponser: Barbara KIricpatrldc 


by Dale Worden 

A pickle is a m^e creature 
with warty blue skin. The warts 
do not come from con^ with 
a particular smaller denizen of 
the swamps and forests, because 
tile wild pidcle is rather shy, 
and abhors association with 
toads. Instead Uiey are produced 
when a pickle is caiAured and 
processed into a sour delicacy 
whiQh will be eaten by millions 
of hungry people. 

The first step of processing, 
after the pickle is subdued, is 
the plucking. The iduddng is ne- 
cessary because the wild male 
pickle (only the male is used, 
the female being of inferior taste 
' and texture) is covjered with long 
feathers which must be removed. 
These feathers are used in the 
courtship of the ^ckles. The 
male's feathers are a glorious 
shade of purple, wifii large and 
small paisley paltemsootheUnd 
featters.W hen Qiese f«Ati>ers are 
fdudced by pr 
patterned purple pliunage pluc- 
kers, large yellow' warts are 
left. As these yellow warts do 
not look appetizing with the 
pickle's normally bri^t blue 
skin, Qie next step in the pro- 
cessing is « color bath. 

The color green was chosen 
because after the release d the 
movies I Am Curious (Yellow, 
Red, Blue, Orange, Purple, Pink, 
Lavender, and Fuschia) few co- 
tors were left ttiat were not 
associated wifii diese sordid d- 
nem^c sensations of sexually 
stimulating sUn fUdcs. The de- 
nuded pickUs are (ttpped into a 
solution of a green, spicy brine. 
Different kinds of brine produce 
differeirt flavors of pickles, wU^ 
are bottled and delivered todingy 
delicatessens ttiat wiU distribute 
fiiis delicacy to the demanding 
putdie. — ~ — — — — — _-___. 

Since file pidde is a shy^ crea- 
ture, dservers can not^Kffoach 
a herd of fiiem too closely. There- 
fore, little is known of the spe- 
des. However, when the mating 
season comes, they do nd pay 
any attention to intruders, so 
more is' known of their sex life 
than d)out any other fkoetdttieir 
curtous existence. 

Oa Thank^lvlns. ^ it F.C 
gave thanks for Ht^ in had. 
At ttie same time something 
was talnn from us. We lost 
a unique individual, Mrs. Pa- 
tricia %)ence, y^oM indepen- 
dence caused her some ob- 

"She fought for file underttog 
utd what she ttiou^t was right. 
Within file space <A a few 
short wedm, she displayed her 
true talent as a teadier, and 

Mrs. Speace was a Va. 
Beadi i«si(^, a graduate 
of UnioB KempsviUe, and did 
her uDdergn^tte work lA 
St Augustine at Raldglu N. 
Caroliui. She tM«^ at laf- 
fttfd Jr. High School in Tos- 
ooB, Arizona, ^te to her 

She v«U be ntfiMd br aU 

Driver's Ed. Is No Drag 

Parking brake on, seat belts 
fastened, mirrors adjusted, gear 
seledcH' in Park..... 

The time has come for us to 
say fkrewell to tiie seven coura- 
geous Driver Education instruc- 
tors wlK) have been with us since 
Odober 10. 

Ignition on, gear selector in 
Drive, parking bral% (^, ac- 

Instructors Mr.Nat Under- 
wood, Mr. "B.P." Plageman, Mr. 
Carl Santti, Mr. Mike Moschel, 
Mr. Bill Sexton, Mr. Harry 
JMVcms, and Mr. Arlye Adams, 
iXaag with^pi^oximatefy lOOitu- 
deds, have been "experiemdng" 
Virgika Beadi's roadways. 

Speed limit 45 ni.pji., lane 
eha^ , right. , red li|^ ahead, 
— 4Moce %ieed! 

Dnrii^( Uie (Reduce Speed!!!} 
past aix wt^, stntents haiw 

practiced driving (Reduce 
Speed!!!) on toll roads, in resi- 
dedial di^icte, and ottier parts 
d die Beach; ttiey have also 
practiced parallel parking, angle 
parking, turns, baddng, ederiiv 
intersections, (B H AK E ! ! !) and 
simulated driving conations, by 
watddng movies. 
Nerves recovered, switch dri- 

Besides the regular driving 
shake-ups, sudi as huning ri^ 
when tokl to torn left, or ring- 
ing ttw toll bodh bell, some 
F. C. stixtei^ have tried harder 
wcA caused Ui^ teacher to re- 
check the diedcti^ d Qieir seat 
b^s. Qm indent dedded to 
slam 00 Uw car hndcea diredfy 
under a red traffic U^ oo the 
B^F Island Bri^, ^lramm.„ 
nd bad.) Aoottier studoitstcqiped 
abnqitiy for a red ligltf irtiile 

dgjtt driving causing Hie large 
yellow "driver's ed." "^gn 
fastened cm top of the car to 
fall onto tile hood. 

The eqwriences <A tiiese past 
six weela and sudi phrases as 
Gear selector in Park, parking 
brake set, will be remenlbered 
by b(^ stiKlents and teadiers. 

Driver Education testers are 
rotated amcmg the ^«rious Vir- 
ginia Beach High Sctools. Tea- 
diing neirt at Cox H^Sdiool, 
tiien Kellam, tte Driver Educa- 
tion i^ntcton will be back 
at F.C. in Haldh. 

For th(»e ne<^)fayte drivers, 
Briver Education is (^en to all 
idio desire it. You mof^ be at 
tourt 15 years, 8 'nontiis old 
and have pasMd the cla»room 
Driver Educatiw courw. 

During this period, whidi lasts 
nearly three years, (fix pickle 
is an exceptionally long lived 
creature) the male pickle' will 
stalk around on his four kmg 
under-feathers (piddes have no 
legs). The bright paisley hind 
feathers will be eiqxsed to all 
single females in the area. When 
one female chooses to mate with 
any particular male, she will- 
raise herself on her tailfeathers 
and emit a high-pitched shriek. 
The male will answer with a low- 
pitched growl, and the pair will 
Iffoceed to mate. ^—^^ 

The two pidEles will stare 
intently into one another's eyes. 
This is to see if they are sincere 
and really care about each other. 
After a few months d sincerely 
intent eye-staring, (without 
blinking, as pickles have no eye- 
lashes) they come togetiier and 
rub noses for about a year. This 
helps them gd accustomed to 
eadi otiier and it also clears 

has been proved by exhaustive 
nasograph tests. 

When they feel that they taiow 
each other well enough, the elu- 
sive pickles slip into burrows 
and stay for the remainder of 
the mating season. During this 
period, mipy mpans and groans 
can be hediird from underground. 
This is because die piddes have 
sore noses. 

At Oie end d the Ubemation, 
a proud mottier and M^t pickle 
will emerge, followed by a litter# 
d tirom three to twenty-seven 
baby pickles. The baUes wiU 
be ftill grown in about thirty- 
fiiree years, and wiU be ready 
to start families d their own. 

The only natural «temy d the 
pidde is man, who prizM the 
animal for it's meat, A healtiiy 
pickle is swift enough to elude 
most anloMls, but wh^ldad of— ^ 
a creature wouM wad to eat 
a purple feaUiered duster! 

Poem To 
The Poet 

To hear a pod, we had a 


We listened to Ellison's moody 


And watched his hands— the air 

fiiey cleared. 

And wondered abod his tong gray 


His super ego crammed witti 


Of passing thmigbts and inystical 


A bode d reading— not for him-, 

His memory grows far from dim. 

He redted things unheard or 


From Dr. Seus to a daughter 

to be wed. 

Cau^ iq> in a doud d frenzy 

and emotion 

He hexed his list«iers with a 

nngical potion; 

Then left them hanging ondmble 


To reminisce d»d passing 


He came and wed wiOiod delay, 

Bd left remendjranees d his 




Pag^ 14 INSIGHt Thurwhiy, P»c> 10, J970 


^ f 

^. !H 



What mor^ can we add to ttie above licture excqit tte nunes sister LA OC^INE 6, of Pembroke Meadom. Tbe sip is posted 
of tbe Uttle girls? They are MAURA MCCARTHY 7, and her aaadoorattlieS.P.C.A. 



It's time to wrap presents for Mmnray and Daddy so DURRETT 
3, BRANDON 1 and SHANNON S, sons of MR. £ IIRS. WAYKE 
MORGAN of Hilltop Manor get busy. 



for Chrislmos 

v^CMvs^Vi u^p^w ^wd^Bi ■^•••f np*w'j 
and TriM. Sm Oar T«y Sri»« W» i»i ?«•, 

ft H 

Virpiia's HiUy ft M^ 






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S^H Green Stan^ Book ^ 

with $2.00 worth of Bonus Stamfis. 



JOE 6I6LU, Mmi|K 42M403 


RICHMOND. Vk* 23219 




45th Year 

Virginia Beach, Virginia, Thursday, December 17,1 

Kemc3yille Plan 
for Restoration 

In A fpUt vote, CitjrCoundl 
I Motiiy acr»M to lUow with- 
driKtl of a dty appttcatioQ 
en^Bl t Itistorieand Cultural 
CoofimtloD Dtstrlct In the 
Ken^fvUto Corner area, 
kaeiitef tt» poattillttjr of its 
ereatloD aUve. 

Hie re-KMilng application, 
diilail Iqrtbe PUuuiingComnds- 
fioo at its meeting Dec 8, is 
tbui ellgable for immediate re- 
anpUcatton. If ttie applicption 
bad been denied, it would liave 
been a year before it could 
bave broogbt up ai^n. 

Tbe vote on flie vitbdrawal 
OMtion was 6-3, witb Council- 
men Robert B. Callis Jr.,Flojvl 
Waterfield Jr. juA George R. 
Fttrall dissei^ni. 

Cenicil bad already defeated 
a notion by Ferrell calling for 
denial of tbe api^cation. 
Ferrell saM tbe peo|deiH)oown 
the land stould not be made to 
wait iptil somebody decides tbe 
fite of district. 

If iSbtt district were created, 
it would include PleasaiA Hall, 
the Aaron Hunt House, Court- 
bmise and Jail and the Saltbox 
and ttieir groABds, as well as a 
tnnsitiimal area. 

At;die commission meeting, 

ttmt Uie structobes were eye- 
sores in tbe commimity and 
sbouU be removed. 

He, added that although 
several gnnqis bave said they 
waiy|(l be^ in restcnation, none 
have ever followed Ibroi^^with 
their plans. 

.^«^ Mrs, Ralph mmy told 
^yiiiefi tbe Amerioan the 
Msapul Fund had expressed 
an imerest in the sites and 
would like more time to study 
ttie m^r. 

The groiQ), which Mrs. 
Ramtajr said is interested in 
Mirtorteal lod oilbiral resto- 
rattoo and preservation, might 
be interested ininiliallyfimding 
restorations in Kempsville. 

She said she needed time to 
orgaitfBe the project. "People 
bave expressed an interest," 
said Mrs. Ramsey, *'and the 
time is right to (v^ae them." 

Mn. Glen McClanan told 
coimcll the four sites were all 
in extreme disrepair and that 
it was doid»tful they could be 
restored. "Some of ttese things 
should be restorable betan you 
, preserve them," she said. 

Mrs. MoClanan added that 
if the Bites were so valuable, 
tiien tbe Virginia Landmarks 
Commission should have de- 
signated ttiem tf such. That 
actidn, die said, has never 
been taken. 

In approving a wittidrawal 
motion. Planning Com- 
misdoner CharlM Carrington 
said council will make it 
posdbte for anottier groiq> to 
mah^.tbe appllcatloB apiin, and 
that maybe Ibis time the pe<^e 
will have definite plans. 

The applieation bad been re- 

ferred back to the planning 
gro^p by coundl on Oct. 12 
due to a lack of information 
in flie iifillcation. 

In (^her matters, council: 

^Deferred ind^Udtely a use 
pernitt apffllntion by G. Dewey 
Simmons for a 12-foot by 25- 
foot signboard on the East ^de 
of Great Neck Road 522 feet 
N<»1h of First Colwiial Road. 

^Deferred indefinitely a use 
permit andlration by tbe Car- 
dinal Sign Corporation for a 
50-foot by 12-foot signboard on 
file South side of Dean Drive 
1161 feet East of Dean Lane. 

'Approved a use permit ap- 
plication by Thalia Garden As- 
sociates to construct 40 ad- 
ditional apartment unite in flie 
Thalia Gardens area, despite 
oivosition by Councilman F. 
Reid Ervin. Ervin said the 
sdKwl situation in the area was 
critical, and that additional 
apartment unite would over- 
burden the system. 

<iDeferred until Jan. 25 
change o< loning and use permit 
applictitions by G. J. Gulbran- 
son for construction of a sewage 
pumping stetion and 272 apart- 
ment unite on tbe North side of 
Providence Road and the West 

mentary School. 

'Approved change of zoning 
and use permit applications by 
E. L. Creech m to construct 
a 27S^Bnit trailer park on the 
South side of Harpers Road 
1000 feet West of Oceana Boule- 
vard. ^ 

Tbi perks iwroval was re- 

ion omdals in order that 
a critical militury housing 
situ^on be relieved In the 

'Approved diange of zoning 
and use permit applicati(»is by 
ttie Bush Development Cor- 
poration to construct 395 town- 
bouses and 323 apartment unite 
on tbe South side of Harpers 
Road 1650 feet west of Oceana 

Again, Uw request had the 
apinioval of Oceanaoftldalsdue 
to tbe military housing situa- 

Robert Larsen said the pro- 
ject would be funded under 
Section 236 of the Federal Hous- 
ing Administration code which 
provides for a form of sub- 
sidiBed interest paymente, re- 
lieving a finandal burden for 
enlisted personnel. 

The project, however, is not 
Umited to military personnel. 

Approved a use permit ap- 
plication by Ebble Enterprtees, 
Inc. for construction of allO- 
unit motel on the ^t side 
of Atlantic Avenue between third 
and Fourth Streete. 

'Denied a use permit ap- 
pUcation by Janet H. White- 
hurst for a dog kennel on the 
East side of Princess Anne 
Road 3700 feet north of North 

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Merry Christmas^ Daddy 

Little Kenneth Lucidnbill enthusiastically sends Christmas 
greetings to his father during a video taping session at Dam Necit 
thisweelc. He was one of 150 dependents, representing 50 families, 
who taped messages for the husbands and fathers in six Oceana 
air squadrons onboard the carriers John F. K^ennedy and Inde- 
pendence deployed in the Mediterranean. 

Christmas will come 
hut he^ll not know it 

The months pass, seasons 
change, holidays come and go, 
but for Army Sergeant Fred- 
erick D. Greei»Jiis 22nd birth- 
day, March 1, 1970, isprottably 
the last day he will remember; 
let alone celebrate. 

On that day, while serving 
as an MP with tbe 222nd MP 
Detediment at Fort Story, he 
was critically wounded vAen he 
and another MP interrupted an 

attempted burglary of the Post 
Service Station. Sergeant 
Greene still remains in a deep 
comma in tbe Veteranss>Hos- 
pital, Salisbury, N.C. 

Greene, a leap year baby, 
bom February 29, 1948, cele- 
brated his birthday Sunday eve- 
ning, Bfarch lst,lntt»barradcs 
with a few buddies. He then 
went on routine patrol car duty 
with MP SP4 Donald A. Cie- 


Dear Sante: I want a talking 
di^ Jonqyil 

Dear Sute: Ptotte bring me 
iMBe eaady. Ateo, I wouU lifce 
some soap Us dog. I ^ope you 
ttid your reindeer bave a. nice 
tr^ I wMiU like to bave a 
grooDd bog and a walrua too. 
Ttuk you very mudu Love, 

Dear &mia Clans: 1 have a 
baby broUier. We have a pre- 
tty tree. Sante yoWTfWT^ite, 
,je te your bnrd. I do nd 
Wee sdiod bd I bave to go 
to sdiool if I un nd sidu 
Itanaaa has inr^ cbera and 
a ttbte. I wiU see you if I 
hs^ ngr a^m frtib fte biN^. 
I om't tittndc of ttinwu^ to 
Mgr, I kive you, love, llyiiffly. 


&w are you? 
fov ^li? Bow is yemr 

elfs? Mommy saids that I have 
been good. We all rrady have 
tbe Christmas tree up so don't 
worry abod that. 1 am in ttie 
4tii p«de. 

And I b(q;ie j^Mir Ibt for Christ- 
mas. 0.K? 

Beres tte things 1 wad for 
Cbridmas -- dolls, games, 
doths, bable dotts and more 
tbU^ you could get n^ O.K. 
Sante Chise? Good by Surta, 
Love, Alice. 

Dear ^te: I h(^ I bave been 
helpful to e^rycae in xssj 
&adty. 1 btm I bave be«i 
good to everynie too. I wouU 
(»ly like one ttdng for 
Christmas. It te a Crazy car. 
Love, LodM. „ . 

I love ym Sante ^iiui»s. I 
dcNi't teve iwry macf Mente 
and I want yw to be my brat 
friend. PleaM cmm live with 
me. I w<»t \mm smA tm if 
I dm't have muy frtoxb. I 
viiit a Ufce. To yoo, dear &B^ 

from Mark. 

Dear ^te: I'm 6 years oldttid 
in ttie first grade. I can't write 
yet and I don't prid very good 
d^r so my mdttier te writing 
tills letter for me. 

My Mama todc me to see you 
d ttie Military Cirde MaU bd 
I vtt too seared to ^ up tbere 
to see you so I asked my Mama 
to write you a le^r. 

I've been good mod d Vbk 
ttme. Tbe ding my muna 
doesn't, VO^ mtk to wi»n I 
argue with ieajtimk die tells 
me to do sot^ttg nd I dcn't 
lUn to pidE qp msr tojw. 

I would ttke tobaveaseooter, 
^^ty hop, biAgr itoll titottn^ 
eris^ doU, biby duheerina, 
a black board, « Ute Brite, 
some doOes fta- s^ool, a 
wdch, some i^mes uA a 
po«^. Please d(Mi't torfd me 
Cbridmas Ever. Love, IMn. 

girl. 1 do what my mommy 
tells me. 1 make my bed, I 
try to comb my tedr and I 
help to dress my steter. 

I lost two frmit teeth. Please 
Sante will you bring them to 
me? Will yon also pl««se taring 
a wagim, table and dmirs, 
etotbss for my Skipper^ doll, 
<fishes and asnow cone ma^ne. 

Please UsU lalngsom^iing 
tor my si^r, Debbie, since 
she is too yoimg to irite her 
own letter. Love, Theresa. 

Omt ^te: I ba^be^i a good 

DMr Sai^: I wouhl like tobave 
Mby Tender Love for 
Christmas. I woidd Mhe Bttf 
fo ^^Bjw If ymtm ool of 
Baby Tender Love. If yon run 
oA of bs^ of tbem, u wgan. 
Bi* I woild like a ptano. I'U 
lakt care of It honest! Ptoase 
Smte, I love pbrnot. But II I 
was, bad, dost 0ve me one. 

niawski. It was a quiet evening 
until four hours into the new 
day vlien Gibene and Cieniaw- 
skl observed activity witUn tiie 
service stetion. As ^y alighted 
from the jatrol car tojnves- 
tigate, two men ran from the 
service st^eion, firing as ttiey 
fled ftom ttie area. Greene was 
hit in the temple and CieniawsU 
in die left shoulder. Despite 
hte wound, CieniawU manaiged 
to lire one shot, but it to not 
sure if either man was hit. 
The men were identifled as 
Negroes. Investig^mi showed 
that crow bars and a sledge 
hammer had been used unsuc- 
cessfully on the safe. 

Cieniawski recuperated from 
his wounds within two weeks 
and reterned to duty. Greene 
has remained unconscious ever 

He te visited daily by family 
members; hte parente, Mr. and 
Mrs. Herbert J. Greene of Hi^ 
Point, N.C, and his seven bro- 
thers and sisters. 

Hte mother keeps a coiataot 
vigil at hte bedside, watching 
for toe smallest flicker cS. re- 
cognition, even though doctors 
tell her teat her son's oonditi(Xi 
te liopeless'J 

Greene hid returned from 
Vietnam in December and had 
earned tiie Army Commenda- 
tion Medal during die d^teen 
mcmUis he served Qiere. He had 
rqwrted for duty ^ Fort Story 

Greene and Ciei^awske were 
awarded, the Army Commenda- 
ttw Me<tel for preveitteg tbe 
burglary. Cioiti^d re<^ved 
Iris miM atparatecerenMMiwt 
at Fort Story. Tbe Army was 
to have |MreseatedGre«i^8 me- 
(Cootlmied OB pace 2) 

10 cents 

CO and City at 
Odds Over TaxMU 

The city of Virginia Beach has 
threatened to sue the Virginia 
Electric and Power Company 
for almost $104,000 in personal 
property tax assessment bilte 
which VEPCO says has been 
incorrectly computed. 

City Treasurer, V.A, (Jack) 
Ettiridge told City Council Mon- 
day that he had received a 
payment of $339,202.93 for ot- 
her assessment bills on VEP- 

Of thaVamount, $149,763.67 
was credited as payment for 
real estete assessmente and 
$189,439.26 credited to pay- 
ment of tangible or personal 
property assessmente, leaving 
a balance of $99,374.64 in taxes 
on personal properties held by 
the company, Ethridge said. 

The additional $4,968.73 WiU 
be assessed against ttie utility 
as penalties, Ethridge said. 

In a letter accompenyii^ the 
check, VEPCO Senior Assistant 
Treasurer A.M. Clement said 
that certain properties by tbe 
company shoidd be assessed as 
real estate and not as personal 

He cited the exanqile of the 
cities of Noriolk, Newport News 
and Chesapeake in assessing 
property under schedules that 


The case, Transccmtlnental 
Gas Pipe Line Corporation vs. 
Prince William Coupty, allowed 
tbe company to proved with 
tangible property tac^oe under 

,^^^4»»,' ..-irtC^i^^.J-i .-,k-'.-.-._q.- 


The Virginia Beach Jaymes 
have announced ttiat nomina- 
tions are being sought for toe 
Outstanding Young Man of Vir- 
ginia-BeaeliJor 1970. 

Thte award wiU be presen- 
ted to ttat young man between 
toe ages of 21 and 35 years 
who has attained pnoninenee 
by disttngutehed contributtons 
to his profession and to tbe 
general welfare of tbe dttsens 
of Virginia Beadi and tiie State 
of Virginia. 

Nominees will be considered 
by a committee of prominent 
citizens, inclmUng previous re- 
cipieitfs of thi^ award. 

Nominationft shoiUd include 
toe yotfflg ma^'s specific con- 
tributi(ms to community wel- 
fare, hte leadership aUlittes 
and evidence of personal or 
business progress. 

Nominations should be sent 

PhilUp M. Wade 

Outstanding Young Man Com- 

Virgiida Beach Jaycees 
P.O. Box 1044 
Virginia Beach, Va. 23455 

Nominations forms may lie 
requested from tiie same ad- 

Tbe Dondnatioo deadUne te 
Janary 15 and ttie redplenft 
wlU be annoiawed January 26. 


Business 3 

C lasslffled.... »...M... 8-9 

beattis ^. 8 

Edltoriate 4 

Enterteinneirt.,.M...M....A... 2 




real estete classiflcattons and 
to abate almost $1 million in 
bade taxes. 

Clement said. toe compai^ 
has not deviated from asses- 
sing ite properties in Virginia 
Beach on tills baste since 1963. 

Etiiridge said, the dty stands 
to lose almost $250,000 in taxes 
that have not been paid over the 
past toree years if Uie city 
does iK)t pursue the case. 

VEPCO te no different from 
aiqr ottier taxpayer, Ettiridge 
said, aind should be sued for 

He ateo suggested tiiat ttie dty 
require that VEPCO pay ite 
tax on a semiannual baste, tinis 
providing toe city wito a wind- 
tell of almost $250,000 each 
year in June. 

Etiuridge said ttite was ttie 
first time he bad ever had 

such an experieooa. "I'ra m- 
ver hala pubtte M^ee oMfr- 
pany refiise to pay tbelr pii»lie 
texes," he said. 

Mayor Donald H. RbodasMid 
it was too bad the dty ooaldD*t 
do the same tttog atUty com- 
panies do to tbelr atkummn 
when ttw Ulte aren't paid, m^ 
mely, cut off thdr eleetrtdlr, 
but iMtructed City Attonojr 
J. Dale BImson to begia 1b- 

"Crank up tiie madrinqr and 
get on wito it," Rbodat Mid. 

BImson, who aloof wlftljliip>j 
venue CommtesloMr Ivu D. 
Mapp had already taOtd wiOi 
VEPCO offidate 00 tiie dls- 
piAed compotetlon, said be 
would check wffli oQier dtlM 
on the matter and lae wbtt Iha 
baste for todr deddoos «w. 

agr^e witb vkpco's caicuia- 
ti(MKS as well as a Vlrginte 
State Supreme Court atAf|ieal# 

School Bond 

S^t ^n. 12 

The Circuit Cmirt has of- 
fidally set Jan. 12 as ttie date 
tor tiie $18,400,000 Sdiool Bond 

The etedionwillbe emidueled 
to tin Msm Wf as any o^r 

returns made and canvassw! to 
ttie manner provided by law. 
The bond reterendun te 
needed, not only for niw 
schoote, but for addtttma to 
extettng ones to meet ttw ever- 
growing sdiool pqputetlon of 
ttie dty. Specifically, anewbl^ 
school te planned to ttw Bqrrille 
Farms area otB^falde,aDdMw 
etementafT sdioote arepUamed 
to North Vlrginte Beach (First 
Londli^, Green Rm^ and 
College Park. Hie elementary 
sdiocSsliif c let for oomptettoo 
to September, 1972 and ttie high 
school to September, 1973. 

Addittong are: Bayside 
Etementary Sdiool, eight class- 
rooms, ej^aosiooof ttieltorary, 
two resource rooms and parking 
tot; W. T. Cooke Etefluntary, 
two classrooms, {diyaleal 
edud^on fadllty and parking 
tot addition; Dey Etemedary, 
eqiandon (tf Ubrary, physical 
education tedllty and parid^ 
tot addition; Plaza Etemnfary, 
four classrooms and two re- 
sooroe rooms; Kenqisvllte 
Meadows Elementary, two re- 
source rooms and physical 
education facility; Old Donation 
Etementary, two resource 
rooms and physical educati^ 
facility; Thoroughgood 
Etementary, two resource 
rooms and physical education 
facility; Aragona Ele- 
mentary, Lynnbaven Ete- 
mentary, Mallbu Etementery, 
PrinceM Amie Sbeltoo Park 
Etementary, Trai^wood Ete- 
mentary, liiysical educ^oote- 
duties; Tbalte Etementery, 
phydcal education fbdttty ud 
parking lot additloo; CMter t» 
Effective Leardng nd Arrow- 
head Elemeitfary, cttmte oon- 
trd; King's Grant Etementary, 
parking lot additloo. 

According to tbe Sdiool Ad- 
minlstraUon, tte resource 
rooms and piqrsieal eitocattoo 
fidlitfea vn aeedad to pro- 
idde addlttooal student stettoos 
as w^ as priqierly bouse al- 
ready exi^iag progruns. The 
pkyiteal edocoiloa fadUttes 
win support present 
testnwHooal, iatraBMsral Md 
idter a^9ol rMT^^nal pro- 
grams. Tie rcsovoe roMH 
wlU boote rarreot reoOng and 
Qieecb oorreettoo propaws. 

The lunyoaad pro^ete are 
part of a loog laofe prognm 
to provkttBgadequilehdtttM. 

VirgUda assumes no floiiMlal 
raspofltlbittty tot tba eawteoe- 
ttoD of sdiool bolkttng. Ttmn 
are hq federal fteids avdliMa. 

Tbe protectid w^boAmsNii.' 
mvA tor 1975 te 51,8tt, vttla 
to 1160 was only Xtim^m* 
are praeptly 4S,ni Malaili 
euNdlad to eteamiary tod 
seoonitery sdMxds to ttw dty. 

Aoerwfitatton of tite adwote 
by ttw Soidbem Asooetettea of 
Coltefes and Sdiods and bgrllw 
State Department of Edaeitloo 
depeiMto 00 enoiqjh dttsroomi 
bdng available to pnvkte % 
program of qnaWy edacitlMi. 
Cteat rtia Is ateo ttoUad by 
aoeredltattpo repjUtleoa. 

Tbe teitsdioolbood refH*^ 
doffifteld Juu M, 1968, pojRMd 
by a torie to oiw marii^TJBidi 
bam tbe sale of ttuse boods 
vent to toe eoDrtmdtot if 
Plaza Junior High, BuMte 
Junior Hl|^ and XaapsvlUe 
Junior Hi^ ttw Voealloatf- 
Te<M^ Sdiool now oodar 
construetioiv Pembroke 
Meadows, Pdnt of View and 
Windsor Oaks Etenaoltfy 
Scbiaol. Addltf oos were made to 
KeoHpsrilte and First Colealal 
High Sdioote, and Trantwoo^ 
Midlbu, Lymdiavei^ Petobrato 
and Kempsville Ete a w a l iry 

Virginll Beach te curraaHy 
indebted to $48,734,200 wllii 
ttw lowMtpercapttedabtamsag 
Vlrginte dttes of ovor lOOJOd 
poputetton. TbeCity'fldebtlalt 
te $103,156,159. Of ttw total 
indebtedness, ttw sAoota are 
indebted to 24,949,700. 

Navy Man 
Dies In 




Beads, 'flw yivpomA jjt^^bal 
edaeattoo tedtttiM will make 
aacb a tedllty avtftebto toall 
areas of Ike dtyi 

At piMMt tbwa are mtSmt 
toads iiriiMa ettar «ib a 
bdttd iofol. dona te Stote ef 

Aa enlisted mai 
to Dam Medt bMome tba Sri 
traffle totally ef Ikifaar to 
Vlrtfate Batch ear^ Wadov- 
day Bontof me Mf arte re- 
portedly eoUMad wn a ear 
w biek lad iteiipad oo Oeeooa 

Offidate Ideotttted Mm at 
TbMWs J. Camrtl, 87, otl^ 
Ynk. Be wu ateo idiillflad 
as toe Mver of toe aato. 

A paaftBiR totoeant^tdeo- 
tilted bf^Ad^aa^Beieif li 
Lewte, 36, of Floildi, aloo 
luttaebad to Dam Ited^ tepw* 
tedly recdvei tammWrn, 
tnOanti badb, nd lilaraal 

OlSdtfs atPoxteKMtoltaitf 
Boi^RBi lipnvi i4Via a «■» 

Ziffle toidnas to toe re- 
Oist dty iii |aar vAU ^• 
|an tbe toMftr tottt iMMdid 
teal yav iMw a tow «f ft 
toiO^ Irtai^to were rMVdM 
daring ittalttll^ 


p^m i 

Virginia Beach $un 

Thursday, Pocynbar \7,\9m 

Civic Chorus Does It Again! 

ne Vlr0^ B«tiiii Qvie 
Chsh^ wmmil Chrlstaif 
ooneMrt Is tectariag invrly m 
trtttttkml tf Spte Cltai tf- 
xivl^ at tte flboHPliif otalini, 

tarae at fwr Cavorite <Aariial)te 
M. The eoDotrt tas cobm to 
iieraid tta satsoe, to sat tte 
Blood for mtk M flul rosdi 
Before CHrtitiiart)^, 

And so it was Suad^r *<*»'- 
notti wtea a capacity audieoce 
packed Princeffi Aane fflgli 
SdKxd ratttoiotn for ttw cbor- 
qs's "1teS(a^ olCluristntts". 

Under tbe direction of Walter 
Koona^ M_£tYi£.dion8 todc 
8ms radtenee oat of ttemselves 
ai^ tte pressorcs of tte sea- 
nm into a rollicking Jaunt 
fluroc^ ft» nHilti-moote of 
Christmas, fhim^tracfltioinl 
to Use omteB^iortrjr. It was 
truly a jaifflt that no one diovld 

Tte blenttnf d ttese 70 
voi(»s is spine-tini^ In its 
heaotjr, eertiAnly a reflection of 
tte hitent and inbettevaUe am- 
trd (rftte (firector, and it makes 
no (ttfference vtetter flie selec- 
tion is hard rock or ite "Hal- 
lelQ^ Cteras"..,die tdend re- 

mains and remainsandre- 

NooMi alM seems to find n- 
vamX wltdUm <» uMhp«| 
nogeiMiite of Uia 
cmOs fw flMe ooietrts lol 
Ih^ on never 1 
(hoii^ its dcMbitt 
voold «M)t complain if flitfdtd 
notti^ hvt tte hmflt 

' la ttds nimter. 
A CtertitaiM 
haul rode beitf 


carol with a 
may te dti^- 
orusnM in 


of •«flkiift Night" WM 
pmpji> of his constant i 
variety. It was "SUent Night". 
Yet it vasB^ "SUoit Ni|^". 
But it was beantihil. 

Originality is surely a se- 
cret to the success ^ all of 
(te dvlc chonis's oonserts. 
No matter what ttie program, 
it is creatively different^dtter 
in arrai^meat or in iv«wnta- 
Hon. No<»a can merely add a 
drum beat ^ a stepped-up 
tempo and a selection be<»mes 
a production. 

Such was Qie case in "Winds 
Thro* tte Olive Trees", ateun- 
tini^ beautiful numter fliatte- 
came even more so witti ttie 
addlticm of a low drum teat 
and tte ^^ng of tells and 
and tefflbourine. David lively 
did anexeellentjobonfte drums 

Wives 'A ir Lift' 
Is Navy's First 

Tte top brass will have its 
eyes forased <hi a "first" lAlch 
will tidce 1^ at NAS Oceana 
during fl» next fiw days. 

On Dec. 20, 21 and 22 some 
1,000 Navy (tepradrats wiiws 
wIU te fkwm to race, Italy 
and Attens, Greece to spend 
tte Christmas telidays^th 
their husbands. Return fll|bts 
will transport some 2,000 sai- 
lors bade to Oceana. A dmi- 
lar opesirfion will te foingonal 
ite ttme tinw in Los ^^les 
and San Frandsco whn« wives 
will te taten to Rong Kong and 

The (rffldal name Is tte De- 

h>cal hotels and motels. Tte 
Imdseepers Assodatlon has 
made rooms available. 

"Tte cooperation in Norfott 
and Virginia Beadi has teen 
great", said U. Belyan. 

He added that aU fftdUties 
at Oceana, sudi as tte Navy 
Exdiange, movies, etc. irill te 
open to tte dependents. In ad- 
ditico, tte servicemen comii« 
in on tte return fligl^ will 
te aided in gdtii^ to tteir 
homes. Stewers and a place 
to change clottes will te a- 
vailable for tteir use, and milt- 
iary flights from Norfolk and 
Oonna will go as far as Brun< 

pendei^ Air Charter Pn^ram. 
Adm. Elmo Zumwalt, C^ief of 
Naval AflUrs, andRdwrtChaf- 
fee, Secrettry of tte Navy, are 
very interested in tte odcome 
of tte experimo^ larogram. 

Lt. M.P. Belyan of NAS O- 
t^m^ said ttat pi a'^pg tte 
(Vera^ion was "friistrating at 
first" but that (here have been 
"no major prd)tems". He said 
ttat tte dependents will te ar- 
riving from aU over ttie Udted 
^ates by private car, bus, train, 

According to U. Belyan, ttey 
will te arriving as early as 
Friday. They wlU te UUded at 

swick. Me. and Jatiksonvtlle 

"All commerdal flif^ts are 
already booked solid through tte 
holidiQrs," Lt. Belyan said. 

Tte first group d 250 wives 
is scheduled to leave Oceana 
at. 1:30 p.m. Saturday witt a 
seopnd group 9i 4:30. Otter 
fiigUs are set for Monday and 
Tuesday. Tte first 250 ser- 
vicemen are due in at 5:30 

Dependeds will return on 
ha, 4, 5, and 6. 

Said U. Belyan In summing 
iq> tte operation, "It's very 

The Fabulous 1911 






Smc^ Car Terms! 

■ Jr Vnhapp 










was writton Uust summer, 

toU tte audience, " 

iitf^s ttlrely^ <lry." 

a rdk^hiiv diahge d 

Tte chorus w^fUTto tte 
twt to tte qpedng of tte se- 
ccMxi half d tte program in 
"Sing We Now d Christmas", 
an arnmgement d carols, hyms 
and' tetinlir iohps orm'sifeT- 
son. Tte soloists were featured 
in this part of tte program, 
eacbxme well diosen: FayeEd- 
wards, Ed Finch, Joan Brech- 
telsfaaiier. John Dellls, Conway 
Brittoh asd Lee Uvely. Edd 
Clarte was also a soloist in 
tte first selection of tte con- 
cert. This was a lengthy, de- 
manding grouping of numters, 
Witt tridQT tfming andgdckkey 
dianges, but tte chorus came 
throt^ Witt flying colors, an- 

Airman Gregory L. Broer- 
mann, son d Mr. and Mrs. 
Leo W. Broermann d S. Hes- 
sian Road, has completed basic 
traidng at Lackland AFB, Tex. 
and has beenassipedtoLowry, 
ilJ'B, Colo, ^rman Broermann 
is a 1969 graduate d Princess 
Anne m^ School. 

(^r tribde to tte codrol and 

liiis same cmcert will te 
pr^Mded ^nbty at tte N«- 
foUc lAseum at 3 p.m. fat 
ttoM wte «iJoy good mudc, 
^sfffedato flu taled and ud 
weleome a rhusing idrodudl«i 
to tte telidiqr imsoo, (Us con- 
cert should te a "most". 

. . --.Ptilwf -Taan MiHI<m 

"~— nuoy vvw roitiipw^ 


(ConOimed from page 1) 

Stowe Road. 

•Unadmously denied a 
diiBi^ (rfedBng appBiMHon by 
W. T. Old Jr. and Margard 
Old Parra for a plaimed udt 
devetopment d sli^ family 
reddence and ^lartmed units 
on tte East side d Nortt Great 
Neck Road seoo feet Soutt d 
Stere Drive. 

^fterred for 60 daysduuige 
of zoning and use permit ap- 
pUcaticms by Grayson M. WMte- 
hurst and Mansanis Apartments 
for construction d 424 apart- 
ment udts 1700 fed North d 
Will-O-Wisp Drive and 385 feet 
East of First Colodal Road. 

^Deferred for two weeks 
change d zoning and use permit 
applications by Northunpton 
Assodates for omstruction 
d 56 apartmed udts on tte 
Nortt side of SheU Road 324 
feet East of tte intersection 
d Norttempton Bwilevard and 


(Cootiimed tnm pafe 1) 

dal to his motter; but Mnt. 
Greene, witt pride in ter son 
ant dderminatttm ttel te wiU 
a^a respond^ aAed thd tte 
medal te i^asented diredty to 

Tte inv^gatton d this in- 
cided is niMttndng in ta ef- 
fort to idedify tte tnof lars. 

Greene will nd te aware 
d tte apfnroadtfng teUita^ sea- 
SCO nor' wina^^%ni nrttsay. 
His family wUl bring gUts to 
his hospital room; te wiU te 
aware dteittwr tteir vigil 
nor thdr gifts. 

Famil y and Army buddiM 
pray for a particuUur gift for 
Greene— ttat the Yddlde sea- 
son wiU bring a ndraralous 
recovery. Iliey also hq^ ttd 
tte cd|ffits responsible for his 
condition wiU te apprdiended; 
ttat auttorities will find tte 
two men who fired, and fled, 
and left tehind tte stettered 
dreams d a young man. Greene 
escaped tte ^pers d Vietnam 
only to fall to tte bullet d a 
wouU-te service station bur- 

It is posdble ttese two men 
have resided in tte local area 
and have discussed tte event 
Witt friends or aogudntances, 
perhqis eveh bragged abod 
tteir accomplishment. If ttere 
are any persons who have heard 
or seen anythii^ which might 
aid in identifying ttese men, 
ttey are asked to conttct tte 
local FBI Office (420-6700) or 
tte Provost Marshal at Fort 
Story. (428-1111). 

Virginia Beach postal letter carriers (background) witness the 
0resentationof thetep postal safety award to Crosswhfte (left) and 
Nichols (center) by Henry Horton(right)of the Post Office Regional 

P.O. Drivers Get Top Honors 

Men d tte Virgida Beach The Regional Director's Mo- 
Post Office teve beenawarded tor Vehicle Safety Award died 
top tenors in tte'WasWngton resort dty post office drivers 
Postal Region's^tor Vehicle, fgr^achieving tte top safety 
Sdety Contest for fiscal year record in tte Group II cate- 
1970. X gory for motor vehide qwr- 


_„ .^ Wm^ —DAILY NEWS 






PublishMl wMkly by the 
Baodi Publishing Corporch- 
tlon, 3108 Pacific Avsnut, 
Virglnio Beach, Virginia. 
234SI. Second class podogs 
paid at Virginia Baadi. Vir- 
ginia. Annual wbscriptlon 
rata by moil t.l«|rfione 
703-428-2401 ondcarrlw 
$5.20; single copy iOC. Ad- 
vartising ratMUponraqunt. 
Member of the Virginia 
Press Assoclatioa 

City Churches 
Host Holidaying 

If tte pUumed sdiettde is 
aiqr Indication tte tt fontpdn- 
dMito spending Christams in 
Virgida Bea^ wcm'thave mndi 
time to te teme^du 

Tte students, itto will arrive 
Saturday, will make upttefl»t 
CiffhrtiMS Intentflonl Hous* 
in tte lldewator/ai-^ Host 
<fturdws are Gattlee Episco- 
pal, ittere tte 12 male stu- 
dMts will te housed, uid First 
Presbyterian Cterch wtere tte 
nine female stents will stay 
iatte nianse. ' 

Christmas Internattcmal 
House had its tegimiines in 
196S wten a ^urch in Hmi- 
ttngton. West Virginia, asked 
wtere foreign students wouM 
te spending Christmas. Tte 
church decided to take in a 
group itto had no special plans. 
Tte idea caui^t on, and this 
year diurdies in 45 cities will 
host large and smaU groups* 
Ttere Is now a nafional head- 
qutfters in Nashville, Tenn. 
ittich coordinates tte program. 

Some 15,000 fdders are sed 
to colleges and tmiversittes 
whidi teve foreign students. 
Shideds pidc tte dty ttey wmiM 
like to visit 4tGconlii« to in- 
formation in tte fokier. Cities 
ruge in sise from New York 
City, whichjrepreseds tte me- 
trcvolitan way of life, to Isom, 
Ky.,.a coal mining commtmity 
in Appaladtf a. 

J. Douglas Hubard is in 
Charge of tte arrangements 
committee for tte grotqi com- 
ii^ tere. Their sdiedule will 
tegi9 witt dinner in private 
homes (m Dec. 19. Most ci 
tte breakfasts will te at tte 
Presbyierian m^e.' 

On tte 20th, since it is Sun- 
day, Jundi and dini»r will te 
i n priv a te to mes ,idtt n o tor- 

teve a day to eitter rest or 
tour on tteir own m tte U% 
which WiU end witt a dinner 
cooked by tte college stodente 
at tte host chnr«hes it GaUlee 
Epi8C(q>al Church. 

Ttey will teave on tte 29th. 

Other churctes in Viriinta 
vrid^ are ttUng students are 
Falls Churdi, S^ngftohl, Ro- 
anoke and Ridnnood. 

Witters commented xm tte 
good will of tte local people 
11^ are providing food, beds 
and steels for tte students. 
A lo<»l terdware store is giv- 
ing Christmas tree liihts and 

Ite shidMts are amAniftm 
a variety <A orantriti and 
schools. Cooatries rcp-earated 
wiU te CUa^ Iiidii, Coiom- 
Ua, Englttal, Greece, Irm, Ni- 
caragua, P«ra, Eco^or, IVi- 
wan, United Arab Rt^patOQ and 
tti fhlliptoas. SdKxdsiiielhde > 
Georgia TecA, IfiehtiaB State, , 
tte Medical CoUege of Vir- ^ 
gid'a, Kortt CaroUBaSlatt Uni- 
versity, No^e Damo, Uidver- 
sity ci Florkto, Uidveraity of 
Arkansas, Miami of Ohio, Le- 
Ugh Uaiverdty, Uiivtrslty of 
G«)riia. Ufliversity of Mtehi- 
fui win tow ooadi oonlBi 
firom Western Coltefe In (Mo. 

Council Appoints 
and Reappoints 

City Coundl Monday re- 
affirmed 3appoidmentstoh>cal 
agendes and boards and made 
four new i^potntmeds to 
otters, including one for tte 
School Board. 

Coundl named Leland M. 
Hood to ftiU tte SMt left vacant 
by the. rettreitenrisr Jdhn 
Salmons, ^i^iose term eiqires 
Dec. 31. Salmons had ttdleated 
te did n(4 wish reappointnient 
to tte board. 

Coundl also named Coundl- 
man F. Reld Ervin to fill tte 
sesA of G. Dewey SSmmoos on 
tte Tidewater Stadium 
Auttroity and Coimdlman Floyd 
Waterfield to fill tte seat of 
former coundlman Lawrence 
Marshall on tte Virginia Beach 
Hii(hwi^ Safety Commlsaiaii. 

Otter 4ipdntm«to include: 

*John Fowler, structural en- 
gineer, to tte BulMfa^ Board 

Freenao, Charles H. Curl and 

*Virglnia Beach Community 
Mental Health and Mental Re- 
tardation Services Bosrd; Mrs. 
Emom Hairstott and Gilhert 

*VirginU Beach Highway 
^itety Commissioo; E. W. Ilm- 
moos, E. E. BridnU, Dr. 
Rotert WaddeU, Sgt. K. A. Be- 
langia tod Waterfield. 

In otter matters, ooondl: 

*DtinjnA Ux two weeks a 
resolotton relative to tte 
addevements of tte Plaia, 
Creeds, KempsviHe and Vir- 
ginia Beadi fire and rescue 


The award was earned by tte 
170 drivers of tte Virginia 
Bead) Poiit Office Deparimeht 
(plating tte department's 130 
vehicles more than 900,000 
miles during tte fiscal period 
over tte resort dty throuf^- 
&res witt a virtually acddent 
free record. 

Henry Horton, Asst. Deputy 
Regional Director, Servi(^, 
P.O. Dept. Washington Region, 
presented tte award during a 
special ceremony at tte Vir- 
ginia Beach Seaidnes Post Of- 

JoseiA T. CrosswUto, Jr., 
Beach Postmaster, and Donald 
Nidiols, Presklent Local 1518 
Nafional Assodatlon of L^ter 
Carriers, accepted tte award on 
behalf of postal workers. 

A±im Games hcs a 911T Fbrsche, 

good boks.o guaotised future, 

and as many girs as he can handb 

Adam Gcxyes has nothing. 

The NAoHd'dxmged for 



mal program plamed. However, 
things will realty get imderway 
oh Monday' teginning witt 
breakfast at Thalia Lynn Bap^ 
fist Churd), followed by a tour 
of tte dty hosted by tte City 
of Vl^(inia Beach and OieCham- 
ter of Commerce, lundt at Old 
Dcmiion Churcli, a harbor tour, 
and dinner, hosted by Operation 
Friendship, at tte Seatack Com- 
munity Center. 

Tte Navy will tate over on 
file 22nd foltowing lunch at 
First Bapttst. Ttere will te 
a tour of Little Creek Am- 
phibious Base, and tte stu- 
dents will te dinner guests 
aboard Navy ships, foltowed by 
a tour of tte ships lighted for 

Wednesday the studente wiU 
te gueste of tte City of Nor- 
folk where ttey will teve a 
tour and lunch after teving 
breakfiist A Bow Credc Pres- 
t^rian Churdi. Dinners will 
be in two temes. 

Christmas Eve. aiid Christ- 
mas day will te spent in in- 
dividual homes witt programs 
planned by tte host temilies. 

As an example, Burks 
Widiers, Jr. said ttiat te was 
taking his student to tte Nor- 
folk Zoo on Christmas Eye, 
something he does every year 
witt his ttree children. He 
added ttet Ms daugjrter, wte 
is stodying Spanish in high 
sdiool, requested a %)anish- 
speaUng student. And Us son, 
itto is presently interested in 
ardiitedure, wanted an archi- 
tectural student. So tte mfiiers 
will teve a student from Peru 
itto is stwtying ardtttecture. 

Tte day after Christmas will 
te spent in WilUamsburg witt 
lunch at historic Bruton Par- 
ish Church and dinner at file 
Williamsburg Presbyterian 

On Dec. 27 lunch will te 
in private temes. However, fiw 
youi« people's groups from ttie 
two host (hurdles will code 
diimer tor ttie studente at Firat 
PreriOyterian. Tte stadentswiU 

of Adjustments and Ap|>ei]8.~ 

*Bruce Murphy to a three- 
year term <» the Committee 
on ttie Natt(»al Coundl of Crime 
and Dellquency. 

*Board of Plumbing 
Examiners; Roy Creef, Dorice 
Gre|^)ry, Harry U I^otrldge, 
<;arl L. Cteisttan ^Jr^ 1^ J. 
Owens, and^ Percy Caton, ttw 
dty's pluaibtol inspector. 

*School Board; Mrs. Lee Kel- 
terg, Hood, Dr. Roy A. Wood 
and James KItdien. 

^eUare Advisory Board; 
Mrs. Louise AUen, James K. 
Kotopanos, Mrs. R. B. Tyaes, 
C. W. Cashman Jr., H. 0. 

*Approved a request by dty 
Manager Rofer M. Scott ttiat 
file dty cimflm a nntoal fire 
figbttng assistaDoe tgntineBt 
between ttie dty and tha Maval 
Aniiiniious Bas» atUtUe 


Aifropfiitad n,l7S IS oai- 
half of ttie city's reqidnd' 
share for operation of 
VIrglida's Urban 12, a IdHiying 
group ttiat witt plaoe large 
urban armi pleas iorflniDdal 
relief before tte General As^ 
siittbty. ^ .. . , w 

«WaB told by Scott tt«t the 
seleettoos of a co B s uM i at lor 
ttie Norfolk -VlrgiaU Beadi 
vrater and reihse oidfoietioo 
auttiority has be«i namnved to 
two mm and that ttM final 
selection will probata te an- 
nounced by tte dty managers 

Theatre Boosted 

Ladies of the Princess Anne Women's Club 
this weel( made a contribution to the Vir- 
ginia Beach Little Theatre to assist the 
group in future endeavors. Club Pres. Mrs. 
Earl Ouval presented theatre director Jim 
English with a check on behalf of the ladies 
during the club's regular luncheon meeting 

Ulhcit llw dkNtM 
hQM» tfity doM loSoDogt? 

ALBERT FINNEY'S award - (|uality 
performanoe is beaotlfiil 

Charles Chaplla t. A. Tinias 


ANHianildmni netum Mmm 

_ Flares urtty 
lilS SUS 8;lsT;i5 ftilS 

FrlBce ss iOddte l ime Every iitvdqr MBAMO Hi 
_1S^iL!^tE iBUJOM TtARSie^ 

Helen M. Berry 

Annoisms ttw openinp 

Ye Olde 



Speclaltztne In Esrtf^ 
Amorloan AcnsaorIss 

5774-D PrhicMS Ame Rd. 
In Btrry SMp. 

VlrfMo ieodi V^ tHti 

Open 10 A. M-8 P.M. 

'•Given a fkwe prsM, we any 
daty open or iasldloas eps- 
aflias of Uterty^ tt lastneH 
Ite pMie wiM and MlBilas 
flie spirit of patriottsB. Its 
load votee s«|ipress e s evey • 
flii« wMeb innU raise UsStf 
agitast tte piMle Hberty. aid 
Us IMUi xriMte OHMS iB- 
e^plaat da^ottsm to p«tah la 
fliebnd."-DaalelWebst0. , 

J^ ,»««^^ 



Thursday, Dtctr^r 17, 1970 

Virginia Beaoh Sun 


Innkeepers Donate 

Day He'll Remember 

Room^ To Military 

A large number of military 
men in the area will be with 
their fiunilies on Christmas 
even (bough they can't get home, 
ttianks to members of the Inn- 
keepers Association. 

F<iiirt<»Bn mntel owners liayi* 

donated over 100 rooms thus 
tar to Army and Navy personnel 
who are confiMd to the area 
and whose families must visit 
them here for Christmas. 

This is the first time a co- 
ordinated program of Ms type 
has been attempted but the inn- 
keepers are so enthused over 
it Oiey hope to'^nke it an 
annual event. 

The qtotels participating in 
tte iffogram are Al(^ Ball 
Hal, Beach Carousel, Dunes, 
Hilton Inn, Mariner, Newcastle, 
Princess Anne Inn, Sea Gull, 
Idlewhyle, Surf and Sand,Thun- 
derbird, Jriton Towers and 



Ths rooms will be 
available to the military per- 
woael December 24 through 
December 26. 

Applications are presently 
bei ng accepted and qualified 

Wm-English Awards 

peraome! will be assigned ac- 
commodations in one of the mo- 

Interested military personnel 
may contact Navy Lt. E. H. 
B. Roberts, 425-2741, at Oce- 
ana Naval Air Station, and Army 
Lt. J. L. Condray, 428-1111, 
extension 1074, at Fort Story. 

Robert Mi Wainwrigbt Jr. 
tidU l(wg remenrtjer December 
15, 1970— he became a Realtor 
and a vice presfalent all at ttie 
same time. 

Wainwrigbt has been asalMp 
man in his flaUier's firm, Wain- 
wrigbt Realty Company on 
Arctic Avenue, for the past 
two years and recently passed 
the stale br(d»rs examinMlra. 

So Tuesday he Joined flie 
Virginia Beach Board of Real- 
tors during the board's Ite^ieoB 
meeting at the Ocean Hearth 

He immediately was de- 
signate^ a Realtor and at dw 
....... ,^ 

Nearly a million of Virginia's 
young people will reach the age 
of 18 during the 1970's. 

same tiiae was maed a vfc« 

Dental Society 
Elects Officers 

New officers of the Virginia 
B«u:h Dental Society w«re re- 
Mntly elected at a mediag at 
(he OceaB'Heartti Restrarant. 

Ttey are: Dr. Oicar Self, 
presideirt: Dr. WllUamPitfnain, 
pr eside nt - elect^ (}VJ2)i Dr. 
Harvey ^hiOH, no'ebry; Dr. 
Jules Walnger, tretsurer; Dr. 
Allison Dreseher and Dr. Bob 
Martin, executive onnmittee. 

Dr. John Kruger, inresident 
of the Virginia Beach Medical 
Society, spoke on On^ Patho- 
logy. TeiHMst pTMidei^ d the 
club were honored. 

8111 Campbell 
presents a sym 

of the Innkeepers, originator of the donation idea, 
botic key Lt. Roberts (center) and Lt. Condray. 


Two Virginia Beach 
school studi^nts have been no- 
tified that they are winners in 
the 1971 National Council of 
Teadiers of English Adiieve- 
ment Awards. 

Miss Mary Uzabeth Talbott 
of Princess Anne High School 
and Miss Deborah Danklefs of 
Kellam Hig^ School have been 
cited as two of the outstanding 
high school students of English 
in the country. The NCTE named 
Miss Talbott a 1970 national 
winner and Miss Danklefs a 
runner-up In its annual 
Achievement Awards com- 

Last spring a committee of 
English teachers from each high 
school nominated a student from 
each school to represent t}^e 

school in the competition. 

After nominaticMi each student 
submitted samples of her best 
writing, including an autp- 
biograi^iical sketdi; completed 
two standardized examinations 
Ml general English knowledge 
and skills and on literary 
awai'eness; and wrote a one- 
hour impromptu essay. These 
materials were evaluated and 
scored by state judging teams 
of hif^y qualified college and 
high school teachers directed 
by a state chairman. 

Nationally 8,000 students 
were nominated for the NCTE 
citation. Of that number, only 
872 finalists were chosen. They 
represent over 600 schools 
from 50 states, tte District 
of Columbia, and American pre- 
paratory schools abroad. 

Rotarians Name Minister 

Fountainhead Names 


Staff Photographer 

Randolph Bruce, president of 
Fountainhead Studios, has an- 
nounced the appointment of 
David DriscoU as staff pho- 
tograiriier. ,* $ » 

DriscoU, a graduate of Wes- 
leyan University of Connecticut, 
has Qlmed and edited four 

ovi^ in the past two years. 

one of which won an award 

at the 1969 Yale Film Fes- 

He will head the Studio's 
Cinematography Department 
and run its photo-laboratory. 

Foutainhead Studios pro- 
vides a creative advertising 
service to aid agencies and 
deal directly with business con- 
cerns not needing a full agency 
(^ration. -^ 

Ger ald H. Pro pstpr-Cleft), president, Princess Anne Rota ry Club, 

L n^L • 'i 1.I-. v/ A I 1.- n lAiiii!-—^ I A.U..^ 

Police Sgt.K.A.Belangia (left) congratulates Mike Savvides, owner 
ofthe Black Angus Restaurant on Pacific Avenue, on the placing of a 
slgnonhls establishment offering travelers free coffee during the 
*P Holiday season. Many business firms throughout Virginia Beach, 
during the Christmas and New Year's Day holiday weekends, are 
faWlclpating In the National Coffee Safety Stop Program urging 
motorists to take frequent coffee safety breaks during periods of 
heavy driving. Officer S.B. Sciortino (right) witnesses the opening 
of the campaign at the Black Angus Restaurant, 

Once there was a tree— 

It wasn't any great Christ- 
mas tree. It had no tinsel or 
fUttary icecles or even shiny 
=-=4Morattve balls. 

But it was beautifully shap- 
ed and smelled of Christmas. 
And tiw brilliantly painted tin 
cans adorned its green boug^ 
iflth as much pride and dig- 
nity as ttie most eiqpenslve 

It ma somewhat of an ob- 
stract decorati(» and it stood 
in front of Denton's Gift Shop 
on Atlantic Avenue "to let peo- 
^e know we are optn," store 
manager Paul Marsh said. 

Certainly it served its pur- 
pose w«U fbr tint Aore was 
busttlng with customers Friday 

Birt the little tree also served 
aadher purpose. It was tiie only 
street decoration in tiie entire 
resort borough. 

Most of tiie stores have insMe 
decorattonp and a few have 
Christmas carols idaying. The 
Dolphin Atwater Hotel has an 
oi^de Santa and reindeers and 
candy-striped columns and Sea- 
side Market has a lovely tree 
of greenery ^^t atop its 

But Denton's little tree was 
tiie cmly street decoration to be 
found tiurwi^ut tiie resort and 
it brou^ a bit a dieer to an 
otiierwise drab shcqviiv com- 


Admittedly ttie hd) of tiie ci- 
ty's commercial (fistrict is con- 
siderably removed from tiw oe- 
aanfront. And the shonplng cen- 
ters along Virgliia Beach Bon- 
tevard are aUase witt lights 
and glitter; ttie spirit of Christ- 
mas abounds in ttie stores and 
malls as shoppers tuistle to 
complete ilieir buying. 

There Is no si^ qilrit Ji 
tiie resort. Yet tiwre are many 
regU^rts who la^fer to dK^ 
cl<»er to tiirfr homes and pat- 
r«iiBe ttie year-around stores 

qi Cracks And 

at tiie beadi. 

These are steady, reliable 
customers and ttiey spend many 
dollars in ttie Beach Borough 
12 months but of tiie year. But 
the merchants do little to add 
a sparkle to their shoHAng. 

The Chamber of Commerce 
disclaims any responsibility for 
street decorations. 

Assistant Chamber Director 
Bob Whitley commented: "We 
cannot do for tht resort borough 
what we don't do for the entire 
city. We can't spend money for 
decorations along Tbe Strip and 
not decorate KempsviUe or 
Pungo or whatever." 

He explains tiiat tiie trouble 
is tiie City of Virginia Beach 
has no so-called downtown 
sh(VI^ng area. "There is no 
specific area that could be de- 
corated. The city is simply 
too spread out for tttat." 

Much of the responsibility 
forctecorsutions rests witti ttie 
merchants associations in tiie 
various shopping centers. The 
resort merchants are not imited 
and a spot check amcmg them 
showed very little ii^rest in 
forming ui association. 

"We tried it once," one mer- 

Pays Taxes 

Robert H. Turner, local man- 
ager t(X[ First Col<Niy Telephone 
Company, ' otm of Virginia 
Beadi's larger taxpayers, ttiis 
vedc presented a dieck for 
$57,332.50 to ttie City Treasu- 

The d^ck was in payment 
of 1970 iwblic service taxes ud 
wcond half real estate taMs. 

chant said. "The members 
came to the first meeting or 
so and then dropped the whole 

"If the city would help out 
a little, we mi^it be inter- 
ested," another said. 

"It's useless to try and get 
ttie businesses here at the beach 
interested in anything," still 
another commented. "These 
people are too ti^t-fisted." 

Witti everyone disclaiming 
responsibility and no one wil- 
ling to take tiie first move, it 
isn't likely the resort will have 
and Christmas spirit ttiis year 
or for many years to come. 

That's why ttie little abstract 
tree ih front of Denton's was 
important. It was a show of 
interest. It was. an attempt to 
add a bit of Christmas cheer 
for faithful shoppers. 

Now even that small effort 
is missing and the resort is 
once more striiH)ed of any holi- 
day attire. 

Friday night, less than 48 
tours ^er it was set up, tte 
littte tree was stolen. 

Some Christmas spirit, huh? 

(Editor's note: This story 
has a hanqr endhig. Dentoo's 
has replaced ttie stolen tree 
80 ttiat Atlantic Avenue again 
has a toudi of the holiday spi- 

presents Rotarian ofthe Year Award to Rev. William L. Asher. 

The Reverend William L. As- 
her has been selected the 1970 
Rotarian of the Year by ttie 
Princess Anne Rotary Club. 

Asher is pastor of ttie Tha- 
lia United Mettndist Church 
and Is currently serving as 
editor of the P.A. Rotary Club 
bulletin and as club historian. 

A native of Richmond, Asher 
received h^s B.A. from Ran- 
doph-Macon College in Ash- 
land, and his Bachelor of Di- 
vinity degree from Duke Uni- 
versity. He became a member 
of ttie Virginia Annual Confer- 

ence of ttie MetlKidist Church 
in 1933, served the Norview 
MettKxUst Church in Norfolk 
from 1956 to 1961, and has 
served his present diurch since 
1963. He served as District 
Mis^wary Secretary on the 
Conference Board of Missions 
for nearly 14 years. 

In 1955, Asher was instru- 
mental in organizing Methodist 
college students from across 
ttie U.S. to emlKurk on a Work- 
Camp in Germany. The project 
provided homes for Methodist 
refugees from East Germany 

and Poland. A^er and his wife 
revisited the communities tttts 
past summer. 

Asher is a duurter member 
of ttie Princess Anne Rotary 
and boasts a 100% attieo#^e 
record. In order to nalotoin 
Us perfect attendance record, 
Asher attended Rotary mee- 
tings InGermaiqr, Holland, Eng- 
land and Scotland while In Eu- 
rope this summer. 

He and his wife, EUsabetti, 
reside In Virginia Beach, Thdr 
son, William, Jr., is a Meth- 

odist mlnlsttr in AocomM, 





Nov ifBw cwM ^Jm, mtf war 

, com smy te MK 





4 WAYS! 

1. Witt) ttM low CMt of oil 

fuel and ttie effidency of the 
quality engineered BORG- 
WARNER Furnace, you will 
probably realin considerable 
savinp in the first year of 

Find Furnace, uaii« toda/s 
improved heating oils, pro- 
duces such dean heat, your 
Nnim becomes wortti more 
and you sava in cleaning 
and redecorating bilta. 


I « I 


Astrdoger Roy Williams 
will teach you 

Glosses Now Forming 

Call 425-1433 

S. All BORQ-WARNER OHFIred FumacM are ♦"•^•«J*«J™J*£^ 
Hwrii« a oompMaiy wgulat«l flow of heat tiiroughout your homa 

4 The BOROmVAWIER OII-«iwdFuiii«»J»deaij^ 
traubMrea malnlananca ... And easy addition of YORK wno» 
houaa Air Conditioning. 

Saa our comoMe tine of BORQWARNER M-FiridFui^ 
tiiaro'aa ty>d5 |ust right fbr your home. CaM today. Free m» 

1^4iu.«A6 Anne 

4)1 V«. 


Mncaaa Anna Stotioii 


The drunk driver. 
He helps to eUminate the overcrowding in our classrooms. 

' Drunk drivers kill and injure our children. 

Last year, almost 6,000 chiMr^ under 15 years old were kill^ in traffic 
accidents. Countkss thousands were seriously injured. 

No one can be sure how many drunken driven were r^>onsible. 
_^But even one death or «ieinjiiig[il^K tJ»jMny. _^ 

What can you do? * 

Remember, it's not the drink that ttlk It*s tl^ drunk, the problonn 
drinker, the abuave drinker, t}» drunk driv^. 

Renwmber, dninkHriv*^ inay beudc, arid^ Wve go»rti^~glyc^tem^^^ 

But first wcVe got to get d^n off^ rmi. ¥m'^icif«iieB tnitjoam' 

To find out what you can cb, write ^ N^mnmI S^ely Gouneil, D^ A, 
425 North Michi^ Av«tte, (Ba^, Qttams; 60611. ^^ ^^ 

Scream Bkxxly Murdor. W^P 




EstiibteM 1925 

17. WO 

IhiUyMd iradibr far tfw BeMh Ihibfidiii^ Corporitioii 

John R. GriiGii 

Mrs. (%i Edwards 

^ai^k Apathy A Hacked 

It's Only An Idea 

VfrginUi BMch mutt suraly 

hovt a most uinlqiw problem. 

It It a trenHfidout city of ovtr 

one hundred end tixtythoiwiiA 

: people. Yet it it not a city. 

• It it a rambling, looteiy^icnit 

nmnlcipcHity^of totelilte com- 

munftiet ond thopping centert. 

Thit tittiotion it particularly 
qppat'ont thlt time of year when 
thopping centert compete to 
deoorotively for the Chrittmat 
butinett. 0ut oil of the holiday 
tplrlt It commercial. There 
it little giving of time ond effort 
to the citizen who tupportt hit 

Many tmall townt have a 
celebration heroldlng the ar- 
rival of Santa Clout. It It not 
a thopping center promotion; 
it it Chamber of commerce 
effort. There are deoorotiont 
in tht commercial dlttrlct, 
there It a big Chrittmat tree, 
perhq^t a oarol-eing, even o 
porode of floott provided by the 
voriout butinettet. 

Even large citlet "decktheir 
hoilt with bought of holly" 

and turn parlct and municipal 
buildingt into winter wender- 
landt of light and tintei. There 
it ittuolly a parade or cele- 
.brotion of tome detcription to 
highlHfbt the holiday teaton. 
In Virginia Beach there it 

"tnothing. The Beach BorOugh 
it practically bare of decora- 
tiont. There it no city- 
tpontored function connected 
with the hoildayt, no poradet, 
no carol tlngt, no tlntel and 

The city hat a problem, 
admittedly, in that there it no 
tpecific downtown area. But 
there thouid be tome way the 
city, probably through the 
Chamber of Commerce,. could 
toy "Merry Chrittmat" to Itt 

A parade through the retort 
area, per hap t. Or a giant 
Chrittmat tree at City Hall 
with a gala Mghtlngcelebratioa 
If t an old-fdiliioned Idea, and 
a tentimental one. But how 
nice It would be to take tome 
of the commercial itm out of 
the holiday tpirit. 

Thit it not to belittle the 
grand decorationt and eventt 
of the thopping centert. Thank 
goodne^t the city hat them. 
But an effort of tome detcrip- 
tion on the part of the city 
rniiid pottibiyV in tome tmal| 
way, eventually bring a type 
of unity to a city that con- 
tlnuet^ to tprawl out in all 

Yeoh, if t probably a far- 
fetched idea. BUt ii tirould be 


^mm IT A Nitt WARM cmc^mB m^tV 

Htv To^ TkOMtOan tadCom- 

PMqr Ctadr, vUcbttn* J«tB 
Iter ly ttfisd {hm^eioH- 
lord pwdt iiQiiriil tte aas- 
vur to "MMffted trttlM,''taiio 
Mft aai ae 1«M ttiB tn M- 
Im, if a4^eiMi MSortMot 
or ib«t, tteortotiiBi dnsaoa 
aad |r jt«cM. All gftw h \Kn 
ilpnnd prt^fiyrfjf Is ssA 

^^, Md IW^MttUr 

tf ttttiflMlS*- 

fur lai^iiter. "I n« llomnqr 
UckUie StntsClaip/' "Twlnv 
Wto/' inl "Cootea^ow of a 
Sea Lubber.^' A diort excerfA 
from "Twiggy Witt" sUl glva 
yoa aa kiea — "ActaaOy, Ikam 
notUag against Tvioy bersalf. 
Sm weau ttkeamoatdeli^tftd 
yooBC iMf »4 Wok I^m Rad- 
grtve stiodd fmw fraa tte a- 
eadtiny award, l^nt I^mRad* 
pwc was re^^ doiag in 
GWast GIRL mm audiiag tte 
wiwM a0a to \u^k iw^aa. 
li|^ buBMrow ani iSao afMd 
CtoMaUM prasot !»■ te re- 
tailiw and trieate on yoorM. 



TIM aaHsrlal in Am Ladgar- 
Slar, 'nmriqr, Daeo^ t, 
iMdnt aa wonder irtroertala 
proAlaeit dtiias are 
ijalbatlc toward flwbi^ipMlBgi 
^of vital serliNHHsa ia owSea- 
dnre Sbtti Part. 

Have fliey tnTVottanflMir pMid 
Meads wto made Ite ^titrtora 
State Park a qieelal ptaeefor 
all Virglalaasif imsaadlagoar 
Ie^tftfa» tepiiicliaiaWaland 
tnm tbe origlBal Capa B«vy 
Sjmdieata? Arc tkey Ipqriog 
tbe battles wMcb food Mends 
made to prenenw fids baritefe 
far aU time? Do they tmat 
i^lidtly tboae pottlidaBs 
Isiddag itt ideals naedadiofR>- 
taet a rare area lAosa trae 
valoe cannot be recfcooed la 

B«w ttey lost flie piqpsieal 
strength to walk flffoaglia 
tiffeatned sanetmy and Jodge 
for ttenaelves itia duller in* 
folved? Are tbese persons OMD- 
lately eontndled' by tntrds 
irtdcb teU tben a foor lane 
Idgbvay prevents fMx entrance 
ii^ a spot oxleared to all of 
OS by. the energy devoted to 
its preservation Iqr oor MmidB? 
Have tbey not eyes to discover 
ite many otter entrance points 
wUdi, leading dovm wondrous 
trails, invite ttem into worfab 

How big most BIG become 
beforeflie point of satisCactioD 
is to te reacted? Is it ttie 
realistie need oor oonuntaiity 
desires? WiU flie influx (f never 
ending newcomers with tteir 
tlMliiit%, h m es. sfipols, 
dmrdies, Genres, and n^eina 
lose itadf ia Oie sacrifloe of 
oor predooi park bud? 

Wm two dedicated women 
teve ttie contiaDed ooorage to 
sbooUar almost sImk die re- 
sponsiMlity of preserving tte 
Seastere State Park initSjMi- 
tirety? Do tbey know be* to 
bindle die ropes needed to swing 
it back into tte bands of tte 
GMieral Assembly of oor stite, 
as. our concerned Ben B. 
Burrooete, Ions-time dadrman 
of tte Seastere aateParkCom- 
nii|tee, warned so vigoroasly 




Racing Explained 

Wbat bas tecome*^ of Ben 
Borrpi^' manyMaKl«?Wten 
B«i Oed on Ai^mst 9, 1967, 
<fid Oey forever cancel tteir 
debt of gratitude to him? His 
true frlnids could never torgat 
Us adittr voice demanOng 
etenad vMitlanee for Us pai^ 
nor die nndyii^ loyalty diii 
went with it. 

GratilBl am IfortteSargeant 
room ip tte Ninrfolk Kim 
Litsriit wUcb has so careftilty 
preserved oar state pait re- 
cords which maa's crowded 
mind so soon fbrgets.Sbioerely 
do I thank Oie Seoetary of die 
Interior ud tte Director of die 
Ndional Park Service tor pre- 
senting to tte Seashore State 
Park oa Septemter Vi, 1966, a 
plaiine which states dot "die 
park bas eneptional value in 
iUnstratiiv tte natural history 
Hi^ United States". Even 
morf%ttkfuI am I for asecond 
piaiioe presented by native 
Mends ten&rlog our beloved 
Mr. Burroui^ cm toat same 
occasion. Ite inscription reads: 
"TUs idaque commemorates 
tte leadership of Boi^unin 
Baker Burrongteindlecreatioo 
and pr^ervation of tte Sea- 
stere Natural Am". What 
greater proof of value to ns 
Virgtoiane do die citizens re- 
quire wte oppose die preser- 
vatioo a dw Seadiore State 
Park in ite entirety? 

Friends, wterever you are, 
we need ymir services now. 
Express your views pnbUdy. 
J oto d ie CITIZENS COM- 
STATE PARK, Box 214, Vir- 
giida Beach 23458. Do dris te- 
fnre tragic tete sete a pattern 
throughout aoi Mdy Virginia 
Sti^ Parte, but all st^ parte 
Elinor T. Scully 

Sun Shines 


Itt<4hase times of increasing 
awareaeas of tte damage we 
are doing to om* oivlranmMf, 
it te rare to lind bnsinMses 
willing to adjwt to tte needs 
uA wtehes of tte commu^ty 
to protect and preserve our 

Tte foUowlDg te srimdttodas 
a Human Interert artide to 
indicate dat tte above te not 
always true: 


la a diqtey of true ooocein 
and oommitfty cooperation. Son 
(XI Ccmvay dds week reduced 
die sixe and h^ght of dieir 
roadAde advertisbig ^p id 
their stett(» on ImtepMBdraee 
Botfevard aiil Jert;^ Road te 
Virgiida Beach. 

WhM adviMd by James 
FraHx, PreaUant of Ite CIvie 
■ eagoe oi remorone mmhvs 
that die dga was oblaeHaitfde 
to tte svrouadtef restdote 

becaase of if s siaa, briUance 
and te ight, Mr. Dav e Ztgitey^ 
Area Sepmndtflvi of Siai Oa 
Compasy, agreed to redaee Ite 
aiia and height of d» sipi; 
and additionally ofteed to dte- 
co^tnae die (laiUng of Oe 
red arrow on tee aew sign. 
Terry Corpontion of VIr- 
giaU Beach assisted die Civic 
League te thte regard. Tte 
Civic Laagne of Pembrote 
Meadows teeb that Sun CMl 
Compaqy should te commended 
tot ttMir coopention and re- 

Toon truly _. 

James T. FrOx, Jr., President 

Civic Leagne of Pembrote 


To dM Editor: 

Re: Son Survey (^esttoD (is- 
sue 3 Oecendwr 1970): 

Imt it m insane question, 
at least, to ask us (taxpayers) 
to invade Oie arm of those 
CSdaml BoanO* wtenn evenme- 
ndmrs of tte City Council (most 
of wtem teve been elected, at 
Ite poUs) dare not queStton as 
to wten nd bow monies raised 
durough bond issues and/or an- 
nual budget (tribute) are to te 

It te my telief diat die voters 

or dds City shouM retese 4>- 

proval of terlter bond issues 

"Bntil fudi time as THET teve 

menters of Hie Sctexfl Board 
and ALL memtera of die City 


Has my member of dieCoun- 
cU had tte temertty of asking 
Ite SAool Board whtf Impact 
on die dty bodgrt amnal re- 
qoest will te imposed by the 
•dditian of tecifittes toexisting 
and proposed sdmds diat were 
not previously considered es- 
sential for basic edwational 
requirements? How many tens 
of thousand^ of tax dollars will 
te added for maintenance, sq>- 
plies, insumce, snpendsiao^ 
and safety for die children? Ba- 
sed on past experlenoes, I feel 
sure diat dite has not evenbeen 
questioned by tee aty Cornell 
memters and/or tte City Mana- 
ger, or if 80, teat dteer hnd 
die crarage to so do, and are 
certeinty not r^xesadlng tee 
ttt^ayers te not advisii« ttem 
of tee ftdnre coste in ^ms 
of tax dollars, and by not in- 
sisting on separation of bond 
Amds in the ORICaNAL propo- 
sal, so that teose wte are to 
pay tee biU can at least teve 
a dellteride choice! 
Lymitei«n Borough 

Urges Drag Center 

To die Editor: 

I feel that everyone te aware 
of all die talk about drug abuse- 
news ardctes are relating 
stories abmd out youte and 
dieir problems concerning 


R te no longer a inat<^ for 
die nevs medte but fw tee 
pdl^c to do something abort 
teteing teese young peopte. 

How long did it tate tee 
State of Virgintetodosomeaing 
about te^i^ otter programs 
Witt state boqdtate and etc? 
Wliy cann tte State and tte 
cttiM work tofedier te^tag 
dn« abnsera w^ Ite tedttties 
and progmns dist now exist? 
Setting op a oootroUU Re- 
teUlitatton Cento fw Drag 
Abusers would certaidy te a 
st^te tte right dbedion. 
Betty D. R(Mnulus 

cues EdOorUd 


We would lite to tate thte 
opportunity te behalf of die 
Virginte Employmaft Comnds- 
stoa, and partteuterty die Vir- 
1^ BMch Office, to da^yoo 
for yoor very fine etitortal 
'Wn A^retwan*** 

We feel thid peWlcity saehas 

tttewlU fofr4entnv^tel* 
pii« to alleviate Ite ^oblema 
obaftontiag oor vetoaas as ttey 
Steoer^ yowa, 

grooms, tey and grain, taOL 
hot widters, exerd^ biqns and 
their own perscHial eqienses. 

During tte 78 oighte of rac- 
ii^ three pecqtte are employed 
for each terse. Witt an es- 
timate of $1S per day forow- 
nera, trainers, jockeys, 
grooms, radi« (rfddate, and 
80 f6r0^ ttey spend a total 
of $35,510,000 on fbod, hxlgii«, 
and otter purdiases white stay- 
ing te Orange County, te addi- 
tion to tee tersemen; diere are 
500 employees during die race 
nwet.^ These peopte indnde 
peri-mutual cteria. Janitors, 
paridng tot men and so fortt. 
ance most of ttwse enyloyees 
sre htm out oftovn,te^qMnd 
an additMial large amoimt for 
meate, shopping gasottne, and 
lodging. Tte dired race track 
eqtMBM accruing toteesepe^; 
pie were $5,790,000 in 1969. 

In 1969, 710,000 people at- 
tended Los Alandtos diat otter- 
wise would not have been in 
Orange County if it were not. 
for tte Quarter Hones. 'It'te ■ 
estimated teat ttey spent $52, 
885,000 te die community. 

Tte Los Alamitos race track 
paid te taxes and Parity te die 
year 1969. a dty tax of $119, 
000; commission and breakage 
to tee state of CaUfomia $3, 
355,000; prcqierty taxes to tte 
Comdy $291,000; contributions 
to charity $46,000; Federal In- 
come taxes, $355,000; and State 
Income taxes, $51,000. 

Since 1951 ften Los Ate- 
m^tos opened, taxes paid to 
tte\ var^is tax agendes have 
tot^ $30,394,000. Over the 
period tte tradt has contri- 
buted $626,000 to diarity. 

Tte impact of tee radng te- 
duatry, triiidi includes Ite- 
roo^dnreds. Quarter ItosM, 
and Slandardbreds, <» Califco'- 
nte to one year induded $845 
million wagered. Of teis total 
$62 ndltton went directly into 
Ite State cdters. Tte ho»e- 
mm purdwed 33,000 tons of 
tey^^,000 tons of s^w and 
M,000 tons of grain, "nie total 
value amounted to over $7, 
b00,000. Tte race \xw± pay- 
roUs to ea^ktoyees totaled $8) 
milttaB; food and beiwage sales 
wera $15 million. AddittoMlly, 
tee piqrroll to h(»rsemMi was 
$12 jnUdon, teaiii« lasemm 
$8 mtmon, transportatioa $2 
ndld^ and $1.5 mUHoa In 
terse diowing and bet fen. 

iteeteg teatemendouafytei^ 
Industry. White it wUltate Vir- 
gda some Ubm to tftate a 
tell radng prooamrtee^tete 
can «9ect a |M millioo ad- 
Wkn to Ms eeottomy tttm 







PnM(ttng tte R^i»endnm 
vote, many qoesdoos arose a- 
bont tte deslrattltty of horse 
radng te Viiitaia. It seems 
only fa^ tttf ttese qoesdoos 
lAoold te aasiKred. 

Sinde Itere are no race trade 
Ihdlittes in Virgiida, experi- 
ences te otter localities teve 
to te died to ttcert^ tte 
efteete of radng qion tte local 

One such situ^ion ttat has 
a recent set of dgares te Or- 
ange County, Cdffotnte. Los 
Alamitos race trade te loaded 
diere. Thdr racteg program 
features an integrated sjvtem 
Witt bott Tterooghbred and 
Quarter Horses. Tte track 
opened te 19S1 wlte U days 
of radng. Tte daily average 
motual pool at teat ttme was 
$142,000. During 1970 tte pool 
WiU average $760,000 daily to 
die ti nields of race acttoo. 
Tte average per oqplte wager 
went f^om $46 te 1961 to $73 
last yttr. They exped a lar- 
gw average te 1970becanwdie 
qwed rattngs i^ven on Quar- 
ter Horse radng crentes a 
hUter Pd^e confldence in die 
horses' radng ability. 

During tte six montts when 
tee terses are at Los Ate- 
ndtos, elUier laid up or rac- 
ing, tte trainertreicdves $10 
per day per horse from tte 
owner. Witt 1000 staUs on tte 
grounds, ttte means that $10, 
000 per <tey te pumped inte die 
county. From tte total $1,830, 
OOP, tte teainer pays to Ms 

r way. Dr. Bellak jteoM ia down uliatory. If 
fteold get A medal and stew steteastehte 
tee guto to state hte idea oot te tte open to 

of oor bett^ haovn pi^ddidriste has omie qpwitt 
a lem of a sugesttoe. As a rote, I dooPt pot moch stock te 
oor tendshrteters bat thte time I must mtedt ttey m ndiht 

At a receid meeting of die Psydddrtc B*sea«* Sodety 
Dr. Leopdd Bellak, of Lwdunon^ M. t., made aUttttat 
nd^ te loag reme n ber ad M[ tt e ba^aidnt of tan* am 
te oor podiieal pneosK Of*MiMn»5flf«*ag so HMawmaidal 
eooM Jwt IS well torn oot to ?»J*» «^«f «J^^_*» 
and games. Eidier "' * ^ " -* - -* 

noteiiig else, te 
honor for havii« die guto, 
all to hear. 

What did tte good docto propose? Well, te came right oot 
and add it wouU te a good idea to teve aU political candidates 
randi« to office checkad to emotional fitness before ttey 
are allowed to pitch ttdr hat te tte ring. 

Dr. Bellak said: "It tates traiainr nd a liceteetotea 

planter or an decMdan hot so ter aagpoita wittao more 

ten an aipeaUiv tecc and a good vdee Mr te tlMM to Idblie 

-office wittoot meetiag some bade requirenante4br opmpstanee 


"It te very important, in our lime, for our presidente, 
senators and congressmen to teve emotional steteHty. It 
te vital for tte survival of our nation." 

"Tte American Bar Assodation passes Judgement on qnaU- 
ficadow of sonw nominees for jut^ships and Ug corpora- 
tions would not dream of selecting execottves witteot son;,2 
careful screening." 

te otter words, I^. Belldc feete tte voters of thte country 
are entttled to a dnice <A political candidates ttat are in- 
telligent and emodooally fit to serve ttem. Tto addeva dds 
tere-to-fore unavailabte hixury, poUtical candldatas «onkI have 
to be-screened b7 a bipirttean Jury of psyddatriste, pf^cho- 
analyste, psyctetogiste and ottera properly qualified toexandne 
diem and tesue a dedston. 

Dr. Bellak feete a dmple "Fit" or "Unfit" deddon wouU 
te enough. He doesn't dddc it would te «ise to try to seted 
die "Best" canfidates for tee voters. Tte main purpose, 
aee«f#ng to tte docto, is to te^ dm psychologically ' 
oosly unfit out tA c(»dention. 

Tte psyddatrid feete dds inoovatton would te valuabte now 
because te sees oor sodety as verging on tte psydKitlc; te* 
cause "sodal chaise and tedmologleal innovalions are pro- 
ceeding d a mudi itetef p(u^ ttan sodety can accommodate.** 

You teve to tUnk dnu^ what tte doctor proposes and tot 
it sink te real good. He wante all our ^oriooa leaders to te 
emottooally stdda and intelligent, te light of tee dmes w« live 
te, te doesn't dddc dds te addng too much. 

Now 1 agree wite tte doctor 100 per cent teat it wodd 
te a wonderfd thing if our flodc of elected officiate had aU 
thdr marbles and knew wtet to do wite them. It rare would 
save a lot of ttme if tee voters didn't have to decide which 
candidate was (ttng-bat and wUdi had enoogh aenae to get te 
oot of die rdn. 
He has a good point about maiqr professiooB reqdringite 

go tea medical doctor dat didn't meddle profeaddoal s tandard s 

Still, die more you teidt abod dm doctors st^gasttontta 
OMjre problems you can see in it. In die drst placa, oor pr as M t 
fiodc of menW midgete are not abod to Id tte vdera tent 
a chance tolBnd od abod ttete tatdligmce and emotiond 
staUMtei^ tf a d a edand neiyl am not sayiat ttey arwsU Mtote 
Witt psy^otic proldems. It te Jud ttd 1 can't see those wte 
teve already fboled tte vdera rtaudng tte chance (tfteing 
branded "Unfit". 

Anyone can see teat sudi a system would greatly lindt 
tee nnmter of candidates for all eledlve offices. If only die 
"Fit" codd run, we ndg^t nd teve mou^ to go aroonl 
We ffli^ teve to advertise for caaddates or give a bonus 
to find teem and induce ttem ido pottttcs. 

Once we foond someone fit to teU office and elected fliem, 
it might te hard to gd anyone to run agdnd ttem next eleetion. 

If only tte fit were in office, pottttcs woohl lose Ite chid 
dtractton—dirowing od tte bums wte fooled tte voters lad 
ttme out. Everteing might run so smoott ttie voters would 
lose interest Tte doctors idea sounds good bd wa betto sttck 
Witt whd we teve. I Jud don't ddnk we are qdte ready for 
only 'Tit" poUttdav. 


Who Cares 
About Old 

Ports Anyway? 

This is not tte ttme of year 
to (ttscuss port developmed for 
Virginte Beadu Peqde are too 
busy wite otter telngs to Id 
someddng lite a port d Ltttte 
Creek for die cruise budneaa 
to better teem. 

At lead ted wm ttie re- 
actton to last week's Sun to- 
vey response. Ody a handful 
of readers bettered to anawer. 
They aU agreed tte dty diodd 
estabUsh a Virgida Beach Port 
Aottiority bd It obvioody was 
nd an idea ttmt vmtf con- 
cerned ttem. 

Thte te understandable, of 
coone. At ttds ttme of j«ar, 
Ite mdn concern d everycme 
te whd gift to boy to whMn, 
how to Ji^gte tte social sdie- 

dute, v^re to Ude tee bleyde 
Hvttl Christmas Eve and ottier 
P^ening probtema ttd mate 
tee telMay aeason so deligid' 

Witt ttte in mind, wa teave 
behind dl deep, dioogbt - pro- 
vddng issoes ttds we^ and 
turn our idtentton to a matter 
ttid mod eoooems aU d ua- 

It has been a pottcy never to 
tadde an isaue tebott tte Son 
Survey and editorial oeioims 
Ite same weA, Ml we are 
going to mdn exc^on to ted 
pdiey dds ttme and adc to 
pdilic opidons on a topic tfw 
Sun baa an editolatoo. 

Too know tte piitf's opin- 
ion. Bd vted te yoors? 

Donald Cteudn 



B(»e Asa. 


QUESTION: Do you think 
moro should bt dono by thoclty 
in the obsorvonco of Christ- 

Yasr MMmft sN tl|M4 lilfirt vmM la 

"^YBQ ion 

C^ Mi rttsri itsYINMl mtM SML 
Iti W , ffii^Mi ImA, It. i|«| 

Thursday, Dectmtor 17, 1970 




City Drivers To Drive Defensively ^"' n Appear Wed. 

^■■f ■'■ "W^* ^^ "V "Ti iWV ^ViVi»«P«ww«| city Sgt. John E. Marr has suU. and exposes ttn 
Tuesday marked 4he ooenlne Instructors Course this week. Giiribert. Sunt. PubUc School been ordered tn amMr hofnr. DossiWe fine and/or 

*^Oickle" Taylor (left) Is congratulated by Beach Borough Fire 
Chief E, B. Bayne on his being selected as the resort city's 1970 
**Flreman of the Year." 

Taylor Fireman of Year 

R, V. "Dickie" Taylor, asst. 
diief of the DaVis Corner Vol- 
ui^er Fire Department, was 
boioored Friday by being named 
"Fireman of the Year" for 
the City of Virginia Beach. 
. Taylor, who has served with' 
the Davis Corner Volunteers 
for nearly a decade, was chosen 
for the award on the basis of 
Us efforts in the saving of 
tile lives of five persons visit- 
JLng t he resort city this past 


The first incident involved an 
,8-year-okl Richmond boy who 
nearly drowned in the Atlantic 
Ocean. Officials said the lad 
was playing in the ocean surf 
off 86th Street when he ap- 
parently wandered into water 
over his head. Other persons 
on the beach reportedly siwthe 
lad "go under" and managed 
to pull him to shore in an 
unconcious condition. 

Taylor was returning from 
answering another emergency 
call when, he was notified by 

radio of the young boy's plight 
and went to the scene, where 
he found bystan^lers attenqpting 
unsuccessfully to revive the boy 
by artificial respiration. 

situation Taylor administered 
mouth-to-mouth resuscitation 
until the boy was revived, ttien 
rushed him to, the hospital. 

Rescue Squadsman William 
"Bill" Holland, who had also 
been dispatched on the call for 
assistance, was credited with 
giving Taylor necessary aid in 
the emer^ncy. 

The award also dted Taylor 
for leading^areioue party into 
the drase woods uxl under- 
growth of Seashore Sti^e Park 
last August in the rescue of 
an Army wife and her three 
chlMren, who became lost dur- 
ing aa outing wiiile visiting here 
from Arlington. 

The missing family was found 
on a small island in the mid- 
dle of a swamp by Taylor and 
his group only moments after 
the mottMr haid reportedly re- 
signed herself to the possibi- 
lity that they would not reach 
safety, after wandering aim- 
lessly for Ahree days and two 
nights witiiout food or water. 

: After searching the woods for 
hours Taylor and his party 
found the woman and her ddl- 
dren and carried them dirough 
waistudeep mud asdiwaiMfc>to 

HM t mm tiiss By Les Lehigh 

Men of the Beach Borough informs 

Fire Deiartment and Chesa- 
peake Beach and London Bridge 
Volunteer Fire Departments 
have elected new officers to 
guide their units' operations 
during the coming year. Newly 
elected Beach Borougji admini- 
strative officers Include G.S. 
Johnson, president; R.L. Pall- 
ette, vice president; R.B. Alley, 
secretary; P J.^ MauQh, trea- 
surer; and Father F.V. Bam- 
brick, chaplain. Ches^>eake 
Beach's new officers consist 
of C.L. Eubank, president; E.R. 
Wynn, vice president; A.Mon- 
trose, 3rd, secretary; W.E. 
Watson, treasurer; M.A. Wal- 
ker, floor representative; and 
John Miller, planning board 

, ctuUrman. Operational officers 
Include F.E. .Qulst, Jr., chief; 
A.L. Zavllenskl, deputy chief; 

. A. Benke, asst. chief; D.W. 
Barr, rescue captain; W.R. Be- 
nlker, hose captain; E.O. Pavy, 
general captain; and T.W. Ma- 
reds, engine captain. New Lon- 
don Bridge officers are l.B. 
' George, chief; Cliff Lowder, 
deputy chief; James Dameron, 
ist asst. chief; Ted Htyunga, 
2Qd. asst. chief; Dick Mobre, 
president; Charles Spence,vice 
president; Quenin Zeller, sec- 
retary; and Hack Campbell, tre- 

PoUce Dets. J. P. Vltale, 
Jr., W.W. Taylor, and D.H. 
Kappers report "a catch of 
real whoppers" during a fishing 
trip off Smith Island in the 
region of the Eastern Shore. 
Vitale said he landed a 31 1/2 
pomuj rock fish, Taylor brought 
back a 28 pound rock, .and 
KiUlipers captured a 26 pound 
Tock. The group also landed 
four other rock fish In tte 18 
p6und class and three sharks. 
Tlie group %ere deeply grrte- 
ful to officer S.F. Bennett, Jr. 
of the 2nd PoUce Precinct who 
arranged the trip for tiwm and 
acted as Mi^ during tiie outing. 

James W. Carter Ins taten 
^00 Ml time fire figitfiag re- 
sponsibilities wlb the Beach 
Boi^t^^ Fire Deiartaei^ Car- 
Mr (paUfled as a pitt fireman 
^t a lengthy period of wrvice 
irttttbe Oceana VoUmteer Fir # 

We uiKierstend mm erf ti» 
police department's Coaimi^- 
^ttoo DlviM<m tas lUMfed of- 
nm G.R. Griffith d tte 1st 
Pott« Predwt. On- 

us that Griffith re- 
ceived a '.'Red Mike Award" 
for the manner in which he 
handles necessary radio com- 

Virginia Beach Justices of 
the Peace held their first an- 
nual dance last Friday night at 
the Princess Anne F.O.P. Lo- 
dge and the affair was desclr- 
bed as "a whopping success". 
Nearly 200 persons att«Kled 
for Qte evening's social acti- 
vities and dsmdng to the coun- 
try and western style musical 
offerings of "Sally" Rogers 
and "The Posse". 

Wedding Bells will be rin- 
ging tturoughout the halls of the 
Virginia Beach Police Depart- 
ment this Christmas. Miss 
Martha E. Hayes, secretary to 
Capt. C.W.Simmons, Personnel 
Si Training Division, will take 
that "long walk down the aisle" 
on Sunday, Dec. 20 when she 
l)ecomes the bride of officer 
Curtis M. Jones of ttie 1st 
Police Precinct. Weunderstand 
after their wedding trip to In- 
diana the couple will make their 
home at Afton Court inVirgiida 

higher ground. Tayjor then lead 
the missing family and their 
reiscuers to safety at a point 
where the family initially en- 
tered the woods near the mu- 
seum building of the parks "na- 
ture trail" area. 

Other qualities which lead 
to Taylor's selection for the 
award included his outstanding 
devotion to duties with the Da- 
vis Comer Volunteers, which 
Include many liours devoted to 
training sessions. 

New Asst. City Manager 
George L. Hahbury, featured 
speaker for the award presen- 
tation dinner, praised firemen 
of the dty for their efforts 
in protecting lives and property. 

Hanlmry told firemen he was 
"very impressed" with the 
more than $1 million in fire 
fitting equipment in the dfy, 
but added that the equipment 
"would only be junk without 
you men who operate it. 

"You men are giving some- 
thing unhgard of today," Han- 
bury continued in praising Hire- 
man, "you're giving a part 
of yourselves." 

City Coundlmen George Fer- 

reU, F rank Dusch, Murray Mal- 

•bouj and Floyd Waterfl^ were 

also among special guests'^- 

. vited to the m^etti^. 

The fireman "61 the year Is 
selected annually from those 
men who serve with all the 
fire departments of Virginia 
Beach, military and civilian, 
paid as well as volunteers. Each 
department submits names of 
fellow firemen who they feel 
are deserving of the award. 

The award Is sponsored'% 
members of the resort dty's 
Fraternal Order of Fireman 
and Is presented during the 
organization's December din- 
ner meeting marking the instal- 
latien^ newly eleded officers 
who will guide ti»e F.O.F. qper- 
atlons during the coming year. 

New dficers Installed Fri- 
day night include WllUam R. 
Benlker, pres.; E. J. Mc- 
Ganty, Jr., vice pres.; Bryant 
Glover, sec; Albert Benke, 
treas.; and tiie Reverend David 
Wri ght, chaplain. 

Today's tip for safer winter 
driving from Chl^f of Police 
Col. W.W. Davis: "When pave- 
ments are sUnwry, increase 
your following distance. 
Braldng distances on snow and 
ice can be from three to nine 
times the normal braking dis- 
tance on dry pavement." 

Tuesday marked 4he opening 
oC an extensive pre^ram in 
Virginia Beadi ^di will e- 
ventually le^ to tite reguirii^ 
of all operators of dt]^-ow- 
ned vehicles completing a "De- 
fensive Driving Training 

1 ne program has been un- 
der considerattoh (or some time 
as another method of redudng 
the loss of revenue by the CUy 
as the result of accidents in- 
volving dty owned vehicles. 
Such losses not only include 
the costs involved in repair 
and/or replacement of vehicles 
but also Include cost of med- 
ical care of employees who 
might be injured in these acc- 
idents, as well as the produc- 
tion loss Incurred when they are 
required to remain off tte jd) 
as tiie result of vehicle acd- 
dents. ' 

This week's program invol- 
ved the selectimi of represen- 
tatives of various dty depart- 
ments as instructors in the 
training of city employees. In- 
strudor's training was conduc- 
ted at the Oceana Naval Air 
Station tiiroug^ ttie cooperation 
of the station's Executive Of- 
ficer Capt. Harold S. Gernert, 
USN, and station Safety Officer 
Walter L. Taylor. 

Those who partldpated In the 

Kellam Paper 
Earns Honor 

Kellam Hl|^ scnool's news- 
paper, the "Roundtable", won 
a first place rating in Divi- 
sion V in the Virginia High 
School League judging held at 
Charlotiesville, in early No- 

Hl|^ school newspapers, 
yearbooks, and literary maga- 
zines 6f parttdpating schools 
throughout Vlr^da were evalu- 
ated. This November evaluation 
was the first time the League 
has done it on a state level. 

The high school newspapers 
were judged by professional 
journalists from the Char- 
lottesville and Roanoke areas. 
The "Roundtable" scored ex- 
cfiptinnally high in the fields 
of content and coverage. The 
judges said the newsp^;)er was 
generally a good paper in all 

The "Roundtable;' had a dr- 
cailation of 2,200 during the ^- 
90 sciuyil y^* The paper was 
,wj^^ by Jourpillsp liiftu- 
'cJenlbs. This is the first time 
the "Roundtable" has adiieved 
such an honor In recent years. 

The faculty sponsor for the 
"Roundtable" Is Mrs. Florence 
P. Blank^nship. 

Jefferson Davis, Kellam's 
prindpal, said, "I was very 
proud the "Roundtable" won 
^e first place rating at the 
Virginia Hi^ School League. 
They were most deserving. This 
speaks for the "Roundtable" 
staff and sponsor." *'"^^ 


Looting it pikturt U a dwip way ttw 



Instrudors Course tills week, 
and ti»ir r^pecttve dty de- 
partments, ioclnded Sgt. Fran- 
kUA H. S<irboroi^ and officer 
J.E. Stevens, Police Dept.;W.C. 
Ewell, Dept, of General Ser- 
vices; Josei^i Just, Dept. of 
Sodali Sendoes; M.S. Ragan, 
Dept. of Public Health; James 

E. Hundley, Bureau of Fire 
Inspections; Elmer W. Utch- 
fieid, Dept of Comnmnity Ser- 
vices; Richard Murp^, Dept. 
of Parks & Recreation; Nat- 
haniel Underwood, Sdiool Ad- 
min. Driver Education; and R. 

F. Bolton, School Admin. Tr- 

Completion of training will 
qualify these individuals as in- 
structors under standards es- ' 
tabUshed by ttie National Safety 
Council T|ieywill also 
supplement an' earlier nucleous 
of qualified Instructors com- 
prised of police Sgts. Kenneth 
A. Belangla and Elbert L. Jack- 
son; B. Frank WilUamson, City 
Employee Safety Coordinator; 
Elmer Barbour, School Admin. 
Driver Education; and Claude 

Glmbert, Supt. Public Sdiool 

Those Individuals i^ serve 
as public school bus drivers 
wlU be tiie first dty emplos^ies 
«1io will complete the "Defoi- 
slve Driver Training Course". 

Ttelr training Is expeded tobe 
completed within the next two 
weeks. Training of other dty 
employees on a ftill scale basis 
is expected to bei^^n Slwrtly 
after Jan. 1, 1971. 

City Employee Safety Coor- 
dinator, B. Frank Williamson, 
Is coordinating tile dty employ- 
ees driver training program 
with assistance of tiie Vir^nla 
Beach Department of Education 
and dher city agencies. 

Funding of the prograih is 
covered under a Federal Grant 
to cover expenses of tiie resort 
dty's Public School Driver Ed- 
ucation Program obtained ' 
tiirough the efforts of Reeves 
E. Johnson^ Chairman, Virginia 
Beach Highway Safety Comm- 
ission and Elmer Barbour, Di- 
rector, School Admin. Driver 

City Sgt. Jdin E. Marr has 
bees ordered to appear before 
Federal Judge Rdbert R. 
Merhige, Jr., in U.S. Disirid 
Court at Richnund, next 
Wednesday in connecticai witii 
a jail dese^egation suit. 

The order followed Marr's 
iailure to appear in Court Dec. 
8, in connection with the same 

'Babes' Monday 

The childr€>n of W. T. Cooke 
Elementary School will present 
"Babes In Toyland" Monday 
in both a morning and evening 

The program, under the di- 
rection of Mrs. Bill Sexton, 
is scheduled at 9 a.m. and 
7:30 p.m. The public Is In- 
vited to both performances. 

More than 2.2 million U.S. 
Savings Bonds, valued at more 
tilian $190 million— either lost, 
stolen, damaged or destroyed - 
have been replaced by the Tre- 
asury, over the past three de- 
cades, without diarge to their 

to K 
posslbte fine and/or J^ 

yiair reportedly Mled tol*» 
spend to a stAfwenae to 9- 
pear at ttie I^. S bMf^ 
becauM be had to attmA ii 
Important meetti^: ef Of 
kempsvllle Masooic Lodfi. 

Marr furtter conteadad tti^ 
tiie supoenae iMoed Mm mi 
not issued by ttw court iMt 
rather was seat to Mat ^ 
Americt^ Civil Ubartitf Utfoli 
Lawyer Phillip J. HirteM^ 
The sut^Menae, aloi^; wltii t 
check to cover Marr's tnvtl 
expenses for flie Ri<AiiiOBd 
hearing, was reportedljr re- 
turned to Hirschktop villi noti- 
flcatton ttiat Marr would lie 
unable to attend the BwettaK. 

Hirschktop represenli iiialii- 
tiffs who codend in tit rait 
that Marr Is operatii« ttit Vir- 
ginia Beach City Jail la a 
manner which sepanter in- 
mates on a segregi^ iMiis 
according to race andis,ttiare- 
fore, violating tbe UXb kamaA- 
ment to the U. S. Cowtitalloii* 

h(»tes8 can help you 
over the anxiety of get- 
ting, acquainted in new 
surroundings and make 
you feel at "Home 
SvreefcH«mer" again. 

She will bring gifts and 
vitel information from 
your neighborhood busi- 
ness and civic leaders. 

Qot ;f27-se8S- 

The MMt 
FemoiM B^M 
IntiM WorM* 

the best tasting 


is made with 



A very happy' 

fnltbag (Sr?f ting 

from all the people 
at Vepco gas. 






I lktX.LXLXl± 




ThurMiay, bacember 17, 19T0 

: i , ' ,: : ■ ■__________ _^__ ., 1 11-1 ■** 

One can makes a difference 

WHile Kathy Hobby and Julie Caswell were 
busy decoratlno the SPC A Christmas tree, 
Maura and LaDfonrte McCarthy were more 
concerned with entertaining the ^Resi- 
dents." (P.S.— They adopted the puppy.) 


By Carolyn McAllen 

During the past year over 
5000 animals liav» pissed 
tlirougb tte portals oi ttie Vir- 
ginia Beach SPCA Shelter at 
1098 Farm Road. Chrtstmas 
boUd^rs are busy dajn ik the 
^Iter . Many pe(q;>le leave ttieir 
pets behind when they go away 
<m vacation, and the fiiciUtief 
are stretched to their limit. 

The stalf at the Sielter urge 
you tp "Give a double gift ttiis 
Christmas-give a pet a good 
home and give a child a pet" 
They also h(^ ttmt you wlU 
give your ddld or ^lurself a 
Christmas pet before Christ- 
mas Day, In order that you 
may all get used to each other 
and have a happy holiday to- 
gettwr. Too often puppies and 
kittens founljnder the tree on 
Christmas ironing are neg- 
lected and frigttroed in the 
midst of aU the confdkloo. The 
Shelter will be qpen Christmas 
morning for persons wishing 
to pldc iq> animals. 

Many groups are collecting, 
food fortheanlm^.VolMDteers 
are trimming a tree. Wlqr vA 
have your groiq) or daai bring 
a can of food to place under 
the tree to give Uie animals 
a happy Christmas? These 
homeless creatures depend on 

Mrs. John^Wlnn, outgoing president of the Cavalier Circle of the 
K i n g's Daughters, installed the new officers at the C i r c I e's 
Christrtias party Monday at the home of Mrs. Roy DeHart. Left to 
right are: Mrs. Winn, Mrs. E. W. Estes, president? Mr^s. Warren 
W^Ford, first vice president; Mrs. Thomas Jefferson, second vice 
president; and Mrs. J. 0. Murden, treasurer. 

^EtgWrgSae^^iS^^ Cox 
High Sdiool donated food for a 
Thanksgiving gift. Mr. Bennett, 
Shelter diredor, comments 
that "they woukl be in good 
di^pe for Christmas if every 
class in Virginia Beach schools 
g»ve Just one cui.ofloo^." 

Gfeem sale 
is Saturday 

Lake Joyce Garden Club will 
have its annual greens sale 
this Saturday, Dec. 19, in front 
qf Bayside Hardware, 4801-C 
She«e Drive. 

Hours wiU be 10 a.m. to 
4 p.m. All greens will be con- 
ditioned so they will be firesh 
for home use. 

Tlkere wiU be door wreaths, 
cemetery wreaths, swags and 
door decorations available. 


Mrs. C. Roy Kel ley, past president, with 
Mayor Rhodes and M rs. Louis Lucente, the 
incoming president. 

Mrs. Uucente 

heads auxiliary 

Mrs. Thomas Luton speal(S to Mrs. Howard F. Schi I tz In the 
receiving tine at the Ft. Story Officers Wives annual Christmas 
tea last week as Mrs. Lowell Hudson, left, and Mrs, Martin Principe, 
ceriter, lool< on. 

The Women's Auxiliary cf the 

^ii?ide-«ftl«r HKilbdatiOft «f 

' Hom^Mfllders held Its' aiataa} 

iHtallation Banquet at the 

Washington Hittdn in Virginia 

Beach on Friday. 

The 1971 slate of officers 
were installed by Mayor Donald 
Rhodes. It was an evening of 
cockteils, dinner and dancing 
for the ladies and their luis- 
bands. Music in the modern 
mood' was provided by the 
Queen's Three. 

The 1971 slate of Officers: 
President, Mrs. Louis Lucente) <«^ 
lit Vi6e^resld«ot,'4lni. Prtidi ^ 

Sjpideat 2nd Vlde^^rasldeiit, 
Mrs. Donald Fett; TreHorer, 
Mrs. Larry Elliott; Secretary, 
Mrs. Donald Degner;Ci9iTe- 
■pooling Secretary, Uti. Jcta 
Ai^na, Jr.; Parliamentarian, 
Mrs. Eddie Rasberry; Histor- , 
iu, Mrs. C. Roy Kelley. 

The Women's Auxiliary plans 
to remain active in charittdble 
community affairs in the new 

Ist stockings hung by chimney to dry 

Just pass 

the basket 

"By ttw wigr, I have to have a present for^ Scouts tomorrow. 
We're blaring a Christnns party. It has to b^ 50 cents and an't 
be pi^r (tolls." \_ 

"Wh^ bei^des piMper ^lls can you ^t for 50 cents?" 

- "I don't know." 

"And 1^'s wnmg witt paper dolls? " 

"Nobody plays witti fliem anymore.!' 

Now tSX I Ittve to do is keep them all strai^— the premnte 
that is. Ttut six-fear-old i^eds one for Ms class party— 25 to 
90 crate. 

The stiwn-year-okl needs cm for Brownies— she's forgotten 
tBtb YiaMU Sim tfaiito she's having a class party but she doesn't 
knew lAn or If ftey are to lulng presents. 

lie filM^Mr-oki, bMides the Scout party, has a dus 
ftxtf"^ eeats to a dollar (»> paper dolls I'm sure)— and a 
gilt for ^ ^m€k party, and <^med food for die church bask^, 
ad cUBid food ta Oe Scoute' living Christmas tree {vograra 
and sedtaije^ tta du^ sock tree for the orphanage. 

It adds q>. I tUnk I'll i^art my own basket. 

Ob top d evtrytting else we al^ have two Mrtbdays in the 
WMk b^ivfl ChristmM. I'm really lotMim forward to New 


fbn tken's m$ ta^Mnd's ^ee CInistmas party, and tte 

_ -.¥ 
I tttak tmfim tte"teven-^tf-oM tes Uie rig^ idea. She's 
idM^ wnviwl all bu- wom«rt te^ to give to her tn-trther 

Ltl^ mt. I IMW 

bttfi powder I haven't even opened 

Ever wonder, as you (tecklbe 
branches of that ivice spruce 
or hemtock, who trimmed the 
first Christmas tree? Or ^dwn 
folks first "discovered" the 
existence of Sai^ Clans? Or 
who sang the first Christmiis 
carol...hung ttie first Christ- 
mas stocking....cbose a stta- 
tegic spot for the first holiday 

Some Christmas customs gre 
surprisingly recent, while 
(^hers date bade to antiquity. 
Some have remained undianged 
i^ce ttieir Inchon while o- 
ttiers— like the stories of Suita 
and what he carries in his 
sack- -have shown a fascinating 

Ttere is no mystery about 
tte modern Christmas tree 
ton)ed Witt ite brij^t star... 
ablase witt lis^..4uid heaped 
nntenwatt witt colored pac- 
kages—but in olcten times it 
was shrouded in mytt. 

For ttis holiday decoration 
we are indebted to the oM 
N(Hrttem Eurc^ean beltef thi^ 
the trees of tte forest were 
inhabited by god-Uke sptrite. 
The Germans Inrtn;^ the treM 
ii^ tteir homes to m)ease 
these "spirite" and show them 
ttgr wcs>e weloime at tte Win- 
ter Solstice eremmies. Uter, 
in the eig^ Mitary, St Boni- 
face cwverted tte Gernan pa- 
gns and o»ivinced ttemto^v 
w(airti4vlng Oifin's nered oak 
and, instead, to aitom fir trees 
in ttrir homes in tribute to 
the Christ CUM. 

There la ateo no doiM tf)out 
the B^uiiac of tte modein nd- 
t^Httkot, and what will hwmi 
to yon if you're itenttBg »der 
it. Mt the enstoffl <A kissing 
amtotte itfstleloeoonesdinre 
to m fl^B the ^wtic rites 

of the primitive British priests. 
In their faraway age, tte mi- 
stletoe, which means "all 
heal," was believed to have 
magic qualities— the power to 
heal disease, neutralize poi- 
sons, protect its possessor 
from witchoraft, and bestow 
fertiltiy on humans and ani- 
mals. If a young couple sealed 
tteir betrothal with a kiss under 
tte ndsjletoe, they would re- 
ceive w«Klerfttl blessings and 
much good ludc for tte rest 
of their lives. 

And what of that JoUy old 
fellow, Santa Claus? In oMen 
times he was a complex sym- 
bol and many things to many 
people. ^ 

Santa desceiids from the ori- 
ginal St. Nidiolas, a UnUy 
nan who Uved in Patara, Tur- 
key, and died a martyr in 342 
A.D., becoming the patroniairt 
of chiUren. Befcnre loi«, the 
cult of St. Nicholas spread ac- 
ross Europe. He became the 
patron saint of Greece, Holland 

and Beli^um. Merchant sailors 
used bis ttree goktos purses 
«B a device <m their guild flags. 

Ths Russians passed the good 
saint to tte Seantenavians, at 
whid^ time he wasstiUmoimted 
on a white torse aocordinc to 
an ohi traditton of Turtcey. But 
the Scandtaittviaia knew nothii^ 
of horns, 80 they gave him 
a reindeer-drawn stei^ Ttwy 
also grafted to him tte legend 
of the Norse God, ttat, who 

OSee 'StocUngB' p. 7) 

Col. artd Mrs. L,R. Hudton arrive at the 
?t. Story officers Christmas dinner dance 
Saturday night Mthe Officers Club. 

progrmn given 

Miss Ruth Ford, right, calls out a number for a Christmas nackage 
as Mrs. William Tynes, honorary SUte DAR regent^ left^ and Mrf. 
Bernard F. White, regent of the Princess Anne County Chafiter, 
awalttheirturnattheDAR's Christmas party Saturday at Ft. Story 
Officers Club. The chapter voted tP donate gifts to Medlc-Home 
Health Center. 

The Cive H«^ Wraon's 
CUb net Tteidif and hatf-tt 
tketr guest spetf»r, Cdr. Ian 
Goodwin, BtH, I^ Brtttih 
Ktvy, lAo iivi « Cfii^ttns 
fading from "Pidnrtek 

Tte MiMplSUi|nrso(nr«t 
Cotorial B^ Scted pm a 
ChfMvii Mi^loal Prt^ram. 
nqr ii^e aeeawniad and 
Oreetod ^ Witttt* MUIm-. 

Caansd fooil^ ^itMag and 
gun ««r« tmnifiA to tte 
ma^tiv tor two SualM^ 

HfttedtfeoniioniinNdoM Strn, 

by Ibrs. Earl Ewm nd Mrs^ 
F. H. S^flqn Bostessea wen 
Un. R.L. Cwngelman anJMrs. 
V. Aif^ Ettertdge. 


Saate 1/4 pound ^oed tnA 
nmrtiroom in 1/4 asp biMnr. 
Cook aoetfat fttm 1 fK^am 
(6 Mb) noo^ ttd PariMna 
miei mix, Bett t ^gt irttt 
l/i eqi mlft. mmA la Par- 
am ^»» Bis. (kmUm 
nmteoMH and bullHr 'Mtt 
eoofced tt^Bsd noocDea. ^Ir 
in i^*Pwtmau vtim, Btti 
in 3SS P. o«iB ftr SB olniaa. 

Thurt^» P«ctiTib9r 17, 1970 

Virginia Beach Sun 

Coffee and cookies piease caroiersimd visitors aiilce. 

Goodies warni visitors 

Garden presidents gathered to admire the table decoration which 
the Lal(e Joyce Garden Club Is donating to Hope Haven. They are, 
left to right, Mrs. John Y. Wright, president of the Virginia Fed- 
eration of Garden Clubs, Mrs. C.A. Dickerson, president of the 
Norfolk Federation of Garden Clubs; Mrs. B.T. Bateman, Jr., 
president of Lake Joyce Garden Club, and Mrs. M.H. Keller, 
president of the Tidewater District, Virginia Federation of Garden 
^lubs. The occasion was Lake Joyce's annual Christmas luncheon! 

DMk ttw baU irtfh platters 
ol oooklM and mupi of bracing 
eeflM ivhra curolera make tteir > 
loonls Mm Cturlstmas. SImiile 
«armiii| refreshiMirtls ttie way 
to ttaak Hm dtimtless sliders 
1^ brave tte cold to spread 
tKiUdajr dieer. 

Yoa migM get an extra ser- 
enade U yiMt serve such old- 
fludrtobed favorites as tbese 
Clffistmas ^ars» CruncbyCho- 
eolate Sprits and melt-in-your- 
mouth Pecan Balls. Tliey are 
very easy to make— but bard to 

, Because It will take many 
mugs of bracing coffee to tbaw 
wA itae carolers, you may want 
to brew two pothils at a time 
or an even larger quality. 
Tbe brewing ratio per serving 
Is (me Approved Coffee Mea- 
gore (equal to two leyel mea- 
suilng tablespoons) of coffee 

^todx ounces of tresbly-drawn 
water. For 40 servings (enou^ 
for 25 pe<q)le), use one pound 
of oofiae to two gallons of 
water. " 


f^. . - 

4 onpf stftid aU purpose flour 

1/2 t«.bikliic8oda 


1 cap bolter or margarine 



1 taaqMoo vanillt 

IILi artsMtflearylwiliigiKMla 
and salt. Sift second time. 
Cream butter to consistency 
of mayonnaise; add sugar gra- 
dually, creaming after eachad- 
dltloD* Add eggs one at a time, 
bMtlng well after each addlton. 
Blend in vanilU. Addflour mix- 
ture; Uend well Cover; cMU 
several bours or unttl firm e- 
nougb to roll. Roll out a small 
amouiA of dpttgh at a time 
(keeping rest in reMgerator) 
to 1/4-lncfa thickness on Ugbtly 
floured surface. Cut with star- 
lAaped cotter. Bake on greased 
eodde idteets at 350 degrees 
for 8 to 10 minutes. Cool on 
rads. Decorate if desired. 
Makes about 4 doien stars. 


I citt iBufm' 

1 egg, loiieaten 

2 oipc sifted cake flour 

1 tqt. instant cdfee powder 

2 •qoares 


1/4 teaspoon salt 

2 cups pecans, finely diopped 

Additional sifted confec- 
tioners' (powdered) sugar, as 

Install Coffee powder* 

Add sugar to butter slowly 
while creaming thoroughly. Add 
remaining ingredieids; blend 
well. Chill for several hours 
or overnight. Shape into balls, 
about the size of large marbles. 

and coded 

Cream shortening to consis- 
tency of maymmalfle; add sugar 
gntaaUy, while co^nuing to 
cream until Ught and flutTy. 
Add egg; beat well. -Ifix and 
sift flour, iutant cdtee powder 
and salt; add alternately with 
milk. Sthr in melted diocolate. 
PA ttro«4b eo(Ale press on to 
ungretted codde sheets. Bdw 
at 400 degrees for 8 minxes. 
Makes 4 to 5 doaen small 


1/2 etq> sifted coafecti<mers 

1 cop soft batter ot mar- 

2 teaspoons vniUa 

2 cups sifted all-purpose 


Bake on greased codde sheets 
at 350 about 15 minutes or 
until light brown. Remove from 
cookie sheets; roll carefully 
in sifted confectioners (pow- 
dered) sugar at once until well ■ 
coated. Cool. *Roll second time 
in a mixture of confectioners' , 
(powdered) sugar and Instant 
coffee powder using the ratio 
of 1 tablespoon of Instant cof- 
fee to 1 cup sugar. Makes 
about 10 dozen. 

Protect plaster when nailing 

Stockings (Cont.fromp.6) 

used to ride ttirough the sky 
in a chariot, and would appear 
in a red coat for the pai^ 
feast of Yule. ----_^3. 

In the New World, the Dutch 
called St. Nicholas "Santa 
Clans" for short. Our modern 
conception of him comes front 
the famous poem, "The Night 

dren were more than glad to 
accept this concept. They used 
to place their wooden shoes 
by the chimney for Santa's of- 
ferings—but delightfully dis- 
covered that long winter stock- 
ings could hold far more d the 
yuletide goodies. 


The plaster need not crack 
or crunible when pictures or 
mirrors are hung on the walls. 

"A piece of adhesive tape 
covering the area tobe pierced 
by tbe nail or hodc does a 
good Job of keeidng tbe plaster 
intact, "advised Virginia Tech 
home ecoiMmists, Katherine 

Readily available in almost 
any variety store are special 
picture hooks with adhesive 
badBB. Whenever possible use 
invisible sun;)orts so as not 
to detract attention from the 
picture itself. Screw eyes for 
picture wire should be one 
quarter of the way down from 
the top of the picture. Lower 
ttttn Oat permits the hanging 
to lean too far forward firom 
tbe wall. 

squared hanging. For a round 
hanging the wires should form 
an inverted "V". 

Said Miss Habel, "The ex- 
posed wires can be painted the 
san^ color as the wall." 

BefdrTChrisenasT* ur. uie- 
ment C. Moore, a Presbyterian 
divinity professor in New York 
State, wrote it to please his 
children and modelled the hero 
after a little oU wizened Dutch 
gentleman t^ bumped into one 
ni|^ in 18^— a man with red > 
dieeks andn^te hair, smoking 
an old day pipe. 

The origin of Christmas ca- 
rols goes back to the times 
of St. Nicholas too. But, al- 
tbou^ tlMse religious songs 
were sung in the first few 
centuries A.D., they didn't be- 
gin as a continuing tradition 
until ttie 14th century— assongs 
sung between the acts of na- 
tivity plays. More and more 
tunes were added, in various 
lai^Wges, and finally people 
began singing them ottier than 
in church. Actually, we owe 
tbe original Christmas carol 
to St. Francis and his order. 
He believed in moderate Christ- 
mas gaiety, and he modeled 
ttw carols on tbe "carole," 
vdilGh was a French form of 
sprightly dance. 

Where did we get the o^tom 
of hanging Christ mas stoc- 
kings? According to the re- 
searchers at Shulton (who make 
those traditional stocUng-stuf- 
f^rs, "Old Spice" toiletries 
for men)— the first Christmas 
stoddng was really hung by 
the diimney to dry! And St. 
Nick, making his round of (Mm- 
neys on Christmas Eve, dropped 
a bag of gold into the stock- 
ing by accident! 

In the oU di^s, Dutdi ddt- 


You'H find a 

friend where you 

see this sign. 

4 re Wedding 

IS ymi are announcing an 
sngagement or wedding, why 
lot do it in the VIRGINIA 

Brides are asked to sub 
Diit their photographs (5x7 or 
BxlO glossies) by Monday of 
the week they want tbe an- 
nouncement to appear on 
Thursday. Wedding and en- 
gagement (orms are available 

Saute mushrooms (fresh or 
canned) in butter. Sprinkle with 
flour and beat well. Add chic- 
ken broth slowly and cook un- 
til bubbly. Fold in codced chic- 
ken and warm tturough. Serve 
in ripe California avocado half 
shells for a glamorous entr^^ 

If a very large picture or 
heavy mirror needs to be hung 
with wires attached to ttie mold- 
ing, two wires should be used 
parallel witti the sides of a 

Cotton is flexible. 

at the newspaper office,^3I08 
Pacific Avenue. ' " . :' 

All weddings and engage- 
ments received will be used. 
However, photographs will not 
be returned by mall but may 
be picked up at the newspaper 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wayne 
Price, Son. 

Mr. & Mrs. James Robert 
Lakeman, Son. 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Wade 
Meade, Son. 

Mr. & Mrs. James Floyd 
Deaton D, Son. 

Mr. & Mrs. James Edward 
Rinehart, Sm. 

Mr. L Mrs. Harry Ramsey 
White, Jr., Son. 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Creelman 
m. Son. 

Mr. Si Mrs. John David Nave, 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Albert 
Carlstrom, Son. 

Mr. & Mrs. James Ronald 
De Blasio, Son. 

Mi^. & Mrs. Edmund Downing 
Thompson, Danger. 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Arthur 


Children participating in an after school 
study program were visited bySanteClaus 
during their Christmas party Tuosday at 
the Seatack Community Center. Fathtr Just 
smiles approvingly as Santa presents a 
gift to one ofapproximately 60 children who 
attendecl the party sponsored Jointly by 
workers of the Seatacic STOP Program and 
the Star of the Sea Catholic Church. 

George, Daugjiter. 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Anthony 
Pangione, Dau^ter. 

Mr. ti Mrs. Donald Eugene 
Fnmce, Daughter. 

Mr. & Mrsv Steven Gale Cul- 
pepper, Daughter. 

Mr. & Mrs. Everett Ward 
Beatty, Jr., Daughter. 

Mr. & Mrs. BemeU Stalling, 

Mr.& Mrs.DavldWilsonMc- 
Creigbt, Daughter. 



Use our NEW DRIVE IM^^HilOOW 30 1/2 8t 
•ntor from Pacific or Arctic Ava. 

Really, that's grapefruit punch Mrs. Robert Stawser offered Santa 
at the Ft. Story Officers Wives annual Christmas tea. 

For more Infornfiation 


_ 187.5685 

build It! 

Mutual Federal has money to lend 
on new homes in every price range. 
Bring us your plans. 



like yourself, 


All of • sudden you might 
feel you're changing-not a 
good feeling. You're tired, 
edgy, out of torts and that's 
not you. Lydia Pinkham 

A long time ago, when 
ladies couldn't be as frank as 
we can today. Lydia nnkham 
rec(%nized the prot>lem and 
set atxHJt finding a rem«iy. 
She knew it was not natural 
for women to have to suffer 
with what was oi>viously a 
natural process. 

So she turned to nature 
for a FMiedy. She developed 
a marvelous compound of 
medicinal roots and herbs 
that turned ttw trick for the 
women she imew. Because it 
is a natural answer to your 
natuial pnMMems, It can turn 
the trick for you, too. 

Try Lydia PinUiam's foot 
and hert> reiTMdy to help you 
foel better, more Nke yourself. 

Lydia EPfaiiEhun 

L9«. ■ut.VllM 




Military Circle: 
3133 Virfllfita 
10 a.m. to 9 



Virginia Beach |un 

Thursday, Dtctrrtbar 17, 1970 

flowery names, 
please-it's a gym! 

A portion of the new facility showing the weights_section. 

John Wardn^, a local i^y- 
sical eidturlst, has amoiu^ed 
ttie <qp«tfnr,(rf a new War^«*s 
Gym at 223 Virginia Beach 
B<wlevard, ^ fourth in a series 
th^ Wareing has owned in the 

Wareing said the move was 
necessary due to an increase 
in the number of healtii and 
pH:^caI development enthusi- 
asts, and attribute this to an 
excess of leisure time, over- 
weij^ problems and a break- 
down in the physical tone oi 
the public. 

The new ^m has extensive 
power - lifting equipment with 
more w^igjits, behdis and bars. 
New lateral bade equipment has 
been atlkled along with speed 
pundiing bags and^Jieavy bag 
equipment. ,, 

The boxing ring renains. 

"Our natural steam room 
took longer ttan usual to com- 
plete and was the reason for our 
late re-ope^ng/'Wareingstyid. 

"Now flu^ we're <^li, our 
sweatshirted men and women 
will be loose on the Boardwalk 
again." Many of Warelng's 
members run one or two miles 
on the Boardwalk during tiieir 

Wareing said ttat his is one 
of the few gyms on the East 
Coast. "It's not a health dub, 
resort or spa," he said. 'It's 
a gym where you woik out and 
you sweat and ttiat's the way I 

intend to keep it." 

People come to the gym for 
a variety of reasons, Inrt lAa^ 
ever* the reason, he said, it's 
his job to see that they (Main 
the goal. 

"I put ttiem on an initUd pro- 
gram and this program Is chan- 
ged every couple weeks to keep 
them moving towards tteir 
goal," be said. "Once some- 
body Joihs they usually stay 
with us; it's kind of Uke abig 
out-of-breath family." 

Wareihg came to the beach 
15 years ago with the Navy as 
a physical trainer and expert 

in un-armed defense, vhich is a 
comUnMon of lorate, judo, 
wwstllnr ^bating tand street 

After his tour in the Navy 
Wareing went on in sports as a 
pr(^88lonal boxer, wrestler, 
judo ejqtert, ski diver and nat-, 
ioially known strong man. 

He has appeared on seiwral 
natiuially syndicated television 
shows and performed several 
feats of strengtti such as brea- , 
king chains, driving spikes 
tbrou^ boards with his 'fist 
and several acts dealing «1th 


Pursuant to Sedlm 311 (a) 
(2) of the ComnMeatlMis Ad 
(tf U^, as anuenled, imd Section 
1.S94 (d) of ttie F^nl Com- 
munications Commission's 
Rules and Re^ti(»s, labile 
Notice is hirel^ given ttat' 
the ^ylicati^ of Pwfm of 
Virgiirta, Inc., Virglrta Sea- 
shore Broad<»i^ng Cos'pora- 
ti(M] and Sea BrMdcastlng Cor- 
pcn-atton havje been desisted 
for coiffioli^ted coa^iffative 
hearing before flie Commission. 
Each of the an>l^<»tions rie- 
quests a construetic«^ permit 
to build and operate a new 
FM broadcast station in Vir- 
ginia Beach, Virginia on 94.9 
Mc, dtannel number 235 with 50 
kw <rf power (horitontal and 
vertical). The bearing is sche- 
duled to be hehl at the Federal 
Communications Commission, 
1919 M Street, N.W., Washing- 
ton, D.C. 20554 on January 
26th, 1971^ to consider the 
following issues: 

Attletes from throughout the 
United States are gattiered at ttie 
Utae Creek Naval Amphibious 
Base to compete in the Seventh 
(toy BaskeOall T<Ma'nameDt. 

Teams expeded to be re- 
presented inithis yMur's tour- 
oajnent include fliose from 
Cortland State University of 
Cortland, N.Y.; Ifaufleld State 
College of Mansfield, Pa.; E- 
Uzabeth City State University 
of Elisabeth City, N.C.; Arm- 
^ ^ strong Stttte College of &^wi- 

BIG CATCH, LITTLE GIRL-Never underestimate the strength of ^ a„S^Cl^^cS^ 
afisherman!€venif she happens to be a mite of a girl. Little Ginai/^ of Wheaton, nu; Atlantic Fleet 
7..L J i.u«i — 1.1 — : ...!ii j_ ...I L- i__j-jii-, 1 SdMnarine Force ol Norfolk, 

and Atlantic Fleet Anqihlbious 
Force, Little Creek AmpUb 
Base, as host team. 

The eight competing teams 
will partldpate In a 12 game 
tournament with four games 
being played daily In Rodcwell 
Hall at the Amphib Base. Play 
fets underway today at 3 p.m. 

Zuk proved that enthusiasm will do when she landed this nearly 
25-pound rock fish while fishing justeast of Smith Island. She, her 
sister Kim, father Thomas F. Zuk and friends Rock/ Sims and sons 
Lonnie and Dale were onboard Zuk's boat the **Miss Joan" when 
Gina landed the big one. « 

Squires Meet Cougars 

Cavalier's Korte 

Karte Now A Cavalier 

George Korte. former star 
lineman on First Colonial High 
School's Eastern Dlstrid Cha^ 
mpionship team under Coach 

'Tis ttie season to be jolly 
and nottiing would make Squires' 
coach Al Bianchi jdlier than 
a nice M first pUice lead in 
die American'Basketball Asso- 
dation's eastern division for 
fb6 hdidays. 

Afier their big win in Utah 
Uiis past Sunday ni^, coupled 
wifii Kentucky's loss to give 
file S(piires the east lead once 
again, Bianchi awarded his 
troops the foUowing three days 
off for Christmas shopping with 
their families. 

But, come Friday dght, it's 
back to business and fadng 
the jaunty Squires first iqp are 

the always-tou^ Carolina Cou- 
gars with super-d^)er Joe 
Caldwell leading their ad. 

Friday's encounter in Rich- 
mond will be file Squires' final 
appearance in the capital dty 
this season as far as regular 
season play is concerned. Tip- 
off ttme is 8 p.m., at the 
Ri^mond Arena, one of the 
Squires' favorite homes-away- 

Virginia, now in the midst 
of its longest winning streak 
of the season— seven— has won 
its only two starts in Rich- 
mond. The Squires packed ttie 
house in their debut back on 


Correct for 

• • • 

For your wedding, r«ly on our croftsmon- 
thi pr o n d oxpertonM Hf^m^B you with 
socially ^rract invitations, announcomontt, 
worthy of th« memorable occasion. 

5m I/« for Samplet 

Beoch Printing Corp. 

SIN PkMIc Avt. 421-2401 

N^ember 28 ttien edged Utah, 
rfe-Ul, 'ofl' Ray Scott's shot 
at the buzzer. 

Then, in their next Ridimond 
outtng on December 5, the 
Squires bombed ttie Pittsburc^ 
Condors, 133-125, beUnd 
CharUe Scott's 46 points, his 
high aa the year. 

So far, this season, the 
Squires have bounced the Cou- 
gars twice in as many starts, 
cm October 22 in Hampton, file 
Squires nabbed a 114-llOttiril- 
ler wifii Scott getttng 20 points. 
Bob Verga led CaroUnawitti21. 

Later, on October 30 at 
Greensboro, the Squires fought 
back to gain a 104-98 vidory 
on Scott's 26 markers. That 
game marked tte first ABA 
{^ipearance of Caldwell and he 
imnwdiately chipped in with 
22 points in 37 minutes of play- 
ing time. 

Free Lunches Again 
Approved by Board 

The School Board meeting 
Tuesday may have sd a re- 
cord for bridness, lasting only 
25 minutes. 

The only item of real im- 
portance was the reapproval ot 
the free and reduced price lunch 
program which was also appr- 
oved in November bdore being 
submitted to the state tor ap- 
proval. It was one of only two 
programs in Virgidawhldiwas 
approved by tiie state without 

the program, wMdi will go 
into effed in January, will re- 
ceive federal funds for reim- 
bursemed to schools, whidi 
should make it more acceptable 
to sdiools idtlch wouM other- 

wise operate their lunchrooms 
at a defidt. 

A survey of homes to deter- 
miiw which students are eligi- 
ble for free or reduced cost 
lundies will be conduded during 
file Christmas holidays. Eligi- 
bility will be determined by the 
income of parente. The parents' 
signature as to their iiMK)me 
is all that is needed, and no 
ftirtber check will be made. 

According to school dfidals, 
ttiere will be no separation of 
the children receiving reduced 
price or free lunches from d- 
her children and there will 
be no way to identify them from 
other children "unless the dilki 
tells dhers." 

Vi Ik bM SIM 

I lb. box tl9i 
lb. box titn 
lb. box l).7) 
Ik. bm I9.)0 


... 1 otrf 

of UHI . . 

M BM U BW K in • vmcfjr 

cfcum, freicf. oun, onmcii, 

noogm, fof feeicotclr. nui cranclin iMt" 

dKw}' ctmm. 
milk diocolMe. 

dipped ia Ham dufc lad 


1 . 


20? - 25th Street 

Phone 428-6363 


34th & Atlantic 
Phone 428-6467 

Frank Webster complded a 
burner year as OffendveGuard 
00 file University of Virgida 
Freshmen Foottiall Team. 

This team has been described 
by sports writers as the best 
in the history of fiie Udversity. 

Korte was recrdted because 
of his hard tackling and defen- 
sive phy. However, playing 
guard oa the Patriots' famous 
rushing attack under line Coach 
Al Habit for one year, and Coach 
Stewt Dou^as for three years, 
pro^Mded Korte with bloddng 
skills and techdques seldom 
found in college freshman. Ilie 
Virginia Staff was looking for 
blodcers, and played Korte at 
right guurd all season. 

Statisttcs released by the ^it^ 
iversity show a net gain ci 
5.1 yards per carry rushing. 
A fiv$ game net rushing yar- 
dage of 1324 yards was cre- 

Navy Petty Officer First 
Class Charles G. Lynch, son 
of Mr. and Mrs. H. G.'phurch 
of 716 Jeridio Road has "- 
«,rted tor duty at Naval Air 
Stafion Atsugl, Japan. 

dited to the Cavayearllngs as 
against 678 yards rushing for 
thdr opponente. This year Kor- 
te enjoyed blocking for his okl 
rival from Killam High School, 
fkillbaek Kelly Millard. Iflllard 
rushed over 218 yards, scored 
three touchdowns, and carried 
a heavy load of the back field 
blocking asslgnihente for the 

Beddes lettering for four 
years at First Colodal Hig^ 
School, Korte was selected to 
file 1969 All Tidewater Team, 
1969 All State Second Team, 
1968 and 1969 All Eastern Re- 
gional, 1968 and 1969 Eastern 
District Ofiensive and Defen- 
dve Teams, 1968 and 1969 All 
Metro Teams and was Most 
Valuable Player and one d the 
Captains of ttie 1969 Patriots. 

KeKlcuK -cdXcH 

s«> il ^ 


Are yotf tfill eanyhq the «^ght of "kimp-Miin'' 
insurancs poymwits? Than W% t'mw to lightai th* 
load with Budget-Rite, ttte bw-coit monthly poy- 
ment plan that lets you consolidate all of your 
premiums and poytln way woy-^^ritfi imnnonthly 

Mrs. Eva Tubman Copdnger, 
of Rode 2. 

Mr. John Burris Cox, 74, 
413 Sirene Ave. 

Mrs. Ruby Shumadine Hurd, 
71, Mayflower Apts. 909. 

Mr. Terence WilUamKripai- 
tts, 15, 537 Heattier Drive. 

Mrs. Margaret Peery Pickle, 
70, 116 Palm Beach Place #6. 

Walton Gregory Holland, 74, 
of 411 22nd St. retired City 
Bdlding Inspector and farmer 
bdldlng contrador, died Tues- 
day in a hospital ^fter a short 

A lifelong redded d Vir- 
gida Beach, be WM a S(»i of 
Bernard P. and Mrs. Emily 
Gregory Holland and the hus- 
band d M». Lyndelte Podon 

3111 fAOnC AVL 

nONi 43t.fl« 

soothing antlstptic relief for 




1. To determine vliether 
P^riie d Virgida has andUble 
file adMlonal $24,350 reqatred 
for ecmdnidtott uA fInA-jwar 
cpet^m dits prt^nsed at^(p 
wittMmt reliant on revenue to 
thus demonsbile ite finandal 
(piaUficdlMS. I 

2. To dderminewhettierVir^ 
gida Seashore has availabte the 
addtfional $31,076 reqdred for 
coutriettsoiuid first-year q>- 
•rattoo d Its (suposed station 
wittiod reliance en r^enues to 
thus demonstrate its financial 

3. To determine the efforts 
made by Payne of Virgida to 
ascertdn the commudty needs 
and intereste d the area to 
be served and the means by 
wfaieb the apt>Ucant proposes to 
meet thoiie needs and interests. 

4. To determine ttie efforts 
made by Virgida Seashore to 
ascertdn the commudty needs 
and idereds d file area to be 
served and the^nwans by which 
the andicant inrdposes to meet 
those needs and iderests. 

5. To deterndne the efforts 
made by Sea Broadcasttng to 
ascertdn the commudty needs 
and interests of the area to be 
served and the means by which 
ttie applicant proposes to med 
fiiose needs aiid interests. 

6. To determine whidi d the 
pr(^»sals would, on> a ccn- 
pardlve basis, bed serve the 
pubUc interest. 

7. Te determine in the light 
of the evidence adduced pur- 
suant to ttie foregdng issue, 

• whidi, if any, of ttie qipUcations 
for constructton permit should 
be graded. 

A copy d file application d _ 
Se|a Broadcasting Corporation 
along with amendmente and 
relded material is on file for 
public inspedion during normal 
budness hours at the dfices 
d Sea Broadcasting Cwpora- 
tion, 3108 Pacific Avenue, Vir- 
ginia Beach, Virgida 23451. 
Reeves E. Johnson 
Cimsumer Prdectton Otfioer 
12-10-3r - 


In execution of fiie De^of 
Trust from WILUAM MR- 
RELL and Marion Harrell, Hus- 
band and Wife,toWilliam Henry 
Martin, Jr., Trustee, dated July 
5, 1967, and recorded August 
10, 1967, in ttie Clerk's Office 
d file Circdt Court for ttie City 
d Virgida Beach, Virgida, ^ 
Deed Book 1018, Page 226, de- 
fadt having occured in the pay- 
ment of the indebtedness 
ttiereby secured and d the re- 
quest d the holder of the note, 
ttie underdgne(lsub6titde trus- 
tee will seU at public auction 
d the front door of the court 
hmise d the Circdt Court for 
the City of Virgida Beach on 
januarv 8. 1971. d 10:00 A.M. 
the following described pro- 
perty, to-wit: 

All that certdn Id piece oc 
parcel of land, situate, lying 
and being in the City d Vir- 
gida Beach, Virgida, and de- 
dgnded on map as tot 5, block • 
S, Subdivision of Aragona Vil- 
lage, Section 4, and recorded 
in file Clerks Office of the 
Circdt Court d Virgida Beach, 
Virgida, in map book 40, page 

The property is generally 
known as 673 Kenneth Road, 
Virginia Beach, Virgida. Sdi- 
Ject to all prior liens d re- 
cord. <> 

TERMS: Cash 

DATED: December 9, 1970 
Sdstitute Tntstee 
For Idormation: 
Samuel L. Ellenson, Attorney 
P.O. Box 823 

2814 West Avenue, Sdte Two 
Newport News, Virgida, 23607 
Telephone: 244-5656 


i i 


In the Clerk's Office of ttie 
Circdt Court d tiM City of 
Virgida Beach, on tiie 18th 
day d Novenriier, 1970. 

Bettie Louise Chestney. 

Edward Leroy Chestney, De- 


The object d tids sdt is for 
ttie sdd pUlntiff to obtdn a 
divorce A Vincdo MatromcHiil 
from the sdd ddentad, iqmo 
the grounds d two year sqi- 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed ttid tiie dden- 
(tad is nd a redded d tte 
State d Virginia, ttie last known 
post office address being: 357 
East N(urtii Street, New Castie, 
Ptmsyhwila. ' ^ 

It is ordered flat he do i|l 
pnr hera wittAn f (^ d^w 
after ftiejiMicatton hereof, nd 
do wliat%iif^ nec«MJ7 to 
prded his Idered in MsMt. 
A oo^-Teste: 

NorWk, Virgida 235 W 




N(*ce is hereby given that 
the collateral described below 
will be sold by the undersized 
ijoWer of a security interest 
tterein pursuant to sectitm 8.9- 
504 of the Code of ^Itrginia. 
; At public sale at 
December ^K^^* "j 

BsuR»/^l Indepen- 

^a. Beach, Va. 

of collateral: 

twnderbird, Hard- 

ial # 3Y832129802. 


dence Blvd. 
1963 Ford 
top, V8, 
First Co 

. .nlal : 
By B.C. tolerton 

12-17- IT 

In the Clerk's Office of the 

Circuit Court of the City of 

Virginia Beach, on the 8th day 

of December, 1970. 
Albert James Hatcher, Jr., 


Virginia S. Hatcher, Defen- 



The (A)ject of this suit is for 
the said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce A Vincub Matrimonii 
from the said defendant, upon 
the grounds of two year sep- 

And an affidavit having l)een 
made ioA filed that the defen- 
dant is not a resident of the 
State of Virginia, and the last 
known post office address was 
111 Rochelle Street, Springfield 

It is ordered that she do 
a^ipear here within 10 (ten) 
days after due publication here- 
of, and do what may be nec- 
essary to protect her interest 
in this suit. 

A c<*y-Teste: "-~~~- 

Phyllis N. Stycor, D.C. 
Mr. James R. McKenry, Atty. 
1369 Laskin Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 
. 12-17-4T 


A tUe Clerk's Offioe of iii^ 
Cif Cult Court oT the City of ' 
Virginia Beach, oh th6 25tb day 
of November, 1970. 

June Crank Whitaker, Plain- 

Robert Campbell Whitaker, 


The object of this suit is for 
ttie said plaintiff to obtain a 
MONII from the said defendant, 
upon the grounds of' desertion 
t^ the defenduit for a period of 
more than one year prior to the 
commencement of the action. 

And an affidavit having t)een 
made and filed that the defen- 
dant is not a resident of the 
State of Virginia, the last known 
post office address being: Sans 
Sood Apartments, 804 E Cone 
Boulevard, Greensboro, North 

It is ordered that he do ap- 
pear here within 10 (ten) days 
after due publication hereof, 
and do what may be necessary 
to protect his interest In this 

A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Bru0j, D. C. 
Jack B. Stokes, Atty. 
Suite 1020 Plaza One 
Norfolk, Virginia 23510 


In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 23rd 
day of November, 1970. 

Ifomde Maude Miles Johnson, 

Demmer Nelson Johnson, De- 
The (A}Ject of tMs suit is for 
the »Bid plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce Amensa ^ TTwro from 
Q)« said defendant, upon tite 
grounds of DeMrtion. , 

And an affidavit h|vlng been 
made amd filed that due dili- 
gence has been ised t)y or in 
belolf of ttie {dalntlff to as- 
oertalh In wMdi county or cor- 
por^on tte defendant Is, wltt- 
oot tffed, the last known post 
<dSee ^Kldr^s being: Sparta, 

Jt Is ordered that he do ap- 
piir here'wiOiin 10 (ten)(teys 
^BBut (Ihie pt^tteatlon hered, 
and do irtat nay be necessary 
to ptddbiiWs Interest in Qlt 

A »^-Teste: 

HaroM J. Goodman Atty. 
USOSIwrow Road 
Chas^eate, Virginia 2332S 



DAY OF December, 1970. 
MUM AMGUNTJDF $18,400,000 

There having been presented 
to the Court a certified^ copy 
of an ordinance entitled "An 
Ordinance Authorizing the Issu- 
ance of School Bonds of the 
City of Virginia Beach, Vir- 
ginia, In An Amount Not to Ex- 
ceed $ 18,400,000, Subject to Ap- 
proval By the Qualified Voters" 
adopted by the Council of the 
City of Virginia Beach on the 
9th day of November, 1970, 
and approved by itSj^Mayor, 
which requests the Court to call 
JL bond _ election in the City; 
and it appearing that such or- 
dinance has been duly adopted in 
accordance with law, it is 
hereby ADJUDGED and OR- 
DERED as follows: 

1. Such ordinance is approved 
and is hereby filed. ^ 

2. The regular election 
officers of the City of Virginia 
Beach shall on the 12th day of 
January, 1971, open a poll and 
take the sense of the qualified 
voters of the City of Virginia 
Beach on the question t)f bor- 
rowing money and issuing its 
general obligation bonds in the 
maximum amount and for the 
purpose set forth in such or- 

3. The voting machines and 
ballots to be used at the elec- 
tion shall pose the question in 
substantially the following 


Tte Virginia Be^hBumu 
of Police have in their pos- 
session 55 boys ami girls Ih- 
cycles, that will be subject to 
auction sale if not claimed be- 
fore December 18, 1970. Per- 
sons who can give proof of 
ownership may report to police 
he^quearters at Princess Anne 
Courthouse between the hours 
of 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., 
Monday through Friday to make 
such claims. Auction will take 
place Friday, December 18, 
1970, starting at twelve o'clock 
noon in the area behind police 
headquarters at the courthouse. 
All articles not claimed wiU 
be sold at public auction by 
the departments of Public 

Reeves E. Johnson 
Consumer Protection Officer 


Special Electim 

January 12, 1971 

In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 20th day 
of November, 1970. 

Pauline Joan Lamberty, 

Cleo Paul Lamberty, Defen- 
The object of this suit is for 
said plaintiff to obtain a di- 
vorce A Mensa Et Thoro from 
the said defendant, upon the 
grounds of desertion. 

And an affidavit having been 
made ami filed that due dili- 
gence has been used by or in 
behalf of the plaintiff to as- 
certain in which county or cor- 
poration the defendant is, with- 
out effect, the last known post 
offl o e ad dres s be ing:- 206-12th ^T 

A copy Teste: 

Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
Robert H. Anderson, Jr., Atty. 
Goldblatt, Upskln,. Andersons- 

804 One Main Plaza East 
Norfolk, Virginia 23510 



DECEMBER, 1970. 
a municipal corporation. Com- 

RUTH A. AIKEN, et als., Res- 

In Chancery No. 14334-A 
The object of the above-styled 
suit is to sell, free and clear 
of all liens'* and encumbrances, 
for the satisfaction of the liens 
thereon, that certain lot, tract 
or parcel of land situated In 
the City of Virginia Beach, 
Virginia, and bounded and des- 
cribed as follows: 

ALL that certain lot, piece 
or parcel of land, situated in 
Lynnhaven Borou0», City of 
Virginia Beach, State of Vir- 
ginia, known, numbered and de- 
signated on ftat certain plat 
enUtlled, "Map of Cape Hen- 
ry, Princess Anne County, Vir- 
ginia", dated January 6, 1900, 
which plat is duly of record 
In the Clerk's Office of the 
ClrcuU Court, of the City of 
Virginia Beach, Virginia, in 
Map Book 1, at page 8b, as 
Lot 6, Block 8, Section E; re- 
ference to which said plat is 
hereby made for a more par- 
ticular description of the said 

1964 Cadillac 44r^hdtp.,SedaD 
de ville. 68,000 miles, Uke 
new, loaded, one owner. 340- 
3225 and make offer over 

Chevrolet 1963, 1/2 ton Fleet- 
side Pick up, used as passen- 
ger car, excellent tires. P.P. 
Owen 464-6344. 

Corvette- 1966, Convertible Ex- 
cellant Condltloh, 425 hp. 4 
speed, low mileage, price re- 
duced. $2495. 460-0597. 

1967 Ford Custom, 2 dr, new 
engine iand tires. Very econo- 
mlcal. $900. 428-30^3. 

Valiant - 1966 2 dr., standard, 
new tires $750 - 464-5767. 

1967 Very Friendly Crysler, 
Crown Imperial, light blue, 
black vinyl hard top, white lea- 
ther and blade satin interior. 
A-1 condition and exceptionally 
clean. $3,000, price firm. 425- 
7045. ^ 


Part time bookkeei^ng and typ- 
ing done in my home or your 
office. Free pick up and de- 
livery. 420-5340. 

CUSTOM-Made Drapes Jl„ 
Sheers-Work guaranteed. 
Fran's Draperies, Hilltop Area. 
Phone 428-0544. ' 

antee work. Phone 497-4628. 

Will babysit in my home, small 
child for working mother. 428- 

M Home Maintenance 

41 Help Wanted-Male 

70 Dogs~Cata-4Nher Pete 

Contractors & Home Builders- 
Let us help you with that new 
home -additions -or repairs 
We can furnish materials from 
basement to attic and aid you 
in financing. 
Phone: Kellam it Eaton, Inc. 
(1) 427-3200 
427-2574 . <, 

Special fall cleanup and close 
up. 25ro discount for all work 
done in the next 60 days. Chim- 
ney Sweeping and fire place 
repair. Dampers installeid or 
fixed. Furnace cleaning. Atlant- 
ic Builders & Maintenance. Call 

paint interior and exterior. 464- 

Full Time Custodian - Court . 
square office, Virginia National 
Bank, Princess Anne Court 
House, Virginia Beach. Inside 
and outside maintainance, office 
and premises. S289 per month 
Contact Mfi WaWo P. Bome- 
mann. Assistant Vice - Presi- 
dent and Manager. 427-2500 
for appointment. 

43 Help Wanted-Male or Female 

Business is buzzing and we 
need help. Want a good ca 
reer in real estate. '~^vp'^y 
today. Call Tom Kane 497-4851 
Nights 340-1760. Grow with 
Realtors. StoJU Realty Corp. 

44 Position Wanted 

Leaks and Repairs 
AH work guaranteed. 

Electrical Contractor 

Degree in Journalism and Eng- 
lish, 3 years teaching exper- 
ience, 4 years newsiaper work, 
single, 26. Seeks employment 
in writing, teaching, or public 
relations. Call anytime. 425- 

"^w96i " --„-^ 

6U Instriirtional Courses 

Installation & Repairs 
jg;ree Estimates 427-1146 


Theory, Repertoire 
James & Frances Morrissoo 
Accessible from Expressway, 
Va. Bch Blvd, First Colonial 
or Laskin Rd. I>h 428-0587. 


40 Help Wanted-Female 

Train now to drive semi 
truck, local and over the road. 
Diesel or gas; experience help- 
ful but not necessary. You can 
earn over $4.50 per hour after 
short trainine. For interview 
and application, call 703-845 
7033, or write Safety D^t., 
United Systems, Inc., 3608 
Campbell Avenue, Lynchburg, 
Virginia, 24501 

Boston Terrier piqe-aiiotc wd' 
wornwd, registered. 340-W^. 

OLD ENGUSH Sheepdop-Pnps 
A.K.C. Registered. 58MS9I. 

Fiife 1^^ GeroianSB^IMlitf^ 
8 weeks old, weaned, decen- 
dants of RoUand von Starkro- 


orkshire terrier ptqs. Sbov 
pet. Also another litter 
re^dy for Christmas. WiU hold 

Toy Poodle Pups-7 males, ARC 
registered, 6 weeks old, 426- 


Poodle Grooming and Aoeen- 
ories, Charalane Poodle Room 
5689 Va. Beach Blvd.^^oii(^ 
7:30 am - 6 pm Tuesdanivu 
Saturday, 420-4790. 

vice. Beagle and Poodle • <^5- 



' "I I «H l ' " 

IM Room* For IMI - 

'. — ". ' «/ .1 ■■ . 

Marshall's Hotel 66thandOcean 
One room effidency $1S 
monthly $32.50 weekly. Two 
rooms $190 monttily $48 «ed^, 
includes ultfUttes, T. V. and 
maid service. 428-6841. 

_i T\ xf* »mI m j <■ n »M ^k AUl# 

-OUESHON: -Shall the City of 
Virginia Beach, Virginia, bor- 
row an amount not to exceed 
Eighteen Million Four HOndred 
Thousand Dollars ($18,400,000) 
aiKl issue its general obligation 
bonds therefor pursuant to its 
charter and the Public Finance 
Act of 1958, as amended, to- 
finance, together with other 
available funds, the cost of 
constructing, improving and 
equipping school buildings and 
related facilities and sites 

Street, Apt. D, Virginia Beach, 

It is ordered that he do ap- 
pear here within 10 (ten) days 
after due publication hereof, 
and do what may be necessary 
to protect his interest in this 
A copy-Teste; -,.„^, . U 

Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
Nathaniel J. Cohen, Atty. 
Brydges, Broyles & McKenry 
1369 Laskin Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 


YES • 


The squares to be printed on 
the ballots shaU be not less 
than one-quarter nor more than 
one-half inch in size. 

4. The election shall be con- 
ducted and the votes counted 
and the returns made and can- 
vassed in the manner provided 
by law, and the results thereof 
shall be certified to this Court 
and to the City Coundl. 

5. A copy of this order shall 
serve as the writ of election. 
The Sergeant of the City of 
Virginia Beach shall forthwith 
serve certified copies of this 
order upon the Chairman and 
Secretary of the Electoral 
Board of the City of Virginia 
Beach and shall post certified 
co{Hes of tids order at each 
voting place and at three other 
public places in the City, and 
he shall make his return to the 
Court that he has executed the 

6. A certified copy of this 
order, preceeded by the caption 
"Notice of Bond Election,'" 
shaH be published twice in The 
yirglnia Beach Sun News, a 
newspaper having general dr- 
culatfon in tt»e City, at least 
one of which publications shall 
be made not less than ten days 
before the election. 

7. The Clerk of this Court 
shall forthwith send a certi- 
fied copy of this onler to the 
State Board of Electtc»s. 

Enter: 12/3/70 

And it appearing from fbf 
- averments gf the Bill of Comi- 
plaint. filed herein and by Af- 
fidavit duly filed: - 

First: That the following re- 
spondents are non-residents of 
this State and their last known 
'{nstioffloe addresses areasfolt 
--hjwsr ""-•*-■-—---'■•* - --^ ■ • 

Ruth A. Aiken, Park Plaz& 
Apartments, Plttsburgjj, Penn- 
sylvania, f 

Alice Granbery Parker 
" Walter and Maurice Walter, 275 
Victoria Place, Lawrence, New 

SECOND: That dlUgence has 
been used by and on behalf 
of the Complainant to ascer- 
tain in what county or cor- 
poration the foUowing respon- 
dents are, without effect, and 
their last known post office 
•-addresses are uiduiown. 

Mary L. Gwynne, widow. Ad-, 
dress unknown. i i 

Matthew K. Gwynne, ffl, Ad- 
dress unknown. 

Olivia Gwynne, Address un- 

THIRD: That certain of the 
respondents in this suit may 
have been married and If so 
the names of their respective 
consorts are unknown an! their 
last known post office addresses 
are unknown. That some of them 
may have died leaving heirs, 
devisees or personal represen- 
tatives. If so. the names of said 
days after due pubUcation here- helrs,devlsees and personal re- 
of. and do what may be neces- presentattves are Unknown and 
sary to protect her interest In 

In Uie Clerk's Office of the 
Clrcutt Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 17th day 
of November, 1970, 
_ WllUam Rlddick, Plaintiff, 

Willie Mae Troutman Rld- 
dick, Defendant. 
The object of this suit is for 
the said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce a vinculo matrimonii 
from the said defendant. Upon 
the grounds of 2 Year Rule. 
And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defendant 
Is not a resident of the State 
of Virginia, the last known post 
office address being: 340 13th 
Avenue, Newark, New Jersey. 
It is ordered that she do 
appear here within 10 (ten) 

I ask for this: 


Atton^y for ttie City of 

Vlri^nla Beach, Virginia 

A C(^ Tester t 


Dorto S. Hale, D.C. 


At^ney for tte City of: 



this suit. 

A copy Teste: 


Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 

Joseph A. Jordan, Jr., Atty. 

1228 Virginia Beach Blvd. 

Norfolk, Virginia 23504 


In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of ti» City of 
Vir^nia Beach, on the 17tti 
day of November, 1970. 

Carole J. Anthony, Plalrtiff, 

Steven M. Anthony, Defen- 
The objed of this suit is for 
the said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce a vinculo matrimonii 
from the said defendant, up<Hi 
the grounds erf having lived se- 
parate and a^rt without any 
cohabitation and without inter- 
ruirflon f cff- more d»n two years, 
to-wlt: June 18, 1968. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and .filed ttot tl» de- 
fendant is not a resident (A ttie 
State of Virginia, the last \mm 
post office SMldress beii%: 444 
84fli Street, Apartment 12A, 
New York, New York. 

It is ordered ttot he do s^ 
I«8r he« irfttfin 10 (ten) (hys 
i^r due piA^Ucattcn hereof, 
s^ do what may be neoessary 
to pr<Aed Us inter^t In ttds 

their last known post office 
addresses are unknown. That 
there are or rai0»tbe persons 
other than those named in the 
bill of complaint interested in 
the real estate to be disposed 
of in this suit whose names 
and last known post office ad- 
dresses are iffiknown. 
^ It is, therefore, ORDERED 
tiiat the above named prsons, 
if living, and if dead, their 
heirs, devisees and personal 
representatives, and ff nmrried, 
their respective consorts, and 
all persons oQier than those 
herln named, who are or might 
be Interested in ttie real estate 
to be disposed of in tills suit, 
whose names are uidarawn, 
do ^^at wittiln ten (10) days 
afier due pidiUcaticMi of this 
notice and do iltat Is neces- 
sary to proted their Interests. 
It is further ORDERED that 
the foregoing pdrtion of this 
order be (wblished once a week 
for four successive weeks in 
the "Virginia Beach Si»"T-a 
newspaper published in the City 
of Virginia Beadi, Virginia. 

PhyUsK Styrsn, D.C. 

W. Lel^ Ansell, attori»y for 


Aisel, B^ter k Cfuada, Attjn. 

4336 Vlr^niaB^<A Blvd., 

Virtfnia Beadi, Vlrglda 


36 Home Maintenance 

^„ .*- If- ■ ' ' ' ■! — ■ ' _ I I i i" .«. j f . I 

Gutters^luid down spouts re- 
placed and roof repairs. Free 
estimates. Work guaranteed. 

* Legal Notices 

-'f'~/- -.IIIOTICE •'i-'fpYt' ' > 

pfltrnt bottee is hetewy given- 
ttiat ®»Nov^iftber M^^BW, Ito 
Federal Communications Com- 
mission designated for hear- 
ing the attentions of Payne 
of Virginia, Inc., Virginia Sea- 
shore Broadcasting Corpora- 
tion and Sea Broadcasting^ Cor-* 
poration for Constru^on Per- 
mits for a new FM l)roadcast 
station at Virginia<%each, Vir- 
ginia, to operate on Channel 
235 (94.9 MHz). The hearing 
is scheduled to commence at 
the c^fices of Federal Commu" 
ideattons Cymmlssion, Wash- 
ington, D.C, 20554 on January 
26, 1971, on ttie following 

1. To determine whether 
Payne of Virginia has avail-' 
able the additional $24,350 re- 
quired for construction and 
first-year operation of its pro- 
posed station without reliance 
on revenues to thus demonstrate 
its financial qualifications. 

2. To determine whether Vir- 
ginia Seashore has available 
the additional $31,076 required 
for construction and first-year 
operation of its proposed sta- 
tion without reliance on re- 
venues to thus demonstrate its 
financial qualifications. 

3. To determine the efforts 
made by Payne of Virginia to 
ascertain the community needs 
and interests of the area to 
l)e served and the means by 
which ttje applicant proposes 
-to meet those needs and in- 

4. To determine the efforts 
made by Virginia Seashore to 
ascertain the community needs 
and interests of the area to 
be served and the means by 
which the applicant proposes 
to meet those needs and in- 

5. To determine the efforts 
made by Sea Broadcasting to 
ascertain the community needs 
and interests of the area to 
be served and the means by 
which the applicant fa*op<«es 
to meet those needs and in- 

6. To determine wliich <rf the 
proposals would, on a com- 
parative basis, best serve '"' 


7. To determine in the light 
of ttie evidence adduced pur- 
suuit to the foregoing issue, 
which, if any, of ttie appU- 
catt(^ for Construdion Permit 
should be granted. 

A * c<3^ 'of^-ttie^applieanon, 
and related material, of Vir- 
ginia Seashore Broadcasting 
Corporatiw are on file at ItM 
First Colonial Bank, 3500 Vir- 
ginia Beach Boulevard, Virflnlt 
Beadi, Virginia 23452. _ 

Have opening for lady to sell 
Eledrolux products in the Vir- 
ginia Beach area. Excellent op- 
portunity to earn $150 per week 
in commissions and bonuses. 
Interviews held at our office 
between 9 a. m. and noon, any- 
day this week. Ask for manager. 
Electrolux Sales and Services, 
5312 B Virginia Beach Blvd. 

Women 18 and up wear and sell 
Sarah Coventry Jewelry In your 
spare time, no Investment, no 
delivery. Car and phone needed. 

■■ TRAIN TO BE A ■■ 


Learn to operate Butldo/ers.- 
Draglines. Cranes. Scrapers, 
Loaderi. Trenchers, etc. at 
our modem facility. A higti- 


ci r ee i is o u t n to a mbi - 
ticul men 


Universal Htavy 
Conttrvction ScMoli ~ 

•miL #BN-WJ 

ItM uriMwMd Orhrt 

NarfMk, Vt. 23SII 

PhMC: (763) 583-5772 

«movf B roa vctimns 

ated rooms. Maid service. 
£)ay, week or m<»th. 206 ZOOi 

Room for ilent^ very^cleaB, 
with or without boueekeepU^ 
privileges 425-9737. 

Hi Hnw«»« Fur IbMt 

Guest house, custom f^rnlsted, 
waterfront estate, two balconies 
overlooking water. 340-3451. 

128 Real Estate Wanted 




OritntaTT .-.s-Two 4x7 K<we 
colored .v i florar borders, 
matching dt..ip. 499-3481. 

Rosenthal dishes, used once, 
beautiful, Pariser Sriihling de- 
sign, service for 8, reasonable, 

Sales and service. Prompt ef- 
fident repairs. Pick up and 
delivery. 'Phone 428-4222, Fuel 
Feed andBuildingSunplies, Inc. 

Property to sell <x rot, 
cUente-waittng,, Call »«0r0740. 

Home & Apt. Usttngs Needed 

for Sale or Rent 

Member of Virginia Bea^Mnl* 

tiple listing Service. SOO 

Salesmen will help seU yonr 


Cooper Reolty 

2807 Pacific Ave. 
Ph 428-1330 

Use SUN Classified A ds. 

... __^ , , -■ ■-. . — — — ^— ^.— ^^^— ^,» 

to Work For You 


Compose your own classified ad 


(Hmm nwmber it mm w««4) WEEKLY RATES 

Minimum Charge 1 .00 Under Four Lines NO. OF WEEKS 


Circle One 
l 2 3 4 5 TFK 


$1.00 $1.00 



$1.00 $1.20 
HM $1.50 
11.50 $1^ 

$% dieeount If run 4 weeks 





f. 0. Ni «S7, 

VIrilili %mA ,U, 234S7 


i^^te tWTt i' h T ' ^"a^^^^ J^- a^^^ j^^te^^ ^'..^._ ^ i^ 1 




^ This memorlaJ Isdedlcatedtothe memory ofall American servicemen 
in all the wars we have fought.. .as is the entire Tidewater Veterans' 
Memorial Gardens.. .with love and gratitude. 


CONCEIVED by Tidewater veterans..,and PLANNED by Tidewater 
veterans, it is FOR Tidewater veteransandtheir families.. .and provides 
all the honors and benefits that National Cemeteries do... and more 
besides. « 

It is the only memorial cemetery endorsedbythe Tidewater Veterans 
Association, which represents 35 local veterahsl>rganizat ions, with over 
30,000 members. Over 1000 servicemen are already registered with the 

If you have not yet been assigned your FREE burial space in the 
Tidewater Veterans Memorial Gardens, fill out and mail this coupon 
todayrtThere is a one-time fee of $1.00 for your Certificate of 



Vol. 1 No. 14 

Dec. 17, 1970 

i wuKiY piaomi 








In ceremonies at ttie Tborou^igood House Friday 
UNDEMANN and NORI MARTIN) Ugbted the tra- 
ditional Yule Log. , ^ 

Above Left 

ELSIE LUSSON and JIM STANLEY a^ieared to be 
enjoying tbemselves at the formal dance given liy 
Uie Viri^nia Beach Civic Ballet Saturday night at 
the Washington Club Inn. More {^ctures on pages 
6 and 7. 


Visitors to the "Traditional Christmas Home" in 
Chesopeian Colony were serenaded with Christmas "^ 
Carols by BRWE TODD and twins LUCINDA aoA 
BEUNDA THOMPSON. See pages 8 and 9 for more 

page 13 


P<^g 2 ipiGHT Tfmvj^thc, rn tm 

Any way yoi do it fishing is good at Virginia Beach. MR. UWRENCE WHITEHEAD 
and tus s<» IIOWARD do it the cominerdal way • with nets. Their nets are set out 
from the be«di at 62nd Street, somettmes twice a day. Hie nets are set by tort but 
it takes a tndc to hanl tbem in widi the catdi. 

^ .- 

As tbe tni^ backs up the btach hauUng in (te net MR. WHITEHEAD and lielper 
ROBERT WOODHOUSE wait for tke track to drop off tlie Hue and return Ua another 
jKtttiaM on tbe rope^ 

^Mther sMtloB of the net line is attadied to tbe trade bunker idAcb then badcs uplhe b^di again hanUi^ 


ptMisheil M^ WMiwsdiy by ttw Besch PiANshv^ CoipQ^ion 
pubUsheis of The ^fifnnii.BBich Sun ^ 
Qofdwi B« MHdMNit MwiSQW 

3108 Pacific Avenue. Vi#n Beich. V^ 23451 
The \IIIMirs LMBst itaoit Ci^ 


Wsram jpt n ourf to 

rni^nijr MiMWy ivw* wwrnton- 
lom vjv* wmnp |pfviVHi0iiQi 
ivir. If uMiH wnnvB iv 

toL^ M^^.^u^ &^.^^J JL^^^A^^B 

dniiv to MJ^ Ami wM 
•r " 

Mioff oflnr o 



INSIGHT Thur«tay.Dec 17. 197DPage3 


Ite uttt were taaiktA bi iround 2 PM and these two ladies probably knew tbe scbedule because tbey cat 
utib tlieir btp M buy the freshest fish in town. MR. WHITEHEAD totes up tbe sale with MRS. SAMM1 

EDWARD WHITEHEAD and VERNON GRIFFIN discuss the price of 
the fish MR. GRIFFIN has selected in his basket. - _ 

He's the only one that delivers 
to more tidewater homes than 

Qjocfc^ DAIRIES 

But SANTA Delivers Only 
Once A Year! 



out tte n et in larepiuration for mottftr set. ^^^^^^_^ 

Free Lubrication 

InstaU PIu|$, Points, 
Caaiite^' Complete 
Eagiiie Check Up & Road 
Tested $14.95 


WE come over 
a hundred times 
i^xx that often. 

Service Mgr* 


^•ii«ral lAotofT 





Parmiwnt A »»*i.Pr^M $2.75 o«l 


21 St. ft Pacific Ave. Phone 428-2132 





Page 4 INSIGHT Thurtday. Dec I7t 1970 

Grace town Object of 

ee Clean 


A eleaa up project aimed at the Virginia B«ich com- 
iBi^ify of Cnsebomn has been conqiteted. A ronitiined 
acitton groqi> composed of ttie Graec^ovn Community, 
^ nautary bases of Dam Neck, O^ioa, Ft. $tory and 
UtUe Creek, the City of Virginia Beach and the Virginia 
Beadi Jaycees Coordin^ed and carried out tlte extre^ly 
Sttcce»ftal eiKjIeavor. \ 

An exaipple ol maiq»wer effort during the project Is 
shown as tiK workers moved throui^ the underbrush. 
Capt. Ward, officer ,i|i darge of the Ft. Story men noted 
Oiat old people, yoa&gsters and middle age people all 
pitched in, furnishing food, working with the crew, picking 
iQ) trash etc. 

Jaycee President Bob Warren got an early start in clearing 
unterbrush from the wooded areas. Warr«i said ttie Grace- 
town project was an ou^rowtb of Qie Seatack Immediate 
Action effort originated b7 the Jaycees earlin. 

Three abandoned, diliypldated ^uses were demolished and removed, IS abandoned cars were hauled 
^way,.8 field were mowed and cleared and Mterally tons' of trash ud debris were hauled vny. 

You never knowwhen ydu'lt need HCLP. 

TocMys ovwpowmlng hospital and medical bills could 
clamp a boar hug on your savinp . . . unless you 
have N.E.LP. ifs the new |>lan of Health Expmse 
Loss Protection that keeps you safe from the squeeze 
of BIG medical expenses. Better cheek your medical 
benefits now. 

if youH)rolection is out of date 


You'll be thankful you dM. 

INSIGHT -Thursday^Dec. IT, 1970 Page 5 

Key to Success. 

Quotes from participants 

GeraJM Phelps— Gracetown Project Committeeman 

"I think the big thing I really enjoyed about it is seeing 
the people help themselves. You don't mind helping some- 
body when you see them interested in their own com- 
munity, i think everybody is really working together 
to make it a success." 

Henry Voliver— City Employee 

"I think everone is doing a wonderful job. It looks 
a whole lot better and it's going to be a whole lot better 
for Qie people." i ^ 

Lee Waddingbam— 3rd Class PO Oceana 

"It's a well organized project. The community itself 
is taking action. More people in the community are coming 
out to work than on some of the projects I've been on. 
Also, the food is pretty good." 

Sgt. Dimn— Ft. Story 
"I ttiink this should be done all over tiie state of Virginia." 

U. Brown—Ft. §tory 

"I think this is a good idea. I think people should do 
fills more often in areas like this and other underde- 
veloped areas." 

Mrs. Lovett— Gracetown Civic League 

"I would like to thank the Jaycees for all the work 

tbey have done in Gracetown. Gracetown is beginning 

to locdi like a community in whidi anyone would like 

to live. We are going to give all the ttianks we can to Qie 

— J^rcets." 

1* "■ "W. 

CUldren of the Gracetown community helped pick up cans during the campaign which lasted over three 
Saturdays. ' 

each workday by the citizens of the community. 




Cordially invites their 
friends and patrons to 

come In for a coffee break wiiile 
Christmas shopping 


HAI RLO9KS ^.. ^ ^^ 

2688 Atlantic Ave. Phone 428-3991 

When it was all over, the children of the community began 
enjoying the efforts with the erection of a tire swing whidi 
could now swing free of underbrush and cluttered trees. 


Don't h» Mt "OutttmdiiM" fat th« 
coid wHh those tamo old draary 
ChristoMS giftf yoor eftor y—r. Viwt 
DMitem at ottiwr of Amt two loea- 
tiom and find out whor* the davar paopla go iz gat 
*'OiitttandHM" gifts. Wa haven't baan 25 years on 
tha baadi— bulling Aasa big chain stores for nothing! 
Think about It. 

tJjenlon^d Cjift ^kopd 

Winterized $14 

' stored $3.-$5. 

cau 340.8262 


WkM Y« M KNOW Yw'l B. PImmA" 

/N smi 

The oniy Picture paper 
covering Virginia Beach 


I f«^Wii=Li 9^^mn^^.i 

- d 

6 IN3iQHT Thurida^ Dec* l m 1970 

(T . 

Civic Ballet Bull 

Virgiida Beadi Qvic Baltet held a tormal danoe at tte WasUngtoa Club Inn 
Iwt Fridtjr nli^ Itasibers of Qie little Theatre joined in the fkm. It was pdMed 
out Uiat ^se two orgaidzati(»is are not merging, as ms errcnemisley reprated 
to t dally p^r, but have agreed to co-operate and assist each other in thdir 

T^RRT GARDl^R, right, does a passe for the IN SIGHT photographer before 
foiiiK in to entertain il te ball. 

two young members of the ballet were waltli^; to eirtertain 3vith some of 
lee routines. 



208 20th Straet 428-8246 

Hair Styling 



ofWIGS-^ALLS to choose from 

For Ghristmas— give her year-round beauty 



Sandis Benoit 



INSIGHT Thursd(iy,D«c 17, 19m Pdge 7 

lids Meet A t Balle 

Stopping to chat before the dancing got under way was BILL MARTIN. 
MRS. JUANITA GARDNER, toilet president and LT. CDR. and MRS. 



Initiol Cleanout Service 
S7. this we«k only 


7h9 B9st To You 


In Pfcfuffs 

e OUe Towne Shoppe 

At Newtown Rd. 499-4749 

5774-D Princess Anne Rd. 

Early American Accestories 
Antiques-Cut Glass-Wrought Iron Gifts 
Helen M. Berry.Owner-Manaifer 


Santa Has Left A Big Supply 
of Bikes, Trikes, Mini Bikes, 

Go Carts; Parts and Accessories at 


m siuS'SrnES'COLOits. 

Merry ChrUtmm 


166-D Rosemont Road 


We hate a conplete line 
' Plane • Train ■ Car Modeb and Kits 

. 10%off 


We will lay away 
your bike till 


All l>ikes are sold 
assembled and 


Bronco TX ID $189.95 

Save an additional $9^.50 
with coupon 

SAVE 5% 

Wttk tkta CMVM 


1350 KempsYille Road 

mi A&fHUt 






Poge 8 INSIGHT Thursday, Dec m 1970 






•n» beantUal home of MR. & MRS. MALCOLM TODD, JR. in Ctesopelan Cdkmjr 
was open ttsl week-end as a "Traditional Cturia^mas Home" Iv tte Marian Crosby 
Garden CIi* and Holy Trinity Women's Clrt) with proceeds folnjr to the cancer 
fund. MRS. TODDwelcomedtbemSIGHTiJiotograiilier at tlie attractively decorated 
troBt door. 

BARBARA TODD, rlflit, Ugtits a large canfle in tlK den. 


r ' . 

Itekness was settling so MRS. TOIH), below, lit candles in the dining nxHn as 
mMA GRAY, looked on. ' 

f > 



% a 

INSIGHT tN/rfdcly,!Decl1l 197D WW 9 

f J 


*>. ^^^^^^H 



Guests of tte TODD's, Bine y^r old twins LUCINDA and BEUHDA THOMPSON, in their 
red flannel nlffb^mw witti matddng bats, assisted tbe liostess and added to die diarm 

BRUCE TOEH) ms prenttted onto accompany tte twins, LUCINDA tad BELINDA, 
|i tey all sang Cluristmas carols. 

Page 10 INSIGHT Thurwiay. Dec 17, 1970 

Masons Install 
New Officers 

Tbe Lynnhaven Masonic Lodge 220 AF&AM held its public in- 
stallation of officers last Saturday nig^ at the lodge hall (»i Lynn- 
haven Road. 

TTiose new officers installed were left to rt^, frcmt row: wor. 
Robert E. HOGSHIRE, .treasurer; JAMES H. HAMILTON, senior 
warden; JEAN P. BAILEY, worsMpftil master; THOMAS C. SAWYER, 
Junior warden; DAVID D. HARBAUGH, secretary; Back row: JOE D. 
H\LBETT, tiler; GEORGE L. MARION, Junior deacon; PERRY T. 
SIMMONS, chaidain; CHARLES A. MCGATHEY, marshal; JAMES C. 
CATON, Junior steward; ROBERT E. DOODY, senior deacon. 
Not present due to iUness was LESTER J. GROVER, senior steward. 

Yet, there it a Santo CloRjt- 
Yourt - and he't wishing for lots 
of go -iegethert like thete. 





Let ut help you Coordinate Your Selectlont. 

For The Man Hard To Pleoee 
__ Gin Certificate 


10 AH - 9 PM Monday Thru Saturday, 

'fmkka NeWf Mfft rs hr Mm tf fW Afts' 

aOO Atbiitic Ave. ^^£^.^ Phone 428-1051 

A dvertising Pays 

CaU 428^2401 




Delicate Patty Sliells 
Assorted Hors d' deouvres 
Assorted Cold Canapies 
Wing Ding Drumettes 
Barney Egg Rolls 
Swedish Cocktail Meatballs 
Franks in Blanket 
Variety of small party Pizzas and 

Pizza Rolls 
Full Assortment of Crackers and 

Potato Chips 


Crab Fingers 
King Crab Legs 
King Crab Meat 
Fresh Backfm Crabmeat , 
Fresh Special Grabrneat 
Peeled & Deveined Shrimp 

(asst. sizes) 
Jumbo Cooked Shrimp 
Frozen Jumbo Shrimp 
Variety of Fresh Fish 
Fresh Oysters & Clams 


Frozen Daqueri Mix 
Frozen Whiskey Sour Mix 
Mrs. "r Bloody Mary Mix 


Sharp or Blue Cheese Spreads 


Sweet Mixed Fancy Pickles 
Cocktail Olives 
Tomato Pieces 
Pickled Corn 
Hot Cherry Peppers 
Fancy Relishes 


Assorted Frozen Pastries 
Cream Puffs and Eclairs 


Plastic Glasses for Parties 
Fancy Peanuts of All Kinds 
Delicious Party Rolls 



Full line of Convenience Foods 
Ready to Heat and Serve 


Cooked Smithfield Ham 
Cooked Turkey Breast 
Cooked Roast Beef 
Boned & Rolled Turkey 

All Items Available In Assorted Sizes 
Many other gala holiday party foods too numerous to mention 


1224 ffiamond Springs Rd. 

rinn 464-3554 Open NeMiys Tl 6 PH ind Satwdqn UnH Noon. 

Specialty Foods Division 

off Korthampton Blvd. Bridse Tunnel Bd. 
at Bout* Y ind li Y IntcnMtfaNl 

INSIGHT Tlwrsciay, Dec 17, 1970P«V« 11 


Duri^ tbe past year Humble Oil Conqnny has had a Ug campaign 
going in Vlri^iAa Badu Almost every st^on in the dty has been 
promoted irifih advertising,, lovely hostesses and free gifts of Pepsi 
Cola and S & H Green Stamps. 


At the Independence Bonlevard Esso, manged by JIM CORNELL, it was a Thanks- 
giving Celebration. And JIlif had occasion to give thanks for the extra business 
and new. customers. 

When London Bridge Esso held their Introductory Celebration LARRY NICHOLS, 
liianagery said that he was very pleased with flie increased business. 

At ttwir Grand C^nii« Celebration last week-end, LasUn Road Esso made it a 
Camlly aftair. When CHARLES PRICE drove in with his family be was met by 
MRS. DIANNE QGIiA with a free carton of Pepsi Cola, VICKY RANDALL wifli 
a free S & B Green ^amp book with |2.00 worth of bonus stamps and manager, 
^JEGlGUAwlth service. ■ 



Tidewater's Ori 

Puific Ave. At 25th St. 
Viifinia Beach 




ISl E. Utile Creek Rd. 
Waj^s Corner Norfolk 



~~"fre-Cnristmas SaM special' __ 



SAVE *4.b3l 

Reg. M9.00 

Give H*r the Basic Pump for r/ery occasion. 
Now at a On» Weak OhIy Sal» Pnca! Snas 
5 to 12. Widths: AAAA to C. 

n Her Favorite Color! 
1 1 Beautiful Colors Now . 

• Mu* or IM SfflooA Corftm* 

• lUck iWny Corfam* 

• lurnMidY. Mm, 6rMn, Hack or 

• lUcb-lUr^ Irawn Cobra 

r ^1 

L ^ A 








Page 12 INSIGHT Thursdoyi Dec. 17, 1970 

Business Makes 

Witb the Christmas shon>lng season in full swing local merchants are making it tt easy as possible 
for tte public to shop in comfort and pleasure. At Cherry-Pearson men's vear m Atiuitic Avenue 
Wednesday ntg^t was "Ladies Nig^" Sales pers<Hmel dressed for the occasion and served pimcb and 
hors d'oeuvres. # . "^ 



Rose Hall Shops is having "Men's Night" every Thursday night mAil 
Christmas, Refreshments are served and the salesladies are on hand 
to help the gentlemen with suggestions. 

BILL TOMUNSON of Windsor Woods gets some heli^ l^ints from 
CHERYL BEATSON for the lady in his Ufe. 

:^___ ..C::::«_^ 

Givtt Our Gift C«rtificafM j 



D«ce«p«9«, RMia, Flerai Croft I 

C^ wyi tH SafocriM •# C fc r lrtwi Trial ia if e h > 
Sm Oar T«ya, J— I 

Vifgilia's Habhy ft Craft 

SIM AtlMtle ATMS* FhMW 4JW-I3SS || 




: i 


I ! 


48 MONTH QUARANTEE . ^ ^ ^ . 


1948-F DiMiontf 8prlfi9t RA 
Phom 464-3516 

A Bov hiir s^^ig atkn, C«Btnl 
of vlfi iid trib la lU Jaion uA 

i, cvtaad rMMttril SOS SOtt SIreat la iii ^ub Berongh. 
flffarlaf beauty atnrieaa, lam lAatodE HttraUy tbooaaads 
eolera. Iter «U1 alao ftjrlt aad laC thi vlff o( yoor dwiee. 



first Colonial 

High School News 

INSIGHT Thursday, Dec. 17 1970 Page 1 3 

SCA Project 

Words of Wisdom 

JcSm Jeoniocs and Karen Duc- 
kett swap wwds of wisdom on 
Friday afternoons when tbe big 
rush is on to me^ deadlines. 
Hiouilit we'd pass them on to 
you. We welcome any of your 
keen observatioas about life, or 

DeaJSk is the absence of life, 
but life is not just the absence 
of death. 

If we (to not stand for some- 
tbin|. we will fall for anything. 

Chemists don't die, Uiey just 
Ml to r»d. 

^Mathmatifdans don't die, tbey 
^t reduce totbeir lowest terms. 

Wopdshop teachers don't die, 
any just turn to pulp. 

Old principals don't die, their 
jBiadties just ftde amy. 

Gym teadiers don't die, flwy 
just smell that way. 

English teadwrs don^ die, they 
just teve weak conjunctions. 


Pilots (v^ned their season 
with a 106-70 win over the Kel- 
lam f&dghte. Led by Bo Killen, 
ToBiffly Couch, and Jesse Jcqmer, 
die Patriot machine filed q) 106 
pi^ts, a school scoring record. 
They jumped df to a 27-13 first - 
quarter lead, and led 47-36 at the 
half, before tbe reserves were 
put in. Ridcy Malbon scored 35 
points, Tom Couch 26, and Jesse 
Jojmr 23. Bo Killen and Tom 
Coudi were tiso excellent on the 
defensive boards. 

On ttie'foUowing night, the Pa- 
triots ran head-on into tbe red 
hot Crusader tea^ from Nor- 
folk Catholic Hi|^, andsubcumed 
to a 101-93 decision. The Cru- 
saders took advantage of some 
cold shooting by Pint ColcHiial, 
to bidld a ten point lead, 56- 
46, at the half. Bo Killen scored 
26, Wxkf Malbon 22, Tom Couch 
17, ^sse Joyner 5. 

Bo Killen set a school record 
with 21 reboimite, leaAng the 
Patriots to a 85-56 romp over 
arch-rival, Coz Hi^'s Falcons. 
There was just no hope for them 
as the Pilots qpened up a 
30-6 first quarter lead and put 
die game out ol readu The vic- 
tory was the first in seven tries 
and only the third basketball 
victory for ttie Patriots over 
the FalCMis. But it is ttie most 
lopsi(!ted victory, and the most 
beautiful, since the rivalry began 
duree years ago! The win was 
big for Tom Couch, scoring 22 
points, and was the first time 
since his freshman year the Pa- 
trick have beaten Cox. 
Away Dec. 18 Princess Fri. 

Home Dec. 22 Norfolk Tues. 

*Away Jan. S Granby Tues. 
*Away Jan. 8 Cox Fri. 
*Home Jan. 12 BodkerT.Tues. 

f^ Washinpiton 

*Away Jan. 45 Lake Fri. 

*Home Jan. 19 Norview Tues. 
*Home Jan. 29 Princess Fri. 

i^NortolkFeb. 2 Maury Tws. 
*iforae Feb. 5 Kemps- Fri. 

*H(Hne Feb. 9 Bi^side Tues. 
*Away Feb. 12 Kellam Fri. 
'^J.V. Games at 6:15 p.m. 
Varsity games at 8KX) p.m. 

When history teachers die, 
diey're buried In the past. 

When metal shop teachers die, 
fliey are buried in files. 

When band directors die, they 
are buried in tunes (tombs). 

Art teachers never go mad, 
ttiey just lose ttieir tempra. 

A routine is sooner or later 
ctmquered by boredom. (Mare 

It seems that trying is more 
dian half the job of being a 
hero, and nan/be half a hero 
is better than none at alL (Keith 
Morga iQ __ 2, 

"Do you want to biiy a piece 
of candy?", "C'monl It juit costs 
a dimeilMqr some!" Iliese are 
die sounds heard in the halls 
lately. A second candy sale goes 
into effect in which the students 
volunteer to sellacertal^aigiouqt 
of candy. The proceeds'Nidll go 
to different school organisations, 
such as the defunct school news- 
p^»r, The Town Crier The pre- 
sent contest has a idze of $1.00 
for each $8 packet of candy sold 
and a grand {arice of $10.00 
to be awarded to the person 
selling the largest amouirt. 

This is the first project of 
file Shideirt Co-operi^ve AJiso- 
datton; headed by BiUFairehild, 
president; Pauls Beaudiard, 
vice-president; Laurie Penner, 
treasurer; and Suste Litchfield, 
secretary. Under ttiese people's 
guidance and efforts, combined 
with other's, the S.C.A. now has 
almost $900.00 in its treasury. 

Three hundred dollars will be 
used for pubU^ng a hand book- 
let for new studente. These book- 
lets will contain a map of the 
school, the names of the admini- 
strators, faculty members, 
school clubs, their functions, and 
yibom to contact if you are in- 
terested in joining, and other 

useful school data. Two thou- 
sand booklets will be distributed 
amoung the student body and 
will be firee of charge. 

Tlie S.C.A. is also interested 
in Tidewater's needy fiunilies. 
Studente and teadiers are bring- 
ing in oU toys, both broken 
and in good shape. The wood- 
shop is repairing fiie brdcen 
toys. The toys will then be dis- 
trilwted to needy fuoMes far 

There are several projecteh 
in ttie making, bofii helpful io 
die public and the school. Keep 
an eye on F.C.H.S.'s S.C.A., 
fiiey're out for a better and 
more fun ^mmunityl 

Charles Condomine; MARY COURTNEY as Madam Arcati; 

APRIL LAWSON as Edifii; STACEY WALKER as Rufii Condo- 
mine; and GARY MOORE as Dr. Bradma]^ 


Blithe Spirit 

Play Reviews 

The eager antteUwtton xd the 
production of BUfiie S|i*lt wtf 
satisfied by its premtere pre- 
sentaflon Friday and Saturday 
nights. It was a SMASHING SUC- 
CESS! Under ttie direction d 
Mrs. Mviha Dozier the cast 
gave a remarkable performance 
of thi$ well-known play, 
deliverance of the . play 
dear evidence of the effort put 
in by all involved. 

Ros & Guild Are Dead 

Senior English and Speech 
classes attended Norfolk Theater 
Center oa November 6. Have 
you ever heard of Rosencrantz 
and Guildenstern? You mig^ have 
if you have read Shakespeare's 
Hamlet. The play, Rosencrantz 
and Guildenstem Are Dead, is 
an Hilarious comedy piece about ' 
Hamlet turned around, where 
OpeUa, ChuMHus, Polraius, etc 
have walk-(»is (and somettmw no 
lines) and die two insignificant 
dttraders are brou{^ to flie 
fim-and stay there tturoughottt 
file play. 

It was presented on a 
IHTodenum stage (three sided). 
You got ttie felling ttiat you were 
in the play because ttie players 
were conttnually in ttie audience. 
Hie fantestic directton waus re- 
preseitfattve^'of Stu Fedyszyn's 
artistic directtng. The rucxed 
costumes were 1n>ical <tf ttat 
period. Hamlet wore abolt aroimd 
Us neck Instead of a coat of 
arms. Iliis was to depli^ Nor- 
fidk's artistic, ttOmr than 
aosdemis sode^. Comic relief^ 
were added to fiisplayfiNr lau0s. 
The play was weU worth seeing. 

Lance Appleton's protrayal of 
Charles Condemine was nothing 
less fiian MAGNinCENT! Co- 
starring witli^Lance were Stacey 
Walker and Rita Cregar who 
really deserve a pat oo die back. 
April Lawson and her huge brown 
eyes most assuredly served their 
puipose in adding to ttie humor 
of ttie play. —Oh! And Mary 
Courtney beautifully adiieved ttw 
affect necessary in die imperson- 
ation of Madame Arcatt. Laura 
Earley and Gary Moore both 
aded out the parts of old Mr. 
and Mrs. Bradman like two pro- 

1 can honestly say that First 
Colonial undoubtedly does have 
talent and we, as students of 
F.CJi.S. should ALL recognize 

Ass. Editor 
Sports Editor 

M, Courtney 
K. Dudcett 
J. Hooks 
J. Cholkley 
B. Barber 

J. Hooks 
S. Walker 
J. JianinB 
R. Dudcett 

Sponser: Barbara Kirkpatridc 


PogaH INSIGHT Thurgijoy, Pcc^ J7> I^TO 

But with ttie stores crowded aod ttie clerics trasy ttiere are sluq^rs 
oo ttie move wbo dcm't pay for merdnndlse. aK^ilifters and pidc- 
pockets and purse snatdwrs have a hey (by every year aifliis time. 
aiopUrters account for many millions of dollars of lost revenue every 
year. The small item whidi the young lady in ttiis posed picture 
is slipping into her purse may seem insignificant but did you ever 
stop to think who will pay for it? Yoo will. The buying public. Prac- 
tically every item in the stores has a loss mark iqrbdH to to cover 
fl» loss from dKqdifiting. Never try to tppttibevd a sbi^ilifter M. 
notify a ^re emfd^ immediately. Wltlioitf tte Aoidifter our 
Christmas UUs would be miUloos of dollars lii^r, a would our 
ftMtf bill, elothiag Mil, etc. etc 



ond o new stotion . . ^ 


JNSIOHT Thursday, Dec. 17, 1970 Page 15 


WILUAM GREDLE tif Arrowhead Is shown ¥rtth his painting "Princess Anne Road" which won for him 
Best in Show at the All)emarle Art Show held in EUzabeth City. The painting at top right in the dcture 
also won for CREDLE a first place in acryUcs. . "*»"»» |.,aui« 

Yamg artist BETTY CREDLE is only 15 years old but 
die is ao accomplished and recognized artist. BETTY, 
who is a member of the Young Artists of College Park 
and Uves with her parents, MR. & MRS. WILUAM CREDLE, 
in Arrowhead, recently won first and second places in 
Students Divisioo in drawing in the Second Albemarle 
Aret Art Show. Over 300 paintings, drawings and sicetdies 
by Norttietstern North Carolina and Tidewater Virginia 
artists were eddUted in the show irtiich was held in Elisabeth 
City at the Southgate Mall Shopping Center. 


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SrntaU mh §tdtB 
JForttiai Smr and ArrrBiorlre 

VmOINIA BE^^H. VA. 23#62 

LfioH mev 

PHONE 409^12 

: :.f 

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PJO. Box 097 
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N— J*^_ 


45th Year 

Virginia Bg«ch, Virginia, Thursday, December 24, 1970 

Ttrlt-phonc 428 

Funding For 
New Theatre 

The final act of a pity that 
irlll lead iv the fUiancial suc- 
cess of the Uttle Ttwatre be- 
gan Monday with City Council's 
decUion to grant $15,000 to ttie 
groim tor its new tatfUttng. 

"They don't need mmey to 
start, they need mmiy to fi- 
nish," said Councilman Robert 
B. Cromwell Jr. He said that 
for soBie time council bad felt 
that if it contributed to one 
organisation it would have to 
<^n the door to the trnsury 

But now that ttie dty has 
donated $10^000 to the artUt's 
assodatton for its museum, 
it has an obligatioii to treat 
the° ttwatre group in the same 
manner, he said. 

The council had earlier gone 
on record as opposii^ any con- 
tributions to civic wganin^ns 
and because of th^ the Uttle 
Theatre had requested the dty 
donate a site imtead of mcmey. 

Monday City Manafer Roger 
M. Scott read a r^nrt indi- 
cattng that tte land in file Beach 
BorouCb was far too valuable 
for the dty to (fenato. 

Since the theatre wanted land 
dose to the resort strip, the 
door was closed on that ojptlon. 

The^re ptHM/aH James T. 
English told coundl the recpiest 

for lanSNir B|omy was not a 
"eapridous oiie," for the the- 
atre must begin to move in the 
construction or return tmOs 
already contrilMited. 

"We're at a critical point 
now, and that's why we're 
back," he said. Thefthiatre 
did not operate in 1969 fend this 
year has been using a; portion 
of the old Bay ^iwt^t Club 
for its perf (Nrmances. i 

EiMElish said the needfor such 
a cultoral Mtlvity is ^eat in 
Virginia B^ach and thatlbedty 
had an obligation tb npiitfain 
it for its dtisens and vptors. 

Coundlmau F. Reid Ervln 
suggested the coimdl consider 
budgeting a spedfic amount 
each year to sustain cultural 
and creative activities such as 
file art group or fite^re. 

But Mayor Donald H. Rhodes 
said that "we've still got com- 
munities that don't have sew- 
9T9S6 and ws^er. We iiave to 
sit back and put this tiding in 

""But/' he sfid, "I'minclinef 


8ul»bllti9 candy on the stove, baking cakes 
and bfowning turkey; 

Twinkling llghte onthetree. Icicles waving 
gently as children f^sh by; 

Candles shining In the windows, greeting 
cards from friends; 

Grey clouds and frosted breath, leafless 
trees sllhoueted against the winter sky; 

A freshly-built file In the fireplace, 
crackling Its urgency to spread warmth; 

Heat waves rising to the mantti, slcarcely 
moving the decorotlve pine boughe there; 

Toys and children and pets underfoot, 
doorbells heroiding the arrival of guesti; 

Gaily wrapped gifts under the tree, holiday 
rememberances from family far away; 

Mirelc calling back memories, the familiar 
strains of old beloved carols; 

Old people sitting by the fire, excitement 
and Joy reflected In the eyes of children; 

,to fiiink fitat you'll git yoiir 
momy"'des»ite file fiid that 
next week the dvic chorus will 
be asking for a grairt and the 
following week the ordestra 
will ahow t^ tor' a dwi a tlon . 

Fcnr sevend yaars the fiie- 
atre has been adively ti«aged 
in raising construction finds 
and has acguirei IgaittUfb 
Street and Barberton Drlv«. 

They hcva «t!^ JypQMa 
fiiair JwMdtBf lilt, aaHflMOed 
the city% tmna^tte deoatiop 
to seeur« a tttdi toafltf $49,800 
to begin consiroetton. 

h-.U- * 

« # 

l^cimllles together arot|nd1kh$ heavily lodeh! 
table, heads bowed In prayer^ 

"^Ohr-LoT-d, give ti s th e w i sd p m andl 
understanding to Cdrry wlth^iie throughout 
the year the love and compassion we hovf ' 
this day for our ftjlowman. Ainen." 


Announcemeirt of fin 11 win- 
ners of file AU-Ameriea City 
awards will probably not be 
made ui^ F Arury, aooording 
to Frank Crfapy, fiie dty*s 
public idbrmaticffl dfioer. 

It hid beenexpededttatttw 
winners would be amdunced in 

Virginia Beach is one of 22 
dfles fiirc^i^out fiie cxmatry 
comprtb^ for the U All Amer- 
ica City tttles-awairded each 
year Iqr Look magasliie and 
ttM Nafional Mnddpal League. 

Creasy and James DeBelUs, 
director of woBonic develqp- 
OMUt, called at fiie Look of- 
fices hi New York last week 
while on a business trip and 
were tokl of tte delay in fiie 

A panel of Judges wiU visit 
eadi ol file 22 dttes before 
Um final selecttons are made 
and the panel has not yet Parted 
its tour, Creasy said be was 

"But from our conversation' 
witti officials," be said, we «re 
sttU very opfimistte about Vtr- 
l^nia Beach's dnncM." 

V^er Baoki 
CUmeJatu 8 

Voter regtstrafion books will 
d(NM iumry 6 fi»r ttie spe- 
cial elaetton on fin i^iool bond 
raffertndum to be heU Jamary 


inie general registrar's of- 
fice at PrlncMS Anw Court 
House will be open from 9 
a.m. to S p.m. and aU assis- 
tant registrars will be ivail- 
able in ttwir ptaeas ofhqitein. 

For i^nisattoii regirdtis 
fiw locafioD of ttie art^ant 
itgtstrais, plaase caU the 
re^trar's office attt7-46n. 


Dear Santa: 

When y6H go to New Y«rk 
teU Rudolph to put on Usbright 
ttiht because of fiie smog. You'd 
better by a gas mask. Just 
fbgot tiSoat ttwvottair Trein* 
deer. You can idwifs hire mora: 
Clean Ihe presents when you 
come to Virginia. BECAUSE we 
don't like dirty presents. 
Your clean friend, 

PS We will not leave adiocQlato 
pie for you because ypu never 
leave any tor me. 

Dear Sanla Clans: 

My name is Deneane. I have 
been a good girl and have lis- 
tened to my Mofluny and Daddy 
all year, I would like' some 
Christmas presents for me uid 
my friends. 1 wouU like an 
easy .baki stove, a doll house 
and a stroller for dolly and 
some new curtaini, a new bear. 
Please bring Utrnmy an enve- 
kqpe and letter. Bring me a 
new doll PleaM brii« Daddy 
a SliAy and Mommy a Ug 
present. PleiMe i^ve ttw chil- 
dren at nursery sdiool some 
presents, too. 

Dear &mte: 

I have been good fids yiar. 
The thing I wouU like is a 
bed ro(Nn suit, drum set, levls- 
all ootors all kinds, rtlrts-loBg 
and short, all kinds, shoM, 
walM wltti money in it, tons 
and tweak's WiU db fine, belt, 
moctel, socks, Jadnt. 
From Doug. 

I hope you don't work too 
imrd Christmas olg|t.Miii- 
ma's has looked in aUfiiaitores 
for Dune Buoy irtiHbi* Aad 
I't find any. I>lene tory to 

find one for me. How is your 
wife ddngttMfe days? 



Dear Santa: '" — — — 7- 

I hope you wiU let ma haw 
my number of toys in your 
Bag and have a doe Christ- 

PJS. By file end of Christmas 
send me $7.50. 

Dear Santa: 
I have been a very good girl. 

Dear Santa and Mn. SanteCla- 

How are you, Santa, and how 
are you Mrs. ^mta? I l^>pe 
you are b6tb fine. I hope Mrs. 
-Sai^ Clause is ^ng you M, 
I'm sure she is. Your elves 
are surely busy geting ready 
for Christmas, aad so are you 
.Santa. We have our Christmas 
tree put.tq> and cant wail fill 
Christmas. I been a good girl 
fills year for you. I helped 
my nwttier and ftf^r. Please 
try to get me fimw things for 

Dear Santa: 
I want roller skates. 

Dear Santa, 

When you come M Christ- 
mas woubl you tidce my Uke' 
for (me of the poor children? 
It you do wake me up first, 
ok. If you can would you bring 
me a few filings? 

Hair dryer, invenseat, type- 
writer, crissy, table and chairs, 
Crissy close, a gas ballon, a 
new pendl case, a little iron 
bord and a real iron, some 


I mve De«n m vwy kwu »»» »• Christmas: some flings for my -- - - ^ . 

ForChristmaswouldyoupleue barbie, some dotties, a radio, ^J? P^«!;*^' *;°f ' * "S 
bring me a coloring book, hand some games, some dolls, some wifii a basket, am a reconi 

bo(da, coloring boda, paper player. 

dolls, and a f6w records. From 

I would Uke you to write Margaret 

me bade my address is : 

3816 Uberty Ridge Road. 

Va. Beach, Va. 
My name is Helen Van Luyn. 

I'm gdag to have some coffee 

and cookies downstairs for you 

after you cone from fiie cold. 

I have to go now. By-By. 



cream, new diampoo, a great 
big candy cane, new oomb and 
bru^ My broter Bryan wanto 
a new T.V. Please give me 
a kiss and a hug. Bryan says 
he wanto somettdng like a toy. 
Good bye, 
Karen, age 7. 


Fill my stoddngwifii goodies, 
dont forget CuUy. and litfie 
brcAher, Derek. He is four years; 
old and t am eight. I hiqw 
you are getting al(mg food. And 
I bovt your wife gstllng along 
fine too. My Ust wiU be where 
it is aU ways. 
Yoto' firiend, 



iW Santa Claw, 

I ala a boy 4 years okl. 
For Christmas, woeU yoa 
ptaise brii^ me a wnodra air- 
plane ttd anettwr one fisr my 
firiend, John. Also, I would Uke 
tnlns fiff J^ aad me. My 
ftttier woirid like A gas air- 
ptoe and I woidd Ukt a pl^ 
tnw of mj^tf. l^nk yoe San- 
ta Cbns; ' 

Mdmel >«^ 



i love you please bring me a 

whole lot of toys. 



Dear Santa: 

I love you. You are dee. I 
hope you bring me some stutt. 


Dear Santa: 

I have tried to be good. And 
ma is whtf I want: A (torn 
doU and clotties. A klnnera 
■lile porjedor. And BartAe 
hanprs. This is fiie second 

From Shari 

Setting Up System 
for Water, Sewage 

An Alexandria -based en- 
gineering firm has been chosen 
by City Council to evaluate the 
Norfolk water system and the 
Virginia Beach landfill system 
and make recommendattoAs for 
ttie creation of a two-dty water 
and trash authority. 

City Manager Roger M. Scott 
said that he and Norfolk City 
Manager Thomas Maxwell had 
considered proposals made by 
two firms and that Howard, 
Needles, Tammen & Bergendo^ 
had been selected. 

The total cost of the study 
will be $17,100. Virginia Beach's 
share will be $8,550. 

The other firm under con- 
sideration for the contrad was 
Wiley and Wilson of Lynchburg. 

In addition, Scott asked &at 
file Richmond firm of Hunton, 
WilUams, Gay, Powell and Gib- 
son be retained as legal ad- 
visors for the dty to determine 
file makeup and legal responsi- 
. bility of the autiwrity. 

Depending on fiie law firm's 
recommet^attons, one or two 
anfiiorittes could be established. 

Scott has indicated he favors 

two separate authorities to han- 
dle each fundion while Maxwell 
favors a single authority. 

Still in its formal session, 
Council agreed to support the 
Kempsville Volunteer Fire De- 
partment in obtaidng a federal 
grant to purchase two new am- 

Scott said the units, which 
would cost $33,000, would be 
paid for on an equal basis by 
file department and the govern-^ 

During a» toftmnal siMlai^ 
coimdl: ■ 

^as briefed by Tidevatir 
Virginia Dev^l(H;«ient Cooidl 
Chairman Sdney Kellam on Om 
dty's partidpa^inOKfrwp. 
Mayor Donald H. Rhodes htd 
indicated earUer Uiat file dtjr 
should pull out of the eonadl 
because it wasn't recdvlng aqr 
tangible resulto from menter- 

(Conlinned on page 8) 

Mixing for Jail Ordered 

City Sgt. John E. Marr has 
been ordered to completely in- 
tegrate file Vlrgida Beach City 
Jail by 10 a.m. fills mornii^. 

U.S. Distrid Court Judge Ro- 
bert R. Merhige, Jr., issued 
file order during a Tuesday 
hearing which resul^d in 
Marr's being held in codempt 
of court. 

The contempt of court dte- 
tton resulted from Marr's re- 
ported fhilure to answer a Dee. 
8 subpoena to appear <hui^| a 

court blaring 

Marr's a|leied fttlora to da- 

sep'ei^te ttM Jtfl. 

itarr cootanMiha jaU' 
operated on an iBtafratad iMls 
wlfii file sxeepttoii tiOmibn 
qumrters. A nova wMdi haflid 
te made fbr ttia siMy of in- 
mates of ttM JaU, 

Judftf Marhifa dalamd md- 
tendnf of Man M Oi 

come of a 


Dear Sada: I Uke you. What I 
want for Xmas is ataarbe doll 
and diofiies and case uid a 
easy bake oven with loto d mi- 
xes and a great dg doll ten 
feet high and a Ug Uke. Bet- 
ty'r Jise maker hair dayer and 
pop cpm mader. A perule sd 
from af an. ud a beaty sd and 
• doll house wifii filings.^. 

PJS. I belave in you. I know 
that you can mif only only 
get me a few filings, good-bye. 
I am 7 yean oU. 


Dear Santa Clmis, 
I am telling you ^vbH I want 
for Christmas. Here is what 
I want A4Aeycle,rockpoUsher, 
bdiy tenderlove,batble clothes, 
tor Dawn and Baitle. And a 
car for Dawn. You are so dee, 
too, I Uke you very madi. I 

(Coitinued on page<^ 

What does Sartta Claus do when he gets a handful of tcreamfn« 
youngsterTHe suffers! At least that's what SanU fttms to do M^ 
ashetriestoconsoleh-i^htened Jimmy Martin, yttr-old son of Pf . 
and Mrs. William Martin, 1365 Stephens Rd., at the BrUrcllff 
Christmas party Sunday afternoon. 

Riggsis Wroten*s Successor 


After 13 years on the Plan- 
*iiing Commission, Chairman 
Benjamin W. Wroten lod his 
seat Monday as City. Coundl 
made dx four-year appoint- 
roente to that body. 

Wroten was replaced on the 
commission by R.L. (Buddy) 
Riggs after three votes on can- 
di<faites. During the final balld, 
Wroten was considered alcme 
for file position and was re- 
jeded in a 6-4 vde. 

C^ty Coundlmen F. Reid 
Ervii^ D. Murray Malbon, Ro- 
bert B. Cromwell Jr., and 
l^ir UomiA H. Rhod» were 
atone in ^ir support of Wro- 
te^ who had been crtttdied 

for nd having resigned his 
commission seat when he na 
unsuccMSftiUy for counci^ 
earUer fills y^ir. 

Otter appolntmeds made 
were the re-appddmMt id 
Herman R. Booney, Charles 
W. Beard and Arfinir H. Jur- 
genson to new terms. New i|»- 
pointees incluto^ttgg& James 
C. Donnelly au Itofiert H. Wat- 

WaUingtd) and Donnelly were 
I by l^.ClareBot Hol- 
land, who said ttie B^nide Bor- 
ough, as the dty's tasted frow- 
ing, tindd teve peiter re* 
prttentafion on. the planning 

Sevwral eoaneilMti 
earltor expressad tba . 
thd te eraimlaridi 1^ 
(Canttiiaii! «i piia ^ 





£nter t a inmOT (t. .».. wMw 



W iiM^ ll iQI My W I WtW i 

Virginia BmcH Sun 

Santa Calls at Bay cliff 

INTRIGUED— Little Missy Abrahamson 
and her father, Lee, appear intrigued as 
they watch the Christmas skit presented 
by Mrs. Anne Penlngton and members of 
the Virginia Beach Little Theatre Sunday 
at the Cape's children's party. 

Vestrymen Elected 

At a meetli^ this week six 
men were elected to three- 
year terms on the rotating 
vestty of Galilee Episo^! 

They are Edbeti CalUs, Jr., 
Benjamin Huger, H, Cdr. B. 
F. Joyner Jr., J. K. Pennell, 
Charles L. Gilliam and 
Lawrence B. Wales, Jr. 

hoRwdiM) doM loSciooge? 

ALfiERT FlNNEY^S «»ar4 - quaU^- 

performance is beautiful 

Charles Chqdin L. A. Times 

ie<f • ci 

A Onema Center Flms PresenMion 

A Nirtiooal Gehetal Piciuras RalBMe 

Panavtsion* Technicolor* j|g^^ 

Features Daily 
1:15 3:15 5:15 7:15 9:15 

Princess Kiddie "nme Every Sitorday 9:15 All Only 
This Week "TIE REPflLE" 

* ^nday afternxm something 
really special Ifflj^ened for the 
children of the limilies atBay- 
cUtt. Santa arrived after lunch 
and, to the surprise of all, 
presented each child with pre- 
sented (^mes, iwi'^lr, and 

The parente were also 
honored by Santa *1th a box of 
candy and a hearty laugh that 
will surely ring in ttelr ears 
until Christmas. 

Each child had the chance to 
talk privately with Sai^ and 
expres! desires about what was 
wanted under each tree. After 
joying about one hour, Swita 
left aiAid great excitement and 
promised to return Christmas 

Families present were Mr. 
and Mrs. D. Esinhart, Mr. and 
Mrs. E. Turner, Dr. and Mrs. 
William Martin, Mr. and Mrs. 
G. Hoover, ' Mr. and Mrs. H. 
Morris, Mr. and Mrs. J. 
Meidell, Mr. and Mrs. T. Bax- 
ter, Mr. and Mrs. William Ray, 
Mr. and Mrs. G. Boston, Mr. 


For Jan. 

The prograip for January at 
the Virginia Beach Planitarium 
will be "Winter Skies." 

Winter Is'^the^ best time of 
the year to viewxCelestial ob- 
jects due to nbrmally clearer 
skies. This pro^m vdll con- 
centrate (m tte position, (tf con- 
stellations and other celestial 
objects in the winter sky. Some 
deep-sky objects (nebulae and 
galaxies) yAll be pdnted out 
for those witti telescope;^. A 
summary of space activities 
will close the program. 

Winter hours are 3 to 4 
p.m. on Uie 3rd, 10th, nth, 
24th, and 31st, all Sundays and 
7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on the 
5tb, 12th, 19th, and 26th, Tues- 

The pbmetarium seats 120 
people, and is easily access- 
ible from the 44 toll road tiy 
taking the Lyimhaven exit to 
Lynidta^n Road. *■ 

TelepiM)iie tl$ main dfice at 
Plaza Junior High Sdiool.... 
486-1971 for reservattiHis. Ad- 
mission free. Children imder 
a^ 12 may l>e refused ei^ 
untess aiseempaniedbyam^tare 

and Mrs. F. R(*erge, Mr. and 
Mrs, A. Dlas, Mr. and Mrs, 
A. G4ad, Mr. and Mrs. K. 
MOTanvlUe, Mr. and Mrs. F. 
Wiley, and Mr. and Mrs. W. 

The gifts for the dhildren 
were forewarded to Santa bj-ttie 
Baycliff Developmert Corpora- 

ti(u aad tte MUttng ow^c^^s 
in tte. connuity. I^mcft and 
SN^es wer« Also serm! (« 
ttis blustery winter (te>> 

Decoration at ttie WycUft 
Sales office were prepare^ W 
Mrs, Marie Tucker und Paul 
DeRocter, Qte Larasvi Sales 

Tiddler* In Richmond 

As a bonus for area tteater- 
goers, the Richmond Theater 
League filll pr^ent the Nat- 
ional Company of "Fiddler on 
the Roof," now beginning its 
torewell tour, for one wfeek, 
January 4 through 9, at the 
Mosque. «. 

Be* Carroll, as Tevye, the 
Impoverished dairyman, heads 
tiie large cast (A 35 singers 
and dancers which will preseirt 
the "world's most acclaimed 
musical" for six evei^i« per- 
formances, plus matinees on 
Wednesday and Saturday. The 
return of "Fiddler" will mark 
the first full-week ^ipearance 
of a Broadway musical since 
October of 1968 when "Fiddler 
on the Roof played a week- 
long engagement at the MosQue. 

"Fiddler," currently ttie 
third "longest runnli^' musl- 
cal in Broadway history, rece- 
ntly began its seventh year on 
Broadway. It will become mi- 
mber two on April 1, 1971, 
when it overtakes "My Fair 
Lady," auid become the all- 
time record holder next July 

New ISeries 
To Start 

Weekly programs open to ttie 
public are being initiated by 
tiie Assodatidn for Researdi 
and InUglitenineitf, 67tt %:eet 
and Atlantic Avenue, begiming 
Jan. M-Ultti. 

On f ri<«y> Jan. 8 at 8 p.m. 
a lecture :on tbe worts of die 
faramis Russian pidlosoplwr P. 
D. Ouspensky will be ^ven by 
Lester BiU>coks, ft loog-ttme 
student of OuspenslQr and lec- 
birer m his works. Ttis will 
be followed by Saturday mom- 
li^r uid afternocm study classes 
00 Qie same sidtject. 

m mtOii, Jan. 10 at 3*.30 
p,m. &e ipegidar Sundbgr FunuB 
programs will be resraiad. A 
ledure on tiie siAject, "In Gall 
We Trust— tbe Metap^cs of 
America" will be given by Ro- 
bert Krajenke. 

This three-day program will 
be followed week^ throufjiout 
tbe winter on a ^^ety of nib- 

21 iHien it surpasses "Hello, 
Dolly/' wUeb «111 end its 
Brotteay run tills December 
27 after 2,844 perfbrnwices> 

Tte national compaiiy of 
"FUdler on the Roof' is the 
same one Qiaf recently played 
WasUni^on's Natiorad Theater 
for three sell-out weeks. Ric- 
hard L. Coe, 4rama critic of 
tbe Washlogton Post, said, "Bob 
Carroll's siaj^ng is tbe best 
of all the Tevye's I have he- 
ard." EmersMi Beauchamp, of 
ttie Star, called, the production 
"brlgtt and sUi^, warm and 
satisfying... tiie whole ^ow 
sinp and italics." 

Tidcets M t|iis perfect fa- 
mily entertainment can be or- 
dered now by mail from the 
Richmond Thaler League, 509 
West Grace Street, Richmond, 
VirginUi 23220. (Please enclose 
a stamped, self-addressed en- 



Publishad wMkly by ttw 
Baod) Publishing Corpora- 
tion, 3IOe Pacific Avwkw. 
Virginia Beach. Virginia, 
23451. Second class postage 
paid at Virginia Beach, Vir- 
ginia. Annyal eubscriptlen 
rcrte by mall telei^nne 
703-428-2401 and carrier 
$5.20; single copy 10^. Ad-, 
vertlslr^ rates upon request. 
Menter of the Virginia 
Press AssociatTon. 

"The Ni^ Before Christ- 
mas" was preseiited byttw stu- 
dents of tile Potnt View ele- 
mentary Sdiool, at tbe regular 
P.TX meeting. 

Narrator bx tbe, program was 
Katby Badgett. Tbe jovial Santa 
was playedby JlmmeyBoogades 
wbo came Muipped witii sled, 
Ugb i^p the 'eafUiorium. 

Tbe entire presentation was 
beU (ogetber by tbe Cboral 
froap eompoied of 6tt and 7tb 
gmde stvde^s, wbo sing 
Clfflalmas songs ttirot^utttie 

llghts of tbe eviffiing, starred 
Mike liaidiews, llirttiaHalver- 
S(Hi, Edte liitm^wt BnoeKen- 
drldu A lovely aattviiy s<^ne 
was made by Mrs. Van Ku- 
ren's class. 

Potonlttis werepresentwito 
Miss UaUk Borer, music di- 
rector of tbe sdKw; wboirorked 
witii tile ddklren to arrange 
tiie program. Slut ins also i^- 
ven a $200 check by tbe PTA 
presented by PresijteBt Mel Ml- 
zelli, to purdnse modcal in- 
struments for tbe sdiool Mrs. 
F. Mltcbell, sebool librarian 
was 8^v« a plant in behalf of 
ber grand cooperation in all of 
ttie sdiool ftmottoos. "^ 

Presentation d tbe flag was 
0ven by We«blos Padt jK^ under 
ttie leadership pf Mr. l^on 

Aitenduce trcqAies were won 
by Mrs. Eatman's 3rd grade and 
Mrs. Van Karen's Stti grade 


F^itures: 2-4-64-10. 






•ROSSNUNIIM mmcmt __ _^^ 




Fei^nres: 2-4-6-8-10 

Tluirsctay, D©c«ri^rl4, 1970 
Band Ctmi^firt Enraptufe» 

Children listen attentively, the Plaza Junior High School Ba^'s Christmas Concert, 

Chants Is Growing Christn^as 

Bartsara W. GreeiM of Vir- 
gt|ila Beadt, Uus been aeleded 
as a member of the Virginia 
Wesleyan College Chorus for 

Ifiss Greene, daughter of l4r. 
and Mrs. Robert Aberg of 2401 
Julian Avenue, Balcersfield, 
Calif<n:nia is a graduate of Cou- 
ina High Sdiool, Couina, Cal- 

Sberyl Ann Williams of Vir- 
ginia Beach is president of the 
cbtnrus; Margaret AnnMacGre- 
gor of West KMmsburg, N.J., 
is secretary-treasurer; Norvill 
D. Rd)ertson of Norfolk, is 
business manager, and Thomas 
W. Cavanai^b of Portsmouth, 
and Philip A. Doccolo of Tow- 
scm, Md. are in charge of pd>- 

Miss Williams, daughter of 
Mr^ and Mrs. Uroy L. Wil- 
liaqis of 5200 Rolleston Drive, 
is a 1969 graduate of Princess 
Anne Hig|) S<^. 

Mrs. Lerov \ Williams of 
Vir^nla Beadi u director of 

ttie chorus. Mcs. Williams re- 
ceived the Ba(^Ior of Arts 
degree in M^ic Education flrom 
Occidental College, Los Ange- 
les, Callfon^a. 

3 Arrested 
At Base 

Three Hopewell, Va., resi- 
dents are fadng procee(UnsB in 
Viri^Aia BeMh Munidpal Court 
on charges cA possession of 
marijuana witti intent to sell, 
which constit^es a felony vio- 
lation of drug abuse laws. 

Tbe accused were identified 
by officials as Waverly Rich- 
ardson, 20; James C. mnger, 
20; and Jerome Peter^n, 18. 

Investigators said the sus- 
pects were arrested as they 
were leaving the Utile Creek 
Naval AmpMbious Base in a 
van. A search of tbe van re- 
portedly lead to tie discovery 
of approximately two poimds 
of marijuana. ' 



St. Francis Episccqial Cburdi, - 
509 Roseniont Road, will have 
ttie following, Services daring 
ttie 12 Days of Christmas: 

Dee. 20tti 7 p.m.-€hristnias 

Dec 24tt) 11 p.m.-Chri8tmas 
Eve. Holy Communion & Ser- 

Dec. 25tti 10 a.m.-Christmas 
D^. Holy Communion & Ser- 

Dec 27tt) 9 & 11:15 a.m.- 
Festival oi Lessons and pirols. 

Jan. 1st 10 a.m.-New Years 
Day. Holy ComnMmion. 

Jan. 3rd 11:15 a.m.- Folk 


Jan. 6th 8:30 p.m. -Feast of 


Visitors are cordially wel- 
come to participate. 


920 East 4th Strttt 
Wtin Yarfcf M.Y. ID009 

Ships Glow In Norfolk 

Ships moored at tiw Norfolk '™* y*"* ^ ^ ^ P"^ 
NavalStattonandttieDestroyer- ^' *"Li^if1,J!2.^^ 
Stibmarine Piers have once a- !!?"j2f22i 'Xl!!!? "t* 
gain shown r glowing message X! ^ffinif^SSIilJ 
in ttie "Christmas Spirit." *•** ^^^ Centuries of Christ^ 

mas" celebration in NorfoU^ 


JoMphE UvincprtwniiAAAvcoEn^uyFiln 
A Corio PoMi PreAiCKOn tfomng 

Pmdwod br Oxio to* and Arthur CoIm 


Thursday, Decomber 24, 1970 

Virginia Beach Sun 

1 I 


Building Projects 
Here Recognized 


^0 Virginia Beadi twlldlng 
profit irare spotU^rted latte 
Nov«ii^r trcbltectwa^ ectttton 
of tti "VlrglnU Record" pid)- 

tli^ were ttie Atlinttc Per- 
maiMit Savings and Loan branch 
ofllo^ on Independence Blvd. 
indl Biiside Arms ^artments, 
ttie first project in Vlrgtida 
to be bultt under tte .National 
HouriflC Act to provide better 
hottrint for lower Income peoide 
anA aedor cltisens. 

^ Melvln M. Spence and Assd- 
dates deigned Atlantic Per- 
manent. E. H. Bowman was 
the consulting engineer, mecha- 
nical and electrical, uA L, J. 
Hoy, Inc. was the general con- 
tractor, f 

The one-story facility Is of 
bride with a Mansard type roof. 
It houses office space, a con- 
ference room, waiting room and 
a new accounts area as well 
as a community room which has 

Chih Keeps Officers, 
Gets New Staff 

Walter J. PanUewlcK has 
been re-elected iMresldentof the 
Cavalier Golf and Yacht Club 
It was announced recently. 

The board of directors also 
named Frank Wllhelms and Wil- 
liam D, Nagg to continue as vice ' 
pr^ldent and secretary res- 
pectively of the'Birdneck Point 
based cltlb. , 

Fraidc L. Fentress was 
elected treasurer, repladng 
Charles B. Arrington. He Is the 
only new officer for the 1971 

Tbe annual membership 
meeting re-elected Robert W. 
Pedi and W. Herbert Terry 
to Ito board. New men^rs 
flexed Include Guy W. Kd^tm 
Jr., J. W. Moseman and Ste- 
phen H. Mundy. 

The botfd recently named 
Mldttel Grodch dub manager, 
repladng Buddy^ard. He 
comes to the Cavalier after ser- 
ving three and a half years 
at the Little Creek Officers 

^ In tbe food business for over 
18 years, Groddi has also 
served at Tbe ComoMdore 
Country Club In ^ Kemps- 
ville section and the NOB Club 
in Norfolk. 

Tbe Cavalfer, a private club, 
tec become bmous as ^ home 
of tbe Payton Memorial Junior 
„Golf Tournament which brings 
tofettier some of the best gol- 
fers In the region. Lou Shue 
is Head Golf Pro.^ 

A new chib bouse, swtoming 
^ and two tennis courts were 
opened during tbe summer. The 
Cavalier is one of the few 
really private clubs remaldng 
in ^ resort sedion of Vir- 
ginia Beadi. 


On Food 

Tbe Virgida Beach Health 
Department Is presently con- 
ducting a series of Food Ser- 
vice Seminars in different areas 
of the dty for owners and 
managers fA restaurants and 
food service establishments. 

Their raspondbtlities to Oie 
public are being stressed, with 
particular emphasis on proper 
maintenance of plad andeQdp- 
ment %sA the corred methods 
d adileving food service sad- 
tatlon in the storage, prepar- 
ation and serving of food. 

Charles P. Lunn, a sadtar- 
ian of 12 years eiqwrienbe in 
tb6 Norfolk and Virgida Beach 
HMltb Departments, is acting 
as moderator during ttie 


New Tags 

Reddents of Virgida Beach 
are being reminded to purchase 
1971 db| licenses for their 

The new licenses are on sale 
at the City Treasurer's offices 
in the. Princess Anne Court- 
house complex and the City 
Hall Annex on Artie Avenue and 
at the KempsvlUe and Haygood 
ShoM>lng Centers. The license 
fee is $2.50. 

Otfidals indicate that the 
1971 license must be displayed 
on all dogs by Feb. 1, and that 
systematic Inspections of dogs 
is planned, shortly after the 
deadline. / 

Fdlure to purchase the 1971 
license could subject dog own- 
ers to prosecution. ^ 

Are Injured 

Bred B. Mldgett of Virglna 
Beach is listed in satisfactory 
condition from injuries re- 
ceived Monday in an automobile 

Offidals said Mldgett, 16, 
of Norlina Road, received diest 
injuries when the car he was 
driving was in a collision with 
a panel trudc in the 7600 block 
of Shore Drive. The impact of 
the collision reportedly cut 
Mldgett's auto in half. 

A passenger in the auto, iden- 
tified only as 15-year-old 
Bertha Mldgett, reportedly re- 
ceived a minor laceration of 
the head. 

become quite popular as a meet- 
ing room for many dvic groups. 

Rent in the Bayslde Arms 
Apartments is supplemented by 
the Housing and Urban Depart- 
med (HUD) and the Federal 
Housing Admimstration (FHA) 
but still allows the tenent to 
own any personal property he 
can afford and provides that 
he need not move back into 
substandard housing should his 
income increase. The city is 
also protected financially; the 
project owner pays the taxes. 
In conventional public housing 
the city bears this burden. 

Laszlo Aranyl & Associates 
were the architects. Chandler 
& Gibsoii were the consulting 
engineers, Langley, Mac- 
Donald, Overman were the con- 
sulting dvll-engineers, Edward 
G. Carson & Assodates handled 
the landscaping, and general 
contractor was Spring Con- 
strudion Company, Inc. 

There are 125 udts In the 
first phase of this project... 
25 one-bedroom, 75 two-bed- 
room udts. All are townhouse 
type for privacy and are pro- 
vided with laundry rooms and 

Construction is conventional 
wood frame with brick veneer 
and accents of stucco panels. 
Heating is by electric base- 
board heat. 

Plans are already underway 
for a second phase wdch wlU 
provide 90 udts. 

Me Allen 
Heads Fund 

Charles W. McAUen of Hol- 
gate Cres. has been named 
director of the Udted Com- 
mudties Fund of Crawford 
County, Pa. He will assume 
Ms new position in January. 

McAUeri haf's be^n aissistant 
to the director of the Tide- 
water UmtedCommudtiesFund 
for more than 13 years. A ndive 
of Salisbury, N.C., he is a 
graduate oi Warwick Hig^ 
School in Newport News. He 
attended Virgida Polytechdc 
Instttute and graduated from 
the Udversity of Tennessee 
where he majored in accounting. 

Navy Petty Ofllcer Tdrd 
Class Jesse A. Venable, son 
of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Byrum 
of Jeanne St. is now>attendlng 
Bade Fire Control School, 
Naval Trddng Center, Great 
Lakes, 111. 

At iMM Twy spadal tima of the year, wtextaod 
to ov mu9 ttUnta, oa ibi^ bart wiihai tsr 
good kvltti, taRiiBaM uA iroqwrtty taOMriu 
■band, md^ at ihm tteo fx^raw ov slnovt 
gnlitate for Ikt lorally ritt«BW«vta|itepast jraar. 


PrMtrifHM (^iMi 
f N UiUi In4 

ltf < l i<,ilWW t<lii(t< Nlft ( N ll( N I( 

Kline Top 71 Dealer 

New Wheels for Chamber 

Walter Royal of Thompson-Royal Dodge presents the keys to a 
1971 Dodge Coronet to Chamber of Commerce executive Robert 
Whitley as the firm's partner, Bob Thompson, looks on. Each year 
the company presents the chamber with a courtesy car for Its use. 

Christmas Calling To 

Irving B. KUne of Norfolk, 
father of Virgida Beadi Chev- 
rolet dealer Richard Kline, has 
been named a TIME Magadne 
Quality 4}ealer Award winner 
for 1971. 

Kline, who Is {resided and 
treasjjrer of Kline Chevrolet 
Sales Corp., is one of dUy 
71 dealers in the entire nation 
seleded for the TIME Maga- 
zine honor. 

Announcemed o|rif%e'8 de- 
signation as a TIME Magadne 
qiulit)' dealer was made Mon- 
day, by George W, McClellan, 
manager of TIME'S Detroit of- 
fice and director of the TMQDA 

As a TMQDA dinner, KUne 
«111 be honored in four weeks 
at the 1971 national convention 
of the National Automobile De- 
alers Association to be held 
Jan. 16-20 in San Francisco. 
Details of the presentation to 
be made there to the Norfolk' 
dealer will be announced later, 
McClellan said. 

— The TIME awards—now in 
their second year— honor Am- 
erica's outstanding automobile 
dealers and are presented in 
co-operation with NADA, the 
national dealer body. 

Kline was nominated for his 
honor by the Tidewater Auto- 
mobile Dealers Assodatton, of 


which he is a past three-tiiM 



There will be no gartitc* 
pick - up in the city Friday, 
Cbridmas Day, and Sattvdajr. 

Nor will there be any pLtk- 
up on January 1, New Year's 

Possibly Set Records 

Despite a three-day Christ- 
mas holiday. The Chesapeake 
and Potomac Telephone Com- 
pany of Virgida expects long 
distance calling volume to set 
new records. 

For Christmas Day, better 
than 70 percent of C&p's oper- 
ating forces will be on duty 
to handle long distance calls. 
Also persons who are respon- 
dble for tbe management of 
the long distance network rou- 
ting will be putting in long hours 
foUowing the calling patterns 
to re-route calls so as to limit 
the number of delays that will 
be encountered. . . 

C&P expects sdme^teree- 
c[uar|(ers of a million calls to 
be placed (m the holiday by 
its oistomers to distant dties 
—most ff which will be dialed 

The local , manager for 
C&P, L. F. Patridc, said 
whenever possible calls should 
be dialed;dlr«d.(DDD)'for lowr 

est rates and get distant city 
phone numbers in advance for 
speedier calling. 

In commenting on calls from 
Vietnam, the manager for C&P 
sdd, "It's best for the ser- 
vicemen to place the call ra- 
ther than calling him, since it 
is often difficult to locate the 
servicemen qdckly enough to 
answer the telephone." 

In 1965 there were odylSO 
calls a day being completed o- 


ver two radifl' circuits. Today 
nearly five times as many are 
handled ddly over modern un- 
dersea cable, satellite and ra- 
dio facilities. 

Most of the stateside calls 
are placed from a USO center 
in downtown Saigon. Also, 
through hookups with the mi- 
litary lines, calls home can be 
made from hospitals and ser- 
vice clubs in outlying parts of 
South Vietnam. 



Astrologer Roy Willioms 
will teoch you 

Glosses Now Forriiintj 

Call 425-1433 

Tfe've built 


wishes for 


weM like 

them to you 

and your family 

at this time. .\nd ii 

i$ with much 

appreciation that we 

thank you 

for the real pleasure 

of serving you. 



:g£CP ^rtCT^ 


Established 1925 

Thursday, December 24. 1970 


Published weekly by the Beach Publishing Corporation 

John H, Gritfin 
Generat Mimtigtr 

Ruby Jean PhttUf^ 

Mrs. Olga Edwwds 
A dvBftiaing Managtr 


History Needs 


The Department of Planning 
nlnde a wise move last weeic 
in withdrawing the application 
for a Kempsviiie Historical 
District, The proposal would 
hove been shelved at least a year 
hod City Council voted Jt down. 
iMfid it certainly appearea 
council was headed in that di- 
rection. Chances ore, it would 
never ogoin hove made it as 
fifr as the council chambers. 

Virginia Beach is much more 
tNxh d resort, farmland and 
shopping centers. It has a very 
ptoud heritage and at one time 
hod numerous structures dating 
back to tfce veiiy earliest ctays 
of this country's beginnings. 
Today most of those buildings 
ore gone, fallen tp the de^xiy 
of time ondunconcernedpeople. 

tt was for this reason that 
onortflnonce was passed in 1968 
permitting the estoblishment of 
historic and cuttural conser- 
vation districts. The ordinance 
was primarily created to 
preserve the Princess Anne 
Court House area. It has served 
it« purpose well; the Court 
House-City Hail complex Is 
developing into the beauty spot 
of the city. ^ 

The historic significance of 
Kempsviiie is certainly com- 
l^rable to Princess Anne Court 
House. Perhaps more so. The 
settlenlent of Kempe's Landing. 
OS \X Wk% originally called, 
dotes back to the Revolutionary 
War when it was a thriving 
tobocco port. Two skirmishes 
were fought there. Lord Dun- 
more was housed there. And 
the five structures involved in 
the proposed historic district 
dote back to those days. 

One of these buildings was, 
in fact, the county's court towse 
prior to 1824 when it was moved 
to its present location at Prin- 

cess Anne. Some of the finest 
Georgian architecture in the 
country can be fbund in tfiese 
buildings, most of which ore 
now private homes. 

Kempsviiie is the only com- 
munity remaining inthe city thot 
has meri^ as o hlsU>rlc dis- 
trict. The city recognized its 
importance several years 090 
when it appropriated eonfw fifty 
thousand dollars for the res* 
toration of Pleasant Hoi U The 
property Is pjrivotely ownedofid 
would have remolned eO^ the 
appropriation would hove Mft 
for restoration only. ArroTHpi- 
ments with the owners fell 
through on this project olid it 
never come to pass. iM the 
city tried. 

Now the Department of 
Planning is trying ogoin« only 
this time to preserve Iht 
before it totally dissoftm^ 
gas Stat Ions |and ehppL*^ 
centers. The hntorlc c|ii#tel 
Would not demand fundsof vWier 
the city or property owikm'S. 
Nor would it tie up tiieproperty 
and prevent Its sole. By 
establishing KempsviUe os a 
historic district. It would^O^ 
vide some control Intti^^pv^ 
construction ond IdD^mlpiiig 
within the designated ofMr it 
would delay the sole of ^e 
property for six moiths should 
the owners decide to sell one 
of the historical bul^ings until 
f inanciai help coulo be soi^lht 
for its preservotion. At the 
end of that six monttis the 
owners could dli^pose of It ot 
they see fit. 

It is hoped council will treot 
this application kindly when it 
is resubmitted. And it Is hoped 
that it will not remain shelved 
for too long. The five Irre- 
placeable structures ore now 
unprotected and will remolri so 
until some action is token. 



Letters to the4SaiUa) Editor 

.«U1 leave yea som^liing to eat 

on Oe table. 



Dear Saitfa Claos, 

We have been medlocra hc^ 
ttid gb'ls Qiia past eleven mon- 
tbi! We want ywi to know ttiat 
mt have moved from Ireland 
to 3816 Colonial Parkway Vir- 
gUda Beach, VirgUiia. We are 
■oiry to be late in our writing, 
bat we have been stuping alot 
fliis last year. 

"Ws is what we wiai) you to 
bring 08 for Christmas this 

^bert, motorised hot trtieel 
trade, talking GI Joe, Bicycle, 
ton and tell viewer record 

W^me, guitar, view master sl- 
ides, football, car that a flash- 
light runs. 

Weliael, bteycle, JSx ny watdi, 
boy scout luyiform, waUde talkie 

D<Htithy, some money for my 
horse ftand. 

Santa we wish you a merry 
Christmas and a Hanty New 
Year. Pleas luve a safe trip!!! 
Dctfotfay, Alberto, Iflchael, wa- 

Dear Santa: 

Row are you, I was as good 
as pM this ^ar. And did all 

(Contlhuedlrom page 1) 

of my homework.^^ 

I want a radio ud a stuCM 
animel for Chiistoias and aqr- 
tbing elce you thaok I yoold 
like. I am ten years dd mm. 
Say hi to Miss Santadofe. 

aad ft ^ee madiine and fwould 
Uha tlir BEWm HEAVEN and 
fte^OT BEAD. Those Siaialeis 

Dear Santa: 

I Wante 4 model F4U and a red 
skins football suit for my big 
brother and for my big bother 
a rams football suit anS for me 
a Greehbay suit and a tote of 
toyes and please gite ngr d^dtfy 
a Lear Jet a real one {MM. 
and for my Dear sister anrtra 
suit some mon^ for ngr^ad. 

Dear Santa Claus, 
I would Uke these thiaii, 

1. New Velvet ** 

2. see-saw if you can find one. 

3. iove bead set. * 

4. bulletin b(«rd** 

5. SHOWER CAP******** 
Mostly shower caii. 


P.S. Merry Christoas and a 

Happy New Year!!t!REALLYI!! 

Dear Santa: , 

I would lik^ a airtdaoe nd 
a tiket for a trip on a sooU 
plane but I would like dwot 
ten of them. MA a Slzzalr car 

Danr autaj Is miss ^o^ all 
r^p. Are yea all right Santa, 
li foor r tteindaers all right. 
Is ^M got tnrt i wod cry. 

DeirSrata Clause: 

I tave beoi a goor girl but 
I always cry when Mottttr 
mg^m mr Uit, tt I try to 
do better wUl you give an some 
praltifr toys t« Christmas. 
1 wo^ ttke to have a baby 
go byHbye ud a dressy bessy. 
A pHBle aiid8<HneBMMre games. 
One bit tUng I would Uke to 
htm is a nice record sdayer. 
ThMdc yott and a Merry Christ- 


I tote Mrs. Claue and you 
are both well. 

PInse b9dii« ae a K«mer 
reontf flajrar anS a real t(7 
wteeliwrrov. U I am good 
piswe^r^ it, if I am bad 
dgn^Mtag It 

^flSM Mng my Nby Steter 
Elataa some baby toys and a 
^titm of me. 

Life, not Existence 

During the Christmas season, 
editorial writers traditionally 
ore called upon to produce 
grondtose statements on the 
cvmiversory of the birth of the 
Prince of Peace, ultimately as- 
king for new calm in a world 
torn with strife. This we will 
mt do, for peace in the world 
is impossible until we know 
^oce at honw, unity of pur- 
ine «id peoples, and honesty. 
litMft we ask for is respect. 

We would ask thot men in 
power reoill how they achieved 
thot pinmcleof financial and 
personal M^ess and remem- 
ber thot on^, ond tf^re was a 
WKe, tiny were as well on the 

ground floor, groveling obout 
with others for o lodder to 

We would osk that mon be- 
gin to rethink his position with 
respect to his feltow mon, re- 
alizing thot eoch is entitled 
tQ his opinion and IM thot 
opinion should, no, must, be 
res|>ected. Today we hove o 
society In whidi It Is unsofe 
to think oloud, for to odvooMe 
on out-of-step solution or pol- 
itical doctrine is personally 

We would ask ttiot each of us 
take the time ^ MtaMmi^to 
what we hove done m crMe 
this very untenoMe wm^M m 

live In, what we could hove done 
to make it more livoble, and 
begin to remake our society 
and not the individual. 

We osk. In foct, for people 
to begin to act as humons. It 
Is o simple request, one eoslly 
fulfilled. To foil to do so is to 
live out a life of solitude, kno- 
wing only that one con find 
solace In oneself, fearful of 
everyone and everythbig. 

But to find within oneself 
the human quolitles, and not 
just once o year whwi we con- 
tribute to ttie Community Fund 
or charitable Instltuttoi^, Is to 
know ttm we hove ll^p^ JMt 
Is oil we osk. Thot piM^e five, 
not exist. 

You Say 

Wadd you Uke to have a 
eopfiHt tt^ lActtre In tte 

Mpff with tke dite it qi- 
paipid and send U along 
lUhjHwr orte toi 


P.O. Boat 8§f 

Vlrglaia Beach, Va. 23451 

Ym 1^ nedvt the fla- 


iMtrin two weals by aalL 

tie dmia Is*^ for the 

flr^priit and $1 for e^ 

weate, tti ^arge vdn be 
t4. Ptese in^rie nJM 

fi H O *y ^' ^ **"^ ^^' 




.«ve squared off against Oe mode; 
loi-Hie .Bompwers and the wajf they affect ti^ Mb.1 
been abused, confused and made down rigid u^ly 

Voir ean t w* »« ■ wn.i«ter imless you are In ite iiMoade 
drde of Crieods and understand ite own language. 

Yoa cant rtatcn with a computer. It has been my «q)»lence 
Oat dwut ttw-only thing in the world today that is anywhere 
near as onreapoialve to the general public as a dog done am' 
pnter is a pdUttdar 

. f ogant Types 

Since con^jMters don't have to be re-elected every few yean, 
they m WW flpn w^gant Mm none of our ^cted "flo4^". 

CottlMiter MM^Kilnera {U-eiHft ttnt onqirters <&n't make 
hdstak^. Dim*t you believe it! Tte only tidng theydon^do 
is nittwt ^i^«w WKe they make thenwvTbetseem to be 
progsaBdted ioltov Wand aU ndMttet. 

Aflia* ttftag to c«r«ct <»mpider ml^Udwa for years now 1 
have 4^1d«d VM the only M^ecttve ti^y to flgbt them is to 
eittwr puU Oe pl^ (Oinr all nm <» electricity) w Jist sAap 
doing baaiiMMS with coi^ani^ who surrender to compiders. 

A New Use 

Well,' sonwadng U happehtni now that really gives me goose 
bumps aU over. I thdugh it was bad enough when my bank, the 
phone company, the electric company apd^BMSt a( the large 
departaietit stores tell victim to the oomjiters. 

Nor I Imr that onr '.'iloek" in Washtegton is about to Join 
forces wtfh eonuMtecs totpsed up the Qsecing d ttie inbttc. 

If oar Cbngiwss, that grand old boieh of vote grtdlbers and 
hand pmqpers, ever goes on conputers, ttie voters might as 
well give np. 

The tteeotive braadi of Big Brother has already telten victim 
to coa^Mters. Tbcy ham over 4,200 computers working for 
themandafiiflistthepMpte at t ooatof aveF$2htlUcm auwalfy. 
I wonkhift be it-all surprited if that was one ol the reasons 
ihdiap have been gDlag wrung lately. 

Congress has already started a $450,000 study to come up 
with ponrtUe wes qf computers in ite work. So far they only 
have three stnaU cotntntert' in mm bat ttwy are ey^ng nK»re. 

I will be the first to adi^t tBit Cwgress is old-fuUoa»^ 
iaeftecttve, ootdated, stuffy and nany more such thingB but 
this keqw ite nUstafess small. 

, By bof^iv It down witt tte d^-toHhqr details irf trying to 
keep tUpgs fi:«in telling apart, ||hMps olir "Flock" trm having 
eno^ tUne to do oeiQidafflMEe to the country. 

4f we tot ttMffi silteb to eompoturs where all the detail work 
wiU be dona lor ttm^ thit «ffl give Sten too much time. Just 
imagtee aU flte tty«i4h9 mgH pttetn. 


We eas hv4iy svjrtw^ aiitClMs thty have heaped on us 
now. We are iJMWarhaaltfapt fronew higspending they manage 
to fbal tttiv toiMite. 

VHk 111^ eihi^ilii^ eedd ilad ^serte of things to mest^ 
aroond wm. NflOdagtiteHldlMi sate from tbtja,^ 

Qoa^ ofJie JBOit iHtfAaiitef tfettiB of all to the news that it^ 
th^ iOi^$ai9iiMfr AM^tHirwpiai have to be reduced 
cungiitor-Mte-atf hmg^ie oMipalers anderstand. 

Steoe ais te net Ea^rii and onlya Mr jpet^te can understand 
i^ the pmti» wodd hJHe no way of tendng «4iat our "Flodt" 
was qj to uatll It «« too tte. 

^ , CoB^a te r Lett^ 

F^st Sdog yott Imow thi vstof* amdnave to go to a coi 
progNffifflef to teveateltev toiCttiiriilaan or Senator tnm 

Oe vo^ raoale a d a f^, Oi^ •unidd have to f» back to £L 
compoter pt&i^amaa ttd hm Uftaattded back Ijrto EngUshT 

Ahead flwnalylllngfBodlcaaseefiromaliedstethatwt;^ 
migtt notbeftoededuMiattflte preavrrieases from our "Flock" 
ct^uhMT IttfApfa i« wo^ be qpttradSwt. 
i |, SirdfttFlBd 

Oni Sdaf la^isriora, weitoaldleveelii heck of a time getting 
one d im **f'k0^m,Mk eonpites to protect thes, they 
would be hird^^lallad, 4MB at •tadtfoe timi. 

Thay n^ awido inr «Hh Aadtoaaand Jost use the com- 
puters to cbMfc Sit pidlaMdjeleet tee wianen. 

As it la ae%4fte tianpSii'i teUfus whohas won an ele<^on 
befbre aII^iRDteatt««patf aoantad. 

Cotepotera pqi ttdaad jitfiy* Oaoe they iconbiae with our 
«biM» IMm^ tt# m^ Inxe t^ kliine. We better keep 
thinfi aB iaiii ii l #wtlfc^ ire tl^ could be worse, 
c(»i4MCTa utt |M»e flU tti^ are. 

They definitely 
want observance 

dae to the mail service thte 
ttflM flf year, we will report 
tkat Omn waa a ralbur amall 

poaae to luA wiV§ 
*»mmimk more atemidbe 
dona by the ^ in the oba«- 

Tte response was one hun- 
SnAimeat la fhvor. 

One mder suns it tqi ttds 

"Yes, but as pointed out In 
yonr exeell«Bt editoial, the 
emptey^ must be kq^ aa die 
eMnaa^ ttd Christmas— not 
fill tta emawrctol tt^tsk. And 
la^be itat we nalfy need Is 
a&m of tt»ae 'old teiAloned' 
Mip fOB talked tfKwt. 11» 

grtt to aa»uvle.CajriAng; 
a emmelif tree, a parade, 
wn ottMft. And P.S. 'Iterry 


And a Merry Christnas to 
yo^ too^ Mr. W. You are om 
d ee i»)rt tettUttI readera. 

of ffia raiiMWia^au tu Bia 
<iuasttett^^«iga4 Klfiat mmk 
but %tvm^m»^mMki <«iMid 
the «tty esteUteh a VirgMa 
Beach 9ert AaOorllytedmlop 

Tha ra^wHia was net m- 
aniBMnri^ la MNar m ms ate* 


"tie ida4 eal^Mtiy tm poa* 
sibiUttea" a (idvate dtiien no- 

"With a pott ^ «ae and of 
our e^. «Bd a rtt|i% tnA 
at the otter end Vir^ida Baadi 
woidd ba in good allia finu- 
daiy* a^ M naUgiad ^as- 


Fn^ rMttali« th^ the pic 
rare wsf aaBea.wnni'WiiH^ 

AltSTlO^. Should the stote 
allow 18 year olite' to w^e In 
sMe eui4 loco! electltms now 
^ir tf^ M^ eMe:«»^vote in 
mttionol ele^lom? 

ViBf tmmm m^ ^^ hMrt wmU It 

lb v%ilHil 






■■■■■■■'■i iiii > ii i iiiiiiiti tiiifiii <nnimiiriiiini»iii > M'ninii«'»iw t¥y»»y 

niiiiti>iinii ' iMrr w 

E W0M 


Thurtdoy, December 24, 1970 

a UU M , tJt4 A ti>t>ttltt«tttt *. t . » JUU. IAttti lAi.lAA* f . MJ JA « I MtttM >AJ^^ 1 1 ■At.MAJUJLtJUUUUUJUU.fci itMl t 

Mrs. Mango, left, and Mrs. Craft, right, look over their trip 
instructions after a briefing withCapt. William Barrow, corn- 

Earning blue ribbons for their arrange- 
ments were Mrs. Keester King, Mrs. Bill 
Deans, Mrs. Gary Hickox, Mrs. D. W. 
Hickman, Mrs. Jack Mills and Mrs. Martha 
Beard. ^ 

Manor house hosts meeting 

manding officer of Fleet Air Norfolk. 

Christmas will Be 

It wiU be a Merry Christ- 
mas for some 1,000 Navy wives 
who have flown to Nice, Italy, 
AtteM, Greece, Tokyo, Japan 
and Hong Koof tobe with their 
husbands for the holiday. 

Aboirt 2,000 servicemen ar- 
rived' <» return fttgjMs to be 
with their temilies. Fli^ left 
NAS Ooeana last Siturday,Sun- 
day and Monday. FUghts to 

Tokyo aiul Hong Kong departed 
from San Francisco and Los 

About 75 perceiilt (rf the wives 
leaving from Oceana i^reDrboi 
the TideWer area. Two of ttie 
local wives, Ccmnie Craft and 
Faye Mango, both of Virginia 
Beach, carried along Christ- 
mas presents for men aboard 
the Independence and Kennedy— 

m ferry 

television videotapes made two 
weeks ago of dependents which 
will be siKiwn on board flie 
sMps. ' . 


By Carolyii McAUen 

the candles 
on the mince pie 

lUs has nrf been my month for birthday cakes. 

Tlie elgM year old had her MrtMay party Saturday. She 
insisted iqxm hwing her cake made in ^ ^ta Claus-sbaped 
pan we got for her birthday last year. Unfortunately, or maybe 
fortaa^ly, she developed a strep throat rig^t before her 
piztf so it ted to be postponed until after Christmas when 
a Ss^ caks wan't quite appropriate. 

Ite (KreetioM on the pan said it would hold one box of 
cake idx. It didn't, however, mention how long or how well 
it would Ml (te n^x. There also seems to be some difference 
of 'T*"*'** OB bow "^o*^ a box of cake mix is. My husband 
said they m^iit a small box. But they didn't say so. They 

Ai^w, a few minutes after it was put In the oven, my 
igB ^ f jim ctnaiO^iBd itotrt smellii^ s(Hnething iMurning. Really, 
it wasn't the oto— Jtst the big blQ^ of batter that had run 
OTer ttM sfatos (rf the pan onto the heating imit. Thaik good- 
DMMliad&U^aOiebottomoftheoran. ^ 

lie cake dfab'tlook too bad i^en 1 removed it from the 
ovm to co<rt~«peciaIly after I broke off the i^eces of batter 
thi^ had run down a» sides of the pan, *n»n I tried to get 
it out of the pan. It wouldn't and didn't get out. My hurtaid 
aeeased m of not greasing and flouring the pan, but actuaUy 
I ted pot B0«« grease than usual in the pan because I was 

FinaUf I iBt it out of the pan-half of it anyway-the half 
Itet trete iB two, that is. The re^ of it Just stuck there. 

This was Oie nigtt before the party. It was too Ute to go 
to. fte tfaffe, 80 we agreed that I WKwld pick iq> a box of mix 
when I vent ^eeery shopfiing m nert owning. Bwever, 
I tednt conned on ht^day traffic and shoppers, udttwas 
^ 11^ b^Hre I g<^ home to find my h^»nd naklng peamtt 
^bBtt»> sandtrtehH for the gang. Tte party ms scheduted for 

S^ iMlt I pitf- ttie p-o^riM aimy, my hwt«nd mixed 
ttiedn. ft tsaid mi beaitfUHl^. It eooM eaon^ftw me 
to iee it M beftve tte flr^ ggast arrlvMl. Tte il#fc y^ 

• OU am ^mmamM^'^ - ' "" ~-" — 

Mrs. Craft, wif^ of AE3 Rich- 
ard Craft tfxiard tte Indepen- 
dence, has known ^nce early 
Octoter aiat ste was going, 
but Mrs. Mango, wife of CWO 
Altert Mango of tte Kennedy, 
dkl not find out until "6 a.m. 
Nov. 6, Biat's wten die tele- 
gram came." 

Mrs. Mango, whose hhilMMr * 
left in September, hadn'f 
planned on Qie trip tecanse of 
four children at home. "I didn't 
want to leave tte Uds for 
Christinas, pey wrete Uieir 
dad and, said momjriioald'go. 
Their argument was thit ttey 
had ea*^ ottier and ttieir titter 
had nobody." 

Said Mrs. Craft, 'T» arery 
excited. It's our hon^moon. 
We've teen married two yuurs. 
I won't teUfve it wtU I get 
off ^ {daae." Her husband 
has been p»e six monUu* 

Mrs. Ma^o left Ooeant Sm- 
day for i^wns and Mrs. Craft 
flew to Nice Monday. Neitter 
had mu(^ previous flying ex- 
perience. "I've never evenseen 
tte inside of a plane," said 
Mrs. Craft. Mrs. Maago, how> 
ever, flew "from tere to Balti- 
more and tedc one time." 

Althmigb h«r husband has 
been in tte Navy 23 years, 
Mrs. Mango tes wver been 
overseas tefore. N^tb^ has 
Mrs. Craft, whose hUi^}and las 
served three years. 

Both feel the flights Witt do 
a kA to bo(»t Navy nai»ls. 
Reduced hotel r^m in NU:e 
and Attens teve been an^iged 
l9 tte Navy, and tte i^iited 
(»uples will teve Cbti^nas 
trees and special Cbristnu^ 

"It couldn't te better," added 
Mra. Craft. 

Prepare 1 pomd snsdMd 
string Bdx aceordtng to 
padoip directioos. SsMet 1 
oq} sliced offitiiroonis, 1/2 cup 
(ttoed eel^, 1/4 cup cteived 
oidoB and 1 can (S o£.) w^r 
ditftn^, hal!^ In ii^4 «!> 
butter jkv S mlnti^. Blend la 
1 em (4-1/^ (s.) stei^^ Fill 
body imd nedc eavlttos ti a 
14 to 16 pomd !^i^4o-eo(A 

Toe old plantation manor 
house, tte teme of Mrs. Martte 
BeaM in Pdnt of Woods, was 
ttie scene of P(dnt of Woods 
Oarden CltAi's umual Christ- 
mas meeting. 

Polly anna gifts were ex- 
ciiaaged, and members brou^t 
food and gifts for a needy fa- 
mUy. M»..Gary Hickox, wte 

is in charge of Ms project, 
reported ttet a most bounti- 
ful bastet will te given to a 
widow with four ddldren. 

, ExhlUts for tte meeting were 
"Candles" and "Christmas 
Greenery". Blue ribbon win- 
ners were Mrs. Keester King, 
Mrs. Bill Deans, Mrs. Hldmx, 
Mrs. D. W. Hickman, Mrs. 
Jack Mills and Mrs.* B^. 

The old plantation mantel with traditionaT 
Christmas decorations. 

Wives honor one of own 

NWCA Dam Neck #207 teld a 
reception in honor (tfMrs.Mort 
Dagenkolb on Dec. 17 at Dam 
Neck. A cterter memter of 
this club, Mrs. Dagenkolb was 
elected Southeast Regional Pre- 
sidenit at the recent national 

Receptionists with her were 
Mrs. James Lettem, Junior past 
Souttieast Regional President; 
Mrs. Tom Green, {resident of 
NWCA Dam Neck #207, and Mrs. 
James Beard, pi'esident ol the 
Titewater Areai Coundl. 

teshnd a btettd^r 

A huab^ f^s MP, tte 
Iffewing oi &^kiMUmtd any 
ol(k»tw of re^pofe (^ 4)f tte 

"T^e tte skin <tf a miUI 
codfitk lAiA has uA be« 
coated, ilMir lad tts ^ Jila 
a mim ovn. OA la iuA 
sqmr^. One of tte^ s«rv« 
for tirotpflfftsofeefiee^ttid to 
fl^ in te flat r ' 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Tony Leon Am- 
nions, SMI. 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Charles Edward 

Baetekier, son. 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Edward FerreU 
Davis, son. 

Mr. 4 Mrs. WilUam Dan- 
dridge Haden, Q, son. 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Ernest CoUlns 
Hayers, S(Mi. 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Joe Earl Uwark, 

Mr. 4 Mrs. idtm Henry 
Mo]^r, son. 

Mr. 4 Mrs. James F. Obal, 

Mr. 4 Mrs. James Oscar 


Mr. 4 Mrs. Carson Umood 
Walton, Jr., sca. 

Mr. 4 Mrs« mehard Lee 
AUen, (Uittgjl^r. 

Mr. ^ Mrs. Rotert Alton 
Br%s, <itti0iter, 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Glen Allen 

Santa is still Santa 


eato ma WMk or. ^ pot lis cttdte 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Clande Bemett 
Cci^, (!te«Mwr. 
Ilr, 4 Mrs. James Diggi, 

Ik. > lta.HJote IB^d 

fee pi fo te ASHi^% iMirt 
pewter (^tak. 

Mr. 4 Mrs. mmam Cvl 
Wf^^ daagiteT. 

Mrs. Letham presented tte 
regional gavel to thenewSbutt- 
east Region^ President, Mrs. 
Dagenkolb. x, 

Mrs. Tom Green, president of 
the club, presented Willare 
MacDaniel, director of special 
services ai Dam Neck, witt a 
blue and gold pen set in ap- 
preciation for aU be has done 
tor NWCA Dam Neck #207. 

Punch and a large cate 
beautifully decorated witt tte 
Navy Wives Clubs of America 
emblem was donated by tte 
galley at Dam Neck. 

Guests were Capt. and Mrs. 
Alwyn Smltt; Capt. and Mrs. 
William Cossaboom; Cmdr.and 
Mrs. WUlard Hartmen; Cmdr. 
and Mrs. Jote Jelks; Mrs. 
James Counts, past National 
Vice President; Mrs. Frank 
Kenny, president of NWCA 
Tidewater 190; Mrs. Curtis 
Nellie, charter men*er <rf 
NWCA D am Neck 
#207; representatives from 
sister clute in ttie area; and 
Mrs. Nelson Boyette, a Seatack 
supervisor. Mrs. Boyette 
thanked the Dam Neck Navy 
Wives Cli* for tteir help In 
sponsoring a Christmas party 
for tte under priviledgedchikl- 
ren of Sef^k. 


S^ 3 caps sliced, frtwt 
muritfooms, 2 cups du^pad 
eeloT and 1 cx9 minced ooioo 
in 2 e^s biAtN vb&X oidcB 
is trti^pareiit. CiHidtoe 3 • 
1/2 quarts (14 cops) dry braid 
cdbes, 1/4 cupehoppedparWey. 
1 ti^lespooB agt, 1 i9mem 
pepper and 1 teaspoon poBtry 
ff ^iarfiif- Addiaatoedniitfoe 
gtetactt^teltead. lULteilr 

lleiMit stafflns for 14 powd 

Santa CUuis Is a wuited man. 

But te won't te easy to track 
down— he has too manyaliasc^s! 

In one part of tte world he 
pops up under tte name of 
Julenissen; in anotter, tte Ab- 
bot of Unreason; and in a third, 
as Saint Nicholas. 

Santa's arrival date depends 
strongly on local customers. 

In Holland, tte custom of 
leaving secre^ gifts for child- 
ren on St. Nicholas's birthday 
became pt^ular centuries ago. 
Even today, presents are ex- 
changed on this day, Dec. 6, 
ratter than on Dec. 25. A bale 
at hay is often laid out for the 
bteiafl t of Santa's jhprse, not 

In Spain and Italy, Santa ar- 
rives a wtele month later, on 
Jan. J. Efdphany. This day se- 
ems i|ry appropriate, for it 
is tte w on which tte Three 
Wise Men delivered tte very 
first Christmas present, inBe- 
thldiem. In Italy, incidentally, 
Santa is a die!, ^^^ 

In France and Scotland, Santa 
arrives mi Jan. 1, New Year's 
Day. In England, wtere gifts 
were once distributed exclus- 
ively OB tte day after Christ- 
mas, Santa is seen more and 
more often on Christmas Eve, 
te he is tere. This dunge is 
telieved by some to te tte 
result of increasiag Amenican 
influence <m British oistdms. 

In -England, too, tte kinds 
of gUps that ^nta brings are 
also Mcomiag more and more 
lUie Aiterican gifts., A gen- 
ontiM ago, EngHshrtwrn tra- 
ded (b te a tot mora "prac- 
tical" than today. Husbands 
gaye their wives a new oookii« 
pot or a pair of new overdKies 
far nwre often than ttey do now. 

Here is a "rogues' gallery" 
of Santa's aliues around tte 

Saint Nictelas. In tte .4^ 
oeahuy te was modeled aMr 
tte original St., St. Nicholas 
wte lived in Turkey and wiuse 
deeds of courage and kbdness 
earned him tte title oi patron 
saint of diildren. Tte legend 
of tte good saint as a 0ft- 
giver was later sfuread to Rus- 
sia. Scandinavia, Holland, Bel- 
gium and Germany. 

Tte iUMwt of UnreasoB.Iatte 
Middle i^ies, tte gift-giver te- 
o^ne an ofticer wte directed 
tte festivities of tte teliday 
season. Dubbed tte Abbot of 
Unreason by tte Scote, and tte 
L(»d at Misrule, te tekl office 
fr<Mn Christmas tiH Jan. 6, 
and his word was law. Eltter 
elected ot appointed, te ruled 
over holiitey activities in royal 
hoiKeteMs, cottages, and hms. 
Tte Engli^ called Mm King 
of tte Bean, and to tte French 
te was tte Boy Blatefi. 

Christkindlein. In Germany 
during tte I5th century, Martin 
Lutter, a religious leader who 
|dik) invented a lot of new Ger- 
man words, substituted Christ- 
kindlein, or tte Christ Child, for 
St. Nicholas as the bearer of 
gifts. He wanted to make the act 
of giving gifts a symbol of tte 
Wise Men's visit to Bethlehem 
bringing gold, frankincense and 
myrrh. So the Christ Child 
came secretly to German homes 
on tte Eve of Christmas. 

Kris Kringle. In the 16th cen- 
tury, a German colony settled 
In Pennsylvania, and again San- 
ta's name changed! The settlers 
had brought the Christkindlein 
Witt item, but somehow it got 
transformed into Kris Kringle. 

Sante, himself! Tte Dutch 
nicknames St. Nicholas "Santa 
Glaus" for short, but his l- 
mage as a l^t little man witt 
rosy dieeks and white teard 
comes down to us from a poem 
written in 1822 by Dr. Cle- 
ment C. Moore, an American 
miidster. Dr. Moore based tte 
poem on a colorful oM Dutch- 
man te had Mice met, and na- 


Cavalier Garden Club had ite 
annual Christnas tea last 
Wednesday at tte teme of Mr. 
and Mrs. Henry C. Morgan, Jr. 

Memters heM awortehCHDtte 
day tefore at tte home of Mrs. 
E. Q. Hoffmeister and made 
floral arrangements and gar- 
lands which were used to de- 
corate for tte tea. Lemons, 
traditionally a sign of welcome, 
were used with evergreens and 
goM rit^ns. 

Hostesses were Mrs. Kermit 
Land, Mrs. P. H. Allen, Mrs. 
Hoff mister, Mrs. C.R.Kennedy 
and Mrs. B. M. l^anton. 

med it "The Ni^t Before Chri- 
stmas". Hei recited it to his 
children, who Were delisted. 
Then he threw it away. A lady 
visitor rescued it from the 
waste basket and had it publ- 
ished in the Troy Sentinel. It 
has become a literary claasic 
and now almost every Amer- 
ican child fknMTS vH^t goes 
on when Sama ptines (hi Chris- 
tmas Eve. ' i| 

Julenissen. Ttet's what the 
Norwegians call him, and he 
works overtime in the land 
of tte Fjords. He brings gifts 
to good kids (only) tefore ttey 
go to bed on Christmas ^s^ 
not after; and in tte week te? 
tween Christmas^ and |iew 
Year's te totes his sack to tte 
"Jultrefest"— aoommwiity 
party for all thr Wds. 

U Befona. In ^aly, SanU is 
a lady, and a tough (me! Kids 
who teve been bad are apt to 
find coals In tteir sho«i ite- 
tead (^ presents. 

Customs may dumge, bttt(|ne 
thing remains tte same. Santa 
Claus is a much-want«l ^rit 
around this time d year! 

Lynnteven Garden Clid> met 
for a "taste luncheon" at Vepco, 
aiKi guests and memters re- 
ceived cofdes of tte redpes 
for tte dishes served. 

Christmas arrangements 
were on display. Mrs. Betty 
Jo Curran, Vepco teme econo- 
mist, described tte method of 
construction and tte types ot 
materials used. 

Tte club's annual Christmas 
party ^Ute heM Turaday at 
tte home of Mrs. C. W. Jernig» 

on East Road. 

i M2fii^:s^:'mis j'ffw6j^»3f>g''aiiB 

Officers of the London Bridge Home Demonstration Club were 
InsUlled following a covered dish Christmas luncheon and mr^ ft 
London Bridge Baptist Church, They are, left to right, Mrs.JJ.t 
Schaeffer, secretaryi Mrs. E.J. Quisenberry, treasurer! Wr 
T^mas Hunter, vice *#esl^«ntr Mrs. William Cresn, prwidt 
with Mrs. W.L. Boxley, president of the Council of Home Demo 
stratlPii Cl«b, who made the rnstallation. 

Thurt^, D«Cfmb«r 24, 1970 

DE Gives Diphmas 


*Lt^t thiols 

The I^trlbuttve ^octfiw 
Department ctf the Virginia 
Beadi Citf Seteols recoi^tKd 
%e partlidiMU^ iAttbR^itUiig 
mi^ouf Program Ihi^day and 
We^Msday ugbts at Princen 
Aiuie HlgH S^ool. 

Participants were awarded 
diplomas for successAil eom- 
idetion of stwiies in the fields 
of emplyee • customer reU- 
tioms and supervisor-human re- 

The courses «'ere set up by 
the DE service in cooperation 
with tlie Virginia Beach Cham- 

ber of Commerce for tiie bene- 
fit of tte emplc^ees of ttie Navy 
Exi^uiges at Oceina and I^ud 

/^me 52 pirsonspartidpited 
irtfli tte eotines being teu^ 
^ Nif^lM h V(m it, oC ttt 
HorfoUc Redevelopment and 
Housing Auttority. The courses . 
are the ftrst In a series com- 
prisii^ a 90-lu>ur program lea- 
diiig to a dipAoma in rettiUng. 

The courses consist of nwt- 
iKxis of dealing «1th the pid>llc 
and evaluating the demands of 

4 Face Charges Reitulting 
From Hit & Run Accident 

Master Chief Howard Reynolds Is presented a diploma by Edward 
Radke, DE supervisor at Kellam High School. 

Tree tips for safety 

Tfin a trea, one that ostes 
plt^ i«l rtslB. Put it In a 
hot, dry raom. Decorate it li- 
terally with tlectlre Ughts 
•trav 00 a worn cord. Leave 
tbi tree Ilijited twenty-four 
iMVi a day for several days, 
od «teBes are tlat firemen 
wiU vMt you beforeSsntadoes. 

"Evwpetnt burn nytidly 
btetnte Itey contain hli^y 
fliiiimaMe pitch and resin," 
M9t Dr. Made I. Shsnholtz, 
Stata Baaltb Commissioner. "A 
food wiqr to avoid trouble is 
to biqr t fresh tree, <»e Out 
iMf springy bran^els and tight, 
gritn aiadlas. Keep It out doors 

in water or snow until you are 
ready to set it up. Once in- 
side, the tree should be kept 
away from drying heat sources 
sud) ss registers, radiators 
and fireplaces. Use a tree holder 
witii a water reservoir and keep 
it filled. A slanted cut acrMs 
the base of the tree aids in 
wi^r absorption," advlsM Dr. 

Since ttie most likely cause 
of fire In a Christmas tree 
Is eledric lights, Dr. Shan- 
holtz suggests addltlaaal pre- 

....use only Underwriter's Ub- 
oratory approved lii^ts ttdtl 

are in good repair 
....Oie money spent to replace 
worn cords Is the best holiday 
investment to be made 
....use fireproof decorations sure the fuse of the elec- 
trical circuit serving Ute trie 
is not over fifteen amperes 
....always unplug the llf^u be- 
fore retlriiig or leaving the 
....never string electric liglits 

(n a metal tree. 

"WlMn tile needles begin to 
fall from the tree/' concluded 
Dr. Shanholtz, "It's time to 
remove if, even If die holidays 
aren't yet over." 

Atty. Gen. Miller 

' % FOP. Speaker 

Slata Atty. G«a. Andrew P. 
mUer ins called for Immedi- 
ate rt^ to te tdwn for file 
protedioB of otSdals of Vlr- 

UUltr liSBed the cillinde- 

Uvering tin feature address 
at the annual dlmier Instil- 
ttm of newly elected officers 
of Princess Anne F.O.P. Lodge 

He referred to the recent 

Police Chief Col. W. W. Davis (left) and 
F.O.P. Pres. S. B. Sciorinto (center) and 
Atty. Gen. Andrew P. Miller, 

To aU CMir ^ustonor^ lAne^n^ wUhmt tor 
a GaMmaa that hunu with conplof* 
• jof oBKi h a w > to * M - And for lb* 

l^^uan ci toriaff sMTod you^ our tJMxiUcsl 


Holly Rd. ft Cavalwr Dr. 

fhtal sboottog of an Alexandria 
Judge and me discovery of un- 
authorized persons carrying 
concealed w^tpoos,^ courts 
In Richmond. He i^^fliat 
"security of courts^ Vli 
is of prime concern 
office." ) 

wltiiin the next moifii, tb re- 
quest the Judleial Conferences 
of Courts ol Record and Courts 
If ot of Record to establish re- 
gulattons irtdch will aid in pro- 
tecting court officials. 

The proposal lUUer outlined 

* A statute maUng^fiw^m- 
authorized carrying of wei^^ons 

' into a court room a feleny 
violation of law. 

* A statute providing tox the 
appointing of special officers 
to serve in the capacity of 
protecttng court atftdals. 

* Establishingaf an organized 
training program for those re- 
sponsible for ^ protection of 
courts Including firearms 
training, procedures to be 
followed in court room security, 
and methods to be used - in 
apprehending those who mii^t 
violate security regulattons. 

The newly-installed F.O.P. 
fllflcera include :S.B. Sciorinto, 
pres.; J. E. HasUnger, vice 
pres.; Sgt. D. G. McCloud, sec; 
R. F. PhiUips, guard; D. H. 
Kappers, condu(4or; M. L. Ealy, 
chj^n; Sgt. N. C, Morse, 1st 
year trustee; D. C. Watson, 
2nd year trustee; and J. J. 
Sciorinto, 3rd year trustee. 

State F.O.P. Pres. Sidney 
Cherry served as installing of- 

Four Colonial; Hei^, Va., 
area resldei^ are scheduled 
to rebirn to Virginia Beach 
Muiddpal Court on Jan. 8, 1971, 
to face charges in the Dec. 6 
accliient which severely injured 
17 - year - old Stanley R. Chap- 

Joseph Lee McAllister, 29, of 
Dispirtanta, is facing charges of 
hit and run involii^ personal 
injury (which constitutes a 
feloi^), vbA reckless driving. 
Ofllclals have identtfled Mc- 
Allister as the driver of the 
car which struck Chapman near 
the intersection of Kempsville 
Road and Indian River Road 
about 5:30 a.m. on ite Sunday 
in questton as tbe< jouth was 
itompletlng his neii«paper de- 
uvery route. 

Stuart Ellsworth Madntyre, 
18, William Joseph (Jodie) 
Smith, 20^ and Wayne Livingston 
Randol|di, 19 have each been 
dooied witii occupying a motor 
vehicle Involved in an acddent 
Resulting in personal injury and 
failing to nuke a report of the 

Madntyre, Smltti vbA Ran- 
dolph, who listed] their 
addresses as Colonial Helots, 
were Identified as passengars 
in Oie car at the time the 
vehi(|e allegedly struck Ctnp- 
man. J „,. _^ 

Young Chi4)n»n, 84» of file 
George W. Chapman's of 
Kempsville Road, wasstrudcby 
a vddcle near his home. 
Otfldals said fits impact of ttie 
coUision apparraQy ttirew 
Chapiqan into the windsldeld of 
the veUde, and that Us bicycle 
was draipd some 300 ieet 
from tte point of impad. in- 
vestlgatfffs ttieorised Ihit tta 
bicycle was Jammed iolo the 

Stops Theft 

Police offidals are credlttng 
a Navy enUsted man with thwar- 
tt^ a burglary of Hopes' Ser- 
idee S^on near the itrtmriec- 
tton of 17th Street and Arfic 
Avenue early last Wednesday. 

Authorlttes said their to- 
vesttgatton showed AEAN. Ber- 
nard W. Bucd, 21, attached to 
Squadron VA43, Oceana Naval 
Air Statton, was passing file 
dosed service statton vdien he 
reportedly dwerved some(»e 
inside attempting to conceal 
their presence. Bucd, accor- 
ding to investigators, phoned 
police advising item of the 
situatton from apay phone about 
a block from the scene. 

While returning to the scene, 
he hailed a police patrol car, 
occupied by Sgt. E. Adams of 
the 2nd Police Prednd, re- 
sponding to the alarm and of- 
fered assistance. 

As Adams and Bucci arrived 
at the scene a man was wit- 
nessed running from the bdld- 
ing after apimrently seeing the 
approaching patrol car and va- 
nished into heavy undertnrush 


front of the vehide and had to 
te pried loote. 

t T^ boy nmag^ to summon 
aid about 30 minutes after the 
aodiuit. Re was hospitaUsed 
witti severe &dal iojuries and 
remaioed under intensive medi- 
cal care for several days. Al- 
thoui^ he has been released 
from the hospital he is sche- 
duled to return for further 
medical trMtnent. 

PoUce laimdied a full scale, 
around Va» clock, Investtgi^on 
to lodUe fiM driver of Oie car. 
This seardi Induded investi- 
gattmiaf a nndber of motorists 
wtio had windshields replaced 
in Qieir vehicles after the ttme 
of file acddent. 

Their lnveiflg^<» also in- 
duded attempts to locate aiqroiie 
who may have soM four six- 
padcs of teer and iced tte 
dridoBi in a styrofbam cdbler 
witUn hours of ^^ tte acddent. 
Tte cooler was found llPlte 
scene of tte accident,, after 
it had been untfmtty di«- 




Oflldals sudd ttie suspects 
were diarged at VifgiidaBeaeh 
Police Headquarters ^mday 
afternoon after Mc^lister crai- 
taeted ttie Prince G^mrgeCoiii^ 
Ptifiee stattng ttut Us con- 
sdenoe had been bottieilng Um 
witti file ttuugU ttiat te might 
teve teen involvad^iiLfliie..Ut ^ 
and ran acddejt. ^ « 

Durfa|g M^nmy'spreUminary 
tearing McAllister's bond was 
set at $2,500, wUIe bonds for 
Madntyre, Rando^ and Smitti 
were set at $1,500 each. 

near tte reglcm. 

Offidals said ttie burglar 
dr(wed ttie statton's cash box 
during his flight and that, as 
a direct result of Bucd's ac- 
ttoDs, nettling else s^ni^ared to 
teve teen taken from ttie ser- 
vice st^on. 

Four Years 
For Drugs 

A Circuit Court Jury has 
sentenced Tteihtt A. Ridi, Jr., 
21, "of Norwood Colo., to a 
four year prison sentence fol- 
lowing his cqnvlctton of a drug 
sale in Virginia Beach. 

Rich was arrested during tte 
night long round-up by police of 
suspeded "Atm pusters" th- 



Tte regnlar n^cttog of ttie 
Coundl of'tte Cityxtf Vir^iia 
Beach wiU te toU la tteCowt- 
dl Ctemters <tf tte Jdi^- 
•atratton Bulhttng^ 01^ IWl, 
Princess AitfK Stiitton, Virginia 
Beadi, Virginia, on Montey, 
Jantmrv 1 1. 1970. at 2:00 P.M. 
ii wU^ ttme ttie foOowing ap- 
plic^Ms for dianges <tf w^^, 
\m permits, etc.,«1Uteteanl; 

1. Aifd^ciiUbn <A Ai^lo M. 
Alexander for a Use Permit 
to construct 96 apartment units 
on certain property lociMed on 
the East side of Birdneck RMd 
teginning at a pddt 2S1 feet 
Kortti of Old Virginia Beach 
Rosul, running a (ttstance d 
434 fe«t along tte East side of 
Biriiineck Road, rioming a dis- 
tance of 429 feet tSmg tte 
Northern i^operty Une^rmaing 
a distence of 428 feet more &s 
less along tte Eastern prq^rty 
line and runidng a dist^ice of 
457 feet along tte Souttern 
property line. (Woddland Area). 

2. Api^catton of Shipview 
Point, Inc. for a chaiq^ of 
zoning from Residence oiqilex 
Distrld 2 (R-D 2) vitti a Motel 
and Tourist-ff-4)^ Supplement 
to RMldrace Duplex District 
2 (R-D 2) wltti a MotelandTou- 
rist and Restaurant (T-2) Sup- 
plemeirt and a Use Permit to 
construct 16 additonal motel 
units, including 13 effidency 
units and 3 penttiousei, on cer- 
tain pri^rty loa^ on ttie 
Niur^ast corner of Page Ave- 
nue and Jade ^reet, ranulDg a 
dtstanoe of S29 feet along tte 
Nortti side of I^ Avenie, run- 
ning a distance of 5SS Jket al- 
ong ttie East^ideaf Jade^eet, 
vasB^t^^ fistuee of ^ feet 
along ttie Soutti side of Chesa- 
peate Bay, rumiing a distance 
of 595 Ieet along ttie Eastam 
property Um. {LynAaven 
Sterea Area). LYNNHAVEN 

3. A|i|dici^on of Lessia M. 
Glmtert te (^n^B. pidntt. 
Attorney, tor a dUnge of con- 
ing from RasidMioe Diqilex 
District 1 (R-D 1) fi(LGfterir 
Indwtrlal Distrld 1 (M-I 1) 
on certain prtverty located on 
tte Sootti side of ttie Norfolk 
and Soottern Rsilmor Co. RigU 
of Way tegindng at a point 
1380 feet more w less Wast 
of South Lynnteven Roi^ nm- 
hing a distance of 691 fmi^m,: 
the Eastern property Una n' 
wUdr'lSO'ieet more or less 
is ttie West side of VirginU 
Avenue, running a distance of 
215 faet 4oBg tt»Seatth«Me 
d ttie Norfolk and Sodtem 
Railway Co. RigU of W(gr run- 
dng a distance d 582 feet 
more or less along ttie Wes- 
tern pr(q)erty line and running 
a distance of 365 feet al<»ig 
tte Soathern property line. 
(Doyletown Area). LYNNHA- 

4. / Apidleatton of tte Chesa- 
^waBrwpPStaMttc 'ftlQilifflje 

Companr of Virginia for a Use 
Permit to construd atelepbone 
bdlding for a diid center on 
certain property located <» tte 
Souttiwest corner of Sioreteven 
IMve and Nortti Great Node 
Road, numing a distance of 
339 feet along ttie West side of 
Nortti Great Nedc Road, run- 
ning a distance d 611 feet 
atoi^ ttie Soutti side of Stere- 
teven Road, running a distance 
d 448 feet along ttie Western 
property line, and running a 
distance d 681 feet al(»g tte 
Souttern property line. (Mel- 
fair Acres Area). LYNNHAVEN 

5. Appllcattm of George A. 
and Marian D. Garrett fbr a 
diange of zoning from Real- 

rou^ut tte resort dty on tte 
nigtt of Aug. 28. 

An Army enlisted man at- 
tadied to Fort Story wte wu 
also arrested in thd same 
'Icrack - down", identtfled as 
19-year-old Richard A. Cote, is 
awaittng senlendng on duurgu 
d vlolattng drug abuse laws. 

* LagQi NOticts 

dH^ Suburban District 
3 (R-£ 3) to General Com- 
mercial District 3 (C-G 
S) and a Use Permit 
to »3nstrud a GsK^ne &nply 
ShrtioB on certain pi^rty lo- 
c^ei m ^ NorOettt corner 
of BirdMCk R(^d and 24th 
Street, rundng a d^n^ of 
164 feet dMi ttie East side d 
Blrktedc Roii, irundng a dis- 
teaoe of 269 ftet lOong tte 
NMttern prop^ty Iteat, naming 
a tfataace <tf 89 feet along tte 
Ea^rn property fine and nm- 
dng a distaaee of IM fed 
along ttie Nortti side d 24th 
Street. (BirdneckVillafeArea). 

6. Application, of Jerald R. 
Vauften and George F*. Davis 
for a Use Permit for a teenage 
dance tell with live entertain- 
ment m certain property loca- 
ted in ttie London Brtdge Busi- 
nea Comdex located 350 feet 
man or less Wed d Great 
Nedc Road and 390 fed more 
or less North of Virgida Beach 
Boulevard. (London Bridge Ba- 
dness Complex Area)i LYNN- 

7. AppUcattott d Wilttam H. 
Perry for a Use Permit for s 
church on certain property te- 
gindng at a pdnt 825 feet More 

—orJeas Nortti M Vli^UaJleach 
Bottfevard, rwmingadstanced 
150 feet along ttie East dde d 
Rudder Road, ruadng a dis- 
tance d 132 feet alcmg tte 
.Norttiern property line, rumiing 
a distance d 150 fed along ttie , 
Eastern property line and run- 
dng a Astance d 132 feet dong 
ttie Souttiern pr<yerty fine. Said, 
bte are shown as Loto 13, 14, 
and 19, revised Pld d North 
Dute Town. (Oceana Gardens 


8. AppUcatloo d Edwin ^. 
Harris for a Use Permit to 
construd 24 motel effidency 
udte on certain property lo- 
cated on file Norttmst corner 
d 37tti Street and Padfic Ave- 
nue, rundng a distaiice d 140 
feet aking fbtb Ea«t aide dPac-^ 
ifie Avamia, nmning a disteaee 
d 106 feat along ttie Nortti side 

(-^^fttt^tree^ ranalatA dis- 
tttte d t«) feet afaNV ttie 
Eastern property Una and nm- 
ning a dtstaaee d 106 fed 
along ttie, Northern property 

9. AppUeattoo d M. Dan 
Dalis for a Use Permit to 

^operate a parking Id on cer- 
tain prcfierty located on tte 
Ncnihwest corner d32ndStred 
and Padfie Avenue, nmUng 
a disianee of 15t featateng 

Ai iM» ioyouB Urn* of y«or va axtrad 

our grtoifaf s lo our hhad*. wrfcost coaiMai^ 

fn UgUr vohia. TluuA rwi. 

tte Wed side d Padfic Aw- 
mia, rundng a distance d264 
fed along ttie Nortti side d 
32nd Street, rundng a dtstmce 
d 159 feet along tte Western 
ptoptTtf line and nomingadis- 
tenoe d 264 fed along ttii 
Norttern property line. VIR- 

10. AppMcatloB d Level 
Green Corporatton fw a Use 
Permit to construd a aewage 
pumiing statton on oertdn pro- 
perty located on ttie East dde 
d Level Green Boulevard (pro- 
posed) tei^nning at a pdd 325 
feet Sodb d ttie Virginia Elee- 
brie and Power Co. RigU d 
Way. Sdd property teing ,50 
fed by 50 fed in dse. (Level 
Green Area). KEMPSVILLE 

11. A|«»Ucatton d Emanon 
C(Hnpany, Inc., fer a Use Per- 
mit to CMistrud a gasdine sup- 
ply statton on certdn prc^rty 
located on tte Nwtt dde d 
Providence Road, teglndng d 
a pdnt 1250 fed rowe or less 
Wed d KempsvlUe Road, run- 
ning a distance d ^feddong 
tte Nortti aide d Providence 
Road, rundng a distance d 
200 feet aloi« ttie Wedem pro- 
perty line ({H-oposed extension 
d Lord Dunsmore Drtve) i^- 
dng a distance d 200 fed along 
ttie N<»rttiern property fine and 
rundng a diirtance d 200 feet 
along ttie Etttem property line. 
(Fdrfield Ai«a). KEMPSVILLE 


U. AppUeattoo d H. Geori^ 
Schweitser for a' Use Hrmit 
to condrud a gasoline supply 
statton on certdn property lo- 
cated m tte NwthMd corner 
d Siore DHve and GreenweU 
Road, rimdng a dstence d 
192 fed along tte Western pro- 
perty fine d wUeh 170 feet is 
tte EidakfedGrerawtllRoad, 
namlag a balance d 199 fed 
ak»g ttie N<»ttam prqmty 
Una, ruming a ttst^oa d 165 
fad alMg ttM Eaitmi pri^wrty 
Una and rumiing a dtstaase d 
147 fed tkm ^ Noftti side 
d Stere Drive. (Myville I^k 

13. AppUcdion d Late Ed- 
ward NOTlh, iK., fer a ttt 
HnM to QOBStyad a gMo- 
liae »m^ ddion on certdn 
piN^iarty located ob ttM Soitt- 
malt eoraar of MtttftiadaBd 
Lane (pnfom^ 
_ a dlslpiwe d 175 fed 
along Ite East dde d Bakar 

VfrglniQ iM^ Sum 

*Ltgal relets 

Road, running a dt^net d 
200 feet along ttie Soutti ^ 
d HampsUre Lane (prooowQ. 
ruBifv a ttstdiea d Hi (N 
aloQglte Eadam property tte 
aid rmmiw a imam dfl^ 
fed along tteSodhcmpropa^ 
lite. (Ldca Edward Area). BA^ 
mm B^OUGH. 

14. Andiditton of F. Wayne 
McLeskey, Jr;, tor a Use Per- 
mit to cotetrud A gasdfiw 
si^y stettcm on certain pro- 
perty located on tte Sodtemt 
corner ai Stere Ikivt and East 
Grqrsm Drive rimning a da- 
tance d 211 fed alo^tteSoutti 
side d Shore IMve, rumiii« a 
(ttstamx of 200 fed do^ ttw 
West sidectfEadGnorsMimH^ 
rmming a dtttenee d 156 feat 
along tte Soiytfieni property 
line, and rundng atttdance d 
30S feet along tte Westera pro- 
perty line. (Oeetti Park Am). 

IS. Apfdieatfdi d DaviaCor- 
ner Prcvarttea Co^,^ by Owen 
B. Pictett, Attorney, for i 
change of zoning from Resi- 
dence Suburban CMstrtd 4 (R- 
S 4) to Multtpte Famity Red- 
dence Distrid (R-M) and a 
Use Permit to construd 160 
^lartmed udts on certdn pro- 
perty located cm tte South due 
of Virginia Beach Bodevard 
tegttming at a pdd 925 feet 
more or less Ead dFdrMefc- 
dows Road, rumiing a diatance 
d 392 fed along ttM Nwttern 
property line of wUch 160, fed 
is ttie Soutti side d Virginia 
Beach Boulevard, running adte- 
tence d 2277 fed akmg ttie 
EasterQ property line, rundng 
a distance d 259 Ieet alM^ 
ttie Sodtern property line uA 
rumiing a distance d 1692 feet 
along tte Wedern property line 
located d ttie Eastern extremity 
d Elam Avenue, Colisa Avenue 
and Larry Avenue. <fdrMea-- 
dows Estdes-Boulevard Manor 
Richard J. Webboo 



MUM AMOUNT OF $18,400,000 

Ttere having be^ presented 
to ttM Court a certified ovy 
of an ordint^ editled "An 
CMtoanee Auttmrtziagttelssa-^ 
ance d Sduwl Bonds d tte 
City d Virgida Bead^ Vir- 
ginia, In An Amond Nd to Ex- 

! - 

proval By ttMQaallfiadVders" 
adopted by ttw Coundl d ttia 
City d Virgida Beach di ttie 
9tt day of Noveoiter, 1970^ 
and ^iprovad by ite Mayor, 
vdiidi reqoeate tte Courttoci^ll 
a bond eteettoo in ttie City; 
and it appearing ttit audi or- 
<finaaoe haa beenddyadoptodia- 
accwdanct witt law, it la' 
hereby ADJUDGED and OR- 
DERED as follows: 

1. Sudi ordinance la approved 
and la tereby filed. 

2. Tte regular election 
dficera d ttw City d Virginia 
Beach ahall on tte iMdiqrd 
January, 1971, apn a pdl and 
ttdce ttw aense d tte qualified 
vdera of tte City d Virginia 
Beadi on tte questton d tor- 
rowing money and iaadng Ite 
general ddiptton bonds in ttw 
maximum amount and for ttw 
purpose set forth in sudi or- 

3. Tte voting maddnas and 
balloto to te uaed d ttw dee- 
tton shaU poae tte (wattoo la 
aubstantlally ttw foltowiag 




January 12, 1971 

QUESTION: Shall ttw City d 
VirginU Beach, Virgida, tor- 
row an amosM nd to exeead 
EigUeen MUlioa FonrHiiidred 
Thooaaod DoUarr9ll,46e,00(9 
and laaue ite general dsUgatiQn 
bonds ttwrafor porsaad to ite 
cterter and ttw PUblle Flaante 
Ad d 1958, af amended, to 
finance, togettwr witt ottwr 
avaUd^ fttnda, ttw coat d 
eonstracttng, tmproviog and 
aipipping achool bdldli^ and 
related facilities and aites 



Tte squares to te prided on 
ttw baUote Shan te nd lass 
ttMi(»e-qDarternorinn«thtti 4 

4. TteelaettondwUteooB- 
daeted and Ite votes counM 
Md Ite fmrnmUttmeO' 
vasaad In ttw maoaer provUad 
by law, and ttw rwdli flwrad 
ahaU te earttfted to ttia Court 

5. A copy d ttis crdw (Aall 
•am as ttw writ d aladtoe.' 
Tte SergMUit of tte City d 


TNjr»^v, D«cemb«r 24, I9T0 

Virginia Beach Sun 


* Legal Notices 

Vlrglota Beach ^11 forthwith 
serveii^rtlfied c(^«s of this 
GtiKtsj^n flie Chairman and 
l^cr^ary at file Electoral 
Board of the City of Virginia 
Bead>,itnd shall post certified 
copieff of this order s^ each 
vc^og^laee and at three oKber 
pulbUC' places in the City, aiKi 
he sh^l make his return to the 
Court 4hat he has executed the 

6. A certified oofif of this 
order, preceeded by ttie caption 
"Notice of Bond Election," 
shall |)e published twice in The 
Vir^iia Beach Sun News, a 
newsR^^r having general cir- 
culation in the City, at least 
one of which publications shall 
be made Jut less than ten days 
bef(»'e the election. 

7. the Clerk of this Court 
shall forthwith send a certi- 
fied ^py of this order to the 
State Board of Elections. 

t Enter: 12/3/70 

I askfor this: 


Attorney for the City of 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

A Copy Teste: 


Dori« S. Hale, D.C. 

DtJe Bimson - — -- — 

Attorney for the City of 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 


^— ^^M^^— » W l Ill M l III 

In the Clerk's Otflce of the 
Ciroidt Court of the City of 
Vir^nia Beach, on the 2Sth day 
of November, 1970. 
June Crank Whitaker, Plaln- 

Robert Campbell Whitaker, 
The obiect of ttls suit is for 
the said '^ntiff to obttdn a 
MOrnl from the^said defenduif, 
iq;K» the grouncte of deserticm 
by the defendant for a period of 
mere ttan one year pribr to the 
commencement of the action. 

Aiid an aBldavit having^been- 
made and filed that the defen- 
dant is not a resident of the 
State of Virginia, the last known 
post offlee address being: Sans 
Soud Apartments, 804 E Ctme 
Boulevard, Greensboro, North 

^ I^is ordered that he do ap- 
pear here wlttiin 10 (ten) (toys 
after due publication hereof, 
and do what may be necessary 
to protect his interest in this 

A c«py-Teste: 

Margaret W. Brugh, D. C. 
Jack B. St(4ces, Atty. 
Suite 1(^0 Plaza One 
Norfolk, Virginia 23510 


In the Clerk's Office of the 

Circuit Court of the City of 

Virglnift Beach, on the 23rd 

di^;!if November, 1970. 
Braide Maude Mil^ JohnsM), 


Demmer Nelson Johnson, De- 


the object of this suit is for 
the said plaii^ to obtain a 
divorce Amensa et Thoro from 
the said ddeodant, v^on tte 
grounds of DesertiMU < 

And an affldavU having been 
made and filed that due dill- 
t»im has been untd by or in 
behalf of the plal^itt to as* 
derteia in wifldi com^ or cor- 
poi:i^fHi te defends^ is, witti- 
out afftet, the last known poet 
oHUia address being: Sparta, 

It is ordered that be do ap- 
pe^ here within 10 (ten) d^ys 
after due piA^cation tereof, 
and A? whit may be neCMsary 
to pTfrfeet Ms iitor^ in ttis 

A e^gr-TMte: 
Marptf>et W. Brugh, D.C. 
Steroid J. GQpdm% Atty. 
1120 Harrow (3oid 
Chesi^aJn, Virginia 23325 


(Ahmonwealth of VraGtNiA 
In tlM Clerk's OtBee d the 

Circuit Court <rf ttn City of 

VirMa BeacLoD tte 8th d^r 

of I^^mber, mi^ 
m^ Jamer'Ratcher, Jr., 

*^irginla S. BaMfaMr, 0^- 

* Legal Notices 


The object of this suit is fbr 
the said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce A Vinculo Matrinronii 
from the said defendant, upon 
the grounds of two year sep- 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defen- 
dant is not a resident of the 
State of Virginia, and flie last 
known post office address was 
111 Rochelle Street, Springfield 

It is ordered that she do 
appear here within 10 (ten) 
days after due public^on here- 
of, and do what may be nec- 
essary to protect her interest 
in this suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

Phyllis N. Stycor, D.C. 
Mr. James R. McKenry, Atty. 
1369 Laskin Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 



In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on tte 16th day 
of December, 1970. 

John Stephen Marcoux, Plain- 

Pearl Vaug^an Johnson Mar- 
coux, Defendant. 
I Tte object of this suit is for 
the said idaintiff to obtain a 
divorce A Vinculo Matrinxmii 
from said defendant upon ttie 
grounds of desertion. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defen- 
dant is not a resident (tf tte 
state of Virginia, ttie last known 
post office address being US 
Houston Street, Providence, 
Rhode Island. 

It is ordered that she do 
aivear tere within 10 (ten) 
days after due publication here- 
of, and do what may te nec- 
essary to protect ter interest 
in this suit. ;; 

A c(^-Teste: • 
PhyUis N, Styror,' D.C. 
Bunch Si Swanner 
4565 Virginia Beach Boulevard 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 
-r— 12-24-4T 


In the Clerk's Office of tte 
Circuit Court of tte City of 
Virginia Beach, on tte i6th day 
of December, 1970. 

Ruth 0. Brown, Plaintift, 
a^nst __ ■ : 

Elijah E.'Srown, Di^inaQt. 


the (A>Ject erf this suit Is for 
the said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce A Vinculo Matrimonii 
from s^d defendant upon ttie 
grounds of constructive deser- 

And an affidavit tevii^ be«i 
made and fi-led that tte defen- 
dant is not a resident of tte 
state of Virgiida, the last known 
post office address being 901 
North Jenison Avenue^ Laiuing, 

It is ordered that te do ap- 
pear tere within 10 (ten) days 
after due publicaticHi te^f, 
and do what may te necessary 
to protect Jiis intere^ in this 

A copy-Teste: 

Phyllis N. Styror, D.C. 
Murphy, Bennett & Gorry 
301 25th Street 
Virginia Beach, Virginia , 


In tte Clerk's Office of tte 
Circuit Court of tte City of 
Virginia Beach, on Oe nth 
day of Novemter, 1970. 

Carole J. Anthony, Plaintiff, 

Steven M. Anthony, Defen- 
dant* , 
Tte object of Ois siAt is lor 
the said plainttff to (Main a 
divorce a vinoolo ottrinorii 
from tte said dafeodant, upon 
the grouads of imilot lived se- 
parate and apart witteut wof 
cohidAtation aad without tattr- 

* Legal Notices 

A copv Teste: 


Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 

R(^rt H. Anderson, Jr., Atty. 

GoMblatt, Upskia, Andersen i- 


804 One Main Plaaa^East 

Norfolk, Vir0nia 23510 



The Virginia Bead) Zoning 
Board of Appeals will conduct 
a PtAlic Hearingon Wednesday, 
January 6, 1971, at 8 P.M. in 
tte Municipal Court Building, 
upstairs court room. City Hall, 
Virifinia Beaeh, Virginia. Tte 
following applicaticms will ap- 
pear on ttie agenda. 

I. S.G. Bowdoin requests a 
variance of 5 feet from required 
30 feet to 25 feet fron yard 
setback of Lots 38 and 39, 
MaeDonald Park, Hoibbs Road. 
KempsviUe Borou^. 

It. Julian Perry requests 
a variance of 14 fleet Arom re- 
quired 20 feet to 6 feet rear 
yard settack of Lots 2 and 
4, Block 58, Shaitow Lawn Hei- 
f^, 801 Terrace Avenue. Vir- 
0nia Beach Borouijh. 

m. Trtiverse Btj Corpor- 
ation requests a variance of 
5 feet from reared 30 feet 
to 25 feet front yard setback 
of Lots 24 through 35, Haven 
Estates, Section 2. Kempavttle 

IV. AUce W. Hancock re- 
quests a variance of 4 feet 
from reqittred 10 feet to 6 
fleet side yard setback of Lot 
2, Bade Bay Meadows, Sand 
Bend Road. Pui^ Borough. 

V. Lyhidiaven BaikliQg Sup- 
ply Corp. requests a variance 
of 10 feet from required lOftet 
to feet rear yard settmdc 
of all lots in WaaU^igtonSquare 
Apartments. LyonhalrenBo- 


, ^. L. Towers u 
Secretary ' 



In execution of tte Deed d 
Trust from WILLIAM HAR- 
RELL andMirtonHarrell,Rw- 
band and Wife, to William Reary 
Martin, Jr.-, Trastee, dated Hf 
5, 1967, and recorded Aogast 
10, 1987, ia (te Cleric's Office 
of tte Circuit Court for tte City 
of Virginia Beach, Virgiaia, in 
Deed Book 1018, Page 226, de- 
fault having oceored in ttepay- 
meirt of tte indelitadaeas 
thereby secured md at tte re- 
quest of tte holder of tte note, 
tte undersigned s iftst it u te trus- 
tee will sell A piMic anctton 
at ttie frcmt door of ttie court 
liouse of tte Circuit Court tot 
the City of Virgiida Beadi <m 
January 8. 1971. at mO A.M. 
ttie following described pro- 
perty, to-wit: 

All ^ certidn lot piece or 
parcel of land, ^tuate, lying 
and teing. in the City of Vir- 
i^nia Beach, Virginia^ and de- 
sigmted on map as lot 5, block 
S, SubdivistoB of Aragona Vil- 
lafe. Section 4, and recorded 
in ttie Clerks Office of Ok 
Circuit Court of VirgiidaBeadi, 
Virginia, in mt4>book 40, page 

Tte ptogtttf is generally 
known as 673 Kennetii Road, 
VirginU Beach, Virginia. Siib- 
Ject to all prior Uens of re- 

TERMS: Cash 

DATED: Decenber 9, » 1970 
AAititute Trustee 
For Wormatttm: 
Samwl L. Ellenson, Attorney 
P.O. Box 823 

2814 Wett Avenue, Sidtr-Two 
Newport News, Virginia, 23607; 
Telephone: 244-S856 



Purraairt to Section 311 (a) 

w«»«««.v- -. (2) of ttn CommuBlattiotM Ad 

niDtionfOTmorettaiatiwfears, of lM4,aiaBi«dad,iad8Mtton 
SSti June 18, 1968. ^ i «u ^4^ «# «• F..tarri Com- 

And an alfifbvit haiiagte«i 
made and filed that tte 4e- 
fentart is w^aruMiitf oftti 
State (tf VirtfUla, ttelaatkaowa 
poet offlee address bting: «I4 
84th StrM^ ApartaMBi/ UA,, 
New York, Ifew tofl. 

It is ordered thai te do apf 
pear ten wtWa 10 (tiiO days 
after 6m f ifc tte attait Iwta^ 
and do >whiA aayte MOMHi^ 
to iffotM^ Ms igt^e^ la ttia 

im (0otiSt» Federal Com- 
nuaieationa CMUoterioa'a 
Rolas and Re^lafioii|,^PiMic 
llotf«e is ter^ gtvM ftat 
file i«|ilieaMa cf nsroe d 
Virgtiia, Inc, VirginU Sea- 
short ^oaioattag Coivora- 

tt«a aid Saa 9f>eiSGlitii« Cor^ 
norattoo ^t^&y^^ ^ated 
^ coBwriMBaff eoftittrtlte 
teKttf MBiaaeCoBBlsaioe. 
Each of tla apHcifim n- 
«Mts a QBHiMKtfM Piradt 
te teOd 

* Legal Notices 

FM broadcast station in Vir- 
ginia Beach, Virginia on 94.9 
Mc, diannel numter 235 with 50 
kw of power (horizontal and 
vertical). Tte tearing is scte- 
duled to te teld ^ the Federal 
Communications Commission, 
1919 M Street. N.W., Washing- 
ton, D.C. 20554 on January 
26th, 1971, to consider the 
following issues: 

1. To determine whether 
Payne of Virginia has avail^le 
tte additional $24,350 required 
for construction uid first-year 
(^ration of its proposed station 
without reliance on revenues to 
thus demonstrate its financial 

2. ftt determine whether Vir- 
ginia Seastere has available the 
additi(»ial $31,076 required for 
construction and first-year op- 
eratfon of its proposed station 
without reliance on revenues to 
thus demonstrate its financial 

3. To determine tte efforts 
made by Payne of Virginia to 
ascertain the community needs 
and interests of the area to 
te served and tte means by 
wMdi tte apfdicant proposes to 
meet those needs and interests. 

4. To determine tte efforts 
made by Vir^ida Seashore to 
ascertain the community needs 
and interests of the area to te 
served and tte means by which 
tte applicant proposes to meet 
those needs and interests. 

5. To determine tte efforts 
maite by Sea Broadcasting to 
ascertain the community needs 
and interest d tte area to te 
served and tte means by which 
tte qipUcairt proposes to meet 
fiiose needs and interests. 

6. To determine whidi of fiie 
propceala would, on a com- 
parative basis, best serve tte 
public interest. 

7. To determite in flie U^ 
of the evidence adduced pur- 
suaiU to file foregoing issue, 
irtiidi, if any, of tte applications 
for construction permit steuld 
te granted. . \ 

A coigp of flte> application of 
Sea J^oadeasting Corporation 
along with amendments and 
related material is on file for 
pdblic inspection during normal 
business hours at tte offices 
of Sea Broadcasting Corpora- 
tton, 31(M Pacific Avenw, Vir- 
ginia Beach, Virginia 23451. 
Reeves E. Johnstm 
Consumer Protection Officer 


DECEMBER, 1970.. :- 
a munidpal corporation. Com- 
plainant, ^ 

RUTH A. AIKEN, et als., Res- 

In Chancery No. 14334-A 


The objeclof the above-styled 
suit is to sell, free and clear 
of all liens and encumbrances, 
for tte satisfaction of tte liens 
ttereon, that certain lot, tract 
or parcel of land ' situated in 
tte City of Virginia Beach, 
Virginia, and bounded and des- 
cribed as follows: 

ALL ttet certain lot, piece 
or parcel of land, situated in 
L^mteven Borou^, City of 
Virginia Beach, State of Vir- 
ginia, known, numtered andde- 
Opiated on that certain plat 
entitiled, "Map of Cape Hen- 
ry, Princess Anne County, Vir- 
ginia", dated January 6, 1900, 
which plat is duly of record 
in die Clerk's Cfiffice of tte 
Circuit Court of tte' City of 
Virginia Beach, Virginia, in 
l£«p Book 1, at page 8b, as 
Lot 6. Block 8, Section E; re- 
ference to whidi fakl plat is 
tereby made for a mere par- 
tioilar description d tte said 

AsA it appeariiq^ from ttw 
averments of tte Bill d Com- 
pUnt filed terein and by Af- 
fidavit duly filed: 

Firet: Ttet tte followU^ re- 
sp(Midents are non-resi(tents of 
fids %ite and ^eir hut known 
pm^ (Mci addresses sure n flol- 

RiMi A. Aiken, Park Plasa 
Apartments, Pittsbmri^, Penn- 
sylvania. ' 

AUce Granbtry Parker 
Walter and Maurice Walter, 275 
VidiMria Piacfe, Lawreiwe, N«w 

^cmD: Ttet tfttgSMe has 
b««t ^Be<i by and oa tetelf 
of tte »fflpainMI Iq tfcer- 
taia te vh^ «Ms^ or eor^ 
peMfisa fin tdlo^^ respon-^ 
tte, vittoot ^id, and 


20 Automobilet Far Sale 

19f4 Cadillac 4 dr. hdtp., Sedan 
de'ville, 68,000 miles, like new 
loaded, o<ie owner. 340-3225 
and make offer over S 1,395. 

Chevrolet 1963, l/2'ton Fleet- 
side pick up, usied as passen- 
ger car, excellent tires. P.P. 
Owen 464-6344. 

Corvette- 1966, Convertible Ex- 
cellent Condition, 425 hp. 4 
speed, low mileage, price re- 
duced. $2495. 460-0597, 

VaUant-1966 2 dr., standar^,^ 
new tires $750. 464-5767. 

1967 Very Friendly Crysler, 
Crow-n Imperial, light blue, 
black vinyl hard top, white lea- 
ther and black satin interior. 
A-1 condition and exceptionally 
clean. $3,000, price firm. 425- 


36 Home Maintenance 

Special fall cleanup and close 
up. 25^} discount for all work 
done in the next 60 days. Chim- 
ney Sweeping and fire place 
repair. Dampers installed or 
fixed. Furnace cleaning. Atlan- 
tic Builders &. Maintenance. 
Call 428-7350. 

paint interior and exterior. 464. 


Leaks and Repairs 

All work guaranteed. 




43 Help Wanted-Malc w Female 70 Degt- Cat f O ll wr Pete 

general el€ctric 
""position openings 

Entrance level opening invol- 
ving the assembly of television 
sets. No experience required. 
Excellent pay and benefits. For 
further information call Mrs. 
S, C, Short collect at tte GEN- 
ERAL ELECTRlp employment 
ofnce. 484-35211 




Electrical Contractor 

Installation & i^epairs 

Free Estimates 427-1146 


Business is buzzing and we 
need help. Want a fsood ca- 
reer in real estate. Apply to- 
day. Call Tom Kane 497-4851 
Nights 340-176D. Grow with 
Realtors. StoW Realty Corp. 


Pure Blade Gernan Ae|i»erd- 
8 weeks oU, wtaned, decen- 
dairts of Rolland von Storten- 
burg— 497-1761. 

Ywkshire terrter pups. Show 
and pet. Also uiotter litter 
ready for Christmas. WiU hold 

Tof Poodle Pups-7 males, AKC 
re^tered, 6 weeks old, 426- 

Poodte Grooming and Access- 
ories, Cteralai^ Poodle House. 
5689 Va. Beach Blvd., Norfolk, 
7:30 am-6 pm Tuesday thru 
Saturday, 420-4790. 

vice. Beagle and Poodle-425- 


BUSINESS SERyiCES 40 Help W.nted-Female 

IM RooHM For Rot 

Part time bookkeeidhg and typ- 
ing doiie in my home or your 
office. Free i4ck up and de- 
livery. 420-5340. " 

CUSTOIT' Made Drapes* 
Steers - Work guaranteed. 
Fran's Draperie s, Hilltop Area. 
Phone 428-0544. V 

antee work. Ptene 497-4628. 

Will babysit in my home, small 
child for working motter. 428- 
7574. i' 'A 

36 Home Malntenanoe 

■l« N '■■ .■■■■■■I I ■■ J» _ . 

GiMers and down spouts re- 
placed ud roof repairs. Free 
estimates. Work guaranteed. 

Contractors & Home Builders- 
Let us help you wltti that new 
home - additions - or repairs. 
We can fUrnish materials from 
basement to attic and aid you 
in financing. 

Ptene: Kellam It Eaton, Inc. 
___ (1)427-3200 


427-2574 ^ 

Have opening for lady to sell 
Electrolux products in the Vit^ 
ginia Beach area. Excellent op- 
portunity to earn $150 per week 
in commissions and bonuses. 
Interviews held at our office 
tetween 9 a.m. and noon. Any- 
day this week. Ask for mana- 
-ger. Electrolux Sales and Ser- 
vices, 5312 B Virginia Beach. 

Women 18 and up wear and sell 
Sarah Coventry Jewelry in your 
spare time, no investment, no 
delivery. Car and [^one needed. 
Dial 340-4054. 

Theory, jepectotre , :, i. • 
"lames & Frances ^brrtssfffi 
Accessible from Expressway 
Va. Bch Blvd. First Colonial 
or Laskin Road. Ph. 428-0587. 

611 Iiistrn^ional Counes 

■i TRAIN TO K A ■■ 


Leirn to op«rj|t BuIMq'*'*.' 
Draflmes. Cranes. Scftptrt, 
Loadeis. Trenrhert. etc.. at 
our modern facilitgr. A hi|h' 
faid career it oocn te ambi- 
lious men mntoani ■••■■•. lu 

Uitivtrial Hn*y 
CeiiilrwUM SckMit 

NtriMi, «>. nsie 

Marstell's Hotel 66tti and Ocean 
Oae room efficiency $12$ 
monthly $32.50 weekty. Two 
rooms $ 1 90 monthly $48 weekly, 
includes ulHlittes, T.V. aatf 
maid service. 428-6841. ^"^ 

Heated rooms. Maid serWce. 
Day, week or morth. 206 20th 
Street. I1 

Room for Rent, very clem, 
with or without housekeeping 
priviteges. 425-9737. 

11< Hmms F< 

Guest house, rastom ftimislied, 

waterf ro^ estate, two balconies 

^erloddof water. 340-34SU 





Legal Notices 



their last known post offlee MERRY CHRISTMAS 
addresses are unknown. 

Mary L. Gwynne, widow, Ad- 
dress unknown, ■ 

Matthew K. GsssBS*M, Ad- 
dress unknown. 

Olivia Gwynne, Address un- 

THIRD: Ttet certain of tiie 
respondents in this suit may 
teve teen married and if so 
the names of their respective 
consorts are unknown and ttieir 
last known post office addresses 
are unknown. Ttet some of item 
may have died leaving heirs, 
devisees or personal repr^n- 
tetives. If so» the names of said 
teirs,devisees|nd personal re- 
presentatives are unknown and 
tteir last known post office 
addresses are unknown. That 
there are or might te persons 
otiier than tiiose named in the 
bill of comi^hint interested in 
tiie real estate to be disposed 
of in this suit wtese names 
and last known post office ad- 
dresses are unknown. 

It is. tterefore, ORDERED 
tiiat the above named pei^ns, 
if ttving, and if dead, tteir 
heirs, devisees and personal 
represenUtives, and if narried, 
tiieir respective consorte, and 
all persons other than those 
herin named, wte are or might 
te inteijested in ttie real estate 
to te disposed of in tills suit, 
fdioae names are udmown, 
do appear wittiin ten (10) days 
after due pubttcatioo of this 
notice aad do iriat is aeees- 
nry to i»-otect tteir intereste. 

It is furtter (XiDERED Uiat 
the foregoing portt(Hi of this 
onter te published ooce a week 
for four successive weeks in 
tt» ''Virginia Beach Sm", a 
newspsqwr published in tiie City 
of Virgbiia Beach, Virginia. 

Pl^Us N. Styrsn, D.C. 

Oriental Rugs-Two 4x7 Rose 
colored with floral borders, 
matching design. 499-3481. 

Rosenthal distes, used once, 
beautiful, Pariser Srihling de- 
sign, service for 8, reasonabte,<^ 

340-6070. \, 

Sales and service. Prompt ef- 
ficient repairs. Pick up and 
delivery. Phone 428-4222, Fuel 
Feed and Building SuppUes, Inc. 

la Real Estate Wnrtsi 

Property to sell or reqt. 
cliente-waitiag. Call 340-074t». 

Home ft Apt. Listings Needed 

for Sate or Rent 

Memter of VirginU Beach Mid- 

tipie Usttng Service. 500 

Salesmen will telp sell your 


Cooper Realty 

2807 Padflc Ave. 

se SUN Classified Ads, 

to Work For You 



Compose your own classified ad 


ia MM wmii WEEKLt RATES 

Minimum Charge 1 .00 Und«r Four Un«s ^o. OF week 


Circle One 
1 2 3 4 5 TFN 

11.00 $uoo 

$1.00 iuo 

$1.2S %IJ» 

$1.50 $l.W 

^ _^^____^^^__^^^^.^_^ ^^^^^^^^^^^mm^^^H^^I ■^^^■■^■••^'■■^^^■^^ 



5H discount If run 4 wookt 



W. Ulgli Ansell, attOTBey for 

iSm Complaiiairt. 

Afliel, BuWr rCi^ate, Attys. 

^36 VirginU Bea^ Blvd., 
Virginia BmcIl Vlrgtsla 




f. 0. Iti M, 

Vfrflali ImA ,Va. UHf 


Virginia Beach Sun 


axAwam for a 
la tfiA foesday j^i^ 

in the 2300 block oflf. Wltdi- 
-dudt Road. 

Potfce Quote the firm's deiic 
irttti aayi^ a nan iirito coM^Mled 
m i4aattty l^ pulUi^ a Navy 
"wfA^ e^'* over Mi head 
forced h» tl kitffo poiitf to 
hnd wet the da:^' receifits, 
i^cii amot^ed lo tfiptiai' 
m^ly $178. 

Tod^ «p^ 8«forirtmi>r ■"■"""^'"'"' 

drl^ fromCUef«f Police 
Col. W. W. Davli: "Alcohol 
vaa a factw in at least half 
JOl last rear's 5$f400 traffic 
titolittes. The best advice Is 
sttl 'if jrou drink, don't drive.' 
B^ U ytw iraist on drinidng 
b^bre driving, recent studies 
show that you slKjuld wait for 
at tout (Aie hour per drink 
before drlvii^ This is the ac- 
cepted ndnlmum amount of time 
required by the body to rid 
itself of alcohol." 


lh^94ay, D«c^ber 24, 1970 

Arrest Follows Sent6neing 

By Les Lehiith 

As we join family and friends 
in sharing the ]oy d this Christ- 
mas may we remember those 
whose hairiness is marred 1^ 
ttie presence d illness in their 
^r^mes c^r the absence df loved 

Let us also t<u.a in tte hope 
that Americans being detained 
or missing in foreign lands 
will soon be safely reunited 
with their loved ones, and for 

the fulfillment of words uttered 
nearly 2,000 years ago.,... 
"Peace on earth, . good mill 
towards men". 

In expressing our iqipermost 
thou^it for you and yours during 
this seaion we turn to the words 
(tf Charles Didkens used by him 
in 1843 in the telling of his 
"A Christmas Carol" when Ws ' 
Tiny Tim said "God blesis us, 
every one". 

Vernon T, Crockett, Jr., 18, 
B900 block^f Bree^ Read, was 
chared with possession of 
marijuana moments after being 
sentenced in Circidt Court on 
his cuiviction of selling marl- 

Officials indicate tlttt a pac- 
ket of marijuaha iis foind m 
Crockett upon Us r^urn to the 
City Jail from the Court buil- 
ding shortly after being sent- 
enced to four years in prison 
by Judge Philip L. Russo. 

Authorities say their inves- 

Ladies of Old Donation ChMrch quickly introduced tliemselves to 
some of the 20 foreign students for whom they prepai*ed lunch, 
Monday. The students, who are being hosted during the holiday 
season by First Presbyterian C hu rcti and Galilee Episcopal 
Church, are from a number of countr i es and from a variety of 
American universities. 

the officers, directors and staff 




ttgattOB of the miMer iatt^l^ 
that ^tt» drug w&"p^mt^o 
Crodntt by his 2l-yeaf-oUi 
sister, Sally JoCroekettSes- 
sum, as si» walled iMtaCroe- 
tett firom Circuit Court to the 

Sbe was chari^ with pos- 
ses8i(Hi of marijuami at her 
home in the 4700 block of Je- 
anne fStreet. 


(Continued from page 1) 

large with 11 members to ade- 
quately perform its duties, at- 
Mbuting that lack of perfor- 
mance to failure of several 
members to appear regularly 
at meetings. 

The new body now has 13 
members %-ith the addition of 
Watlington, manager of a Roto- 
bins Corner grocery store, and 
Connelly, president of A- 
Musements, Inc. 


(Continued from page 1) 

^as given background infor- 
mation by Hampton Roads Sani- 
tation District manager Frank 
Miller on a proposed sewage 
treatment plant for the city. 

The URSD's anpUcation for a 
use pertnit was deferred by 
council 'wtil various civic 
grotqps cpuld be briefM on the 
unit, its disposal system and 
the< location. 

^Discussed possible legisla- 
tion that mig^t be introduced 
by area legislators at the spe- 
cial session of the General 
Assembly next month. 

Coun^l indicated it wuld like 
suivort for Virginia's Url>an 12 
in its effort to gain financial 
relief from the state, a local 
option for pari-muteul betting 
and horse racing, release of 
Camp Pendleton to ttie dty and 
a refinement of obligations and 
authority for the State Water 
Control Bpord, , 

Bowles Gets 

Six Chowan College football 
players headed by offensive tac- 
kle John Bowles ol Virginia 
Baadi, and Danny Croom of 
Kinston, N. C. have received 
post-season honors. 

Bowles was named to the Na- 
tional Junior College AU- 
American first team. Clroom, 
defensive end, received honor- 
able mention. 

Bowles and Croom and four 
(rther Braves were named to 
the all-Coastal Conference first 
team. Two linebadcers from 
Ashland, Va., Norman Cage and 
Sbiart Christian, and safety 
B(A)by Comerford were named 
on the defensive team. Bowles 
was Joined by tailback Rcmnie 
Mack on the offense. 

Floating Santa 

Santa Claus, complete with rod and reel, 
appears ready to join other sports fisher- 
man frorajils perch atop the **Bertle C" 
atthe charter boats' Rud«e Inlet mooring. 

Schools Accredited 

The Southern Association of 
Colleges and Schools has no- 
tified E. E. Brickell, Division 
Superintendent of Virginia 
Beach Schools, that all ten of 
the Virginia Beach secondary 
schools have been continued as 
accredited schools by the Asso- 

This action was taken at the 
annual meeting of the Associ- 
ation held recently in Atlanta, 

Membership in the Associa- 
tion is official recognition that 
a school is committed to im- 
provement throu^ the accredi- 
tation process. Each member 
school periodically conducts a 
thorough self-study and is vi- 
sited by teams of competent 
educators who help to deter- 
mine tlw school's strengths and 
indicate areas needing im- 
provement. Floyd Kellam High 
School has just finished such 
m evaluation. Only those 
^hools whl(;h voluntarily enter 
itto these self-improvement 

programs and commit them- 
selves to compliance with ac- 
cepted educational standards 
are admitted to membership. 

Virginia Beach's four Junior 
high schools are currently pre- 
paring for the visiting commit- 
tee during the next school year. 

"The regional accreditation 
program has been in operatioo 

for 75 years and has demon- 
strated by concrete educational 
achievement, that the process 
is of value to students, tea- 
diers, parents, and com- 
muidties throughout the South," 
according to James H. Stiltner, 
executive secretary of the Vir- 
ginia State. Committee. 

The Southern Association Is 
one of six regional accredit- 
ing associations in the nation. 
It serves It states; Alat>ama, 
Florida, Geori^a, Kentueky, 
Louisiana, Mississippi, ^wth 
Carolina, Scad) Carolina, Ten- 
nessee, Texas and Virginia. 
In addition, it has responsi- 
bility for accrediting American 
achools in Latin America. 

Conviction Is Upheld 

Circuit Court Judge Robert 
s. Wahab, Jr., has upheld the 
Juvenile Court conviction of 
James W. Taylor ai contribu- 
ting to the delinquency of two 

Taylor 23, was fined $100 
and given a suspended 30-day 


V0i$h 1J0U lOtj-. Have 

holiday, and accept our pleased thanksl 


Jail sentence in August by Ju- 
venile Court Judge Kenneth N. 
Whitehurst, Jr., in connection 
with his managemeirt of the 
"Runaway House" which be- 
came the center of controversy 
as a haven for Juevenlles fleeing 
from their homes. 

Taylor's arrest by pbUcewu 
based on his allei^ encour- 
agement of two 14-year-old 
girls to make use of assumed 
names while at the Runaii«y 
House in order to hinder any 
police hinders to locate them. 

Judge Wahab's decision was 
made in Taylor's appeal of the 
Juvenile Court decision. 

General BtUtley 
Dies In Calif. 

Brig. General JosejA F. Batt- 
ley (U.S. Army, Ret.) 77, died 
December 18 at his home in 
Riverside, California. He was 
a long-term resident <rf ttie 
Washington, D. C. area, botti 
in a military capacity and as 
President of the National Paint, 
Varnish and Laoquer Associa- 

BHg. Gen. BatUey a native of 
Norfolk, was the father of 
Jeanne Brattley Du^y of Vir- 
ginia Beach. 

M%rrii ChHitrntu 

Bill Mevins 

end the 

Beach Boy 8 




Vol. 1 No. 15 

Dec. 24, 1970 







Winner of the 'Basket ^f Cheer' at King's Grant 
Community Leape's annual Christmas bonfire was 
ARTHUR FUSCO. Other photos page 4. 

Above Left 

MR. HOEKE holds the Earl of Oxford in Ms hands. 
One of his hobbies is collecting aiKl painting, authen- 
tically, English and Scotch Kni^ts of the various 
houses. These smallmetal figures, which MR. HOEKE 
imports front^England, are as exact in every detail 
as it's possible to make them so he works under 
a magnifying glass to paint their features, armor and 
coats of arms. More pictures on page 2. 

Left ^^™^ — 

Most children dream of catching Santa Claus at 
work on Christmas Eve. He'll be here Thursday- 
night and there will, no doubt, be millions of dul- 
dren all over the world who will try to get just a 
glimpse of the jolly old elf. ELIZABETH SMITH, 
daughter of LT. CCR. & MRS. WILUAM D. SMITH, 
JR. of Homestead, spied this Santa coming out of 
her chimney last week. Santa visited the chiUren 
of Homestead last year and he's expe<^ed to make 
a pre-Christmas Eve visit this year with candy. 
Some say the object of this extra visit is to see 
who's been naughty or nice. 


page 13 


J. 1 




Pflgg Z INSIGHT Thur<day, Ptc 24, 1970 

Agile Fingers 

Agile Mind 


The m SIGHT iliotofniiiier mats snue 
very iiiterMrtb« pecf^ In Us tnmls 
uounl tlie Beietu ^eowtly we vere 
ialradw»d to sueb t gWBUeinvB ant felt 
Ou^ we should share the i^tture with 
our FM^ers. 

with his wife onViri^niiis Drive ioBrii^- 
wood» is K^ Is considered a rare person 
in WashiiH(t«i, D.C. ^ is a native at 
that city. 

HQEi^ graduated tm Catholic Uid- 
verfdty tn 19Si wittiadegrec^iaBie<^anieal 
eni^n^rittg and imoMli^ly joined the 
D.C. Fire Department. His faUier was a 
Fire Departmeirt doctor but he says that 
didn't gain him any special treatmrat. 

MR. HOEKE tatted ahoot Mi« in the 
first fire cmmv tottrrlvt tttte scene 
when die Tooi of flki KsA^Mbotka The- 
ater» rt im Streil ndColtinkU Itoad, 
o<diivBetf tnm Om mipAti snow. The 
fli^ pers<« he renovcd from tfie wree-^ 
kafe WW a good fH«id d his who was 
sertoosly tajto^ 

HOEKE left the paid Fire Department 
in 1926 but never lost Ills interest in 
fire flgbtttt^ He retired |n 1966 as Fire 
CoauniMioan' of the Ifootgoraery Cmnty 
ItarylaiMi Volunteer Fire Departnmit and 
is now a menter of the Princess Anne 
Plaaa Voluirfeer Fire Dq^meat. 

In 1966 MR, HOEKE also rettred as 
Vice President of the Riggs Natiooal 

One of the fiivorite dJarantas which he has produced is his "Lord Nelson at llorntnc 

lot. HOEKE is (luite often commissioned to wain a model cf a oertito type vessel or to make 
repairs to a damaged one. This model of aC4earfosUiphroai)ithaeki|iemariesfor theDf 
SKiHT ptiotocrapiier win sailed on several of the C-llB. 


Here cooms Santa 
your holiday. 
Merry Ch^tmael And 
thmiki for your 

patronage, j^l _^y 


Princess Ann* Plaza 

MS. HOEKE ttkto the rigging to a model of the ^pper ^p Flying Clood wtdch is one of several models 
wUdi he has been commis^oned to build for tte Yanterm Itestaurairt oo Ladto Road in Vi^nia Beach. 
The hull in left foreground will eventually be fiii sdwooer America and at rigtt is hull for the U.S.S. 

puUish6d each IMiesday by the Beach ftjfaiishing Conx)^ 
publishers of The VvKinia Beach Sua- 
Qordon B. MH^hall, Managiiv 

3108 RacifR Avenue, Virpia Beich. V^ 234S1 
The Wfoifirs LaigBt RBsoft Cify 





lain Office: 1605 Laslcin 
Road • Kempsvilie Office: 
Kempsville & Princess Anne 
Roads • Mid-City Offices: 
277 Virginia Beach 
Boulevard, Lynnhaven • 
Phone: 425-5077 • Memt>er 




84NK ON THE nff^ 






I * 

Page 4 INSKH^T »f hursday, Dec 24, I97D 

Kings Grant 


Friends and neigiibops got together last week for a pre-Cbristmas visit as ttie 
King's Grant Community League beld it's annual Cbristmas boni&re in Whitt 
Pait. Beside ^ bon fire tbere was ^ Santa Claus and a Christmas tree and a 
drawing. It wasn't a cold nif^t but the leat (A ttie bonfire felt good to tbe back 
sides of maiqr and Qie kids had a ball. 

Admiriag tlie Christmas tree are MR. & MRS. H.C. MCCOY and son TREY 4, and 

^ i 



Subscribe To The 



to receive 

(N SIGm 

every week 

As the Christmas glow adds to the spirit of 
the season, we thirtic it a fine time to than It 
alt^our customers for their very loyal and 
friendly patronage. A Merry Ghrlstmos^o all! 


1350 KempsviUe Road 

frt AentUt 

' 420-8810 

Y(Hi never know when you1l need HALP. 

Hospital ^nd medical costs Iwep going higher and 
higher. You could rMlly get stung with a swarm of 
heavy bills . . . unless you have HXLP. It's the new 
plan of tieatth Expense Loss Protection that takes 
the bite out of BIG nwdical expenses. Don't be stucic 
with an old bMiefii plan. 

If your protection is out of date 



KeMlcuH, -ix!ti>u. 

3111 Hcmc m. 



&4awM«i-.7Ea:.;:;t,;„ „:.^ 




INS^HT Thurtiday,Dec 24, 1970 Pofe 5 



On Saturday, Dectniber 12th, The Bayside Road Runners defeated the Mariners 
16-14 to win the Virginia Beach 90 Pound Midget Uague Football Champlooshlp. 
m»A eoadi of the Road Runners Is HENRY POPE and Us assistant coaches 


CONGRESSMAN WILUAM WHITEHURST pr^ents a copy of the Congressional 
Record to CHARLES CARLIN KIRKPATRICK, President of Rosewood Memorial 
Park. Lookiog on, 1 to r, are ALAN T. DAVIS, ALBERT RICH, FRANK SHEA, 
WARREN WATERS. In his speech to the House of RepresentaUves, WHITE- 

BURST cited the efforts of the Tidewater Veterans Assodatlcm as an example 
of how local groups can act toother to find solutions to the p-oblems affecting 
their members. 


Tidewater's Orisrinar' • 

ye OMe Towne Shoppt 

At Newtown Rd. 499-4749 

5774-D Princess Anne Rd. 

Early American Accessories 
Antiques-Cut Glass-Wrought Iron Gifts 

Helen M. Berry.Owiler-ManaKer 


Pacific Ave. At 25th St. 
Virginia Beach 




151 E. Little Creek Rd. 
Wft-nis Corner Norfolk 



Page 6 INSIGHT Thuri^ Dec a^ltTO 

Last Wecbiesday oigbt tte Adult Learning Center mWitcbduck Road held open bouse. Several 
of file peoifle respmsible for the school and many stwitents and friends showed vp. In one 
group we found MRS.lli^NN DAVIS, Director of Educidonal Media, Virginia Beach School 
9oard; WILLIAM MOORE, Assistai^ Supervisor Advanced Education, State Department 
of Education; PRANK TAYLOR, Director Vocational and Advanced EduCaHO), Virginia 
Beach City Schools; MRS. SALLY NEWMAN, PubUc Relations Advisor,^and ROBERT PARR, 
Distrilnitive Education Supervisor, Virginia Beach City SdMols. 1 

REVEREND MARCUS H. BLOODWORTH, of UKles Methodist Church, discusses 
Uie center and the program with (taqrtime tncter MRS. ANN SMITO and MISS UNDA 
CROCKER, teacher at Kempsville Elementury. 

Afiults Ihtroduced To 
Learning Center 

The Adult Basic Education 
Program is designed primarily 
for the benefit of those indi- 
viduals, 18 years or older, who 
hav^ not attained an ^ghth grade 
education. However, file program 
has been expanded in the last 
year to aid those desiring to 
study fqr the high school com- 
pletion (GED) tests and to help 
certain aliens who speak little 
or no English. 

Last year the program was 
-operated in the evenings for two 
hours a session and usually twice 
a week. The City of Virginia 
Beach conducted six classes of 
this nature aX three separate 
locations in tbe^dty. 

Begimiing JTuly 1, 1970, an 
Accelerated Adult LearningCen- 
ter (AALEC) was established and 
began operating at the Center for 
Effective Learning. Two ftill time 

teachers are employed at AALEiC 
and also an individual who is 
responsible for promotion (^ the 
program and aids the teachers 
when the need arises. AALEC 
is open Monday through Friday 
from 9:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. 
and also three evenings each 
week. Two other classes are 
being conducted at Seatack Ele- 
mentary School on Monday and 

The State Board of Education 
has approved a budget d $13, 
727 for the evening program and 
JWjm for the Adult Learning 
Center. The total cost to the 
City of Virginia B^ch for the 
^dult Basic Program is only 
$4,373 since the Federal Govern- 
ment, through the State Board 
of Education, reimburses 90% 
of the total cost. 

Nic^t teacher, MRS. DOT RATCUFF, prepares to denMostrate to visitors, MRS. GERTRUDE MIT- 
CHELL and MISS CAROL STEWART, fiie method whidi file center mw to teach Ei^^ish. Looking 
o^is JAMES M. OGLESBY, Supervisor of file Center. 


Th9 B9st To You 
Both Wook 




All tiMt '21.95 



1948-F DiMiiond Springs R4. 
Phone 464^516 


t» -(fmfm<wmimfm<mmm\\m ni"'?!*"* 



INSIGHT Thurscjciy,!)^ 24, 1970 Pag* 7 

Giant Tree Presented To 
College Park Gallery 

Promises^ PromheSfPromiseB 

ELIZABETH SMITH convinced SANTA sheM jaeennQcHXi girl sirtKey^^mdfer tfte Clffts titt as tree to 
discuss the gifts and what he would bring ter. , ^ ' 

A huge oul&oor Christmas tree was presented to the College Park 
Gallery b£_the Chesapeake Art Guild Saturday ni^t: The tree was 
lifted and dedicated tiy MRS. MARION WHITEHURST, vice mayor 
of Chesapeake, and was accepted by I. WILLIAM BERGER on behalf 
of the Larrymore Foundation, sponsors cd tte gallery. Over six hundred 
persons attended the dedication and lighting. Photo by Bill Glover, 




and see what 

your neighbors 

are thing 

He's the only one that delivers 
to more tidewater homes than 

^^^ — ■ ■-- }^iii.-ii 

But SANTA Delivers Only 
Once A Year! -^ 


Merry ChrUtmas 
ISS-D Rosemont Road 



10% off 



WE come over 
a hundred timfs 
that often. 






■^pwi^^ .,, .^mk- 

I W u-J. i f.'T^ ii '-' " 

Poge 8 INSIGHT Thursdof, D«c 24, 1070 

In the North 





W tft" 

2jk*i^ . .. 

'Jk^t^tt' "''"'^^H 

^^_^_ -- ----- ■ ■ ■ -^■^--■ 


1 IM 

mtm^- ^ "^ 

- ' ■ ' 



r"^" " 


Commander VICTOR KOtiL, 
Captain of the Coast Guard Cutter 
Cherokee, shakes hands with Lt. 
Executive Officer of tlK Coast 
Guard Cutter Gresham, vho Y^ill 
be spending the holidays at home 
Ms year on rotation. Waiting 
to prWefll Caiitain KOLL widi 
packages and mail for the Gres- 
ham are MRS. THOMAS RTN 
TYLER, wif e of tbe captain of 
the Gresham, MISS GAIL 
SON, wlffe of Lt. C(&r. THOMP- 
modier of CapUdn TYLER. 


The only Picture paper 
covering Vit^inia Beach 



May the blessed spirit of 
this holy season dwell In 
the hearts of all. Merry 

We appreciate your lawn mower and pest control business 
and look forward to serving you in tbe coming )«ar. 

The 311 foot Coast Guard Cutter GRESHAM 
(WAGW 387) is (me of six m^ Endurance Citfters 
in tbe Fifth Coast Guard District but her mission 
4s unlike Uie missicn of her sister Ocean Statl<m 

The GRESHAM is unique in tint she fi^ols 
Ocean Wheather Station "HQTEL" toprovideEaSA 
Weather Bureau with data to improve, heavy pre- 
dicti(m fdr'tiie Nortlieastern U.S. 

The GRESHAM's operation plan requires her 
to patrol her weatlwr station 210 days out of the 
year, tlttrefore, ter import periodbs are usually 
limited to not more tiian 7 days ulien £die is home 
for fuel ami supplies, and rc^es a quarter of ter 

Since the Gresham will be spending this Christ- 
mas some 250 miles northeast of Norfolk, Va., some 
of the wives of the ships crew Joined forces to 
make the best of tteir Christmas situation. They 
cooked up 80 lbs. of ftxlge andapprox. 1200 cookies 
for the GRESHAM's crew. All these treats plus 
16 bags of mail full of letters and gifts will br 
transported out to die GRESHAM by the Coast 
Guard Cutter CHEROKEE. 

The commanding officer of the GRESIAM is 
Cdr, Thomas R. Tyler and the exectdive officer 
is Lcdr. Milton J. Iliompson. 

INSIGHT Thursdonr, Dec 24;]97DPoge9 

anta Comes By Ship 


to the 


i- • 

Crew of the Cherokee load the Christmas mail and |$ackages for the Gresham aboard. The two ships 
will rendezvous in the North Atlantic for the transfer. 


carolers, singing 

out a ttiessage 

of peace 
and loy to you 

and yours. 

MRS. TYLER, flie c^tain's wife, marks one d the boxes so (h^ crew 
<d tiie Grrabam will koow wUdi one contains the fudge. 




Page !0 INSIGHT Thurtikiy, Dtc. H 1970 

3i i: 



The Pembroke Meadows Garden Club prospnted it's first "Yard Of Tije Month" award last weelt. The 
recipients were MR. & MRS. ROBERT BORDEN of 632 Abbey Road. Presentation was made by club 
president, MRS. E.E. (PAT) SCHNETZLER. 

JIMMIfi SUMMERUN 13, shows some of Us lapidary work to MERAL 
ARCHER, director of the College Park Gallery. JIMMIE, one of the 
youngest members, is displaying his work witii the Tidewater Gem 
& Mineral Society at the gallery thrcMig^ January 4th. 
JIMMIE .did not get to attend the reception opening Oie show. He was 
at the hospital havli^ a l>roken arm set. 

JOE GIGUA, manager, Laskin Road Esso, was named winner last week of a $100.00 prize for Hie Christmas 
decoration of his statibh. MR. GIGLIA says he is now eligible to compete in Uk district wide contest. 

> trW»>8?iMa8aW«g» W 

• ■ ) 

Hav* a moil cMlghlful holiday Moaon 
and rin<ft >tlKwy»foryowrl«ywl p o l i w iog«. 


Jewdtrs and Sdvenmidis 





208 20th Street 428-8246 

Hair Styling 


Sftndn Benoit 


ofWIGS-^ALLS to choose from 

For Christinas— give her year-round beauty 



il i lC 1 




INSJGHT Thursday, Dec 24, 1970 Page 11 

Party Provides Pajamas For Infant Homo 

^. Cecelia's Guild of St. Nicholas Church held a covered dish sxsppiT 
at the home of MRS. ELBERT COX on Little Neck Road Friday uii^t. 
Each guest brought a gift of warm pajamas for the children of St. 
Mary's Infant Home. Looking over the gifts, which were placed in 
a large cradle, are MRS. EDWARD LAWRENCE, president oftte 
guild, MRS. ELBERT COX, vice chairman and SISTER ANNE GRIFFIN, 
organizer of the guild. 

< . • ,. 


To wish yoa 


Preptriiv to putake at 0» covered diah siqiper are J.D. (HIEGORT, HORACE CISTOLA, TERRI CAS- 


Service Mgr. 



•Free Lubrication 

•Tune up Speclql— 

iBstaU Plagi, Poiite, 
Condnwr. Cmplete 

**" $14.95 

General IMotdrs 
Permewent Antl-Freeie $2.75 


21tt. a Padfic Ave. Phone 428-2132 


Deck your homes with mound^t^. 
of holly, trim the tree with canT" 

...for'tisthe merry ^ 
season of Christmas. Many heart- 
felt thanks for your 
friendly good will. We're proud 
to be able to serve yon. 

^jo W¥ABm^1550 

me voicf OF VMoNpu ecACN. vmQMM 

• »•♦■•»»■•••»»»*♦** I 




Poga 12 INSIGHT Thurtdoyi Die. 24, 1970 

Mayor Opens New Gift 

Mtyor DONALD RHODES cut a ribbon last Tlmrsday 
to open a new GoW Bond Gift Center In Princess 
Anne Plaza Sbopptng Center. AnonR Qms attending 
the ribbon cutting and luncheon afterward, were 
several local merctaBts representtaig flie businesses 
of Princess Anne Plaaa. Also present to represent 
Colonial Stores wtt JAHES H.BEASSISGHAM, Olvt- 
sion merchandising manager; GEORGE HSHER.dlvl- , 
sion advertising manager, and GASTON C. HUDGINS, 
former ^vision merdiandising manager now retired. 
Gold BMd Stamp Company officials present were 
JIMWITTENBURG, Dlvisioo Manager, JOHN BE A- 
UDCMN, Assistant Dividoi Manager; A.J. MO(»fEy; 
Eastern Regional Manager; JIM ADAMS, Gift Center 
Territory Account Managers. 

A "REL4TIVE" WALI? - Ai^aUoit Maintenance Administrationman 
SecQiid Class RALPH TAYLOR has tried several times to get orders 
to '1APS Oceana. TAYLOR'S reason for wanting Oceana is different 
l^om most. Aviation Machinist's Mate First Class E.J. KARHAN, 
attached to Oceana's Operations Department, lanpens to be 
TAYUDR's grandfaOier. Taylor received orders to tiie Commander 
Fleet Air Norfolk staff at Oceana in November. Since botti are 
working in ^ clerical aspect of maintenance, you could say ite 
a 'relati^ly' good set up. ujl. Navy Photo. ' 




IS your lnsi$ht into 
what's h§ppMiag 

in Virginh 0Mcft 

:k^, i- 

trail t0 

Ql^ii to ti|f l|i|W <ntfini, 
ml^ ootrffl join tugrtlirf in Umglitrr 
attik lotm. it'B tl|r tlmr mfftn mt roiittt onr UfMtafti 
Oiwrt mtr 00011 fortntif a mttl) {Hntiii ft4 iSrati9>rfl. •- 
Itkt. in tl|r tjTttr dUirtirtttiai tralkitton. mt*h Itkf ia n- 
gon anH goura. our brat miaS^tB for a Mtn^ dipiatwaa. 


Insurance Conq^any 




i JW W TOi 

first Colonial 

High School News 

What a Way 
-to Score - 

Tom Couch, the top returning 
scorer In the state, hit his 1000th 
point total for F.C. against Bay- 
side Marlins on Tuesday nigbt. 

The presentation of the game 
ball to Couch was made by Mr. 
E. Carlton Bowyer in his office 
tte fbllowing morning. Tom's 
teammates, and Coach Pat Ricks 

Last year, Tom was the fourth 
leading scorer In ttie state aver- 
aging more than 24 points per 
game. Althou^ aoi hitting bis 
prsYiouB average, Coadi Rides 
commented that Tom has im- 
proved in every i^iase of play. 

In scoring for the Patriots tbis 
year, Rid^ Milbon ;has die t(q> 
booor, averaging 23 points per 
gUBQ^ Ricky also plays excellent 
defense and can score from any 
pMitloo aa die court. 

Old Favorites Given Spanish Twist' 


Bo Killen scored 24 points, 
leading First Colmiial's Patriots 
to a 71-57 victory over deter- 
mioded KempsvlUe. Ricky Mal- 
boo bad 19, Tom Coud> 13 in die 
irtODing effort. 

Tbe Patriots again fbundfltem- 
Mlvas on tt» losing end of a 
78-73 decision widi Norfolk Ca- 
diolic. It^ was a dismKdi^ng 
loss fbr tbe Patriots, iriio led 
for most of die game, only tosee 
Cadiolie rally eadi time to keep 
it even. Jesse Joyner was Ugfi 
wi^ 21 points, Ricky Malbon 

Tom Coa^ hit tbe 1,000 mark 
in scorii^ for First Colonial, 
teaxttng Us team to a 56-53 vic- 
tory ov»r stobbora Bayside, Tbe 
feat ea|i»<eR« tip4n early indie 
first (iMrter. Tbe gaine was stop- 
ped, as die Patriot iUdiAd gave 
T(un a stanOng ovation. Coach 
flidsbed widi 18 points, Hfttng bis 
total to I,^0i3jw:ayto8boot,^1bm! 

Christmas Combo 

Fa la la la la, la. We sang 
our Christmas loy in die foyer. 
Trumpeters Bob Felline^vun, 
John Kiemig; french horn, 
Jennifer Raybun; tronibone. 
Brent Snyder; and tuba idayer, 
Ed Blackwell tooted out merry 
melodies wldi die S.C.A. tree 
all aglow, and die students 
gadiered all about. 

MisUetoe, widi all its quaint, 
pretty Christmas inference, isn't 
die friendly Uttle "plant" you 
migiiA diink. It is a grim para- 
site diat grows on almost every 
variety of tree in die U.S., some- 
times causing die host to sicken 
.or die, says die Deceniber SCI- 
ENCE DEGEST. Birds spread 
mistletoe l^ eating its berries 
and dien wiping dieir bills on 
trees to get rid of die sttdcy 

Friday, December 11th, Mrs. 
Suzanne Stone's second bell 
I^Wnisb class presented, in 
Spanish,>two plays and one dance 
to all Spanish cU^ses), J 

The two plays were "Littie 
Red Riding Hood" and "Hansel 
and Greter'p The dance was "El 
Garabe Tapatio", die national 
dance of Mexico. The entire 
class liad previously leamedtbe 
dance aldioui^ only six pe(Vle 
actially performed. 

At times, IBe audience waS 
unable to comprehend all that 
was said, but with the props, 
costumes, and some sign 
language, this barrier was bro- 

Students chose several 
diaracters as being the most 
memorable: The witdi. Gale 
Michalos; die Big Bad WoU, 
Lynn Hauck: Grandma, Renie 
Craft, and the woodsman, l^cy 

Sing Sing Sing 

Tbe Madrleal Chorus has been 
very active t)iis Christmas sea- 
son performing In various areas 
of Virginia Beadu Under die di- 
rection of Mr. William MiUer, 
diey have performed at die C^ie 
Henry Women's Club annual 
Christmas luncheon at die Copper 
KetUe December 10, and at die 
While Heron _Hgtei^_CLl6 for 
due lOiranis Clid). 

The carols, ranging ftomeurly 
16di centary to contempory, in 
dds year's shows are "He Is 
Bom", "Carol of die Bells", and 
"0 Holy Night" widi soloist Joan 
Johnson. In die Madrical Chorus 

thi» year are Denise Bailey, 
Paul Dean, Mitza Matter, Unda 
MuThy, Scott Anderson, Earl 
Ballance, Alton Butler, David 
Bradshaw, Ewing Fears, Susan 
Litdifleld, Debra Peterson, 
Carol Strldcland, Joe Kolodaiej, 
and Cecilia Sharp. Tbe piano 
accompanists are Lula Franklin 
andLoraine Ert^^ 

To be in the Madrical Cborus 
you must try out at the eiid of 
each year. Each member is re- 
sponsible for providing their own 
performing outfits; the girls wear 
long red velvet skirts widi white 
blouses, the boys wear grey pants 
and blue blazers. 

INSIGHT Thurtdoy, Dec. 24,1970 Page 13 

Christmas Creations 


Christmas is a hs^y time 

Full of Joy and Giving 

Santa's hearing children's 


People glad they're living. 

F. C, Represented 


The University of Virglhiacon- 
"iucted die Eighdi Virginia Junior 
3dence Humanities and Engi- 
neering Symposium at tbe uni- 
versity December 6di, 7th, and 
Sdb The symposium was spon- 
sored and paid for by the U.S. 
Army Research Office ind die 
University of Virginia Alumni 

Attending were better dian 100 
students and tmdiers ^m Vir- 
ginia. First Coltnial was re[»re- 
sented by Juniors Steve Koeni^ 
Sa^ R^, Courtney Cefhnan, 
Gary Bulmer, and Mr. Johnlbg- 
yar, an el^di grade Eartb- 
^ce SdenM tea^r. 

Objedives of the symposium 
were toptomo^ mitbemattcs ud 





Full of Joy and paling 

Santa's wrapping all the gifts 

Little children sleeping. 

Yes Christmas is a happy time 
For tiiose here to enjoy it 
But many men in Vietnam 
Won't be home to share it. 

Many children will wake up 
and run to see the tree , ' 

But no amount of pretty gifts 
Will set their fathers free. 

lilany fathers won't be there 
To sit next to die tree 
And watch the faces g^ow — 
Tbe children Jump with glee. 

For these men I say a {H-ayer 
To ask to let them see 
That no one has forgotten diem. 
And please God, set diem free. 

SUcy Walker 



The kittens are probably cats. 
The calf is probably a cow. 
Mud has jammed my rifle, 
Better clean it now. 

,^ " , i 

Tlie wife must be in tbe kitchen.- 
Not deaning, but instead. 
Making for die kids s^me 

And my favorite ginger bread. 
The snow has probably fallen, 
It probably blankets die shed. 
Medic! Medic! Come here quick 
I think my friend is dead! 

The kittens are prdnbly cats 
Tbe calf is probably a cow. 
I'd like to spend Christmas 
widi you. 
But I'm busy now. 


sdences, to search out and re- 
cognize potentially talented 
youth, to help studeirts dioose 
careers, amd to further enlighten 
the teachers. Mr. Magyar and the 
four students in his charge at- 
tended a lecture on humanities 
Sunday ni^t. Monday they went 
to various research partidpa- 
tion periods, career counseling 
sessions, a teacher conference, 
and departmental lectures. The 
sysqxNSium was conduded wldi 
a presentation of some student 
piliers and lectures cm what 
comes after college. In tbeir 
spare time they played pool in 
a campus pool ball. 

F.C. was tbe ody Ugh school 
retflT^eded ftom Virginia 


Mondi d December is great 

you know. 
Everyone pky heed to the new 

fallen snow. 
Roars of yays, cheers and 

Rlthmettc's over, there's six 

indies about. 
Yes look at the new fallen 


Christmas is here for all to 

Holly berries and Chri^mas 

Red, yellow, green and blue 

Isn't it pretty look at diat sight! 
Scenes made wide, line die hall. 
Though some are big and some 

are small. 
Mai^ little packages lie, 
Antidpating Christmas wiU 

So enjoy your Christmas cause 

time A)es fly! . , ^ . . 
Leslee Frlck 

It Starts To Snow 

The highway was notas crowa- 
ed that night as usual. There were 
a few cars that roared by, but 
they were like solid little is- 
lands, and the boy barely noticed 
them. A light dust of snow cov- 
ered about an ich of slush on 
the ground. The boy walked ste- 
adily down the road, pretending 
not to notice the look of dis- 
approval that a passing man had 
given him. That man didn't mat- 
ter, who cares if some old guy 
gives you one look, then turns 
away in disgust? 1 mean, if he 
doesn't like guys witii long hair, 
dial's his problem. 

He kept walking. A parked ca" 
was idling in front of a house. 
In it there was an old lady, with 
her hands folded, her face blank. 
Sbs looked at him, he looked 
dirougji her, and die boy ttiou^t, 
"She hates me, but she'll die 
pretty soon, so who cares?" 

liie boy continued on, but 
somediing was nagging at him. 
This was Christmas, and it didn't , 
feel right. His 'family' had a 
decorated tree, he had given 
every body somediing, and he 
had gdten some 'inresents'. Bd 
somediing was wrong. He knew 

S^ Christmas was Ji^brist was 
rn on Christmas, but as for 
ak religion wed, he had gone to 
diurch. So why did be feel let 
down, and hollow? Maybe tt was 
because he kept thinking of die 
old lady all alone in the car. 
She hadn't exactly given him a 
'hate' stare. Her look was more 
startled then anydiing else, and 
he hadn't even Id bei^ know that 
she existed. It wodd disturb die 
litUe old lady aU alone in a 
car is she diougtat diat she didn't 
exist. He knew what it felt Uke 
to be alone and young. Sometimes 
tt was peaceful, but at other 
times it could tear him ^Nurt. 
How woukl It be if you were a- 
lone and old? He stopped. Then 
he turned and waited bade again. 
If anyi^ found out that be bad 
walked half a mile exbra Just 
because he feU sentimental over 
an andent woman, he would be 
die laugbing-stock d scbod, bd 
for this one momed, tint didn't 
mdter. This was Christmas 
dg^t, and If you' can't show 
your love on Christmas dght, 
you never can. 

Agdn he came upon tbe car. 
l%e-old moBMB lodced d blm, 
and he smiled d her. He sdd 
something whidi she couldn't 
hear, so ever so carefiiUy, she 
opened die window a crack. 

"Merry Christmas," die boy 
sdd. And her aged face crinkled 
a Uttle as she sdd, "God bless 

It started to snow, and on that 
night, die boy was aware d every 
fdUng flake, and d eadi carefd 
step he set dpwn on tbe freedng 
slush by the blgliway. 

By Linda Barry 

Tte raw, undiaded, bittenwss 

did haunts from die cradle 

to die grave 

ceases in its beadltrng^fUi^t 

a momed, 


He came amoung us unstained, 

die embodimed d joy and 


There are diose wbo wodd deny 

his gift, and yet, diey 

cdl die tight did blinds diem, 


rita cregar 


"**'*'^ "' '• 


Page 14 INSIGHT Thursday. Dec 24»i 1970 

Navy Tapes Christma^s Messages 


^{mm% Christmos 

brighhMs/losts all year! 

Your loyalty Is greoH 


QnmiUu^ tmd '^lUcmk you . . ." 

9br a'Chn^Jtms sparkling bright. Iresh 
and merry, we extend our sincere 
-wishes to you: We'll do our i>esf, always. 
to deserve your valued good will. 


Thirty-First Street Cleaners 

m DADDY— Cbristmas greetings are 
being t^ied for shoming to Oceam 
men who are deployed aboard air- 
craft (furriers USS John F. Kenne<ty 
(CVa-67) and USS Independence (CVA- 
62). U.S. Navy Photo. 


FAIOLY AFFAIR-Grectiags go to 
Fll^r SiiaadroD TUrty-Tm from the 
TAYLOR family-O to r) JAMES, in 
Santa's lap, MARY, not visible, JEAN- 


//I appredatm of your patronage . . . 

Bost vdshM to ciutommra comI irtnidi 
for a hdidenr AIM witli tho hapn 
sounds <^ kra^^Uw. Msiry Clui^mas. 

OM Doa/iildii Piftr Co. 

INSIGHT Thurtdoy, Dae 24, 1970 P999 15 



As An Introduction to our new 

Weekly Pictorial, You May 

Subscribe to 

yAKACH I N SI G H T Weelr/y Pktorkl 




m U. BEACH Sun 

ll«fu/ar/)r S.20 § fMr 

" h 


aip And MaN Tlw Intraduelory Coupon Balow 



fndoMdClMOk or Monty Ordar And lloluni to- 



14 «i •«ftli**«it«l»as«*««> )•■•■« 

I'lf fc'«'«V«% 


i 1 


RICHMOND, VA. 33219 


45th Year 

Virginia Beach, Virginia, Thursday, December 31, 1970 

Telepiwne 428-2401 

10 cents 

Nigerian Student 
Looks at Blacks 

A Nlterian student vUdting 
Vlinillnt^ B«acb stid TuesdaV 
Owi American Negro is tbe most 
igvprant perscm in ttw worUt 
today, but Oiat tlw Ignwance lies- 
aotin education txit in cultural 

Clifford Edogung 21, said; 
cadtl segregation experienced 
io Ihe United states is eultrual 
ra^ deeply instMidded In tiie 
Pin|dlolo0eal makeup of the 
Anieriean pieople. 

i"nii8 is tlie most advanced 
ootinAry lb tte world today," 
lie said, and added that its ad- 
vaijeed level may have caused 
tbe prcAlem. Edogim said that 
alttou^ America is nundber one 
in tbe fields of poUtics and 
eeonomic development, it's too 
comptox and drags far b^nd 
in tbe development of a simple 
sodetjr ip i^^ to live. 

In Ibe United States blacks, 
iridtes, Indians, Chinese and 
otiier groups live in separate 
and distinct areas and groups. 

they expect to be made Secre- 
tary of State benqse they're 
from America. 

"Tbey soon leartf that the 
standards we andy are Usually 
harsher ttian tte standards tbey 
have to meet in America for 
any Job, and they return home." 

And Uie reason they leave is 
that ttiere is a cultural gap, 
Edogun s^d. 

"Three hundred years of 
separatibn have made a great 
ditterence'. The African and 
blade American find a great 
(flifloulty in uodenstanding one 
another because black 
Americans are too proud," he 

He said Africai^ accept the 
white man because they have 
learned, after many years, how 
to read dnd understand him. 
But blacK^ Americans, Edogun 
said, aren't wanted because joCf 
the cultural difference. 

Yet in the eyes of Africans, 
blade and white Americans are 

^^Omt eeuntfiw^4Ms^4s-Ho t the s ame tn^iteims ^t-natloD* 

ality, he added. 

"I'm not trying to bringthem 
down, but these are tte fticts." 

E(k>gun said that tiie majority 
of slaves sent to America came 
from the south of Nigeria, and 
Qiat tbe Nigerian slave traders 
simply found that there was a 
way to get rid of the problems 
and make money at the same 
time. ; 

"So we sent over all of the 
slaves, prisoners and pe(qde we 
didn't want anyway," he said. 
And that may be (Hie rei 
Africans^ don't tend t( 
blajck Americans. 

Re sa^d the eeneeop eU'^Bli' 

Dut or white w j@irig i$mi 
Americans Oat ra<;tat s«pt* 
gatioo is world-wide is ttattbey 
haven't tra^n^Ied alnroad. 

The few countries v^re 
segregation and hatred for the 
white man are practiced are 

tbe case. 

tbe distinction tiiere is made 
00 tbe basis of economic 
ilapidards and not color or race, 

A political science student 
at ;ai8(iQehanna Uidversity in 
jUafettrn Pennsylvania Edogun 
nlA be has visited black g^ttos 
tb Aaierieaa and finds that 
(be QMittoD in fiiem is one of 
oofipitition for Jobs and climb- 
tor^ the ladder. 

Tba solution to tiie problem 
is iidMM^on and enridiment of 
enltaral valu», h«sii(l.'Alarge 
percentaie of tilW^ AInericans 
Wt have thequallfleations and 
a^Ao'L therefore, iflle'et \^ 
itmimt ttit are applied in 
batiMM, Eingnn said. 

A in&mm d ttat rtatement 
caoln found wbeoUackAmeri- 
eaat oomt to Africa, be added. 
"4o soon as tbfiy get ttiere. 

generally those who have won 
their independence by force 
sudi as Nigeria and Guinea^ he 

In those countries and others 
like them white people are 
looked upon as imperialisto, 
te said. 

Edogun said he doesn't look 
at the color of a man's sUn 
v^n he makes friends with 
anyone, and accused black 
Americans of,(fiscrimtnatingon 
the same basis for vdiidi they 
condemn whites. 

"No blade person or white 
person can tell me what to do," 
he said, and added that ^* 
same attitude applies to his 
country's International situs'- 

Too many countriesOinktbat 
they can ^ve another country 
arms and money and come In 
tandrtell tbem bow to run the 
couiftry. "That isn't true and 
America should learn it doesn't 
happen, at least in Nigeria." 
-4e^ said that 4dthoug^ many 
Nigerians tarned against the 
United States when it refused 
to send arms to Nigeria to fii^t 
tbe Biafrans, he felt it was tbe 
best move that could have been 

"I dcmt believe any country 
should Intrude in another 
country's internal affairs," he 
said, and "that's vliat the jwar 
was, a dvil war." 

But Just because Russian aid 


Robert R. Loher, a build- 
ing codes administrator, has 
beeo appointed as Virginia 
Beach's first full-tinw consu- 
mer ivotectlon officer. City 
Maoage^ Roger IClScott an- 
Dooikeed TueMiay. 

liober's new position is ef- 
fective Jan. 1. 1971. 

At tbe same time, Scott said 
Eddie L. Wbitehurst, Jr. is 
bd^ proffloi/ted to assistant 
Goopumer protection officer and 
aedsr of weights ud measures. 

WUIterst, 42, has been in 
tbecitr' s weighte and measures 
offioe tor tbe put six years. 

liober, 34, is a native of St. 
LoOis, Mo. He chose Virginia 
Betdi as his home-after four 
yoffs in the Navy and five 
years with the Virginia State 

Ife became a dty building 
inspedor in &burch 1963 and 
has been administrattve assis- 
tant to Buikttiic Codes Super- 
iirfefadent Jdm E. Gibbs for 
tte fftst five years. 

Virginia Beach became one 
ol flte firrt dties in the na- 
ti(» to estaUish a Consumer 
Protection Bureau last July, 
as part (tf Scott's reorguiization 
ol mioldpal fimetions. 

Tbe lBspectioi& IXviskm is 
pari of tte Depariment of Com- 
mUQi^ Servlras, directed by 
William W. riemiag. 

bi his new portion, Lober 
iitn ^ect a staff of four and 
be rasp(»^le for maliMittng 
a coostant dwde on tte full 
nd^ ol products and ^rvices 
oOHred for sale in VirginU 



Loter is married to the for- 
mer Frances Amos of Marins- 
vlUe. They have two sons, 9- 
year-old Bobby and 2-year-old 

City's 1st 

The proposed high school to 
be built in Bayside Borou^ 
will be the dty's first multi- 
storied secondary school. 

The school, which will be built 
from funds from tte bond re- 
ferendum if it is approved by 
votete in January, will have a 
ttree-story acadendc section. 

Sdiool Supt. E. E. BriflteU 
sidd te is often asl»d wigr 
midti-ctoried schools are ok 
being built hei^^ He saki that 
comparative costs of ttetbree- 
story traikiing and a one-story 
sclKX>l for tte same number 
of stwle^s showed ttat tte 
multi-storied construction 
saved only $10,000. 

Report Shows Need 
For Personnel, Space 
As Population Hikes 


An Interim report by the 
dty's space uttlixatton and ; 
planning consultent indicates 
that tte dty will need an ad- 
ditional 1245 employes and about 
121,000 additional square feet 
of space to contain item by 

Tte report, conducted by SUA 
of. California, is based on a 
population Increase of about 
166,000 in 1970 to about 425,661 
in 1995. 


was accepted, it doesn't mean 
ttiA4Hgerte4rgdi« to become 
Communist. "No leader is going 
to stand by and see his country 

Edogun said Nigeria is stl|l 
searching for ite identity, but 
that it has solved its, economic 
problem. Tte next step is to 
resolve tte political problem 
and tecome stable in ttat area 
of conflid. 

"But no african will tell you 
bis country is developed. We 

are still developing" and 
perhaps, te addedy^^^^'s wt^ 
others think ttey can push Afri- 
caas around, induding black 

My country is free in a cul- 
tural sense, and America and 
black Americans aren't, 
Edogun said. ^ v 

And to ClifioTd Edopn, I 
budding Nigerian political 
sdentist, that freedom is ap- 
parently more important than 
any otter availiAle to him. 

ors Study GoeUw 

— ^.^.-/-ssC' 

tbe fB»9 

AenAoftiatK and 
(teir avaitibtUty to ilU class- 
rooms in tte state ws one of 
tte main concerns at a group 
of educators called togetter 
from throu^iout tte stiie by 
Gov. Linwood Holton recently. 

One of tte educators indu- 
ded in tte group was Virginia 
Beach School Supt. E.E. Bric- 
keU. ^notter meeting of non- 
educators was called by ttie 
Governor earlier in tte montt 
for tiie same purpose. 

Brickeli said that Gov. Hol- 
ton stayed throtql) tte entire 
^x-bour discussion. "Anybody 
wte would sit ttere for six 
teurs would have to te vitally 
interested in education." 

Alttoug^ tte educators and 
tte non - educators meetings 
were separate, Brickeli said 
"ttey seemed to te in great 
accord in regard to problems. 
Ttelr ^qiroacbes were diffe- 
rent, tewever." 

The two main tofdcs discus- 
sed were: 1. What are we at- 
tempting to do in public edu- 
cation?, and 2. How do we go 
about accomplishing tiie goals? 

"One i^ng ttiktconcemedtiie 
wtole gnnp," said Brideell, 
"was how va^vent Just ddng 
more of tteWime thing— con- 
tinuing educatUm of tiie 19tt 
century in Qie ^Itb. Are we 
tooled up for tUs Industrial 
revolution or for tiie last? 

"We are underp)ing another 
industrial revduttw as com- 
puters take overmmre Jdis and 
put more people out of work. 
Studei^ graduating from sch- 
ools today may have ttree vo- 
catiou in tiielr lifetimes." 

He said tte grcwp also dis- 
cussed tile prd>lem (tf how al- 
leges can iffovide teai^rswltt 
tte background neceaary to 
to teach in a new age. 

Also dtocussed was diag- 
nostic and prescriptive tott- 
ing such as is being pioneered 
at Vir^a Beach's Center for 
Effective Leamlag. In addition 
classroom mottvaloeaad crea- 
tion <^ a learotng eBVironment 
in dassrooms was dUmiSMd. 

^ibjed retevanqr was one 
thing on wU^ file eduotors 
did ni^ agree, however. ^d»ll 

fei^la titat "If'^vfiry lia^r 
triM to keep his subjed ref 
levant to to^'s world, te^ 
te ddng it on a day to day 
basis." He added that some 
mibjeds ardu rdf^ as ttey 
are, Shaltespeare tat instance, 
and should not te'danged. 
"Some tilings are intrinsically 
more important than otiiers." 
Otter tofics i n c 1 u d ed vo- 
cattonal educattcm, reading pro- 
btemSJ tMching technology and 

, Jn SUUUUlBi 

"Some felt u^ools bad too 
many demand^ ttnet upoo 
tiiem," saidBrickeli;intt<atfng 
tiuit schools ai% ottai expected 
to take over tiie oarei^' role. 

Bridcell believes tie meet- 
ings will lead to estdAlishmeat 
by tiie governor of some agency 
or body to ad as a stimidus 
for educational change and de* 

But tte report does not in- 
clude ttose employes who work 
our-of-doors, only those wte 
need office space to work in. 
Thus far ttere is no indication 
of tte increased needs of trash 
coUedors, roadway main- 
tainance^jersonnel and others of 
tiiat category. 

According to tie report, 
school administration employes 
now numter 105 and will need 
toincrease to 271 te 1905. ^ce 
need^ for tte sdiool adinim- 
stration will also Increase by 
14,734 square feet by 1995. 

Tte report indicates tint tiie 
numter of police in all phases 
of that work now numter 254 
and tiiat tiiat munter will need 
to te increased to 408 by 1975 
and finally to 680 by tie year 

Investigative persimnel 
^jiaifld be laoeased from ti 
toW bril^iA^o 168 by 
'199S: sQfir tw Ttifiafti^iBitpn* 
ctaNi pHniMinel sbopld te io- 
cretted from tb» pnMii^tnil 

of 151 to 20^4 1975 and ulti- 
mately to 333 by 1995. 

Social service pesonnel 
sboukl increase frolii 66 now 
to 129 by 1975 and to 207 by 
1995, while tealtt department 
persomiel stoupd rise from tte 
present level (rf 46 to 85 1^ 
1975 and to U8 by 1995. 

In ^ve years, says ttie report, 
tte dty will need an additional 
10 people in Uie Cicruit Court, 
eig^ people in. tte Commcm- 
wealtiis Attorneys office and 
nine pec^le in tte Juvenile and 
Domestic Relations Court. 

Present tevels stew tbi^ 
ttere are four people employed 
in Om Circuit Court, 10 pet^le 
in ttie Commonwealtt's At- 
torney's office and seven people 
in tte Juvenile and Domestic 

^wlaHftnn Court, 


No estimate was given as to 
tte cost of employing tiiesenew 

personnel by (be ccmsultanbi to 
tte first report, attbou^ more 
detailed inforoiattanlsaqM*^ 
on tie increase Ufojacttsat 
wltiioj six or stglitweebsiMa 
tte final report It pr a swtod. 
Space utillatton repwts in- 
dicate tint ttie police deport- 
ment is in ttie grsatastOMd 
of spacii. Present aHoerth i o i 
are for 5653 square Ibst Tba 
report says ttie ptdlol need o 
tota; of at least M,WS oqom 

Tte Jail has a sqnare footofs 
of 13,901 and needs 17,4tl 04. 
feet at present. ' 

Tte Cleoit Coort nsedi tt,B7 
sq. fMt and bas 8,44S oq. lett 
occqpied, «. 

Fire protection pers<»nel, 
exduding firefii^ters, will have 
to te increased from 12 in 1970 
to 31 in 1975 and finally to 39 
Iqr 1995, according to tiie ooo- 
saltants. ■ ^ .^ 

, Ipie Community Services Di- 
llon, which handles higbway 
repairs and ccnstractioQ, sool- 
tation operations paA rtiim 
coUecttra, among ottier flme- 
Uau, now has 119 envloyao In 
office posittoos. That nufiber 
expeded to increase to 203 
by 1975 and finally to 300 by 

tte total numter of new dty 
enjftojMT'lii ol&QU WMM^ty 
1975 wU! te iboot 1384,er H^ 
m^ nwrt itmtn 

Otter deptftneots in osed of 
expanded JuHittesnowartdalo 
processing, floaoct, Cooi- 
missloner of RevMoe's oOoo. 
oomnmnlty servtesj^ Itatdpu 
Court, persooneVplaiii|||p.|^ 
dal aervlees and tireasitfer. 

Total tlgnr« for ttie omb- 

plex Aov ttitf flMecrsttM'^ 
sqwre foot oea^led aaf iMi 
Oiere is an InuMdlate ro#ir»^ 
nent for 16S,29 spwtiMi* 
Tte 0bil roport ilU tfto ia- 
dnde t biwt progion^tB- 
'dkatiog d^orluMrftf iMitffflff 
reconmmdiliaMi, ai« 
plflOr a i^waat plail 
ttatiuyolteBVui say' 
to bo ooMnpled vrt ooft ««K 

Beach Campaign for 
Whitehurst Begun 

HURST" petition campaip for 
Virginia Beach has teen an- 
nounced by A. JoseiA Canada, 
Jr., Chairman of tte non-par- 
tisan effort. 

Canada, a Virginia Beach at- 
torney, said, "From all reports, 
it appears ttat Virginia Beach 
will te placed in tte Second 
Congresdonal District. Con- 
gressman Whitehurst is obvi-^ 
ously very popular at tte Beach, 
and while many people may have 
misgivings about our teing 
combined with tte City at Nor- 
folk because of tte difference 
in ttie character of tte two dties 
we want to make every effort 
to show Bill Whitehurst ttet tte 
dti^ns of Virginia Beadi are 
Witt him." 

In dting tte advantages of 
having Congressman White- 
hurst reiuresent tte Beadi, Ca- 
lUttla stated, "Congressman 
Whitehurst is a man who really 
woHos for his district, as shown 
by tie fad ttiat he spends nearly 

♦Special Year-End Revi 

... 2 






every Satorday in his Norfolk 
office seeing from 25 to 30 con- 
stttuente who teve prd)lems te 
could help solve. He is also a 
memter of tte House Armed 
Services Committee, and ye at 
the Beach are certainly ntuch 
affected by ttet Committee in 
ttet we teve little Creek Am- 
l^bious Base, Oceana Naval 
Air Station, Dam Neck and Fort 
Stoi7 within our dty limits." 

Beginning this week, several^ 
tendred workers will te dr- 
culattng the petitions in neigh- 
borhoods and shopping centers 
ttrougteut Virginia B^du Tte 
effort will continue until tte 
Privileges and Elections Com<- 
mittee schedules ite meeting to 
determine the re - districting 
proposals some time after final 
census figures are recdved 
ateirt January lOtiu At ttiat 
time tte petitions will te taken 
to Richmond for presentetton 
to tte Committee. 

Canada added, "The "WE 
ign has gotten off to a tre- 
mendous start and worker par- 
ticipation and entiuiriasm has 
surpassed all expedattons at 
the iidtiatttm of ttie caiipoip 
earlier this week by tie Virginia 
Beach Republican Assembly." 

Tbe VBRA,.; organised last 
week under the diairmanship 
of Horace E. "Hunky" Hender- 
son, has assumed tte "WE 

Continued on Page Seven 

Jr. Weidrick, Jeff Liverman and Watly Weidrick sUf«(t i n front of 
the "shack" with two hours to go in their 12 hour fist. 

They strike for hunge 

Tte sign on tte outside d 
tte "bdkUng" read "Hunger 

This was wtere menrtiers d 
tte Youtt Fellowship ol Pem- 
brdce Manor Udted Church of 
Christ on Independence Blvd. 
took turns steying from 6 a.m. 
to 6 p.m. Monday tiirough 
Wednesday tiiis week. Ttelr 
(ttet, wMle serving tiwlr day, 
OMttisted d one ov of rice. 
Three members volunteered 
each day. 

Thdr goal, according to J^ 
(pronounced J. R.) Wddrick, 
"was to show concern {(EWorld 

Their sted^ b^tt of twoby 

fours and sheete d fiterglass, 
was donated by one of tte 
fatteys. On tte walls inside 
were posters filled witt pic- 
tores of food as weU as star- 
ving people. 

AlttKNi^ tte shack, wUdi 
was sdMut four feet by fcto 
feet square, (^Mtfained a sm^ 
eledric tester, tte volimtMrs 
con^dained oi tei^ coU. Tte 
eledric bodnip was teft over 
from a CbrUtam tret sole 
it ttie same place. Ibire was 
a tarpaulin on tte ground and 
a few smtil rugs and one<^r. 

Tte voltmteers also lod a 
dedt of canto to be^poaitte 
time— olttiough tti^ didnollaek 

company. TwffAng ttf tituk 
was filkd wttt torn sf IIm- 
day's voloieors, WadOiodHr*s 
volunt••r1^ trtaoli iMoo- 
sorted iMktfs onrjMMoi. 
"It wH r«^ ^noky iAm 
I gd ten flte marnbi^," ebm- 
mented JeUttwnnan.l^obo^ 

"Yeob," oaid Jr. WsliHcic, 
"and when «*0» and bttbro- 
19 out of a pOe ttMi 

Darid DeoBO is li 
^pjosor for ttn yooft ptm 
of wbldi P«d KorA toitoil- 


Virginia BmcH Sun 

Thursday, D( 

Volunteers Help Pro^m 

4 H 

-Signing In from the Admiral's chair, while wife Muriel observes, 
-Is Frank Peebles, the Naval Supply Center's E m ploy e of the 
'Quarter. Observing the guest book signing are (left to right) Capt. 
i'JohnBeaie, department «}i rector, Leonard Wiggins, the Teclmlcai 
i;Oivl slon supervisor/and Rear Admi ral E. W. SMtherling, 

commanding officer. The Peebles cllmaxed^^his" day by dining 

with the Admiral. (Official Navy Photograph) 

Peebles Is Top Employe 

Aa •nfktft d ibe Norfolk 
Kenl Bm»r Crater vtoM 
tlnlBMS ftrad tteforammMit 
t poHfMe $394,000 ftis Dera 
w^fBtktA Z«ro Defects tmsSaf 

Fraidc B. Pt«bl«MitTtegliiia 
Bm^ an 0r<Sii6erSiapMBit 
gpedtiist in tbe Tednlctl 
DifMoiiaC die InveatoryCaO' 
trd Deputnrat wmttMM 

2,400 tedmloBl deddoas mfli- 
ont ta error. 

"lir. Peebles la a Ufliljr 
AUled tedntdaa vlw takes 
Dr^ la Ms vorl^" Caiitiin 
Heal* noted. "Ba Is Itfgiil^ re- 
m^LljLlb <»^xerke^ fw 
Ids tedudeal kaovlei^. 

Fw Ids^torts, Peebles «as 
visitod fgr soriffise la Us oCBce 

rxf RAOM Elton W. SutberUog, 
9C, U^, commanding, oflioer, 
lAo presented a plaqiw com- 
memorating Peebles' selectlcni. 
Peebles and. bis wife were 
Kivm VPI treatment receirtly 
at tbfe Supply Crater wblcb In- 
ctaded a lundieon wlttAdnriral 
Mberltec IJ^InTSMle ii| 
L. M. Wigg^, PeeblM'sq)er- 

to ids alert stteotido to Us ^nf v 

SJl'1? srss^ ;ssi Commerce Increases 

iMfft rtsidted in akssof BMrlr 
$400,000 ^ tbe supidy system. 

TbaTs Bot tbe only reason 
Inr tha ieteetion, ttoi«b. 
Pa^lM was selected on tbe 
basis oi c<Nisi8teflt error-free 

In recoidfendlng PeeUes for 
racogUtfoB, Us departmaot 
dtreetor» Ci«it|dB John W. 
Baidi, m.^mHr noted ttU 

node. tncffoadiiaMdtiy 

Dorlng the first ' Uae 
moBtts «C 1070, VirglBla's for- 
eip trade increased by a sid>- 
stantlal f7 per eeot over tbe 
tana aeriod AitIdc 1969, ao- 
cordi^t tbe tbe Vtrglida Port 
Anibority. Tbe vohnne f^vas 
from 34.5 millloo tow to 48.8 
milliMi tons. 

AU trade categoriea— 
aqwrte, inmorts, lenral cur- 
fo, and bapc earfo— nere up. 
Nearly aa many toes of cargo 

iron bandied in tbe first nine 
mooHis of tUs year as were 
ban^d in ail twelve montbs 
of last y^. -- 

Exports anuwnted to 37.0 
millimi iaoB and imports acc- 
ounted tor 8«8mWti>iy^.Coal 
represeated^93 vtf.: i»ti onofal 
ej^ort toanage. Residaal fuel 
oils and pefarolaum prodnctsi 
accounted tor 7S per wbH (d 

ViAnileers ssststA in day- 
care tat oitfpiMento » tte i^- 
lantie Itoatal Hygifie Clinic 
dttiagflA pre-Cb^in»sea- 
wsK to'Wfirst 

Otk Dm. 3, 9 ud 
a.m. to 3 p.n. an activity ipim 
««ftsNpRignuDLwas «n]^«d by 
U patiente in tbe Center, wUcb 
is 00 Wikltfood Drive near tbe 
General Hospitel at Virginia 
Beacb. Most of tboM in tbe 
activity gr«v were "aftercare** 
paticBte. Volun^rs provided 
tmqxMrtelion, snadts tw 
luBcb and assteted ttie patteUa 

New Stamp 
to Honor 

A speeii^ stamp bonoring 
Gen. Doo^ MuArteur will 
be IssMd OB Jaiu 26 at Nor- 


WUle die c(«troversial 
general was twice booored oo 
stomps of the Philifiiines and 
Soidb Korea it was not toongbt 
possible fbat he would ever 
grace astomptohisownooiBitry 
because of Us dismissal bf 
'l>r«ftid«nt Triiman lor 

Tbe veterains organisations 
and ooUectors were per- 
sistently petitioning tbe Post- 
master General and so finally 
|t is again MacArthur's 
time (» a U. S. commemorative 

Veterans of tbe Padflc 
Tbeatre of Operaticms cam- 
paigns will be d)te to add an 
onosaal nwmento tolheirWcnrU 
War 11 memorabilia: 

A llacArtbur flrat dajr cover 
with toe new oommemoratiTe 
stomp featuring tbe General 
wearing bis tovorite bi^er«l 
army hat, bearing one -day - 
only "First Day (rflssoe" post- 
mark and 'cariTing enclosed a 
frameable parchment cqqr of 
"A fatoer's prayer" written by 
Um during the desperate early 
da^ of 'tbe Pacific war. Tbe 
prayer is stqierimposed <m a 
blovMip of the PUlipplne Ifte- 
Artbur stamp issued soon after 
the Liberation. 

Raqoeste fbr tote memento 
may be forwanfed to "Mac- 
Arlbnr*' c/o Goodwill Am- 
bassador, P.O. Box 26 -^'A", 
FbKUng, N. Y. U3S8. A re- 
iiititeifbb' Af^ loenidf lAMdd be 
eiwlQsed for each unit desired. 

to taUm Cbri^mas decmra- 
ttoos for ttMlr boBiei 

Mrs. Janet Flshdl, an ex- 
pert to cr^.w^ M tos 
froup to vniNt 0#e "l^o*^ 
iatbri^ I atiaiiMiystBMi 
tyee and a bSKiMg #<»n^ 
letter ball. 

Ao»irdlBg to tbeCeiter, tbe 
new pn^iam so tor has been 
"a Biarvelous success.** 

Tbe Center to toe only dty/ 
stote i^vorted uMBtal braMI 
cUato mrailable toVirgiiiia 
Beach residants. Tbe aU-por- 
pose psycUatric outpattmyt 
cUnc to suplpcHted finandalty 
by city, state and federal tax 
tends; by ptfleU fe^, and by 
tbe oadribidi<Hto of local in- 
dividittte and civic orglMxa* 
tions. Tbe Center, wUcb has 
tm ite pnrpoae tbe ittagnosto 
ttod treatment of emdional pro- 
blems aad mental IUbms, now 
has expanded services to iff- 
dude d^care raaMmitedbasto 

He's Student 
and Teacher 


George Wayne Petersbo of 
Virgifiia Beacb, seUor af 
Campbell College to Bales 
Creek, N.C. to teacMng sodal 
sdenoe at. Sooth Johnston High 
Sduol to JdBston Conntytotbe 
final stages of qnaUfying for 
oertificatifm to teadu 

One of fi» 84 Campbell ^- 
dente doing field preparatton 
as cadet toacbers fids term, 
be to vorkiiw at Sooto John- 
ston undM file si9*r*toioo of 
Mr. wmtoffl Bonds. A Dean's 
list stodent at Camitell, be to 
file MB ^of 4fr>«id Mn.iB.G. 
Peterson of 8160 AMfce rtyB oad. 

Carol Eileen Rooney, a Long- 
wood College fr«shmen from 
Virglnto Beadi, was a member 
of an interooUegiate dwrus, 
composed of 90 singers from 
nine Virginia collttges, v^di 
recentty presented a concert oo 
toe Longwood camiNis. 

Tbe diorus was qnnsoredby 
•Virglnto college duyiters of 
Music Educators Natt(m8l Con- 
torence and was dUrected by 

Dr. Lara Hoggaxd, WiUiaffl 
Rand Kinian mrotesMT oTMh- 
sic and dtyeetor of cboral ac- 
ttvlttes at tbe University of 
North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
George Matthew Rooney of 4633 
Reynolds Drive, Carol to a 
music major working towards 
file bacbelor of vte degree. 
She to a graduato of Fruik 
W. Cox High SdiooL 


Astrologer Roy WilliaVns 
will teoch you 

Cbsses Now Forming 


FeatVM: 2-4-6-8-10 

Krith Botgnina wSSiS 

Suppose They Gave A^^?lI 
And NobodY Cmv 

a.«-«,Tbm Ewll'Bradford DUIman 
Ivan Dixon«Arthur aConnell'Don Amahe 

THEY DO— Barbara Ellberg and Tim Jones portray .tlie^ouule 
whose marriage is set to music In **l Db, I Do" which Is now 
runSing at the Lake Wright Dinner Theatre. The play Is the musical 
version of **TheFourposter". 

You Say 
You'd Like 

Would yon Ultt to have a 
copy ot that pictare to toe 

It's easy to ^ as fnai9 
eoptes as yoa would Uke- 
of itty liletore takenbySUN 
j j^bo tt yaphers. 

. Clip the picture out of toe 
paper irltt tbe date it ap- 
.^aared iBd~.s«nd it along 
wito yoor order to: , 

Photo Department, 
P.O. Box- 857 # 

.. Yon wlU receive toe fin* 
witbto two wedcs by mail. 

Tbe (Surge to 13 for the 
firstprtot and $1 for leadi 
addftioBal print. After t^t 
we^, Qm charge will be 
$4. Please todude 3% Sales 

Please make all checks 
payable to Beach Piddish- 
ii« CorponrttoB. 

Golden Agers Celebrate 

PiJkllaM waakty by tha 
Baoch ^ubll^lng Corpora- 
tion, 3108 Poclfte Avania. 
Virglnto Baoch, Virglnto. 
23451. S«»nd ctaaa postage 
pold at Virglnto Boodi, Vir- 
glnto. Annual subscription 
rate by mall telafrfiona 
703-428-2401 dndcorrlar 
$5.20; singto copy IOC. Ad- 
vartlalng ratasi^onraquaat. 
Mambar of tha Virglnto 
9rm% Association. 


Let us welcome you! 



The Golden Age or Sentor 
Citlsens Ctob, sponsored by tbe 
VirglUto Beach Recreation De- 
partment, behl ite annual Fel- 
lowi^p Dinner at the Seatadc 
ElMBmtary S<^ool Dec 3, »t 

H.C. Benjamin, Recreati<» 
Supervtoor, was to cbarge. Tbe 
bofpltality groiqt were Mrs. 
Cherry Sawyer of New Hope 
Baptist Clnirdi,wboto to cbarge 
of the Lymdaven groiqi, Mrs. 
Mtfg»r«t;StjBj|tiis jl^trFraads 

Eplsc^ -^^W*^ ^ ^^^° 
(ftarge j(tf toe , 50 .plus grom, 
Mrs. mm ime, who to in 
darge of toe Atlantic Park 
group, Mrs. Elevora Winston 
ol Oak Grove Baptist Cburdi, 
who to to charge of tbe Black- 
water group, Mrs. Sara P. Ca- 
son of Mt. Zion A.M.E.Cbureh, 
who to the president of tto; Prin- 
cess Anne area group, Mrs. 
Gla^ Jadcs(m of little Piney 
Grove Baltist Clnffd^ who to 
toe president of toe Cree(to 
potq). Tlwre were,350 guesto 
and members. 

Messrs. Bernard Williams 
and Midiael Williams sang, a 
duet. The Cason tondty ren- 
dered two numbers and Mrs. 
Bemitto White sang several 
requested nundiers. The Rev. 

Start Year 

By Stopping 

It has been announced toat 
the next series of meetings for 
persons who want to stop 
smoking will be beU beginning 
oo Ttesday evening Jan. S. 

According to an official of tbe 
focal Christmas Seal AMocto- 
tioi^ tbe date was ptdced de- 
Itomtely to help toose wbo 
waid to ke^ that New Tear's 
resototton and Idck tbe babtt*. 
The program called KICK is a 
group tberi^ effort sponsored 
by tbe Soutbetftem Virgista 
Titmrcoloste and HealttAa- 
sodatiw and toe regional PTA. 

Advanced regi^iittoo to re- 
quired and tortber iirfuinatira 
can be obt^ned by contactii^ 
aiqr <tf tbe above agandM. 

H. L. Camper of St Mark 
A.II.E. Church blessed tbe 
tddes. The gua^ feared on 
ham, tarkey, candy sweet poto- 
toes, potato aalad, collard 
greaiif^ string beans, com, 
Med diidnn, cakes^and pies 
of all Muds, and all the trim- 
mings that go to <mak« a fes- 
tive meal. A delightful eveniak 

Girl On 

Elisabeth C. Asbbum, a 
fredmmn, to a mendier of tbe 
1970-71 Virgln^WesleyanColr 
lege women's baritttball team. 

Mtos Ashburn of Virglnto 
Beach to a 1970 ^Mtaato of 
Notre Dame Academy, Middto- 
burg, Virginia. 

Tbb womtenbkvaasevengune 
sdwdule Ods year wIto four 
home games and toreb away. 
^Tbe sdiedule includes pmes 
wito Carolton Oaka SdMol, 
Cbowui College, Christopbar 
Newport College, Longwood 
CoUege, aad Norfolk Acadanqr. 

Howard D. Mart, Instnietor 
in physical edueatioB for Vir- 
ginto Wesleyan Coltoge, to 
coaddng tbe women's bastet- 

Virglnto Wesleyan to a fbur- 
year, coeducatifHial, cburdi- 
retoted, basically re s i den tial, 
liberal arto coltoge loeated oo 
a 300 acre campus astride tba 
Norfolk-Virglato Beafib line. 

Fomily Away; 
HouM Bum 

An InvestigatlfHi to undmrwsy 
into tbe cause of a fire widcb 
refulted to extensfwl daomga 
to abome near the iatarsaeUoo 
of Lynnbaven Road and 
Pritcbard Street l^ieadi^Blght. 

^rodBuMy ¥i men firom 
^ naia nd London Bii^ 
Votaataer Fire Departmeflto 
were at Um scene for nearly 
an bour-aod-a'^ttlt 

The oocopaids of toe bcmie, 
wbo have not u y^beeoldrati- 
fied, were not hoae attbettme, 
Offlctote said Ibere were ao 
iBtortas to toe fbw. 



8177 Vi 

Ulhcit lh# dkMWis 
hcMt llwi) don» loSdoogt? 

AlfERT FINNErs award - qnali^ 

perfOTmance to baaotlU . _ 

Charles (^hpUfi L. A. Tiraaa 

if CI 

A NtfOMl QmMl ndUM MMB 

tawitaif IkMooics' g|4» 

FMtaraa Daily 
1:15 3il8 8li5 7;1S >;15 

Pr^iMB Uddto tl9<« Efwy I 
TMs week "DAY or 


i L 

Thursday, Dacimb«r 3^ 1970 

Virginia B«ach Sun 

It was a year of many 





A New Council 

Despite tbefkct that the 1970 
co a ndi l n M nic etectlcMos drew the 
UriMt field of candidates In 
the cttr's history, Virginia 
iMch nevertheless ended In 
hut Witt an all-Democratic 

the field ot 34 candidates, 
irtiidi iDcloded 11 rei»bUcans^ 
six Independents and 17 Demo- 
crats, was narrowed down after 
a party primary, irtdch resulted 
In the selectUw of DcmaHR. 
■ RhodM, F. Reld Ervin, Robert 
B. Cromwell Jt., Frank D. 
Tarrall, D. Murray liWboii, 
George R. Ferrell^ Frank 
Dtsch, Earl M. Tebault^ Floyd 
WaterfieU, Curtis Pi^nie and 
Dr. Clareitee Holland as Demo- 
cratic candidates. 

The samell swept the elec- 
tion June 9 witti Ervln, a first- 
term candidate, topping Qie re- 
turns list with 9,674 votes. 

But the final composltlMi of 
tin caiundl was not decided 
-0^1 the first week in Sep- 
tember, when the new council 
selected a replacement for 
Tarrall^ found dead in North 
Carolina a week before. 

Iliffi it was that the first 
order dS. business council faced 
was the replacement of one of 
its own. 

Chosen to fill the vacated 
Beadi Borou^ seat was Robert 
H. Callis Jr., who had never 
sougM office before. 

Clllis' selecfiw brought to 

New Judges 

There was a changeover in 

%i the Juvenile and Domestic Re- 

«u lations Court judgeships during 

' the year. Judge Mary Speight 

Wein resigned to move to 

Phoenix, Ariz., and Judge ndl- 

ip L. Russo was appointedFou- 

rfii Circuit Court Judge. They 

■^ were ^replaced in Juvenile and 

Domestic Relattons Court by 

Judge Kenneth N. Whitehurst 

Jr. and Judge Thomas F. Bets 

New Clinic 

The Attantlc MentalHygene 
Clinic moved into new qittrters 
near Virginia Beach General 

five the number of freshmen 
Qooneilffian, including Ervin, 
Rhodes, Holland and Waterfield. 
Thus coundl geared to be 
smo(^y on its way. 

The following week, however, 
anoUier political upset was in 
the miking and was completed 
when Rhodes was seleded by 
coundl to replace Dusdi, who 
had heU ttie seat in the merged 
dty for seven years. 

To pollttcal observers, it ap- 
peared that Rhodes' selection 
signaled a new mood in the 
political atmosphere. That in- 
dieatton was corred. 

I^di's oster was completed 
when Cromwell, vice-mayor for 
one term, was repla(^ by Te- 
banlt, representtng th^ Black- 
water Borough. 


Codroversy broke out after. 
the Sdiool Administration ac- 
cepted a firee 15-acre site for 
the proposed First Landing EIp* 
medary School. The dte is ijart 
of a 50-acre trad of Seashore 
State Park ^n^ch is cut off 
from the rMt of the park by 
Shore Drive, a swamp and Ft. 

The North Vlrgida Beach 
Civic League was orgadsed to 
lobby against the school being 
bdlt there, then enlarged their 
efforts to enroll outdde help 
through their arguments that 
the sd>ool would destroy udque 
flora and fauna in the area. 

However, ecological reports 
presented by the School Ad- 
midstrafion showed that .the 
fiwa and fauna in the site area 
is not udque Just to that area. 
Their report also showed that 
the site is presently being used 
£qr mdorcyclists as an obstacle 
course. Furthermore, the resi- 
dents d adjacent property have 
posted no parking and no tres- 
passing dgns, ^us fences, 
along the public ri^it of way. 

The Coundl of Civic Organ- 
izations turned down a plea to 
sqiport the opposition, while 
ttie Vlrgida Beach Jaycees and 
the Coundl of PTA's voted 
to support file planned site. 
The School Bbkrd Voted in favor 
of using the proposed 

Cultural Advancements 

The dty made a few culttir 
ral advancements dining the 
year, ({dte out d character 
with its previous financial ab- 
stention in supporting the arts. 

The -breakthrough came in 
June when City Coimdl aivro- 
priated $10,000 to pay the first 
year's salary of a curator who 
will hopefully establish a Vlr- 
gida Beach Art Museum. 

Hie projed was Hie brain- 
child d the Vlrgida Beach Art 
Assodation wdch hopes that 
a museum can eventually be 
bdlt to house the works d art 
to be collected by the curator. 
Until that is done the coUec- 
ifion will be displayed at city 

Council thought long and hard 
oh ttiis idea before appreci- 
ating the funds bd the decision 
was finally made to support the 
arts...providing no nudes adorn 
the halls, City Manager Roger 
Scdt said at the time. 

Tte year ended before a final 
decision was made on whether 
or not to allocate some $16,000 
to the Vlrgida Beach Little 

Thedre for the eoostrudin of 
a thedre bdlding. 

Bd dcoundl'sidoriBaisNi- 
don De(»mber 31 thift prapcfiil 
was agdn idrednesd by jHe 
Little Theatre gKNfi uA odii' 
dl Ustened attenttvely. tliy 
did, in fftd, indicate qdtt #- 
roi^y that tte. appropeia^ 
would be made. « 

This m(»ey is needed by fle 
Utile Thedre to obtain a btldc 
loan to bdld the theaira. lie 
group has already raised apot- 

tion d the total cost 8Bd 4- 
tdned the prc^rty d teib«f • 
ton Drive vA 24th Street ; 

Some coundlmen vdeadooy- 
cern that now thd the btts 
door is open all Uoita of e4- 
tural groups will be Mckiw dvic diorus, the d- 
vic orchestra and others. 

Tds may be true bdthettme 
obviously has come when the 
dty mud face some cultural 
responsiblility and peilHvs fol- 
low Councilman Ervin's eom- 
med that an annual set 
aside for fiiis spedfle purpose. ' 


Virginia Beach was severed from the 
Eastern Shore early in January when the 
Navy cargo vessel USS Yancy was slammed 
into the Chesapealce Bay Bridge-Tunnel by 

Jail Is State's Last 

winds of more than 50 mph. During the six 
weeks it took to repair the bridge, theNavy 
provided transportation between the Beach 
and the Shore. . ,, 


Bizarre Cme Drug Raid 

All- America City 

What started as a dvic laro- 
jed by Vlrgida Beadi Jaycees 
in the Stdidc area ended in 
July with file annouDcement that 
tte dty, primarily on the basis 
of that projed, was named as 
a finalist in file 1970 All-Ameri- 
ca Cities competttton. 

Sponsored Iqr Lookmagadne, 
(he compettttons induded 21 
other finalists. Vlrgida Beach 
was the ody Virginia dty se- 

In making a presentafion to 
Look's jury in Portland, Ore- 
goo, dty dfidals pointed od 

that the dty's population has 
Increased two-fold in the past 
ten years, bd fiat the dty 
has gained "a reputation for 
solving problems before they 
become acute." 

Itaj^r pdnts covered were 
file Seatack immedide action 
program, the servicemen's 
Hospitality House and flie dty's 
economic develoinned. 

A decidon is eqpeded to be 
rendered by Lode's jury some 
time in February following tm 
inspection vidt to tiie dty by 
die judges. 

Dec. 22, 1970 will be re- 
corded in the annuals d Vlr- 
gida Beach history as the date 
wUdi marked an end to segre- 
gated facilities in the penal 
institutions d the side. 

That dght marked ttie com- 
plete Integration of the Vlr- 


^ After a montii of debate on a 
possible closure of the Bade 
Bay National Wildlife Refuge 
beachfront, federal game and 
wildlife offidals and ttie dty 
&tbers a{q)roved a set of re- 
gulations allowing ttie beach's 
use by vehicles. 

But the continued opedng d 
the beacb - 'Carried wifii Itt a 
request tiiat .|hSi<^ «il9iy 
police patrols for thil refuge 
beach, traSif '^d(up seven daiys 
a ^eek, edorcement at re- 
rdations set forth by refUge 
personnel and speed limits. 

The debate raged when re- 
fuge manager Robert Gilmore 
announced he would close the 

4.2 mile stretch d beach to 
all vehicular traffic because 
there had been erosion d sand 
dunes by vehicles rundng over 
it and tiie Uttering problem. 

But residents d homes south 
of refuge sdd closing the beach 
wodd mean ttat getting toQieir 
homes would be impossible or 
severely restricted. 

A new set of regulattcms is 
expeded to be released some 
time in January by Gilmore 
governing the continued use d 
the refuge and its beach. 

■ ginia Beach City Jdl wh(|n black 
and white inmates shared the 
same sleeping quarters for the 
first time in ttie jdl's oper- 

The move followed ttie order 
d U.S. Dlstrid Judge Robert 
R. Merdge, Jr., for City Sgt. 
John ^. Marr to cease segre- 
gation of prisoners, thus ruling 
in favor of a request from ttie 
American Civil Liberties 
tdon. : 


City Coundl declareda 
moratorium on dgdxiard ap- 
confrontation between the dgn- 
boaztdiindudryiind ardftd con- 
^aeevyUoiists whid^oditlQves in 

That mordoriumf whicll no^ 
holds eli^t billboard use permit 
qipUcations i n abdement, 
demmed from an)lici^qpis for 
billboards along ttie vlrgida 
Beach-Norfolk Expressway. 

Following several meetings 
witti botti ttie dgd)oard industry 
and opponents to flie dgdioards, 
ttie dty's plandng department 
proposed an ordinance d coun- 
dl's direction. 

That ordinance is e;q)ededto 
be heard wittiin 60 days by 
the Plandng Commission, then 
d a public hearing and finally 
by coundl for its approval. 

New System 

The dties of Norfolk and Vir- 
ginia Beach finally agreed to 
ttie formation d a two-dty 
water and trash collection 
adhorlty in December, fdlow- 
ing several years d discussipn 
d ttie proposal. 

In a statemed released by 
file two dty managers, plans 
were announced for a study d 
ttie proposed adhorlty, which 
would own botti ttie water sys- 
tems and trash collection and 
refuse disposal fadlities d ttie 
two dties. 

Tht, auOiorlty, which would 
be ^aded through ttie sale of 
bonds, would (unction inde- 
pendent of the municipal go- 

Following a study d the 
adhorlty by legd and engineer- 
ing firms, it is expeded to be 
presented to bdh dty councils 
d a jdnt hearing. Thd date 
has nd yet been dscussed. 

One d the most bii^rre cases 
in resort dty police annuals was 
recorded during the Labor Day 
holiday weekend with Qie mur- 
der of a Vlrgida Beach couple. 
Samuel Wlllard Jones, 52, 
and ds wife Jdie, 49, accordng 
to police, were strangled 
to death when they reportedly 
took two prospective bikers for 
thdr 28-foot sdUng tri.maran 
on an inspection crdse aboard 
the vessel intowatei^dChesa- 
peake Bay.- [ \ ' ,\ JlM^-- 
r .Police have charged Robert 
Lee Woody, 32, and Fayette 
Tillman, Jr. 39, botti otmtolk, 
with the murder d Jones. They 
ar^schedded for trial in Feb- 
ruary. , r 

School Started 

% CondrUction final! ygd un- 
derway last summer on Vir- 
ginia Beach's long-awdted and 
tturice-postponed Vocational- 
Techdcflfl Hig^ Sdiool after fe- 
deral funds were appropriated 
in April. The school, which will 
serve students ttiroug^d ttie 
dty, is being construded on a 
donated dte on North Landng 
Road near Princess Anne 
Courthouse. The school is due 
to be comdeted for the 1972- 
73 sdiool year. Studeds will 
attend regular classes hi^f s 
day and ttie vocational sehoor 
ttie other half. There will also 
be classes d d^t for adults. 
The dty's share d tte cost 
of ttie school was set adde from 
the last bond referendum. How- 
ever, federal funds were not 
i4)propriated for more than two 


Shortly before Thanksgiving' 
Mayor Donald Rhodes, dong 
witti Norfolk Mayor Roy Mar- 
tin, flew to Paris to presed 
petitions dgned by som^ 170, 
000 Tidewater reddents asked 
for ttie release and/or better 
tredraed d POW-MIA's. Al- 
thon^ they were first rebuked 
by the Vietnamew peace dele- 
^on in Paris, ttiey were later 
received by North Vietnamese 
Delegate-Generd Md Van Bo. 

However, Bo was willing to 
talk witti ttie mayors but he 
would make no promises about 
idormation on war prisomrs 
and ttie return d side and 
wounded. The mayors termed 
ttie trip "successfd." 

What has been described as 
the largest crack-down on sus- 
pected "drug pushers" on the 
East Coast was staged lad sum- 
mer by Viri^nia Beach police. 

The 13-hours rdd resulted in 
the arrest of 38 adults and 4 
juvedles and the filing d ap- 
proximately 202 diarges in coii- 
nectton with the iUegd sale 
of drup. The nMijority of 
diarges were felodes aid in- 
volved narcotics and/or drugs 
Identified as marijiona, LSD, 
hashish, amphetamines, heroin, 
cocai|n|» and morphine. 

These arrests culminded a 
spedal six mimths investigation 
dmed d gdhering idormation 
on illegal drug sources in and 
about the Vir^nia Beadi Bor- 

Sgt. C.E.Carlson, Sr., Police Identification 
Section, fingerprints ohe of the suspects 
taken into custody during the big druO 
crack-down in Virginia Beach. 

Paid Firemen 

Mrs Gertrude Stem and her children, Yasman,IVIark, and Christina, 
were rescued from Seashore State Park after spending two nights • 
and nearly three days lost in the dense woods. Nearly 150 milltery 
men, Park Rangers? City pollue officers, firemeftand rescue 
sauadsmen launched a massive search for the family. Army MaJ. 
David Stem is shown reunited with his family at the Ft, Story 
dispensary shortly after their rescue. - • 

Virginia Beadi moved an- 
ottier step doser ttiis year 
to ttM realisation d prdec- 
tton iBider a dty-wlde, fdl- 
time, pdd fire departmed. 

Idtid steps tor sudi a ser- 
vice, iriiich wodd eventually 
mean ttie end for the resort 
dty's Udorical "Volunteer 
Firemen", were oulined in ttie 
"Municipal Fire Protection 


A Committee d 100 was 
formed tlur«igh ttie Chadber at 
Co&miree tt a dtiien's effort 
la TOlidttng more industry for 
Vfarglda B^di. THe oonodttee 
is oomprirtd d Iwdnessmen 
irtio agTM to make oourtesy 
oalto «i nuoladvers nd in- 
dnstriattds daiinf ttwir own 
bisiasfs trips fiuroughod ttie 
oontry. Jdu Balnea was 
rtMled t^draan. 

Study" which assessed existing 
fire protection in Vlrgida 


«. The study was conqpiled for 
Vlrgida Beach by tt» National 
Loss Control Service Corpo- 
ration at ttie requed dCity 

Some time is expected to pass 
before any dfidal word is re- 
leased on torn many d ttie 
Study's recommenddl(»s will 
be adopted by Virginia Beach. 

First Citizen 

Regan Bradstaw Pulley wl^ 
named ttie VlrgftU Beach Ja- 
yeee's Fird Cltisen for 1969. 

Top Farmer 

The Cliamber d Commerce 
honored Robert DeFord as 
"Man d ttie Tear i| Africul- 





Established 1925 

Thursday/December 31, 1|70 
PttUished weekly by Uie Be«:h Publishing Corporation 

M riiv ■ iii|V 


John R. Offffin 
GeiMnU M€mager 

Ruby Jean Phillips 
Managing Editor 

Mrs. Olga Edwards 
A^rtUing Mamgmr 

A Simple Plan 

An article in a recent national 
publication bittlines a school 
plan utilized bf a classroom- 
poor eoinwnunity in soling its 
educational problems. The 
schools simply operate year- 
oround with students In cld^ss 
forty-five days and on vacation 
fifteen days. By dividing the 
entire student body into four 
gfiiM^s and rotatlonthemonthis 
schedule, the schools accom- 
modate onlythree-fburthsofthe 
students at one time. 

if Virginia Beadi's student 
body were reduced by one* 
fburtli»rthe existing classrooms 
would be sufficient. It would, 
hopefully, ease the problem of 
continued school construction. 
It would a[Mi demand fewer 
buses and teachers would have 
a year-around income. Yet, stu- 
dents and tedchers alike would 
still have the nine-weeic va- 
cation, divided into three-week 
periods over thetwelve months, 
t^re aro some rather obvious 

Thank good 

economical benefits. 

School odmintstrator sore not 
exactly enthusiastic over such a 
plan and do not believe It would 
work here. For CNie thing, It 
would eliminate school sports 
and extra-curricular activities. 

This is important to the de- 
velopment of well rounded stu- 
dents, admittedly, but is It real- 
ly more important than over- 
crowded classrooms and arro- 
wing need for additional class- 

If Jhis city is going to con- 
tinue to allow the constructlori 
of thousands upon thousands of 
homes, which of course attract 
more fami I ies, then perhci»s the 
time is upon us when such an 
educational plan should be eon* 
sidered. It becomes more ob- 
vious each year that some sol- 
ution, preferably a simple one, 
mus^ be found toeasethesdiool 
expense. And this is a simple 






Opposes Referendum 


The Division ot Industrial 

Deyf ft»pm^ in Rl^mond this 

N i|i»ek released Its year-eiill re- 

jport of industrial activity 

' throughout Virginia dui^ 1970. 

Some 164 manufacturers an- 
nounced this year to either 
locate or expand existing fa- 
cilities In Virginia. These op- 
erations are expected to create 
nearly 14,000 new Jobs when 
they fejach full production. 

The industrial report claims 
the new plants and expansions 
are s^ogrophicaliy well dis- 
persed throughout the state with- 
the heovlest concentration in the 
area betweeenRoanokeand Bri- 

Not one plant was announced 
for Virginia Beach. Nowhere in 
the report is the city even 

It's times like these thot one 
realizes liow dismal the indus- 
triol picture really is In the 
resort city. Plants located in 
Chesapeake, in Norfolk and 
throu^iout the Tidewater areo. 
But Virginia Beach has been 
pointedly ovolded. 

Plans for industrial devel- 
opment in the city were stepped 
up this year. A department for 
such activity was created in the 
new reorganization of the mu- 
nicipal government. The Cham- 
ber <>f Commerce brought into 

being a^Copnjtt«e of 100. for 
the^ soiicltotion of industry by 
Individual tueinelsmeh^ Thsii 
efforts obviously came none too 

With all the available acre- 
age in Virginia Beach It seems 
rather remarkable that so little 
industry Ideates here. Of course 
the water arrangement the city 
presently has with Norfolk ac- 
counts for much of this. Large 
manufacturing .plants could 
never afford the water rates. 
This hopefully will end once a 
new water and sewage system 
is established. 

The electric rates are also 
detrimental to industry and pro- 
bably are a strong contributing 
factor to the drop in Virginia's 
overall industrial picture. Last 
year the stote had 202 new or 
expanded plants to its credit 
as compared to this year's 164. 

The city Is fortunate that 
it has two of the state's lar- 
gest industrles...tourism and 
agriculture. These two bring 
in nearly one hundred million 
fresh dollars into the city and 
state economy each year. If the 
city continues to come up short 
in the competition for industry, 
perhaps more attention should 
be given to the development of 
the city's tourism and agricul- 
ture. The econmic picture would 
indeed be dismal without them. 

««a 8 »«8Wi« tt 8W4W«>9W«ewwiww wae c«« » cgw9»w«««^ 

TAQI, bjr ailrley McLaine.New 
Yflil^ W. W. NortMi and Com- 

IKXmTAIN, SMrley llacLaioe 
vritM nUk vit md(temiiwnft 
bw (MUbood in VlrgiiAi, her 
mlTlafi to Steve IHui»r,^d 
te rte to f^ardon. &r mtt' 

to ate fMii lifei Btt^ ajKWDf 

Maeh of ter Itte ftxrais Ike t 
MI9MM • llUed adMstoe 
tkaf% hn> vM asloritydxrat 
ptoidt taa M tier to all i»te 
eC te iwU. Mar to te iUa- 
kit «l **UwA U Doom," ate 
iMaa i e l wii ter nria ataf^ 
MM» la tte nd 1^ dMriet 

of Paris. Her inters in tte 
dvil rt^a movee^ took ter 
to HflaalMlimt i^ra^ittvad 
and wofcid te a tliM. Wn 
tnvela lave taken ho* amooc 

tiie Masai in AMca, to India, 
and to the Himalayan kl^dom 
ot Bhutan. WUle in Bto^ a 
place tbat few Westerners bave 
visited, slw became im^ived in 

Miss MacLaine writes 
extremely well about llie in- 
terMting pec^de sbe bai meton 
ber many Joomeys. ^ be- 
lieves tbat by living with and 
teartf i^ from them, Ae will 
find ber idaee in Vbt ttM aa 
possible Witt bar ifenlty in 

If you en^ Ifflss MacLaine in 
ber role as tn Mterttfaor, you 
sbo^ find tbis book qiito in- 
teresttn^ Us it revMii maiqr 
otter ficirts of bar IHi. 

Jeaooa W . Fox 

To the Editor: 

' In your issue of Deoeniber 
17tt ttere appeared a' letter 
fr<Mn Mr. Hu^ A. Saul. I am 
in complete agreement witt Mr. 
Saul and hopefblly trurt tbat 
a majority <A Virginia Beadi 
dtiiens have tte same view- 
poii^ Especially so tte senior 
dtinns who are retired and 
ttving on an income nmdi lower 
ttan during our productice 
years. WebavealrM4ysutrered 
a hive tax liK^eaae in tte pest 
few years and there Is no doubt 
that and&er one win be fortb- 
oondiv if ttis new bond issue 
ftf^Mll&J^i^ approvM* 

"Rds ^ty te gorged witt ren> 
tal property that is oocvpie<| 
Witt eunilies with cU^n and 
(hey will be tte ones ibr litom 
ttese proposed sdiools idll be 
eoostructed. Naturally ttese 
tunilies ttat are registered vo- 
ten will vote yes for ttis 
issue. But they do so litUe 
aiqvOTting the eqwnse of run- 
ning this city. It Is not Hair. 
Only the property ownen diould 
be allowed to vote on any sort 
of bond issue. 

I have done and win ooi^iBue 
to do every possible thing to 
try and defeat ttis bond issue. 
I attended public sdiools in this 
area and I never bad a ndlllon 
ddlar gymnasium orabalfmll- 
lion dollar heated swimming 
pool to play around in. And 
I received Just as good, if not 
better, education ttan ittat is 
dealt out in our sdiools today. 
And we also were taui^t at 
home by our parente the right 
way to live and there was not 
tte Juvenile delinjuency that is 
life in this community today 
as well as all over tte country. 
As I wrote in your paper 
several years ago after tte tax 
increase, we old dttaois of 
Virginia Beadi are the ones 
ttat are paying for all ttis 
run wild building that is go- 
ing on. I built my home in 
1952 and at that time I was 
recdving the same services as 
1 do today. Not one sin^e im- 
provement has been made in 
my section of the dty. Not 
even a new school. 

So to all you good peqile of 
Virginia Beach may I earnestly 
urge you to not only go to the 
polte and vote no iMit also be- 
seedi all your friends to do 

We all wai^ to see Virginia 
Beadi grow but m^ to tte ex- 
tent of spending money Uke it 
DM going mit of style. 
Stanleigh H. Jones 
518 Bigh Point Ave. 
Virginia Beach, Va. 23451 

For Schools 

To the Edited: 

The Sd»>ol Bnrd is unjustly 
critidzed for all tte qiartmei^ 
and townbouses beii^ built in 
our dty, when ttey realty hava 
netting to (to witt it. Iliey have 
be«) telliiq: City Condi tar 
years tt^ efHrttnoed bdhfing 
woidd cause the a»«! to awre 
sdiools, and now we lave it. 

I say let's all g0 together 
and aiqiport tte S^l Board 
itot htt giwn us outsteodli^ 
adiooh. WttcHtf <m si^oote 
we have netting Lafs vote for 
tte brad ^mt aid ttm go to 
the Pteitfng CcmBtuim ud 




tte City Coundl and tell ttera 
to stop approving all ttose 
a^artmente and townbouses. 
This bond issue is to build 
sdioois for 'diildren already 
in the dty and for ttose from 
permits alreidy aiJiMroved. 
Demi cut off your nose to spite 

4ggpie who, r^ds liiows W 
ba\^ ihe towoEi costs tn (Ni|. 
schools and tte lowelt taxes 
around. U'faa don't tUak so, 
move someittere else and see 
ittat you find. 

We ^tdd pridse our Sdiool 
Board and vote for the bond 
issue. Then we can go to City 
Hall and see our coundlmen 
and tell them how we feel. But 
dm't take it out on pe(q)le 
who are doing a good Job. 

Mrs. S. W. Porterfleld 
JeaoM Street 
Virg^a Beach, Va. 


To the Editor: 

Racing in Vfrgida Beadi is 
one of the main topics in any 
conversatton you over - bear 
where you st(^ long enot^ to 
listen for a few minutes, and 
ttey are asking sudi que^ont 
as I wonder who is p^rhig 
these so and so's for figMlng 
to keep us from getting the 
races here at the Beadi, some 
of tte arguments are ilttoulous 
indeed, such as the hoods it 
would bring into tte Beadi, I 
can assure all thiU think this 
way that you have more hood- 
lums here on the Beadi rlg^ 
now than tte races could bring 
in, every person worUnginslde 
of a track is investigated be- 
fore he can get a pass to even 
work in a trade, forawr FBI 
Agente now working for the 
horse owners association will 
finger print you and take your 
pbqto, sending it ilM tte tBl in 
Was!ij||t(« for a (Aeck oo you, 
if your record is not dean you 
cant get a pass or a Job, it 
is just that simple, horse radng 
is still tte sport of Kings, and 
tte owners assodation iirtend 
to keep ttat way, it was notMi^ 
out of the ordinary for ttem 
to have million dollars days 
at tlK MRA trade aboM five 
mUes from Plymouttlfldiigan, 
that is a million dolhuv 
pass thrmigh the pari-muhal 
windows, I can assure yon ifitt 
tte po[Hdati(» we have to draw 
from here in tUs am we will 
sooa have the aame tUi^ heH. 

Racing would nmke Virginia 
Beadi, I can asswe ttat this 
Is a tect, as it would make it 
one of most attraetiw Cities to 
ave'^ on the Atlantic Coast, 
bar none, and fhtf iaelutea 
Iflantf Flor^ we murt optn 
tq> Virginia Bmc^ i^ can we 
not hara oar om Priocesa 
Grace rigltf here tf bm», i^ 
shmild m have to go some hi^ 
pint site IMtle JplidMn to play 
the ^mM ttat keep i^ as 
tt^ U9 in a^adiv, aad re- 
pl poaltloa, lees m*a tttette 
greatest re^ C^y la tte 

World, it can be done and any 
one doiditing it shouU have his 
head examine, in fact when you 
bear some one doing bis liest 
to keep races from coming here, 
you can bet your lastdollar ttat 
he is ist a native and is on 
flM payroll of aome of tte 
MaryUmd tracks trying to keep 
as feom cirtting into tteir goM 
,|piiaes, a combination track 
ooidd be built here witt run- 
nbig races in the (biy time and 
tte harness at ni^ one of tte 
most beautlf&l aiglite any one 
wouM wish to see. 

We must face fods and rea- 
liae our potential here, why 
not a Stete lottery tbat would 
pot the mimbers racket otrt of 
business witt a drawing once 
a m(^ it couki be hanUed by 
the State Whisky Stores at very 
littte cost, why do we continue 
to keep our brads in tte sahd 
and r^ise to admit we are Just 
a group fooling no (me but our 
•elvea and making it toug^ for 
eadi other, instead of working 
in harmony and making this a 
better life for all omcemed. 
Raymcmd C. Purvis , 

Follies Boosted 

To the Editor: 

We want to ttank you on 
behalf of the Virginia Beach 
Princess Anne Junior Woman's 
Club for your help in our 20tt 
Jamal Follies production, 
"Beadi Playmates". 

Through the ^ars the pro- 
ceeds from the Follies, our 
major ways and means project, 
have been donated to many and 
varied charitable causes. In re- 
cent years our primary o(mcem 
has been providing kindergar- 
tens and other services for 
the mentelly retarded chlMren 
in Virginia Beadi* • 

It has (mly been through your 
support and that of other in- 
terested persoiffi tM we have 
been able to make some cohtri- 
bution toward Improvemente in 
our community. 
Sincerely yours, 
Mrs. funnel W. Scott 
Wq« and Means Chairman 
Mra. Frederick E. Winfree, in 

Paper Pu$hedP«rfk$ 


Ob beittlf of the Douglas Mac- 
Artttf^Post #392 of the Vet- 
erans of Foreign Wars, I wish 
to ttiric y<»i tea: the publidty 
ttitf ecob'ttuted so mu(A to tte 
si»e^ of ov re^nt poppy 
Mle (frive on November ^aod 
Ttb. In parti(»lar, the picture 
4Uid the writeup in tte 5tt (tf 
KovesAer nrmpeper was mudi 

T&e swcess of ttis drive 
wtmm a great deal to woimded 
i^rans and widhjws ud or- 
gans Kd servicemen k« whom 
ttaa ooUeetlims were oMKte. The 
•QceeM of tte <Mve d^mded 
frM^ly (A piidic spirited tf- 
fofto mA aa yours. 





One of the most important <te«ttioM ^8£tW» «»fnr 
have to make is tte seledtop cf owf j^reridwt^Every four 
years the pecMJe have the a#«ti«Ky to aatetR tte man who 
will have more to do witt their, futew tmaiv otter elected 

officiaU This choice should not be awH ^^. 

In the past, tte acteal didce «« *«»^*f^,*!L^?*« 
of the two major parties. No do*t Ws wiU contlntte to be 
the ca^e for some time to come. White m two major parties 
don't always putforttttebestqoalUWwtegritters, the system 
is not a bad (me. ^ ^ ^ . 

One major defed In the selection process seems to be that 
often times the voters do not realty know the eanfidates and 
what they stand for. Tlie l«*l« Pf^***** by the TV and news 
media Is not alwy* tte real ciiidMite. ^iithKause a candltbite 
is tte choice of his party teadenhlp to run doein't mean 
he is the best roan. History telte its m some real dlngbate 
have been on the ticket. Some have^Nn teett eteeted. 

Tate the leading c(»tMder for tte Sanooittle nominatioo— 
good old "Moose-Jaw" Muside, tte Juder Senior from the 
Mickey Mouse state of Maine. Hit piiiitc iringe to that of the 
Great White Father. Softie people ja« love his silent atone 
f^e his quiet maimer and Ids Maine accent. He comes on 
very strong witt the news media and many people buy this 
"Show" image as the real Muside. 

WelL 1 don't claim to be an expert on Moose-Jaw types, 
or Maine, or the Great White Fatter ittaga butlreeentty 
spent two years in ^ In the Late Great Stete of Maine. 
My expertence witt ^'Muskieland" is recent. I have «een 
first hand the area the good Seintor comes from, what he has 
done for and to those who eleded Mm and the st^e he cteims 
to reivesent. 

I Jist can't swallow the bo^t and paid for image the Demo- 
cratic front runner te ahaking before the people. To m^M 
Is as false as a nine dollar bill. He tA^ seem Uke sometting 
on a sti(d( to those who don't took beneatt tte sHdc professional 
glossy imai^ but lete hope tte great mtts irf voters are net^ 
taken in by ttis larce. 

When you look at his record it stands out Uk^ asore thuTOb. 
The Senator is a prime examfdc of what is currently referred 
to as a "RADICLIB/' Thte doeah't eone ttMUgb on Ma pro- 
fessional image but his nearti spetia tat Itsatf. . 

Take Us recent flre-slde chat to the vot«» Justbefcm 
the last election. No doubt you recall ttl ahow he put oo. ' 
In tdi|, jierformanoe he aecwed the aMMilnittoa <tf lying and 
suggested it was ddng "«viL" Tbe^ otftti* the ketUe black! 
It turns out that the Senator dlttit.trtte t^iat apeeeh, much 
lesis pay for airii^ it. Hm basic qM»Nh wis written by Hidiard 
Goodwin, a auper liberal vdio was tettvi la the candldadef 
of McCarthy, Kennedy aM MaGovern la 1961. His travalogiia 
on Maine was paid for by the CottfliiMa ftor Natioaal Unity. 
That teft-of-center group put «> the msmjf Md oiled the ahote. 
Sam Brown, the pro-Vlet Cong Moratotlutt orguiaer played 
an iinportant part in tttf prodaeUoa. the ouo^r cans ftoro a 
mimber of well known sqier dovea Md paacaolks. "Moose- 
Jaw" MusUe mafcetf people df that lype Jump witt Joy. If they 
can make him President ttey em sat about tte final assault 
on our Constitati(Mi witt ease. 

While our enemtts have been bulhliflc up their mi^it, Seu^r 
Muskie has been worUag tat the dawngradiag of our ability 
te in-otect ourselves. He voted fgiftil lie AiM oo the grounds 
it might make the Soviete aad. 

, Th9 Sei»tor voted anlnst the crime bill 4v the Dtsb^ 
of;,c^»n*i#, where c^, waf, raopMiC M)^ fta calls* ttfs 
(ifi0rt to 8t(» crime aa "J^riUMit la r^rwslM." 1 

"lloose-Aw" MtaUe vigoroiisiy deltaidid tte 1969 Mora- 
torulm, sponsored by the Codmnniat-iaflttrated New Mobe. 
TlAs champlpn of ttenewteft,of idolMldissmt sad tte M^wst 
eleded offidal to prodaim tte drtf dodgers to Canada aa tte 
realHeros and "Patriote" te to tte fro|ift naia«r toe tte Demo- 
cratic nomination in 1972. If his add kt promoters can wrap 
an American flag uromd him ttd keep Urn amllli« ttat ttke 
poUtlcal grin, they Just might aall Urn to tte votera. Good 
grief, what a sbamel 

AU you "RADIC-UB" and ttr out peopte. If you want to 
offer your aervices to "Poor" Saaator Marida, Ma oaUooal 
office for President te at Roooi lOM, M60 LStreat,N.W.. 
Washington, D.C., phone 466-SOMt Ite olltet coal |1,S00 
a montt plus $100 for parking ^pcaa. Rcttert UNalaoo, 
former executive diredor of tte Lawyers Committee for Civil 
Righte Under Law te tte head man. 

Youth Vote of 
Little Internet 

We anUdpated a U^ re- 
sponse to last week's SimSurvey 
questton because itto has Una 
to even read a nempaper during 
Christinas wedc, much 1^ 
teve tte time to answer aques- 
tionnaire? i 

And we were TiffiA, 

Ilie (|t»stion was: 'Should 
tte state allow 18 year olda 
to vote in stete and local etec- 
tloos now that ttey are able 
to vote in national elections?" 

Our respoise was 90 per cent 
in fkvor; 10 per wcX against. 
But we must p(dnt out tt^ tte 
resp(mse really waa too light 
to te representative. 

It te interesting to note, how* 
ever, that tte 18-year-ohl vote 
has cuised very little IMerest 
since it was approved tiy C(»- 
gross last week. 

Tte registrar's office tere 
rq»rte ttat ttey are not yet 
registering 18-ywr-^ds, 
penffing authorixtflra tnm tte 
State Board of Elfctioos. Tte 

spoketmn said that only a 
few tefeph(«e ealla have so ter 
been reedved eoocerbing re- 

Tte aoiln pr()blem. It seems, 
te ttat thte new r^ulaHcm, 
wUeb gow Into effect Jan. 1, 
retidraa Vtaee aate of books 
tt Ite ftates which teve not 
pttMsd tte youtt vote. Thte te 
tte reascm Governor Holtoo te 
poshing to teve thte pnvosal 
Introduced during tte spiedal 
aaaalen ol tte General As- 
seni^ te Janury. 

WMte tte voter regtetration 
te p«ifla£ we'll turn our at- 
tcntidi to tte one aubjed that 
te alWqrs (if lotereat, espedaUy 
Witt nottar a^ool bond re- 
fertadoi toomtng aroimd tte 

Aa editorial on tUa page mg- 
faiMi a ^11 vMdi night ease 
(te tn bordMi of conHnring 
adHol eonrtmeltea. It nMqr or 
w^ tel worl^ bit t^xSA It 





QUESTION: WoM yeu tavor 
a t2-montt) tdmr fm^, i^ 
toting the ttudente to that tN 
^udent bo^ ivouM te cut one- 
fourth, as a solution to tMlng 
the eity'tovercroiMMMmle? 

VairiMaMiti ni t|pMd 


„M4J4i- i |^iim)yijP' ' ' ,..-.-• ! , ii i ' lUMW^'W il^ll^llipBPpWWW 

.'-J jip i i J mm ffm^liimfifiri^mmmmmm 


ak j| ^ 

i ^ f. 



s ij^pF 

iH>^ \r^ V'S 


u m\/J 

yV /vwH IBI 


19 'J^B ■ 


mM'^ 1 

1 ^^H^^AsJKIf / iiir 

JWi ,1 1 f , :i 

K 1-i.i.iiiiimi 


Xl-tJ.XAJ. 11 i lillJiAji«i«iii«Jlll. 





Thursday, December 31/1970 

auUi J IJLtr>4J U . M . MJ . MM JL IAt A » JL>. t AJL< J lM. t Ai t>tt l liattiiailttttiai«iii«aagaii>«at«iit«aaitaa»«^ft^Bff 


e c 


ens don't cackle and the cow doesn't nnoo 


Ttred of leftover holiday 
turkey? Miybe we won't have 
to worry about that problem, 
in fbe futiffe. 

There's no question th^ the 
world pq^ulation is increasing 
tU airigbtening rate. Soon land, i 
usy land, will be at a pre- 
mium. So will food. We ^e 
a mrat-eating people. A lot 
of space is needed to grow the 
bogs and cattle necessary to 
supply feed us and future gen- 

"We're not going to be able 
to afford the luxury of m eat 
mudi l(«ger," commented Tom 
Lyni^, a food broker repre- 
senting General Mills. 

Gener^' Mills' answer to the 
problem is Bontrae, their name 
for a spun soj^an protein. 
Otter companies, Ard»r 
Daniels Midland, Swift and Co., 
Worthington Foods (Ralston- 
Purina) and H.B» Tqrlor, are 
also conducting aiiijor research 
into the productim of soy tex- 
tured protein products. 

Boiitrae is not new, at least 
not to the institutional market. 
It is already being used in Vir- 
giiida state hospitals, colleges 
and some restaurants. City 
sdMwls In Philadelphia are us- 
Uig Bontrae products. Locally 
ft is distributed by Galwides 

'■'•' • ■'' h ■ 

Lpc^ will introduce Bontrae 
ps^id^o^ locally at a meeting 
k-^tte 'n<ter#ater Clnpter of 
Home E,poaat^^,tn Rome. 

Making at 8 p.m. Jan. 4 at the 
home of Mrs. James Spencer. 

One of spun protein's main 
advantages is that it is eco-/ 
nomical. According to Lynch, 
Bontrae is 20-30% dieaper than 
its meat counterpart pound for 

"We are able to produce 
Bontrae and. give the same nu- 
tritional value as the meat coun- 
terpart," he said. 

presently the only Bontrae 
product found in stores is Bac- 
0-Bits, a simulator of crumbled 
bacon for use as a garnish 
or in scrambled eggs, dips, 
sandwich spreads, etc. Check 
the label of the next bacon* 
flavored ^p you buy. It will 
probably not contain bacon but 
Bac-0 -Bits instead. 

Protein substitutes &re not 
new. After World Warn Gener- 
al Mills was licensed to pro- 
duce proteins for the "Foods 
for Millions" ^ogram to fjeed 
starving people overseas. Un- 
fortunately, altboui^ the result- 
ing products were nutritionally 
successAil, they did not find 
acceptance because they were 
different in texture and flavor" 
from the food to which the 
paople were accustomed. 

The solution, wUdi resulted 
from more than 30O years of 
man hours in research, is the 
spun soy ^otetn wMch isllke' 
tiie meat it simulates in texture, 
flavor and color to make it 
acceptaMe to the consumer. 
Preset^ forms xi Bontrae in- 
diide fflced chidfen-flayor and 








Q :^ 








diced ham flavor plus a 
crumbled l)eef flavor «1tich can 
be used as an extender with 
^ound beef in meat balls, meat 
loaf r etc. or by itself in dishes 
like strogaiioff of ildppy Joes. 

The time it saves in food 
prepartion makes Bontrae es- 
pedally attractive for institu-^ 
tional use. It comes frozen, 
already cooked so there 18 ho 
weight loss from shrinkage. In 
addition there is no waste since 
ttiere is nothing to trim. 

People are suspiddus of pro- 
ducts whld) don't feel rlgM in 
their mouflis. Thus texture has 
been a major problem. When 
Bontrae scallops were being 
tested, the taste and appearance 
were not too hard to copy. 
However, the stringy, chewy 
feel ofscalUipstooksomedoing. 
The problem' wis solved, how- 
ever, and the like«seallopB Bon- 
trae are nowinpllotprddu^on, 
as is sUced ham and roast 
beef*. ■ 

Fig. 1 ~ DiAipram ol Bwirat manufactured by General Mflb di#t liow^ 
soybean and simitar dlseed meals can be upgraded to dO periseiait pnrtdn 
or betta* andspon into fibrib to vrfildb other nutrients, flavlM, and oolo^ 
can be added. Tbe end product can be formed into slices, Nrfiok mear 
portions, cubes, bib, or granuiss^ - 

Anoflier adrantage of the span 
stiiy protein ih iUa diolesterol- 
minded spdetyls ttiat it can 
be produced in low-cholesterol 
form. 'It is also frequently 
more sanitary than meat," 


Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lay- 
ette' In){fam <d Ctnttnal Road 
ttiBotiiK$riMf"«hgil|{lnifiit of 
ttiair daughter, Mtrtuerite 
Slade Ingram, to Jimmie 
Edward Hida. 

Mr. Hicks is tbe scA of Mr. 
and Mrs. Edward George Rides 
ol Kings Point Circle. 

Miss Ingram attended Averett 
College and Is a meniber of 
Dance Masters of America. 

Mr. Hides attends Old Do- 
minion University. 

A wedding is planned Feb. 
13, mi. 

Class set 

Lynch pointed oak. 

Food substitutes are not new. 
Take, for example, no-dairy 
uliipped topi^ng or no-dairy 
coffee creamer. That's another 
problem. What do you call Bon- 
trae? It is not a meat. So 
what do you label a meat loaf 
made with half meat and half 
Boitfrae? Or a chicken chow 
mein recipe in which Bontrae 
has been substituted? Is it Bon- 
trae chow mein.? 

Tests have shown tint most 
restaurant patrons cannot dis- 
tinguish between a meat loaf 
made with lOO'^o meat and one 
made with Zffi meat and i(fi^ 
textured soy protein. 

The average aibiU needs about 
fliree ounces of hi^ quaUty 
protein, he eato meat, fish, 
flowl, eiis and dairy products. 
However, animal digestive 
siystems aren't very eftident 
dther, converting only about 
10% of their vegetable intake 
ido protein. 

Hut - modem diemistry- 
eHnttnating the admal and 
maUnr a dired conversicm- 
can increase the eflldenty to 
70% and drastically cut the cost 
of produdng a potmd of edible 
prdein. , 

This production process in- 
volves taUhg soy meal and re- 
fldng it to extrad protein. Tbe 
resulting hdiey-like ndxGure is 
exbnided Vuoaffii splnnerettes 
into a coaguldinR bath idiere 
fiber formation occun. By 
doii^artbe compodtiqn dand 
treatmed given Qie splndng 
mixture, the ccmfiguratioo d 


Mushroom appetizers can be so delicious they are Irresistible, 
but the dainty calorie count of mushrooms therfiselv6s makes it 
possible to eat them freely without worrying about gaining weight. 

Save calories on holiday 

Mrs. Hartman's prize-winning decora- 

Mrs. Hartman keeps bowl 

Mrs. Pern C. Rartnm will 
pt to keep tbd dhrer bowl 
awsitted eadi year tqr tte link- 
b(»ii Park Garden Cld) for 
mother year. 

Hie doorway at ter home 
at 31t 45fli ^red was Judged 
best In tbe dab's anaml Christ- 
mas doorwiy rad^ for tbe 
seecod wmfsMv ynr. Sim 
amtA a wUte eredw Indfe a 
wrMth OD tta dow trimcwd 
1^ pine.' itoe penary was 
draped over the edrucew^. 

Romenmp oi toe contest 
vwrelfrs. Major Paidne, lbs. 
M. W. Cole. Mrs. E. A. Hd- 
fnie^r, Mrs. ^aatey Howard, 
Mrs. JdnR. Bell, Mrs. Thomas 
J. FoUary, Mrs. Osear h Bea- 
vtrt, Mrs. Wittus b: PlAlips, 

Mrs. H. Wadel Wders and Mrs. 
Henry C. Morgui. 



When your fashicmable, 
figure - consdous women 
friedns show up on New Year's 
Eve, wearing glamorous even- 
ing pants suits, they'll love you 
for serving mushrooms in some 
form. They'll know thd mush- 
rooms are as low in calories 
as ttey are rich in flavof . 

Shrimp and ea -stuffed 
mushrooms or mu^ooflk and 
beef kebabs are dettdous ap- 
— petizers. Quite cttc, too. Or 
if there's to be abuffett supper, 
serve a mushroom-ridi casse- 
role, mushroom ud cold mnt 
salad, mudiroom and cheese 
rabbit, muduroom scrambled 
eggs or perhaps aSeartyfiHsh- 
room and beef itap. Fresh, 
canned or frozen mtKhrooms 
can be t»ed for these hd dshes, 
although tbe appdizera are a 
bit better if crisply raw. 

Ugjitly mix together 1 padc- 
age (7 oz.) herb seasoned stuff- 
ily cr(Hitoiffi, 1/2 cup melted 
Intter and 2 cans (3 to 4 oz. 
eadi) sliced nMs^ooB», 
drained. WUle tosdi« gentty, 
add abod 1-1/2 taps hd wder 
or stodu Stnpe ^dfti« into 
10 balls, abod 1/Z eqifol n(^ 
Flaw Mch t«a on a squre 
d heavy ddy abnalnun fdl; 
brii^ ed^es up ud fdd to seal. 
Plac» in ov^n idtb ddd»n node 
irtttt packa«ed cton fUd» 
emmbs dvi^g lad 30 sdndis 
d btkiac FoU bt^ fdl to 

Mishroonai are u[»dngly 
Muy to work witt. tf fres^ 
don't peel tl»m. Rinse briefly 
in clear tfi^er, Jigg^ ttiem 
around a bit, then lUl od 
pronqplly and bid dry. Fresh 
mushrooms cooksoqpiiddytoey 
need mxk mcure ton ttimag 
9a^xsfiu fM. Is aqpid^thK 
d euned nrartra&Bs iMHi^ 
,jwed only the !»ief^ time orar 

Mushroon» are reisonably 
priced ^e <k^,^altstotte 
iiict Rising Miuuuaa K<^«iti» 
f9M. Tbey an m UM Hd 

you can count 25 to 30 medum 
mushrooms to a pound or as 
many as 36 to 45 small ones. 
A pound or two makes a dee 
big platter of tempting 
^9)etizers. They can be stuffed 
hours in advance of the party, 
tt^n popped Into a hot oven for 
a few minutes just before 

These tested redpes for 
Mus^ooms with Shrlnqt^uff- 
ing and Mushroom Kdnbs come 
firom toe American Mushroom 
Instltate. You'll win some com- 
dlmeds with them! 


1-1/2 lb* fr^h mushrooms 
4 Tbtep. butter or ntargarine 
1/4 cup diopped (oion or 

1 JK* (2-3/4 oz.)tiny Shrimp, 

drdned and 'deed 
1/4 c^ nttjmoaise 
1 hai^ - «>dced egg, finely 

1 Tbtep. {ffepared hd mustard 
1/4 tsp. temon Jdce 
1/4 tsp. salt 
^6 ^ grooad red pepper 

RlMe, pd dry Md remove 
steBK from mi^roooM (save 
tor uM in so^, ^m «to.) 
In a large sUUd bed bdtor. 
Add srasbroom eaps and saute 
I Urates, twrd^oeeadooally. 
ItoBwve iMrtrooiai to bakla^ 

pan, cap side np; sd aside. 
In the same skillet sadeodmis. 
Add remdning ingredients; mix 
'"well. Fill sauteed mushroom 
caps with shrimp mixture. Bake 
to a iHrebeated hd oven (450 F.) 
6 to 8 mtoutes. Serve hot. 
Approximately 30 duffed mush- 


1/4 cup butter or margarine, 

2-1/2 tsp. s(^ sauce 
1 tsp. sherry 
1/4 tsp. (»ion powder 
]/SiSp. ground ginger 
1/2 fls. fihftsh mushrooms or 1 

can (6 to 8 oa.) whole nwsh- 

1 can (7 oz.) water <Aestnuts, 

drdned and sliced 
1 green peper, oA ido 1-toch 

1/4 lb. eUcken Uvers, halved 

Combine butter with soy 
sauce, djerry, Mioo powder 
and' ginger; nU^ well. Rinse, 
ptf dry nd trim dem enb and 
Mn £r«A mustoroon» or drdn 
eaanad OBriffooas.A^i^ely 
plasi a wMrooB, a ehestad 
sHee, a green peppw sq»re 
an! a cUdcen liver half at 
short skewers. Brush 
generous^ with bdter ndxture. 
Brdl 7-ia^wfrdEbedsoaree 
S to I otoMsttaidBCiadteus- 
Mi^ often. tMi: U Aewers. 

r career 


The Distributive Education 
Service of Virgida JBeach City 
Pd)lic Schools is offering a 
spedd ten hour course d in- 
druction entitled, "Charm and 
Pdse For toe Career Woaian." 

Hie emphasis of tbe cour^ 
win be placed on such aspeds 
as figure control, grooming, 
makeup, wardrobe, and vdce 

The course wiU be teudit 
by Mrs. VlcklRanddl, a former 
indrudor d Charm Assodates 
d Norfolk. Classes will be heM 
at Princess Anne Hidi S<Aool 
from 7 until 9 p.m. on Jan.' 
11 through Feb. 8. The totd 
cost of the career course tdll 
-be $10. ___ 

Interested persons may en- 
roU tordidi the Virdda Beach 
Ci^ PtibUe Schools Distribu- 
tive EducdiMi Service, phone 
427-4575. Seato wlU be re- 
served by name on a flret come 
fird served basis. 

tbe opedngs in toe ^nerdtes, 
the comiitlons in the bdh and 
treatmed d the filamentedter 
formation, thdr dianctor can 
be varied from thd :d tender, 
delicate fibrils to (oupdrands. 
For fidshed produd fabrica- 
tion, fibrils are blended with 
tit, flavors, coloring, supple- 
medal nutrients and dd>t- 

Soy beans are ndhing new. 
They were a pari d the diet 
d Oriental peoples as fd* bade 
as 3000 B.C. Originally brought 
to tbe U.S. in 1804 as ballast 
aboard a ship from China, toey 
were first grown as an agri- 
^odtwal curiodty.From«iimal 
feed, its use progre«wd to 
World War I when soy bean dl 
wasi used to relieve a cotton 
seed dl shortage. 

Generd Mills sees an even- 
tud reldionship bdween spun 
soy protein and m»t as there 
is between margarine and 

But, as Lynch pdded od. 
It may be some time before 
the avenge housewife wiU be 
udng Bonbrae. For one Uiing 
Generd . Mills does nd have 
toe |d*ds necessary for mass 
production yd. In addtton, a 
vad pd)lle idormatloa abd pu- 
blidty campdp is needed for 
the idroduction d any major 
produd. ~ 

Sttll, wittrridng fbod coste 
accompanying the ridng popu- 
lation, probably it is ody a^ 
question d time befoirt Bon- 
trae and other soy«9rotd»pro- 
ducto become an accqited part 
d the average dd. 


Bx Cwslyii McAImi 

YeSf Susie there 
is a Santa CUam 

Christmas Eve wh|4rHiras coddi^ supper toe dd^-year-oU 
was looking od toi window when she suddedy announced, 
"There's Santa Claus!" 

I ddn't pay too mud) attedion to her. Bd then the dx-ynr- 
old add, "It is Santo Claus. Really!"^ 

Just then toe doorbeU rang. The eldit-year-oM ran to open 
It, nd lo and behold, it was Santo in fdl regalia. I dcn't kfiow 
what kind d expression I Ind on my. face, bd I can imi^. . 

"Have you been a good girl tois year, Aide?" he InqdM. 

On hearing ds vdce, I Immedately reragdzed Mm as bdng 
our ned door neid^bor. 

Throu^od toe 19to century 
gred strums d edfee-loving 
immlgradi left Eutye for toe 
Hew World. C^jflke wu stodced 
to the holds d toe cttppersUps 
earrying gold-httating ad- 
ventonn arouiidtheBontolbe 
Wed Coad. Cdln mi a nee- 
estary item ot Ite Hd d toe 
scobts who^W Oi-gred 
coverad-t^ot trttos VMtwti<d 
from St. taiite.£#iiielndUI 
ease to use od anloy odtee, 

and a toitnd pardato tod tti 
pr^d MedUnaf«,Wyoto» 
i^ wts tMpiN tor toolifM- 
l»«,MinstiBd a tew bigs d 

— Suste sdd she tad been^ood, dl tbe ttneteeplng tor efK 
glued on dm. 

"And have you been good this year, BiU?" 

BlU, standing back in awe, managed to say he tttooitt be lad 
l)een good. -> 

Santo toen toM themthd U they wed tobed early hi wodd 
be bi^ later to l»ing toem wom» t^ 

At tds, Sude todc it upcm herself to answer, **No yea w^ 
Yob're Mr. Engel." 

Ms ex|8-esd<»i mi^ hive ^t abcmft mddidi the one I wgre 
dien 1 fird saw him. He (Ste*t s^ anoOmr wurd— Jtd made 
a ratoer hasty edt. 

« . 

However, dmi we wwt ned ^tua toter, M ns lalktof died 
"tod SBde»" aid the ted Old ite was m^ma$im^ 
rteoplied dm. 

Howl know lAf liny saw tdsvldoa hK ^ tt UAl^ 
diUdren. Sade, wte vas tadat mm doMi AhI tt^flis 
year ufwiy, umme^yiimrmm paiMN^todttewMi 
&dt bMsnise tt iiM on toi TV tod ha M 
radar. . 


■i f 

! I 

Virginia Btach^jn 

Thursday, Decomber 31, 1970 

Sidney C he r ry. State Fraternal Order of Police president (right 
center), presents the symbolic gavel of office to ^S. B. Sciorinto, 
new presfdentof Princess Anne F.O.P. Lodge#8 durlrtyi^the formal 
Installation of officers. Other new officers witnessing the preeim- 
Utlon include J.E.Haslinger, vice president; Sgt. 0. G. McCloud, 
secretary; R.F. Phillips, guard; D, H. Kippers, conductor; M. L. 
Ealy, chaplain; Sgt. N. C. Morse, 1st year trustee; D. C. Watson, 
2nd year jtrustee; and J. J. Sciorinto, 3rd year trustee. 

Sales Mgr. 
Back from 
Fla. Seminar 


In the Clerk'» OffiM of ttw 
Orealt Court of me Citf at 
VlrfiDla Beadi, on'tte Urd 
dqr of November, 1970. 

IMnn W. Vn Pelt, Pltio- 

Jo Anne Tiyqpen Van IMt, 


Hk object of Qiis suit is 
for ^ said plaintiff to obtaiil 
a (Uvorce A VincuUj Matrlmoqli, 
from the said dlfendao^ upon 
the grounds of living seperate 
& apart for more than two 
(2) jrears. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed tti^ ttie defendant 
is not a resident of the State 
of Virginia, tlie last known post 
office address being 6U) East 
Round Bunch: Drive, Bridge 
City, Texas. *> 

It is ordered that she do 
appear here within ten (10) 
days after dud publication 
hereof, sifld do wtuit may be 
pecesMry to larotect her in* 
terefit in this suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 
PhiUp Myers 
Bel Aire Building, Norfolk, Vir- 

Chy # 14541 


J, Curtis Fndt, D.C. 
Caton& Wright, Attys. 
2&oe Padflc Avenue 
Virginia Seach, Virginia 


*Legar Notices *Ligat Notices 


a Use Permit to operate a 
molor vehicle fales and service 
OB CMtaiti property lociUed on 
tbe North tfldeofVirgidaBeaeh 
Boulevard. t>eginnlttg at a point 
175 ftet, West of Rote Marie 
Avenue, nnuiiag a distance of 
125 feet along tbe N«rOi side of 
VirgioU Beaofa Boelevard, 
runniiig a distance of 250 


In the Clerk's Office t>f the 
Ciroflt Court of theCitydfVir- 

gidaBeteh, on the 29th day of teet along Um Westeraproperty 
December, 1970. line, naniig a dilutee of 125 

David E. Taylor, Jr., P^ain- ^t ting tte NorttHV pro- 


Marjorie R. Tiylor, Defen- 
dant, o 


The object of tlds suit is for 
the said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce A Vinculo Matrimonii 
from the said defendant, iqxm 
thjB ffroifflds of living s^xurate 
and apart for more than two 
(2) years. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that ttw defen- 
dant is not a resideitf of the 
State of Virginia, the last known 
post office address being, Mra- 
dowbrook R(»d, Littleton, 
Massadiusetts 01460. 

It is ordered that she do ap- 
pev here within ten <10) days 
after doe publicattmi hereof, 

anddo wliat miqrbe neoessary to 
protect herjnterest ihtUssult. 
A oqpy-torte: 

M v^; 

Immmmmummm Bv Les Lehidi 

(te ttds eve of anodwr New 
Ya^ M otf^r the iMpl ttat 

Cadet Eubank % 

Eubank has 

'•--i t- ■■■■■ 

Best Foot 

Cidet Gn^ Etftttdi, sra of 
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Eubank 
Jr. of Alanton, is starting the 
|Mr 00 in top eoodltioi^ both 
ittiMiGaUy and scholastlctUy. 

Eitaik,aflreshma&at Virginia 
muttfylwtitate, wound qp Us 
first semester witti a 4.0 aver- 
Sfi aod GontribiAed eoosider- 
abty to the Freshman Basket- 
btU Tsati's standinc of 4.0 

THs Is tlM best record ever 
ft>r 0ie sduol and the team is 
; nvolid to be tiie best fresh- 
imteftBi in tin state. 

Eitenk, who is a pfe-veter- 
Issry nwttclDe major, plays 
fiard position. Re stands six 
flat, four incties and weighs 
160 pounds. He is tbe third 
ImflBC scorer on the team 
ml scored 22 points when his 
tiun defeated the University 
of RldunoBd and 21 pdnts iji 
Om defeat of Greenbrier MiU- 
ta^ Academy. 


(Cootimied from page D 

paigtt as its first i^oject. 

Canada was elected Chairman 
of tte project at a Monday 
aieetlac aad Scott Sterling as- 
sumed tte duties of Finance 
CtadnnaD. Mendsers of the City 
R^ttWctti organisati(» aiding 
Ite altort sre Henry Clarke, 
slate Central Committeeman, 
1^ will serve u Uaison be- 
tWMO tlie WWW group and the 
local and state E^xblican or- 
giniMfloiis; Dov«^ MaoGar- 
Tty, irtio wUl s^edtde speakers 

you vdA yours will enjoy a year 
filled with good health and JtaphL 
piness, and that you realise ^ 
fulfillment of goals you hope to 
adileve. * ' 

May 1971 also be a pros- 
perous year for each d. you 
and be filled with the fellow- 
ship of loved ones and friends. 

Lioni Seek 

Lions Club officials, meeting 
for a workshop of tiie Old Do- 
mini(» Eye Baid[, have issued 
an appeal to all Virginians to 
d<mate their old eyeglasses to 
ttteir local Lions Club. Donated 
glasses are routed by the lions 
Clute to OldiPoRMon Eye 
Bank, which tiien Minds diem to 
a Uons eyeglass classification 

Merritt S. Laubach, Larasan 
Realty Residemial Sales Mana- 
ger, has returned ftomathree- 
dqr managementvemiar in Mia- 
mi, Fla. dealing with real es- 
tate office management. 

Latd>ach attended ttte course, 
wbicii was produdad by fi» Na- 
tional Instituted of Real Estate 
Brokers, alonjg witti more than 
100 other brokers, owners, and 
managers from states as far 
awy as Colorado. 

Tlie five-part seminar cov- 
ered such important subject 
■ matter as leadership, training, 
administration, policy, andper- 
somiel. Instruction was lead by 
leading real estate owners and 
brokers tvpta. usrossttie nation. 

Laiibadi's primary responsi- 
bility is tnanagement andi»n- 
sultation to the Larasan Or- 
ganization's Residential Sales 
Divisim. I ->^ 

In tiie Clerk's Office of tiw 

Circuit Court of tiie City ofi 

Virginia Beach, on the z3rd 

d^ of December, 1970. 
Edward F. Le^, Jr.,Plain- 

m I 

Susan LaFond Lewis, Defen- 


The object of tti^s suit is 
for the said plaiitfitf to obtain 
a divorce from the Ixmds of 
matrimonii from the said de- 
fendant, upon tiie gounds of 
desertioii. ' '^ 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the de- 
fendant is a noif-resident cf 
State of Virginia, the last knomi 
post office address being: c/o 
Lt. & Mrs. W. Ai Bell, Box 8, 
U.S^ Naval Station, New York, 
New York. 

It is ohlered tint die do 
aniear here witidn ten (10) days 
after (^ publication hereof, 
and^dowh^^aay4)e necessary - 
to protect ^r interest In tids 

J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 
Aider and Kantor 
Pteca One, Norfolk, Virginia 
Chy. #14513 



For the sixth consecutive year, the fleet tug USS Mosepelea took 
honors as the best-decorated ship at the Naval Amphibious Base, 
Little Creel<* Mosepelea's tommanding officer/ Lieutenant C.W, 
Sherer, accepted the trophy on behalf of his crew. 

for tbe group with civic clubs; 
Mrs. William Howie, who will 
act as chairman for the pet- 
ition circulation effort; Mrs. 
George Ofelt, secretary and 
Mrs. Kermit Jamison, public 

In summing uptt)e(A>jectives, 
Canada said, "It is our aim to 
presei^ the Assembly, as well 
as Congressman Whitehurst, 
witi) as many tiiousands pf sig- 
natures as time will permit to 
h(^fully make him welcome to 
tiie City of Virginia Beach. 



• AiitiiM '21.95 


1M8-F Dtamoiid Springt Rd. 
PHOfM 464-3516 

The tank landing ship USS Graham County 
is the winner of the 1970 **Decorama" 
trophy for the most origin al Christmas 
decoration at Little Creek. Graham 
County's art worl< was done by Quarter- 
master Seaman Raymond C.F. Relnlcke of 

CQMUBmmkvm of Virginia 

In tiie Clerk's Office of ttie 
Circuit Cmsi of <^ City of 
Virginia Beadi, on tiw 29tb day 
of December, 1970. ! 

Betty Sue J(»es Thompson, 
Walatiff. IT 


Kennetii Worles Thompson, 
Sr., Defendant. 


The object of flds suit is for 
tiie said plaintiff to obtidn a 
divorce A Vincuto Matrimonii 
from^. said defendant, tqwn 
tiie l^unds of ttie parties ha- 
ving lived separate and apart 
without any oohdtftitfloB and 
without interruption for more 
tiian two years. 

And an affidavit hawing been 
made and filed tiiat the defen- 
dant is not a jresideitf of the 
State of Virgihlft, ttie lattknowa 
post office address being 1400. 
Shadowlawn Drive, Naples, Flo- 

H'li bMereil tiiat he do JVP-' 
ear liere witUn I# {tea> days 
after dn6pubUcatioit|lliW;£id 
do iriiat ^raay be netessary to 
protect his iitorest in flds suit. 
A CMy-Teste: 

J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 
WUUam Fulford 
Tidewater Legal Aide Society 
Norfolk, Virginia 
Chy. #14526 


The Virgil^ Beach Planning 
Commission will hold a PubUc 
Bearing on Tuesday, Juniary 12, 
IVllj at 1:00 P.M. in tiie Coun- 
di Chambers of the Admlid- 
atiratipn Building, Princess 
Amie Courfliouse, Virginia 
BMdi, Virginia. Tbe followii^ 
applications will appear oo flie 


1. AppUcatton of James E. 
lindsey for a change of zoning 
flrom Residence Suburban Dis- 
trict 3 (R-8 3) to General Com- 
mercial District 2(C-G2) on 
certain property located on tiie 

ortti side of Newtown Road 
ng at a ppint 1425 feet 
or less East of Goodman 
rmming a distaiuse of 
t along tbe Southern pro- 
Une of which 70 feet is 
the North si(te of Newtown Road, 
running a distance of 614.28 
feet along the Western property 
line, running a distance of 
234.22 feet aloi^ the Norttwrn 
property Une and rtmning a 
distance of 465.3 feet alonf the 
Easteni property line. Said pro- 
per^ is irregular in shaie. 
(Bettte F. WilUams Elementary 
School Area). BAYSII^ 

2. AppUcation of tiie City cf 
Virgl^a Beach to amend and 
reordain tbe first paragr^ of 
Section 9, entitled "Board of 
Zoning Appeals" of tiie Master 
Zoning Plan of Princess Anne 
County, Virginia, Appendix B, 
Code of the Cotmty of Prin^ss 
Anne, 1958, as amended bjr in- 
serting tiierein a provisioa pro- 
viding for the paymoit (A 
Twenty-Five Dollars (125.00), 
iq?on an appeal to tbe Board of 
ZcNdng As^eals to be api^ad to 
ttie cost of advertisii«,pd>tish- 
ing and reporting tiie Jhsts to- 
wit. M(ffe detailed iai^matt<m 
is ai^ilaUe In D^partmeirt of 
aty Plannli^;. 


3. AppUeattoi of %wiBBS, Inc. 
tor a ^m0 of ladag fh>m 
Um^d Comm«rdal District 
3 CC-L3) to Geoenl Com- 
BMrelal !»stilct S (C-G3) aod 

perty line and running a dis- 
tanee of 250 fteet i£»g tiie 
Eastern proiierty Une. (Pem- 
broke Manor Area). BAYSIDE 

4. AppUcation of WilUam J. 
Kirby for a change of sonlng 
firom Rural Residence DIstrtct 
3 (R.R 3) to Multiple Family 
Residence DistHct (R-lO and a 
Use Permit to obstruct 144 
apartment unite on oerttdnpro- 
prty located on tiie South side 
of Shell Road beginning at a 
point 900 ieet more or less 
East of Cullen Road running 
a distance^ of 978 feet more or 
lest alonl tiie Northern pro- 
per^ tt4 of which 648 feet 
more orj less is the Soutti side 
of SheH Road, running a dis- 
tance of 215 feet more or less 
along the Eastern property Une, 
running a (tistance of 945 feet 
SKire or less along tiie Souttiern 
property^ Une at tiie Northern 
extremity of ^Iton Road, and 
running a distance of 684 feet 
more or less along tiie Western 
property Une. (Liketdew Park 

5. AppUcation of Pembroke 
Meadows Assodi^s for a Use 
Pertnit to operate a pre-school 
and day care center on certain 
property located <m tiie Soutti- 
west corner of North Witcbduck 
Road and Cathedral Drive 
running a distafloe of 180 faet 
inore or less idong tbe Soutii 
side of Witcbduck Road, running 
a dtetanoe tA 150.37 feet along 
ttie West side of Cattiedral 
Drive^ running a distanee ef 244 
feet along ttie Southern pro- 
perty Une and runniii|a(fisance 
of 245.71 feet atong tiie Western 
property Une. Sidd property 
contain^ 1 acre. (Peinivoke 
Mead(»ws Area). BAYSIDE 

6. Ai)pUcati(w ofOUDMtttion 
Manor for a Use Permit to 
obastiroct 28 townbouses aod 222 
apartment unite, totaUng 250 
unite on certain property be- 
ginning at a point 725 Iset more 
or less South of Wtehart Road 
and 825 feet more or less 
Eawi ^'of-' liidipendenca 
Boulevard, jnmnintadiirtaace of 
U46 iijet klong ttie Eastern pro- 
perty line, running adistance of 
364.37 feet along tt» Souttiem 
profierty Une aol nnming a 
dtetenee of 1769.34 feet alonf 
ttie Western property Une, 
rumdi^r a distance of 346.53 
feet a^nc ttie N(^1hern pro- 
perty Une< Said property con- 
tains 17.156 acres. (OU Donation 
Manor Area). BAYSIDE 


7. AppUcation of Jdm 
Ar^pna by H. Calvin Spain, 
Attorn^ for a change of zoning 
from Agricultural District 
(A-R)jtoGeneral Inhistrial Dte- 
trict ^ (M-I 3) on certain pro- 
perty located (m ttie Soutti side 
of London Bridge Road beginn- 
ing at a point 2264 feet more 
or less North of ttie inter- 
section of London Bridge Road 
and i^pps Corner Road, 
rtmning a dtetanoe of 1341 feet 
along the Soutii side of London 
Bridge Road, runningadistance 
of U66 teet along tiie Eastern 
property Une (Oceana Naval 
Air Station), nmning a dte- 
tanoe of 934 teet alongtiiQ Sout- 
hern pr(^rty Une and running 
a dtetanoe of 677 feet atong tiie 
Western pr<verty Une. Said 
property c<Mttain8 2l.0(» acres. 
(Oceana Naval Air Station 

8. AppUcatim of Gene D. 
aod Evelyn G. Bonney for a 
cbai^ d soning ftom Re- 
sidence Duptex Ustrict 2 
(R-D 2) to Limited Commercial 
District 1 (C-L 1) on certain 
pr(verty locited on tbe East 
side of General BoptiiBoulevard 
beginning at a pblnt 235 feet 
more or less Nortii of Pro- 
sperity Road, runidng a dte- 
tanoe fd 606 feet more or less 
atong tiw East side cf General 
Boote Boulevard, nnnii^ a dis- 
tance of 413.U teet alo^ ttie 
Norttiom prtqwrfy Une, runidng 
a (UstanM of 747.28 fe^ atong 
ti» Eastern prtqierty line and 
rmming a dtetenoe of 3U feet 
along ttie Southern pn^erty Une 
of which 66 teet te ttM Nortii 
side of Prosperity Real PRIN- 

9. AppUcation of Jaom J. 
Steoiting for a ebaafe of soning 
from General Indo^rial Dte- 
tirtot (M-1) to um^ Fami- 
ly Rftfdence District (E-3) and 
ttofck Qm FamU^ Ite^eoa 
District (R-1) to MiffilpteFaai- 
' Hsildenee Dtetriet ^^) 
Use I^rmlt to eoo^^ 
78 apartoeitf mite oo eerMn 
property toetfsd on ttie Sontt- 
east ooraar of Ittti StrMtaod 
Parks Avenna roidai a #i- 

Ur Hi 

tanee (tf SM feet along tiie 
Northern {urtHperty Une of irtd(ft 
350 teet te ttie Soutti sidettf 
12tt ^eet, ruudng a (UsOu^e 
of 275 teet atojjig the Eastern 
p^^erfy fine of wUeh 175 teet 
te ttie West side of Cy^ss 
Avemie, runidng a dlsbuM^e <tf 
510 feet along ttie Soidhern 
pTi^erty Use and runninga<tts- 
tei»e of 215 fMl along ^ 
W«Aem property Une, East 
idde of Parks Avenc^. l^d 
pr(^rty cmtains 4 acres. VIR- 

10. Applieatio.nof Melvin 
Sttuiffer for a diang^ of zoning 
from Residence Subiffban Dte- 
trict 4 (R-S 4) to Multiple 
Family Residence IMstrict (R- 
M) Iwl a Use Permit to con- 
struct 112 apartment unite cm 
oertate property located on the 
No^ side of Providence Road 
beginning at a point 2120 feet 
more or less West of Ke^pfs- 
vilte Road. 

Parcel 1: Change of zonii^ 
from R-S 4 to R-M: Beginnini 
at a pc^nt 2l2o feet more or 
1ms West of Kempsville Road, 
running a distance of 400 feet 
more or less along the Southern 
property Une of which 274.55 
feet te the Noi^ side of Pro- 
vidence Road, running a dis^ 
tance of 840 feet alongtiie Wes- 
tern property Une, running a 
distance of 428 feet along the 
Northern property Une and run- 
ning a distance of 896.52 feet 
along the Eastern property Une. 
Said property contains 7.289 

Parcel 2: Use Permit tocon- 
stiructit2^ttrtineiiludte: Be- 
ginning at a point 2120feet more 
or less West of Kenq;)sville 
Road and 315.43 feet Nor^ of 
Providence Road,runningadiS^ 
tance of 252.07 feet along the 
Western property Une, running 
a dtetance of 428 feet along 
tiie Nifftbern prc^rty Une and 
miming a dtetance of 576 feet 
along ttie Eastern property line 
aod ruimihg a disibuioe of 415 
fleet along the Souttiern prop- 
erty Une. Said property con- 
tains 5.15 acres. (Fairfield 

li. AppUcation of Kemps- 
viUe, R^creattw Center for a 
Use Permit to iterate a (Ire- 
fltmaking dub for mendiers 
only witti meijdiership restric- 
ted to tiiose irfw are 12 years 
oM and over with membership 
fee on certain property located 
650, feet more or less East 
of Soutii ParUament Drive and 
. 265 I0t. pore or less-^uth 
of PrincMS Anne Road known 
as Building D in the Kemps- 
viUe Placa Shopping Center. 

12. AppUcattra of Birthwort 
Corp. and Associated Frontier 
Corp. by James and CmsoIvo, 
Attorneys, for a change of zo- 
ning from Residence Suburban 
Dtetrict 3 (R-S 3) to Multipte 
Family Residence District (R- 
IQ and a Use Permit to con- 
struct 228 apartment unite on 
certain property beginning at 
a point 430 feet East of Wood- 
stock Road at the Eastern ex- 
ti-emity of Watter Road and 
325 feet North of Oak Drive, 
running a dtetance of 783 feet 
atong the Southern prqierty liw, 
running a distance of 2385 feet 
al(»g tiie W^ side of Inter- 
stete 64, running a distance of 
970 feet along ttie Northern 
prt^rty Une oi idiich 697 feet 
te the Soutti side of ttie Eastern 
Branch of the EUzabetti River, 
naming a dtetance of 1961 feet 
along ttie Eastern property Une. 
Said property ccmtains 18.9 
acres. (Avaton Terrace Area). 

13. AppUd^on of ttie Gen- 
eral Hospital of Vir^nia Beach 
by Grover C. Wrigjit, Jr., At- 
torney, for a Use Permit to 
use said property for hospital 
purposes (parking) on certain 
pr<q;>erty located on ttie North- 
east corner of First Colonial 
Rotd and WiU-0-Wtep Drive, 
runidng a^distanee of 915, feet 
more or l«n akmg ttie North 
side of Will.0-1¥ispDrive, run- 
ning a dtetenee d 139ftet more 
or len along tiie West sitte of 
Undsley Drive, nmning a dte- 
tance (A 927.97 feet ^Sxmg the 
Northern property Une and run- 
nteg a (ttstance of 138 feet more 
or teas ali»g tin East side of 
Fint Cotoiiial Road. (General 
Hospital of Virginia Beach Ar- 

14. AppUcatitm of Robo A^ 
Wash, Inc. for a diange of 
zoning from limited Ccmmer- 
dal Dtetrict 2 (C-L 2) to Gen- 
eral Ccanraerdal DliMct ^(C- 

G 2) ud a Um Permit to ten- ' 
stnm a car wash idtti gaso- 
line sqfdy on certeln prc^erty 
begluiing at a pcirt 285 feet 
East of VixAHiom- Ro«d, roming 
a disteioe of 125 fntatoog ttie 
Nortti side of Vii^iida Beaidi 
B<»torard, nmaliv a diirtanee 
of INO feet akmg ttw Ewtern 
pn^rtr Une, roudiv a dte- 
tmee of 125 teet aba« ttie Nor- 
teera pn^eriy ttaa,nd running 
a Ostenee of MO feet atoi^ ttie 
WMttn property ^». (Lcnkm 
Bridge Area). LYNNHAVEN 

• LegoL NollcM 

15. Ap{)li(»tt(»i of CharlM ii, 
HayM for a (^ange of «xlm 
from R^dence Sutenbaii Us- 
trict 3 ^-S 3) to Multtj^ 
Famiiy Residence IXstrk^ OR* 
10 and a Use Ptr^ to con- 
struct l(ffi townhouns and 116 
apartment unite totattl| 218 
unite (m cerWoiffopertybai^- 
ning at a point on ^ Wnt 
side fA First Colonial Road 
1040^ feet more ox less North 
of U^n Road running a <&s- 
tance of 806 feet along ttie pas- 
tern property Une of whidi 
420 feet Is ttie West side of 
First Colonial Road, running 
a dtetance of 777 feet along 
tte NorttKrn property Une, run- 
ning a distance of 760 feet a- 
long tbe Western pircqierty Una 
and running a dtetance <tf 976 
feet along the Soutiiem prop- 
erty Une. Said prqierty omtains 
13.5 acres. (Laur^Mamr-Hil- 
Itop Area). LYNNHAVEN BO- 
r 16. Application otCersal 
Constructidi Corp. foradudige 
of zoning from Residence Su- 
burban Dtetrict 4 (R-S 4) to 
Limited Commercial Dtetrict 
2 (C-^ 2) on certeln property 
located on the Soutiieast c6r<^ 
ner of Shore Dijlve and Wake-^ 
forest Street running adistance 
of 120 feet along ttie Soutti 
side (tf ^ore l^ive, riffiung 
a distance of 130 feet along 
the Eastern property Une, run- 
ning a dtetance of 121^76 feet 
along the Souteern property Une 
and running a dtetance of 130 
feet along the East side of 
Wakeforest Street. Said prop- 
erty is known as Lote 8 and 9, 
Cape Story by tiie Sea, Plat 
No. 1. (Cape Story by ttie Set 

17. AppUcation of Emanuel 
Tabemacte Chur^ for a Use 
Permit to operate a church on 
certain property located on the 
Nortii side of G^or Road (for- 
merly Second Street) between 
Bassett Avenue and Morrisra 
Avenue, running a distance of 
300 feet along tiie Nortti side 
of Gator Hoad (formerly Se«, 
cond Street), runnii^ adistance 
of 100 feet along the V/estem 
gprcqiierty lii^ (Bass^ Avenue).- 
running a distance of 3(^ feet 
along the Northern property 
Um and running a dtetanM litf 
100 feet along tbe Eastern pro- 
perty line (Morrison Avenue). 
Said property is knows as Lots 
5, 6, 11, and 12, Block 8, Plat^ 
of Lynnhaven. (Doyletoo Arel^T 

18. AppUcation of Gtitftter 
Devetopment Corp. of Virginte 
for a Use Permit to construct 
128 apartment unite on certain 
property located on the East 
side of West Lane and ttie Soutti 
side of Old Virgiida Beach Road, 
running a dtetance of 699 feet 
along the Western property Une 
of which 285 feet more or less 
te the East side of West Lane, 
running a dtetance of 656 feet 
alcmg tbe Northern iroperty Une 
of which 416 feet te the Soutti 
side ofOld Virginia Beach Road, 
running a distance of 820 feet 
more or teas along ttie Eastern 
property Une aod runningadte- 
tance of 630 feet more or less 
along the Souttiern property 
Une. Said prq;ierty coitains 7.5 
acres more or less, (Oceana 

All interested persons art 
tevlted to attend. 
Chartes C. Carrington 
Director of Planning 




llie regular meeting of jQie 
Council- of tiie City of Virginia 
Beach will be hekl in tbe Coun- 
cil Chambers of ttie Admini- 
stiratton Building, City, Hall, 
Princess Anne Statton, Virginte 
Beach, Viri^, oo Monday, 
January U. 1970. at 2K)0 P.M. 
at irtddi time ttie foUowiag ap- 
pttc^ou fordiaogeiiof fooii^ 
use perodte, ete.,wlUbtbaard: 

1. Apidieation <A Angeto M. 
Atoxaoder for a Use Permit 
to construct 96 apartment unite 
(» certain property located on 
ttw East side of Birdoeck Road 
beginning at a pdsk 251 feet 
North of Old Virginte Beach 
Road, runidng a (Ustanoe of 
434 feet along ttie Eastttda of 
BiiHfnedc R<ttd, ruimb^ t dte- 
ta&» of 429 feet along ttie 
Nnrttiem property Ufle,niming 
a dtetanoe of 49) fett mort or 
less ttong ttie Eaatenipr^trty 
Une and runnii^ a dii^noe of 
457 feet atong ttie Sotfbem 
property Une. (Woodlmd Area). 

2. ^idieatioQ of SMpriew 
Pdnt, Inc. for a diai^ie of 
zodng from Residawe i:^tex 
Dtetrict 2 (R-D 2) witii aMotel 
aod Tourist CT-l) Siqipletteot 
to Residence l^«c Dtetrict 
2 (R-D 2) witti a Motel and Tou- 
rist and Restaiffairt (T-2) Sup- 
pteownt and a Ite Permit to 
omstruct 16 addibmal motel 
mite, tedndi^ 13 dficitney 
mdte tod 3 pei^iMtees, on cer- 
tain p^wrty toctted on ttia 
NoibnM c^mr of ^0tAvt- 
xm aaa Jade Mreai, nwiin t 


Thursday, December i|, 1970 

Virginia Beach Sun 





* Legal Notices 

AstBMt at 329 la«t al(»g the 
jfortti tftdt of m«i Aveme, nm- 
itfng a dUttenee (rf 533 fett «!• 
ong tte East site of Jade Street, 
rtu^og a diiUiKX of 443 feet 
ai<xf ttM Soiit& side of Cliesa- 
peake Bay, niaiita« a dlsUnce 
of 595 feet akx^ the Eastern 
oroperty line. (Lymhaveii 
Shores Areit). LYNNHAVEN 

3* i^)pUe»ti(W qS Lessle M. 
GixOmri hf Owen B. Pidcetf, 
iU^trity, for a chu^ of zon- 
tBg ftDon Residence Duplex 
Wstrlct 1 ^-D 1) to General 
lojugtrial District 1 (M^I 1) 
QD certein laroperty located on 
jte Soafh tfde of the Norfolk 
lad Soirttern Railway Co. Right 
of Way teginning at a point 
1380 feet more or less West 
of So«^ Lynnhaven Road, rwi- 
ning a distence of 691 feet along 
the Eastern iffoperty line of 
which 190, feet more or less 
is &» West side of Virginia 
Avenue, running a distance of 
21S feet along the South side 
d the Norfolk and Southern 
Railway Co. Rig^ of Way, run- 
nittg a stance of 582 feet 
more or less along ^ Wes- 
teni ivoperty line and running 
a distaooe of 365 feet along 
the Southern property line. 
(Doyletovo Area). LYNNHA- 

4. Apidici^on of the Chesa- 
peake and Pi^omac Telephone 
Compuy of Virginia for a Use 
Permit to oonsti|uct atelei^ne 
bidUUng for a dial center on 
MTtalfl property located on the 
SouUtwest corner of Shorehaven ' 
Drive aad North, Great Nedc 
Road, running a distance of 
339 feet along tb| West side of 
Nortt Great Neoc Road, run- 
idng a distance of 611 feet 
alMig the South side of Shore- 
haven Road, running a distance 
of 448 feet along the Western 
property line, and running a 
distttioe of 681 feet along the 
Soirfhani property line. (Mel- 
liir Acres Area).LYNNHAVEN 

5. Application of George A. 
ttCrilu-ian D. Garrett for a' 
i^ihge^ of zoning firom Resi- 
deaee Suburban District 
3 (R-S 3) to General Com- 
mercial District ^ (C-G 
3) and a Use Permit 
to construct a Gasoline Sipply 
^idion <m certain property lo- 
cated on theKortheast corner 
of Birdneek ; Road and 24th 
Street, running a distance of 
164 feet along the East side of 
Birkn^ck Road, ruiming a dis- 
tance of 269 feet along ttie 
Norttiern property line,nmning 
a distance of 89 feet aloi« the 
Ea^m prcqwrty line and run- 
ning a distance of 198 feet 
along the North side of 24th 
Street. (Birdneek Village Area). 

6. Applieation d Jerald R. 
Vaughan aad George F. t)avi8 
for a Use Permit for a teenage 
dance hall with live entertain- 
ment on certain property loca- 
ted in the London Bridge Busi- 
ness Comidex located 350 feet 
more or less West d Great 
Neck Road and 390 feet more 
or less North of Virginia Beach 
Boulevard. (London Bridge Bu- 
siness Comidex Area). LYNN- 

7. . Application of William H. 

Perry for a Use Permit for a 
cbur^ on certain property be- 
ginning at a pfAnt 825 feet more 
or less North of Virginia Beach 
Boute^tfd, running adlstance of 
150 feet along the East side of 
Rudder Road^ running a dis- 
tance of 132 feet along the 
NorOwm property line,ruiming 
a distance of ISO f^ along the 
Etttem property line and run- 
ning a distance of 132 feet along 
tite Southern property line.Said 
lots are shown u Lds 13, 14, 
and 15, revised Plat oi North 
Duke Town. (Oceana Gardens 

8. ApfOieatioD ai E^ G. 
Harris for a Un Peradt to 
eoofrinM^ 24 motel effliiency 
mihi on oertein prt^rty lo- 
cated on the Nrartteast corner 
of 37tt Street and Pidfic Ave- 
noe^ tem^ a ittrtues d 140 
feet alei« tte Eait sUa of Pac- 
ifie AvwDM, naiibig a dtotttiee 
o( 106 Ik^ along the Nora side 
at S7tb Street, rondng t As- 
teee of 140 feet akseg tte 
Eairtam property ttne and nm- 
nti^ a ^ n^v * cf 108 feet 
aloi« fiw N(urttiem property 

9. Applicatloii of It Dan 
Dills tat t Vu Perndt to 
Qptfah t parfclag lot on «r- 

MorOwMt comer olS&idStreSt 

* Legal Notices 

and Pudfic Avenue, ruudng 
a distance of 159 feet along 
tte West side of Pacific Ave- 
nue, running a distance of 264 
feet along the North side of 
32nd Street, running a distance 
of 159 feet along the Western 
{HToperty line and running adls- 
tance of 264 feet along the 
Northern property line. VIR- 

10. Application of Level 
Green Corporatton for a Use 
Permit to construct a sewage 
pumping station on certain pro- 
perty located on tte East side 
of Level Green Boulevard (pro- 
posed) beglmdng at a point 325 
fteet South of the Virginia Eljecr 
tric and Power I Co. Right of 
Way. Said property being 50 
feet by 50 feet in size. (Level 
Green Area). KEMPSVILLE 

11. Anplicatioh of E man on 
Company, Inc., for a Use Pet-j 
mit to construct a gasoline sup^ 
ply station on certain property 
located on tte North side of 
Providence Road, teginning at 
a point 1250 feet more or less 
West of Kempsville Road, run- 
ning a disfaince d 200 feet along 
the Nortii side of Providence 
Road, running a distance of 
200 feet along tte Western prb- 
perty line (inroposed extension 
of Lord Dunsmore Drive) run-, 
ning a distance of 200 feet along 
the Northern property line and 
running a distuce of 200 feet 
along tte Eastern property flne. 
(Fairfield Area). KEMPSVILLE 


12. Application of H. George 
Schweitzer for a Use Permit 
to construct a gasoline siq^ly ' 
station on certain property lo- 
cated on the Northeast comer 
of Shore Drive and Greenwell 
Road, running a distance of 
192 feet along tte Western pro- 
perty line of whidi 170 feet is 
tte East side of Greenwell Road, 
running a distance of 199 feet 
along the Norttiern prcverty 
line, running *, distance of 165 
feet along tte pastern property 

-4ine- and' running a ^Hstance of 
147 feet along tte North 8i(te 
of Shore Drive. (BayviUe Park 

13. Applica4(H> of Late Ed- 
ward North, Inc., tor a Use 
Permit to construct a gaso- 
line supply station on certain 
{ffoperty located on ttie Souths 
east corner oi Baker Road aiid 
Hampddte Lane (proposed) 
naming a distance of 175 feet 
along the East side of Bater 
Road, running a distance of 
200 feet along tiie South side 
of Hampshire Lane (i^iwosed). 
ruming a distance oi 175 feet 
along tte Eastern propnrty ttne 
and running a distance of 200 
feet along tte Souttem property 
Uoe. (Late Edward Area). BAY- 

14. AppUcatton of F. Wayne 
McLestey, Jr., for a Use Per- 
mit to construct a gasqline 
sivply station on certain pro- 
perty located on the Southwest 
Corner of Shore Drive and East 
Grayson Drive running a dis- 
tance of 211 feet along tte Soutt 
side of Shore Drive, running a 
(Qstance of 200 feet along tte 
West side of Eairt Grayson Road, 
running a distance ,<^ 156 feet 
along tte Souttem property 
line, and running a distance of 
305 feet along tte Western pro- 
perty line. (Ocean Park Area). 

15. Abdication of Davis Cor- 
ner Properties Co., by Owen 
B. Pickett, Attorney, for a 
diange of zcmli^ from Resi- 
(tence Suburban District 4 (H-, 
S 4) to Multiple Family Resi- 
dence District (R-MX and a 
Use Permit to constraet 160 
apartment units on certain pro- 
perty located cm tte SoiMi side 
of Virginia Beach Boulevard 
tesjinning at a pdint 925 feet 
more or less East of Fair Mn- 
iaw Road, runnttg a distance 
of 392 fei^ along tte Norttem 
property line of which 160 feet 
is tte Soott side of YirginU 
Beach Boulevard, nnaii«a<fis- 
tanee of 2277 tm^ idong tte 
Eastern larcsjerty UsBf rmiai 
a dl^aaee of ^ tM 9km 
tte Souttem prcHper^" ttne and 
nmning a ^ttataooe of 1^ feet 
Hoot tte We^ra pr(«»rtyline 
tocated attteEasWmffictremlty 
of Elam Avenne, C(diM Aveaue 
and Un7 Aveme. (Fair Ifea- 
dows Estates-Bouttvard Manor 
Areas). BAYStflE BOROUGH. 
Ridiard J. Wehlxm 


* Legal Notices 

U He Clerks Office of tte 
Cfrrait CcRfft of tte City of 
Vlr^oU BMCh, on tte 16tt day 
of D|MBd)nr, 19^. 

Rutt 0. Brown, Plaintiff, 
Elijidi E. Brown, Defendai^ 
The object of ttls suit is for 
tte said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce A Vinculo Mtfrimonli 
from said defendant vpaa tte 
grounds of constmctive deser- 

And m affidavit tering teen 
made and filed that tte defen- 
daiH is not a resident of tte 
state (tf Virginia, tte last known 
post office address teing 901 
Nortt Jenis(m Avenue, Laieing, 

It is ordered Vbak te do m>- 
pear her6 within 10 (ten) days 
after due puldication tereof, 
and do what may te necessary 
to protect his interest in this 

A cqqr-Teste: 

Phyllis N. Styror, D.C. 
Murpi^, Bennett & Gorry 
301 25th Street 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 


Tte Annual Meeting of Mem- 
ters of tte Virginia Beach 
Federal Savings and Loan Asso- 
ciation, Virginia Beach, Vir- 
ginia, will te teld in tte Asso- 
datloa's office, 210 Twenty- 
flftt Street, Virginia Beach, 
Virgiiila, on Wednesday, tte 
20tt day of Juniary, 1971, at 
4:30 p.m„ tox tte electiw of 
Directors and for tte trans- 
adioD of sudi otter busimss 
as may properly come tefore 
R. S. Kight, Jr., Secreiary 


In tte Clerk's Office of tte 
Circuit CfMrt of tte City of 
Virginia Beadi, on tte 16tt day 
of Decemter, 1970. 

John Stephen Marcoox, Plain- 

. Find VJOihan Johp^oa Mar-, 
< oon^'iDeflradant. . 'a 

Tte object of this suit Is for 
tte said plaintlft to oiMain a 
divcn-ce A Vinetdo Matrimonii 
£rom said defendant iqpoo tte 
grounds of desertion. 

tM an affidavit having been 
made and filed that tta defen- 
dant is not a resident of tte 
state of Virginia, tte last known 
post office address being 115 
Houston Street, Providence, 
Rhode Island. 

It is ordered th^ ste do 
appear here within 10 (teiO 
days lifter due pid)llcati«i tere- 
of, and do ittat may te nec- 
essary to protect her interest 
in this suit. 
A co|>y-Tesle: 

PhyUIsN. Styror, D.C. 
Bundi b Swamier 
4565 Virginia Beadi BoUtevard 
VirginU Beach, VirgiUa 


In tte Clerk's Office of tte 
Clrcdit Court of tte City of 
Virginia Beach, on tte 3rd day 
of Decemter, 1970. 

Michael Dale Snodgrass, 

Tomoko FuJitaSiiodgr^, 



tte object of fids suit is to 

obtain a divorce a vinculo 

m^madl from tte said <te- 

ftondaat npra tte grounds of two 

• ybars sqiandion. 

And an affidavit tevlngteen 
made and filed th^ tte de- 
fendant is a noo-resldent of tte 
State of Virginia, tte last known 
post office address bdagi 5060 
Paradise Road, Us Vegas, Ne- 

It is ordered that ste do 
vtpni tere fitldn ten(10)days 
after 6ae p4)ttcatton tereof; 
and (to wl^ nuqr be necessary 
to protect her biter«t in this 

A o(q)fy-Teste: 

J. Curtis Fndt, D.C. 
Itoflr, ^miett It Canf 
301-25tt Street 


la tte Clerk's (Mti of tte 
Circuit Caort ^ tti City of 
VirglBia Bmh% <n tte Mi day 
ofDa^ad^, 19^. 

Alh»t JaoMf HatdMr, Jr., 

▼trgiidft S. fttebtf. Defen- 

* Legal Notices 


Tte object of ttis suit is for 
tte ssdd plaintiflf to obtain a 
divorce A Vinculo Matrinu)nli 
from the said defendant, upon 
tte grounds of two year sep- 

And an affidavit teving teen 
made and filed ttet the defen- 
dant is not a resident of tte 
State of Virginia, and tte last 
known post office addreiss was 
111 Rochelle Street, ^ringfield 

It is ordered thid she do 
appear here within 10 (ten) 
days after due publlcai^on here- 
of, and do wtet may te nec- 
essary to protect her iirterest 
in this suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

PhylUs N. Stycor, D.C. 
Mr. James R. McKenry, Atty. 
1369 Laskin Road 
Virginia Beach, Virgiida 
, 12-17-4T 

The Virginia Beach Zoning 
Board of Appeals will conduct 
a Public Hearing on Wednesday, 
January 6, 1971, at 8 P.M. in 
tbjs Municipal Court Building, 
upstairs court room. City Hall, 
Vir^nia Beach, Virginia. Tte 
following andications will a:p- 
pear on tte agenda^ 

I. S.G. Bowd(^ requests a 
variance of 5 feet from required 
30 feet to 25 feet fron yard 
settack of Lots 38 and 39, 
MacDonald Park, Hobte Road. 
Kempsville Borouf^. 

II. Julian Perry requests 
a variance of 14 feet from re- 
quired 20 feet to 6 feet rear 
yard setteck of Lots 2 and 
4, Block 58, Shadow Lawn Hei- 
ghts, 801 Terrace Avenue. Vir- 
ginia Beach Borou{^ 

m. Traverse Bay Corpor- 
ation requests a variance of 
5 feet from required 30 feet 
to 25 feet front yard settack 
of Lote 24 throng 35, Haven 
Estates, Section 2. KempsvlUe 

IV. AUce W. Hancock re- 
quests a variance of 4 feet 

, ft-pjp.jfa»4r««l.i9. foel>, ? 
teei ^de yard settack d Lot 
2| Badi Bsy Meadows, Sand 
Bend Road. Pungo Bwouf^ 

V. Lynnteven Building Sup- 
|dy Corp. requests a variance 
of 10 ffeet ftrom required 10 feet 
to feet rear yard seibadc 
of an lote in WashlngtonSquare 
Apartments. LynnhavenBo- 




W.L. Towers 




n Antomebflct For Sale 

Corvette- 1966, Convertible eSc- 
cellent Condition, 425 hp; 4 
speed, low mileage, price re- 
duced. $2495. 460-0597. 

1967 Very Friendly Crysler, 
CrouD Imperial, light blue, 
black vinyl hard top, white lea- 
ther and black satin interior. 
A-1 condition and exceptionalty 
clean. $3,000, price firm. 425- 

* Legal Notices 



In execution of tte Deed of 
Trust from WILUAM HAR- 
RELL and MaricmHarrell, Hus- 
band and Wlfe.toWimamHenry 
Martin, Jr., Trustee, dated July 
5, 1967, uA recorded August 
10, 1967, in tte Clerk's Office 
of tte Circuit Court for tte City 
of Virginia Beadi, Virginia, in 
Deed Book 1018, Page 226, de- 
fault teving occured in tte pay- 
ment of tte Indebtedness 
ttereby secured and at tte re- 
quest of tte telder of tte note, 
tte undersigned substitute trus- 
tee will sell at public auction 
at tte ftront door of tte court 
house of tte Circuit Court for 
tte City of Virginia Beac^ on 
January 8. 1971. at 10:00 A.M. 
tte following described pro- 
perty, to^wit: 

AU ttat certain lot piece w 
pureel of land, situate, lying 
and being in tte City of Vir- 
giida Beach, Virginia, and de- 
signted on mi4> as tot 5, blodc 
S, SttbdivlsloQ of Aragona Vil- 
lage, Section 4, and recorded 
in tte Clerks Office of tte 
Circidt Court of Virginia Beach, 
Virginia, in map book 40, page 

Ite pnverty te generally 
known as 673 Kennetti Road, 
Virgiida Beadi, Virgiida. Sub- 
Jed to all prtor liens of re- 

TERMS: Cash 

DATED: Decemter 9, 1970 
SitetlMe Tru^e 
For InfornudlMi: 
Samuel L. Ellens<m, Attorney 
P.O. B(Ht 8^ 

^14 Wnt Avenue, Sidte Two 
Newp(^ News, Virginia, 23607 
Te^iboae: 244-S6S6 



DECEMBER, 1970. 
a m^dpal o^por^on, Com- 


RUTH A. AIKEN, et als., Res- 

In Ctoncery No. 14334-A 
The object of the above-styled 
suit is to sell, free and clear 
of all Uens and encumbrances, 
for tte satisfaction of tte Uens 
thereon, ttet certain lot, tract 
or parcel of land situated in 
the City of Virginia Beach, 
Virginia, and bounded and des- 
cribed as follows: 

ALL ttat certain lot, piece 
or parcel of land, situated in 
Lynidiaven Borough, City of 
Virginia Beach, Stete of Vir- 
ginia, Imown, numtered and de- 
signated on ttat certain plat 
entitiled, "M^ of Cape Hen- 
ry, Princess Anne County, Vir- 
ginia", dated January 6, 1900, 
which plat Is duly of record 
in tte Cler.k's Office of tte 
Circuit Court of tte City of 
Virglnte Beach, Virginia, in 
Idap Book 1, at page 8b, as 
Lot 6, Block 8, Secti(H) E; re- 
ference to which said plat is 
hereby made for a more par- 
ticular description of tte said. 

And it appearing from tte 
avermente of tte Bill of Com- 
plaint filed herein and by Af- 
fidavit duly filed: 

First: That tte following re- 
spondente are non-residents of 
thte Stete and tteir last known 
post office addresses are as fol- 

Rutt A. Alten, Park Plaza 
Apartments, Pitteburg^, Penn- 

Alice Granbery Parker 
Walter and Maurice Walter, 275 
Victoria Place, Lawrence, New 

SECOND: That diligence has 
been, used by and (m tehalf 
of the complainant to ascer- 
tain in wtet county or cor- 
poration the following respon- 
dente are, witteut effect, and 
tteir last known post office 
addresses are tmknown. 
- Mary L. Gwynne, widow. Ad- 
dress tmimown. 

Matttew k: Gwynne, ffl. Ad- 
dress unknown. 

Olivia Gwynne, Address un- 

THIRD: Ttet certain of tte 
respondente in this suit may 
teve teen married and If so 
tte names of tteir respective 
consorte are unknown and tteir 
last known post office addresses 
are unknown. Ttet some of ttem 
may teve died leaving telrs, 
derisees or personal represen- 
tetives. If so, tte names of said 
heirs,devteeesand personal re- 
presentatives are unknown and 
their last known post office 
addresses are unknown. Ttet 
there are or mi^t te persons 
otter than those named in tte 
bill of complaint intereisted in 
tte real est4tfe to te disposed 
of in this suit whose names 
and last known post office ad- 
dresses are unknown. 

It te. tterefore, ORDERED 
that tte above named persons, 
if living, and if dead, their 
heirs, devisees and perswial 
representetives, and if married, 
tteir respective onsorte, and 
all persons oXber than ttose 
terin named, wte are or mij^t 
te interested in tte real estate 
to te disposed of in thte suit, 
fdMn names are unknown, 
do appear wltMn ten (10) days 
after due paMicaticm of thte 
notice aad do irtiat te neees-* 
sary to protect tteir latere^. 
It te furtter (»U}ERED that 
ttK foregdng p<nrti(H) d ttis 
order te pid>lished once a week 
tor fow successive weeks in 
tte "Vir^nia Beach Sun", a 
newspaper published in tte City 
of Virginia Beach, Virginia, 

PhyUs N. Styrsn, D.C. 

Part time bookkeeping and typ- 
ing done In ^y home or your 
office. Free fdck up and de- 

CUSTOM - Made Drapes & \ 
Steers - Work guaranteed. 
Fran's Draperies, Hilltop Area. 
Ptene 428-0544. 

antee work. Phone 497-4628. 

Will babysit in my home, small 
child for working motter. 428- 


_ ■ . . - ., 

M Home Meintenance 

Gutters and down spouts re- 
placed and roof repairs. Free 
estimates. Work guaranteed, 
428-9464. ™.^ 

M He^ Wa^ed-^cmrie 

Have opening tar lady to seU 
ElectroliH producte in tte Vir- 
ginia Beach area. Excellent op- 
portunity to earn $150 per week 
in commissions and bonuses. 
Interview's held at our office 
tet^een 9 a.m. and noon. Any- 
day thte week. Ask for mana- 
ger. Electrolux Sales and Ser- 
vices, 5312 B Virginia Beadi 

Women 18 and up wear and sell 
Sarah Coventry Jewelry in your 
sp^re time, no investment, no 
delivery. Car and phone needed. 
Dial 340-4054. 

K Help Wanted-Mek or Female 

Contractors & Home Builders- 
Let us help you with ttet new 
teirile - additions - or repairs. 
We can furnish materials from 
basement to attic and aid you 


Phone: Kellam li Eaton, Inc. 
(1) 427-3200 
428-1688 - 

Special fall cleanup and close 
up. 25% dtecount for all work 
done in the next 60 days. Chim- 
ney Sweeping and Are place 
repair. lumpers installed or 
fixed. Furnace cleaning. Atlan- 
tic Builders & Maintenance. 
Call 428-7350. 

Painting-commercial and re- 

idental. Free estimates^ 464r 

3896. ' K I .+-' 

Leaks and Repairs 
AH work guaranteed. 


Electrical Contractor 

Insteltetion & Repairs 

Free Estimates 427-1146 



Entrance level opening invbl-° 
ving tte assembly of television 
sete, No experience re^dred. 
Excellent pay and tenefite. For 
fUrtter information call Mrs. 
S. C. Short collect at tte GEN> 
ERAL ELECTRIC employment 
office. 484-3521. 



Business is buzzing and we 
need telp. Want a good ca- 
reer in real estete. Apply to- 
day. Call Tom Kane 497-4851 
Nighte 340-1760. Grow witt 
Realtors, ^ohl Realty Corp. 



70 D«g»-Cato-Oltet Vm 

■■— ^ " ■■ .. - III. -.1 -.1. I ■, ..... B i « ■) ■■( .i n ... 

vice. Bea^ aad Poodla^4^ 
8153. _^ 

Toy Poodte ftft'l audes, AKC 
registered, 6 weaki oh^ 426- 

YoxiaMn Terrier pHps«4 fe- 
male, 1 mate-good conqMutfon 
for anyooe,.42t-224>y 


Oriental Rugs-Two 4x7 Rose 
cotored witt floral burden, 
matching design. 499-3M1. 

Rosenthal (tfsbes, used once, 
beautlftil, Parteer Srihlingde^ 
sign, service for 8,rcasoMl)le, 

Vacuum cleaners -Hoover 
Sales and service. Pronptaf- 
ficieid repairs. Pidi up and 
delivery. Phone 428-4228^ Fuel 
Feed and BaiklingSlq|dtes,lne. 


IM Reams For Real 

Mar^all's HotetiltliwiOeeata 
One room efficiency $125 
moottly $32.50 ireekly. Two 
rooms $190 monttly $48 weekly, 
includes ulttUties, T.V. and 
maid service. 428-6141. 

Heated rooms. Maid service. 
Day, week or month. 206 20tt 

1 II 

Room for Rent, very dean, 
Witt or without housekeeping 
privileges. 425-9787. 

Large warm room, singte or 
dodbte, close to oenn, perma- 
nent quest preferred. 428-5703. 



r'COFFEE '^ 

Theory, Repertoire 
James & Frances MorrissM 
Accessible from Expressway 
Va. Bch Blvd. First Colonial 
or Laskin Road. Ph. 428-0587. 

su Iiutractioaal Cearsea 

■a TRAIN TO tE A as 


Letrn to opcralt a«lMMtn; 
OfMiinet, Crwin. Scrifcn, 
LOMCS. Trcnchm. Itc. «l 
our modern iKiiilir. AMih- 
f»)4 cirttr is oom to MW- 
tious men. »tmm>nmma.m. 




UmvoTMl Ntaif 
CMtlraettM MiMlt 
i«at #BN-WJ 

■!■• Vi. Hfii 

Gaast teuse, custcmi ftnrolite^ 
waterfront estate, twohalooMes 
overlooking water. 340-8451. 


I ■ II %'iB 

Property to seU or raat, 
cUente-waiting. Call 340-0740. 

Hoae A Apt. Iistii«i Hfcdid 

lor Site or Rent 

Menter of Virglnte BeachMih. 

tlpte Ustinc Sendee. 500 

Salesmen will telp sell yov 


Cooper RMlty 

280f Padflc Ave. 

Use_SUN Classified A dki 


< - ■■ . ** 

to Work For You 


Compose your own classified ad 


— ,^j 



h «te tMl4 WEEKLY RATES 

Minimum Charge 1 .00 Undw Four Linos no. of weeks 

TO Rim 

12345 TFN 


11.00 tlM 


W. Uigh Ansell, attorney for 
ttie Comidainant. 
Ansel, Batter £ Ganaite, Attys. 
4336 Vlrginte Beach Mvd., 
Virglnte Beach. VirgiBU 


5% discount If run 4 wo^s 



Mall It 


P.O. teH7, 

VIrilih 9mA ,f ■. tt4Sr 

> I 

- - I ■ ■ Am m^^tMi 



Virgihia Beach Sun 

Thursday, December 31, 1970 

Cubs' Send Packages 

Packers-CUy Champs 


Architect's drawing of the proposed entrance way. 

College Entrance Donated 

TtM main entrance w^ for 
Virgbiia Weslejnn College will 
1am a major hce Uffing in 
tt» Mxt several months. 

Tte trustees of VirgiidaWes- 
le^B have announced ^ans for 
k main entrance beautification 
IH^Ject on Wesleyan Drive made 
jKxstUe l7 a retired Nchmond 
bosiDeai exeoitive and leading 
^BiM llettoAst layman. 

Pnak E. Brovm of mdimond, 
forowr iHVsident and diief ex- 
eciiMve officer of the Man- 
<^Mter Board and Paper Com- 
puqr (mw Federal P^r Board 
C(Ni^»iqr, Inc.) has commited 
paOs for ^ $35,000 project 
to be started in January. 

1%e project viU include de- 
vek^ment of walks at tbe en- 
te'ance, a circular planting, 
walte ean;>ed i4tb stone ben^ 
dies* two ligbted cast stone 
QOtrance markers, trees and 
ofl^> general landscaping. 
Work on ttie beautiflcatiiMi pro- 
Ject ia expected to take approx- 
imately two months. 

In aBooundng tbe gift from 
Brown, Presideitf LamlHith M. 
Clark» said: "Mr. Bromi has 
hog liad an ii^rest in beauti- 
Heittcm is'ojects. tbis splendid 
idft will enable us to create 
m entrance to Virginia W^- 
teyan College compatible with 

ttie handsome buildii^is of the 
college. We are indebted to Mr.' 
Brown for his interest in the 
development of Virginia Wes- 
leyan in this sipiificant way." 

Brown is currently a direc- 
tor and consultant for Federal 
Paper Board Company, Inc. 

Tbe Virginia W^leyan cam- 
pus had one $1,600,000 village 
when the College opened in Sep- 
tember 1966. The physical 
plant, excluding land, is ik>w 
valued at nearly $6,300,000 with 

the addition of a $1,700,000 
award winning library, a 
$1,000,000 science center, ser- 
vice building and two men's dor- 
mitories in the past two years. 
The science center and the two 
dormitories opened in Septem- 
ber 1970. The wooded campus 
covers 300 acres astride the 
Norfolk-Virginia Beach line. 

Wesleyan's opening jenroll- 
♦ment for September W70 was 
626 fulltime students. 

Agency Hearings Set 

Hearings for the selection of 
an advertising agency to handle 
the travel advertising account 
of tbe Commonwealth of Vir- 
ginia will be held In Rlchmobd 
on February 10-11. 

The announcement was made 
by Marvin M. Sutherland, Dir- 
ector, Departmentj of Conser- 
vaticMi and Economic Develop- 
ment. The VirginiaState Travel 
Service of tbe Department is 
responsible for travel adverti- 
sing and promotion services. 

Advertising agencies are be- 
ing advised of tbe hearing. Any 
agency Interested in making a 


presentation is asked to com- 
plete a prequallflcationques- 
tionnarle, which will be pro- 
vided upon request to the De- 
partment, 911 East Broad 
Street, Richmond, Virginia 

The bearings will be con- 
ducted before joint committees 
of ttw Board of Conservation and 
Economic Development and the 
Virginia Travel Advisory Com- 

The VSTS account Involves 
the creation and placement of 
advertising In major maga- 
zines, iKwspapers andonradlot. 

Cub Pack 378 Im been bi^y 
wli^ ttieir Christmb activities. 
These activities Included two 
goodwill projects and the 
Chrisftnas pack meeting. 

First, the boys sent ditty 
bags to the servicenwn in Viet- 
nam. TUs io done on a'one to 
one pers(»)al \asis. Each boy 
adopted a serviceman and then 
selected thqse Items he wished 
to send. Each boy's gifts are 
wra{4)ed separately and a letter 
was enclosed from Uie boy. This 
year we mailed 18 boxes - over 
125 pounds. 

The other special project was 
a caroling trip to the Ports- 
mouth Naval Hospital. This 
took place on Dec. 14. A lot 
of bard work was Involved as 
each boy had to attend at least 
three practice sessions in order 
to take part. This year trans- 
portation w^ provided by NAS 
Oceana and about 45 boys 
attended. In addition to the boys' 
efforts, the den mothers volun- 
teered to (tecorate the two chltd- 
rens' wards at the Naval Hospi- 
tal. Decorations were all hand 
made and this year Included 
Santa mobiles. SantaClaus card 
holders, wre|aths and poinset- 
tia. The den mothers visited 
the bospltal on) tbe morning of 
the 14tb to decorate these wards 
themselves. The pack also pro- 
vided candy for each child in 
tile hospital during the holidays 
and tbe parents donated home 
baked Christmas cookies for 
distribution to tte patients In 
the wards visited by tbe boys. 

On Dec. 15tb the pack held 
Its Christmas pack meeting. 
William Jenkins, Bernard Lowe 
and Harry Pratt were inducted 
Into the pack. Hie following 
adults were presented year 
pins; Bruce Martin (1 year). 

for the good off our .community 

• ••and our nation 


Great things are happening in our community, in 
homes and schools, in business and industry, we're 
building together for the future of this area and the 
strength of our entire nation. We are proud and grateful 
to share and to serve in this fast-growing community. 


Woody Smitb year), and June 
Martin (2 ym). The following 
boys were i^ presetfed with 
their' year {tfns: FUdord Neu- 
bert (I year), Fred Pratt 
(1 year). Johnny Mitchell 
(1 year), Tommy Hughea 
(1 year), Hiclo^ Martin 
(2 year) and Jeff Ctdklress 
(2 year). 

Denner bars were, given to 
Donald Burnanl and Bill 
Jenkins; assistant denner bars 
were given to Tommy Cox and 
Robert Ronick. Lionel SllvaaiK) 
Fred Pratt earned recruiting 

The following Cub awards 
were presented: Steven Phelps- 
one gold arrow for wolf rank; 
WilUam Mosley-Wolf badge and 
. one gold arrow; Richard 
Martin-one sliver arrow for 
Bear; Scott Turnbull -Bear- 
badge; Robert Smith -Bear 
Badge; Bruce Suit -Dear 
badge and (me gold arrow; 
Autbur Dennlson - Bear badge 
and gold arrow; Michael Ar- 
wood-Bear badge and one gold 
arrow and Lionel Sllva-Bear 

Richard Martin was inducted 
Into Webelos and welcomed into 
Webelos by Mr. Dawson, his 
new den leader. Activity badges 
were awarded to tbe following 
boys: Ghplley Fishel-Traveler; 
Jack Phelps -Showman; Danny 
Redman - Athlete; B<^y 
Frommel - Engineer; Chris 
Blaski - Showman; and Danny 
Hargraves - Geologist, Out- 
doorsman. Sportsman and 

Three bbys In tbe pack-Rex 
Vice, Danny Hargraves and 
Eddie Cousins-were presented 
witii their Webelos Award. Ttds 
Is the bluest award In Cub 
Scouting. These three boys and 
E. J. Farrar then Crossed the 
bridge into Boy Sc(Mitii% and 
were accepted into Troop 378 
by their Scoutmaster, Mel Koch. 

Pack 378 is sponsored by the 
Virginia Beach United 
Methodist Church. Committee 
chairman is Woo(ty Smith and 
Cubmaster is Alexander 
Mitchell. Anyone wishing more 
information may call the 
Registration chairman, Bnioe 
Martin at 428-8541. 

Works m Play 

Georgia Buchanan, daughter 
of Cdr. and Mrs. Alvin J. Bu- 
chanan, 69tti Street was alights 
designer for "The Card Game" 
and "Tbe Triumph of True 
|«ve," «bnalie (^wiB preiieiD* 
ted by tbe Experimental Thea- 
tre of Vassar College. 

Father Time 

greets a New Year 

waiting to present 

you with health, 

happiness. May 

our, friendship endure! 


Street Cleaners 

MA- '^^mB 

iiM '^ 




' ^ 1 

^ ^"N 


C ^"^ 



n ^ 

V^ J- 

w ^^, 

^Sm i ^m' 

"*' F» fflHW 


B ^I^I^P^^ 

'" ^B 

"^^1% ^^^^J^^^i^ ^.- 



fci, Wr 





\ .'. , 




. K 


• 'mp 



These youngsters are members of the Kings Grant Packers which 
walked away with the 110-pound league national division champion- 
ships witha 28-14 win over the Woodstock Rams. They ended with 
8-0 standings. 

ttese meo coached the Kings Grant Packers to victdry— -(IcftJ^o 
right) Doug Clark, Bill Ryan, Pac Romeo and Tony Mencini, 

Professor Is Doctor 

---•■• TTTriri l H ti i i 

Acting President James C. 
Windsor of Christopher New- 
port College, announces that E. 
fencer Wise of VirginlaBeach 
assistant professor of Blol(^, 
has been awarded the Ph. D. 
in Plant Ecology 1^ ttie Univer- 
sity of IlUnols. ' i 

Tit. Wise Is a native of the 
Eastern l^ore of Virginia and 
attended public schools on the 
Eastern Shore. He received his 
B. S. degree from the Univer- 
sity of IlUnols in 1964. 

He has taught in Princess 
^^me County schools and did 
graduate work at VPI for one 
year, majoring in Agronomy and 
Botany. He worked with the 
U. S. Departments Agriculture 
and then served in tbe U. S. 
Navy during World War II and 
tbe Korean War. 

After the Korean War, he 
worked in a lar^ scale com- 
mercial agriculture with food 
processing companies on tbe 
Eastern Shore. 

In 1964, Dr. Wise began teach- 
ing at Christopher Newport 
College, and in 1966-67 he com- 
pleted his residence requlr- 
ments for tbe Ph. D. at the 

University of Illinois. Dr. Wise 
held competitive National 
Science FeltowsblFsi^le doing 
graduate ' work during tbe 
summers of 1962, 1963 and 1964, 
and the academic yearsof 1963- 
64 and 1966^7. 


James Overton, a native of 
Norfolk, a member of the A- 
medcan Red Cross staff since 
1966. has been appointed Re- 
cruitment and Employment Of- 
ficer in the Office of Person- 
nel, at Red Cross National Hea- 
dquarters In Washington, D.C. 

Overton formerly had been a 
fleM director at Fort Lee be- 
fore assuming bis present pos- 
ition. He began Us Red Cross 
career as an assistant field 
director in Norfolk and has ser- 
ved the Red Cross since as 
an assistant field director In 
Vietnam and as a field direc- 
tor in Virginia Beach. 

Before joinli^ the Red Cross, 
Overton was Assistant Housing 
Manager in Norfolk. 



Mr. ii Mrs. Charles Lonchai^, 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Winfred 
Freeman, Jr., son. 

Mr. & Mrs. Allan Paige 
Smith, son. 

Mr. & Mrs. Floyd R. Bell, 

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Wayne 
Wilson, son. 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Lester 
Hauser, son. 

Mr. & Mrs. Merrill James 
HasUll, son. 

Mr. ir Mrs. Lenton Lock- 
hart Dunston, Jr., son. 

Mr. & Mrs. Max WlUiam 
Riley, Jr., daughter. 

Mr. & Mrs. R(Hiald Eugene 
Griffin, daughter. 

Mr. & Mrs. AlUn Roland 
Mailhes, Jr., daughter. 

Mr. ii Mrs. Broug^ton Lee 
Palmer, Jr., daughter. 

Mr. L Mrs. Lawrence Gary 
Jakeman, daughter. 

Mr. & Mrs. John Paul C(^- 
pino, daughter. 

Mr. & Mrs. Norl)ert Anthony 
Hunnefeld, daughter. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Erwin 
Kasten, &u^ter. 

Mr. ti Mrs. WllUam Richard 
Bevan, m, dau{^ter. 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Wll- 
Hams, daughter. 

Mr. ii Mrs. Thomas A. Stock, 

At ^ ' 

this time, 

" U is a pleasure to 
chime in and wish you 
and your family a Happy New Year! 

It's bm a (Might t» sem you, ThMksi 

Jewders and ^vemniths 

We're not lekhni when 
/we toy that ift Hm ibie peo^ m 
INn you who.molM •wrfdof bwkwas 
spedcrt friMHwe. Hfnw a Happy New Year. 





Vol. 1 No. 16 

Dec. 31,1970 







MICHELLE KENNEDY, representing the coronet Tri- 
Hl-Y at Princess Anne High School receives a plaque 
from conunander DON GARCIA of the Gen. Douglas 
MacArthur Memorial Post 392 of tl» VFW. Her group 
had the most sales in the Virginia Bpacb campaign 
for poppy sales. The presentation^i\ras made at the 
Lafayette Yacht Cltfl) in Norfolk l^t week. 

Above Left 

At the Elks Christmas party for children held at the 
dome last week every ddld received a bag of caiKiy and 
ftuit and a toy or gan^. 


The aftermath of the Christmas season brings mt only 
special sales in the stores but also the return and 
exchange of gifts. This line in a local store is indi- 
cative of what was going on in stores all ov^r the ' 
(»)untry Saturday. 

» t 

■i. I 

Pqgtt 2 INSIGHT ThMrtday, d«c 31, iSTO 


For Children 

I > 

• UWSON wu neuOr mImM m N«ry Wife of the YwlbrVASS, 

: I I Ooeana, and «1U coniKte villi ott»r tnt «ivef for MtUttry Wife of 

L ' ,i, , I fteYear. 

MAYOR DOIALD RHODES ofMBod tbe sliowb)rir«leoiidi«(te 70609^3 to Vir|iito 9«aeiL to ttie dome and 
tojim EltoCliristiDiiparty. StaadtaftoooeiidetowteliiiiAowwmMCKIffiDAVID.^ 
m etenqioii wto tntirtaiiied; MAYOR MODES, nu MATHiM doiw aMOuw: JERRY VERDCW. eattwl 
nilM-B.P.O.E. Lodge 2286 and AARON PARSONS, repreMaMiTe of Sr^^ 


Subtcrib* To The 


' ' ' I 

to neiceive 

iM mm 

every week 


INiUished aach Wednesday 19 the BbkH INjH^ 

PuUistiers (tf The Vignia Beadi Sun 

Qerdon B. MttelMH, Manager 

3108 Pacific Ami, «9nii Beaeh. Va. 23451 






INSIGHT Thursday, Dec. 3n 1970 Page 3 


Stadents from the Eva May Morris Dahce Studio entertained 
the ymmgsters. SHARON HUTCHERSON 10, has her hat 
lihtxni tied bf mother, MRS. JUUA HUTCHERSON, as 
KAT SMITH 10, and TERESA ANDERSON U, await their 
curtain calL 


lliese six young ladies below practiced their iaace r6ikine 
in the dressing room before going on. They are, left to 
right: Twins DIAMA aid «)NNA HUTCHISON, DONNA 

J .-( 

These youdg entertainers are all members of one family. They are daughters 
of MR. & MRS. DONALD OWENS of Lake Smith Terrace. CHRIS 17, is 
aroarently telling JUUE 6, to watch the audience. KIM 7, is "Little Miss 
Virginia Beach". CSNA 9, was not really cold. BETH 15, says "Put your 

right foot forward.' 



t u 

fT 1 

Fifteen hundred youn^ters makes a Ug crowd-even at the dome. 

New Year Greettn^ 

166-D Rosemont Road S^ 



10% off 


l>oa»4 INSIGHT Thursday, Dec. 31, 1970 

Home For Christmas 

TOMMY WHITE is serving witb the 1st Marine Division in Vietnam. Last week welcomed borne by Us brotber CURTIS 9, and his dog Penpgr and a big aign in a« 
TOMMY arrived home on a 34 day leave in time to spend the holidays with his patents, front yard. Another brother, EUUON, idio is stationed in Memphis, was bome for 
MR. and MRS. EUUON T, WHI^ of 265 N. Lynnhaven Road. TOMMY was alscr Christmas on a five day leave. 


Over The Holidays 


The Life You Save 
Probably Drinks 

Iyoder milk 








You never know when you'll need MJLLP. 

Hospital and medical costs keep going higher and 
higher. You could really get stung with a swarm of 
heavy bills . . . unless you have H^.LP. It's the new 
plan of Health Expense Loss Protection that takee 
the bite out of BIG medical expenses. Don't be stuck 
with an old benefit plan. 

If your protectkm is out of date 


You'll be thankful you dkl. 

r n 

'W>«*tttt.l>l « 

3111 PAOnc AVL 


g ^wfa 

INSIGHT Thurtday,D«c. 31J970 Pogt 5 

/ ' 

"Two Workers In The Colony". That was the heading 
suggested for this picture by the two young men who asked 
IN SIGHT irtiotographer to take their picture and put it in the 
paper. The worker^ in Chesopeian, Colony are JIMMY 


Th€ Self fo You 

Uih W$9k 

In f fctores 




tf At fhtM doMii't rng, nuU 
twl^ not enoii^ |in|iI« know 
yovVo Hioro. Whon yov'vo got o 
Mfvin to s«N, you cm count on 
INSIGHT Mivorliiing to moko 
(not iMono ring • ■ •'aim rin§ . . . 
and ring .. . bKouM INSIGHT 
odvortisNHj rooNy g^ the nwt- 
sofo KTOis. (Mk ^ our DH- 
pfey AdvwMng Ooportmont. 








^qgg6 INSIGHT Thurtdoy. Dec 31, 


Beach Athletes At Chowan 



MURFREESBORO, N.C.--JOHN BOWLES of Virginte Beach has Iben named to the Nationl 

Junior (Jollege Ail-American Football team. BOWLES, who played tockle for Chowan Colleee 

was named to the first team offense. 

El0rt players from the seven-team Coastal Conference were selected but oily one other ntover 

besides BOWLES was named to the first team. ^ 

BOWLES fi»ras cited for his downfleld blocking which permitted Braves' backs to break loose on 

several long scoring runs. He was also named to the all-conference first team, Chowan posted 

an 8-1 mark, second best In the league. ^ 


HARRY JACKSON of Virgioia Beach, a gradnte of Bioraide ffigb School, Is 
a g^rd on ttie Chowan College baskett»ll team. The Braves have posted a 
6-3 mark for the season «r -far and win next see actioB in tte Evans CoUege 
Rtalday Tottrnameot December. 30-31 at Concord, NjC. ^ 

I No one was injured and very little damage was dooe to this vehicle when it sUd cff ttie shoulder of Kei^- 
ville Road. The IN SIGHT photographer happened by and decided it might iUustrate how dangerow a Utile 
rain can be. We hope that all of our readers will beware of wet icy ro«te and <frive safely durliK ttis 
holid^ season. 


Tidewater's Oririnal' 



Tbt IN SIGHT pbotograpber caught up with Suta Claos laM week at 
Peoples Bank of VirglnU Beach oo Laskin Road and we were surprised 
at how ranch he looked Ufce U WIRt WAUCER, ateistaat vice president 
of Ok hank. Wherever Santa appears there are dUkbrtt lat we sere 
sorprisad it how qideklr four cUUtM OMtaisUied m sops m flhala 
Upeind. Reoeiviac pnsaals fron Mm ire CAROL ANN HARR»OM 

PteMe Awe. At 2Stli 8t 









INSIGHT TNirscl(iy,D0C,31, 1970 Po^je 7 


The first issue of IN SIGHT was published on September 17, 
1970. In the three and a half mojiths since then we have taken and 
printed many pictures of Virginia Beach people and events. We've 
made many friends and, we. hope, no enemies. It has not been 
possible to attend apd photograph eveirything that went on in the 
beach but we have tried hard and will continue to do so. 

We've had a good three and a half months, a lot of work and a 
lot of fim, so we decided to recall some of it in pictures as the 
year 1970 fades away. You'll find that most of the pictures In 
this issue are reprints of pictures we have used before. We hope 
you enjoy §seinrthem again. 

We look forward to bringing you an even better paper in 1971 
and one way we can do that is to have pictures of you and yours. 
If you will let us know what you, your family, your club or (Hrganizaticm 
Is doing we will try our best to get pictures for IN SIGHT. 


The mayors of Vlrglnlii Beach and Norfolk traveled 
to Paris to present petitions to the North Vietnamese 
Delegation on belialf of American prisoners of war. 

^ #1, 




I r 

Virginia Weslyan Cpllege opened a new million 
dollar science building. 

"^Ifi piwtoptiiiMd tte Gretter Ttdewiter Fair on opening day. 

The Shriners convention and fiarade was a lot oi 
fun and brougjjt a large crowd ta tl» Beach. 



Ocean Park^olunteer Fire Department held their 
annual fish fry. 


A convention of fire and rescue 
squads was held at the dome. 

We tike Persenal PrMe In Our Work 





5i^l» HOLLAND Bl). 497t8588 

IN SIGHT visited and photographed a 
new groi4[> of budding artists, Young 
Artists of College Park. 

WInttrlzdd $14 

stored $3.45. 

cau 340'>8262 

The only Picture paper 
covering Virginia Beach 

Not long after our feature on 
the Young Artists of College 
Park one of the members, a 
young lady of 15, todc first and 
second places in drawing in Uie 
SecMxi Albemarle Area Art Show 
at Eliiabeth City. 


Pag«8 INSIGHT Thursday. Dec. 31,J97D 


We went to a p«rty for ABBYandliis "Cnmi' Bums", wbidi means good friends. 

Tlie lUevater Twirlettes went j 

We ran several pletares of aninials at tte Vlnfiia 
Bead! S.P.C.A. in an etCort to help thep tUA tomu. 

The Civic Ballet beld a formal ball. 

••Beach Playmates" was presented by Virginia Beach-Princess Anne Junior 
Woman s Club. 

liemc^tes held tteir annual auction and bdce sale at Itenqwvilto. 

We ran photographs 
qau^s at Back Bay. 

The IN SIGHT ptK^Ggrapiier went oui 
time as a fourteen yttt aU from Vir( 

IN SIGHT saluted Natioua Children's Ubrary Week. 


INSIGHT Thursday, Doc , 31 ,1970 Poge 9 

to Enporia t&t tte PtUfoi Festival parade. 

Girl Scouts learned to oook and von ttieir merit badges. 

Tran^vood Elementary Sdiool celebrated Children's 
BookWeek. i , 

St. Aiden's carnival was fim fbir all. 

n ^, " 

ot tte Game Warden Head- 

tsUe te dty to shoot pidures for Ok first 
iUdaBeacb soloed to beo»ne a ^(ter pilot. 




)-f -- ^ 


', -"^ 



And tben it was Hallolveen. 

Walt»r Nooaa directed die Virginta Beacb Civic 

IN aCRT photogri^siied a busy Mennonite farmer at work. 


POQA 10 fMSIGHT Thurtiiay, Dec 31,1970 

We visited civic club installattons of omcers, 


—turkey shoots,' 

We pliotograidied store qiedngs— i- 

Ftflh graders from W. T. Code Elemeotary Sdiool 
visited Oceana Nf val Air Nation. 

and elosiogs. 

I ' 


Salt ivater fiiAliig — 

• (v just relaxing ontte 
eb, Uwre's alwtjFtl 

•tMB^Mog to (k> to V^»] 

thrift Bea^ 




Wmrni Thursfloy, Dec. 31,1970 Page 11 

Some people bake better pies than others 
so when their church or school is having 
a bake sale they turn-to in the kitchen. 

A \Hss tenmrife took VLmtatA fron ter diores to do 
tar put lor cavtroaantal eecdofjr. 


I i ■ . 

IS yeer lnsl§ht into 

JSS^'*^^^ ^iflS. 




Pagt 12 INSIGHT Thurtdayi Dec. 31,1970 

't f 

During 1970 IN SIGHT covered the activities of youngsters at 
work and at play. A family in Larkspur working togettier. 


Two brothers who haul their canoe on a trailer 
towed by a bike. 

A homtOOBtfilf QBWB U 

A pretty youog baidc teller at Holloween. 


A young lady likes to know what the fiiture holds for her. 


Service Mgr. 


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Alius CAN do Is 


r N 







P. 0. BOX in 



INSIGHT Thurtdgy, Dec 31.1970 Page 13 

Of conne tfaere was school work to be done. 

'^ WisP^(H^^^toS 

W9 irant to tootbtU gums and pbotograpbed fbe erowd and — 



--photograpbed fiw players. 

The Elks won the Minor League chamt^onshlp. 

And in this area there is always Am at the beich. 

»- T' 


hos a new time • • 

3: 30-4; 30 


and a new station • . . 





V* if 

■j !" ■ 

f t 

Ptus^H INSIGHT Thuniof, Dm. 3n 1970 

IN SIGHT tfldces pictures ot chib and orgaidzaticmal activittes wherever 
possible. Home Demonstration Clubs beM an area wide meetii^ and we 
were ttere. 

Princess Anne Plaza Garden Club mendbers planned for a bazaar. 

Garden ehd) memben were ttu^it bow to edOAt and Ju^ flower 
Virginia Beach Kiwanis Club elected and installed new officers. arrangeEMnts. > 

Beach ladies spent mai^ bours worUng for dmrdi bazaars, 

Chesapeake Beach WomaB's Clii) held if s fourth auiiial luncbeoiL eaid 
party and fkshlMi sbow. 

t i 

The lUKlies AnzUtarjr of tin Tldeinter JJUModatioD of Rome ^dUers 
pres^ted a diedc to the Aflaatte llnbl Hy|^»»^eitfer. 

INSIGHT Thursday, Dae 31, 1970 Page 15 

,t L- . 



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